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第1部分选修6Unit 5The power of nature


然 (Nature)

1.storm (n.) 2.powerful (adj.) 强大的 3.typhoon (n.) 台风 4.rescue (v.) 5.natural (adj.) 6.wild (adj.) 援救;营救 自然的 野生的;荒凉的


(2017· 太原高三联考 )我们常常说地球是我们 的家园,但是现在的地球正面临着巨大的威 胁,地球环境正在恶化。假如你是李华,请 根据你对现在环境状况的了解用英语写一篇 文章。 ______________________________________ __________________________________ ______________________________________ __________________________________ ______________________________________ __________________________________ ______________________________________ __________________________________ ______________________________________ __________________________________

7.hurricane (n.) 飓风 8.damage (v.&n.) 9.decrease (v.) 损害,损坏 减少

10.earthquake (n.) 地震 11.victim (n.) 灾民 12.sandstorm (n.) 沙尘暴 13.get involved in 14.die out 灭绝 灾区 涉及

15.disaster?hit area

16.come to rescue 前来救援 17.rescue work 救援工作 18.be trapped in ruins 被困废墟中 19.lie in ruins 变为废墟

We often say that the earth is our homeland and human society comes from nature. Therefore,I think our society is a part of nature. People should get along well with nature. All the materials we need to live with come from nature,but we should also repay the nature, rather than blindly solicit. For example,we should plant more trees and take actions to

20.economic losses 经济损失 ———————————————————

1.Let’s work together and do what we can/do our best to make the earth a better place to live in.

protect the environment. In addition,we have to control population. Due to excessive population growth,human beings require much

让我们一起努力,尽我们所能让地球变成更 美好的家园。 2.It seems that they are not worried at all about the fact that wild animals are endangered.

more natural resources than before, which leads to excessive pressure on nature. In order for longterm development, the population growth must be controlled. We all come from nature

野生动物处于濒危状态,他们似乎一点也不 which is our homeland,so we must try our best 担心。 3.We’ll have nowhere to live in the future unless we take action to protect the earth now. 如果我们现在不采取措施来保护地球,将来 我们会无处生存。 to protect it.

1.volcano n.火山 2.hurricane n.飓风;风暴 3.alongside adv.在旁边;沿着边 prep.在??旁边;沿着??边 4.equipment n.设备;装备 5.evaluate vt.评估;评价;估计 6.potential n.潜在性;可能性;潜能 adj.可能的;潜在的 7.candidate n.候选人;候补者 8.precious adj.贵重的;珍贵的 9.novelist n.小说家 10.document n.文件;证件 11.tremble vi.摇晃;摇动;颤抖 12.bathe vi.洗澡;游泳 1.wave n.波浪;波涛 vi.波动;起伏;挥手 2.shoot vt.射中;射伤→shot n.射击;枪炮声 3.guarantee vt.保证;担保 4.erupt vi.(指火山)爆发;突然发生→eruption n.火山爆发;(战争等)爆发 5.appoint vt.任命;委派→appointment n.约定;任命 6.absolute adj.绝对的;完全的→absolutely adv.绝对地;完全地 7.suit n.一套外衣;套装 vt.适合;使适宜→suitable adj.合适的

8.actual adj.实在的;实际的→actually adv.实际地 9 . unconscious adj. 失 去 知 觉 的 ; 未 察 觉 的 →conscious adj. 有 知 觉 的 , 有 意 识 的 →consciously adv.有意识地 10.anxious adj.忧虑的;不安的→anxiously adv.不安地→anxiety n.担心;焦虑;渴望 11.panic vi.&vt.(panicked,panicked)惊慌 n.惊慌;恐慌 12.appreciation n.欣赏;感激;感谢→appreciate vt.欣赏;感激 13. uncomfortable adj.不舒服的; 不舒适的→comfortable adj.合适的; 舒适的→comfort vt. 使安慰 14.diverse adj.多种多样的;不同的→diversity n.多种多样;多样性 15.fog n.雾→foggy adj.有雾的 ——用所给词的适当形式填空 1.He was appointed as manager of the company. But to everyone’s surprise,he didn’t accept the appointment. (appoint) 2.When he realized that everyone seemed to have known that he had lied, he was anxious to leave and he could not hide anxiety. (anxious) 3.Tom panicked at the sound of explosion and his wife also got into a panic. (panic) 4.Tom was badly hurt and still unconscious after the accident, but his wife was conscious and was smiling to us consciously. (conscious) 5.People from diverse cultures hold different understanding on the play and this diversity of opinions make it hard to reach an agreement at the meeting. (diverse)

