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一、细节理解题: 1、直接事实题:
先阅读题干,确定读材料的时候要查找的 细节及事实的范围,然后利用略读的手法 找出出处。

2、间接事实题: 需结合上下文提供的语境和信息进行 简单的概括和判断。


Many American presidents in the 19th century were born in poor families. They spent their childrenhood in little wooden rooms. They got little education. Washington and Lincoln, for example, never went to school and they taught themselves. Lincoln once did jobs of a worker, shop-keeper and post officer in his early years. A large number of U.S presidents had experiences in the army. The two best known were Ulysses Grant and Dwight D. Eisenhower. Grant was a general in the American Civil War and Eisenhower was a hero in the second World War. It happened that they graduated from the same school──West Point Military Academy(西点军校)……

Q: President Eisenhower became wellknown .

A. while studying in West Point Military Academy B. during the American Civil War C. after he was elected President of the U.S. D. during World War II. Eisenhower was a hero in the second World War

Invited by Mr. Ye Huixian, host of the well received TV programme “Stars Tonight”, Miss Luo Lin, Miss Asia of 1991, appeared as the guest hostess on the Shan ghai TV screen last Sunday. Born in Shanghai and taken to Hong Kong when she was only six years old, Luo Lin has never dreamed of being Miss Asia. Her childhood dream was to be an air hostess. Before she took part in the competition, she had been an airhostess in Cat hay Airline for seven years.

However, it still took her three months to learn the art of walking on the stage, dancing, singing,making-up and other proper manners, designed by the Asia TV Station.

“It’s really a hard job for me. I won’t enter for such competition any more. Anyhow, I am quite lucky. I am also glad to have had more chance to work for the social welfare since I won the title. This time, in Shanghai, I'd love to make a deep impression on my TV audience," said Luo Lin with a sweet smile.

Q: Which of the following is NOT true? A. Luo Lin is a native of Shanghai. B. Luo Lin moved to Hongkong with her parents. C. Luo Lin won the title of Miss Asia in 1991. D. Asia TV Station helped Luo Lin to become
Miss Asia of 1991, Born in Shanghai , designed by the Asia TV Station

Miss Asia.

范围一般包括: 短文标题、主题(Title); 大意或段落大意(Main idea) 技巧:剔除细节或论据,找到各段的主题句 (topic sentence) ? 题干形式: ? 1)What does the writer mainly tell us? ? 2)Which of the following can summarize the main idea of this text? ? 3)Which of the following best expresses the main idea? ? 4)Which is the subject discussed in the text? ? 5)The best title for this newspaper article is ___.

3 Kleptomania is an illness of the mind that gives a person the desire to steal. Such a person is not really a thief. They are sick and cannot help themselves. All small children act naturally and as they grow up they normally learn to control their actions. People with kleptomania for certain medical reasons have failed to develop control over their desire to take things that do not belong to them. With medical help they may become normal citizens again. They things that a kleptomaniac steals are seldom of great value.
They often give away what they have stolen or collect objects without using them.

? Q:What is the topic of the text? ? ? ? ? A. Young Thieves. B. An Unusual Illness. C. Reasons for Stealing D. A Normal Child’s Actions.
Topic Sentence: Kleptomania is an illness of the mind that gives a person the desire to steal.


Boston---- Thieves dressed as police entered a museum early Sunday and stole 11 paintings, including major works by Rembrandt, Dagas, Manet and Vermerr, FBI (美国联邦调查局) and the museum officials said.
The first judgment placed value of at least $100 million on the works stolen from the Isabella Gardener Museum, said Boston police spokesman Jim Tordan ……William Bobinson, of Hardvard Univercity’s Foggel Museum, called the objects stolen “major works.”

? Q: What is the best headline for this newspaper article ? ? ? ? ? A. A Theft Took Place in Boston B. Artworks stolen by Thieves C. Major Works D. Investigation into the theft
Topic Sentence: Thieves dressed as police entered a museum early Sunday and stole 11 paintings


You dream each night, even though you may not remember your dreams. While you dream your eyes move and your heart beats faster. Even your brain-wave pattern changes. Some scientists think that dreaming is important for the sake of health.
They claim that without dream, people would go crazy.

Q: What does the passage mainly tells? A. How people stay healthy B.How sleep is necessary C. Why dreams are important D. When people remember their dreams Topic Sentence: Some scientists think that dreaming is important for the sake of health


Reading is the key to school success and, like any skill it takes practice. A child learns to walk by practicing until he no longer has to think about how to put one foot in front of the other. A great athlete practices until he can play quickly, accurately(精确), without thinking. Tennis players call that “ being” in the zone.” Educators call it “ automaticity’ (自动).

? Q: The first paragraph tells _______. ? ? ? ? A. what automaticity is B. how accuracy is acquired (获得) C. how a child learns to walk D. how an athlete is trained.


Topic Sentence:Educators call it “ automaticity’

In America we have Halloween. In Mexico they have Todos Santos, which means “ All Saints”. This is the day in which people remember family and friends who have died. They visit the cemetery instead of going out to trick-or-treat. But they do have pictures of skeletons and ghosts hanging around. They also have many candy skulls to eat.

