八年级英语上册《Unit 6 I'm going to study computer science》同步练习 (新版)人教新目标版

Unit 6 I'm going to study computer science
一、单项选择(共 20 小题;共 20 分) 1. Paul wants A. to be 2. Do you want to A. is 3. My sister A. studies C. studied 4. library? A. Are; going to borrow C. Will; borrows 5. --next year? B. Is; going to borrow D. Are; going to borrows your brother B. are B. be an actor because he likes acting. C. become D. becoming

a doctor when you're older? C. be D. am

art when she grows up because she wants to be B. is going to study D. studying a magazine from the

an artist.

--- She is going to learn more about English. A. When is she going to learn more about English B. What does she do C. What's she going to do D. Where is she going to do 6. When is she A. goes to take 7. Where A. do; to study C. are; study 8. B. go to take you singing lessons? C. going to take D. goes taking
7 24

next September? B. are; going to study D. do; going to study
f p

--- I will buy you a new bike if you learn how to swim this summer. ? I'm sure I'll get the bike. B. promise C. trick
6 o


--- Is that a A. chance 9.

D. treat work it out soon.


Take it easy. I am sure you A. will can C. be able to

B. will be able to D. could


--- It's important (重要的) for us to learn English well. you.


--- I agree


A. on 11. I want A. to be 12.

B. to

C. with a dancer when I grow up.

D. at


B. being

C. to am

D. be a professional D. be
p E


Yao Ming is his favorite star. He wants A. is B. am C. to be

basketball player like him.


We A. is going to meet C. are going to meet

outside the school gate tomorrow. B. meet D. will to meet your cousin me next weekend? B. Does; going to visit D. Does; goes to visit ?
= = g a T e w

14. A. Is; going to visit C. Is; goes to visit 15. ---

--- They are going to get there by bus. A. When are they going to get there B. How are they going to get there C. What are they going to do D. Where are they going to get 16. --on Sunday?

--- She's going to wash her clothes. A. When is she going to wash her clothes B. What does she do C. What's she going to do D. Where is she going to wash her clothes 17. --? B. When are you going D. Who are you going with

--- I am going shopping. A. What are you going to do C. Where are you going 18. --- David, why are you so excited? that he will take me to Tibet next B. promise C. mistake his homework on time because he's a

--- My father has made a month. A. face 19. My friend Jim is able

good student.


A. finishing 20.

B. to finish

C. finish

D. finishes

--- I think teenagers shouldn't be allowed to smoke. you. B. on C. about D. for A. with

--- I agree

二、单词拼写(单句首字母填空)(共 10 小题;共 10 分) 21. If you p it. 22. Mr. Wang often encourages us to d 23. Reading more books in English can i 24. Now he is living in a f country. 25. Different clothes can express the wearer's p 26. Feng Jun wants to be an e 27. I want to be a s 28. He got a good e when he grows up. like Yuan Longping and Zhong Nanshan. all through school. . their homework to style. questions with each other. our English. country. He misses( 思念 ) his own something to others, you must try your best to keep

29. Tony's mother is an English teacher in a u 30. The younger students in Australia can s their teachers by fax at home. 三、单词拼写(根据中文提示拼写单词)(共 10 小题;共 10 分) 31. Is there any 33. He likes sports, while my reading. 34. I want to remember how you are going to year. 35. He always keeps on doing 36. I can't 37. My uncle can speak three and Japanese. 38. In addition, health people's health. 39. Daming didn't go to the 40. My brother is interested in (关系) between them?

32. The children is old enough to have their

(自己的) bedroom. ( 爱好 ) are singing, dancing and (完善) yourself this (身体的) exercises in the park.

(许诺), but I'll do my best. ( 外国的 ) languages-English, French ( 教育 ) plays a key role in improving (学院), because he was ill. (医学).

四、翻译(根据中文提示完成句子)(共 5 小题;共 10 分) 41. 文波长大后想当一名医生。 When Wen Bo , he wants to be a doctor.


