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Unit 15

Key phrases
1. 2. 3. 4.

6. 7. 8. 9.

捐赠; 作出贡献 有作用,关系,影响 帮助某人做某事 有伴 激励某人做某事 集中, 全神贯注于 提高成绩 申请 心胸开阔

1.make a contribution to 2.make a difference 3.help with doing 4.have company 5.inspire sb. to do 6.concentrate on 7.improve one’s grades 8.apply for 9.have big hearts

? ? ? ?



渴望做某事 做某事很高兴 消除贫困 打开机会之门 建立自信 没有...也行 增强人们的 饥饿意识 适应,协调 适应

10.be eager to do 11.have a good time doing 12.poverty relief 13.open up opportunities 14.build confidence 15.go without 16.promote awareness of hunger 17.fit in 18. make an adjustment to sth

1.acknowledge v. 为…表示感谢; 承认; 告知已收到 acknowledge + n. / V-ing / that The opponents acknowledged defeat. having been defeated. that they were defeated. ②acknowledge .... as sth / to be sth 大家公认他是世界最佳球员. He is widely acknowledged as/ to be the best player in the world.

We should acknowledge the gifts as soon as we receive them. ? 我们一收到礼物立即函谢。 ? I gratefully acknowledge financial support from several local business. ? 我对本地几家企业的资助表示感谢.

admit/ appreciate/avoid/consider/cannot help /delay/deny dislike/enjoy/escape/ excuse/ fancy/ feel like/ finish /forgive /give up /imagine/keep/ mention/ mind/ miss/ postpone/ put off / practise / resist / risk / suggest

2. …of Chinese youth who want to make a contribution to society, and the work they are doing is important.(P129 Para1)
make a contribution/ contributions to / towards + n /doing 介词 It is our duty to make a contribution to protecting the environment.

以下to都是介词 be addicted to be used to be equal to devote oneself to get down to lead to look forward to pay attention to stick to see to

3.make a, no, some...difference (to/in sb/sth)

The rain didn’t make much difference to the game. ----- Shall we go on Friday or Saturday? ----- ________. It makes no difference to me.

4. company n. 1) 友谊; 交情;陪伴 他陪伴我。 He kept me company. 2) 伴侣;同伴 我在旅行中没有同伴。 I had no company on the journey. "Two's company, three's none." 两人成伴三人不欢。 in the company of 在...陪同下

5.apply apply to sb for sth申请 He applied to the manager for that job. apply sth to sth使用,运用: We should apply theory to practice. 我们应当把理论运用到实践中去。 涂,敷,抹 A nurse is applying some medicine to his wound.

6.When Lin Ying graduated from Zhengzhou Normal University, she decided not to apply for a job straight away. (P130 Para1) straight away /off : without hesitation /delay
=immediately/right away

也可写成 straightaway (adv.)
I can’t tell you straight away. I can’t tell you straightaway.

7. eager adj. 热切的,渴望的, 渴求的 eagerly adv. eagerness n. be eager for /about/after sth. to do

He is eager for his parents’ approval. He is eager to win his parents’ approval. 比较: eager & anxious
eager 强调”对成功的期望”或”进取的热情”,含有积极向上 的意思。 anxious 忧虑的,焦急的,强调“担心”或“焦急”,对结果 感到不安。

Eg. I am eager to do that interesting job. I am anxious to know the news from the battle field.

8worthwhile adj.值得花时间(金钱、努力)的; 有意义的;重要的 be worthwhile doing /to do

Hangzhou is a beautiful place. It is worthwhile going/to go there.

Helping old people is a worthwhile activity.

③a worthwhile cause /discussion/job

worth 只能作表语,“有… 价值的”、“值得… 的 be worth sth / doing sth This second-hand car is worth $2000 at the most. The exhibition is worth a visit/visiting. It’s not worth getting angry with him.

worthy 作表语, 定语。作定语意为“有价值的”、 “值得尊敬的”、“应受到赏识的”; 作表语 意为“值得……的”、“应得到……的”, be worthy of sth/sb & be worthy to be done Guangzhou is worthy of a visit/ to be visited. The school has educated many worthy young people.

