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一、主题:农民工 Why Are There So Many Rural Laborers in Big Cities? 1. 近年来越来越多的民工涌入大城市 2. 产生这一社会现象的原因 【范文】 For a number of years, there has been a steady rise in the number of rural laborers who flood into big cities. Many men work on construction sites, while many women work as dishwashers in restaurants or babysitters for city dwellers. Three reasons, in my mind, can account for this social phenomenon. First and foremost, the limited land can no longer produce enough crops for an ever-increasing rural population. In the second place, there are far more opportunities in big cities —rural laborers dream of earning money through hard work. Last but by no means least, many of them want to live permanently in big cities, because they admire the way of living there, and wish their children to receive good education. I firmly believe that if we try our best to create a healthy social atmosphere, rural laborers will make greater contribution to our nation. 【点评】 本题谈论的是一种社会现象。第一段首句引入某一现象,第二句举例说明,第三句是个 过渡句,引起下面解释原因段落的第二段;第三段是简洁的结束语,其中的宾语从句嵌套一 个状语从句。 范文首先指出大量农民工涌入大城市这一现象, 并引出第二段所阐述的三个原因。 首先, 农村有限的土地不能满足日益增长的人口消费。其次,大城市有更多的工作机会。最后,农 民工向往大城市的生活,想永远居住在大城市。末段总结指出,如果创造一个健康的社会环 境,农民工就可以为国家做出更大的贡献。 第一段第二句中的 construction site 表示 “建筑工地” babysitter 表示 , “帮人看孩子的人” 。 第二段第一点中的 rural 指“农村的”;第三点中的 permanently 和 admire 分别指“永久地” 和“羡慕” ,receive education 指“接受教育” 。 二、主题:电影和电视对公众的影响力 【题目】 How do movies or television influence people’s behavior? Use reasons and specific examples to support your answer. 【范文】 The Influence of Television and Movies There is no doubt that watching television and movies can influence the way that people behave. Moreover, it seems that people are spending more and more time watching some sort of visual entertainment, whether it is television, a video tape or a DVD. Therefore, the effects of visual media cannot be ignored. One obvious effect of these media is that watching them induces people to buy certain products. Television advertising is widespread and, nowadays, even movie theaters permit advertisements. Another way TV and the movies affect people is that they give people either a broader view of the world or a distorted one, depending on what type of program they watch. Those who watch news and educational program can learn many new things while those who watch primarily entertainment shows may come to believe that most people in the world possess great wealth and good looks. It may make them become dissatisfied with their own lives. Finally, perhaps the most susceptible viewers are children, who may be unable to tell fact from fiction


and may try to imitate acts that they see on TV or in the movies. With the ever-increasing popularity of video entertainment, society must pay attention to these effects. Television and movies, while entertaining and informative, cannot take the place of real experience. 三、2011 年下半年英语四级作文话题预测及范文:教学 Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a letter to the university president. You should write at least 120 words based on the outline given below in Chinese: 1. 学校教学应该注重学生学习方法的培养。 2. 学校应该丰富学生的校园生活 【范文】 A Letter to the University President Dear Sir, I am writing to put up some suggestions concerning our teaching and campus life. As a sophomore from the Math Department, I am quite satisfied with the present condition of my university, but I like to say that there is still some room for improvement. First, I believe that more attention should be paid to the guidance of our study methods. To some extent, university students are capable of studying by themselves, but more often than never, we find ourselves at a loss as to choose good books to read and appropriate topics for our research. It is clear that we need some advice from our teachers. If our teachers can lecture more on “how to learn by yourself” for us, especially for the freshmen, our skills will be further improved. Second, more activities should be conducted to make our campus life more colorful. I 餸 sorry to say that the present life on campus is quite boring. Every day we have classes, read in the library, or stay in the dormitory. Life here is routine. We need more meaningful activities organized to enrich our college life and enable us to study more efficiently. I hope you can consider my suggestions. Thank you. Yours sincerely Li Ming 四、2011 年 12 月四级作文预测及范文:On Space Project On Space Project 给《**周刊》宇航专栏的编辑写一封信,说明你对太空探索项目的态度(支持或反对), 并简单陈述你的理由。 Dear Editor, Thank you for your starting a specia1 co1umn jor the discussion on space projects. Frankly, it seems to me that our space projects so far have been in the main a waste of money, time, energy, human lives and resources. The richer countries are pouring large sums of money into space research programs which are of no benefit to human beings while in underdeveloped countries thousands of people are dying of hunger. Besides, man y scientists’ time and energy are wasted, which could have been devoted to improving our living condition. What’s more, many astronauts have died complete1y uselessly in space vehicles which have been faulty. They were young people who hadn’t enjoyed the fruit of life yet. Apart from human wastage, there is the wastage of resources which are finite and essential if man is to survive. I think it’s high time we stopped these meaningless programs. 五、2011.12 月大学英语四级写作预测及范文:家庭支出变化


