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班级______________ 姓名 姓名___________________ 学号 学号_____________ 得分 得分____________ 班级 1. __________the essay a second time, the hidden meaning will become clearer to you. A. While reading C. Your having read 2. The fruit C. has; containing A. for going to work C. going to work by A. to A. change 6. A. That 7. helping the deaf. A. Though remembered 8. They sell cloth A. by meter A. bear 10. Our state is now A. getting on 11. To be honest, I don't quite A. agree 12. They are A. grateful, to 13. A. For the first time A. that bears 15. The picture reminded us A. for, which B. on, when B. spare us our timely help? B. grateful, for B. The first time B. bearing C. grateful to, for C. At the first time C. which are borne the days C. at, when D. grateful for, to D. This is at the first time D. on which are bearing D. of, which they go climbing the mountain, they will be excited. the Red Cross. we spent in the village. B. To remember B. to meter B. avoid B. focusing on C. He is remembered C. to the meter C. relieve C. calling on C. appreciate D. While remember D. by the meter D. resist D. depending on D. share here in this country. the pain of the burn. B. with B: changing B. Whatever big amount of vitamins A. contains; including B. When you read D. After reading vitamin D. B. includes; containing D. contains; having B. to go work D. to go to work on C. over C. changed C. However D. on D. having changed D. What

3. As my motorbike was under repair, I decided to buy a bike ________.

4. Susan wants to know whether the measures have been agreed _________. 5. The rich life he had long been used to greatly soon after the big failure of his illness.

it is that you've found, you must give it back to the person it belongs to. mainly for the invention of the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell devoted his life to

9. Put your hand in cold water. That will help to

developing our national economy. with you some general views on the matter.

14. No one can attack ambulances and hospital ships

16. I think those poor children need better________.


A. cared after 17. A. What, what A. shape A. street 20. " A. Serve 21. She sat on the sofa, A. her dog was lying C. with her pet dog lying 22. No one thinks it any good A. to repair 23. A. Because of 24. Down A. the bottle fell 25. Such accidents are A. possible 26. He was A. tired out 27. He: sold the house A. what 28. Wind A. annoyed 29. I can't A. grasp A. usual A. they used to have

B. to care for different life today is from B. How, what B. position B. road B. Serve for

C. being Cared for C. How, that C. scene C. way C. Serve to B. her pet dog being laid

D. caring fo r D. What, that of this star does not change. D. situation D. journey D. Serve with

it used to be ten years ago!

18. The North Star is always above the North Pole. The 19. He is driving all the ___________ to London tomorrow.

the People Heart and Soul" is an essay written by Chairman Mao. beside her feet. D. with her pet dog being lain the old shoes. B. to be repaired B. With B. falls the bottle B. probably B. tired of B. at what the water. B. bothered B. seize B. same C. disturbed C. hold C. spare D. troubled D. grip time, but didn't go to school. D. special the meaning of what you said. C. being repaired C. As C. the bottle falls C. likely C. tired from C. at which D. repairing D. For D. fell the bottle D. possibly D. tired with D. at that

________ the walls painted white, the room looks larger. and the milk spilled all over the ground. to happen under such bad weather. answering his little son's continual questions. he thought was a good price.

30. The following Saturday she went out at her

31. Having lived in America for ten years, they still enjoyed the food _________in China. B. they were used to have D. which were used to having he realized B. that, what B. remind B. offer serious trouble he had got in. C. that, which C. remember for his kindness. C. reward D. support D. then, how D. happen C. they were used to having 32. It was at that moment A. when, what 33. Didn't it A. occur A. supply

to you that he would object to this arrangement?

