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1.No regular advertiser dare produce anything that fails to stick to the _____of his advertisement. A. standard B. level C. message D. promise 2.-----What do you think of his composition? ------Much better, but there’s still some ______for improvement. A. space B. room C. area D. place 3. Sometimes doctors make higher ______ for their work than they should. A. bills B. charges C. costs D. prices 4. The ______of a big snake made her frightened, so she sat there still. A. sight B. look C. view D. scene 5.No ______ she fell ill, considering that she had been overworking for years. A. problem B. way C. wonder D. matter 6. -----How is it that you lost your way? ------When I came to the crossroads, I went the wrong ________. A. way B. direction C. distance D. path 7. Little Tom asked me for small _________ for his _________piece, so I gave him ________. A. change; ten pennies; ten pence B. changes; ten pennies; ten pence C. change; ten pence; ten pennies D. changes; ten pence; ten pennies 8. Will you please tell me _______you are talking about? A. which Zhang Yimou’s film B. which film of Zhang Yimou C. which film of Zhang Yimou’s D. zhang Yimou’s which film 9. The baby broke a _______which is made of _____just now. A. tea cup; glass B. cup of tea; glass C. tea’s cup; glasses D. tea cup; glasses 10. Look, Mother has just bought three _______ and _______. A. fruit; lots of vegetables B. fruits; a number of vegetables C. fruit; a great many of the vegetables D. fruits; a great amount of vegetables 11. If you get the job you’ll have to make business ______every now and then. A. journeys B. trips C. travels D. voyages 12. I listened to his lecture about biology , but I missed the key ______. A. messages B. sense C. notes D. points 13. He is always full of ______as though he never knew tiredness. A. strength B. force C. power D. energy 14.There has been a great _______ in the number of cars in our city in the past five years. A. increase B. improvement C. result D. effect 15. I don’t think it’s my ______ that the TV doesn’t work. I just turned it off. A. mistake B. fault C. duty D. error 16. ---- What’s the ______ of this pair of shoes? ---- 500 yuan.

---- Oh, it’s really too expensive. ---- But it’s comfortable, so I think it’s good _______ for money. A. cost; value B. price; value C. price; cost D. cost; price 17. How did you like the ________of the interpreter(口译员)at the conference on TV? A. performance B. achievement C. material D. words 18.She is not in good ______for such heavy work. A. state B. condition C. position D. situation 19.It’s bad _______ for a man to smoke in public places where smoking is not allowed. A. manners B. action C. movement D. manner 20. Johnson is an honest businessman. Our company and his has had a lot of _______ in the past few years. A. agreements B. sales C. deals D. bargains 1.——Have you heard that Tian Liang , along with his parents , _______ to Canada ? ——Really ? No wonder I haven’t seen him these days . A. has been B. has gone C. have been D. have gone 2.Over three-quarter of the city _______ destroyed in the Iraq War . A.is B. are C. were D. was 3.This kind of stories ________ instructive while stories of that kind ________ harmful to children . A.is ; seems B. are ; seem C. is ; seem D. are ; seems 4.Everybody in our hometown , men and women , young and old , ________ sports and games . A.are fond of B. joins C. enjoys D. go in for 5.The Whites’ family , which _______ rather a large one , ________ very fond of their house . A.were ; were B. was ; were C. were; was D. was ; was 6.Not his son but his two daughters ________ to Canada , never to be seen again . A. has gone B. have gone C. has been D. have been 7.When the injured _______ to the hospital ,, they came to A.was rushed ; life B. were rushed ; life C. rushed ; lives D. were rushed ; lives 8.Despite much research , there are still certain elements in the life cycle of the insect that _______ not fully understood . A. are B. were C. is D. was 9. _________ visitors to Hong Kong were asked by newspaper reporters what their impressions of the people were. A.The number of B. A numbers of C. Numbers of D. Any numbers of 10. Though small , the ant is as much as a creature as _________ all other animals on earth . A.are B. is C. do D. have 11. Between the two rows of trees _______ the teaching building . A. have B. has C. stands D. are 12.Every possible means _________ tried but without much result A.have been B. had C. has D. has been 13.The rest of the story ________ no telling . Half of the students _______ no interest in it .