Statistics of Family Expenses in Shanghai 1980 1990 2000 Food & Clothing 68% 45% 20% Recreation 3% 5% 8% Education 6% 16% 22% Health Care 6% 10% 16% Others 17% 24% 35% 1.根据上图描述该城市家庭支出的变化 2.分析产生这些变化的原因 3.说明这些变化对个人和社会产生的影响 As is shown in the table above, dramatic changes have taken place in family expenses in the City of Shanghai within two decades (from 1980 to 2000). The most obvious change is in expense on food and clothing, which has dropped by 48%, while those on recreation, education and health care have increased respectively by 5%, l6% and l0%. Expenses on other things keep rising from 17% to 35%. The statistics of rise and fall seem to exist in isolation but are in fact closely related to one another. The most likely factors accounting for these changes are as follows: Development in economy is the fundamental one. The increased income results in the lowering percentage of food and clothing. That is to say, a small percentage of the total income is enou5h to cover food and clothing expenses. Another factor lies in the development of people’s concept. When people are well fed and well dressed, they begin to interest themselves in recreation and education. These changes should also be attributed to social reforms. In the 1990’s, college education was not totally free as it was before, which also accounts for the rising expenses on education. Soon after, the government gradually stopped offering houses to its citizens without charges. People had to save a large proportion of their money for housing. That’s partly why the expenses for ’ ’others’ doubled. ’ As for the more expenses on health care, I figure there are two main reasons: the cancellation of free medical care and people’s awareness of the importance of health. The changes reflect the development of the city and indicate that people are enjoying more. 六、2011 年 12 月四级作文话题预测范文:健康和幸福 Wealth and Happiness Everybody wants to get wealth. In today’s material world, making money or becoming wealthy symbolizes a person’s success and capability. Many people just make every effort, pay any price to attain greater wealth. With money, they can but nice, large apartments in nice neighborhood; with money, they can own stately luxury cars. Wealth seems with money, they can own stately luxury cars. Wealth seems to bring all happiness in life. In my opinion, people cannot do anything without money, but money is not everything. What money will bring you depends on your personal belief and goal in life. If you are kind enough to help others, especially the poor, money is a good thing to you. With it, you can do much more for the benefit of people and your country, and it will and to your own happiness. If you want money just for your own needs, you’ll never be satisfied or happy. In a word, you should have money spent for more people, only then can money be the source of your happiness. 七、2011 年 12 月英语四级考试写作预测及范文:学生出勤率


For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic: Attend Your Classes Regularly。You should write at least 120 words following the outline given below in Chinese. 1. 现在大学校园里,迟到、早退、旷课是常见的现象 2. 保证学生的出勤率对大学教育的重要性 3. 作为一个大学生应该怎样做 Attend Your Classes Regularly Nowadays it is a very common phenomenon that some university students are late for or even absent from classes. And still there are some students who slip out of the classroom before the class is over. Class attendance has become a thorny problem to both the students and teachers. In fact, it is very important for the students to attend their classes regularly. First, it will ensure you to catch up with the teachers in your learning. That is very helpful to you if you want to do a good job in your study. Second, attending classes regularly is a way of showing respect to your teachers ,too. Your teachers will feel bad if the students do not attend their classes, which, in turn, will affect their teaching and be no good for the students. Third, attending classes regularly will help to form a good habit of punctuality, which is of great importance for the students to do a good job in the future. Therefore, we university students should form the good habit of attending our classes regularly from now on. And some day we’ll benefit from it. 八、 主题:水资源缺乏 1. Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic On Water Shortage. You should write at least 150 words, and base your composition on the outline given below: 1. Water shortage is becoming an urgent problem 2. Possible reasons 3. Possible solutions 参考范文: On Water Shortage No one can have failed to notice the fact that water shortage is a grave problem with which the whole world is confronted. Actually, it has become so widespread that it has severely affected people’s daily life and hindered the development of the global economy. A number of factors could account for the problem, but the following might be the critical ones. First, with the development of agriculture and industry, an increasing amount of water is needed. Secondly, the ever-increasing population is another leading cause of water shortage. Besides, the global tendency of warming up also contributes to the problem. What’s worse, pollution and waste of fresh water aggravate the situation. In view of the seriousness of the problem, effective measures must be taken before things get worse. First, it is essential that laws and regulations be worked out and enforced to protect water resources. Secondly, people should enhance their awareness of saving water. With these measures taken, it is reasonable for us to expect a brighter future. 九、主题:低碳生活 问题解决性作文 1. 低碳生活受到人们的普遍欢迎 2. 低碳生活方式非常有好处


3. 我们应该如何去做 [范文] Nowadays, there are a considerable number of individuals who prefer to lead a low-carbon lifestyle which find expression in the fact that more and more commuters are using public transportation system in their daily life. Low carbon lifestyle can endow us and our society with numerous benefits. Firstly, it goes beyond doubt that low carbon lifestyle contributes a lot to the environmental protection and it is a favorable way to slow down the rate of climate change of our earth, which also means a lot to our health. We are supposed to undertake the responsibility to lead a low-carbon lifestyle, which is of great significance. And there is a diversity of measures we can take so as to lead such an environmental-friendly life. For one thing, we are expected to minimize the use of private cars, which emit a large amount of greenhouse gases. For another, we are supposed to cultivate the public awareness of energy conservation for energy in the world today is decreasing rapidly. For instance, we can turn off electrical appliances if not necessary as well as using renewable materials. Furthermore, at our leisure, we can seek opportunities to plant more trees which can absorb carbon-dioxide. In brief, low-carbon lifestyle is nothing but the best choice for us and only in this way can we form a harmonious relationship with the environment. 十、2011 年 12 月四级作文话题预测及范文:环保 主题:环保 观点对比题 Economic Development and Environmental Protection 1.有人认为经济发展先于环境保护; 2.有人环境保护先于经济发展; 3.我的看法。 [范文] There are some individuals who argue that, compared to the environment protection, the top priority is supposed to given to economic development. They deem that environmental problems are inevitable and unavoidable in the process of economic development. They are only the by products of economic development, which can be handled later when we have the time and money. However, other individuals hold different opinions that(或者:other holders of the opposite opinions argue that ) environment protection should be attached more importance than economic development in that present serious environmental problems will threaten the health of the residents and hinder the advance of the economy. As far as I am concerned, environmental protection and economic development can coexist in parallel and can stay in harmony. Our ultimate aim in economic development is to provide a comfortable and happy life for our people. What is the point of economic development if we achieve it at the cost of our environment? There has been much evidence to prove that a balance between the two helps more rapid and continuous development of the society. 十一、话题:旅游 Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic Travel Alone or Travel with a Companion? You should write at least 120 words, and base your composition on the outline (given in Chinese) below:


1)有的人喜欢独自旅行,有的人喜欢与别人结伴而行 2)两种旅行方式的好处 3)你更喜欢哪种旅行方式,为什么? Travel Alone or Travel with a Companion? ____________________________________________ 行文思路 本题属于提纲式文字命题。 提纲第 1 点指出两种不同的旅行方式, 提纲第 2 点要求 分别阐述两种旅行方式的好处,提纲第 3 点要求表明“我”的倾向,由此可判断本文应为对 比选择型作文。 根据所给提纲,本文应包含如下内容:指出人们对旅行方式的不同偏好:有人喜欢 独自旅行,有人喜欢结伴旅行;对比阐述独自旅行和结伴旅行各自的好处;表明“我”更喜欢 于哪种旅行方式,并说明理由。 高分范文 Travel Alone or Travel with a Companion? [1]When it comes to traveling way, different people will offer different opinions. [2]Some people like to travel alone, [2]while others prefer to travel with a companion. [3]Of course, everyone has his consideration for his preference. [4]Traveling alone, one can enjoy more freedom. The traveler can arrange his tour as he wishes without the trouble of humoring others. [3]Moreover, traveling alone [5]tend to bring the traveler [6]unexpected surprise, [7]such as making a new friend and enjoying a different scenery. [8]Compared with traveling alone, traveling with a companion has also its advantages. [3]For one thing, the group members can help and look after each other in the journey. [3]For another, [4]traveling with others who have same interest with, you can share costs and experiences with them. [9]As to me, I prefer to travel with a companion. [3]Firstly, we can deal with the possible problems and difficulties in the journey. [3]Secondly, I like to share the pleasure of traveling with others. [3]In sum, [10]both traveling alone and traveling with a companion have their attractions, and you can find the pleasure from either one. 亮点点评 [1]“当涉及到或谈到…时” 。 [2]用于提出两种不同的观点、态度或喜好。 [3]过渡衔接词语,使文章条理清晰、衔接紧密。 [4]现在分词短语作伴随状语。 [5]“倾向,趋于” 。 [6]“意外的惊喜” 。 [7]表示列举。 [8]“和…相比” 。 [9]用于引出自己的观点或选择。 [10]“或者…,或者” 。 佳句临摩 1.佳句:When it comes to traveling way, different people will offer different opinions. 临摩:当谈到是否应该取消“黄金周”假期时,人们的看法各不相同。 ____________________________________________. 2.佳句:Compared with traveling alone, traveling with a companion has also its


advantages. 临摩:和城市相比,乡村的经济相对落后。 3>___________________________________________. 3.佳句:Both traveling alone and traveling with a companion have their attractions, and you can find the pleasure from either one. 临摩:网络教学和传统教学都有其各自的优点,因此,我们应该将二者相结合。 _____________________________________. KEY: 1. When it comes to whether we should cancel the “golden week” holiday, different people will offer different opinions. 2. Compared with the cities, the countryside is relatively backward in economy. 3. Both network teaching and traditional school teaching have their advantages. Therefore, we should combine these two teaching ways. 十二、2011 年 12 月英语四级作文话题预测范文:名牌大学降低标准 Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic Should Universities lower Admission Requirements for Celebrities? You should write at least 150 words, and base your composition on the outline (given in Chinese) below: 1)近年来很多名牌大学都会降低标准招收名人学生,一些人强烈反对这样做 2)但也有不少人认为这很正常 3)你对此的看法是……,为什么? 【思路点拨】 本题属于提纲式文字命题。提纲第 1 点指出一些人对于某种现象的看法,提纲第 2 点指出对该现象的另外一种看法,提纲第 3 点要求表明“我”的看法,由此可判断本文应为 对比选择型作文。 根据所给提纲, 本文应包含以下内容: 描述近年来名牌大学降低标准招收名人学生 这一现象;对比阐述关于该现象的两种不同的看法和各自的理由;表明“我”更倾向于哪种看 法并说明理由。 【参考范文】 Should Universities lower Admission Requirements for Celebrities? In recent years, many famous universities lower admission requirements for celebrities. More and more celebrities, especially sports stars, have been admitted to famous universities even without an entry examination. This phenomenon has become a subject of widespread controversy. Some people object strongly that universities lower admission requirements for celebrities. They hold that this admission pattern will damage the basic fairness rule of education. In addition, they say that if a person who has not enough academic ability is admitted to the university, it would be an insult on college education. However, still other people think it acceptable. They say that these celebrities deserve this privilege because they have proved their abilities in their field. Besides, in their opinions, these celebrities to some extent set a good model for other young people. Weighing these two arguments, I prefer the latter one. For one thing, these celebrities have sacrificed much learning time for their work, so they should be provided a better chance for learning. For another, if they accept advanced education, they could serve the society better. Therefore, I suggest that people should pay more attention to these celebrities’ efforts and contributions rather than the special treatment they enjoy.


十三、2011 年 12 月英语四级作文预测及范文:自助游 Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic Self ? help Traveling of College Students. You should write at least 150 words, and base your composition on the outline (given in Chinese) below: 1)大学生出去旅行经常会选择“自助游” 2)分析大学生选择“自助游”的原因 3)你的看法 【思路点拨】 本题属于提纲式文字命题。 提纲第 1 点指出一种现象, 提纲第 2 点要求分析这种现 象产生的原因,提纲第 3 点要求谈谈“我”对该现象的看法,由此可判断本文应为现象解释 型作文。 根据所给提纲,本文应包含以下内容:简单说明何谓“自助游” ,描述大学生热衷 于“自助游”的现象;分析大学生选择“自助游”主要原因;阐述“我”对“自助游”的看法。 【参考范文】 Self-help Traveling of College Students So called self-help traveling refers that travelers themselves arrange travel route, travel time, and all the other matters during travel, without any guide and team leader. Nowadays this kind of traveling model is gaining more and more popularity among college students. According to the survey, over 80% of college students prefer self-help traveling to following a tour group. Why are college students so fond of self-help traveling? Above all, self-help traveling gives travelers more freedom and space. College students don’ like being restricted. They want to t arrange their travel as they wish. Moreover, self-help traveling provides college students a good chance to improve their adaptability and viability. Besides, the expenses in self-help traveling are controlled by travelers themselves. It is a good choice for those college students who have not much money for their disposal. As a college student, I enjoy self-help traveling very much, and I have benefited a lot from it. For one thing, I have appreciated many amazing scenery that those travelers who follow tour groups can not. For another, self-help travel helps me learn how to deal with people better. 十四、2011 年 12 月大学英语四级作文话题预测及范文:二手货 Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic Secondhand Goods. You should write at least 150 words, and base your composition on the outline (given in Chinese) below: 1)目前购买二手货的人越来越多 2)分析产生这一现象的原因 3)二手货交易可能带来的问题 【思路点拨】 本题属于提纲式文字命题。 提纲第 1 点指出一种现象, 提纲第 2 点要求分析该现象 产生的原因, 提纲第 3 点要求谈谈该现象可能带来的问题, 由此可判断本文应为现象解释型 作文 根据所给提纲,本文应包含以下内容:描述目前二手货的交易现状;说明二手货交 易增加的原因;分析二手货交易可能带来的问题。 【参考范文】 Secondhand Goods In recent years, second-hand transactions have become quite common. Nowadays there


