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高三英语综合测试 2015.4 一、听力(略) 二、单项选择 21. — Mom! Jack has broken a cup! —Doesn’t matter. Accidents ________ happen. A. should B. must C. will D. Shall 22. — Could you please explain the assignment for Monday, Miss Smith? — Certainly. Read the next chapter and come to class ________ to discuss what you’ve read. A. preparing B. prepared C. to prepare D. to be prepared 23. Personal space is the region surrounding a person ________ they regard as psychologically theirs. A. who B. where C. when D. which 24. You are not ________ to unemployment benefit if you have never worked. A. accustomed B. resigned C. entitled D. submitted 25. I’m afraid I can’t attend your party this evening, ______I’d like to. A. much as B. as much C. so much D. so eagerly 26. All the people who were present in the room when the diamond necklace was stolen must ________ being searched. A. refer to B. take to C. refuse to D. submit to 27. Though the GDP growth in July-September marked the slowest quarterly growth, it was still _______ the reasonable range set by policy makers and in line with market expectation. A. against minute. A. to start and poverty. A. anything but B. nothing but C. none other than D. among other things 30. Katherine is not _______ in the way to treat her children. Sometimes she is too strict with them and sometimes she just allows them everything. A. conventional his students. A. with regard to B. in terms of C. on account of D. in reference to 32. —Could you please tell me ________ that prevents her from being happy? —She has taken the driving test three times but hasn’t passed yet. A. what it is B. it is what C. how it is D. it is how 33. The proportion of elderly people increases in Britain and medical advances make it possible to keep alive patients who ________ previously. B. consistent C. considerate D. controversial 31. It is ________ his tremendous enthusiasm and devotion that the old teacher is respected by all B. to be starting C. to have started D. to have been starting 29. But the Swiss discovered long years ago that constant warfare brought them _______suffering B. within C. beyond D. alongside 28. Michael was _________the experiment a month ago, but he changed his mind at the last


A. would die

B. had died

C. should have died D. would have died

34. Discrimination is a problem that’s been troubling America’s social ________ for years. A. construction B. conscience C. awareness D. framework 35. —I can’t bear the air pollution in this city anymore. It is getting worse and worse. — ________! We’ve never had so many chemical factories before. A. I wouldn’t bet on it B. You said it C. Keep it up D. Come off it 三、完形填空 It is important to build confidence in whatever we try to do. Let's just say that cooking has not _36_ been my thing. Many of my friends know that I _37_ a lot of meals. When we invited people over they wanted to know if I would be near the kitchen before they would _38_. After one brutal batch of chili, I decided to put some _39_ into learning how to cook. I began visiting cooking websites but was discouraged by their lack of pictures and felt _40_.I borrowed a cook book from the library but didn't have any of the food _41_ to make what they were suggesting. _ 42 _, I did something that most would think is common sense. I started to read and follow the _43_ that most foods provide on the package. Who knew that they would be _44_? I never would have improved my cooking skills without trying to get better. Now as much as I would like to say from that point on everything went _ 45_. Just like learning anything it took a lot of _46 _. At first I undercooked the baked chicken. Then I _47_ the chicken. Finally, after three attempts, it was edible (可吃的) but I forgot to season(调味) it _48 _. Once I made it through those cooking _49_, I can now bake chicken with the best of them. After I _50_ chicken I was on to my next dish, spaghetti. I followed the ways to cook the noodles and got them just right. I added the meat and sauce blend to the noodles and was _51 by how watery everything came out. Oops, I forgot to _52 _ the noodles. Spaghetti only took_53_ tries to get it right. My trial and error helped me start building confidence. When it comes to building confidence there is a(n) _54_ that one should follow. Building confidence in life is just like cooking. You have to take the time to learn the_55_before you become successful at it. ( )36. A. merely B. really C. yet D.always ( )37. A. bought B. cooked C. ruined D. wasted ( )38. A. comment B. complain C. try D. accept ( )39. A. time B. money C. attraction D. joy ( )40. A. aimless B. hopeless C. bored D. worried ( )41. A. crops B. materials C. writers D. suppliers ( )42. A. Confused B. Disappointed C. Relaxed D. Delighted ( )43. A. directions B. examples C. schedules D. descriptions ( )44. A. ambiguous B. accurate C. attractive D. useful ( )45. A. smoothly B. quickly C. wrong D. unexpected ( )46. A. courage B. practice C. energy D. effort ( )47. A. boiled B. tasted C. abandoned D. burned ( )48. A. gradually B. eventually C. appropriately D. particularly ( )49. A. delights B. experiences C. dreams D. classes ( )50. A. enjoyed B. barbecued C. mastered D. rejected ( )51. A. upset B. calmed C. shocked D. bothered

