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动词与动词短语精讲精炼 11
406 your book, and do your work first. You may read it later. A.Put out 答案 B 407. Without proper lessons, you could ______ a lot of bad habits when playing the piano. A. turn up 答案 C B. catch up C. pick up D. draw up B.Put away C.Put up D.Put on

408. The mother opened the door quietly so as not to ______ the sleeping baby. A. upset release 答案 C 409. Do you think our great ship will A.live with C.die from 答案 D 410. The lift _____ and we were trapped inside it. A.broke down 答案 A 411. Only ticket–holders were so many of his fans were turned away. A. allowed B. asked 答案 D 412. We had a really bad time about six months ago but now things are ____. to the stadium for the concept given by Jay Chou, B.broke up C.broke out D.broke in the hurricane? B.go through D.live through B. interrupt C. disturb D.

C. agreed

D. admitted


A. looking up 答案 A

B. coming up

C. making up

D. turning up

413. The police have ________anyone with information to come forward and talk to them. A. admitted to B. appealed to C. allowed for D. called for 答案 B 414. I couldn’t ________what they were saying, for they spoke to me at once. A. listen to 答案 B 415. When it air pollution, Beijing faces the three “C” s , cars , coal and B. make out C. hear D. make up

construction,which lead to Beijing's thick air pollution. A.refers to 答案 B 416. Without ___ his notes, the professor gave such a great lecture that the audience ____ applause. A.referring to; burst into B.looking for; burst out C.bringing up; burst into D.setting down; burst out 答案 A 417. --- I know you’ve always been interested in seeing different places, and experiencing different cultures. --- Yes, I always think that the experience I_________will help me find a good job when I come back. A. win 答案 C 418. “Terrorists _______ war on the United States, and war is what they got.” Bush said.

B.comes to

C.happens to

D.speaks to

B. succeed

C. gain

D. achieve

A. attacked 答案 B

B. declared

C. fought

D. offered

419. ---Which do you like better, the play or the film? ---I ____ the film. A. like B. enjoy C. prefer 答案 C

D. see

420. She had no idea how it _____ that her husband met with trouble again. A. came about B. came out C. came across D. came up 答案 A 421. The film directed by Frank is wonderful and it has certainly _______ my expectations. A. led to 答案 C 422. --- Cinderella has been learning Chinese in Beijing University for the past four years. --- No wonder she_______ above her colleagues in Chinese. A. stands out out 答案 A 423. Whether ways will be found to help China _______ the current world financial crisis is just _______ worries the public. A. prevent; that 答案 B 424. He ____ some French while he was on a business trip in Paris. A. Went out B. picked up C. gave up 答案 B 425. B. survive; what C. forbid; that D. quit; what B. sticks out C. comes out D. sorts B. agreed to C. lived up to D. attended to

D. took in


Hu Jintao on Tuesday ________ resuming(继续)cross-strait talks on the basis of the "1992 Consensus" as early as possible, to resolve problems in a practical manner. A. called on D. called at 答案 C 426. As he has ______ our patience, we’ll not wait for him any longer. A. consumed 答案 B B. exhausted C. wasted D. torn B. called in C. called for

427. ---What field will your son go into after graduation? ---He ________ a good electrical engineer. A. promises 答案 A B. turns C. makes D. proves

428. You’d better fly somewhere in the west. Then you can _________ a hire car and travel around. A. take up on 答案 C 429. ---What's the matter with you, Lucy? ---After the long walk, my legs ___________ and I couldn't go any farther. A. gave off 答案 D 430. Varieties of programmes in the TV station ________ many different types of interest

B. get on

C. pick up



B. gave in

C. gave up

D. gave out

and taste among the public. A. cater to 答案 A 431. As they haven’t a child of their own, they’re going to _____a little girl. A. accept adopt 答案 D 432. All the training you have been doing seem to have____ handsomely. A. put off 答案 C B. called off C. paid off D. broken off B. receive C. adapt D. B. appeal to C. apply to D. adjust to

433. Considering your salary, you should _______ at least 100 dollars a week. A. put up 答案 C 434. His little daughter was so unique, he could easily _____ her ____ in the crowd. A. pick, out 答案 A 435. I was so excited at the news that I was admitted to the university that I could hardly_________ my feelings in words. A. convey 答案 A 436. Jim was not _______ to the club, because at that time he was not a member of it.

B. put forward

C. put aside

D. put out

B. pick, up

C. make, up

D. help, out

B. carry

C. transmit

D. communicate

A. allowed 答案 C 437.

B. permitted

C. admitted

D. promoted

The moment I saw her, I _________ her, although she changed a lot through years. A. know 答案 C 438. Childhood memories which I thought had ______away now came back fresh. A. run 答案 C 439. Sometimes the police are not absolutely sure that someone has committed a crime, but ________ him of having done it. A. charge 答案 B 440. For us Senior Three students, believing that our hard work will______can strengthen our confidence. A. take off 答案 B B. pay off C. keep off D. get off B. suspect C. inspect D. doubt B. passed C. faded D. fled B. realized C. recognized D. noticed

441. Would you please say your number again? I didn’t _____ just now. A. put it down put it off 答案 A 442. The after-class discussion ________ whether they should go for an autumn outing. A. depends on B. centres on C. keeps on D. attends on B. put it up C. put it out D.


答案 B 443. The railway construction had to be stopped for ____ money. A. short of 答案 D 444. Janet get angry if you disagree with her. A.leads to B.sticks to C.relates to 答案 D 445. A completely new situation will _________ when the examination system comes into existence. A. rise 答案 B 446. It is generally ________ that smoking is harmful to our health. A. accepted collected 答案 A B. received C. combined D. B. arise C. arouse D. raise D.tends to B. result of C. need of D. lack of

447. Lucy was completely ______ after jogging in the hot sun all afternoon; she had little energy left. A. kicked out 答案 B B. worn out C. handed out D. put out

448. During the flight to the Moon, Chang’e I Satellite gradually________ her directions so that she can go into her programmed orbit. A. accepts 答案 D 449.

B. adopts

C. adapts

D. adjusts

After the whistle rang, the coach appeared in the field. Behind him wearing black and white suits. A. had 答案 B 450. We must every penny we spend during a business trip. B. take on C. make up D. turn out B. walked C. was followed D. led

the team

A. account for 答案 A 451.

Although the necklace is not made of real crystal, it still _______ young people. A. appeals to for 答案 A 152. Though not tall enough, the boy is believed to ____ a good basketball player some day. A. follow 答案 C B. turn C. make D. create B. attracts to C. accounts for D. apply

453. They made friends with each other and formed a band in 1998, but then__________ after a quarrel about its future. A. broke down departed away 答案 B 454. They wouldn’t ______ to call the police at the first sign of trouble. They did it right away. A. hesitate 答案 A

B. broke up

C. split away


B. accelerate

C. bargain

D. expand

455. The loss has not yet been a hundred million dollars. A. calculated 答案 A 456. Mary and Joan quarreled, but they A. put up 答案 C 457. The President A. stated 答案 A 458. Our country has great changes in the past 20 years ,which are the result of a speech at the meeting this morning. B. issued C. addressed D. delivered B. brought up after a while. C. made up D. set up B. considered C. completed D. controlled accurately, but it is believed to be well beyond

reform and opening-up. A . appeared 答案 D B. happened C. taken place D. witnessed


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