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Unit 1
Where is your pen pal from?
读记内容: 1.单词 (重点记黑体,识记非黑体) 2.课文: GF, 3b(P3), 3a,3b(P5), 3. 听力材料 SB 2a,2b(P83)

1. 来自于---2. 居住在--3. 在周末

be from = come from
live in

on weekends

write to sb 4. 给某人写信; 写信给某人 = write a letter to sb.

5. 告诉我关于… tell me about
6. 一点法语 a little French

pen pal 7. 笔友 8. 14岁 14 years old 9. 最喜欢的科目 favorite subject 10. 美国 the United States the United Kingdom 11. 英国 New York 12. 纽约 13. 讲英语 speak English 14. 爱憎 like and dislike 15. 去看电影 go to the movies play sports 16. 做运动

1. 你的笔友从哪里来? Where is your pen pal from? = Where does your pen pal come from? 2. 她从美国来。 She is from the United States. =She comes from The United States. 3. 她住在哪里? Where does she live? 4. 她住在纽约。 She lives in New York. 5. 她说什么语言? What language does she speak? 6. 她说英语和一点法语 She speaks English and a little French.

7. 她有兄弟或姐妹吗? Does she have any brothers or sisters? 8. 我想要找一法国笔友。 I want a pen pal in France. 9. 我喜欢和朋友去看电影和做运动。 I like going to the movies with my friends and playing sports. 10. 请写信谈谈你自己。 Please write and tell me about yourself. 11. 你能尽快写信给我吗? Can you write to me soon?

— What language do they speak in … —They speak … Country Language Chinese 1.China Japanese 2.Japan French 3.France English 4.UK English 5.Australia English 6.USA Chinese and English 7.Singapore 8.Canada English and French


形容词 Chinese China 中国的 中国 中国人的 Japanese Japan 日本的 日本 日本人的 English England 英国的 英国 英国人的




Chinese 汉语
Japanese 日语 English 英语

Chinese 中国人
Japanese 日本人 Englishman Englishwoman 英国人

Chinese 中国人
Japanese 日本人 Englishmen Englishwomen 英国人




Frenchman Frenchwoman

Frenchmen Frenchwomen

French French 法国的 法国人的 American 美国的 美国人的

America 美国


American 美国人



Canadian 加拿大的 加拿大人的
Australian 澳大利亚的 澳大利亚人的

English French

Canadian 加拿大人
Australian 澳大利亚人




Chinese China 1.We are________. We come from _______. Chinese We speak _______. America 2. He is _________. He is from _________and he American speaks English. 3. ________ come from_____. They speak ________. Japanese Japan Japanese

4. The girl is__________. She comes from ________ Australian Australia 5. Betty is a _________. He comes from _______. Canadian Canada

同义句转换: 1. He is from Australia. He comes from Australia. 2. Do you come from Chongqing? Are you from Chongqing? 3. Is your pen pal from the US? Does your pen pal come from the US? 4. Do they come from Japan? Yes, they do. Are they from Japan? Yes, they are. 5. Does she come from Brazil? No, she doesn’t. Is she from Brazil? No, she isn’t. 6. Where is John’s pen pal from? Where does John’s pen pal come from?

Unit 2

读记内容: 1.单词 (重点记黑体,识记非黑体) 2.课文: GF, 2a,2b(P8), 3a,3b(P9), 3a,3b(P11), 3(P12) 3. 听力材料 SB 2a,2b(P83)

在…对面 在…前面 在…前部 across from… in front of… in the front of … 紧靠…的旁边 在…和…之间 在…街上 between…and… on…Street/Avenue next to 沿着….街直走 直走 沿着走 go/walk straight go down… go straight down… (立体)穿过 (平面)穿过 散步 欢迎来 welcome to… go/walk go/walk across take a walk through 在…向左拐 一个娱乐的好地方 玩得高兴 a good place have a good time turn left /have fun to have fun at/on…

通往…的路 到达… the way to… arrive in/at… …的开端 在邻里之间 the beginning of… in the neighborhood 在这儿附近 在…开始时 at the beginning of… near here 1.这附近有一家超市吗?(肯定和否定回答) Is there a supermarket near here? Yes, there is. /No, there isn’t. 2. 银行在哪里? 在邮局的旁边。 Where’s the bank? It’s next to the post office.

打的 take a taxi

3. 在第一大街左转. Turn left on First Avenue. 4. 享受这个城市宁静的街道和小公园. Enjoy the city’s quiet streets and small parks. 5.直接沿着第五大街直走然后左转. Just go straight down Fifth Avenue and turn left. 6.它就沿着中央街在你的右手边. It’s down Center Street on your right. 7.在旅馆的隔壁是一幢带着一个有趣花园的小房子. Next to the hotel is a small house with an interesting garden.

