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eriod three Step 1. Warming up Check the Ss’ assignment: task 2 Step 2. Language points: 1. add (v.) 1). To put together with something else so as to increase the number, size, importance, et

c. 增加, 添加 Please add something to what I’ve said, John. 2). To join numbers, amount, etc so as to find the total 相 加 Add up these figures for me, please. add to something: to increase 增 加 What he did has added to out difficulties. add up to: to amount to 加起来等于;总计 The cost added up to 100 million yuan. 2. cheat v. 1). To act in a dishonest way in order to win 欺骗;作弊 2). (of, out of) to take from (someone) in a dishonest way 骗取 They cheated the old woman out of her money by making her sign a document she didn ’ t understand. n. 1). an act of cheating 作弊行为 2). one who cheats 骗子

第5页共7页 3. go through 1). To examine carefully 仔 细 阅 读 或 研 究 I went through the students’ papers last night. 2). To experience 经历,遭受或忍受 You really don’t know what we went through while working on this project. 4. crazy (adj.) 1). mad, foolish 疯狂的,愚蠢的 It’s crazy to go out in such hot weather. 2). wildly excited; very interested 狂热的,着迷的 She is crazy about dancing. 5. lonely (adj.) unhappy because of being alone or without friends 孤 独 的 , 寂 寞 的 He has been very lonely since his wife left him. lonely/alone alone 1). without or separated from others 单独的 She lives alone. 2). only 仅仅,只有。用于名词或代词之后。 The gloves alone cost $ 80. leave/let sb. or sth. alone: not take, touch or interfere with sb or sth 不带走,不触摸,不干涉某 人或某事 Leave that alone. It’s mine. She has asked to be left alone. 6. be concerned about/for: be worried about 担心 We’re all concerned about her safety. 7. upset: 1). Adj. worried; sad; angry; not calm 不安,心烦意乱, 生气

He is upset. 2). V. cause to worry, to be sad, to be angry, not to be calm 使 不 安 , 使 生 气 His cheating on the exam upset his teacher. 8.well n. 井 adj. 身体好 adv. 好 Int. 噢, George was well and truly drunk. I couldn ’ t very well say no when there was no one else she could ask. 9. spellbind: to hold the complete atte ntion of 吸引人,迷人,是入迷 The children watched spellbound as the magician took rabbits from his hat. Step 3. Learning abo ut language 1. Finish Ex.1, 2 and 3. on Page 4. 2. Direct speech and indirect speech: Ss do Ex.1 and 2 on Page 5. Then let the Ss themselves discover the structures. Step 4. Practice Using structures on Page 42: ask the Ss to use indirect speech to retell the story. Step 5. Assignm ent Finish Wb. Ex, 1 and2 on page 41 and 42.

单元要点预览 1. 谚语:a friend in need is a friend indeed 患难见真情 A friend is like a second self. 朋友是另一个自我。 一、短语归纳 lought at 嘲笑 hide away 躲起来 a series of 一系列 grow\be crazy about 对?十分 狂热;十分痴迷 something to do with 与?有关的某事、 nothing to do with 与?无 关 happen to do sth 碰巧做某事 at dusk: 黄昏时刻 傍晚 face to face 面对 面 Take care of 照顾 Walking the dog 遛狗 ( Pay for sth 为?付款 Pack(sth)up 将东西装箱打包 Finish sth\doing sth 完成某事、完成做某事 Stay awake 熬夜 end-of-term exam 期 末考 fall in love with 爱上 according to 根据 make a list of 列清单 二、.词语辨析 1. calm / quiet / silent / still 【解释】 calm 天气、水、水面(表风平浪静) ; (指人时)表示镇定自如。 quiet 表“宁静” 、 “安静” 、 “寂静” ,侧重没有响声,没有噪音和没有动静。指人时侧重性格温和, 文静。 silent 表 “沉默” 、 “不发言” 、 “不说话” , 常常表示人不爱说话, 沉默无语。 still“不 动的” ,指人时侧重一动不动, ;指物时指完全没有声音,突出静止不动。