? worthwhile, worth, worthy ? be

worthwhile to do / doing sth. ? be worth sth/ doing sth ? be worthy of sth / to be done /of being done

1.It’s not _____ worth my time. 2.Wherever is _________ worth doing at all is __________ doing well. worth 3.This book is ________to be read. worthy 4.This good film is _________ seeing twice. worth 5.I will do some __________reading during the summer vacation. worthwhile

6.She is not ______ worthy to talk to a man like you. 7.It is worthwhile _________ improving the rate of production. 8.Their achievements are ________ worthy of the highest praise. 9.He isworthy ____ to have a place in the team. 10. We had a long wait, but it was _________ because we got the tickets. worthwhile

9.adjustment n. 调整,调节;适应 adjust v. 调整,调节;适应;整理 adjust (oneself) to sth/doing make an adjustment to sth. 几秒钟以后她的眼睛才习惯了黑暗。 It took several seconds for his eyes to adjust to the dark./to make an adjustment to the dark.

10.fit in 适应,协调 fit in with sth./sb. 与…相适应; 与…合得来/处得融洽 fit sb./sth in 找到时间(见某人、做某事) be fit for sb./sth. be fit to do ①When he arrived in Tibet , he had some problems ________________. fitting in fit in with ②Do these plans _____________your arrangements? ③He tried to ___________ fit in with others, but it was difficult. ④Doctor White can __________ fit you in on Wednesday afternoon. ⑤He is the best person (to ____________ be) fit for the position.

11.starve 饿死,使 饿死 饥饿,使饥饿 What's for dinner? I'm starving! 晚饭吃什么? 我饿死了! starve to death 饿死 starve a dog to death 使狗饿死

starve for渴望得到某物 be starved of 极需; 缺乏,没有 她很寂寞,渴望友谊。 She's lonely, and starving for friendship.

1. 赵先生的这种热情鼓励了陆皓,使他更集中精力 上好历史课了,他的成绩因此也有很大的提高。 Mr Zhao’s enthusiasm has inspired Lu Hao to ____________ lessons and concentrate more _____history on his grades have improved a great deal. 2.这里的人很穷,但他们心胸开阔,使我感到我是 受欢迎的。 The people here are poor, but they have big hearts and make me feel very _______________ welcome.

3.每一次贡献,不管多么小,都能产生影响。 ...each contribution--- no matter how make a difference small--- can help _________________. 4.他不能再外出看朋友了,所以他喜欢有个人 陪伴。 He can’t get out to see his friends any more, so he enjoys _____________. having company


5. 工作是艰苦的,但我得到了满足,因为孩子 们很好学。

It is hard work, but I get a lot of satisfaction are eager to learn. because the kids _________________ ? 6.我们想增强人们的饥饿意识,因为每一天都 有儿童死于饥饿。 promote awareness of hunger We wanted to _______________________ because every day children are dying of starvation _____________________.

7.我们22人30个小时没吃饭! went without food Twenty-two of us ________________ for 30 hours! 8.来到另一个国家学习需要进行很大的调整, 要用一段时间来适应。 Coming to another country to study requires a big __________ and it takes a adjustment while to ____________. fit in

男孩子急于获得成功。(be eager for) 他盼望他的父母去见他的女朋友。 阳光和水分有益于生物。(be beneficial to) 他向领事(consul)申请签证。(apply … to) 转学对我的一生有着重大的影响。(make a difference to) 6. 他承认偷了那笔钱。acknowledge 7. 对不起,今天上午我安排不了更多的来访者了。 (fit in) 8. 一个人长时间不喝水是危险的。 (go without)
1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

1. 男孩子急于获得成功。 The boy was eager for success. 2. 他盼望他的父母去见他的女朋友。 He is eager for his parents to meet his girlfriends. 3. 发动机没有汽油了,启动不了。 The engine was starved of petrol and wouldn’t start.

4. 阳光和水分有益于生物。 Sunshine and moisture are beneficial to living things. 5. 他向领事申请签证。 He applies to the consul for a visa. 6. 转学对我的一生有着重大的影响。 Changing schools made a big difference to my life.