A.need ; has B. needs ; have C. needs ; has D. need ; have 14. John and Mary, ___ sure to come to our party this evening. A.be B. are C. is D. to be 15. This is the only one of the books on the subject ________ ever been written in English . A.that has B. which have C. that have D. which is 16.Every boy and every girl as well as some teachers who ____ to visit the museum____ asked to be at the school gate before 6:30 in the morning. A.are, are B. is , is C. are, is D. is , are 17. A great many people_______ present at the meeting . But many a man ________ late for the meeting because of the traffic jam . A. are ; are B. is; is C. were ; was D. was ; are 18. He is the only one of the children who often ________ ill of others behind their backs . A.have spoken B. were speaking C. speaks D. speak 19. It’s I who ________ the Christmas gift to you . A.has sent B. have sent C. is going to fetch D. are going to fetch 20. What were your problems a year ago _______ mine now . A. has become B. have become C. becomes D. became 1.---What do you want _______ those old boxes ? --- To put things in when I move to the new flat . A. by B. for C. of D. with 2.Luckily , the bullet narrowly missed the captain ________ an inch . A. by B. at C. to D. from 3.The train leaves at 6:00pm, so I have to be at the station _______ 5:30 pm. A. until B. after C. by D. around 4.The little boy was quite alone in the world ________ an aunt in the United States . A. except for B. except C. besides D. except that 5.________ his great surprise , his shop was robbed ________ computers . A. To ; of B. For ; of C. From ; with D. To ; with 6.We offered him our congratulations _________ his passing the driving test . A. at B. for C. of D. on 7. Einstein’s special theory of relativity is quite _______ me . A. for B. beyond C. to D. against 8. How much did you pay ________ the tickets ________ tonight’s New Year Concert ? A. for; for B. for ; to C. for ; of D. to ; for 9. He has been caught ________ the rain and is wet ________ skin . A. by ; to B. in ; to C. in ; through D. with ; in 10. ---How long have you been like this ? ---_______ last Friday . A. From B. Since C. In D. After 11. Besides being able to walk on for three days without drinking , camels can also live for a long time ________ small quantities of food . A. with B. on C. by D. without 12. I’m sorry it’s ________ my power to make a final decision on the project . A. over B. above C. off D. beyond 13. ---Did you lose the match ? ---Yes , we lost the match _______ one goal . A. by B. at C. with D. only 14. The study you have been making ________ the living things in the ocean is an instructive job . A. to B. for C. of D. from

15. I felt it rather difficult to take a stand ________ the opinion of the majority . A. to B. by C. in D. against 16. ---Your daughter is tall enough ________ her age. ---Yes. I was much ________ when I was her age. A. for ; taller B. at ; taller C. at ; shorter D. for ; shorter 17.---When will the game begin ? ---It will begin later than usual _______ ten minutes . A. in B. on C. by D. at 18.---Is your grandma still with you ? --- No . She still prefers to live in the countryside _________ all its disadvantages . A. for B. except C. with D. to 19. Let’s keep in touch . You can reach me ________ this number . A. at B. on C. from D. in 20.---Miss Li , Jack is ill , so he can’t come to school . ---Then we’ll begin our class _________ him . A. except for B. apart from C. except D. without 21.---It’s so noisy upstairs .Peter , better go and see what they have been up ________. ---OK . A. to B. in C. with D. for 22.---What’s your favorite sport? ---Jogging . I run _________ the river every morning . A. around B. on C. along D. in 23. _________ running , learning English needs will . A. As with B. As to C. As for D. As if 24. ________ left before the deadline , it doesn’t seem likely that he will finish the job . A. Though such a short time B. Because such a short time C. With such a short time D. As such a short time 25.He reminded me _______ the time _______ the meeting . A. at ; at B . of; of C. in ; in D. at ; in 26.The sun will rise ________ about a quarter of an hour . A. on B. in C. after D. at 27.Liu Xiang’s parents were overjoyed and burst ______ tears _______ the news of their son’s victory in the Olympic Games . A. into ; at B. out ; for C. forth ; on D. to ; after 28.Hellen used to be a shy girl , but she has grown _______ it now. A. without B. over C. away D. out of 29.This is the Audi car __________ she came here . A. by which B. by that C. in which D. with which 30. My house is ________ a stone’s throw from school , so I often go to school _______ foot . A. within ; on B. to ; by C. on ; on D. of ; with 31. We went on a picnic ________ the heavy rain . A. although B. in spite of C. because of D. for 32. ---Can I borrow some money from you ? --- You’re already in debt _________ me for sixty dollars . A. to B. for C. from D. by 33.His best -known work that is ________ all praise can be seen in the museum . A. without B. beyond C. with D. within 34.He likes his coffee with sugar ; I like mine ________. A. not B. of no C. none D. without 35. Without a thorough grasp ________biology , a student cannot hope to study