34. They gave him a model car as a(an)


35. That evening she A. set out 36. He stopped his car to A. pick up 37. It is A. certain A. arrive 39. The old man A. glanced at 40. A person's A. ordinary A. wanted 42. I find it difficult to A. award 43. It A. was; for B. reward considerate

writing the report. B. set about an old lady. B. take up B. certainly B. get B. glared at B. normal B. agreed C. catch up C. sure C. reach C. gazed at C. common C. declined what you have done for me. C. return C. was; of B. one dollar too much D. much too by one dollar C. condition D. situation D. reply D. was in; for you not to play the piano while I was writing my novel. D. put up D. Surely D. hand D. watched at D. usual D. asked C. set up D. set off

that some mistakes will happen.

38. I like to place my reference books within my_________. the envelope and recognized the letter was from his son, who he missed very much. body temperature is about 37C.

41. The manager promised to offer Mr Thompson the house for $ 3,000. but he ________ to accept it.

B. was in; of

44. He paid_____________. A. too much one dollar C. much too for one dollar A. state B. position

45. Measures must be taken to meet the changing__________. 46. Which doctor is_________ you for your heart trouble now? Do you think he will be able to ___________you of the disease? A. curing, cure A. selection A. Instead 49. The thief was caught A. living A. position A. most A. a B. live B. situation B. almost B. the C. lively C. condition built of bricks. C. mostly C. / C. nearly D. that D. alive D. location 50. The telephone is in a bad__________. I cannot reach it. 51. The houses in this village are B. treating, treat B. choice B. Moreover C. curing, treat C. alternative C. Nevertheless D. treating, cure D. decision D. However 47. His father gave him a(n)__________between a recorder and a bicycle. 48. I don't like the colour of the suit. ___________ it's too expensive.

52. His research on _____________Chinese language made him known as a learned man. 53. The traditional approach_______ with complex problems is to break them down into smaller ones.


A. in dealing 54. When A. heated, allowing

B. dealing

C. to dealing B. heating, allowed D. heated. allowed

D. to deal to cool. It will contract(缩小).

, the metal expands(膨胀), and if

C. heating, allowing 55. However much A. the watch costs C. does the watch cost 56. Why A. need A. that I use A. test i A. provided 60. Much to my A. amuse A. to clear 62. It was A. valuable A. symptom A. seems 65. The clock A. knocked 66. You A. mustn't be 67. He was frightened, A. unable; to cry sufficient. A. rushed 69. He B. rush 68. The wounded in the flood were 61. The headmaster managed B. to clear up B. enjoyable B. mark B. seems to be B. hit B. can't be B. powerless; cry B. can B. to using B. proof B. assigned B. comfort

, it will be worth it. B. the watch will cost D. costs the watch C. may C. for me to use C. check C. applied C. disappointment the matter. C. to clear out C. strange in its early stages. C. sign some trouble with the radio? C. seems to have C. beat C. may have been to do anything but __________. C. able; cry D. being able; to cry to the place where food and medicine supplies were C. rushing B. can't have gone to D. can't have been to B. cleaned D. rushes D. seems that D. struck D. can't have been D. proof D. to clear of D. thoughtful D. must yours for a while? D. to my using D. passing D. practiced D. relief you always leave your dirty clothes in the bedroom?

57. There's something wrong with my computer. Do you object 58. It's better to make quality music that can stand the __________ of time. 59. Modern techniques have been

to sending up man-made satellites.

, the editor found my article acceptable.

of you to advise me on how to deal with the matter.

63. It is said that cancer doesn't show a 64. Have you found that there

eight and we realized that it was already late. hungry yet you had a big cake only half an hour ago.

Shanghai, for I saw him a short time ago.

A. must have gone to C. mustn't have been to 70. You A. must have cleaned

the office-room today, but you didn't.