1.make_one’s_way 2.glance_through 3.vary_from..._to... 4.give_birth_to 5.be_compared_with... 6.protect..._from... 7.burn_to_the_ground 8.have_a_gift_for 9.refer_to 10.in_(a)_panic 11.be_anxious_about 12.be_home_to

前往 匆匆看一遍 由??到??不等 生产;产生 与??相比 保护??免受??伤害 全部焚毁 有??天赋 查阅,参考,指的是 恐慌 担心 是??的栖息地


1.He glanced_through the letter and recognized his uncle’s handwriting. 2. As soon as he saw his girlfriend Helen, Jack made_his_way through the crowd to greet her. 3.Even though he is a little boy, he has_a_gift_for playing musical instruments. 4.It’s said that this beautiful village was once burnt_to_the_ground during the war. 5.The students vary_from one to another in character.

1.现在分词的完成时作状语 Having collected and evaluated the information,I help other scientists to predict where lava from the volcano will flow next and how fast. 2.be about to do... when...刚要??这时(突然)?? I was about to go back to sleep when suddenly my bedroom became as bright as day. 3.独立主格 The other two climbed down into the crater to collect some lava for later study, but this being my first experience,I stayed at the top and watched them. 4.only to do...表示出乎意料的结果 Hearing a scream,I rushed downstairs only to see my hostess lying unconscious on the floor,surrounded by her guests. 5.It is said that...“据说??” It is said that this boy, who had a great gift for languages and persuasion, is the father of the Manchu people. ——句式仿写 1.做完作业后,他开始帮助妈妈做家务。 Having_finished_his_homework,he began to help his mother with housework. 2.我正要上床睡觉,这时电话响了。 I was_about_to_go_to_bed_when the telephone rang. 3.由于她的眼镜碎了,她无法看清黑板上的字。 Her_glasses_broken,_she couldn’t see the words on the blackboard. 4.他急急忙忙赶到车站,却发现火车已开走了。 He hurried to the station only_to_find_the_train_had_gone. 5.据报道这栋大楼在 2018 年底能完工。 It_is_reported_that the building will be completed at the end of 2018.

v.?ing 形式作状语

1. (2015· 湖南高考单项填空)When the clerk saw a kind face wrinkled in an apologetic smile, she stood rooted to the ground, wondering (wonder) whether to stay or leave. 2.Having_been_told (tell) to stay at home,he couldn’t go out to play with his friends. 3.Having_suffered (suffer) defeat after defeat,the sufferer began to lose faith in himself. 4 . (2016· 天津高考单项填空 )The cooling wind swept through our bedroom windows, making (make) air conditioning unnecessary. 5.Weather permitting (permit), we will go for a picnic the day after tomorrow.


appoint vt.约定;指定(时间、地点等),任命;委任

[佳句背诵] Sam has been appointed manager of the engineering department to take the place of George. 山姆代替了乔治,被任命为工程部经理。(重庆高考)

(1)appoint...(to be)/as... appoint sb. to do sth. (2)appointment n. make/have an appointment with sb.