medicine . A. in B. for C. of D. with 36.We decided to climb the mountain , but _______ second thought realized that it was too dangerous . A. after B. on C. in D. at 37._________ success I don’t mean what is usually thought of when that word is used . A. In B. By C. With D. For 38.Mr. Smith apologized _________ the children ________ the lady ________ what they had done . A. for ; to ; to B. for ; to ; for C. to ; to ; for D. to ; for ; for 39.We live _______ a small river that flows ________ the Thames . A. in ; into B. on ; into C. at ; onto D. in; onto 40.________ curiosity , I went to the customer service counter and asked why . A. Beyond B. Besides C. Apart from D. Out of 41. Mr. Johnson goes to work very early in the morning and goes on working until late in the afternoon _________ a break at midday . A. with B. for C. as D. through 42.The manned spacecraft ―Shenzhou V‖,________ China greets the 21st century , marks new progress in the century’s space program. A. for which B. from which C. in which D. with which 43. He might have been killed ________ the arrival of the police . A. except for B. apart from C. but for D. in spite of 44. Isn’t _________ rude ______ him to talk to his mother like that ? A. that ; for B. that ; of C. it ; for D. it ; of 45.Theory is based on practice and ______ turn serves practice . A. on B. in C. by D. at 1. ---- Do you want tea or coffee? ---- _____ . I really don’t mind. A. Both B. None C. Either D. Neither 2. I read about it in some book or other, does it matter ______ it was? A. where B. what C. how D. which 3. ---- You’re always working. Come on, let’s go shopping. ---- _______ you ever want to do is going shopping. A. Anything B. Something C. All D. That 4. The boss decided to dismiss two workers: ________ . A. you and Tom B. I and you C. Mary and I D. she and you 5. I don’t care for ______ of the hats. Would you show me a third one? A. all B. none C. either D. both 6. I now do not accept ______ that is offered to me, I only choose those useful. A. anything B. any C. whatever D. everything 7. A school is an exciting place, ____ in which new talents are being discovered every day. A. and B. that C. there D. one 8. ---- How much vinegar did you put in the salad? ---- I’m sorry to say, _______. I forgot. A. no B. nothing C. no one D. none 9. ---- Is this umbrella yours? ---- No, mine is here. It must be ________. A. someone’s B. someone’s else C. someone else’s D. someone’s else’s 10.Our feelings were ___________ . A. the same as they B. same as theirs C. same as they D. the same as theirs 11. You can reach the town ______ road you take.

A. whatever B. what C. whichever D. which 12. ______ who wish to go swimming may sign up here. A. Any person B. Those C. Anyone D. These 13. Now that the new machines have been bought, _____ will you do with the old _____ ? A. how ; ones B. how ; one C. what ; one D. what ; ones 14. The thieves ran away separately, _____ carrying a bag. A. all B. each C. every D. either 15. ---- Did anybody ask for me during my absence? ---- Yes, ______ called Black asked to see you. A. he B. it C. one D. that 1.-----Jack, there’s ______ Mrs. Smith on ______phone for you. ------I’m in the bath. A. a; the B. the; a C. a; / D. the;/ 2. Tell her not to stay in _____hotel next time she comes here. I can find _____bed for her in my flat. Now I’m sleepy and I want to head for_______. A. the; / ; / B. a; / ; a C. the; a ; / D. the; a ; the 3. After I left _______university, I turned _______ lawyer. A. an; a B. a; a C. / ; / D. the; the 4. ------What about ______lecture this morning? ------Oh, it was too difficult ________ lecture for me. A. the; the B. a; a C. a; the D. the; a 5. The manager decided to put _____plan into ______ practice because he thought it was ______most practical one. A. the; the; a B. a; /; the C. the; / ; a D. a; the; the 6. People of _______kind fall into ______same group and things of _____kind flock together. A. the; the; the B. a; the; a C. a; /; a D. the; a; the 7. ------What do you usually have for_____ breakfast ? ------Some milk and bread. -----What about Jim? ------He never has ______breakfast, for he always gets up too late, but this morning he had quite ________big breakfast. A./ ; / ; / B. /; /; a C. the; the; a D. the; the; / 8. He told me that it was _____pleasure to help others and he would do it with ______ pleasure. A. a; a B. /; / C. the; a D. a; / 9. ---- I have telephoned him for three times this morning, but it seems that he is still in _____hospital. ---- Why not call him for _______fourth time? Maybe he’s back now. He told me yesterday the doctor allowed him to come home this morning. A. /; a B. the; the C. a; a D. / ; the 10.It’s often less expensive to buy goods in ______quantity, but you’d better examine _______ quality before buying them. A. /; the B. the; / C. a; the D. the; the 11. Tim couldn’t remember the exact date of the earthquake, but he knew it was _____Sunday because everybody was at________ church. A./; the B. a; the C. a; / D. the; / 12. The price of ________ jewel is decided by the sort of ______material used. A. the; the B. the; / C. /; the D. /; /

