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高考英语语法专题演练:冠词02 Word版含答案


1.Tom is ________ younger of the two newcomers. To be honest, I have never seen ________ cleverer one. A./; / C.the; a B.a; the D./; a

[解析]表示两个中较??的用 the;a+形容词比较级+one 表示“一个更??的”。 [答案]C 2.—Excuse me, what can I do for you? —Yes. I'd like to place ________ advertisement for ________ used car in your paper. A.the; a C.an; a B.an; / D./; the

[解析]an advertisement 一则广告;a used car 一辆二手车。 [答案]C 3. _______ successful launch of TiangongⅠ on September 29th marked ________ significant step in our country's plan to build a space station. A.The; a C.A; the B./; a D./; the

[解析]第一空为定指用 the;第二空为“数量一”,用 a。句意:天宫一号 9 月 29 号的成 功发射标志着我国建立太空站计划的有重大意义的一步。 [答案]A 4.Each country, of course, in________ Copenhagen has its own particular priorities and concerns, which is why ________ agreement is so difficult to reach. A.the; an C.a; the B./; an D./; the

[解析]专有地名前不需冠词;第二空为“数量一”,用 an。 [答案]B 5.Whether early in ________ morning or late at ________ night, he may be in his office. A.the; the C./; the B.the; / D./; /

[解析]in the morning 早晨;at night 夜晚,二者均为固定搭配。 [答案]B

6.It's no such ________ long distance from here to ________ supermarket. We can walk there.


A.a; the C./; the

B.the; a D./; a

[解析]no such+单数名词相当于 not such a+单数名词,第二空为定指,用 the。 [答案]C 7.In the job interview, a sincere and ________ positive attitude is ________ must. A.a; a C./; a B.a; / D./; the

[解析]第一空不需冠词,因为 a sincere and positive 同时修饰 attitude, 意为一个真诚积极 的态度;第二空 a must (一个必需品)。 [答案]C 8. Chen Zhijiang is______ papercutting expert whom I interviewed for my article on ________ Chinese Art. A.a; the C.a; / B.an; / D.an; the

[解析]a papercutting expert 一名剪纸专家;第二空为专有名词,不需冠词。 [答案]C 9. The winning of hosting ________ 2014 Youth Olympic Games is ________ victory not only for Nanjing residents, but for ________ people of the whole Chinese nation. A.the; a; the C.a; a; the B.a; the; a D.the; the; a

[解析]第一空为定指,用 the;第二空为“数量一”,用 a;第三空为定指,用 the。 [答案]A 10.She came in for ________ coffee and told me the noise of ________ traffic kept her awake last night. A. a; the C. the; the B. a; / D. the; /

[解析]句意:她进来喝杯咖啡,告诉我,嘈杂的交通使她昨晚一夜没睡。coffee 为不可数 名词, 但有时前面加不定冠词 a, 表示“一杯咖啡”; traffic 这里应是特指, 故需用定冠词 the, 所以 A 项正确。 [答案]A 11. Cooking calls for ________ patience and time but it is ________ enjoyable experience. A.a; the C.the; an B./; an D.a; /

[ 解析 ] 第一空为抽象名词泛指,其前不需冠词;第二空为 “ 数量一 ” 。 an enjoyable experience 一次令人愉快的经历。


[答案]B 12.She removed ________ hat she was wearing and tried on ________ black silk one. A. a; a C. the; a B. the; the D. a; the

[解析]句意:她摘下她戴着的帽子,试了一顶黑色的丝帽。第一空 hat 为特指,特指“她 正戴着的帽子”,第二空为泛指,泛指“一顶黑色的丝帽”,故 C 项正确。 [答案]C 13. I don't like talking on ________ telephone; I prefer writing by ________ letter. A. the; a C. /; the B. /; a D. the; /

[解析]句意:我不喜欢打电话交谈;我喜欢用书信交流。on the telephone“在电话里”; by letter“通过书信”,均为固定搭配,故 D 项正确。 [答案]D 14. I was told that ________ 10: 15 flight would take us to Shanghai in time to reach ________ Fudan University. A. /; the C. a; the B. the; a D. the; /

[解析]句意:我被告知 10:15 分那趟航班会带我们去上海,及时到达复旦大学。第一空 特指 10:15 分那趟航班,前面应加定冠词 the;而第二空为专有名词,表示大学的名词前面 不加冠词,故 D 项正确。 [答案]D 15.She is ________ newcomer to ________ chemistry but she has already made some important discoveries. A. the; the C. a; / B. the; / D. a; the

