第六课时 一、按要求写单词。 1. get there(英译汉)_______ 3. behind(汉语)_______ 5. next to(英译汉)_______ 二、单项选择。 ( )1. I want _______ to the London Eye. A. to go ( B. go C. goes 2. 向右转(汉译英)_______ 4. in front of(反义词)_______ 6. the London Eye(英译汉)_______ )2. — How can you get there from the hospital? — _______ A. It’s in front of the park. B. Turn left at the park. C. Yes, there is. ( )3. Let’s _______ right at the bookstore. A. turn B. turns C. turning ( )4. You are in a car. Which of these can help you find a place? A. GPS B. Map C. Compass 三、阅读短文,回答问题。 Amy: Hi, Ann. Let’s go to the gym. Ann: Great. How can we go there? Amy: Go to Guangming Street. Turn right at the cinema. The gym is near it. Ann: OK. See you later. Amy: See you. 1. Where do Amy and Ann want to go? ______________________________________ 2. How can they get there? ______________________________________ 答案 一、1. 到哪儿 5. 紧挨着 2. turn right 3. 在……后面 4. 在……前面 6. 伦敦眼 二、1. A 2. B 3. A 4. A 三、1. They want to go to the gym. 2. Go to Guangming Street.Turn right at the cinema.The gym is near it.