13. Apples are usually sold by ______weight and eggs are sometimes sold by ______dozen. A. the; the B. /; a C. /; the D. the; a 14. ---- I hear as many as 50 children were killed in the accident. ---- Yes, _____news came as _____ shock to me. A. the; the B. the; a C. /; / D. /; a 15. ---- Are you used to our food here? ---- More or less, but ______knife and _______fork is still a problem. A. the; the B. a; a C. the; / D. / ; / 16. Karl Marx first discovered ______political theory known as _______communism. A. a; a B. the; the C. the; / D. a; / 17. _____library building in our school was completed in _____May of 1998, not in_______April, 1997. A. A; / ; / B. The; the; / C. A; the; / D. The; / ; / 18. ----What do you think of ______ president? ----I didn’t care for him at first, but after ______ time I got to like him. A. the; a B. / ; the C. the; the D. /; a 19. In ______Sahara Desert, _______ rain was scarce, but in my hometown there is _______ heavy rain now and then, and the river around the town rises a lot after _______. A. the; the; a ; a heavy rain B. the; / ; a ; heavy rains C. / ; / ; /; a heavy rain D. the; the; a; heavy rains 20.---- He sent ______word that you shall go to his office after class. ----I know. And ______word has come that you are the next person he wants to see. A. / ; / B. the; / C. a; / D. a; the 1. John told me that _____ nothing important have ever happened. A. hardly B. rarely C. nearly D. almost 2. ---Why don’t you like the shirt? ---Its neck is not big for me at all. Have you got a shirt of this kind with _____ neck? A. the biggest B. a far bigger C. by far the biggest D. a more bigger 3. ---The temperature today is 10℃ below zero. ---Oh, it’s ____cold. A. the most B. the more C. most D. much more 4. ---Do you think him naughty enough? ---I’m afraid he’s ___than naughty. A. more clever B. clever C. much clever D. much more clever 5. Exercise is _____as any other to lose unwanted weight. A. so useful a way B. as a useful way C. as useful a way D. such a useful way 6. ---What’s wrong? You seem restless. ---I was reduced to paying ____ price for it. A. double the B. double of the C. double D. double of 7. _____, the boys were shouting and singing.

A. Happy and excited B. Happily and excitedly C. To be happy and excited D. To be happily and excitedly 8. I’m glad to say that he’s already finished _____50% of the book in these three days. A. no less than B. no more than C. not more than D. much less than 9. I’ll get there by six, if______. A. not sooner B. no sooner C. not more quickly D. no quick 10. The US is about the same size as China, but its population is five times ____. A. as little B. smaller C. as few D. fewer 11. ----Is this ____book? ---- Yes, it’s ___what I’m after. A. the very; just B. the just; exactly C. a very; just D. the right; only 12. He has given up drinking. He drinks ______. A. never again B. not any more C. no more D. once again 13. He hurried away, _____to meet his old friend. A. looking forward B. hoped C. anxiously D. eager 14. Everything was very expensive. I didn’t buy ____fruit, but I’ve got some _____apples. A. any; big red B. any; red big C. much; big red D. some ; red big 15. ---Are you going to the football game? ---No, the tickets are ____expensive for me. A. very much B. so much C. far too D. highly 16. We’ll have to wait a ____two weeks to know the examination result. A. other B. further C. another D. more 17. The little town has now grown into a modern big city, and is ___ what it used to be. A. twice the size than B. two times the size as C. twice the size as D. twice the size of 18. The living carried away the dead and the healthy helped ____. A. the ill B. the wounded C. the brave D. the rich 19. He likes going fishing. He usually uses a ______. A. bamboo long fishing pole B. long bamboo fishing pole C. pole long bamboo and fishing D. bamboo fishing long pole 20. He was the _____at that moment. A. only awake person B. only person awake C. awake only person D. person only awake 21. I think his suggestion is ____ bad, and that of yours is_____ good. A. fairly too; rather B. rather too; fairly C. fairly; rather too D. rather; fairly too 22. Would you be ___ to tell me he time by your watch? A. so kind B. kind enough C. enough kind D. very kind 23. The winners are _____children brought up in the country.

A. almost B. mostly C. most D. nearly 24. The technical college education I playing an important part today and its role will be ____ important. A. no less B. no more C. none the less D. no more 25. A few weeks spent in traveling can be just ______classes in school. A. a part of one’s education useful as B. as a useful part of one’s education as C. part of one’s education as useful D. a part of one’s education as useful as 26. ______, the thief didn’t take anything valuable but my notebook. A. Strange it is B. To be strange C. Strangely enough D. It was strange 27. His attitude towards me proved ________. A. well B. warmly C. friendly D. nicely 28. She is ______than her younger sister. A. less richer B. not more rich C. less rich D. not rich 29. ---What do you think of the plan? ---I feel ___that we ought to give it up at once. A. strong B. stronger C. strongly D. it strong 30. ---Did you enjoy the movie last night? ---Yes, I didn’t expect it ______ wonderful. A. more B. as C. most D. much 1. ------I took a photo of you just now. -----Really? I _______ with attention. A. didn’t look B. wasn’t looking C. am not looking D. haven’t looked 2. ------You haven’t said a word about my new hair-style. What do you think of it? -----I’m sorry I _______ anything about it sooner. I certainly think it’s pretty. A. don’t say B. wasn’t saying C. didn’t say D. haven’t said 3. ------Can I help you, Madam? -------No, thanks. I __________________. A. have just looked around B. just look around C. am just looking around D. just looked around 4. ------That famous cherry trees _________ because of pollution. -----Yes, we have to do something to save it. A. has died B. had died C. is dead D. is dying 5. She ought to stop reading; she has a headache because she _______ too long. A. had read B. read C. is reading D. has been reading 6. ------You’re talking too much. -------Only at home. No one ______ me but you. A. is hearing B. had heard C. hears D. heard 7. -------What have you been doing? I asked you a question. Why didn’t you answer? -------Sorry, I ___________ to the news on the radio. A. listened B. have listened C. was listening D. had listened 8. -------You should have told him the date earlier. -------I_______, but he forgot about it. A. did B. have C. had D. should have 9. ------You could have asked Tom for help, for he is good at physics. -----Really? Oh, a whole night __________. Why didn’t you tell me earlier? A. is wasted B. was wasted C. had wasted D. has wasted 10. The thief tried to break away from the policeman who __________ him but failed.

