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介词 1.September 30 is the day by which you must pay your bill. 2.She drove so fast at the turn that the car almost went off the road. 3.The form cannot be signed by anyone other than yourself. 4.I’ m sorry I didn’t phone you, but I’ve been very busy over the past couple of weeks. 5.He was a good student and scored above average in most subjects. 6.Sometimes proper answers are not far to seek to food safety problems. 7.With new technology, pictures of underwater valleys can be taken in color. 8.So far we have done a lot to build a low- carbon economy, but it is far from ideal. We have to work still harder. 9.People have always been curious about exactly how life on earth began. 10.My father warned me against going to the West Coast because it was crowded with tourist. 11.It is illegal for a public official to ask people for gifts or money in exchange for favours to them. 12.The art show was far from being a failure; it was a great success. 13.It took more than building supplies to construct these energy- saving house. It took brains, too. 14.Everybody was touched beyond words after they heard her moving story. 15.The wine industry in the area has developed in a special way, ,with little foreign ownership. 16.Of all the animals I’ve ever had, these two dogs are the most sensitive to the spoken word. 17.According to statistics, a man is more than twice as likely to die of skin cancer as a woman. 18.He invited me to a dance after the show on Christmas Eve. 19.Modern equipment and no smoking are two of the things I like about working here. 20.The house still needed a lot of work, but at least the kitchen was finished. 21.If you really have to leave during the meeting, you’ d better leave by the back door. 22.Despite the fact that many drivers are trained, we cannot stress too much the importance of traffic safety. 23.I like Mr. Miner’ s speech; it was clear and to the way he treats little men. 24.Everything was perfect for the picnic except for the weather. 25.When she first arrived in China, she wondered what the future might have in store for her, but now all her worries are gone. 26.If a person has not had enough sleep, his actions will give him away during the day. 27.For many cities in the world, there is no room to spread out further, of which New York is an example. 28.Elizabeth has already achieved success beyond her wildest dreams. 29.The manager suggest an earlier date for the meeting. 30.Experts have been warning of some time of the health risks caused by passive smoking. 31.Although against my opinion, the old professor didn’t come up with his own. 形容词,副词

1.I think Tom, as the head of a big department, should either study regularly or quit his job. 2.I felt very tired when I got home, and I went straight to bed. 3.Little Tom sat amazed watching the monkey dancing in front of him. 4.It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, but what we do consistently. 5.The agency will make travel arrangements for you. Alternatively, you can organize your own transport. 6.Mr. Black is very happy because the clothes made in his factory have never been more popular. 7.The medicine works more effectively if you drink some hot water after taking it. 8.I have seldom seen my mother as pleased with my progress as she is now. 9.How much better she looked without her glasses. 10.His father sent him to Paris to study law, but instead, he developed his love for theatre. 11.My uncle’s house in the downtown area is much smaller than ours, but it is twice as expensive. 12.You’re driving too fast. Can you drive a bit slower? 13.It looks like the weather is changing for the worse. Shall we stick to our plan? 14.I like this jacket better than that one, but it costs almost three times as much. 15.Work gets done easier when people do it together, and the rewards are higher too. 16.There is an old proverb, “Love me, love my dog.” But there is more wisdom in this:”Love me, love my book.” 17.What a terrible experience! Anyway, you’ re safe now- that’s the main thing. 18.Bicycling is good exercise; besides, it doesn’t pollute the air. 19.Mike was usually so careful, yet this time he made a small mistake. 20.-Playing on a frozen sports field sounds like a lot of fun. -Isn’t it rather risky, though? 21.It was a nice house, but rather/much too small for a family of five. 22.The incomes of skilled workers went up. Meanwhile, unskilled workers saw their earnings fall. 23.It is difficult for children to change their eating habits later in life. Therefore/Thus, parents should encourage healthy eating eating from an early age. 24.I might say that success is won by three things: first, effort; second, more effort; third, still more effort. 动词短语 1.How could you turn down such a fantastic job when you have been out of job for months. 2.Is this your necklace, Mary? I came across it when I was cleaning the bathroom this morning. 3.Mary is really good at taking notes in class. She can put down almost every word her teacher says. 4.He had to pause from time to time to wipe the sweat from his forehead, because the airconditioning system broke down. 5.Armed with the information you have gathered, you can set about preparing your business plan. 6.-Sorry, I have to hang up now. It’s time for class.