任命??为?? 指派某人做某事 任命,指派;约会,约定

与某人约会 keep/break an appointment (3)appointed adj. 守/失约 指定的;约定的

——单句语法填空 ①Who ____________ (appoint) to be the chairmanship when Mr. Bell leaves? 答案:will be appointed ②Two experts have just been appointed ____________ (look) into food safety. 答案:to look ③My patient didn’t turn up at the ____________ time; that is, she broke an ____________. (appoint) 答案:appointed appointment ——句式升级 ④He was appointed as captain of the basketball team and led the players to the next session of the 2016 Olympic Games. →________________________________________________________________________

________________________________________________________________________ (用过去分词短语作状语改写) 答案:Appointed as captain of the basketball team,he led the players to the next session of the 2016 Olympic Games. 2 suit n.一套外衣;套装 vt.适合;使适宜

[佳句背诵] If you want to go by bus,that suits me fine. 要是你想坐公共汽车去,那对我也合适。(牛津词典)

(1)suit sb. (fine) suit...to... suit oneself (2)suitable adj. be suitable for=be fit for

(很)合某人的意;对某人(很)合适 使??适合/适应?? 随自己的意愿行事;自便 适当的;相配的 适合;胜任

suit 多指合乎需要、 口味、性格、 条件、 地位、 场合、颜色、 款式等;match 多指色调、形状、性质等方面的搭配;fit 多指大小、形状的合适。

——单句语法填空 ①Finding a date that ____________ (suit) us all is very difficult. 答案:suits ②A good teacher suits his lessons ____________ the age of his pupils. 答案:to ③—I don’t want to go out with you tonight. —Suit ____________ (you). 答案:yourself ④In my opinion, making a ____________ (suit) timetable is necessary and important for us to make good use of our time. 答案:suitable ——选词填空(suit/fit/match) ⑤I want to take this jacket because it ____________ me well and ____________ my trousers, though the style doesn’t ____________ me. 答案:fits matches suit 3 anxious adj.忧虑的,不安的;渴望的

[佳句背诵] Anxious all the time, I was unable to keep focused for more than an hour at a time.

我总是紧张,所以我一次集中注意力的时间不到一个小时。(2016· 北京高考) (1)be anxious for/about sth. 为??担心(忧虑) be anxious (for sb.) to do sth. 渴望(某人) 做?? (2)anxiety n. with anxiety (3)anxiously adv. 焦虑,忧虑,担心 焦虑地 焦急地,忧虑地,渴望地

——单句语法填空 ①(2016· 江苏高考单项填空)—Jack still can’t help being anxious ____________ his job interview. —Lack of self?confidence is his Achilles’ heel, I am afraid. 答案:about ②We are anxious ____________ (know) how long it will take you to deliver the goods. 答案:to know ③(天津高考单项填空)____________ (anxious),she took the dress out of the package and tried it on,only to find it didn’t fit. =She took the dress out of the package and tried it on with ____________ (anxious), only to find it didn’t fit. 答案:Anxiously anxiety ——用 anxious 的相关词语完成小片段 我的女儿学习很努力,因为她渴望上大学。但她又担心不能通过大学入学考试。我真希 望她能够消除忧虑。 ④My daughter studies very hard,because she ________________ go to college. But she ________________ not passing the College Entrance Examination. I am really anxious that she should get rid of ________________. 答案:is anxious to is anxious about anxiety 4 guarantee vt.保证;担保 n.保证;保证书

[佳句背诵] Take this opportunity,and I guarantee you won’t regret it. 抓住这个机会吧,我保证你不会后悔的。(牛津词典) (1)guarantee sb. sth./guarantee sth.to sb. 向某人保证某事

guarantee to do... (2)under guarantee

保证去做?? 在保修期内

——单句语法填空 ①Can you give me ____________ guarantee that the work will be finished on time? 答案:a ②(牛津词典)We guarantee ____________ (deliver) your goods within a week. 答案:to deliver ③My colour TV set is only one year old and it is still ____________ guarantee. 答案:under ——句型转换 ④Can you guarantee I will have a job when I get there? →Can you ____________________ when I get there? 答案:guarantee me a job ⑤You have to guarantee that you will finish the work on time. →You have to ____________________ the work on time. 答案:guarantee to finish 5 make one’s way 前往(常与 to 连用)