A. held B. had held C. would hold D. was holding 11. You _________exercises at your desk! Why not take some exercise? A. always do B. are always doing C. have always done D. have always been doing 12.----What were you up to when she dropped in? ----I ____ for a while and ____some reading. A. was playing; was going to do B. played; did C. had played; was going to do D. had played; did 13.Until then I _______ for him for hours in his office. A. waited B. was waiting C. have been waiting D. had been waiting 14. -----Did you see Marty in the manager’s office? -----Yes, he ______ by the manager. A. is questioned B. was being questioned C. had been questioned D. was questioned 15. Look at this ! I _______ some magazines and _______ this card! A. was looking through; found B. am looking through; had found C. looked through; had found D. had looked through; finding 16. ------Tom’s wife took the place of him to attend the conference. -------I would rather Tom _______ there, not his wife. A. had been B. have been C. was D. went 17. -------Listen! ------I _______ but I _________ anything at all. A. listened; have heard B. have listened; hear C. was listening; wasn’t hearing D. am listening; don’t hear 18. The shop assistant promised me that the material ______ and what she said ______ to be true. A. would be dried easily ; was proved B. will be dried easily; was proved C. dried easily; proved D. was dried easily; proved 19. -----What place is it? -----Haven’t you seen that we _____ back where we ______? A. were, had been B. are, were C. were, have been D. are, had been 1. I lived with my sister this summer and didn’t have to pay rent. So I ____ save most of my salary. A. could B. would C. was able to D. should 2. --- Look , John’s fallen asleep. --- Oh, he ______ too late last night. A. might sit up b. should have sat up c. could sit up D. must have sat up 3. On Sundays when I was a child , Father and I ____ get up early and go fishing. A. could B. would C. might D. should 4. --- Many people in England love to give advice on weather reporting. --- Yes, but I think the weather office’s computers ___ be more accurate. (精确的) A. can B. must C. ought to D. might 5. --- Are you still going to Shanghai for the Spring Festival? --- Yes, but I really ____ because I have a lot of things to deal with. A. can’t B. mustn’t C. won’t D. shouldn’t 6. –Well, I forgot to bring my dictionary here yesterday. -- Actually you ____ it here. You were not allowed to use it. A. needn’t bring B. needn’t have brought C. didn’t need to bring D. don’t have to bring 7. --- Shall I book the table for the dinner? ---Yes, you____. The restaurant is always full of people. A. can B. will C. must d. need

8. The poor boy ____ the test again; in that case, his mother will be very disappointed. a. must have failed B. might fail C. could have failed D. should fail 9. --- Why ____ it rain now? I ___ go to the concert at 7. --- What a pity! A. can; might not B. should; needn’t C. must; can’t D. need; mustn’t 10. -- We need some fresh air, but the window open. -- _____I help you ? A. didn't; Will B. shan't; Need C. mustn't ; May D. won't; Shall 11. -- What do you think of your nephew? -- He be very naughty but at the same time you __ help liking him. A. will; will b. won’t ; can’t C. may; may D. can; can’t 12. It was not possible that she____ go down, step by step down the unexpected stairs into the dark below. A. should dare B. should dare to C. must dare D. must dare to 13. --- I am told that John had another car accident this morning. --- I believe not. He ____ so careless. A. shouldn’t have been B. wouldn’t have been C. couldn’t have been D. mustn’t have been 14. ---You ought to have given them some advice. ---____, but who cared what I said? A. So I ought B. So ought I C. So I did D. So did I 15. ---Write to me when you get home. --______. A.I must B. I should C. I will D. I can 16. Shut your mouth. Nothing ___ stop me once I have made up my mind. A. will B. ought to C. shall D. must 17. Keep up a good state of mind even if you _____fail plenty of times. A. must B. will C. can D. should 18. The policeman told the pupils. ―You ____ play football in the street.‖ A. can’t B. needn’t C. mustn’t D. shouldn’t 19. If you ___ wait a moment, I will go and find our manager. A. can B. should C. will D. must 20. Don’t believe him. His story ___ be true. A. mustn’t B. needn’t C. shouldn’t D. may not 1. I could have called you for help, but I ____ your number. A. couldn’t have remembered B. didn’t remember C. should have remembered D. hadn’t remembered 2. She suggested to the police in the police station that Mr. Smith ____. A. stole the necklace B. should steal the necklace C. had stolen the necklace D. steal the necklace 3. ____ it would stop snowing ! A. If only B. Only if C. Even if D. But for 4. My advice is that he ___ so much. A. not smoke b. doesn’t smoke C. won’t smoke D. must not smoke 5. How I wish I ____ that! Everybody present was angry with me. A. didn’t do B. hadn’t done C. wouldn’t do D. wasn’t doing 6. ___ it to clear up tomorrow, the tourists would climb to the top of the mountain to wait for the sun ____. A. If; to raise B. Were; to rise C. Should; to rise D. Because; raising