-OK, I’ll call back later. 7.Body language can give away a lot about your mood, so standing with your arms folded can send out a signal that you are being defensive. 8.It is reported that the police will soon look into the case of the two missing children. 9.-Have you got through? -No. I had the wrong number. 10.Einstein liked Bose’s paper so much that he set aside his own work and translated it into German. 11.Sam picked up some knowledge of the computer just by watching others working on it. 时态和语态 1.-Tony, why are your eyes red? -I have been cutting peppers for the last five minutes. 2.Whenever you buy a present, you should think about it from the receiver’s point of view. 3.In order to find the missing child, villagers have done/have been doing all they can over the past five hours. 4.Grace doesn’t want to move to New York because she think if she were to live there, she wouldn’t be able to see her parents very often. 5.By the time you have finished this book, your meal will get cold . 6.Our friendship developed quickly over the weeks that followed. 7.-Can I call you back at two o’clock this afternoon? -I’m sorry, but by then I will be flying to Beijing. How about five? 8.The manager was concerned to hear that two of his trusted workers were leaving. 9.The manager is said to have arrived back from Paris where he had met some European business partners. 10.They made up their mind that they would buy a new house once Larry changed jobs. 11.People are recycling ,many things which they would have thrown away in the past. 非谓语 1.It is reported that many a new house is being built at present in the disaster area. 2.Large quantities of information have been offered since then as to how the program worked. 虚拟语气:条件句一律往前推一格,主句现在时: would+v.(原) ,主句过去时: would have done 倒装:Not until he had...did he...;No sooner had.../Hardly had... 1.Had they known what was coming next, they might have had second thoughts. 2.But for the help of my English teacher, I wouldn’t have won the first prize in the English Writing Competition. 3.He didn’t regret saying what he did but felt that he could have expressed it differently. 4.Thank you for all your hard work last week. I don’t think we could have managed it without you. 5.-I’m worried about the sports meeting. Do you think it will be postponed? -If it should rain/rained/were to rain tomorrow. But actually the weather forecast has removed our worry. 6.My demand is that the information referred to in my report (should) be e- mailed to Mr. Brown without delay. 7.She often shares her deepest thoughts and fears with friends through QQ, as if they

were chatting in her living room. 8.I suggest the plan you referred to (should) be carried out as soon as possible. 9.As many as 150 miners died in the accident. If only the mine- owners had paid enough attention to the safety measures! 10.After much effort, I eventually persuaded him to take my advice that he (should) be operated on immediately. 复合句:前后都缺成分用 what/whom/who;who 既可做 S.又可做 O.,whom 只做宾语; 有“, ”只用 which,介词后只用 which; 先行词 last,next,only,all,little,much 或不定代词只 用 that, 主 句 缺 成 分 , 从 句 不 缺 成 分 用 that ; while 强 调 对 比 ; situation 用 where,occasion,when,point 用 when;祈使句,and...只要就 1.It is difficult for us to imagine that life was like for slaves in the ancient world. 2.I don’t really like the author, although/though/but I have to admit his books are very exciting. 3.It was the middle of the night when my father woke me up and told me to watch the football game. 4.To improve the quality of our products, we asked for suggestions whoever had used the products. 5.In our class there are 46 students, of whom half wear glasses. 6.She showed the visitors around the museum, the construction of which had taken more than three years. 7.The newly- built cafe, the walls of which are painted light green, is really a peaceful place for us, especially after hard work. 8.It was an exciting moment for these football fans this year, when for the first time in years team won the World Cup. 9.-Shall we have our picnic tomorrow? -If/As long as/So long as/Only if it doesn’t rain. 10.Where unemployment and crime are high, it can be assumed that the latter is due to the former. 11.Many young people in the West are expected to leave what could be life’s most important decision- marriage- almost entirely up to luck. 12.I have reached a point in my life where I am supposed to make decisions of my own. 13.Sarah hopes to become a friend of whoever shares her interests. 14.She brought with her three friend, none of whom I had ever met before. 15.All the dishes in this menu, unless otherwise stated, will serve two to three people. 16.Peter was so excited when he received an invitation from his friend to visit Chongqing. 17.Unsatisfied though/as he was with the payment, he took the job just to get some work experience. 18.It was not until he came back from Africa that year that he met the girl he would like to marry. 19.She’ll never forget her stay there when he found her son who had gone missing two years before. 20.Gun control is a subject about/over which Americans have argued for a long time. 21.My parents don’t mind what job I do as long as/as long as I am happy. 22.The lawyer seldom wears anything other than a suit whatever the season.

23.The artist was born poor, and poor he remained all his life. 24.There were some chairs left over when everyone had sat down. 25.Tomorrow is Tom’s birthday. Have you got any idea where the party is to be held? 26.It is difficult for us to learn a lesson in life until we’ve actually had that lesson. 27.He was educated at the local high school, after which he went on to Beijing University. 28.My parents live in a small village. They always keep candles in the house in case there is a power cut. 29.Human facial expressions differ from those of animals in the degree to which they can be controlled on purpose. 30.Help others whenever you can and you will make the world a nicer place to live in. 31.We had to wait half an hour although/though/even if/even though we had already booked a table. 32.The village has developed a lot where we learned farming two years ago. 改错 Well-good well 修饰动词,good 修饰名词 A half hour-a half hours All kinds of the flowers-all kinds of flowers In particular enjoy doing If you were me 虚拟语气 In a hurry drunk 才表示喝醉的 enter 进入 vt. fun 为不可数,不加 a as follows 固定搭配如下 区分 like 像 as 作为 be close to doing Be about to do sth. when 为固定句式 阅读,完型词汇 Faction 派系 tap 水龙头 wrinkle 皱纹 comb 梳子 adolescent 青少年 postage 邮费 huddle 蜷缩 Grylls 贝爷 know better than to do sth. Let go of context 背景;语境

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