are more and more secondhand goods in the market, such as secondhand books, furniture, appliances, cars, and so on. Why do so many people like to buy secondhand goods? The following reasons can account for this phenomenon. Above all, secondhand goods are cheaper than new ones. This enables those people who have poor financial abilities to buy the things they want. Moreover, secondhand goods transactions make it possible for people to make good use of the goods which may be useless in their hands. Besides, Internet provides a more convenient and quicker transaction platform for secondhand goods. However, there are also some problems in secondhand goods transactions. For one thing, the quality of secondhand goods can not be promised and you can not enjoy the good after-sale service. For another, secondhand goods market lacks enough supervision and management, and there exist many dishonest business activities. In a word, I think secondhand goods transaction is a good trading way, but it needs further perfection of the rules. 十五、2011 年 12 月四级作文话题预测范文:食品安全 Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a letter to a publishing house on food safety. You should write at least 120 words according to the outline given below in Chinese: 假设你的同学因食用从某超市买回的食品而食物中毒, 后经治疗康复。 请给报社写一封 信,描述他(们)的中毒与脱险经过,呼吁社会各界重视食品安全。 【范文】 A Letter to a Publishing House on Food Safety June 15th, 2006 Dear Sir or Madam, Thank you for taking time to read this letter. As the problem of food safety has been becoming worse and worse nowadays, I am obliged to write to you. Several days ago, one of my classmates came back from supermarket with a large bag of food. Because of having found a new style of tinned?ish in the food store, she was very glad. Several other roommates were invited to enjoy the “mouth?atering chicken”. Unfortunately, after finishing the food, all of my three friends had stomachaches and vomited, their faces having become paler and paler. Due to sensitivity to that kind of tinned food, I escaped that suffer. At that time, my mind went blank. I dialed the emergency number with my trembling hand, therefore they were quickly sent to hospital. The doctor said they were lucky to be out of danger because they did not eat too much of that rotten fish and were hospitalized on time. This is the matter that happened around me which made me realize the seriousness of the food safety problem. I sincerely hope that the whole society could attach much importance to this issue. Thanks! Yours, Julie 十六、2011.12 月英语四级作文预测及范文:就业形势 Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a letter on the issue of employment for gradutes. You should write at least 120 words, and base your composition on the outline given below in Chinese: 1. 就业的形势越来越严峻,东西部人才供需并不均衡。 2. 你认为是否应在西部就业及其原因


【范文】 The Issue of Employment for Gradutes As we all know, the situation of employment graduate is urgent nowadays. Employment becomes a major social issue in our country. More and more people pay great attention to it. This issue result from two aspects. First many undergraduates are finding jobs. They hope to get a job with high salary and other pensions. So the government and the society face great pressure. More job opportunities are needed to create for them. On the other hand, there are many vacancies of jobs in the west. So there comes an imbalance between the supply and demand in the east and the west. Few people want to seek jobs in the west. They prefer to live in the major cities, such as Beijing , shanghai and other developped areas. To solve this issue, it is a better choice to encourage people to seek jobs in the west. This also help to develop local economy and offer a brandew chance for graduates. 十七、2011 年 12 月大学英语四级作文话题预测及范文:感谢信 Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a letter of thanks. You should write at least 120 words, and base your composition on the outline given below in Chinese: 假设你过生日时收到了 Lucy 送来的鲜花,写信向她表示感谢。你的信应包括: 1. 表达感谢之意 2. 提出回报对方 3. 期待对方做客 【范文】 Dear Lucy, I am writing to express my sincere thanks for your beautiful flowers. I? like you to know how much your flowers meant to me. You have a positive genius for selecting the right gift. I not only enjoyed your flowers, but also the delicate vase. I shall ever remember this gift as one of the most precious things in my life. I will not be very busy the following days. I hope to have the opportunity of reciprocating. Would you kindly let me know what time you are at convenience? I will feel very happy if you have time to make me a call. How nice it would be to see you again and I am looking forward to seeing you next time! I repeat my thanks again for your lovely flowers. Please give my kind regards to your family. Yours truly, Huck 2011 年 12 月大学英语四级词汇必备: 英语四级高频词汇 1.alter v. 改 变 , 改 动 , 变 更 11.bacteria n. 细菌 2.burst vi.,n. 突然发生,爆裂 12.breed n. 种,品种 v. 繁殖,产仔 3.dispose vi. 除掉;处置;解决;处理(of) 13.budget n. 预算 v. 编预算,作安排 4.blast n. 爆 炸 ; 气 流 vi. 炸 , 炸 掉 14.candidate n. 候选人 5.consume v. 消耗,耗尽

15.campus n. 校园 6.split v. 劈开;割裂;分裂 a.裂开的 16.liberal a. 慷慨的;丰富的;自由的 7.spit v. 吐(唾液等) ;唾弃 17.transform v. 转变,变革;变换 8.spill v. 溢出,溅出,倒出 18.transmit v. 传播,播送;传递 9.slip v. 滑动,滑落;忽略 20.transport vt. 运输,运送 n. 运输, 运输工具 10.slide v. 滑动,滑落 n. 滑动;滑面;


