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Book 5 Unit 4


occupation n. ? Profession n. ? Photograph v. ? Acquire v. ? Deliberate adj. ? Guilty adj. ? Thorough adj. ? Accurate adj. ? Intention n.

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V. occupy adj. Professional N. photographer N. acquirement Adv. Deliberately N. guilt adj. Guiltless Adv. Thoroughly Adv. Accurately; n. accuracy; inaccurate V. intend; adj. Intentional; adv. intentionally

1. occupation n. 工作,职业;消遣,占领。 Occupy vt. ? 辨析occupation, job, career, profession和 work.

occupation指有报酬的某种工作,较文雅, 通常表示不一定有固定收入的工作, 常用于填写表格; Job指任何有报酬的工作; career指长期从事的职业; profession指需要经过高等教育或专门训练才能从事 的职业; work指任何工作或劳动,不可数。

E.g Please state your name, age and occupation. ? Teaching is a good job. ? 2. eager

e.g. He is eager to go home. He is eager for a computer. 3. Concentrate v. 集中,聚集. e.g. Please concentrate on your studies.
concentrate on sth. / doing sth.=focus on 全神贯注于。。。

be eager for sth.渴望某事物, be eager to do sth.渴望做某事

翻译句子: 1. 我们必须致力于改进教育工作。 We mustconcentrate ___________ our efforts ____improving on education. 2. 开车时司机的注意力要集中在路上。 A driver should ______________________ when concentrate on the road driving. 4. Deliberately 故意地 =with deliberation e.g. He said it deliberately to frighten me. 翻译:他从容地走进房间。

He walked into the room deliberately / with deliberation.

5. guilty adj. 有罪的,犯罪的,内疚的 be ~ for 对。。内疚; be ~of 有。。。的罪 e.g. He felt guilty when he did that. 完成句子: guilty of murder. 1. 他犯有谋杀罪。He is ____ ____ 2. 他为没有送她回家感到内疚。 He felt _____________ not sending her home. guilty for 6. gifted 有天赋的adj. gift礼物;天赋 n. have a gift for对。。有天赋 be gifted in / at sth. 在某方面有天赋

翻译句子:1. 她是个聪颖的女孩。 She is a gifted girl.
2. 汤姆有学语言的天赋。 Tom has a gift for learning language. 7. Approve vt. 赞成,批准,称许。 ~ of sth. / (sb.’s) doing sth. 赞成,同意,许可 ~ (doing) sth. 批准(做)某事 e.g. He didn’t ~ the plan. 翻译句子:我的父母不准许我吸烟。 My parents don’t ~ of me smoking cigarettes.

8. intention n. 意图,目的,打算。 have no ~ of doing sth. 无意做某事 without ~ 无意地,非故意地 by ~ 故意地 with good ~ 善意地,诚意地 with the ~ of 有。。。的想法 完成句子:1. 我开始读这本书时想读完它,可是我从来 就没把它读完。I began reading _____________________ finishing the book, but I never with the intention of did. 2. 对不起,我不是故意地。I am sorry, I did ____________. without intention

9. accurate adj.精确的,准确的,正确无误的 ? E.g. Is this watch ~? 辨析 accurate,correct, exact和right.

accurate着重精确度 correct正确的,最常用,适用于修饰真理,事实等。 exact正确的, 确切的,强调在质量、数量上 达到极端正确、准确。 right 对的,正确的,强调道义上表示赞同


exact 1. I don’t know the _____ size of his shoes. 2. Clocks in railway station should be _______. accurate ? 3. It is a _______ correct answer. ? 4. You are _______ right in holding that opinion.

1.Concentrate on 集中,全神贯注于 就。。。取得一致意见 / 达成一致 拓展 agree on / upon base on 以。。。为基础 coment on 就。。。进行评论 集中 focus on depend on依靠,依赖 rely on 依靠 insist on 坚持

2. accuse……of 因。。指责或控告 accuse sb. of sth.控告某人某事 accuse sb. of doing sth. 指控某人做了某事 翻译句子:警方指控他谋杀。

The police accused him of murder.

He was accused of cheating.
3. so as to: in order to 为了(做)。。。 So as to只放句后, in order to 可放句首 4. defend against 防卫以免于 defend sb. / sth. against / from……保护某人某物使 其不受。。。e.g. They defended the city against air attacks.

5. be supposed to 应该,被期望 e.g. You are supposed to pay the bill by Friday. 翻译句子:离开教室时,我们应该自觉关好门窗。 We are supposed to close the windows and doors

when we leave the classroom.