[解析]句意:她刚涉足化学界,但已经有一些重要发现。a newcomer to“是??的新手, 初涉??”;chemistry 为科目名称,前面不加冠词,故 C 项正确。 [答案]C 16. Yue Yue, ________ 2yearold girl who was hit, began to slip into ________ worse state on Tuesday night. A.the; the C.a; the B.a; a D.the; a

[解析]第一空为定指,用 the;第二空表示“数量一”,用 a。 [答案]D



17.Huangshan is ________ most beautiful tourist site and I want to visit it ________ second time next month. A. the; the C. a; a B. the; a D. a; the

[解析]句意:黄山是一处非常优美的旅游景点,下个月我想再去一次。第一空 most 前加 a,表示“很”;若 most 前加 the 则表示“最”,试比较:This is the most interesting film I've ever seen.这是我看过的最有意思的电影。It is a most interesting film,but not better than Let the Bullets Fly.这是一部很有意思的电影,但不如《让子弹飞》好。序数词前面加不定冠词,表示 “又,再”,故 C 项正确。 [答案]C 18.—Would you mind giving your advice on how to improve our business management? —If you make ________ most of the equipment, there will be ________ rise in production. A. /; / C. /; a B. the; a D. the; /

[解析]句意:—你介意给我提些怎样改善公司管理的建议吗?—如果你充分利用设备,产 量将会增加。make the most of 为固定短语,意为“充分利用,尽量利用”;a rise in 指“在某 一方面的增长”,故 B 项正确。 [答案]B 19.It is ________ great honour for China to develop ________ fastest computer in today's world. A. a; the C. an; a B. an; the D. a; a

[解析]句意:在当今世界开发最快的电脑对中国来说是一项盛誉。honour 前加不定冠词, 为抽象名词具体化, a great honour 指 “ 一件光荣的事或一个值得赞美的人 ” ;第二空 computer 前加了形容词最高级 fastest,故需加定冠词 the,因此 A 项正确。 [答案]A 20.You'd better use another dictionary, because ________ page of the dictionary is torn, and ________ cover looks old. A.the; the C.a; the B.a; a D.the; a

[解析]第一空为“数量一”,用 a;第二空为定指,用 the。 [答案]C



21.Jack is ________ honest and hardworking boy and he must be ________ useful man in the future. A. a; a C. an; a B. an; an D. a; an

[解析]句意: 杰克是一个诚实刻苦的男孩, 他将来一定是个有用的人。 第一空后 honest 的 第一个音素为元音音素,前需加不定冠词 an;而第二空后 useful 的第一个音素为辅音音素, 前需加不定冠词 a,故 C 项正确。 [答案]C 22.As is known to all, ________ opening ceremony of the 16th Asian Games held on November 12th in Guangzhou was ________ great success. A. /; a C. the; / B. the; a D. a; /

[解析]句意: 众所周知, 11 月 12 日在广州举行的第 16 届亚运会开幕式取得了巨大的成功。 第一空特指“11 月 12 日在广州举行的第 16 届亚运会的开幕式”, 前需加定冠词 the; 第二空 为抽象名词具体化, a success 指“一件成功的事”, success 前需加不定冠词 a, 故 B 项正确。 [答案]B 23 . I was surprised to know that ______ two top students were caught stealing in the supermarket. Worse still, ________ third one was found fighting with others. A. the; a C. /; a B. the; the D. /; the

[解析]句意:听说两个好学生在超市偷东西被抓我很吃惊;更糟的是,又一个被发现跟别 人打架。第一空泛指“两个好学生”,前面不加冠词;而第二空表示“又一个”,需在序数 词的前面加不定冠词 a,故 C 项正确。 [答案]C 24. Let us suppose that you are in ________ position of ________ parent. Would you allow your child to do such a thing? A. a; a C. the; a B. a; the D. the; the

[解析]句意:让我们假设你处在父亲或母亲的位置上,你会允许你的孩子做这样的事吗? position 为特指,指“父母的位置”;而 parent 为单数可数名词,指“父亲或者母亲”,故 C 项正确。 [答案]C 25.—Can you wait for ________ second? I'm going to collect ________ car. —Sure. A. the; a

B. the; the


C. a; the

D. /; a

[解析]句意:—你能等一会儿吗?我去取车。—当然可以。second 此处为可数名词,意为 “一会儿,片刻”,前面需加不定冠词 a;而后面的 car 特指双方都知道的车,前需加定冠 词 the,故 C 项正确。 [答案]C