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一、 汉译英
1.很遗憾地通知你方, 我方不能接受你方报价, 因为你方所要求的价格高于本地同等质量产 品的市场价格水平。 We are sorry to tell you that we cannot take you up on the offer as the price you are asking is above the market level here for the quality in question. 2.我们建议,如果你方在所报价格的基础上给予优惠,也许会有助于你方产品的市场推介。 May we suggest that you could perhaps make some allowance on your quoted prices that would help to introduce your goods on this market. 3.希望你方考虑我方的还盘,并尽早发传真表示接受。 We hope you will consider our counter-offer most favorable, and fax us acceptance at your early convenience. 4.我们已收到你方 10 月 4 日信函,并非常高兴地向你方订购以下货物。 We are in receipt of your letter of October 4th and are pleased to place an order with you for the following goods. 5.我们确认以不可撤销信用证付款。 We would like to confirm that payment is to be made by irrevocable letter of credit. 6.如果本次订货令我方满意,我方将继续向你方订货。 We will submit further orders, if this one is completed to our satisfaction. 7.贵公司 7 月 10 日函收悉,对此次订货,我公司表示感谢。 We acknowledge receipt of your favor of the 10th July, and thank you for the order you have given us. 8.我们有兴趣进口台球桌,但在最后决定之前需要进一步了解有关价格的详细情况。 We are interested in importing snooker tables but we need to have further details of the costs before making a final decision. 9.我们非常希望获得贵公司的最新产品目录和有关出口价格、 付款条件以及样品的详细材料。 We should like to receive a copy of your latest catalogue and full details of your export prices and terms of payment, together with samples. 10.我们通常的做法是:新客户首次订购我们的货物从结算日起一个月内付款交货。之后, 则宽限至三个月。 It is our usual practice to supply new customers with our goods for payment within one month from date of invoice, in the first instance, and later to extend this term to three months.



1. Please note our standard terms and conditions on the reverse side of this quotation… 请注意我们列在本报价后面的交易条件。 2. We cannot consider these prices firm for an indefinite period because of the situation on the coffee market. 鉴于咖啡市场的行情,我们无法长期保持这一价格不变。 3. We look forward to the pleasure of serving you. 期盼能为您服务。 4. We appreciate the business you have been able to give us and assure you that your order will receive our most careful attention. 感谢你公司照顾我们这笔交易,我们保证一定慎重办理贵方订单。 5. We wish to point out that the stipulations in the relevant credit should strictly conform to the terms stated in our Sales Confirmation in order to avoid subsequent amendments. 我们必须指出,相关信用证中的规定必须与我方销售确认书中的条款严格相符,以避免 日后的修改。 6. We can ship your order within 3 weeks upon receipt of your order. 我们能在收到订单后三周内寄出货物。 7. We cannot consider these prices firm for an indefinite period because of the situation on the coffee market. 鉴于咖啡市场的行情,我们无法长期保持这一价格不变。 8. They state that they have done business with you for the past two years and have given us the name of your company as a reference. 他们向我们表示,他们在过去的两年中与您有过生意来往,并且指定贵公司作为他们的 证明人。 9. Since it is our first transaction with this firm, we should greatly appreciate your advice as to what limit you consider them safe. 因为这是我们与该公司所做的首笔生意,所以非常感激您告知我们您对该公司可信任程 度的意见。 10. We shall be very glad to enter into business relations with you. 我们将非常高兴与你们建立业务关系。


Dear Sirs, We acknowledge with thanks the receipt of your inquiry of Sep 5, and are pleased to make you an offer regarding our Chang hong color TV sets in the size you required. All sizes can be supplied by the beginning of next month subject to our receiving your order. The price for Chang hong Brand color TV set inch 34 is USD450 each at CIF Copenhagen. Our price is very competitive for other good quality TV sets. We look forward to receiving your large number of order. Truly yours, Fred Jackson

Dear Sirs, We are glad to have received your letter of Sep18 offering us Changhong Brand color TV sets inch 34 at CIF Copenhagen USD450 per set. In reply, we regret to inform you that your price is too high. Market information tells us that some Japanese color TV sets have been sold here at a level about 30% lower than yours. We do not deny the quality of Changhong Brand color TV sets, but the difference in price is a wide gap. To step up the trade, we counter-offer you 10 thousand Changhong Brand color TV sets inch 34 at CIF Copenhagen USD300 per set. It is hoped that you would seriously take it into consideration and let us have your reply very soon. Sincerely yours, Xianjin Peng

Dear Sirs, We have received your letter of October 2. It is regretful for us to see that you cut down the price of our Changhong Brand color TV sets too sharp, but regarding our long term of business relationship, we decide to accept your counter-offer on condition that cash must be paid within three months of date of delivery, or subject to 5% discount if paid within one month. Sincerely yours, Ping Wang

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