( ( ( (

)52. A. dry )53. A. two )54. A. tendency )55. A. aims

B. fry B. several B. arrangement B. procedures A

C. cool C. casual C. agenda C. skills

D. mix D. simple D. recipe D. rules

四、阅读理解 The University of Hong Kong Important Notes on Visa Application for Mainland Students I. All non-local students are required to obtain an Entry Permit (student visa) from the Hong Kong Immigration Department (ImmD) for the purpose of studying in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR). II. An applicant of such a student visa to HKSAR for study purpose is required to have a local sponsor. Mainland students should request the HKU China Affairs Office (CAO) to be their visa sponsor. III. SUBMIT YOUR VISA APPLICATION NOW!! HK Immigration Department will take at least 6 weeks to process an Entry Permit. IV. Upon the Entry Permit being granted by ImmD, CAO will collect the Entry Permit label for onward transmission to the applicant. However, the permit label will only be sent to the applicant after he/she has submitted a copy of the signed Letter of Acceptance to the Firm Offer of Admission. V. Besides the Entry Permit label, a mainland student should apply for an ―Exit-entry Permit for Travelling to and from Hong Kong and Macao‖ (EEP) and a relevant exit endorsement from the Public Security Bureau where his/her household registration is kept. VI. The duration of stay in Hong Kong should be equal to the period shown on the admission letter. The applicant is strongly advised to enter Hong Kong not more than 2 weeks before the programme commencement date for registration procedures and/or participating in the University’s orientation activities. VII. All submitted documents will not be returned. The online visa application fee of HK$850 is non-refundable. For further enquiries on visa applications, please contact CAO by email at visaapp@hku.hk. 56. The HKU China Affairs Office (CAO) is responsible for ________. A. being the visa sponsor of all the students B. helping mainland students apply for their EEP C. ensuring students’ duration of stay in Hong Kong D. transmitting the Entry Permit label to the applicant 57. We can learn from the passage that ________. A. the applicant will have the permit label immediately the Entry Permit is granted B. it will take HK Immigration Department about 2 weeks to process an Entry Permit C. a mainland student has to apply for a student visa online at his/her own expense