幻灯片 19.transplant v. 移植 21.shift v. 转移;转动;转变 31.accelerate vt. 加速,促进 22.vary v. 变化,改变;使多样化 32.absolute a. 绝对的,无条件的;完全的 23.vanish vi. 消灭,不见 33.boundary n. 分界线,边界 24.swallow v. 吞 下 , 咽 下 n. 燕 子 34.brake n. 刹车,制动器 v. 刹住(车) 25.suspicion n. 怀 疑 , 疑 心 35.catalog n. 目录(册) v. 编目 26.suspicious a. 怀疑的,可疑的 36.vague a. 模糊的,不明确的 27.mild a. 温暖的,暖和的;温柔的,味淡 的 37.vain n. 徒劳,白费 28.tender a. 温柔的;脆弱的 38.extinct a. 绝灭的,熄灭的 29.nuisance n. 损害,妨害,讨厌(的人或事 物) 30.insignificant a. 无意义的,无足轻重的; 无价值的 50.tide n. 潮汐;潮流 39.extraordinary a. 不平常的,特别的,非凡 的 51.tidy a. 整洁的,整齐的 40.extreme a. 极度的,极端的 n. 极端,过 分 53.torture n./vt. 拷打,折磨 41.agent n. 代理人,代理商;动因,原因 54.wander vi. 漫游,闲逛 42.alcohol n. 含 酒 精 的 饮 料 , 酒 精 52.trace vt. 追踪,找到 n. 痕迹,踪迹 43.appeal n./vi. 呼吁,恳求 55.wax n. 蜡 44.appreciate vt. 重视,赏识,欣赏 56.weave v. 织,编 45.approve v. 赞成,同意,批准 57.preserve v. 保护,保存,保持,维持 46.stimulate vt. 刺激, 激励 61. abuse v. 滥用,虐待;谩骂 47.acquire vt. 取 得 , 获 得 ; 学 到 70. oblige v. 迫使,责成;使感激 48.accomplish vt . 完 成 , 到 达 ; 实 行 71. obscure a. 阴暗,模糊

49.network n. 网状物; 广播网, 电视网; 网络 75. petrol n. 汽油 62. academic a. 学术的;高等院校的; 研究院的 76. petroleum n. 石油 63. academy n. (高等)专科院校;学 会 64. battery n. 电池(组) 72. extent n. 程度,范围,大小,限度 65. barrier n. 障碍;棚栏 74. external a. 外部的, 外表的, 外面的 66. cargo n. (船、飞机等装载的)货物 78. decay vi. 腐烂,腐朽 67. career n. 生涯,职业 73. exterior n. 外部,外表 a. 外部的, 外表的 68. vessel n. 船舶;容器,器皿;血管 77. delay vt./n. 推迟,延误,耽搁 69. vertical a. 垂直的 81. ruin v. 毁坏,破坏 n. 毁灭,[pl.]废墟 79. decent a. 像 样 的 , 体 面 的 90. undergo v. 经历,遭受 80. route n. 路 ; 路 线 ; 航 线 91. abundant a. 丰富的,充裕的,大量的 82. sake n. 缘故,理由 92. adopt v. 收养;采用;采纳 83. satellite n. 卫星 93. adapt vi. 适应,适合;改编,改写 vt. 使适 应 84. scale n. 大小,规模;等级;刻度 94. bachelor n. 学士,学士学位;单身汉 85. temple n. 庙宇 95. casual a. 偶然的,碰巧的;临时的;非正式 的 86. tedious a. 乏 味 道 , 单 调 的 , 96. trap n. 陷阱,圈套 v. 设陷阱捕捉 87. tend vi.易于,趋向 97. vacant a. 空的,未占用的 88. tendency n.趋向,趋势 98. vacuum n. 真空,真空吸尘器 89. ultimate a. 极端的, 最大的, 最终的 n. 极端 99. oral a. 口头的,口述的,口的 100. optics n. (单、复数同形)光学 101. organ n. 器官,风琴


102. excess n. 过分,过量,过剩 103. expel v. 驱逐,开除,赶出 104. expend v. 消费 148. issue n. 问题,争论点;发行, (报 105. expenditure n. 支出,消费;经费 刊)一期 106. expense n. 开销,费用 149. hollow a. 空的,中空的,空虚道 107. expensive a. 花钱多的;价格高贵的 150. hook n. 钩 vt. 钩住 108. expand v. 扩大,扩张;展开,膨胀 151. adequate a. 适当地;足够 109. expansion n. 扩大,扩充;发展,膨胀 152. adhere vi. 粘附,附着;遵守,坚 110. private a. 私人的,个人的 持 111. individual a. 个别的,单独的 n. 个人,个体 153. ban vt. 取缔,禁止 112. personal a. 个人的,私人的;亲自的 154. capture vt. 俘虏,捕获 114. personnel n. [总称]人员,员工;人事部门 155. valid a. 有效的,有根据的;正当 115. the Pacific Ocean 太平洋 的 156. valley n. 山谷,峡谷 116. the Atlantic Ocean 大西洋 157. consistent a. 坚固定;一致的,始 117. the Arctic Ocean 北冰洋 终如一的 118. the Antarctic Ocean 南冰洋 158. continuous a. 继续的, (不断) 连续 119. grant vt. 授予,同意,准予 的 119. grand a. 宏伟大,壮丽的,重大的 159. continual a. 不断地,频繁的 120. invade v. 侵入,侵略,侵袭 160. explode v. 爆炸;爆发;激增 121. acid n. 酸,酸性物质 a. 酸的;尖刻的 161. exploit v. 剥削;利用,开采 122. acknowledge v. 承认;致谢 162. explore v. 勘探 123. balcony n. 阳台 163. explosion n. 爆炸;爆发;激增 124. calculate vt. 计算,核算 164. explosive a. 爆炸的;极易引起争 125. calendar n. 日历,月历 论的 126. optimistic a. 乐观 165. remote a. 遥远的,偏僻的 127. optional a. 可以任选的,非强制的 166. removal n. 除去,消除 128. outstanding a. 杰出的,突出的,显著的 167. render vt. 使得,致使 129. export n. 出口(物) v. 出口,输出 168. precaution n. 预防,防备,警惕 130. import n. 进口(物) v. 进口,输入 169. idle a. 懒散的,无所事事的 131. impose vt. 把...加强(on);采用,利用 170. identify vt. 认出,鉴定 132. religion n. 宗教,宗教信仰 171. identify n. 身份;个性,特性 133. religious a. 宗教的 172. poverty n. 贫穷 134. victim n. 牺牲品,受害者 173. resistant a. (to)抵抗的, 抗...的, 耐... 135. video n. 电视,视频 a. 电视的,录像的 的 136. videotape n. 录像磁带 v. 把...录在录像带上 174. resolve vt. 解决;决定,决意 137. offend v. 冒犯,触犯 175. barrel n. 桶 138. bother v. 打搅,麻烦 176. bargain n. 便宜货 vi. 讨价还价 139. interfere v. 干涉,干扰,妨碍 177. coarse a. 粗的,粗糙的,粗劣的 140. internal a. 内部的,国内的 178. coach n. 教练;长途公共汽车 141. beforehand ad. 预先,事先 179. code n. 准则,法规,密码 142. racial a. 人种的种族的 180. coil n. 线圈 v. 卷,盘绕 143. radiation n. 放射物,辐射 181. adult n. 成年人 144. radical a.根本的;激进的 182. advertise v. 为...做广告 145. range n. 幅度,范围 v. (在某范围内)变动 146. wonder n. 惊奇,奇迹 v. 想知道,对...感到疑惑 183. advertisement n. 广告 184. agency n. 代理商,经销商