42. 对于那件事我不太确定。 I'm not 43. 有些决定与自我提高有关。 Some resolutions self-improvement. 44. 他言行不一致。 What he does doesn't 45. 请把这些新单词写下来。 Please 五、完形填空(共 10 小题;共 15 分) Do you have a beautiful dream? I know almost everyone own dreams. The dreams are very important them 48 harder. 49 50 a teacher in West they can't. Their 52 to 47 46 their these new words. what he says. that.

them. The dreams can make

I am studying in a school now. My dream is China. Many children there want to go to school families are very poor and the parents have 51

enough money to send their

children to school. But going to school and studying is the only help them. I great 46. A. has 47. A. at 48. A. to work 49. A. be 50. A. and 51. A. not 52. A. way 53. A. am 54. A. they 55. A. room 55 53

change their life. Teachers are greatly needed there, so I want to be a teacher to kind to my students and make friends with them. I will 54 how to be a useful person. I think it is a C. is C. in C. work C. to do C. or C. many C. success C. was C. them C. school D. are D. with D. working D. to be D. so D. any D. moment D. am going to D. theirs D. job give them love and teach

in the world. B. have B. to B. to study B. to make B. but B. much B. mean B. will be B. their B. book

六、阅读理解(共 16 小题;共 32 分)


A I often think about my future and talk about it with my friends. I want to know what it would be like. Now I am a middle school student. It is important for me to listen to the teacher carefully in class. When I finish middle school, I will take the entrance exam to high school. I'd like to study law. It is something that interests me and it would be helpful for my work because I want to be a lawyer in the future. I don't know what my family will be like in the future. I would like to have a big house in New York. I hope that one day I will get married and have four children-two boys and two girls. When I have time, I will play and travel with them by car. 56. The writer often thinks about his A. parents B. future C. job . D. friends in the future. C. doctor D. lawyer " in D. 经济 in the last D. income(收入)

57. The writer's ambition is to become a A. teacher B. writer

58. The underlined word "law" in the second paragraph means " Chinese. A. 法律 B. 管理 C. 政治

59. The writer mainly talks about his future paragraph. A. wife B. job C. family

60. What's the best title for the passage? A. My Plans for the Future C. Education and Life B It was a beautiful spring morning. There were no clouds in the sky, and the sun was warm but not hot. Mr. Black saw an old man at the bus stop with a big, strong, black umbrella( 伞 ) in his hand. Mr. Black said to him, "Do you think we are going to have rain today?" "No," said the old man, "I don't think so. " "Then are you carrying the umbrella because the sun is too hot?" "No, the sun is not very hot in spring." Mr. Black looked at the big umbrella again, and the man said, "I am an old man, and my legs are not very strong. I must have a walking-stick ( 手 杖 ). But people will say, 'Look! That man is so old.' and I don't like that. When I carry an umbrella in fine weather, people only say, 'Look at that stupid(愚蠢的) man.'" B. The Real Meaning of Life D. I Like Talking about Dream


61. This story happened A. on a spring morning C. on a summer evening

. B. on a cold day D. in the afternoon

62. Which of the following statements(叙述) is right? A. The old man carried an umbrella instead of a walking-stick. B. The old man borrowed an umbrella from Mr Black. C. Mr Black and the old man were good friends. D. The old man thought it was going to rain. C Now, more and more Chinese young people are working as entertainers in South Korea. Victoria Song is one of them. She is a member of South Korean girl group f(x). Song was born on February 2nd, 1987 in Qingdao, Shandong. She left home at a young age to study dance in Beijing. In 2007, a South Korean company chose(挑选) Song in a dance competition( 比赛 ). The girl then started a new life in a foreign country. At first, language was a very big problem for Song. Song said she had to listen very carefully and ask about new words all the time. She also missed home very much. After two years of hard training( 训 练 ), Song became a singer in f(x) in 2009. Now she is becoming popular. In 2012, she even got to go home and shoot(拍摄) a TV drama. 63. The underlined word "entertainers" means A. 医生 B. 农民 C. 艺人 in Chinese. D. 教师

64. Song went to Beijing A. as a singer C. with her parents

when she was very young. B. to learn dance D. for a competition .

65. After Song was chosen by a South Korean company, A. she started a new life in a foreign country B. she became a good singer in China C. she began to learn English D. she became popular 66. What problem did Song meet when she came to South Korea? A. She didn't like the food there.