7. ____the expense, I ___to Italy. A. If it were not; go B. Were it not for ; I would go C. Weren’t it for; will go D. If it hadn’t been; would have gone 8. His illness was too serious; otherwise he______saved. A. could be B., couldn’t have been c. could have D. could have been 9. --- I have great difficulty working out this problem. --- ___ to me, you ____ less difficulty with such problems. A. If you had listened , would have had B. If you listened, would have C. Had you listened, would have D. If you listen, will have 10. ---- Would you have called her up had it been possible? ---Yes, but I ___ busy doing my homework. A. was B. were C. had been D. would be 11. ___the fog, we should have reached the top of the hill. A. In spite of B. If there were no C. But for D. Because of 12. Tom insisted what he said ____ true and we insisted that he ____ and have a look. A. be; should go B. should be; would go C. was ; go D. was ; would go 13. He acts as if he _______the owner of the house. A. will be B. has been C. is D. were 14. It’s about time that you _____to study English. A. begin B. will begin C. have begun D. began 15. How I wish it____! If it ___in a few days, the crops would be saved. A. will rain; rained B. would rain; should rain C. should rain; rains D. would rain; had rained 1. At the shopping center, he didn’t know what ____ and ____ with an empty bag. A. to buy ; leave B. to be bought ; left C. to buy ; left D. was to buy ; leave 2. The long and tiring talk, filled with arguments and quarrels, ended in disorder, _____ no agreement at all. A. arriving B. arrived at C. reaching D. and getting to 3. Do you know the difficulty he had ______ five children at school? A. to keep B. to have kept C. keeping D. having kept 4. ——Let me tell you something about my Chinese teacher. —— I remember _____ about her yesterday. A. telling B. being told C. to tell D. having told 5. Having no money but ____ to know, he simply said he would go without dinner. A. not to want anyone B. wanted no one C. not wanting anyone D. to want no one 6. The old lady needed ___ as she was in her 80s. A. to look after B. looking after C. look after D. being looked after 7. ——Why are you always making me drink milk? —— ______ enough calcium for you to grow tall and strong. A. Get B. To get C. Getting D. To be getting 8. Many students _____ around, I explained the story into details. A. stood B. standing C. to stand D. were standing 9. He has few friends and never mind ______ alone, playing by himself. A. leaving B. having C. to be left D. being left 10. I explained the theory as clearly as possible, ____ to make it easy _____ . A. hope ; to understand B. hoped ; understood C. hoping ; to understand D. to hope ; to be understood 11. The students listened carefully, with their eyes ____ the blackboard.

A. fixing at B. fixed at C. fixing on D. fixed on 12. _______ to go with the others made him rather disappointed. A. His not allowed B. His not being allowed C. Not his allowing D. Having not been allowed 13. I was very poor when young and had no toys _______ . A. to play B. to play with C. with playing D. playing with 14. He went to bed _____ . The next morning he woke up only ____ himself lying on the floor. A. drinking ; to find B. drunk ; to find C. being drunk ; finding D. to drink ; finding 15. We can hardly imagine Peter _____ such rude words to you. A. say B. to say C. saying D. to have said 16. I’d like my child _______ in a school of high quality. A. educating B. to educate C. to be educated D. being educated 17. My son pretended _______ when I came back. A. to sleep B. sleeping C. being sleeping D. to be sleeping 18. Tom is thought ______ the good deed to the blind man. A. of doing B. to do C. to have done D. of being done 19. The stranger has spent a whole week ______ in his room. No one knows what he is doing. A. locking B. to lock C. locked D. being locked 1. The boy dived into the water and after _____ seemed to be a long time, he came up again. A. what B. that C. it D. which 2. These two areas are similar _____ they both have a high rainfall during this season. A. except that B. in which C. in that D. so that 3.You may depend on ______ that all the goods will be shipped abroad in time. A. which B. it C. whom D. these 4.Scientists believe native Americans arrived by crossing the land bridge that connected Siberia and ________ more than 10,000 years ago. A. this is Alaska B. Alaska is now C. is now Alaska D. what is now Alaska 5.Look at the watch. Don’t you see it is ______ watch _______ Helen lost the other day? A. as the same ; as B. the same ; as C. the same ; which D. as the same ; that 6.The British are not so familiar with different cultures and other ways of doing things, ______ is often the case in other countries. A. as B. that C. so D. it 7._____ was known to them all that Bob had broken his promise _____ he would give them a rise. A. As; which B. What; that C. It; that D. It; which 8.That is the reason ______ he gave us for carrying out the plan. A. because B. why C. how D. that 9.Was it in the village ______ we used to live in ______ the accident happened? A. where; that B. which; that C. that; where D. where; which 10.The hours _______ the children spend in their one-way relationship with television people undoubtedly affected their relationship with real-life people. A. that B. when C. in which D. on which 11.Mr. Smith will move into his new house next Sunday, ____ it will be completely finished.