D. a student should apply for a relevant exit endorsement from CAO B One of the biggest variables when flying is the company that you’re forced to keep. Whether you're in economy or business, aisle or window, there will almost always be someone sitting next to you – and if that person is particularly odoriferous(有气味的), anxious or loud, your experience could suddenly be changed. But with recent upgrades(飞机座位提级) allowing noise-conscious passengers to choose a seat away from children, having at least one type of less-than-desirable seatmate could soon be a thing of the past. Last week, Scoot airlines, the budget branch of Singapore Airlines, announced that seats in child-free areas, nick-named the ―ScootinSilence‖ rows, can now be booked for a small fee. In addition to extra leg room and a better seat pitch, you are also liberated from having to sit with children 12 and under. ―Just as there are some people who prefer to travel without checked baggage, or to sleep rather than eat… there are some who would rather travel with adults. We’re simply providing the option to do so,‖ said Scoot Airlines CEO Campbell Wilson. In September 2012, AirAsia X launched a similar service in their premium economy cabin, and Malaysian Airlines has a similar policy on the upper-deck economy cabin of its A380 jumbo jet, which it flies on select long-haul routes. The trend seems to be catching on quickly in Asia, perhaps because culturally the region consider the wealthier business savvy class more important and is eager to please rich customers. But could child-free zones spread around the world? Not necessarily. ―I don't think that we'll ever see child-free zones on US carriers, any more than we'll see the return of smoking zones. In the politically correct United States, it would be considered discriminatory to exclude passengers with kids from certain cabin sections,‖ said George Hobica, founder ofAirfarewatchdog.com. ―But in Asia, where it's legal to 'retire' flight attendants when they reach the ripe old age of 35, a different sensibility applies.‖ The issue that Western airlines will need to consider is the strong consumer voice, which could create a significant and harmful image problem for the carriers. In Asia, that community is not as loud ,and they don’t protest much. Disturbing the consumer base and any potential discrimination litigation(诉讼) that would follow may create risks that Western carriers aren’t willing to take. 58. What does the first paragraph mean? A. The class of seats you are sitting in determines the quality of the trip. B. The class of seats do not matter because the experience is the same. C. The people you are sitting with determines the quality of the trip. D. The people you are sitting with do not matter because the experience is the same. 59. What prevents child-free zones spread around the world?


A. That there are smoking zones. B. The political control over seatings on planes in countries like the US C. That people from other countries are not as age-sensible as Asians D. The value of fairness in other countries 60. What is the opinion of the author? A. He likes the idea of child-free zones. B. He does not like the idea of child-free zones. C. We are not told. D. He does not like travelling in business classes. 61. What is the argument from Scoot Airlines CEO? A. He thinks people are travelling without children more and more. B. He thinks carriers should charge an extra fee for each extra service. C. He thinks carriers should offer more options to cater to different customers. D. He thinks people are paying less for flights because people do not want to pay for food and luggage. C Hungry For a Win A victor is, by definition, someone who wins a struggle or contest. However, that doesn’t mean he or she will live a proud and happy life ever after, as Katniss Everdeen is about to discover in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Catching Fire, out in Chinese theaters on Nov 21, is set in a futuristic society called Panem. Every year its government holds a televised fight to the death. Two teenagers from each of the 12 districts of Panem are chosen to compete. In the new film, last year’s victors Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) and her partner Peeta are back home after winning the 74th Hunger Games. Katniss just wants to live a normal life. However, that never seems to happen. She has nightmares, which remind her that she is a killer. Her worst nightmare comes true when the annual Hunger Games arrive again. The teenager finds herself back in the competition along with Peeta. Since Katniss brings hope to Panem through her courage, President Snow plans to use this year’s Games to kill off Katniss and Peeta and in turn dampen the fires of rebellion. ―This is the next step of Katniss’ heroism and the next part of her journey to finding out who she is really going to be,‖ Lawrence told Reuters. Fast-paced and full of action, Catching Fire looks to outdo the success that the first film had in 2012. With a 97 percent rating on the movie review website Rotten Tomatoes, it is enjoying positive reviews. Critics have praised it for being faithful to the book written by American author Suzanne Collins. The Hollywood Reporter said that Catching Fire outshines the first movie a lot. Jennifer Lawrence, who won a best actress Oscar this year for her 2012 movie Silver Linings Playbook, has helped Catching Fire find success, Forbes pointed out. The 23-year-old actress does well playing a young lady who hates what she was forced to do to stay alive yet is determined not to give up. ―Lawrence’s down-to-earth personality in real life won the hearts of the public. So given a wildly popular first film that blew everyone away, a rising fan base and a lead performer beloved

