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1. --- Where __you __ (put) the book? I can’t see it anywhere. --- I ___(put) it right here. But now it’s gone. A. did ; put; put B. have; put; put C. did; put; have put D. have; put; have put

2. We haven’t heard from Jane for a long time. What do you suppose _______ to her? A. was happening B. happens C. has happened D. happened

3. Hello, I ____ you were in London. How long _________ here? A. don’t know; were you B. hadn’t known; are you C. haven’t known; are D. didn’t know; have you been
4. I’m glad to tell you that we _____ the work in less time than we _____ expected to. A. finished; were B. have finished; are C. have finished; were D. had finished; were

5. When I was at college I _______ three foreign language but I ________ all except a few words of each. A. spoke; had forgotten B. spoke; have forgotten C. had spoken; had forgotten D. had spoken; have forgotten 结论:一般过去时所表示的事情纯属过去,与现在情 况没联系.现在完成时所表示的事情与现在情况有 联系,是过去事情在现在产生的结果或对现在的影 响.

2. 现在完成时与现在完成进行时
1. --- Hi, Tracy, you look tired. “ --- I am tired. I _______ the living room all day. A. painted B. had painted C. have been painting D. have painted 2. --- Have you had any letters from him? --- No, I haven’t, but my wife _______ him regularly . A. has heard from B. has been hearing from C. had heard from D. hears

结论:现在完成时表示动作已完成,着重结果;现在 完成进行时表示动作的完成(根据语境,也可能动 作未完成),且强调动作的持续性.
e.g I have written three letters. I have been writing three letters. 下列动词不能用于现在完成进行时.

短暂类动词:finish, marry, get up, come, go
感官类动词:see, hear, watch, notice, seem, appear

存在类,保持类动词: keep; exist; remain; stay;
认知类动词: understand; know; believe; think

3. 现在进行时和过去进行时
1. I don’t really work here. I ____ until the new secretary _______. A. just help out; comes B. have just helped out; will come C. am just helping out; comes D. will just help out; has come

2. --- When shall we leave? --- As soon as I ______ what I _______. A. will finish; do B. have finished, am doing C. finish, will do D. finish, do

3. At that time he _____ in the library. A. worked B. had worked C. was working D. would work 4. The students ____ busily when Miss Brown went to get a book she ____ in the office. A. were working; had left B. worked; left C. had worked; left D. were working; would leave 5. --- Hey, look where you are going! --- Oh, I’m terribly sorry. _______. A. I’m not noticing. B. I wasn’t noticing. C. I haven’t noticed. D. I didn’t notice.

4. 一般过去时和过去进行时 1. He ______ a book about China last year, but I don’t know if he ______ it. A. wrote; has finished B. was writing; has finished C. was writing; had finished D. wrote; will finish 2. Tom ________ into the house when no one ___________. A. slipped; was noticing B. had slipped; noticed C. slipped; had noticed D. was slipping; noticed

3. As she ________ the newspaper, Granny _________ asleep. A. read; was falling B. was reading; fell C. was reading; was falling D. read; fell
4. The last time I _________ Jane she __________ cotton in the fields. A. had seen; was picking B. saw; picked C. had seen; picked D. saw; was picking 结论:一个长动作为背景,被一个短动作打断,长动 作用进行体,短动作用一般体.

1. When Mark opened the door, he saw a woman standing there. He _______ her before. A. never saw B. had never seen

C. never sees

D. has never seen

2.He _____ more than 5,000 English words when he entered the university at the age of 15. A. has learned B. would have learned

C. learned

D. had learned

3. Scientists think that the continents ____ always where they ______ today. A. aren’t ; are
C. weren’t; are

B. aren’t ; were
D. weren’t; were

4. By the time Jane gets home, her aunt ______ for London to attend a meeting. A. will leave
C. will have left

B. leaves
D. left

5. --- What’s wrong with your coat?
--- Just now when I wanted to get off the bus, the man next to me ____ on it. A. sat B. had sat

C. had been sitting

D. was sitting

6. --- I say, Harry. What did you say to the laid-off worker just now? --- Nothing. I ______ to myself.

A. had only talked
C. have just talked

B. am only talking
D. was just talking

7.--- Is the meeting held in Room 302 or 303?
--- I should be 302. But I hear that it _____ till tomorrow. A. was put off B. will put off

C. has been put off

D. is put off

8. Mrs.. White became a teacher in 1985. She ______ for twenty years by next summer. ? will teach B. would have taught

C. has been teaching

D. will have been teaching

9. --- Well, that was really a good meal. I ______ you were a really good cook. --- Thank you.
A. didn’t know B. don’t know

C. haven’t known

D. hadn’t known

10.The two friends ____ on the Internet for three hours, and they would go on till the next morning. A. had been chatting C. were chatting B. had chatted D. has been chatting

11. Let’s go out now. It _____ any more. A. didn’t rain B. doesn’t rain

C. won’t rain

D. isn’t raining

12. The time is not far away when mobile phones _____ widespread in China’s vast country-side. ? will become B. become

C. shall become

D. have become

13. Since you weren’t at the meeting, we _____ the decision without you. A. made B. had made C. were making D. would make 14. Try not to be absent from classes again for the rest of the term. You ____ too many classes. You _____ two classes just last week. A. have missed ; missed B. missed; missed C. had missed; have missed D. will miss; have missed

15. He was hoping to go abroad but his parents ____ that they won’t support him unless he can borrow money from the bank.
A. were deciding C. decided B. have decided D. will decide

16. --- Hurry up! Alice and Sue are waiting for you at the school gate. --- Oh! I thought they _____ without me. A. went C. have gone B. are going D. had gone

17. --- Are you still busy?
--- Yes, I _____ my work, and it won’t take long.