[佳句背诵] So long as you work hard,you can make your way in life. 只要你努力工作,你的人生就会成功。

fight one’s way lose one’s way feel one’s way push one’s way wind one’s way

奋力前进 迷路 摸索前进 挤出来 蜿蜒前进

——用 way 相关短语的适当形式填空 ①We ________________ to the coast and then by sea to France. 答案:make our way ②There was no light,so we had to ________________ in the dark. 答案:feel our way ③The Great Wall ________________ across north China like a huge dragon. 答案:winds its way

④Tom ________________ to the gate of the club by sweeping others aside. 答案:pushed his way

[教材佳句] The other two climbed down into the crater to collect some lava for later study, but this being my first experience, I stayed at the top and watched them. 另外两人攀下火山口去收集供日后研究用的岩浆, 我是第一次经历这样的事, 所以留在 山顶上观察他们。

句中 this being my first experience 为独立主格结构,相当于原因状语。 (1)独立主格结构的逻辑主语与主句的主语不一致,它独立存在。该结构在句中一般作 状语,表示时间、条件、原因、伴随状况等。 (2)常见的独立主格结构: 名词 ? ? 名词/代词+?形容词/副词/介词短语 ? ?现在分词/过去分词/不定式

——单句语法填空 ①He was listening attentively in class, his eyes ____________ (fix) on the blackboard. 答案:fixed ②The girl ____________ (stare) at him, he didn’t know what to say. 答案:staring ③Lots of homework ____________ (do),I have to stay at home all day. 答案:to do ——句式升级(用独立主格改写) ④When the meeting was over,we all went home. →________________, we all went home. 答案:The meeting over ⑤The new teacher came in, with a smile on her face. →The new teacher came in, ________________. 答案:a smile on her face [教材佳句] It is said that this boy, who had a great gift for languages and persuasion, is the father of the Manchu people. 据说这个男孩就是满族人的祖先,他具有语言天赋和很强的说服力。

It is said that...意为“据说??”,it 为形式主语,指代 that 引导的从句。该结构还可以 改变成 sb.is said to do...结构。 使用时注意不定式的一般时、 进行时或完成时在结构上的变化。 It is thought that... It is believed that... It is hoped that... It is reported that... It is well? known that... It is generally agreed that... 人们认为?? 人们相信?? 人们希望?? 据报道?? 众所周知?? 一致认为??

——单句语法填空 ①____________ is said that a new bridge was built in the village the other day. 答案:It ②A new shopping mall is said ____________ (build) in the city at present. 答案:to be being built ③(江西高考)He is thought ____________ (act) foolishly. Now he has no one but himself to blame for losing the job. 答案:to have acted ——句型转换 ④He is said to have written a new book about workers. →________________ he has written a new book about workers. 答案:It is said that ⑤It is believed that the flood in the south of China in the summer of 2016 is the biggest in 100 years. →The flood in the south of China in the summer of 2016 ________________ the biggest in 100 years. 答案:is believed to be

Ⅰ.单句语法填空 1.The fear of all kinds of examinations can be a source of deep ____________ (anxious) to many students. 答案:anxiety 2.All the task ____________ (finish) ahead of time, they decided to go on holiday for a week.