by the mainstream press and viewers, the sequel(续集) was always going to be big,‖ Forbes noted. 62. The underlined word ―dampen‖ in Paragraph 4 is closest in meaning to ―_______‖. A. hold B. light C. reduce D. support 63. Which of the following is TRUE about the film’s story according to the article? A. Every year 12 teenagers in total are chosen to join in the televised fight. B. Despite having won the 74th Hunger Games, Katniss doesn’t feel much joy. C. Katniss and Peeta are chosen once again to make the TV show more appealing. D. Jennifer Lawrence won a best actress Oscar this year for the first Hunger Games movie. 64. What are some reasons why Catching Fire will probably be successful? a. The previous film was successful. b. It is true to the original book’s story. c. Most of the reviews of the movie are positive. d. It has many famous stars in addition to Jennifer Lawrence. A. abc B. abd C. acd D. bcd 65. After reading the passage, we can infer that _______. A. President Snow thinks highly of Katniss and Peeta’s victory B. Katniss decides to fight in the 75th Hunger Games because she loves it C. Critics hold a negative attitude to the first movie of Hunger Games D. The personality of the leading actress contributes to the success of Catching Fire D Dear Baby, As I am writing this to you, you are safely growing in your mother’s womb, getting a little bigger and stronger by the day. You are not due to this world until the first week of January, I’ve been told, but I have to admit, I have been thinking a lot about you lately. I don’t know if you’re a little girl or a little boy. Nobody knows actually except for the doctors. See, your Mom has chosen not to know, so you will be a surprise to everyone, and I like it that way. You’ve got a fine mother. I don’t know her that well, having met her only twice, but she impressed me with her personality and her qualities. Needless to say, I like her a lot. On the other hand, I know your father quite well: he’s my son. And I can tell you right now, he has no idea of the responsibilities that are going to fall upon his shoulders, the very minute we hear your first cry. But he’ll manage, just like I did, just like my father and his father before him did. As impatient as I am for you to join the large family, I am also worried. The thought crossed my mind that something could go wrong with you or your Mom. You know, the kind of feeling one experiences before boarding an airplane. We know everything will be fine in the end, but we can’t help thinking about it anyway. But so far, you’re both doing just fine. Isn’t an ultrasound (超 声波) the greatest thing? Too bad we can’t just look at yours for now! What worries me too is your future. This world you’re coming into is not human friendly. Of course, we all want the best possible for you, but we live in troubled times and I don’t foresee your life being so easy, wishing of course I am wrong. I am the first generation in our family who


hasn’t been called to go to war in over a hundred years. Your Dad is the second generation. My dearest wish for you is that you will be part of the third generation. The irony is that, as time progresses, humanity should learn from experiences and mistakes, but as our life is made easier all the time with new technology, I get the notion that somehow, we are going backwards. One would think that with such powerful means as the Internet, for example, communication between people as well as education in general would improve. Is it the case? I’m not sure. Anyway, we’ll have plenty of time later to discuss this as you grow up and learn. Because you don’t know it yet, but you and I will talk a lot, provided I am around for some time. You’re coming to this world with a lot of pluses on your side. You will be born into a close knit, loving family, and even though it can be overbearing sometimes, this alone, Child, is priceless! Both your parents are good providers, so you will probably always have what you need until you fly off the nest. Both of them work in the medical field, so your health and growth will be carefully watched. Both sets of your grandparents are alive and reasonably well, so you can be sure they’ll all stand in everybody’s and each other’s way just to catch a glimpse of you. But in the end, your life will be yours, and your decisions and choices will determine which direction you want to go. Most likely, you will be baptized (洗礼) and that’s where we’ll draw the line. You will be left to make your own decisions as you grow up and discover the world, but you’ll never be alone to do so, you can always rely on any of us for advice and help if you so wish. We’ll be there for you. Love, Your Grandfather (you know, the crazy, ugly one!) 66. What do we know about the baby’s father? A. He is successful but irresponsible. B. He doesn’t know what it takes to be a father now. C. He will get nowhere with taking care of a baby. D. He will mean his child to be a soldier. 67. Why does the writer mention ―boarding an airplane‖ in Paragraph 2? A. To show his impatience. C. To illustrate his nervousness. your side‖ probably mean? A. The baby will be burdened with a whole host of responsibilities. B. The baby cannot fall short of the large family’s high expectations.[ C. The baby is bound to succeed in life with the help of the family. D. The baby will enjoy considerable advantages in his or her life. 69. Which of the following would the writer most probably agree with? A. Communication and education benefit little from powerful means such as the Internet. B. The world is full of troubles and people, even neighbors, are not friendly to each other. B. To clarify one of his experiences. D. To restore his self-confidence.

