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必修 6 unit 1.2知识梳理

Book6 unit 1 知识梳理
I.单项填空 1. I think you should go back to your ____ plan, which is much more practical than the present one. A.original B.random C.abstract D.potential 2. ---Bob, please

go and buy some vegetables for me. I’m busy now. ---Can you be more ______, mum? ---Some tomatoes and a cabbage. A.specific B.delicate C.abstract D.evident 3. The _____ on driving after drinking alcohol is being carried out all over the country, which is helpful to reduce traffic accidents. A. withdrawal B. prejudice C. aim D. ban 4. The educator _____ combining brain work with manual labor is being widely accepted throughout the country. A. to aim at B. aims at C. aiming at D. aimed at 5. The project is________ at improving the level of education. A.aimed B.intended C.designed D.needed 6. When asked to move away, the other three _____ but Mary was unwilling to do so. A. adopted B. confirmed C. advocated D. submitted 7. So advanced is the camera that it can be ______ to take pictures in any weather conditions. A.achieved B.attained C.adopted D.adjusted 8. The new tax would force companies to _______ energy-saving measures. A. adapt B. adopt C. address D. adjust 9. Anyone who is in ______of weapons without permission is considered lawbreaking. A.command B.control C.charge D.possession 10. He decided to go to America alone to make his fortune without any friends or ________. A.families B.possession C.help D.possessions 11. I think that the behind the decision is the desire to improve our customer service. A.budget B.technique C.motivation D.conscience 12. In China, smokers have to face the fact that _______ people are dying of lung cancer. A. a good many of B. a great deal of C. a great number of D. the number of 13. In considering people for jobs, we give _________ to those with some experience. A. decision B. attempt C. preference D. reputation 14. We _______ to make mistakes when we do things in a hurry. A.manage B.tend C.intend D.attempt 15. The young man, ______ several attempts to beat the world record in high jumping, decided to have another try. A. to make B. making C. made D. having made 16. David had prepared carefully for the chemistry exam, so he was sure that he could pass it at his first _________. A. purpose B. desire C. wish D. attempt 17. ---The new book didn’t ________ teenagers. ---Probably because the author employed too many scientific terms in it. A. apply to B. pick up C. appeal to D. call on 18 When the first e-book readers appeared in the late 1990s, technology experts a great future for the digital publishing industry. A. predicted B. established C. arranged D. imagined. 19. On the chairs _______, who had come here for this job interview. A. did three graduates sit B. sat three graduates C. three graduates sat D. sitting three graduates 20. They arrived at a farmhouse, ______. A. in front sat a small boy. B. in front of it sat a small boy. C. in front of which a small boy sat. D. sitting in front of which was a small boy.

21. Visual teaching aids can ________to students and help them learn better, but________,they should not be overused in class. A.attract; on the other hand B.appeal; on the other hand C.hold interest; on other hand D.take interest; on one hand 22. ----John always thinks of others instead of himself. ----So he does. It is ________ of him to offer help to others. A. aggressive B. ridiculous C. typical D. conventional 23. He would rather have his children_____ by others than have them lead a miserable life with him. A adapted B adopted C carried D praised 24. ____ of time and energy have been spent in making the earthquake-stricken areas a permanent museum to remind people how disastrous a natural disaster can be. A. A great deal B. A good many C. Large numbers D. Large quantities 25. —Doctor, when will my father be able to leave hospital? —I would rather he _________ tomorrow. A. left B. should leave C. would leave D. will leave 26. _________ your help, I wouldn’t have achieved my goal. A. Had it not been for B. If it were not for C. Without for D. But not 27.(2012 浙江)Had they known what was coming next, they________ second thoughts. A. may have B. could have C. must have had D. might have had 28. (2012 北京) We ______ the difficulty together, but why didn’t you tell me? A. should face B. might face C. could have faced D. must have faced 29. (2012 陕西) If my car _____ more reliable, I would have driven to Lhasa instead of flying last summer. A. was B. had been C. should be D. would be 30. (2012 山东)If we _____ adequate preparations, the conference wouldn’t have been so successful. A. haven’t made B. wouldn’t make C. didn’t make D. hadn’t made 31.(2012 湖南) Sorry,I am too busy now. If I _____ time, I would certainly go for an outing with you. A. have had B. had had C. have D. had 32. (2012 天津)We would have called a taxi yesterday if Harold ______ us a ride home. A. didn’t offer B. wouldn’t offer C. hasn’t offered D. hadn’t offered 33. (2012 辽宁)Jack is a great talker. It’s high time that he _____ something instead of just talking. A. will do B. has done C. do D. did II.单词拼写 1. The only way to lose weight (永久) is to completely change your attitudes toward food. 2. A few years after his graduation from a university the man acquired the philosopher. 3. The children's paintings are on (展览)at the school. (名声) being a of

4. To have a full discussion of the issue, the committee spent a whole hour____________(交换)their ideas at the meeting. 5. Although he was a killed. 6. If you are a 7. An a 8. If you have a p 9. A c any planning. 10. He had to live in the 11. She creates 12. He had supported the local team (影子)of his famous father. (雕塑) out of scrap materials. (忠实)for 30 years.

