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江苏省太湖高级中学暑期作业 7

江苏省太湖高级中学暑期作业 7


Unit 3 Module 8

一.单项选择(共 15 分) 1. We can communicate _______ people in every part of the world _____ the Internet. A. with; with B. through; through C. with; through D. through; with 2. When the injured ______ to the hospital, they came to ______. A. was rush; life B. were rushed; life C. rushed; lives D. were rushed; lives 3. –Hi, Tracy, you look tired. -- I’m tired. I _______ the living room all day. A. painted B. had painted C. have been painting D. have painted 4. It’s the ______ in the country to go out and pick flowers on the first day of spring. A. use B. habit C. custom D. normal 5. The doctors did all they could _____ him _______. A. to bring; back to life B. bring; back to life C. bring; to life D. to bring; to life 6. The way he thought of ______ the problem is wonderful. A. working at B. to work at C. to work out D. working out 7. The missing boy was last seen _____ near the river. A. playing B. to be playing C. play D. to play 8. The idea many scientists have held ______ correct. A. prove B. proving C. being proved D. proves 9. Is this factory _______ you visited last Sunday? A. that B. where C. the one D which 10. Rather than _____ on a crowded bus, he always prefers ____ a bicycle. A. ride; ride B. a riding; ride C. ride; to ride D. to ride; riding 11. Tom can’t read or write, for when he was young, he couldn’t ____ to go to school. A. offer B. afford C. effort D. affect 12. ______ to the names on the list, there are six other applicants. A. In fact B. In reality C. In all D. In addition 13. – Why do you take up martial arts? -- ______. A. To build myself up. B. Building myself up. C. Build up. D. To build up. 14. Why! I have nothing to confess. ______ you want me to say? A. What is it that B. What it is that C. How is it that D. How it is that 15. It is difficult to ______ a conversation in a noisy room. A. carry out B. carry on C. speak of D. talk to 二.课文填空(共 10 分) Leonardo da Vinci created a m__1__ named Mona Lisa. It is a picture of a lady with dark hair and a m__2__ smile. The painting is so v__3_ that it is difficult to c__4__what its price would
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be if the museum wanted to sell it. B__5__ being a painter, da Vinci was also a s__6___, an a___7__, an engineer and a scientist. He made a lot of scientific discoveries that he s___8___ with the world, p___9__ in the field of a__10__. 三. 阅读理解(共 20 分) A There is popular belief among parents that schools are no longer interested in spelling. No school I have ever taught in has ever ignored spelling or considered it unimportant as a basic skill. There are, however, different ideas about how to teach it, or how much priority(优先) it must be given over general language development and writing ability. The problem is, how to encourage a child to express himself freely and confidently in writing without holking him back with the complexities of spelling. If spelling becomes the only focal point of his teacher’s interest, clearly a bright child will be likely to “play safe”. He will tend to write only words within his spelling range, choosing to avoid adventurous language. That’s why teachers often encourage the early use of dictionaries and pay attention to content rather than technical ability. I was once shocked to read on the bottom of a sensitive piece of writing about a personal experience. “this work is terrible! There are far too many spelling errors and your writing is terrible.” It may have been a sharp criticism of the pupil’s technical abilities in writing, but it was also a sad reflection on the teacher who had omitted to read the essay, which contained some beautiful expressions of the child’s deep feelings. The teacher was not wrong to draw attention to the errors, but if his priorities had centered on the child’s ideas, an expression of his disappointment with the presentation would have given the pupil more motivation to seek improvement. 1. Teachers are different in their opinions about_________. A. the difficulties in teaching B. the role of spelling in general language development C. the complexities of the basic writing skills D. the necessity of teaching spelling 2. The underlined expression “play safe” probably means_______. A. to write carefully B. to do as teachers say C. to use dictionaries frequently D. to avoid using words one is not sure of 3. Teachers encourage the use of dictionaries so that ____________. A. students will be able to express their ideas more freely B. students will have more confidence in writing C. teachers will have less trouble in correcting mistakes D. students will learn to be independent of teachers 4. The author seems to think that the teacher ’s judgment on that sensitive piece of writing is ____. A. unfair B. reasonable C. foolish D. careless 5. The major point discussed in the passage is____________. A. the importance of developing writing skills