68. What does the underlined sentence ―You’re coming to this world with a lot of pluses on


C. The family will love the baby so much as to let the baby do whatever he or she wants. D. The grandchild must depend on the family to make important decisions and choices. 70. From the letter, we can see that the writer seems ________. A. crazy and stubborn C. open and humourous 五、任务型阅读 请阅读下面短文,并根据所读内容在文章后表格中的空格里填入一个最恰当的单词。 “New normal” is a popular term referring to China’ s current economy. It means the Chinese economy has entered a new phase that is different from the high-speed growth pattern exhibited in the past. It is a new trend that features more sustainable, mid-to-high-speed growth with higher efficiency and lower costs. During the new normal state, the growth slowdown from a high rate of around 10 percent to now about 7 to 8 percent is unavoidable. The economy will also undergo comprehensive and fundamental changes.The service industry will gradually become a backbone(中坚) of the national economy and consumption will be the main source of demand. Along with that process of restructuring, some industries will suffer from the problem of over-productivity. Meanwhile, some new growth points will spring up. Meanwhile the Chinese economy will transform from the production investment-driven model into an innovation-driven model. The prolonged difficulties facing manufacturing( 制造 业 ) industries show China can no longer rely on low cost production factors, as the prices of labor, resources and land are rising. Technological innovation must become the main driving force. Under the new normal state, the service sectors will provide more new jobs than the manufacturing industries. In 2012, the latter industry created about 980 jobs while creating 100 million yuan of gross domestic product. The service industry can make 1,200 new jobs. The rise of service sectors’ proportion will increase GDP and create more jobs. Authorities need to increase people’s income, especially the low-income group, who shows stronger buying power. The government will also have to cover all citizens with a basic social welfare net. Without a boost (提升) in income it would be difficult to boost consumption. Before the “new normal” state, the Chinese economy overwhelmingly relied on investment and export. The changes of foreign demand and investment caused fluctuations(波动) in the economy. The periodic fluctuations will become milder under the new normal state in which the economy relies more on consumption. The stabilization of economic growth will also stabilize the price of goods. The consumer price index(CPI) only increased 2.6 percent in the past two years, and 2.3 percent in the first half of this year. Innovation will become the most irreplaceable driving force for the restructuring of the Chinese economy. Growth quality and efficiency will be higher on the agenda of enterprises and the society as a whole. In general, the new normal state can boost China to transform its growth model, overcome the B. kind and worry-free D. lucky and narrow-minded


“middle-income trap”, and maintain mid-and-high-speed growth for a considerably long time. Topic Sub-topic Definition Detailed Information The Chinese economy has entered a new trend (71)_______ a slower speed but a healthier state. A mid-to-high-rate growth The economic growth will(72) ______down to about 7 to 8 Characteristics An upgraded economic(73)___________ percent. Service and consumption will become the main driving force. From low cost production model to Economic(74)______ New Job (76)_______ Normal Income of Chinese distribution and social welfare extension technological innovation model. More jobs will be created (77) _______ industry. More money will be distributed to the low-income group in order to (78)________consumption. A basic social welfare net will also cover all citizens. Economy (75)________ on society A stable growth and Relying more on consumption and (79)_______ on investment and export will help stabilize the economic growth and hence the price of goods. Boosting innovation Innovation will play a role that can be (80)________by nothing in the restructuring economy. of the Chinese the rise of service

