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2015届高考英语一轮复习(人教版)选修6 Unit5_图文


Unit 5

The power of nature




J 教材一览无余
览教材 温故知新

Syllabus Vocabulary A.释义记词

equipment, evaluate, potential, tremble, appreciation

6.I can't evaluate his ability without seeing his work. 7.We showed our appreciation with flowers on Teachers' Day. 8.The government has an interest in importing scientific equipment. 9.She has the potential to become a worldclass pianist. 10.I felt so cold that my hands began to tremble.

C.提示猜词 11.appoint vt.?搭配: ~sb. as chairman任命某人为主

席; ~sb. to the position of委派某人担任??职务 12.suit n. & vt.?搭配: make a~做一套衣服; ~one's tastes适合某人的品味; ~sb. well适合某人 近义词: fit

13.actual adj.?搭配: ~buying power实际购买力; ~ condition实际情况 近义词: real, true

14.panic vi. & vt. & n.?搭配: in~惊慌的; get into a~陷入恐慌中 近义词: scare, alarm vt.?搭配: quality~质量保证; a


threeyear~保修三年; ~for three years保修三年 assure; ensure


D.联想构词 16.absolutely adv.绝对地;完全地?absolute adj.绝对的; 完全的 17.erupt vi.(火山)爆发;突然发生?eruption n.火山爆

发;(战争等)爆发 18.unconscious adj.失去知觉的;未察觉的?conscious adj. (反义词)

19.anxious adj.忧虑的;不安的?anxiously adv.忧虑地;渴 望地?anxiety n.担心;焦虑;渴望 20.shoot vt.射中;射伤?shot(过去式)?shot(过去分词)

Key Phrases E.短语完形 21.burn to the ground全部焚毁 22.make one's way前往 23.glance through匆匆看一遍 24.vary from ... to ...由??到??不等

F.短语填空(选择以上短语填空) 25.I had to start work, so I only glanced through the morning paper. 26.The big fire burned many important buildings to the ground. 27.My leg got hurt, but I made my way home. 28.The ages of the kids in the kindergarten vary from 2 years old to 6.

Key Sentences G.原句诵读 29.Having collected (collect) and evaluated the information, I help other scientists to predict where lava from the volcano will flow next and how fast. 30.This is because (引导词) no one lives near the top of Mount Kilauea, where the rocks fall.

31.I was fast asleep when (并列连词) suddenly my bed began shaking and I heard a strange sound, like a railway train passing (pass) my window. 32.I was about to go back to sleep when (并列连词) suddenly my bedroom became as bright as day. 33.The other two climbed down into the crater to collect some lava for later study, but this being (be) my first experience, I stayed at the top and watched them.

34.Having studied (study) volcanoes now for many years, I am still amazed at their beauty as well as their potential to cause great damage. 35.It takes about an hour to climb (climb) from the end of the road to the top of the mountain. 36.They were bathing in Tianchi when (并列连词) a bird flew above them and dropped a small fruit onto the dress of the youngest girl.

37.It is said that (据说) this boy, who (关系代词) had a great gift for languages and persuasion, is the father of the Manchu people.

K 考点一网打尽
网考点 胸有成竹

Words 考点1 【教材原句】 appoint vt.任命;委派

I was appointed as a volcanologist working

for the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (HVO) twenty years ago. 【归纳拓展】

We must appoint someone to act as secretary. 我们得指定一个人当秘书。 We have appointed three new teachers this year. 今年我们任命了三位新教师。

对 点 自 测 Ⅰ.语法填空(介词) ①They appointed Jim as captain of the football team. ②He appointed the schoolhouse for the meeting. ③He has been appointed to the State Supreme Court in California (加州最高法院).

Ⅱ.完成句子 ④We must appoint a time to meet again. 我们要约定好下次会面的时间。 ⑤The head of the workshop appointed that the work should be finished in two days. 车间主任下令这项工作必须在两天之内完成。

⑥You should phone his secretary if you want to make an appointment. 如果你要安排见面,应该先给他的秘书打电话。

考点 2 【教材原句】


n.一套外衣; 套装 使适宜


We had white protective suits that covered

our whole body, helmets, big boots and special gloves. 【归纳拓展】

It doesn't suit her to have her hair cut short. 她不适合剪短发。 The house isn't really suitable for a large family. 这所房子确实不适合大家庭居住。


fit, match, suit

对 点 自 测 Ⅰ.完成句子 ①Would Friday morning suit you ? 星期五早上对你合适吗? ②— I think I'll stay this evening. 今晚我就不出去了。 — Suit yourself! 随你的便。

③Will this dress be suitable to wear to the party? 穿这件连衣裙去参加晚会合适吗? ④He is just not suitable for the job. 他就是不适合干这份工作。

Ⅱ.对比填空 ⑤This pair of shoes doesn't match — one is large and the other is small. ⑥This style of dress suits you well. ⑦The trousers don't fit him; they are too small. ⑧We painted the door yellow to match the furniture.

考点3 【教材原句】 【归纳拓展】



I was so anxious and couldn't move at first.