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B. the complexities of spelling C. the correct way of marking compositions D. the relationship between spelling and the content of a composition B Since 1989 ,Dave Thomas ,who died at age 69 ,was one of the most recognizable faces on TV .He appeared in more than 800 commercials (商业广告) for the hamburger chain named for his daughter ,“As long as it works ,”he said in 1991 ,“I’ll continue to do those commercials .” Even though he was successful, Thomas remained troubled by his childhood. “He still won’t let anyone see his feet ,which are out of shape because he never had proper-fitting shoes,” Wendy said in 1993.Born to a single mother ,he was adopted(收养)as a baby by Rex and Auleva Thomas of Kalamazoo in Michigan .After Auleva died when he was 5 ,Thomas spent years on the road as Rex traveled around seeking construction work .“He fed me,”Thomas said ,“and if I got out of line ,he’d beat me .” Moving out on his own at 15 ,Thomas worked ,first as a waiter ,in many restaurants .But he had something much better in mind “ . I thought if I owned a restaurant ,” he said “ , I could eat for free.”A 1956 meeting with Harland Sanders led Thomas to a career as the manager of a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant that made him a millionaire in 1968. In 1969 ,after breaking with Sanders ,Thomas started the first Wendy’s Old Fadhioned Hamburgers ,in Columbus ,Ohio ,which set itself apart by serving made-to –order burgers .With 6,000 restaurants worldwide ,the chair now makes $ 6 billion a year in sales . Although troubled by his own experience with adoption ,Thomas ,married since 1954 to Lorraine ,66,and with four grown kids besides Wendy ,felt it could offer a future for other children .He started the Dave Thomas Foundation (基金会)for Adoption in 1992. In 1993 ,Thomas ,who had left school at 15,graduated from Coconut Greek High School in Florida .He even took Lorraine to the graduation dance party .The kids voted him Most Likely to Succeed . “The Dave you saw on TV was the real Dave,”says friends Pat Williams .“He wasn’t a great actor or a great speaker . He was just Joe Everybody. ” 6.What is the article mainly about ? A.The life of Dave Thomas . B.The dream of Dave Thomas. C.The schooling of Dave Thomas. D.The growth of Dave Thomas’s business. 7.What do we know about his childhood ? A.He lived a poor life B.He had caring parents C.He stayed in one place D.He didn’t go to school 8.Choose the right time order of the following events in Thomas’s life . a. graduated from high school b. started his own business c. became a millionaire d. started a foundation e. met Harland Sanders A.e,b,c,d,a B.a,e,c,b,d C.e,c,b,d,a D.a,e,b,c,d 9. “ He was just Joe Everybody. ”(in the last paragraph) means .
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A.Dave was famous B.Dave was ordinary C.Dave was showy D.Dave was shy 10.What is the name of Dave Thomas’s business ? A.Thomas’s B.Wendy’s C.Lorraine’s D.Rex’s 四.单词拼写 (共 10 分) 1. Van Gogh created a lot of a________ artwork during the last years of his life. 2. They decided to take apart the machine and started again from s___________. 3. The oil company is d_________ for oil in this area. 4. We’re going to wash down our kitchen. A p______ will be invited to paint the wall. 5. The national flower of Japan is c______ blossom. 6. In the lab you must follow your teacher ’s i_______ before doing your experiment. 7. Every year, he won s_________ at school because of his excellent study. 8. The boy p____ the button and the stuffed toy began to laugh. 9. When he was young, he s_____ as an officer in the army. 10. What do you think are the differences between t_______? (custom) 11. Many famous photographs are e_______ in this art gallery (shown in public). 12. In the market dealers were b__________ with growers over the price of coffee. (discuss prices, conditions etc) 13. She w______ bitter tears of disappointment. (cry) 14. From the building, you can get a full v________. (scenery) 15. She a_______ working with children.(like very much) 五.动词填空(共 5 分) 1. I found his paintings _____________. (amaze) 2. We _______ for more pay these years. (negotiate) 3. The main purpose of the industry is ___________ wealth. (create) 4. There wasn’t enough water _____ the ship. (float) 5. It has been ______ that at least five thousand people died in the earthquake. (calculate) 6. I failed to come on time yesterday, because my car got ________ in the heavy snow. (stick) 7. She insisted that she _________ (wash) her hair when I wanted to have a bath. 8. The newspaper is __________ (distribute)free to everyone in the school. 9. How proud she is! She ___________ (admit) to Beijing University. 10. _______ (stand) in the rain is a boy. 六.句子改写(共 10 分) 1. The headmaster walked away. ______ ______ the headmaster. 2. If the museum had been closed, we would have been upset. _______ the museum been closed, we would have been upset. 3. I was not bored at any time during the tour. ______ _______ _______ during the tour _____ I bored.
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4. We had hardly sat down to supper when the phone rang. ______ _______ ______ sat down to supper when the phone rang. 5. The bell had no sooner rung than the students run out of the classroom. ______ _______ ______ the bell rung _____ the students run out of the classroom. 6. Many people died in the fire, including two children. Many people died in the fire, two children _______. 7. I think it would feel very peaceful to live in the small village. I think _______ _______ ______ to live in the small village. 8. I really want to see The Night Watchman, which was painted in 1642. I really want to see The Night Watchman, ________ ________ 1642. 七. 句子翻译(共 20 分) 1. 达芬奇是我最喜欢的天才艺术家之一。 Leonardo da Vinci is one of my ____________________. 2. 小时候他和他哥哥共用一个房间。 He________________________________ his brother when he was young. 3. 爱迪生做出了很多科学发现。 Edison ______________________________________. 4. 开学第一天老师就把新书分给了学生。 On the first day of the term the teacher _________________________. 5. 我喜欢看飞机下面的云层中的闪电。 I liked seeing the thunder in the clouds ________________________. 6. 香港一行,他谈成了一笔生意。 On his trip to Hong Kong, he _________________________________. 7. 这些画太抽象了我看不懂。 These painting are _________________________________________. 8. 他在音乐领域里取得了很大的成就。 He made ________________________________________________. 9. 在这个问题上,我们得把开销考虑进来。 On this problem, we should _________________________________. 10. 太刺激了,我们的飞机正在雷雨上方飞行。 It’s so exciting that our plane is _____________________________.

高二英语 Module 8

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