stabilized prices


答案解析 二、单项选择 21.C.【考点】 :情态动词 【分析】 :本句意思是:事故难免发生。will 在此处表示倾向性、不可避免性。 Eg. Boys will be boys. 22. B.【考点】 :非谓语动词 【分析】 :该句表示:读完下一章,来到课堂上时已经准备好了(prepared)讨论所读 的东西。而 to prepare 表示目的,preparing 表示伴随关系。 23. D.【考点】 :本题考查定语从句。 【分析】 :句意:个人空间是指一个人周围的区域,它在心理上被人认为是属于他们自 己的。they regard as psychologically theirs。regard 后没有名词或代词充当宾语。定语从句缺 少宾语且先行词为物,所以选 which。 24. C. 句 意 : 你 如 果 从来 没 有 工 作 过 的 话 , 就没 有 资 格 享 受 失 业 救 济金 。 be entitled to …―有……的资格‖;accustomed 习惯的;resign 退休;submit 屈服,屈从。 25. A.【考点】 :as 用于倒装,意思是“尽管, 虽然” 。 【分析】 :本句意思是:尽管想去, 但恐怕没时间参加。 Eg. Tired as he was, he still went on with his work. Much as I admire him as a writer, I do not like him as a man. Try as he might, he didn't pass the exam. 此外, though 也可引导特殊的让步状语从句。 26. D.【考点】 :动词短语辨析。 【分析】 :句子的意思是: 所有在场的人必须要被检查。此处的 submit to sth/sb/doing = make (oneself) obey (sb or sth); suffer sth 顺从?,听命于?,使受到? eg. The people had to submit to the new rulers when they lost the war. No country would submit to being controlled by another country. 【拓展】refer to 参考;谈到 ;take to 开始喜欢 ;refuse to 拒绝 27. B.【考点】考查介词。 【分析】句子意思: 虽然 7-9 月 GDP 增速放缓了 15%, 但仍在决策者们设定的合理 范围以内,并和市场预期相符合。 【拓展】A. 违反 B.在... 内 C.超过 D.在...旁边 28. C.【考点】非谓语动词 【分析】 一月前原本打算开始实验的, 但最后一刻改变主意了。 was/ were to have done, 表示“本打算”、“本计划”或“本应当”做的事而没有做成。再如:Iwas to have helped her, but I had an unexpected friend. 29.B.【考点】不定代词 【分析】本句意思:瑞士人早就发现持续不断的战争带给他们的只是贫穷和痛苦。 nothing but=only 表示“只不过,除了??以外什么也没有” 。 【拓展】 A.anything but 表示 “决不, 根本不” (=not at all, by no means, never)。 C.none other than 正是,不是别的 如:He was none other than my nephew Satya. 他不是别人, 正是我的侄子萨提亚。D.among other things 其中;除了别的以外(还) 30. B.【考点】形容词意义 【分析】Katherine 对待孩子不连贯,有时过严有时放任。 此处 B 项意思是:一贯的, 始终如一的 always keeping to the same pattern or style; unchanging