A. just finish
C. have just finished

B. am just finishing
D. am just going to finish

18. The manager had fallen asleep where he ____ , without undressing.

A. was lying
C. had laid

B. was lying
D. had lied

19. They _____ on the program for almost one week before I joined them, and now we _____ it as no good results have come out so far.
A. had been working; are still working B. had worked; were still working C. have been working; have worked

D. have worked; are still working
20. The country life he was used to ___ greatly since 1992. A. change B. has changed C. changing D. have changed

21. Susan decided not to work on the program at home because she didn’t want her parents to know what she _____.
A. has done C. was doing B. had done D. is doing

22. Because the shop_____, all the T-shirts are sold at half price. A. has close down C. is closing down B. closed down D. had closed down

23. Sales of CDs have greatly increased since the early 1990s, when people ____ to enjoy the advantages of this new technology.
A. begin C. have begun B. began D. had begun

24. --- You were out when I dropped in at your house. --- Oh, I _____ for a friend from England at the airport. A. was waiting C. am waiting B. has waited D. have waited

25. She has set a new record, that is, the sales of her latest book _______ 50 million. A. have reached
C. are reaching

B. had reached
D. was reaching

26.It was not until he took up fishing that he _______ to relax. A. had been beginning
C. had begun

B. began
D. beginning

拜见校长大人 官名。秦、汉下级军官。校为军事编制单位名,校长当取校中之长意,但非校的最高指挥官,后者为校尉。《续汉书· 百官志二》谓每一陵园设令一人,下有丞及校长大人各一人,校长主兵戎盗贼事。则校长为陵园卫兵之队官。2、秦亭长所属人员有校 长,见出土云梦秦简《封诊式》,与“求盗”并列。3、汉代守卫皇帝陵园的官名。 ; http://www.52zwxs.com/xs/2/2403/ 拜见校长大人 kfh74ndg 校长大人的职责在各个国家也有所不同。如美国和日本的学校校长,除对外代表学校、对内负责全校工作外,大多不直接担负教学任务 。而苏联则强调拜见校长大人除领导和管理学校外,还要直接从事教学、教育工作,如兼课等。

事儿了。”“你这奴才,就你猴精,爷让你起来了吗?”“是,是,奴才这不是怕爷渴了,给爷端茶去嘛。”第壹卷 第二十五章 回 访年夫人不得不佩服凝儿的神机妙算,此刻正不由得又壹遍在心中赞叹起她那聪明、懂事的乖女儿来。正想着呢,大管家年峰进来禀报 :雍亲王府递来了帖子,王爷要拜访年府!凝儿怎么算得这么准!果然是前面先打三棍子,后面就给几个大甜枣儿!王爷亲自登门,这 是多大的荣耀!看着王府的帖子,不管是年总督,还是大爷二爷,都再次清楚地认识到:壹朝天子壹朝臣,既然已经划到了雍亲王的门 下,既然随着二少奶奶的过世,与明珠壹家断了姻亲关系,既然八贝勒爷已经被皇上弃之不用,那么忠心耿耿地做好壹个门人,为王爷 效力卖命,是摆在年家面前的现实问题。对于年家的两次拜访,王爷已经牢牢地把握了主动权,彻彻底底地处于了上风。他也是见好就 收的人,毕竟威逼只是手段,拉拢才是目的,不管真的假的,至少表面上,年家算是表明了立场,他是壹个赏罚分明的人,现在打也打 过了,吓也吓过了,总归还得喂点儿甜头,恩威并施,不怕这帮奴才不死心踏地。为此,他决定亲临年府表明自己的姿态:如果你对本 王忠心耿耿,万死不辞,本王自会加倍对你好。但是,如果你敢朝秦暮楚,就休怪本王不客气,决不会姑息手软!虽然话是这么说,但 年家毕竟官高位重,也是他未来需要倚靠的朝中重要势力,该敲打的已经敲打了,现在是需要施行怀柔政策,该拉拢的时候,壹定要及 时拉拢。此时,厅堂外,自然是年总督和大爷二爷负责接待,年夫人和玉盈在后面指挥着下人们紧张地忙碌着。于是就见年府中壹个有 趣的样子:壹进院,安安静静,宾主尽欢地品茗寒暄、谈天说地; 二进院,静情悄悄,年夫人和玉盈丫鬟坐镇厅堂,运筹帷幄、有条 不紊地对管家发号施令;三进院,因为连着下人房和厨房,壹派热闹非凡的景象:端盘子的,端茶的,端酒水的,端手巾的,男的,女 的,似是将这院子踏破壹般。而四进院,竟如往常壹样安谧沉静。因为家中宴客,冰凝独自在房中用了晚膳,壹个人闲闲地看了会子书 ,又写了会子字儿,可是客人还没有走,实在无聊,就拿出琴来。弹壹首什么呢?在这春风沉醉的夜晚,望着皎洁的月光,没有什么比 《春江花月夜》更应景的了。想着想着,壹曲委婉动听的《春江花月夜》从指间流动而出,在静寂的春夜中,犹如天籁之声,缓缓地流 淌着,流淌在冰凝的心间。这美妙的琴音,此刻也缓缓地流淌在了王爷的心间。此时此刻的年府中,能弹得壹手如此好琴的人,估计全 府上下,也只有年丫鬟壹人吧。毕竟,男人们都在这里陪着他,年夫人不太可能有此等雅兴。壹想到这里,再听着这委婉动听的曲调, 王爷

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