8. 中心公园是一个娱乐的好地方. Center park is a good place to have fun. 9. 我知道你下个星期天要过来. I know you are arriving next Sunday. 10. 我希望你旅途愉快. I hope you have a good trip. 11. 让我告诉你到我家的路. Let me tell you the way to my house. 12. 从飞机场乘出租车,经过一个位于你右边的银行。 Take a taxi from the airport. You pass a bank on your right. 13. 当你看到一个大超市,向左转。 When you see a big supermarket, turn left.

Asking the Way
1. 直接问:Is there a …near here? Where is the (nearest) …? How can I get to the…? Excuse 2. Can you tell me how I can get to the…? me. Can you tell me how to get to the …? Can you tell me the way to the …? 3. Do you know the way to…? 4. Which is the way to…?

Showing the Way 1.直走:Go/ Walk down/along this street. Go straight down this street.
2. 转弯:Turn left at the first turning. Take the first turning on the right. 3. 精确位置:It’s on your right/left. It’s next to/ across from… 4. It’ll only take(花费) you about 10 minutes if you walk there. 5. You can take No.3 bus and get off (下车)at…

1. enjoy v. 享受……的乐趣;欣赏 1) enjoy sth.
他非常享受电脑游戏。 He enjoys computer games very much.

2) enjoy doing sth. 喜欢做某事 = like doing sth.

3) enjoy oneself 过得快乐,玩得愉快 = have fun = have a good time
他在昨天聚会上过得愉快。 He enjoyed himself at the party yesterday.

麦克喜欢听音乐。 Mike enjoys listening to music.

2. if 引导一个表示假设的句子。
如果我有许多钱,我就会去月球。 If I have much money, I will go to the moon. 3. a good place to do sth. 一个做某事的好地方

我们教室是一个学习的好地方。 Our classroom is a good place to study. KTV是一个唱歌的好地方. KTV is a good place to sing a song.

4. have fun 玩得开心 (1) have fun 玩得开心 = have a good time = enjoy oneself We have fun on Sundays. 星期天我们玩得很开心。 =We have a good time on Sundays. =We enjoy ourselves on Sundays. (2)have fun ( in ) doing sth. 做某事很愉快 We have fun learning English this term. 这学期我们学英语很愉快。

本单元的反义词、近义词配对 1 new—old 2 quiet--- busy 3 dirty--- clean 4 big---- small

Unit 3
Why do you like koalas?
读记内容: 1.单词 (重点记黑体,识记非黑体) 2.课文: GF, 2b(P14), 3b(P15), 3(P16), 3a,3b(P17) 3. 听力材料 SB 2a,2b(P84)

稍许 kind of 保持安静 be quiet 在夜里 at night 吃草 eat grass

谈论 talk about 起床 get up

和…玩 play with 在白天 during the day/in the day 每天 every day 其他的动物 other animals 对某人好 be friendly to sb.

想做某事 want to do sth. 吃树叶 eat leaves

南非 South Africa

有点可爱 kind of cute

1. 让我们先看熊猫吧. Let’s see the pandas first. 2. 你为什么想要看狮子? Why do you want to see the lions? 3. 莫莉喜欢和她的朋友玩并喜欢吃草。 Molly likes to play with her friends and eat grass. 4. 请安静! Please be quiet. 5. 他一般每天睡觉休息20个小时. He usually sleeps and relaxes 20 hours every day.

6. 他白天睡觉,但是在晚上他起来吃叶子。 He sleeps during the day, but at night he gets up and eats leaves.

Tigers are scary. Giraffes are beautiful. Lions are ugly. Elephants are big and cute Pandas are shy / kind. Koalas are friendly. Penguins are small.

Dolphins are smart.

二. 交际用语
1. Why do you like pandas? Because they’re very clever. 2. Why does he like koalas? Because they’re kind of interesting. 3. Where are lions from? They are from South Africa. 4. What other animals do you like? Why? I like dogs, too. Because they’re friendly and clever.

(1)kind of 有几分 这双鞋有点旧。 This pair of shoes are kind of old. (2)kind 种类 ( + of +名词) 你喜欢什么类型的音乐? What kind of music do you like? 他喜欢各种类型的动物。 He likes all kinds of animals. (3) adj 友善的= friendly/nice

1. What other animals do you like? other置于名词前, 修饰名词复数形式,表
示“另一些的…..., 其余的……”。 公园里有其他的动物。 There are other animals in the zoo.

1) other 形容词, 意为“其他的, 另外的”。

我不喜欢其他的书。 I don’t like other books.

2) other还可以作代词, 常用形式有:
A: one… the other…, 意为“另一个”, 特 指两者中除某人以外的另一个。 B: some…others…, 意为“其他的人或 物”, other的复数形式,后面不能接名词。 others相当于“other +复数名词”。

这个老人有两个孩子, 一个是老师, 另一个
是医生。 The old man has two children, one is a

teacher, the other is a doctor. 一些学生喜欢动作片, 其他一些喜欢卡通片。 Some students like action movies, others (other students) like cartoons.