【 拓 展 】 A.conventional 依 照 惯 例 的 , 约 定 俗 成 的 C.considerate 体 贴 的 D.controversial 有争议的,引起争议的 ( causing or likely to cause controversy) 31. C.【考点】介词短语 【分析】强调句,意思是:正是由于老教师极大的热情和投入才使他受到所有学生 的敬重。 On account of(because of sb or sth)由于,因为 【拓展】A.with regard to 关于 B.in terms of 根据;就…而言 D.in reference to 关于, 32. A.【考点】名词性从句 【分析】这是考查名词性从句的词序 。首先排除BD。在AC两个选项中把强调 句型it is that去掉,就会发现宾语从句缺主语,所以选A。 33.D.【考点】虚拟语气 【分析】句意:医学进步使病人的存活成为可能。以前没有先进的医学,这些病人 也许就已经死了。 34.B.【考点】考查名词辨析 【分析】句意:歧视是一个问题,困扰了美国社会良知很多年。A. construction 建 设、建造 B. conscience 良心、良知 C. awareness 意识、察觉 D. framework 框架,构架 35. B.考点】日常交际用语 【分析】句意:——我无法忍受这个城市的空气污染了。空气越来越糟糕。——就 是啊! 我们从未有过这么多的化工厂。 I wouldn’t bet on it. 我不在这上面打赌。 You said it. 绝对同意;所言极是。 Keep it up. 坚持下去。Come off it.别吹牛了; 住口。 跟踪训练(亲,快来测试一下吧! ) 1.The door ________ open, no matter how hard she pushed. A. shouldn’t B. couldn’t C. wouldn’t D. mightn’t 2.—____you interrupt now? Can’t you see I’m on the phone? —Sorry Sir, but it’s urgent. A. Can B. Should C. Must D. Would 3.One of our rules is that every student wear school uniform while at school. A. might B. could C. shall D. will 4.We ______ the difficulty together, but why didn’t you tell me? A. should face B. might face C. could have faced D. must have faced 5.The judge gave no hint of what they thought, so I left the room really ______. A. to be worried B. to worry C. having worried D. worried 6.The president of the World Bank says he has a passion for China,________ he remembers starting as early as his childhood. A.where B.which C.what D.when 7.After the flooding, people were suffering in that area, _______ urgently needed clean water, medicine and shelter to survive. A. which B. who C. where D. what 8.It is not how much we do but how much love we put into what we do______benefits our work most. A. who B. which C. that D. what 9.Jane won’t join us for dinner tonight and _______. A. neither won’t Tom B. Tom won’t either C. Tom will too D. so will Tom 10.Unsatisfied _________with the payment, he took the job just to get some work experience. A. though was he B. though he was C. he was though D. was he though 11.Old-fashioned phones matter when wireless networks ________ in disasters.

A. turn down B. turn out C. break down D. break out 12.In much of the animal world, night is the time ______ for sleep—pure and simple. A. set aside B. set down C. set off D. set up 13.— OK, I've had enough of it. I give up. —You can't ____ your responsibilities. A. run off with B. run up against C. run out of D. run away from 14.It was a real race_______time to get the project done. Luckily, we made it. A. over B. by C. for D. against 15.—I love the Internet. I've come to know many friends on the Net. — . Few of them would become your real friends. A. That’s for sure B. It’s not the case C. I couldn't agree more D. I’m pleased to know that 完形填空 36. D. Cooking has not always been my thing 意思是:烹饪并不总是我的最爱。 37. C. Ruin 毁了、烧坏了 38. D. accept ( an invitation)。该句前半部讲“在我们邀请(invite)朋友过来的时候”,所以, 后半句是“在他们愿意接受(邀请)之前” 39. A. put some time into learning how to cook 固定搭配, “花点时间学习如何做饭” 。 40. C.因为没有图片所以感到无聊、厌烦。 41. B.food materials“食材” 42. B 43. A. directions“用法、说明” 。易混选项 D.descriptions 是“描写、描述”的意思。 44. D. 45. A. Everything went smoothly.“一切进展很顺利” 。 46. B.practice“操练、练习” 。该句的意思是:正如学习任何一件事一样,烹饪也需要花 费大量的操练、练习。此处不是强调“勇气” 、 “精力” 、 “努力” 。 47. D.与前一句 undercooked(未烧熟的)对照,这次是“烧焦了的(burnt) ” 48. B. eventually“最后” 49. B. experiences“经历” 50. C. master“掌握” 51. C. 很吃惊:怎么一切都湿漉漉的? 52. A. 哦,我忘记把面条淋干(dry),跟前面的 watery 呼应 53. A. 只尝试两次就把意大利通心粉做对了。根据这里的 only,所以选 A。 54. D. Recipe 原意是“食谱” ,这里指“秘诀” 55. C. 阅读理解 A 56. D。考查细节题,根据第四段的第一句话可知。 57. C.考查细节题,根据倒数第二段的最后一句话可知。 B 58. C.根据第一段最后一句中的关键词:someone sitting next to you, could suddenly be changed 可知。 59. D.根据倒数第二段中的第二句话 In the politically correct United States, it would be considered discriminatory to exclude passengers with kids from certain cabin sections 可知: 在政治正确的美国,这会被认为是歧视。 60. C.考查作者的观念。本篇文章只是讲述不同的人群对此事的看法、态度和观点,并没