答案:having been finished 3.Amie Salmon, disabled, is attended throughout her school days by a nurse ____________ (appoint) to guard her. 答案:appointed 4.A new railway station is said ____________ (build) in my hometown next year. 答案:to be built 5. I was about to hand in the paper ____________ I found another mistake and then corrected it carefully. 答案:when 6.I think you can come at any time in the afternoon, if that is ____________ (suit) for you. 答案:suitable 7.(2017· 河北普通毕业班质检)____________ (wait) in the queue for half an hour, the old man suddenly realized he had left the cheque in the car. 答案:Having waited 8.We hurried to the classroom only ____________ (find) none there, which made him very upset. 答案:to find 9.The mobile phone ____________ (guarantee) for around one year,but it was wrong only one month later. 答案:was guaranteed 10.There is a need for greater ____________ (diverse) and choice in education. 答案:diversity Ⅱ.单句改错 1 . After admiring the beautiful view, she made her way on the next

destination.________________ 答案:on→to 2.As far as I know, it is absolute impossible to finish it in five days.________________ 答案:absolute→absolutely 3.The test finishing, we began our holiday.________________ 答案:finishing→finished 4.Compared the youth to the rising sun at 8 or 9 o’clock a.m., Mao Zedong expressed his great hope for the young men.________________ 答案:Compared→Comparing 5.The mother was standing at the gate, anxiously to see her son.________________ 答案:anxiously→anxious

Ⅰ.教材与语法填空 根据课文内容,在空白处填入适当的内容(1 个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。 Mount Kilauea is one of the most active volcanoes in Hawaii. The 1.____________ (erupt) of it is always taking people 2.____________ surprise. It is so quick and severe 3.____________ the places where it flows are ruined and many houses 4.____________ (burn) to the ground. It is an absolute disaster for people who live in the paths of the lava. They often get into a panic when they are warned of it. But many people who 5.____________ (be) enthusiastic about it would like to watch it with 6.__________ (they) own eyes. 7.____________ (fortune), when they are amazed at the fantastic sight of it, they always fail 8.____________ (notice) the coming boiling lava. So after that, they must make 9.____________ effort to escape from it. Is it necessary to take 10.____________ (risk)? 答案:1.eruption 2.by 3.that 4.are burnt 5.are 6.their 7.Unfortunately 8.to notice 9.an 10.risks Ⅱ.教材与短文改错 根据课文内容,对下面材料进行修改。文中共有 10 处语言错误,每句中最多有两处。 每处错误仅涉及一个单词的增加、删除或修改。 Changbaishan is at Jilin Province. It is kept in its natural state for visitors to enjoy it. The height of the land varies 700 metres above sea level to over 2, 000 metres. It is home for many plants and animals. Many people came here to study the unique plants and animal while others come to see the spectacular waterfalls. But, the most popular attraction in the reserve are Tianchi, or the Lake of Heaven. If you are luck enough to visit it with your loved one, don’ t forget to make a wish to guarantee your love will be as deeply and lasting as the lake itself. 答案: Changbaishan is at it . The Jilin Province. It is kept in its natural state for visitors to enjoy \ in

for height of the land varies ∧ 700 metres above sea level to over 2, 000 metres. It is home to from many plants and animals. Many people came animal here to study the unique plants and while come animals But , the most popular attraction in the However

others come to see the spectacular waterfalls. reserve

are luck Tianchi, or the Lake of Heaven. If you are enough to visit it with your loved is lucky deeply and lasting as the lake deep

one, don’t forget to make a wish to guarantee your love will be as itself. Ⅲ.教材与话题写作

根据要求运用本单元所学知识完成下面小作文,并背诵成文。 1. 与自然灾害, 如台风、 飓风、 洪水、 地震和火山喷发等相比, 人类很弱小。 (compared with; typhoon; hurricane; volcano;eruption) 2 .当火山喷发时,炽热的岩浆像喷泉一样可喷到数百米的高空中。 (erupt; lava; fountain) 3.岩浆流经之处,一切都被掩埋在熔岩下面。(molten) 4.人们惊慌失措,为自己的安全担忧。(panic; anxious) 5. 消防队员赶到起火的地方。 他们尽一切努力灭火。 许多房子都被烧毁了。 (make one’s way; make every effort to; be burnt to the ground) ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ One possible version: Compared with natural disasters, such as typhoons, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and volcano eruptions, human are weak. When a volcano erupts, hot lava is sent up hundreds of meters into the air like a fountain. Wherever the lava flows, everything is buried under the molten rock. So people are in panic and anxious about their safety. Meanwhile the firemen make their way to the places on fire. At last, though they make every effort to put out the fire, many houses are burnt to the ground.

