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高三英语最后阶段语法填空专题 1
Passage (1)
Cars are too expensive for many people around the world to own. Not only that, many cities are already full of traffic, and many country areas have rough roads. So 1 do people travel those distances that are too far to walk? They use 2 you live, you can

public transportation. If you ride the subway or bus

appreciate some of the benefits of public transportation. With many people 3 (share) one bus or train, there is less traffic and, more 4

(importance), less pollution. Which of the types of mass transit 5 (describe) below are you familiar 6

with? If a regular bus can hold dozens of people, imagine what a bus

(two) the size can hold! In Great Britain, there are many buses that are known as double-deckers (cars with two floors). Buses in Haiti are often very crowded. It ’s not 7 (common) for

passengers to actually sit on the rooftops. Buses are sometimes called “tap-taps”, because the off. Many large cities around the world take advantage of the space beneath the streets and run underground trains. People in Paris, Mexico City and Tokyo may use the subway system to get to school, to work, or to visit friends in other (neighbor). Both the Japanese and French have developed 9 8 (ride) on the roof tap(敲击)when they want to be dropped


trains to link various cities. While electric trains in North America average 130 kph,


the French TGV (high-speed-train) is the world’s fastest, kph! 1. how 6. twice 2. where 7. uncommon 3. sharing 8. riders


(average) over 270

4. importantly 9. neighborhoods

5. described 10. averaging

Passage (2)
Australia, the last continent, was discovered by ships 1 (belong) to 2

some European nations in the seventeenth century. These nations were (little) interested in changing it into a colony than in early history of the United States, it was the English 3 4

(explore) it. As in the set up the settlements in

Australia. This history and the geography of these two British colonies have some other things in common as well. Australia and the United States are about the same in size, and their western lands are both not rich 5 soil. It was on the eastern coast of Australia and

America that the English first settled, and both colonies soon began to develop towards the west. However, this westward 6 (move) took place 7

because the English were searching for better land than the population was increasing. Settlements of the west part of both countries developed quickly after gold 8 (discover) in America in 1849 and in Australia two years later.

Although the development of these two countries has a lot in common, there are some 9 (strike) differences as well. The United States gained its

independence from England by revolution while Australia won its independence without having to go to war. Australia, 10 (like) the United States, was firstly


turned into a colony by English prisoners and its economic development was in wheat growing and sheep raising. By 1922, for example, Australia had fifteen times more sheep than it had people or almost half as many sheep as there are people today in the United States. Australia and the United States have more in common with each other than either one has with most of the rest of the world. 1. belonging 6. movement 2. less 7. more 3. exploring 8. was discovered 4. who/that 9. striking 5.in 10. unlike

Passage (3)
We high school students do have some growing pains, but we can get rid of them correctly and wisely. 1 , some of us are upset 2

their body styles and looks. It’s unnecessary and it’s not important at all. We needn’t care about it. It is one’s inner beauty sometimes seem to be misunderstood and classmates. 5 3 4 matters. Second, we our teachers, parents

(face) with this, we can find a proper time to 6

have a heart-to-heart talk with them, trying to remove the

(understand). Some of us have fewer friends. I think being open-minded and friendly will do you good. Third, we may fall behind others, stressed. Actually we can encourage of___9_ 8 7__ makes us

to work efficiently, full

__(determine). At last, some of us don’t have much pocket money, so

they feel unhappy. Isn’t it strange? So long as we have some, that’s enough. And we can learn 1. First 10 2. about to spend money. 3. that 4. by 5. Faced


6. misunderstanding 7. which

8. ourselves

9. determination

10. how

Passage (4)
When you read a story in English, do you read it for the story the English? This is a question 2 is not so 3 1 for (fool) as it

may seem, for I find that many students of English pay far more attention to the story than to the English. For instance, they care for how the mystery in the story 4 (solve), but do not remember a single sentence in the story and cannot

tell what preposition is used before a certain word in the speech of a certain character. Of course, if you want to know the story only, you need not about the language. But a student of English is different stories or 7 6 5 (bother) a student of

is called the general reader. As you may also have learned

from the above, you ought to read not only very carefully but also aloud 8 you learn the passage by heart and can recite it as if it 10 9

(be) your own. On

hand, this will teach you many useful words and

phrases; on the other hand, it will help you to avoid many errors and faults in expression. 1. or 6. from 2. that 7. what 3. foolish 8. till 4. is solved 9. were 5.bother 10. one


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