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1. Which of the news media above is the most reliable? Why?
TV consists of a series of lively consecutive pictures. a picture offers the truth of a fact . offer an unique function of seemingly on the spot.

2. How are the media above different from each other?
Tv programmes are easy for people to understand

Radio can only be heard clearly

can’t be picked up

Newspapers and magazines are only useful for peoplewho read

Websites have many different pages, you should be careful to choose. 3.How do you know whether what you hear, see or read is true ?

check the other sources
4. What words will you need to talk about news and the media? news broadcast , radio programme , website , report, editor , interview , reporters

1. What’s the editor’s job?
To keep the newspaper balanced and interesting to readers. 2. Is interviewing someone difficult? What must a reporter know?

Yes. A reporter must know how to ask the right question and how to get people to talk about the topic.
3. What’s the basic task for a reporter? To report an event truthfully. 4. What’s result can TV programmes and printed articles bring to us?

. a better understanding of the world on all sides, leading to a future world where people from all countries are respected and different views and opinions are tolerated. 5. If you were a reporter , what would you like to write about? more than= not only

Hibernation is more than sleep .
for once= just for once / just for this Just for once he arrived on time . People to be interviewed= People who will be interviewed People interviewed=people who were/have been

1. make informed decision------

make a decision based on information or knowledge
2. relate to------ understand / connect with

He related to his brother his adventure.
It is difficult to relate these results to any known cause.

Some adults can not relate to children.
He just can not relate to classic music. 3. switch------change 4. Feature A front page feature on Olympic games. an interesting feature of city life.

5. Present ------put forward or show They presented flowers to their teachers. Our class presented the school with a picture. Every one of the class was present . 6. make sure make sure of/about Please make sure that the house is locked when you leave. Make sure of all the facts before you write the report. Arrive early at the cinema to make sure of getting seats 7. bring back Her heart stopped three times, but they brought her back. Talking about it brings it all back.

8. adapt to

It is not easy to adapt oneself to new condition .
When you go abroad, you have to adapt yourself to

foreign habits and customs.
9. be/become addicted to- unable to stop taking or using

Soon he become addicted to cigarettes.
10. draw one’s attention catch one’s attention turn one’s attention give one’s attention to pay one’s attention to

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涸、泪渐干?洛月躲在屋里,手心冒汗。她遵照 的意思,取闺房中现成的红染料浸出水,趁人看不见打进泥土中,芙蓉树吸了,汁液中便 流着红色,又从断口中渗出来。洛月在做这事时,只以为吓唬吓唬那些敢挖树的人,没想到会惊动到老太太,闹得这么大。老太太看过了 那些“血泪”,甚至闻了闻,问嘉颜:“留了么?”嘉颜道:“留了一份,送到外头验了。”老太太道:“快把树请回土里去,好生照料 着。”众人应着。老太太进宝音屋里来。宝音倚在床边,长发在颈后以丝巾束住,简洁柔婉,纤细双肩披袭淡色长衣,见老太太进来,忙 叫乐韵扶她行礼。老太太叫止了。嘉颜不听,在地上行了大礼,依次对大太太二太太也施礼毕,呜咽:“惊动这么多长辈,毓笙心下惭愧 死了。”第二十四章 芙蓉泣血移宝屋(2)“糊涂孩子,”老太太看着乐韵把 扶回床上坐着,“那树有异常,又关你什么事?”宝音道: “总是毓笙院子里出的事??”老太太听宝音说话,不带咳喘,气息撑得下来,虽还娇弱,遣词行句倒比从前还得体了些,再仔细看她脸 上,气色也见好些,眸光温润内敛,更非从前那恹恹抱恙的目光,不由惊奇道:“笙儿,你身体见好?”宝音答道:“多托外婆的福,多 亏大舅母、二舅母关心照料,自从用了于大夫新药之后,笙儿自己觉得是一天天爽利起来。”老太太又问:“昨天晚上,可惊着你了不 成?”宝音便有些迟疑:“笙儿一早起来,听丫头们讲说,半夜有什么声音??还觉奇怪呢,怎么笙儿似乎没听着什么。”老太太便问丫 头:“昨晚你们听见什么?”乐韵对答如流:“是听见怪声,像有人哭,婢子惊醒回来,看姑娘睡得熟熟的,不敢惊动。幸好那怪声持续 时间不长,很快就止息了。早上,听其他人也说这事,不是婢子一个人错听,这才不敢瞒了,便照实禀报了姑娘。”老太太抚摸着宝音的 手:“可怜见的。”宝音的手温暖,不湿、不燥。老太太很欣慰,这是一双健康的手。若真有恶鬼闹事,屋主人怎还会如此健康?老太太 放心多了,宝音看着老太太,一脸依恋和求助:“外婆,其实,昨晚??”又不敢说下去。老太太鼓励她:“昨晚怎么了?说呀?”宝音 悄悄抬起一点眼皮,又不敢说。老太太便命大太太二太太:“没什么事了,你们先回罢。我这儿同孩子说会儿话。”大太太二太太便告退, 并乐韵都送客出去了,屋里只剩下老太太和宝音。老太太道:“好孩子,有什么话,你信得过外婆,但说出来,不妨事!”宝音感戴道: “这事,笙儿想来想去,也只有同外婆讲,人家说不定怎么笑话我呢!外婆一直明达,想必不会斥责笙儿。”“绝不会斥责的。”老太太 答应她,“你讲罢!”宝音道:“其实昨晚,笙儿做了个梦,有人青裙粉帔,似乎是——极