She was anxious to finish school and get a job. 她渴望毕业找份工作。 If you are worried about your health, share your anxieties with your doctor. 你要是担心自己的健康,就把自己的忧虑告诉医生吧。

对 点 自 测 Ⅰ.anxious词形转换 ①We were anxious about his health, and we were waiting anxiously for the doctor to arrive. Finally, the doctor's report removed all our anxieties.

Ⅱ.语法填空(介词) ②The little girl is anxious for her mother's approval. ③I was anxious about the children when they didn't come back home from school.

Ⅲ.完成句子 ④He is anxious to go to the station to meet his friends. 他急切地去车站接他的朋友们。 ⑤He didn't arrive home on time, so his parents got/were a bit anxious. 他没有按时回家,他的父母有些担心。

考点4 【教材原句】 not to panic. 【归纳拓展】


vi. & vt.(panicked, panicked)惊 慌 n.惊慌;恐慌

I felt very nervous and had to force myself

The idea might panic the investors. 这个想法可能会使投资者不安。

对 点 自 测 Ⅰ.语法填空(介词) ①Shoppers are panicked into buying things they don't need. ②She got into a panic when she thought she had lost the tickets. ③People in a panic often do foolish things. ④The crowd panicked at/about/over the sound of the explosion. ⑤He was suddenly seized with panic.

Ⅱ.完成句子 ⑥After the seven gunshots the crowd fled Capital Hill in panic. 听到七声枪响后,人们惊慌地逃离了国会山。 ⑦Jim got into a panic when his car lost control. 当汽车失控时,吉姆陷入了恐慌。

Phrases 考点5 burn to the ground 全部焚毁


Unfortunately, we cannot move their homes

out of the way, and many houses have been covered with lava or burned to the ground.

【归纳拓展】 burn out烧尽;烧完自灭 burn down烧毁;火渐渐变弱 burn up烧起来;烧旺;烧毁 burn off烧掉 burn ... to death烧死 The village was burned to the ground during the war. 这座村庄在战乱中完全被烧毁了。

对 点 自 测 语法填空(副词) ①The building was burned down and only ashes were left. ②The fire is burning down,_and get some more coal please. ③His hair was burnt off. ④Put some more wood on the fire to make it burn up. ⑤The fire had burnt out before the fire brigade arrived. ⑥A little girl was burnt to death in this film.

考点6 【教材原句】

vary from ... to ...


The land varies in height from 700 metres

above sea level to over 2,000 metres and is home to a great diversity of rare plants and animals. 【归纳拓展】

vary with随??而变化 vary in在??方面不同/有差异 vary from不同于 vary from ... to ...由??到??情况不等 a variety/varieties of各种各样的

The students' homework varies considerably in quality. 学生的作业很是参差不齐。 The prices of some goods vary with season. 某些货物的价格随着季节的变化而变化。

对 点 自 测 语法填空(介词) ①Teaching methods vary greatly from school to school. ②The students come from a variety of different

backgrounds. ③The girls vary in age from 15 to 18. ④The colour of the leaves varies with weather.

Sentences 考点7 【教材原句】 独立主格结构

The other two climbed down into the crater

to collect some lava for later study, but this being my first experience, I stayed at the top and watched them. 【要点提示】 this being my first experience是独立主格结

构。this起着逻辑主语的作用; being my first experience是现在 分词,表示状态。

【归纳拓展】 ?1?独立主格结构的构成:名词/代词+现在分词、过去分 词;名词/代词+形容词;名词/代词+副词;名词/代词+不定 式;名词/代词+介词短语。 ?2?独立主格结构的逻辑主语与句子的主语不同,它独立存 在;名词或代词与后面的分词、形容词、副词、不定式、介词等 是主谓关系;独立主格结构一般有逗号与主句分开。

?3?独立主格结构可在句中作时间、条件、原因、伴随状语。 ?4?“with+宾语+宾语补足语”用法与独立主格结构基本相 同,可以理解为with+独立主格结构,也就是with+宾语+现在 分词/过去分词/形容词/副词/不定式/介词短语。



(1)当介词是in时,其前后的两个名词均不加任何成分(如物 主代词或冠词),也不用复数。但with的复合结构不受此限制。 (2)当表示人体部位的名词作逻辑主语时,不及物动词用现在 分词,及物动词用过去分词。

对 点 自 测 Ⅰ.句式分析 ①He walked into the room, his head lowered. (he作句子主语; his head为独立主格结构的逻辑主语,它 与lower存在逻辑上的被动关系;独立主格结构在句中作伴随状 语) ②A robber burst into the room, knife in hand (手里拿着 刀). (knife前不能加a, hand前不能加his)

Ⅱ.同义句转换 ③When the test was finished, we began our holiday. ?The test finished,_we began our holiday.(独立主格结构作 时间状语) ④If weather permits, we are going to visit you tomorrow. ?Weather permitting,_we are going to visit you


⑤Because his money was lost, he had to go home on foot. ?His money lost,_he had to go home on foot.(独立主格结构 作原因状语)

Ⅲ.完成句子 ⑥He came into the room, his ears red with cold. 他回到了房子里,耳朵冻得红红的。 ⑦He stood there, with his hands raised. 他站在那儿,举着手。

J 基础一练夯实

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