A. on that time B. by which time C. on which D. by the time 12. the book, Newton is shown as a gifted scientist who stood at the point in history In ______ magic ended and science began. A. where B. when C. that D. which 13. treatment will continue until the patient reaches the point ______ he can walk The correctly and safely. A. when B. where C. which D. whose 14.The question of _____ they are old or young is not important. A. / B. whether C. how D. if 15.Earth is a rocky planet ________ liquid water, which is necessary for life, can exist. A. as B. which C. where D. when 1.________, I couldn’t lift the box. A. As I might try B. Try although I might C. As try I might D. Try as I might 2.The next moment, _____ she had time to realize what was happening, she was hit over the head. A. when B. before C. since D. as 3.——Do you have any idea what Hank does all day? ——I know he speaks at least as much time watching TV as he __________. A. does writing B. writes C. is writing D. does to write 4.If the way _____ you do the job is wrong, you will surely fail ____ good your idea may be. A. how; however B. /; however C. that; whatever D. in which; how 5.She must have gone out early, _____ she had not shown up at breakfast. A. because B. since C. for D. therefore 6.I don’t think you’ll be able to understand that ______ you are my age. A. even B. only when C. as if D. even when 7.——Don’t look down upon Bob. He has just own advantages. ——Oh, yes. ______ others are weak, he is strong. A. When B. Though C. Where D. If 8. Christie stared angrily at her boss and turned away, as though ______ out of the office. A. to go B. went C. gone D. would go 9.——Excuse me, is there a gas station around _______ I can fill up my tank? ——Of course, there is one at the end of the road. A. that B. in which C. where D. which 10.I was advised to arrange for insurance _____ I needed some medical treatment. A. so that B. in case C. for fear of D. though 11.Mr. Li, though in a bad health, is always well prepared _______ students attend his lecture. A. in order that B. so far as C. whoever D. however many 12.The earth goes around the sun _____ the moon goes around the earth. A. so that B. just like C. just as D. as how 13.Doing your homework is a way to improve your test scores, and this is especially true _____ it _____ classroom tests. A. before; gets B. as; makes C. since; takes D. when; comes to 14. When he reads books, his habit is to make a mark _______ the meaning is unclear to him. A. there B. wherever C. the place D. in which 15.It was not ______ he took off his dark glasses _____ I realized he was a famous

football star. A. when; that B. until; did C. when; then D. until; that 1. ______ nice weather it is! Let’s go out for a walk, shall we? (04 西城4月) A. How B. How a C. What a D. What 2. —Nothing wrong with it, _____? (04 南 京质检) —No. Yours is a special-built model. Drive carefully, though. It takes time to run in a new car. A. is it B. has it C. are they D. is there 3. He had little idea that it was getting so late, _______? (04 长春调研) A. didn’t he B. wasn’t it C. did he D. was it 4. Polly must be unhappy without me, _____ she? A. must B. is C. mustn’t D. isn’t 5. I’m late, ____? A. am I B. am not I C. aren’t I D. aren’t you 6. Let’s go to the cinema, ____? A. shall we B. will you C. will we D. don’t we 7. —— She didn’t come to school yesterday, did she? —— ____, though she was not feeling very well. A. No, she didn’t B. Yes, she didn’t C. No, she did D. Yes, she did 8. —— Alice, you feed (喂) the bird today, ____ ? —— But I fed it yesterday. A. do you B. will you C. didn’t you D. don’t you 9. The boy is unlike his mother, ____ he? A. is B. isn’t C. doesn’t D. does 10. Do be careful when you cross the street, ____ you? A. don’t B. aren’t C. will D. must 1. Mr. Smith didn’t understand ______ made his son so upset this morning. A. what was it B. why it was this C. how that was D. what it was that 2. -----Did you have a good sleep last night? ----Yes, never sleep _______. A. badly B. better C. worse D. best 3. We are only _____ glad to do anything we can _______ her. A. too; to help B. very; help C too; help D. very; helping 4. -----How come you are late for class again? -------_____________. A. Because I missed the bus B. By bus and then on foot C. Please excuse me D. It’s quite wrong 5. _______more than 3,000 languages in the world. A. There are thought to be B. There is thought to be C. They are thought to be D. It is thought to be 6. -----George is a wise person. -----But in my opinion, he is ______ than wise. A. cleverer B. braver C. more brave D. less brave 7. -----So can I ask you a few fairly straightforward questions about yourself? -----No problem. I like ________ when people are open and direct. A. that B. this C. it D. them 8. ----______I move the picture over here? ----I suppose it’ll look better. A. How if B. What about C. How about D. What if 9. China has produced ______ this year as it did in 2002.