(脆弱)built man there was something within him that could not easily be

to something, you become ill when you eat it, smell it, or touch it. is a wide, straight road, especially one with trees on either side. for something, you would like to have or do that thing rather than something else. is when two or more similar or related events occur at the same time by chance and without

Book 6unit 2 知识梳理
II.单项填空 1.General Manager of Walmart. com announced that viewers could watch shows and movies for free ______ watching advertising. A. in charge of B. in favor of C. in case of D. in exchange for 2. I noticed his eyes________,because they were of such an unusual color. A.in common B.in theory C.in particular D.in practice 3. I've just learned English for a short time and sometimes I find it hard to ____ myself well. A. exchange B. communicate C. convey D. express 4.In everyday communications, information ______ by gestures is often misinterpreted. A.suggested B.conveyed C.expressed D.signaled 5. —I'm so anxious about my driving test tomorrow. Would you please give me some advice? —________. I'm sure you are good enough to pass it. Be confident of yourself. A.Absolutely B.Take it easy C.You are right D.Not really 6.________ more energy to my study instead of being crazy about Internet games, I would be sitting in a comfortable office now. A. If I devoted B. Had I devoted C. Would I be devoted D. Should I be devoted 7. We all don't know the reason _______he was fired by his company. A. which B. that C. why D. where 8. — I’m still working on my project. — Oh, you’ll miss the deadline. Time is ______. A. running out B. going out C. giving out D. losing out 9.Mothers holding jobs outside the home should have _______ schedules to make it easier to care for their children. A. heavy B. smooth C. flexible D. complex 10. 2012 湖北】 【 Two lawyers have donated $50,000 to ________ our school’s campaign “Help the Needy”, which was started by our former headmaster three years ago. A. sponsor B. launch C. organize D. plan 11.Yin used her interest in the teenage wizard to set up a “Harry Potter Club” at the university, ________attracting over 400 members and introducing her to a whole new circle of friends. A.eventually B.efficiently C.evidently D.extremely 12._____, the ship sank quickly into water, resulting in only a few people surviving. A. Loading heavily B. Having loaded heavily C. Having been heavily loaded D. To be heavy loaded 13. —We should adopt ________methods to deal with some incidents. You know,anything could occur in that situation. — I got it. Thank you for reminding me. A.flexible B.typical C.positive D.concrete 14. The teacher stressed again that the students should not _____ any important details while retelling the story. A. bring out B. leave out C. let out D. make out 15. A lot of teams wanted me to _________ for other positions and I told them no. A. try out B. figure out C. let out D. break out 16. Cloning human beings is a _____ topic with some considering it a scientific development while others strongly against it. A.conventional B.controversial C.contradictory D.concrete 17. Let’s hang up some paintings on these __ _ walls. A. bare B. empty C. blank D. vacant 18. ---You haven’t fully recovered, have you? ---No. If only I _________ the doctor’s advice. A. followed B. had followed C. should follow D. were to follow

19. ________ it rain tomorrow,we would have to cancel the football match. A. Were B. Would C. Will D. Should 20. Food supplies in the flood-stricken area ______.We must act immediately before there’s none left. A. have run out B. are running out C. have been run out D. are being run out 21. ---The novel gone with wind is said _____ into several language. A. to translate B. being translated C. having been translated D. to have been translated II.单词拼写 1. Soldiers marched in peace, (负担) with blankets and supplies. (温暖) of the fire.

2. She went further into the room, drawn by the 3. Diana won five 4. In order to

(冠军) in women's high jump successively in the five years. (改造) their environment, he drew up the project with painstaking accuracy. (分支) elsewhere. (文凭). (翻译) 2,158 names of Chinese

5. Marie told us that so successful was her business that she was able to set up new 6. At the end of twelfth grade, American students receive the high school 7. Last week, the Beijing government published a new book, dishes into English. 8. Given the strength of pressure on both sides, the superpowers may well have difficulties 起)negotiations. 9. A l


is a person who is in charge of a library or who has been specially trained to work in a library. (钻石饰物), even with jeans and a white T-shirt.

10. Nicole loves wearing her

take it easy ,run out of ,be made up of ,in particular, try out ,appropriate, let out ,give sb. an impression , make sense , in exchange for, be popular with , convey emotions ,transform…into 1.The old man told us to 2. We 3. The team 4. Her favorite color is blue, dark blue 5. The method seems good but it needs 6. She 7. Can you 8. The cartoon series 9. I found it hard 10. His plans 11. Your clothes are hardly 12. Tom gave Helen an apple overnight for a job interview. a piece of cake.

and everything would be better. petrol on the way to the station. 10 persons will take part in the competition. . . a scream when seeing the snake. what this book says? still children today. in words to you. reality.

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