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Not so long ago, ______ if you avoided drinking water during a workout(训练),you were considered tough. Today, most experts agree you _________ would be considered unintelligent. Even if you don`t ______ sweat much or feel thirsty, and even if there is a nice wind, exercise experts say drinking water or something _____ else is necessary before, during and after all warmer-weather activities. Only a few years ago, many coaches discouraged _____ ______ from drinking anything during the game ---players right for them to rinse(漱口) they thought it was ______ slow their mouths, but swallowing anything might _____ them down.

Now, there`s usually plenty of _____ water on the sidelines for athletes to drink. The National Hockey League ______ allows goalkeepers to put water bottles on top of their nets. shouldn`t be lost on the These new practices ________ advise you recreational(消遣的) athlete. Some doctors _____ to drink about two cups of water 15 minutes or so after same amount every 15 you start exercising and the ______ minutes. In some types of exercise----running, for example _______ ----others encourage drinking a cup or two of water with the workout. Don`t drink any more, experts say ----too much makes breathing and exercise fluid(液体)_______ uncomfortable.

In heavy , continuous hot—weather exercise, an breathe away 1.8 kilograms of athlete can sweat and ______ water an hour. _____ does two things: restores some Drinking water _____ weight and allows you to keep sweating so that the skin can keep_____. cool Doctors say drinking six or eight help digestion(消化). cups a day can _____


While you are reading this I would like you to smile ____. force a smile while you And why am I asking you to ______ pouring out are in the office or on the train, or while ______ your cornflakes(玉米片)? Because I would like you what it is like to be a receptionist. I to understand ______ feels to would like you to have some idea of how it _____ smile continually for most of the day. happy exterior(外表), the life of But beneath this ______ the receptionist is supposedly a miserable affair. It is hiding her tragedy behind a like a famous actress _______ shining face. For receptionists are b______, bored lonely honest want a little respect. and ,to be _______,


___is It generally accepted that the experiences of the child in his first years largely determine his character and later personality. Every ________ experience teaches the child something and the effects are increasing . “Upbringing” (教养)normally used to ____ refer __ to the treatment and training of the child within the home. This is closely related to the treatment and training of the child in school, which _____ is usually distinguished(区 别)by the term “education”. In a society such as ours, responsible for the both parents and teachers ______ are __________ chances provided for the development __________ of the child, so that upbringing and education depend on each other.

The ideals and practices of child upbringing are different Generally the more _______ from culture to culture. ________, rural(农村的)the group, the more unchangeable the customs of child upbringing. In more technologically developed ________ societies, childhood and adolescence(青春期)are likely to cover a long resulting in more chances for education and time, _______ greater variety in _______ character development.

Early upbringing in the home is naturally affected _______ both by the cultural pattern of the group and by the parents’ ability and their aims and depends not only on upbringing and education but also on the _____ born abilities of the child.

Wide differences of intelligence(智力)and exist even in children of the same family. character ____ Parents can find out what is normal in physical ________, referring to some mental and social development, by ______ ___ of the many books ______ based on scientific knowledge in these areas, or less dependable since the sample(实 例)is smaller, by comparing notes with friends and relatives who have________. children

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了,一心想着要去码头上做事。乔氏拗不过,只好随他。于是,白百大把菜地全部转卖出去之后,就高高兴兴地去码头上做货船押运的活计去 了。这不,到现在已经做了三年多了,而且越做越喜欢。乔氏呢,也不愿意闲着,就重新拾起了姆妈当年亲手教给她的刺绣手艺。小青日渐长 大了,也很喜欢这个技艺,而且比姆妈还心灵手巧。于是,母女俩就不断地做一些精美的绣品,积攒多了就请一家熟悉的绣品专卖店铺帮助推 销出去。然而事实上,这幸福善良的白家也有不遂心如愿的事情,那就是乔氏和丈夫白百大夫妇俩只有小青这么一个独生女儿。不过啊,这话 说回来了,没有生下儿子固然是有遗憾的,但这对恩爱夫妻对于宝贝女儿的那份钟爱,却因此也就更多了几分。说起来,白家夫妻俩的这个宝 贝独生女儿小青虽然出生于贫寒人家,但她从小就非常聪明伶俐,不但人生得相当标志,而且人品极好。就像她的爹娘一样,心灵手巧又特别 勤快的小青姑娘也有一副乐于助人的好心肠。在街坊邻里的眼里,小青实在是一个百里挑一的好丫头了。而小青自己虽说是爹娘的心肝宝贝, 但她却一点儿也不娇气。这丫头吃着粗茶淡饭快快乐乐地长大,成日里小嘴儿劈里啪啦的乐和话不断,总能给白家夫妻二人带来无尽的乐趣; 而且,她从小就非常懂事手脚不闲,特别喜欢主动分担力所能及的家务活儿,更让做爹娘的疼爱不迭。可这俗话不是说了嘛:女儿再好也是别 人家的人!但问题是白家没有儿子啊!因此,小青的爹娘就不想让心爱的女儿成为别人家的人。这不,夫妻俩早在几年前就已经商量好了,要 给小青寻找一个诚心如意的上门女婿。这样一来,不但夫妻俩老来有了依靠,而且也好给白家延续香火。在爹娘想为她寻找一个上门女婿的问 题上,小青倒也乐意,只是这丫头的眼光忒挑剔,如果不是十二分喜欢,绝对不会轻易点头。如今,小青已经年满十八岁了,上门来求亲的不 在少数,但她居然没有一个能够看得上眼的。乔氏和丈夫在为女儿寻找上门女婿的问题上也很慎重,并且很尊重女儿自己的意见;如果女儿不 点头,他们绝对不擅自作主。就这样拖来拖去的,到如今眼见着这宝贝疙瘩一天天长大都快要成老姑娘了,可寻找上门女婿的事情还一直搁着 呢。然而就在昨儿傍晚,当耿老爹第一次进了白家的院子里时,乔氏母女就有一种异常亲切的感觉。当乔氏随同耿老爹出门,一眼看到耿正兄 妹三人,尤其是仪表堂堂的耿正时,油然而生出一种老天爷送上个好女婿的欣喜。看上去,耿正兄妹三人虽然面带倦容,但形体气质却是非同 寻常,这让本来就乐善好施的乔氏真是打心眼儿里喜欢。而且当时的那个情景,还让她不由地回想起了当年姆妈带她逃难时来到白家门口的一 幕,忍不住地心里边阵阵发