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学生 海中联考试卷

一:单选 21.The showroom displays political figures such as Chinese former leader Dengxiaoping, Russian President Vladimire Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel,______ A.call it a day B.just to name it C.strike it luckily D.not mention it 22.Don’t do anything as you wish. It’s a nice thing to keep yourself______to live a good life. A.in check B,in charge C.in chaos D.in shape 23.In Chinese coastal factories labor shortages have led to both higher wages and more options_______ unskilled labors can work. A.for where B.in where C.for which D.in which 24. An abandoned child should have the right to know his origins, which some psychologists see as ______ for their emotional well-being. A.crucial B.mature C.reluctant D.comprehensive 25.--- You know this umbrella is mine. ---If it is yours, I hope you will excuse me --I______it up in a restaurant. A.picked B.have picked C.had picked D.will pick 26. The Mayor________public understanding over the traffic block on the highway,saying it is not meant to inconvenience road users. A.allowed for B.applied for C.advertised for D.appealed for 27.When you ______something such as a report, book or a programme , you produce it by collecting and putting together many pieces of information. A,cover B.imitate C.interpret D.compile 28.At yesterday’s reception were chattering guests, the big cake and the lively music that______characteristic of many wedding celebration. A.had become B.were becoming C.have become D.become 29---You ______heard him last night. ----What’s up? ---He made a joke about an audience, who turned to the First Lady. A.could have B.should have C.might have D.must have 30._______the layers of the dermis(真皮) are serious damaged, when the skin of an injured fingertip heals, the body reproduces the original fingerprint exactly. A.In case B.unless C.until D.if 31._______along several city blocks is a row of trees, their leaves turning brilliant yellow now that summer is over. A.Extending B.Being extended C.To be extended D.Extended 32.The newly-founded institution is now faced with lots of difficulty, according to the manager,______the finial problem is worth thorough studying. A.by whom B.of which C with whom D.in which 33.---Lucy has trouble in reading and writing. That’s why she feels______in class. ---Let’s do our best to help her out. A.cut out B.stood out C.left out D.made out 34.If we want students to become effective in multicultural setting, there is no ________for practice. A.submission B.substitute C.innovation D.compensation

35.---The dress is very pretty,Why don’t you like it? ---Well,______ A.It’s none of your business. C.It’s too loud

B.It’s not in my line D.It’s got me beat.

二:完形填空 I read about an athlete who made it all the way to the Olympics despite his chosen sport. They committed their entire life to 36_______ one tiny, yet large sentence—I’m proud of you. At some point we all have someone we want to 37______ , whose approval means the world to us. I have a clear memory of the person I wanted approval from telling me I was intelligent, the kind of memory that stays clear because you’ve recalled it so many times. I had 38______ someone’s opinion about buying a Canadian soda. “We should really support our own economy,” ten-year-old me said. I had no idea what that meant, 39______ I was looked at with approval, and my heart was filled with40______. I loved that feeling. The approval of my hero. It was nothing like the Olympic athlete, but I made some very big 41______ based on what might make them 42______. I was hugely affected by wanting their approval. Months ago this person removed me from their life. It hurt. A lot.However, in life there is rarely hurt 43______ growth. I recently 44______ on myself and my behavior since then and noticed something—I feel free.After a period of denying and upset, I 45______ that this is just how it is. This realization made me see how often I was modifying myself according to the 46______, “what would they think?” I’d been using the desire for approval as an 47______ excuse for hiding. My excuse was gone as soon as I realized it 48______ . It was time to 49______ step into myself and stop hiding who I am from others. Are you hiding? I hid in approval-seeking. Maybe you hide behind judgment. We all have our ways, and it can be really scary to let 50______ go. The thing is51______ , as long as we prevent ourselves from being truly seen, we will never be truly understood. Connection with others won’t be wholly authentic, and we will edit ourselves because we 52_______ potential thoughts in other people’s heads. It’s really pretty 53______.Of course, breaking up isn’t 54 ______ when you expect to be freed from wanting someone’s approval. You don’t even have to tell them that you no longer care what they think of you. Just 55______and do what makes you happy and go for the things you really want in life. Do your thing, and let them do theirs. 36.A.searching B.seeking C.making D.reading 37.A.love B.upset C.please D.annoy 38.A.shared B.assessed C.analyzed D.parroted 39.A.so B.but C.as D.for 40.A.disappointed B.depression C.satisfaction D.amazement 41.A.profits B.statements C.decisions D.preparations 42.A.cozy B.healthy C.wise D.proud 43.A.with B.without C.by D.through 44.A.reflected B.dawned C.counted D.experimented 45.A.assumed B.accepted C.anticipated D.argued 46.A.opinion B.concept C.thought D.reason 47.A.unconscious B.unforgettable C.unpleasant D.unbelievable