A. as twice much steel B. twice steel as much C. twice as much steel D. as much steel twice 10.-----_______was it ______ you discovered the secret of his? ------Totally by chance. A. How; when B. What; that C. What; when D. How; that 11.-----Who on earth could it be? ------It was _______ other than Clint Eastwood. A. none B. nothing C. not D. nobody 12._____his age, he did it quite well, so don’t ______ him any more. A Given; blame B. Considered; say C. To regard; scold D. Considering; speak 13.No sooner _____ themselves in their seats in the theatre ______ the curtain went up. A. they have settled; before B. had they settled; than C. have they settled; when D. they had settled; than 14. -----Did you meet with the famous space hero, Yang Liwei? ------______I had come here earlier! A. If only B. If not C. But for D. For fear 15.The students expected __________ more reviewing classes before the final exams. A. it would be B. there being C. it to be D. there to be 16.Students shouldn’t be given so difficult a problem _____ they can not work out. A. that B. which C. while D. as 17. It was twelve o’clock at midnight _______ they arrived at a lonely village. A. that B. before C. since D. when 18.-----The exam wasn’t difficult, was it? ------No, but I don’t think ______could pass it. A. somebody B. anybody C. everybody D. nobody 19.-----I always take care when doing papers on the computer. -----You meant it! One can not be _______careful working on it. A. too B. very C. so D. quite 20.-----Is Miss White working these days? ------No. It is two months since she worked here. ------Oh,_____________? A. where is she working now B. would you please show me the way C. which is her office D. is she ill 1. –I expect everything will turn out as you wish. ---_____. A. All right B. The same to you C. No, thanks D. I’d like to 2. ---I’m sorry that I can’t attend your wedding. ---_____? Haven’t we agreed on it? A. What is it B. Why don’t you C. What do you think D. How is it 3 ---Excuse me, sir. I’m writing a research paper on Chinese medicine. Do you mind answering a few question? ----______. A. Yes, please B. No, of course not C. Certainly D. By all means 4. ----Excuse me, could you tell me the time? ----Sorry, I don’t have my watch with me. ---_____ A. Thanks anyway B. Thanks a lot C. I’m sorry to hear that D. What a pity 5. ----Would you like another cup of tea? ----____. A. Why not B. Make yourself at home C. Oh, sorry D. It’s very kind of you 6. –I wish you wouldn’t have your TV so loud.

---____. Were you trying to sleep? A. That’s all right B. OK C. Sorry D. Thank you 7. ----How is everything, Rose? ---____. A. Very well, thank you B. Not too bad C. I’m all right, thanks D. Not at all 8. ---Why didn’t you tell Ann the truth? ---_____. A. Yes, I was afraid to be scolded by her B. No, but I wanted to C. But I did D. I always hate telling lies 9. ---Not all present would believe what the report said, I’m afraid. ---____. A. So do I B. Nor am I C. I agree D. I’m afraid , too 10. ---Here you are at last! --____. A. Are you all right B. Yes, I’m here C. Sorry to have kept you waiting D. You are here, too 11. ---Please excuse me, but I really have to be going. ---Yes, of course. ____. A. The same to me B. That’s OK C. Thanks a lot D. Nice seeing you. 12. ---Tom , would you like to come to our dinner party? ---_____. A. Yes, I would B. Yes, with pleasure C. No, I can’t come D. Sure, it’s my pleasure 13. ---___ ---Thank you. I certainly will. A. I wish you success B. Will you help me with my work C. Please remember me to your family D. May I help you? 14. ---______at the new school? ---Fine. I’ve got used to the life there and I’ve made some friend. A. How are you B. How are you doing C. Are you getting on well D. How do you do 14. ---Cliff, I lost your bike at school. I suppose I should pay for it. ---Oh, ____. It was an old bike anyway. A. Forget it B. Take it easy C. OK D. Don’t say so 16. ---Mum, I’ve cut my finger. It’s bleeding. ---Oh, dear. ___. A. Let me see B. Don’t worry C. Nothing wrong D. Take it easy 17.–I’m going to travel to America. Would you tell me something about your experiences there ? --___. Let’s discuss it over dinner. A. That’s all right B. By all means C. Go ahead D. It just depends 18.---Shall I help you with the suitcase? ---_____. A. It’s all right, thanks B. Yes, go ahead please C. I don’t want to trouble you too much D. No, please don’t do it 19. –You can’t finish the book in less than an hour, I suppose? --____. A. Yes, I’m sure I can B. No, hardly C. Sorry, I can’t D. I don’t think I can 20. –How are things going with you? --____. A. Quite well, thank you B. Good. And you? C. Good. Why not? D. No, just so-so.




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