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【练习】用上面所提供的辨析词的适当形式填 空 1). Please stand __________ while I take your photo. 2). Why do you keep ______ ____? 3). Everything was ___________. 4). He remained ___________ in the face of the enemy. 答案: 1). still 2). silent 3). quiet 4). calm 2. join / join in / take part in / attend 【解释】 join 表示参加组织、党派、团体、军队、俱乐部等 join in 表示参加游戏、活动等;join sb. (in sth.) 表(和某人一起)做某事 take part in 表示参与、参加讨论、游行、比赛、战斗、斗争、运动、庆祝等 attend 主要指出席、参加会议、婚礼;听讲座、课、报告、音乐会等;上学、 教堂 【练习】用上面所提供的辨析词的适当形式填 空 1). Can I ___________ the game? 2). Did you ____________ the fighting? 3). He __________ the army last year. 4). A lot of people __________ her wedding. 答 案: 1). join in 2). take part in 3). joined 4)attended 四.重点词汇

1. upset adj. 心烦意乱的,不安的;不适 的 vt. (upset, upset) Don't upset yourself -- no harm has been done. 不要难过--并没 有造成伤害。 2. concern v. 担忧; 涉及; 关系到 n. 担心,关注; (利害)关系 [重点用法] as / so far as ? be concerned 关于;至于;就??而言 be concerned about 关心 be concerned in sth. 牵涉到, 与??有关, 参与 3. settle vt. 安家; 定居; 停留 vt. 使 定居,安家;解决 1). The family has settled in Canada. 这家人已定居加拿大。 2) Try your best to calm yourself down.. [重点用法] settle down 镇定下来 settle in 在?定居 4. suffer vt.& vi.遭受;忍受;经历 Do you suffer from headaches? 你常头痛吗? suffer from 感到疼痛﹑ 不适﹑ 悲伤等; 受苦; 吃苦头: 5. disagree vt. 不同意 disagree with sb 不同意某人的观点 . Even friends sometimes disagree with each other. 即便是朋友也有时意见不一。 五.重点词组 1. add up 加起来 Add up your scores and see how many points you can get. 把你的得分加起来, 看看


add (?) to ?.把什么)加入?中 add up to ?加起来是 add to 增加 [练习] 用 add 的适当形式或构成的词组填 空 1). Will you _____ some more students to this project? 2). Small numbers _____ a large one. 3). 50 _______ 50 equals 100. 答案: 1). add 2). add up to 3). added 2. go through 经历;经受 [短语归纳] go after 追求,追赶 go ahead 前进;请说(做)吧 go by 走过, (时间)过去 go along with 向前, (与??)一起去 go in for 爱好, 从事 go out 外出; (灯,火)熄灭 go over 越过;复习 go up 爬上, (价格等) 上升 go home 回家 go to bed 上床睡觉 3.on purpose 故意,有目的地 [短语 归纳] do sth. on purpose: 故意做某事 on purpose 表示故意地、有企图、有目的地 4. get along with 与某人相处;(工作的) 进展 1) He is not easy-going. It’s very hard to get along with him 他不是个 随和的人,很难相处。 2). How are you getting along with your work? 工作进展如何? [短语归纳] get along/on well / badly with 与??相处得好/不好,??进展顺利/不顺利 get away 离开,逃离 get down 下来;写下,取下

get down to (doing)开始认真干?? get over 克服,摆脱 get through 通过,做完 get together 聚集 5. in order to? 为了??(可置于句首或句中) She arrived early in order to get a good seat. 她到得很早, 图的是得 个好座位。 [短语归纳] so as to 为了??(只能置于句中,不能置于句首) in order that?以 便(后跟句子) so that?以便(后跟句子) 6 share sth. with sb. Vt. 分享,分担 短语: E.g. She always shares happiness and worries with me. 7. No longer\ not?

any longer 不再 ? If you are always dishonest, people will no longer believe you. 如果你老是言过其实,人们就不会相信你了。 8 Get \be tired of 对?厌 烦 be tired with 对?到疲倦 You may be tired with reading, but you should not be tired of it. 9 should have done 本应该。 。 shouldn’t have done 表示过去应该做某事而实际上没有做 E.g You should have come her five minutes ago. E.g You shouldn’ t have told him about this. 六.重点句子 (旨在提供句子结构等所需材料) 1. Mom asked her if (whether) she was very hot with so many clothes on. 妈妈问她 穿那么多衣服是不是很热。

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