147. isolate vt. 使隔离,使孤立 185. focus v. (使)聚集 n. 焦点,中心,聚焦 186. forbid vt. 不许,禁止 187. debate n./v. 辩论,争论 188. debt n. 欠债 189. decade n. 十年 190. enclose vt. 围住;把...装入信封 191. encounter vt./n. 遭遇,遭到 192. globe n. 地球,世界;地球仪 193. global a. 全球的;总的 194. scan vt. 细看;扫描;浏览 195. scandal n. 丑事,丑闻 196. significance n. 意义;重要性 197. subsequent a. 随后的,后来的 198. virtue n. 美德,优点 199. virtual a. 实际上的,事实上的 200. orient vt. 使适应,(to,toward)使朝向 n. 东方 201. portion n. 一部分 202. target n. 目标,靶子 vt. 瞄准 203. portable a. 手提式的 204. decline v. 拒绝,谢绝;下降 205. illusion n. 错觉 206. likelihood n. 可能,可能性 207. stripe n. 条纹 208. emphasize vt. 强调,着重 209. emotion n. 情感,感情 210. emotional a. 感情的,情绪(上)的 211. awful a. 极坏的,威严的,可怕的 212. awkward a. 笨拙的,棘手的 213. clue n. 线索,提示 214. collision n. 碰撞,冲突 215. device n. 装置,设备 216. devise vt. 发明,策划,想出 217. inevitable a. 不可避免的 218. naval a. 海军的 219. navigation n. 航行 220. necessity n. 必需品;必要性 221. previous a. 先,前,以前的 222. provision n. [pl.]给养,口粮;准备,设备,装置 223. pursue vt. 追逐;追求;从事,进行 224. stale a. 不新鲜的,陈腐的 225. substitute n. 代用品 vt. 代替 226. deserve vt. 应受,应得,值得 227. discrimination n. 歧视;辨别力

229. secure a. 安全的,可靠的 230. security n. 安全,保障 231. scratch v./n. 抓,搔,扒 232. talent n. 才能,天资;人才 233. insurance n. 保险,保险费 234. insure vt. 给...保险,保证,确 保 235. nevertheless ad. 仍然,然而, 不过 236. neutral a. 中立的,中性的 237. spot n. 地点;斑点 vt. 认出, 发现;玷污 238. spray v. 喷, (使)溅散 239. medium a. 中等的,适中的 n. 媒介物,新闻媒介 240. media n. 新闻传媒 241. auxiliary a. 辅助的,备用的 242. automatic a. 自动的 243. compete vi. 竞争,比赛 244. competent a. 有能力的,能胜 任的 245. competition n. 竞争,比赛 246. distribute vt. 分发 247. disturb vt. 打搅,妨碍 248. infer v. 推论,推断 249. integrate v. (into,with)(使)成 为一体, (使)合并 250. moist a. 潮湿



228. professional a. 职业的,专门的 2011 英语四级考试词汇集中训练及答

A. surround B.substance C.stretch D.substitute 7.With the help of the government , a large number of people ---_______ after the flood in 1991. A. survived B.suspended C.suffered D.subfected 8.He always has a lot of _______ ideas in his mind , and sometimes we do not even know what he is thinding about. A. novel B.spoil C.acceptable D.additional 9.Please be serious. I am not _______. You should consider it carefully A. sorting B.joking C.counting D.comparing 10.We do not have a _______ school in our institute. The highest degree we provide for the students is a B. A. and a B. S. 。 A. continue B.bay C.assistance D.graduate 答案: 1.A 2.B 3.C 4.A 5.B 6.C 7.A 8.C 9.D 10.A 12.He works in our university as a visiting _______, not as a formal faculty member. A. traditional B.scholar C.nurse D.pilot 13.When you fill in the application form, please use your _______ address so that we

1.With the _______of Mary, all the girl students are eager to go to the party. A.exhibition B.exception C.except D.reception 2.Although the trffic is not busy, he likes to drive at a _______ speed. A.spare B.fast C.moderate D.moral 3.All the memories of his childhood had _______ from his mind by the time he was 65. A.faded B.illustrated C.comfined D.concerned 4.This river is so big that it is impossible to build a _______ under it without modern technology. A.canal B.tunnel C.channel D.cable 5.The _______ is nearly dead , so I can not start the car again. A. bean B.beam C.bake D.battery 6.When making modern cameras , people began to _______ plastics for metal. 案2 2011 英语四级考试词汇集中训练及答 11.In the United States , the foreign policy is decided by the ________ government, not by each state. A. federal B.figure C.scientific D.service

can contact you easily later. A. policy B.plain C.permanent D.principal 14.John _______ to be a polite man. But in fact he is very rude. A. pretends B.assures C.affords D.melts 15.We can not trust him any more because he often ________ his duty. A. owes B.spoils C.deserts D.neglects 16.In order to increase our output, we need to import more production _______. A. facilities B.hens C.votes D.artists 17.When a spacecraft travels, one of the major problems is reentry into the Earth’s _______. 21.The doctors _______ the medicines to the people in the flood area. A. distributed B.packed C.prayed D.undertook 22.Much of the news provided by this newspaper is _______, not foreign. A. domestic B.strain C.purchase D.murder 23.He tried to _______relations with his former wife but he failed. A. measure B.maintain C.shelter