3. day & night day 表示白天或一天

in the day, during the day, night 表示夜或夜晚。 at night 4. leaf n. 叶子, 复数形式--leaves 类似的变化: wife-wives, wolf-wolves等。 考拉喜欢吃叶子。
Koalas like eating leaves.

5. hour n. 小时; 点钟 There are 24 hours in a day and 60

minutes in an hour. 我打了一个小时的排球。 I play/have volleyball for an hour. 6.不可数名词: meat (食用的) 肉, grass 草, 表示“许多”时, 用much. 即: much grass/ meat。 There is much grass in the garden. He eats much meat every day.

sb. “和某人一起玩耍” 7. play with sth.“玩某物” (1) 我经常和我的宠物狗一起玩。 I often play with my pet dog. (2) 不要玩水! Don’t play with water!

8.hope to do sth 希望做某事 I hope to pass this exam. 我希望通过这次考试。 hope +从句 I hope tomorrow will be fine. 我希望明天 将会晴朗。 从句即是一个小句子,这个小句子又放在大 句子中,从属于大句子,所以叫从句。如 tomorrow will be fine是一个从句,它又放 在I hope 的后面,形成句中有句。

Units 1-3

1. Where is your pen pal from? = Where does your pen pal come from? She is from the United States. =She comes from The United States. 2. Where does she live? She lives in New York.

3. What language does she speak?
She speaks English and a little French.

1. Why do you like pandas? Because they’re very clever. 2. Why does he like koalas? Because they’re kind of interesting. 3. Where are lions from? They are from South Africa. 4. What other animals do you like? Why? I like dogs, too. Because they’re friendly and clever.

Ⅰ1. country 2. lives 3. Japanese 4. meat 5. relax 6. Welcome 7. dirty 8. across 9. front 10. take Ⅱ1. library 2. supermarket 3. zoo 4. taxi 5. airports 6. lion 7. leaf 8. elephant 9. map 10. boxes Ⅲ 1. languages 2. houses 3. animals 4. pandas 5. parks 6. bank 7. offices 8. left 9. visits 10. arrives Ⅳ 1. restaurant 2. hope 3. friendly 4. grass 5. lazy 6. other7. If 8. between 9. enjoys 10. quiet

英语周报答案 49th 词汇过关

Ⅰ 1. write to 2. playing sports 3. What language 4. in the neighborhood 5. Turn left 6. have fun 7. the way to 8. want to see 9. be quiet 10. is, from Ⅱ1. Does your uncle live in Canada 2. There is a post office on Green Street 3. Why does he like koalas 4. New Hotel is across from Star Supermarket 5. Where is the giraffe from/ Where does the giraffe come from 6. His brother usually sleeps ten hours

Ⅲ 1. Does she have uncles or aunts? 2. I often go to the movies on weekends. 3. What does his brother want 4. There is a sports club near here 5. They have a house with a small garden 6. Bob is arriving in Beijing next Sunday 7. Are the tigers from South Africa 8. Koalas usually sleep during the day 9. What other countries does he like 10. We don no t like this lion from France

Ⅳ 1. Does your brother like to play with his friends? 2. Koalas usually get up and eat leaves at night. 3. This English girl is kind of shy. 4. Do you want (to find) a pen pal in the USA? 5. That Japanese boy can speak a little Chinese. 6. There is a pay phone on Center Street. 7. Is this the beginning of the garden tour? 8. This park is next to the supermarket.

Ⅰ1. is 2. friendly 3. listening 4. relaxes 5. us 6.to have 7. see 8. beginning 9. French 10. arriving Ⅱ1. library 2. supermarket 3. zoo 4. taxi 5. airports 6. lion 7. leaf 8. elephant 9. map 10. boxes Ⅲ 1. languages 2. houses 3. animals 4. pandas 5. parks 6. bank 7. offices 8. left 9. visits 10. arrives Ⅳ 1. A Do—Does 2. A some—any 3. B to tell—tell 4. B friend—friendly 5. B leafs—leaves 6. B 去掉in 7. B in—on 8. B sit—sits 9. C eraser—erasers 10. B a—an

Ⅰ 1—4 EFAB 5—8 AABD Ⅱ 1—5 CEABD Ⅲ 1. his name is Peter 2. How do you spell it 3. How old is he 4. Where is he from 5. What language does he speak

Ⅰ 1. fun 2. friendly 3. house 4. take 5. restaurant 6. front 7. walk 8. clever 9. French 10. animals Ⅱ 1. Japan 2. beautiful 3. pal 4. languages 5. live 6. street 7. right 8. supermarket 9. animals 10. zoo

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