有提及作者本人的观点,所以选 C。 61. C. 根据第四段中的最后一句话 We’re simply providing the option to do so 可知。 C 62. C.该题考查学生猜测生词的能力。根据第四段的最后一句话 President Snow plans to use this year’s Games to kill off Katniss and Peeta and in turn dampen the fires of rebellion.可 知: dampen 的宾语 the fires of rebellion 是 “叛乱的火焰” , 能与之搭配的动词就是 C.reduce, 减弱??的气焰。 63. B. 根据第三段,尤其是最后一句可知。 64. A. 该题可用排除法。文章最后三段分析了《饥饿游戏之星火燎原》为什么会成功的 原因(a,b,c 都是),唯独没有提到除 Jennifer Lawrence 外还有比她更红的明星,所以,排 除 d.It has many famous stars in addition to Jennifer Lawrence. 65. D.最后一段讲 Jennifer Lawrence 在实际生活中脚踏实地的个性也是观众喜欢她的原 因之一,从而会促进该续集的成功。 D 66. B. 根据第一段倒数第三行 he has no idea of the responsibilities that are going to fall upon his shoulders 可知:他不知道作为父亲需要负担的责任。 67. C.根据第二段的第一句话可知,作者提到登机的经历旨在表明他的紧张。 68. D.在倒数第二段中,划线的第一句话充当了 topic sentence.其余的句子都是围绕这个 中心句展开的详细描述。通过读懂那些具体事例,可以明白这句话的意思是:降生在这 样的家庭里,你就享受相当大的优势。 69. A.倒数第三段中间有这么一句话: One would think that with such powerful means as the Internet, for example, communication between people as well as education in general would improve. 紧接着作者抛出一个问题:Is it the case? 作者的回答是:I’m not sure. 所以, 选 A。 70. C.该题可以运用排除法。A 选项中 stubborn 不对,B 选项中 worry-free 不对,D 选项 中 narrow-minded 不对. 任务型阅读 71. featuring.由第一段第三行 that features??转换而来。 72. slow. 由第二段第一行 the growth slowdown??转换而来。 73. structure. 根据这行右边的话 Service and consumption will become the main driving force.推导出:这是一个被更新了的经济结构。该空有点难度,同学们也可以参考第三段 中第三行 Along with that process of restructuring,和倒数第二段中第一行 the restructuring of the Chinese economy. 74. transformation 由原文第四段第一行 transform 词性变换而来。 75. Influences/Effects/Impacts 根据空挡后面的介词 on 可知,固定搭配。 76. creation. 根据第五段第二行 created about 980 jobs 可知:创造就业机会。 77. with. 句意转换。 “随着服务产业的上升,创造更多的工作机会” 。 78. boost。原文原词。在倒数第四段的最后一行。 79. less. 句意转换。 从倒数第三段的第一句话 Before the “new normal” state, the Chinese economy overwhelmingly relied on investment and export. 可知:新常态下,中国经济要减 少对投资和出口的依赖。 80. replaced.由倒数第二段的第一句话 Innovation will become the most irreplaceable driving force for the restructuring of the Chinese economy.可知:什么也代替不了创新。 Irreplaceable=can be replaced by nothing.