? Q: What does the story mainly tells ?
? ? ? ? A. What holidays are like B. What Halloween is like in Mexico C. What happens during Todos Santos D. What we do on Halloween

? 技巧:找出作者所陈述的细节、事实以及能够表 露作者思想倾向和感情色彩的词语,进行符合逻 辑的推理。 ? 注意:不能以自己的观点代替作者的观点
? 解推断题最主要的方法是根据词义关系推断具体细节。

? ? ? ? ?

题干形式: (1) It can be inferred from the text that ______. (2) From the text we know that ______. (3) The story implies that ______. (4) The paragraph following the passage will most probably be ______. ? (5) The writers attitude toward…is ______.

One day a man walked a pet shop and said to the shop assistant,“I need two small mice and about five dozen roaches(蟑螂) and two spiders(蜘 蛛).” “What do you need these things for?” the shop assistant was very surprised. “Well,”replied the man,“I’m moving out of my apartment and the landlord insists that I should leave the house in exactly the same condition as I found it.”

? Q: The passage suggests that when the writer moved into the apartment, it was ______.

? ? ? ?

A. very clean B. just cleaned by the landlord C. tidy and comfortable D. dirty and full of insects


Some people are never right. They never have good luck. They usually do the wrong thing and say the wrong thing. And even if what they say or do is OK, they as a rule say it or do it at the wrong time. So these people always have problems. They often break dishes. They sometimes miss buses and airplanes. Mr Neff is different. He is always right. He is never wrong. He usually has good luck. He seldom has problems. He never breaks dishes. He never misses buses or airplanes. Even if he does miss them, it is always the fault of the buses or air planes. Mr Neff knows almost everything. He doesn’t ask questions; he answers questions. He never says,“I don’t know.”

? Q: Which of the following best describes the writer’s attitude(态度) towards Mr Neff? ? ? ? ? A. He finds Mr. Neff hard to understand B. He thinks Mr. Neff wonderful C. He feels pity for Mr. Neff D. He does not like Mr. Neff

;http://www.caihecj.com 彩盒厂家 福晋,他是壹点儿招儿也没有。明明千叮咛万嘱咐,切不可贪凉,可是淑清贪凉的习惯就是改不过来。前些日子好不容易有咯起色,结果 壹各冰盏又引得病情再次发作,气得王爷当着张太医的面,脸色就阴沉咯下来。张太医前天刚到怡然居给年侧福晋出咯诊,今天再次来到 李侧福晋的烟雨园,眼前这阵势,真是与前天不可同日而语。不但王爷亲自坐阵,苏大总管还在院子里候着,屋子里更是有三各丫环、两 各嬷嬷小心地伺候着。张太医开咯药方子,也知道王爷正在气头上,没敢再留医嘱,因为医嘱还是那几句话,不但李侧福晋,就是王爷也 早就烂熟于心咯。现在假如他再重复壹遍,怕是要惹得王爷当场就发作。不过张太医也知道,王爷这是爱之深、痛之切,对于年侧福晋, 王爷连看都不去看壹眼,当然也不会有啥啊怒气咯。淑清也知道这回闯咯大祸,特别是爷那铁青的脸色,更是弄得她忐忑不安,因此待张 太医刚壹走,赶快给爷承认错误:“爷,妾身知错咯,您就别再生气咯。”见淑清壹副梨花带雨的模样,虽然他也是恨铁不成钢,但还是 强压着心头的气,语重心长地说道:“你都这么大人咯,怎么还跟孩子似的!张大人叮嘱过多少次咯,不能贪凉,不能贪凉,你怎么就不 能忍壹忍?等病好咯,你吃啥啊不行!非逞壹时口舌之快!”“爷,妾身知错咯,您就行行好吧,别再责骂咯。妾身本来身子就不舒服, 您再这么责骂,妾身的病就怕是更要好不咯咯!”“你倒还有理咯?爷居然还有错处咯?”“不是,不是,妾身的意思是说,您要是少责 骂妾身几句,妾身这病症就好得快壹些。”“爷看你倒是应该少贪嘴才对!你要是再这么不知轻重,明儿也别去园子咯,好好在府里养病 吧。”“啊?爷,您是说,明天咱们去园子?这是真的?”“你这么病着,怎么去?”“妾身的病都好咯,都好咯!爷,这是真的吗?咱 们真的是要去园子咯?”“嗯,福晋在安排,她想尽快……”“居然是趁妾身生病的时候,福晋当然是想尽快咯。”“你呀,你好好把身 子养好咯,不比啥啊都强?你若是没病没灾的,福晋就是今天过去,又有何妨?”“这回都有谁去?”“全都去,除咯年氏。”“都去 啊?”“怎么?不满意?”“没有,妾身只是觉得……”“你也别觉得咯,前些日子大家都很辛苦,爷很感激大家。就你壹各人既没上心, 也没有出力,你还有意见?”“不是的,妾身哪儿还敢有意见呀。对咯,冰凝妹妹为啥啊不去?”“她生病咯。”“噢?”“噢啥啊,你 不是也病着?”“妹妹是啥啊病?”“嗯,她精神不太好,有点儿发热。比你的病症轻多咯,都留在府里呢,你还有啥啊不满意?” “满 意,满意,爷就别拿淑清寻开心咯。”第壹卷 第157章 消息来到咯园

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