Ⅰ.阅读理解 A (2017· 安徽六校联考)The African elephant, the largest land animal remaining on earth, is of great importance to African ecosystem. Unlike other animals, the African elephant is to a great extent the builder of its environment. As a big plant?eater, it largely shapes the forest?and? savanna (大草原) surroundings in which it lives, therefore setting_the_terms of existence for

millions of other animals that live in its habitat. It is the elephant’s great desire for food that makes it a disturber of the environment and an important builder of its habitat. In its continuous search for the 300 pounds of plants it must have every day, it kills small trees and under?bushes, and pulls branches off big trees. This results innumerous open spaces in both deep tropical forests and in the woodlands that cover part of the African savannas. In these open spaces are numerous plants in various stages of growth that attract a variety of other planteaters. Take the rainforests for example. In their natural state, the spreading branches overhead shutout sunlight and prevent the growth of plants on the forest floor. By pulling down trees and eating plants, elephants make open spaces, allowing new plants to grow on the forest floor. In such situations, the forests become suitable for large hoofed plant?eaters to move around and for small plant?eaters to get their food as well. What worries scientists now is that the African elephant has become an endangered species. If the elephant disappears, scientists say, many other animals will also disappear from vast areas of forest and savanna, greatly changing and worsening the whole ecosystem. [导学号 66182103] 【解题导语】 本文主要描述了非洲大象作为最大的陆地食草动物 对食物有大量的需求, 这对它们的栖息地、周围的环境以及其他生物也有着巨大的影响。 1.What does the underlined phrase “setting the terms” A.Improving the quality. B.Worsening the state. C.Fixing the time. D.Deciding the conditions. 解析:选 D。词义猜测题。前半句提到“As a big planteater, it largely shapes the forest ? and? savanna (大草原) surroundings in which it lives(作为大型的食草动物, 它在很大程度上 塑造着自己生存的森林草原环境)” 。本句中的副词“therefore”是上述原因的结果,意为:因 此它也决定着其他生活在它栖息地的动物的生存条件 , 故画线部分意为 “ 设置条件 , 决 定??的情况”。 2.The passage is developed mainly by ________. A.showing the effect and then explaining the causes B.giving examples C.pointing out similarities and differences D.describing the changes in time order 解析:选 A。写作手法题。观察本文结构可以看出,本文是首先提到了非洲象对环境的 作用,然后具体解释它如何为其他动物创造生存环境,故选 A。 3.What is the passage mainly about? most probably mean?

A.Forests and savannas as habitats for African elephants. B.The eating habit of African elephants. C.Disappearance of African elephants. D.The effect of African elephants’ search for food. 解析:选 D。主旨大意题。本文主要描述了非洲大象作为最大的陆地食草动物对食物的 大量需求,对栖息地、周围的环境以及其他生物所产生的影响。 4.What do we know about the open spaces in the passage? A.They are home to many endangered animals. B.They result from the destruction of rainforests. C.They are attractive to plant?eating animals of different kinds. D.They provide food mainly for African elephants. 解析:选 C。细节理解题。根据文章第二段最后一句“In these open spaces are numerous plants in various stages of growth that attract a variety of other planteaters.”可知,在这些空地 上,生长着不同阶段的各种植物,吸引着很多种类的其他食草动物。 B (2017· 云南昆明两区七校模拟)For the first time, researchers have discovered that some plants can kill insects in order to get additional nutrients. New research shows that they catch and kill small insects with their own sticky hairs near the roots and then absorb nutrients through their roots when the insects are killed and fall to the ground. Professor Mark Chase, of Kew and Queen Mary University of London, said , “ The cultivated(栽培的) tomatoes and potatoes still have the hairs. Tomatoes in particular are covered with these sticky hairs. They do trap small insects on a regular basis. They do kill insects.” The number of these carnivorous plants is thought to have come up to 50 percent and many of them have until now been wrongly regarded as among the most harmless plants. Among them are species of petunia(矮牵牛), some special tobacco plants and cabbages, some varieties of potatoes and tomatoes, etc. Researchers at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, which carried out the study, now believe there are hundreds more killer plants than they previously realized. It is thought that the technique was developed in the wild to get necessary nutrients in poor quality soil—and even various plants grown in your vegetable garden still have the ability. The researchers, publishing their finding in the Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society, said, “We may be surrounded by many more murderous plants than we think.” “We are accustomed to thinking of plants as being harmless, and there is something deeply frightening about the thought of meateating plants, ” they added. [导学号 66182104] 【解题导语】 研究报告表明:一些植物为了获取额外的营养会杀 死昆虫。