7. 他承认偷了那笔钱。 He acknowledged having stolen that money. 8· 对不起,今天上午我安排不了更多的来访 者了。 Sorry, I can‘t fit in any callers this morning. 9.一个人长时间不喝水是危险的。 It is dangerous for a person to go without water for a long time.

breathless, elder, adjustment, starve, voluntary, acknowledge ,beneficial, satisfaction, 1.The head teacher has made a few minor _____ to our seats. 2.Doing_______ work can benefit not only the people helped but also volunteers. 3.A good diet is___________to health. 4. She looked back on her career with great ______. 5.He arrived ______at the top of the stairs. 6. Eventually the church _____ that the earth was round.

(B) Fill in the blank with proper phrases. 1.The students in the remote village school study hard.They _________ learn whatever is new to them. 2. This matter is very urgent. Please deal with it _________ _____. 3.It is time that we_____ _______protecting the environment. 4. He’s never done this type of work before; I’m not sure how he’ll ____ __ the other people. 5. Although the remote Tibetan area of Yunnan was very different from Guangdong, he had no problems ____ ____ his new life. 6.How long can a human being ______sleep?

1. make a difference 2. be eager to do sth 3. fit in 4. straight away 5. go without 6. apply for 7. acknowledge 8. worthwhile / worth/ worthy 9. starve 10. be beneficial to 11. annual/ weekly 12. elder, breathless, adjustment

? ? ? ? ? ? ?



(B) Fill in the blank with proper phrases. 1. The students in the remote village school study hard. They are eager to learn whatever is new to them. 2. I had a great time chatting online with lots of different people involved with the university. 3.It is time that we made a contribution to protecting the environment. 4. He’s never done this type of work before; I’m not sure how he’ll fit in with the other people. 5. Long skirts have gone out of fashion this spring. 6.How long can a human being go without sleep? 7. Although the remote Tibetan area of Yunnan was very different from Guangdong, he had no problems making the adjustment to his new life. 8.This matter is very urgent. Please deal with it straight away.

(C)Multiple choices 1. His long service with the company was_____ with a present. A. admitted B. contributed C. acknowledged D. accepted 2. His mother does not ______ of her wearing transparent underwear. A. admit B. approve C. agree D. prove 3. We’ve been looking at houses but haven’t found____ we like yet. A. ones B. one C. it D. them 4. David has won the first prize in singing; he is still very excited now and feels___ desire to go to bed. A. the most B. worse C .the least D. more 5. Why are so popular with young people? And what distinguishes you from ____ of your age? A. those B. that C. them D. ones 6.I wouldn’t think it_____ to ask him to join the club----he’ll only refuse. A. worth B. worthy C. worthwhile D. worthless

Multiple choice 1-6 CBBCBC DCBABD ? 7.---Excuse me, sir. Would 7-12 you please lend me a hand?

? ? ?

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

---Of course. What is it? ---I ____ if you could type this article for me. A. had wondered B. would wonder C. did wonder D. was wondering 8.Scientists say it may be five or six years_____ it is possible to test this medicine on human patients. A. since B. after C. before D. when 9. The expert helps adolescents who are addicted to online games make the necessary _____ needed to re-balance their lives. A. improvement B. adjustment C. management D. assumption 10.They want a house, ______ we would rather live in a flat. A. whereas B. thus C. nevertheless D. when 11. If you work with strong will, we can overcome any difficulty, ____ great it is. A whatever B however C wherever D whenever 12.It _________ long before we ______ the result of the experiment. A. will not be, will know B. is , know C. is , will know D. will not be, know

1. make a difference 2. be eager to do sth 3. fit in 4. straight away 5. go without 6. apply for 7. acknowledge 8. worthwhile / worth/ worthy 9. starve 10. be beneficial to 11. annual/ weekly 12. elder, breathless, adjustment

1. volunteer ? 3.eyesight ? 5. annual ? 7. beneficial ? 8. dizzy ? 9. donation ? 10. breathless

2. timetable 4. shopkeeper 6. weekly 11.casual 12. straight away

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