48.A.existed 49.A.physically 50.A.them 51.A.therefore 52.A.miss 53.A.appealing 54.A.impossible 55.A.look out

B.rose B.precisely B.it B.instead B.fear B.scare B.necessary B.hurry up

C.faded C.automatically C.us C.though C.doubt C.silly C.important C.hold on

D.disappeared D.authentically D.you D.eventually D.advocate D.inspiring D.abundant D.go ahead

三:任务型阅读(共 10 个小题:每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) Don’t talk to strangers. This is a social norm we stick to when commuting by bus or train, or travelling by air. But new research suggests people are deeply wrong about the misery of striking up conversations with strangers. Contrary to expectations, people are happier after a conversation with a stranger, the study revealed. The study was carried out by a team by Nicholas Epley, a professor of behavioral science at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. For research, Epley and his team approached train riders in Chicago. In return for a $5 Starbucks gift card, they agreed to participate in a simple experiment during their train ride. One group was asked to talk to the stranger sitting next to them on the train that morning. The other was told to follow standard commuter norms and keep to themselves. “Everyone seems happier and has a more pleasant interaction when they connect than sit alone,” Epley said. Perhaps even more surprising is that their conversation partners seemed to welcome the connection, too. “Nobody was rejected in any of our studies, as far as I can tell,” Epley said. One of the reasons we can actually gain positive experiences from interacting with strangers is that we tend to put on our happy face and reserve our “bad-tempered side for the people we know and love,” explained Epley. Most people act more cheerfully around someone they have just met than around their own friends or family members. So don’t be afraid of annoying people by entering their personal space---reaching out to strangers may improve their day, too. Then how to start a conversation with a stranger successfully? We may get some inspiration from Brandon Stanton. He has made it a habit of approaching people on the streets of New York City and asking them for a photograph and a chat. He has managed to get thousands of complete strangers to open up to him with personal stories of their friendships, struggles, fears, loves, and losses. A piece of important advice is that reaching out to strangers is all about the energy. Stanton says he realized that “after repeated attempts, it had nothing to do with the words I was saying. It’ s all about the energy that you’ re giving off.”Be calm and try to“turn the atmosphere of dear, strangeness and uncomfortableness into an atmosphere of intimacy(熟悉). ” When starting a conversation, keep it simple. An opening line as simple as “I like your hat” can lead to a pleasant conversation. “Other people are people, too,” he said: “And it turns out, they’d like to get to know you.” Try beginning with an experience that you and the stranger are both experiencing together. Breaking the ice is easier when you can create a connection with the stranger. And don’t be afraid of rejection. Confidence can’t be taught in a classroom, Stanton says. You have to earn it. So practice, practice and practice. Challenge yourself to talk to one stranger a day, every day, for 30 days. If you’re walking past someone on the sidewalk, say “Hi”. Even if

he or she doesn’t stop for a chat, your job is done for that day. This exercise will help you get used to talking to people you don’t know and form the habit of being more social.

Key words General idea (72)______of Epley’s research

Supporting details ● People tend to feel (71 )__________ to start a conversation with strangers. ● Engaging in a conversation with a stranger is a very pleasant experience. ● Entering a stranger’s personal space by talking also raises the conversation partner’s (73)_________. ● The test (74)________ were divided into two groups. ● Each one received a $5 Starbucks gift card as a(n) (75)________. ● Those who had interaction with neighbors reported having a more positive experience. ● All the neighbors sitting nest were (76)__________ to talk to the commuters.

Epley’s experiment

● We often lose temper in the (77)_________ of an acquaintance, while we tend Reasons for to show our best side to a stranger. the reaction ● When talking with strangers, most people act more cheerfully. ● Create an intimate atmosphere instead of (78)__________ on the contents. Suggestions ●(79) __________ the beginning of a conversation. about breaking ● Establish a connection with the stranger. the ice ● Don’t fear rejection. ● Practice a lot in real life to develop your confidence and (80) _________ skills.

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