5.Tomatoes and potatoes kill insects to ________. A.get more sticky hairs B.make themselves grow better C.make their roots stronger D.avoid falling down to the ground 解析: 选 B。推理判断题。根据第一段的第一句 “For the first time, researchers have discovered that some plants can kill insects in order to get additional nutrients.”可推知,一些植 物为了得到额外的营养会杀死昆虫, 从而可以让它们自己长得更好, 西红柿和土豆就是这种 植物。 6.The word “carnivorous” A.fast?growing B.rare C.insect?killing D.nutritious 解析:选 C。词义猜测题。根据第二段中的“They do kill insects.”可推知,这些植物会杀 死昆虫,所以画线词的意思与 C 项最接近,意为“杀虫的”。 7 . The technique for vegetables to trap insects is most probably developed through ________. A.evolution of species B.help from other garden plants C.artificial cultivation D.nutrients preserved in rich soil 解析:选 A。推理判断题。根据第四段的“It is thought that the technique was developed in the wild to get necessary nutrients in poor quality soil”可推知, 植物捕杀昆虫的能力是它们在自 然界中为了生存而进化得来的。 8.The text is probably taken from ________. A.a student book B.science fiction C.a scientific report D.a biology textbook 解析: 选 C。文章出处题。根据第一段的第一句 “For the first time, researchers have discovered that some plants can kill insects in order to get additional nutrients.”可推知,本文是 一篇科研报告。 Ⅱ.七选五 in Paragraph 3 most probably refers to “________”.

(2017· 山西太原五中检测)Usually, summer break provides teens with an opportunity to get away from the boring life of going to school, to visit friends and have fun with them, and to make a little extra money. The summer job market for teens can be highly competitive. Halfheartedly (不认真地) looking for a job is the quickest way to get turned down over and over. 1.________ 2.________ Look at the skills required for each.Then compare these skills with those you already have. The closer the match, the more likely you will enjoy your summer job while building a good reference for future jobs. Understanding why you want to work will also help you determine where to apply. Do you want to earn extra money for something special, or do you need the job to make ends meet? 3.________ These are just a few of the questions you need to answer before starting your job search. When you ’ re searching for a summer job, look for help beyond the wanted signs. 4.________ And even if a business doesn’t have a sign or advertisement indicating that they are looking for help, stop by and ask a manager. You might fill in an application anyway, which could lead to a position in the future. 5.________ Ice cream shops, restaurants, grocery stores and movie theatres commonly hire students.You might take a job that has less desirable hours or that you don’t necessarily enjoy. However, summer jobs don’t last forever. You can still build your skills and experience while making money. A.Here are some tips on finding summer jobs. B.Take time to think about the types of jobs that are suitable for you. C.Be flexible and creative when you’re looking for a summer job. D.If you are poor in math, you probably would lose your job. E.Let your family, neighbours and teachers know that you’re looking for a job. F.A good attitude towards work sometimes can make up for lack of skills. G.Are you looking for a job where your friends work, so you can be with them? [导学号 66182105] 【解题导语】 本文是一篇说明文。作者就青少年如何在暑假找到 兼职工作提供了一些建议。 1.解析:选 A。空前提到了不认真寻找工作的结局是被一次次拒绝。又根据下文提供 了一些寻找暑期工作的建议,可知本空应该选择 A 项,起到承上启下的作用。 2.解析:选 B。根据空后内容:看看每种工作所需要的技能,和你已经具备的技能做 比较,技能越匹配的工作,越适合你做。所以此空应该选 B 项“花点儿时间思考最适合你 的工作类型。” 3.解析:选 G。根据空前的几个问句,及空后的“These are just a few of the questions...” 可知此空应该是个疑问句,所以选择 G 项。