B. She couldn't sleep well. C. She wasn't good at the language. D. She had no friends there. 67. We can infer( 推断 ) from the passage that Song is Korea. A. unhappy B. relaxed D Do you like traveling? Have you ever been to Japan, a beautiful country? In the country, you can travel by bus, by train or by subway. If you want to go faster, you may take a taxi. It's also convenient. Here's how you can take the taxi in Japan ● From train stations or airports, go to the taxi stand (出租车车站) and wait there. ● In the street, look for a taxi that has a red light in the front window. It means the taxi has no passengers. If the light is green, the taxi has passengers. ● When you see an empty taxi, wave(挥动) your hand and call it. ● The back door opens automatically(自动地), so stand back and wait until the door opens. ● Get in the taxi and tell the driver where you want to go. ● Before you get out of the taxi, pay it. ● Wait until the door opens and get out of the taxi. 68. means A. 司机 According to the B. 警察 passage, the underlined word "passengers" in Chinese. C. 病人 D. 乘客 . C. rich D. successful in South

69. From the passage we know taking a taxi in Japan should be A. slow and cheap C. fast and convenient 70. If you want to take a taxi, you should the train station. A. wave your hand B. go to the bus stop C. wait in the street D. go to the taxi stand and wait there B. fast and cheap D. slow but convenient

after you come out of


71. If you see

, you can wave your hand and call it. B. a taxi with a red light on D. a taxi with some people in it

A. a car with the "taxi" sign C. a taxi with a green light on 七、短文 7 选 5(5 选 5 等)(共 4 小题;共 8 分)

Now, China has the second largest number of Internet users in the world after 72. On the Internet, students can find out almost anything. Surfing the Internet can help them with their homework and learn a lot of knowledge. 73. Many teenagers keep in touch with their friends online. They They like to can also make new friends through QQ or ICQ. 74. the United States. Many of Chinese Internet users are teenagers.

listen to music, watch films, and go to their favorite stars' websites. But some parents always think that the Internet takes young people away from study. "They spend too much time playing computer games and most games are about killing and fighting. 75. A. It's too dangerous. B. They spend about 13 hours every week online. C. Some of the students surf the Internet just for fun. D. They will realize the mistake they make today in the future. E. People can use the Internet to write letters, stories and to send emails. 八、阅读与表达(问答式)(共 5 小题;共 10 分) It was a Saturday morning in May. When Mrs. Edwards opened her And there are some dirty things on the Internet," says the mother of a 13-year-old boy.

curtains(窗帘) and looked out, she smiled and said, “It's going to be a beautiful day.” She woke(唤醒) her small son up at eight-thirty and said to him, “Get up, Teddy. We're going to go to the zoo today. Wash your hands and face, brush your teeth and eat your breakfast quickly. We're going to go to New York by train.” Teddy was six years old. He was very happy now, because he liked going to the zoo very much, and he also liked going by train. He said, “I dreamed about the zoo last night, Mommy.” His mother was in a hurry, but she stopped and smiled at her small son. “You did, Teddy?” she said. “And what did you do in the zoo in your dream?” Teddy laughed and answered, “You know, Mommy! You were there in my dream too.” 根据短文内容,完成下列小题。


76. What did Mrs. Edwards say when she looked out of the window?

77. Why was Teddy happy?

78. What did Teddy dream about?

79. What did Mrs. Edwards ask Teddy?

80. What did Teddy answer?

答案 一、单项选择 1. A 6. C 2. C 7. B 3. B 8. B 4. B 5. C

9. B 10. C

11. A 12. C 13. C 14. A 15. B 234856 16. C 17. A 18. B 19. B 20. A 二、单词拼写(单句首字母填空) 21. promise 22. discuss 23. improve 24. foreign 25. personal 26. engineer 27. scientist 28. education 29. university 30. send 三、单词拼写(根据中文提示拼写单词)


31. relationship 32. own 33. hobbies 34. improve 35. physical 36. promise 37. foreign 38. education 39. college 40. medicine
23 4 856

四、翻译(根据中文提示完成句子) 41. grows up 42. sure about/of 43. have to do with 44. agree with 45. write down 五、完形填空 46. A 47. B 48. C 49. D 50. B 51. A 52. A 53. B 54. C 55. D 六、阅读理解 56. B 57. D 58. A 59. C 60. A 61. A 62. A 63. C 64. B 65. A 66. C 67. D 68. D 69. C 70. D 71. B 七、短文 7 选 5(5 选 5 等) 72. B 73. E 74. C 75. A 八、阅读与表达(问答式) 76. It is going to be a beautiful day. 77. Because he liked going to the zoo very much, and he also liked going by train. 78. He dreamed about the zoo. 79. She asked “what did you do in the zoo in your dream?” 80. Teddy answered,“You know,Mommy! You were there in my dream too.”



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