6. look forward to sth. / doing sth.期待,期盼。 7. have a good nose for … 对。。有敏锐的嗅觉 8. get the wrong end of the stick 完全误解, 弄错

Concentrate, concentrate on, ? eager, be eager for, be eager to, ? Deliberately 故意地 =with deliberation ? guilty adj. 有罪的,犯罪的,内疚的 be ~ for 对。。内疚; be ~of 有。。。的罪 ? gifted 有天赋的adj. gift礼物;天赋 n. have a gift for对。。有天赋 be gifted in / at sth. 在某方面有天赋


Approve vt. 赞成,批准,称许。 ~ of sth. / (sb.’s) doing sth. 赞成,同意,许 可 ~ (doing) sth. 批准(做)某事 ? intention n. 意图,目的,打算。 have no ~ of doing sth. 无意做某事 without ~ 无意地,非故意地 by ~ 故意地 with good ~ 善意地,诚意地 with the ~ of 有。。。的想法

accurate adj.精确的,准确的,正确无误的 ? accuse……of 因。。指责或控告 ? accuse sb. of sth.控告某人某事 ? accuse sb. of doing sth. 指控某人做了某事 ? so as to: 为了。。。 ? defend against 防卫以免于 ? be supposed to 应该,被期望 ? look forward to sth. / doing sth.期待,期 ? have a good nose for … 对。。有敏锐的嗅觉 ? get the wrong end of the stick 完全误解,弄 错

单词拼写练习: ccuses me of my 1.My teacher often a________ carelessness. oncentrate 2. The hard-working student can c__________ on his study for a long time. 3. Langlang plays the piano so well that he is a ifted g__________ pianist.

6. I feel g_______about ilty visiting my parents so rarely. ager for 7. He works very hard and is e______ success. acquired 得到) 8. The company has recently _________( a new office building in Beijing. 9. It is very important that clocks at the airport accurate should be ____________( 准确). 10. .As a reporter, listening is of great importance.

Meanwhile __________, she had to prepare the next question.

短语实际应用: on my studies with all 1.I can’t concentrate ____________ that noise going on. accused of murder by the police. 2.He was __________ 3.She walks quickly for half an hour every so as to/in order to lose weight. night ________________

was eager for work, for he could not 4.He ____________ imagine life without it. was supposed to 5. I really forget where I ____________ meet you. looking forwardto your letter as 6. We are ____________ soon as possible. 7. The other day I met an old friend in the street _____________. by accident

1. 这个测试是保密的,以防作弊。 as to/in order to The test is kept secret so ________________ prevent cheating. 2. 没必要担心,一切进展顺利。 There’s _______________worry. no need to Everything goes well. 3. 能不能取得好成绩取决于你有没有好好学习。 Whether depends on _______ you can get a good mark ____________ your hard working. 4. 我们发现要解决这个问题非常困难。 found it rather difficult ____________ to solve We ________ the problem. 5. 树木对于人类来说很重要。 Trees are __________________ of great importance to human beings.

语法回故 Grammar Review!

Unit4 倒装用法

关联词有: no sooner…than hardly /scarcely)…when ? 否定词放在句首时用部分倒装 (, 一般疑问句语序 )常见的词有: , never, seldom, hardly, rarely, scarcely, nowhere, little, not not only…but also( 不仅 ……而且 ) “only +状语”放在句首 等。 需部分倒装


?Hardly (scarcely) had he reached the railway ? Seldom is he late for school. station when train started. ? Hardly did I the think it possible. ?No sooner had the bell rung than ? Little did the boy realize that he was the in danger. students ran out ofdid the classroom. ? Not a single word he say. 他一句话也没说。 ?Not only was Ludark Xundid a great writer, but he ? Not until it was I leave the classroom. was also a great = I didn't leave thethinker. classroom until it was dark. ? Nowhere can you find such a nice hotel. ?Only in this way can we succeed. ?Only then did I come to know the importance of English.

1. Out rushed the soldiers. 士兵们冲了 1) 表示方向的副词置 出去。 于句首时要完全倒装。 2. Under the big tree stood a girl. 在 ? 2) 作方位状语的介词 那棵大树底下站着一个女孩。 短语放在句首时要完 3. Here is a letter for you. 这儿有你的 全倒装。 一封信。There stands a tower at the top of the hill. 山顶上座落着一座 ? 3) 以here, there, 塔。There goes the bell. 铃响了。 now, then等副词开 Then began the meeting. 接着会议 头也常用倒装结构。 开始了。 ? 注意:主语是人称代 注意:Here we are. 我们到了。 There 词时,主语和谓语的 they go. 他 们 走 了 。 Away he 语序不变(不倒装)。 went. 他走了。


强化练习: 1. Out _____, with a stick in his hand. A. did he rush B. rushed he C. he rushed D. he did rush 2. _____, you can’t lift yourself up. A. Even you’re strong B. Strong as you are C. How strong you are D. Though strong you are 3. Only when you realize the importance of foreign languages ____ them well. A. you can learn B. can you learn C. you learned D. did you learn 4. Not only ____ to stay at home, but he was also forbidden to see his friends. A. he was forcing B. he was forced C. was he forcing D. was he forced

5. She did not see Smith. _______. A. Neither did I B. nor didn’t I C. Neither I did D. so didn’t I 6. ---You ought to have given them some advice. ---____. But who cared what I said? A. So ought you B. So I ought C. So did you C. So I did 7. Hardly ____ the bus stop ____ the bus arrived. A. we had got to, when B. we had got to, then C. had we got to, than D. had we got to, when 8. She is a teacher and works at the college. ____. A. So is Li Ming B. So does Li Ming C. So is it with Li Ming D. So it is with Li Ming

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