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TOEFL Junior Reading_图文

Reading Comprehension
Lecture 1

Chapter 1 Introduction
1. About TOEFL Junior

TOEFL Junior 考试简介


2. About TOEFL Junior Reading Comprehension

3. Practice Suggestion

1. TOEFL Junior 考试简介
TOEFL Junior考试是由美国教育考试 服务中心(Educational Testing Service, 简 称ETS) 研究设计的。其举办的TOEFL (托 福考试),GRE (美国研究生入学考试) ,TOEIC (托业考试)等在全世界范围内受 到高度认可。而TOEFL Junior考试ETS托福 大家族中新加入的一名成员。

TOEFL Junior考试是针对11 ~17岁中学 生在英语教学环境下学习的英语能力的一 项测评,考试用以衡量中学生在校园学术 生活和日常社会生活中的英语语言水平, 特别是反映学生在以英语为媒介的教学环 境下的英语应用能力。考试不仅为准备出 国留学的中学生提供了一项权威的语言证 明,而且能够准确、全面地反映出所有考 生前一阶段学习的状况,从而为之后的继 续学习提供具有高度参考价值的指导。

2. 考试形式
?TOEFL Junior Test 有两种考试形式:笔考(Paper-based Test,简称 PBT) 和机考(Computer-based Test, 简称CBT)。

?PBT 分为三部分:听力理解、语言形式与含义以及阅读 理解。每部分包含42道单项选择题,共126题;每部分满 分300分,总分为900分。考试总时长为110分钟。


Listening Comprehension

Number of Items

Scale Scores

Testing Time



40 min

Language Form and Meaning 42 Reading Comprehension Total


25 min

42 126

200–300 600–900

50 min 1 hr 55 min

II. About TOEFL Junior Reading Comprehension
The Reading section for TOEFL Junior consists of questions on 7 passages, each approximately 200-350 words in length. Each passage has a range of 4 to 9 questions based on the length and difficulty. This section is comprised of 42 questions in total and each question is single choice. The testing time is 50 minutes.

Email letter
Number of Passages Number of Questions

Testing time

Non-academic texts

Notice announcement



Journalism story 50 minutes Exposition Academic texts Argumentation 3-4 5-9

Ⅲ. Practice Suggestions
Here are some tips for improving your reading skills:
? Read a few pages in English every day.
?Practice skimming a passage quickly to get the main idea. ?After skimming a passage, read it again more carefully and write down the main idea, major points and important facts.

?When you come across an unfamiliar word, try to determine the meaning from the context.
?Underline all pronouns (he, him, they, them, etc.) and identify the nouns to which they refer in the passage.

Difficulty in Reading Comprehension
Too many information

Reading skills
Limited time

Reading Skill ---Skimming
Skimming is a useful way to understand the main idea or the basic structure of a passage in a quick and effective way. It refers to the process of reading only main ideas within a passage to get an overall impression of the content of a reading selection.

How to Skim
? Read the title. ? Read the introduction or the first paragraph. ? Read the first sentence of every other paragraph. ? Read any headings and sub-headings. ? Notice any pictures, charts, or graphs. ? Notice any italicized or boldface words or phrases. ? Read the summary or last paragraph.

Before reading, how many minutes do you think you need?

After reading, how many minutes do you actually need?

Please read the following text.
How to Make New Friends

How to Make New Friends

1. What is the main idea of this passage?
2. How can we make new friends?

How to Make New friends?
? Be a good listener. ? Start or join a sports team or a club. ? Laugh. ? Start or join a study group. ? Give compliments. ? Be available.

How to guess the meaning of unknown words
——using context clues
Examples from the passage:

1. Are you talkative and extroverted, or are you quiet and shy? 2. What sports do you play? Soccer? Volleyball? Table tennis? 3. …but be honest---don’t be fake! 4. Bring snacks and drinks. 5. Everyone loves compliments! When you meet new people, say something nice to them.

What are context clues?
e.g. Jane is indecisive, that is, she can’t make up her mind.

e.g. I am a resolute man. Once I set up a goal, I won’t give it up easily.

★General Knowledge
e.g. The door was so low that I hit my head on the lintel.


★Related information
e.g. “She went to school for 12 years and she can’t write a sentence?” Tom said, “They made an illiterate out of my daughter!”

e.g. Select any of these periodicals: Time, Newsweek, Reader’s Digest or The New Yorker.

e.g. The snow was falling. Big flakes drifted (飘动) with the wind like feathers.

e.g. Most of us agreed; however, Bill dissented.

Further practice 1
Find your happiness
Skim the introduction and read the headings.
1.What do you think the article is going to tell you?

A. Eating dessert will make you truly happy. B. Exercising can make you happy. C. Making mistakes is bad for your health. D. Having scary new experiences makes you happy. 2. Discuss. Which three pieces of advice do you think are most useful?
3. Choose the best alternative title for the article. A. how to make other people happy B. ten ways to be happy C. staying positive makes you happy

Further practice 2 Becoming a champion

Skim the text. Check (√) the sentences you think are true.
You can’t use your head in Thai boxing. You can see Thai boxing on TV almost every day in Thailand. There are only three boys at a famous Thai boxing training camp. The boys come from families with a lot of money. The boy train every day.

Conclusion: How to Skim
headings & Sub-headings


Pictures & charts & graphs italicized & boldface words first sentence



Reading for fun Part 1 People Read and Retelling

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