C. had cleaned 71. The bicycle has disappeared. Who A. could have taken 72. He A. ought to come A. had to write it out C. should have written it out 74. The mountain peak is A. wrapped in 75. The young man A. lay on, deep 76. The teacher A. should A. that used to be A. didn't speak C. haven' t spoken 79. ---Didn't you have a good time at the party? clouds. B. wrapping with his back, B. lied on. deep B. can B. it is used to B. could take B. ought come

D. should have cleaned it? C. might take D. might have taken

this morning if he really wanted to see it for himself. C. ought to have come D. ought to be for her. B. must have written it out D. ought to write it out C. wrapped around in thought. C. laid, deeply C. would C. it was used to they B. hadn't spoken D. haven' t been speaking D. lying, deeply D. must D. it used to be to each other for nearly two years. D. wrapping in

73. I told Sally how to get there, but perhaps I

have thought Johnson was worth it or she wouldn't have wasted time on him, I suppose.

77. In my opinion, life in the twenty-first century is much easier than__________. 78. They became friends again that day. Until then,

---Of course I did. As a matter of fact, I had such fun that time seemed to________ so quickly. A. gone by A. more A. finished A. look 83. You can only be sure of you might get in the future: A. that; what A. none of them ---He A. has it fixed A. all. 87. We will take B. what; / B. both of them C. which; that C. none of whom D. /; that wanted to buy it. D. neither of them 84. Last week, only two people came to look at the house, but 85. ---Did Peter fix the computer himself? , because he doesn't know much about computers. B. had fixed it B. what C. had it fixed C. whatever D. fixed it D. anything is the matter with your son. B. gone away B. other B. finishing B. sign C. gone out C. else C. having finished C. sight D. gone over D. another , he gladly accepted it. D. was finished in many parts of the city. D. appearance 80. The school' s music group will be giving a big show tomorrow night and two _____ on the weekend. 81. John received an invitation to dinner, and with his work 82. The practice of hanging clothes across the street is a common

you have at present; you cannot be sure of something ________

86. I think the doctor is able to take care of

wants to go there for a sight-seeing.


A. whoever A. very late -- Wonderful. It is years A. after A. although 91. Mary A. has come, is waiting C. has come, waited

B. who B. even later

C. anybody C. the same late

D. all that that night. D. the last one

88. I caught the last bus from town, but Harry came home 89. -- What was the party like? I enjoyed myself so much. B. when B. if to see you. She C. before C. because B. came. is waiting D. came, was waiting me to ask you how you

D. since he does it personally. D. unless

90. One will not know the difficulty of anything

for you downstairs at the moment.

92. --- Have you ever seen Peter recently? ---Yes. He along with your new job these days. A. has asked, have been getting C. often asks, are getting 93. --- Is that the small town you often refer to? --- Right, just the one A. that B. which 94. Mom is coming. What present A. you expect you have got C. do you expect she has got 95. It is what you do rather than what you say A. that -A. Yes. I have. 97. 98. A. Being put ---It A. has to be 100. A. What; that supply breakdowns. B. Putting C. Having put D. Put 99. ---I've taken someone else's green sweater by mistake. Harry's. He always wears green. B. will be C. could be D. must be about wild plants that they decided to make a trip to Madagascar for further research. A. So curious the couple was C. So curious were the couple B. How curious the couple was D. The couple was such curious ---- THE END---B. what C. which 96. -- You haven't been to Beijing, have you? . But how I wish to go there. B. Yes. I haven't B. It; that C. No. I haven't C. Whether; what D. No, I have D. That; which sometimes keeps her awake at night is Tom's health is getting worse and worse. you know I used to work for years. C. where for your birthday? B. you expect has she got D. do you expect has she got matters. D. this D. what B. asked, were getting D. asked, are getting

into use in April 2000, the hotline-was meant ,for residents reporting water and heating


高二暑假 100 题 1----10 BADDC 31--40 ABACB 61--70 BDABD 91-100 ABCCA 高二暑假 100 题 1----10 BADDC 31--40 ABACB 61--70 BDABD 91-100 ABCCA



高二暑假 100 题 1----10 BADDC 31--40 ABACB 61--70 BDABD 91-100 ABCCA


高二暑假 100 题 1----10 BADDC 31--40 ABACB 61--70 BDABD 91-100 ABCCA