4.解析:选 E。根据空前内容:当你在寻找暑期工作时,除了从招聘广告中可得到信 息外,还可以从其他渠道中获取帮助,E 项意为:让你的家人、邻居和老师知道你正在找工 作。这样他们也可以提供给你帮助,所以 E 项为正确答案。 5.解析:选 C。根据空后的内容:很多地方都在招聘学生,即使有些工作时间上不理 想或你不一定喜欢,但是暑期工作不是永久的,你可以在挣钱的同时锻炼技能、增长阅历。 C 选项“你在找暑期工作时应该灵活些”符合语境。 Ⅲ.语法填空 (2017· 湖南四校联考)Adam Harper drinks a lot of coffee to stay up for study.Recently, Adam 1.____________ (feel) that drinking this much coffee was making 2.____________ hard for him to sleep at all. He also complained of stomachaches.So he decided to stop drinking coffee. When Adam got up on October 3, he began his day 3.____________ this morning coffee. By 11:00 a. m. , Adam was in a 4.____________ (terribly) condition.He was tired and had a headache.At 11: 30, in the meeting with his student advisor, he found it 5.____________ (possible) to concentrate.What was going on? Caffeine, a chemical 6.____________(find) in coffee, was most likely the reason for how Adam felt. Caffeine is a stimulant (刺激物) 7.____________ boosts energy levels and improves concentration.The result of lowering caffeine consumption is a “coffee headache” 8.____________ (lose) of concentration. The good news is that these feelings usually pass after four to five days.Doctors suggest 9.____________ (take) some aspirin for the headache.So, if Adam can wait, in less than a week, he may be feeling much 10.____________(well). [导学号 66182106] 【解题导语】 Adam Harper 经常因为熬夜学习而喝大量咖啡。但 是最近他的身体出了问题,原来是咖啡因在作怪。 1.解析:考查动词时态。根据语境可知此处用一般过去时。 答案:felt 2.解析:考查 it 的用法。此处缺宾语, 且作形式宾语, 故用 it。 答案:it 3.解析:考查介词。根据上文 “So he decided to stop drinking coffee.” 可知此处是说他 开始了早晨不喝咖啡的一天。所以此处用介词 without。 答案:without 4.解析:考查词性转换。此处修饰名词, 应用形容词 terrible。 答案:terrible 5.解析:考查词性转换。因为没有喝咖啡, Adam 状态不好, 可推知他不能集中精 神。根据句意 “他发现专注是不可能的” 可知用 impossible。 答案:impossible and the

6. 解析: 考查非谓语动词。 本句中已经有了谓语动词 was, 所以此处用非谓语动词。 find 与其逻辑主语 chemical 为动宾关系, 所以应用过去分词作后置定语。 答案:found 7.解析:考查定语从句引导词。此处为定语从句, 先行词是 a stimulant, 从句缺主语, 应用 that/which 引导。 答案:that/which 8.解析:考查词性转换。根据前面的定冠词 the 可知此处应用名词 loss。 答案:loss 9.解析:考查非谓语动词。suggest doing sth.意为 “建议做某事”, 是固定短语。 答案:taking 10.解析:考查形容词比较级。此处是与他之前的情况做比较, 所以应用形容词的比 较级。 答案:better

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