A. surface B.atmosphere C.attitude D.bent 18.This river forms a natural _______ between China and Korea. A. boundary B.string C.spot D.zone 19.She is already 16years old. But she _______as if she were still a little girl. A. believes B.absorbs C.accrses D.behaves 20.We are _______ at the rapid progress Mark has made in this semester. A. distinguished B.annoyed C.astonished D.scored 答案: 11.A 12.A 13.B 14.D 15.A 16.B 17.D 18.D 19.A 20.C D.reply 24.He _______ to study harder in the future so that he could have more opportunities to find a better job. A. resolved B.resorted C.requested D.reserved 25.The _______ work continued for more than a week but there was still no sign of the missing boy. A. research B.rescue C.vessel D.vast 26.Many kinds of animals are believed to have _________ from the earth

A. withdrawn B.vanished C.found D.hung 27.The engineers in this lab spent several weeks _______ their plans for the new bicycle. A. counting B.stripping C.elaborating D.casting 28.Pine trees are usually believed to _______ cold weather. A. guard B.accomplish C.roar 31.The college students in China are _______ from smoking on campus because this will do them no good. A. discouraged B.observed C.obeyed D.obtained 32.Professor Smith is also the _______ of the international program office. If you have any problem when you study here, you may go to him for help. A. detective B.president C.manager D.director 33.We won’t allow any foreign country to _______ in our internal affairs. A. devote B.district C.interfere D.wander 34.We can not _______ all the magazines together. A. route B.draw C.thread D.bind

D.endure 29.Free medical service is _______ to nearly all the college students in China. A. favorite B.available C.convenient D.average 30.After working for twenty hours without any rest, the doctors were _______. A. exhausted B.mounted C.wrapped D.restored 答案: 21.A 22.A 23.B 24.A 25.B 26.B 27.C 28.D 29.B 30.A 35.What he said in the meeting _______ everybody present. A. disgusted B.dismissed C.disposed D.eliminated 36.Some lazy men would rather _______ than work. A. indicate B.declare C.solve D.starve 37.This boy was _______ for what he had done in the class. A. scolded B.overcome C.inclined D.displayed 38.Some states in the United States _______ people to carry guns. A. apply B.charm C.ignore D.forbid 39.Carelessness made him fall in his job _______.


A.interview B.intention C.stomach D.stocking 40.Sometimes it is very difficult to _______ some of the English words. Even the native speaker can not help. A. decrease B.create C.define D.delight 答案: 31.A 32.D 33.C 34.D 35.A 练6 36.D 37.A 38.D 39.A 40.C 2011 下半年英语四级考试词汇集中训

_______ to the government’s pressure at last. A.expressed B.yielded C.decreased D.approved 6.My hands and feet were ________ with cold as I waited for the bus. A. cliff B.still C.stiff D.stick 7.This problem is beyond his ability and he can not ________ it. A.slip B.pack C.gain D.solve 8.When you buy the spare parts for your car, try to get the _______ ones from the authorized dealer. A.genuine B.generous C.genius D.gentle 9.If you use _______, you can get a higher quality picture. A.wax B.shame C.goose D.slides 10.Who _______ this country , the people or the president? This question is not easy to answer. A.frightens B.differs C.displays D.governs 答案: 1.B 2.D 3.A 4.D 5.B 6.C 7.D 8.A 9.D 10.D all are brave when the enemy flies. 敌人逃窜时,人人都成了勇士。

1. This kind of medicine has the power to _______poison. A.splash B.resist C.adopt D.occupy 2. He is easily _______ so I do not like to talk with him. A.defended B.afforded C.created D.offended 3.I am _______ to believe that he won’t come back to see his wife again. A.inclined B.puzzled C.accompanied D.performed 4.Before you mail this letter, you should check again whether you have _______ it or not. A.sunk B.sighed C.sought D.sealed 5.After talking for nearly ten hours, he 【网络综合 - 大学英语四六级考试 (CET)试题】

all good things come to an end. 天下没有不散的筵席。 all rivers run into sea. 海纳百川。 all roads lead to rome. 条条大路通罗马。 all that ends well is well. 结果好,就一切都好。 all that glitters is not gold. 闪光的不一定都是金子。 all things are difficult before they are easy. 凡事总是由难而易。 all work and no play makes jack a dull boy. 只会用功不玩耍,聪明孩子也变傻。 a man becomes learned by asking questions. 不耻下问才能有学问。 a man can do no more than he can. 凡事都应量力而行。 a man cannot spin and reel at the same time. 一心不能二用。 a man is known by his friends. 什么人交什么朋友。 a man of words and not of deeds is like a garden full of weeds. 光说空话不做事,犹如花园光长刺。 a man without money is no man at all. 一分钱难倒英雄汉。 a merry heart goes all the way. 心旷神怡,事事顺利。 a miss is as good as a mile. 失之毫厘,差之千里。 a mother‘s love never changes. 母爱永恒。 an apple a day keeps the doctor away. 一天一苹果,不用请医生。 a new broom sweeps clean. 新官上任三把火。 an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. 以眼还眼,以牙还牙。 an hour in the morning is worth two in

the evening. 一日之计在于晨。 an old dog cannot learn new tricks. 老狗学不出新把戏。 an ounce of luck is better than a pound of wisdom. 聪明才智,不如运气。 an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. 预防为主,治疗为辅。 as a man sows, so he shall reap. 种瓜得瓜,种豆得豆。 a single flower does not make a spring. 一花独放不是春,百花齐放春满园。 a snow year, a rich year. 瑞雪兆丰年。 a sound mind in a sound body. 健全的精神寓于健康的身体。 a still tongue makes a wise head. 寡言者智。 a stitch in time saves nine. 小洞不补,大洞吃苦。 a straight foot is not afraid of a crooked shoe. 身正不怕影子斜。 a wise head makes a close mouth. 真人不露相,露相非真人。 a word spoken is past recalling. 一言既出,驷马难追。 a year‘s plan starts with spring. 一年之计在于春。 a young idler, an old beggar. 少壮不努力,老大徒伤悲。 bad news has wings. 好事不出门,坏事传千里。 barking dogs seldom bite. 吠犬不咬人。 beauty lies in the love‘s eyes. 情人眼里出西施。 be swift to hear, slow to speak. 听宜敏捷,言宜缓行。 better late than never. 不怕慢,单怕站。 between friends all is common.


朋友之间不分彼此。 呆人有呆福。 birds of a feather flock together. fools learn nothing from wise men, but wise men learn much from fools. 物以类聚,人以群分。 blood is thicker than water. 愚者不学无术,智者不耻下问。 forbidden fruit is sweet. fields have eyes, and woods have ears. 隔墙有耳。 禁果格外香。 fire and water have no mercy. fortune favors those who use their judgement. 水火无情。 fire is a good servant but a bad master. 机遇偏爱善断之人。 fortune knocks once at least at every 火是一把双刃剑。 man‘s gate. first come, first served. 先来后到。 风水轮流转。 first impressions are half the battle. four eyes see more than two. 初次见面,印象最深。 集思广益。 first think and then speak. friends agree best at distance. 先想后说。 朋友之间也会保持距离。 fools grow without watering. friends are thieves of time. 朽木不可雕。 朋友是时间的窃贼。 fool‘s haste is no speed. friends must part. 欲速则不达。 再好的朋友也有分手的时候。 fools has fortune. 1. The manager lost his _____ just because his secretary was ten minutes late. (A) mood (B) temper (C) mind (D) passion 2. Mr. Morgan can be very sad _____, though in public he is extremely cheerful. (A) by himself (B) in person (C) in private (D) as individual 3. All _____ is a continuous supply of the basic necessities of life. (A) what is needed (B) for our needs (C) the thing need (D) that is needed 4. The French pianist who had been praised very highly _____ to be a great disappointment. (A) turned up (B) turned in (C) turned out (D) turned down 5. When a fire _____ at the National Exhibition in London, at least ten priceless paintings were completely destroyed. (A) broke off (B) broke down (C) broke out (D) broke up 6. The destruction of these treasures was a loss for mankind that no amount of money could _____. (A) stand up to (B) put up with (C) come up with (D) make up for 7. _____ that my head had cleared, my brain was also beginning to work much better. (A) For (B) since (C) Now (D) Despite 8. Being a pop star can be quite a hard life, with a lot of travelling _____ heavy schedules. (A) with regard to (B) as to (C) in relation to (D) owing to 9. Criticism and self-criticism is necessary _____ it helps us to find and correct our mistakes. (A) by that (B) on that (C) on that (D) in that 10. In no country _____ Britain, it has been said, can one experience four seasons in the course of a single day. (A) other than (B) more than (C) better than (D) rather than 11. He hoped the firm would _____ him to the Paris branch.

(A) exchange (B) transmit (C) transfer (D) remove 12. The engine _____ smoke and steam. (A) gives up (B) gives in (C) gives away (D) gives off 13. They _____ in spite of the extremely difficult condition. (A) carried out (B) carried off (C) carried on (D) carried forward 14. As a result of careless washing the jacket _____ to a child‘s size. (A) compressed (B) shrank (C) dropped (D) decreased 15. When _____ Mr. Jones gets old, he will _____ over his business to his son. (A) take (B) hand (C) think (D) get 16. Important people don’t often have much free time as their work _____ all their time. (A) takes away (B) takes over (C) takes up (D) takes in 17. We were struck by the extent _____ which teachers‘ decisions served the interests of the school rather than those of the students. (A) to (B) for (C) in (D) with 18. Melted iron is poured into the mixer much _____ tea is poured into a cup from a teapot. (A) in the same way like (B) in the same way which (C) in the same way (D) in the same way as 19. He went ahead _____ all warnings about the danger of his mission. (A) in case of (B) because of (C) regardless of (D) prior to 20. Not that John doesn’t want to help you, _____ it‘s beyond his power. (A) but that (B) for that (C) and that (D) in that 1. It is not easy to learn English well, but if you _____, you will succeed in the end. (A) hang up (B) hang about (C) hang on (D) hang onto 2. It is reported that _____ adopted children want to know who their natural parents are. (A) the most (B) most of (C) most (D) the most of 3. last year the advertising rate _____ by 20 percent. (A) raised (B) aroused (C) arose (D) rose 4. _____ before we depart the day after tomorrow, we should have a wonderful dinner party. (A) Had they arrived (B) Would they arrive (C) Were they arriving (D) Were they to arrive 5. The strong storm did a lot of damage to the coastal villages: several fishing boats were _____ and many houses collapsed. (A) wrecked (B) spoiled (C) torn (D) injured 6.Thee little man was _____ one metre fifty high. as (A) almost more than (B) hardly more than (C) nearly more than (D) as much

7. As _____ announced in today‘s papers, the Shanghai Export Commodities Fair is also open on Sundays. (A) being (B) is (C) to be (D) been 8. You see file lightning _____ it happens, but you hear the thunder later. (A) the instant (B) for an instant (C) on the instant (D) in an instant 9. The manager lost his _____ just because his secretary was ten minutes late. (A) mood (B) temper (C) mind (D) passion 10. Great as Newton was, many of his ideas _____ today and are being modified by the work of scientists of our time. (A) are to challenge (B) may be challenged (C) have been challenged (D) are challenging

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