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1 unit5 Language points in reading

rather than与其……不如… 1) 连接两个名词或代词 是你而不是我要去野营。 You rather than I are going to go camping.

rather than 与前面的名词或代词在人称

2) 连接两个形容词

e.g. The sweater she bought was beautiful
rather than cheap.


3) 连接两个介词(短语)或动名词 e.g. We will have the meeting in the classroom rather than in the great hall. 我们是在教室里开会,不是在大厅里。 She enjoys singing rather than dancing.


4) 连接两个分句 e.g. We should help him rather than he should help us. 是我们应该帮助他而不是他应该帮 助我们。 5) 连接两个不定式 e.g. I decided to write rather than (to) telephone. 我决定写信而不打电话。

注: rather than后接不定式时, 不定式可以 带to, 也可以不带to, 如上句。但rather than位于句首时, 则只能接不带to的不 定式。 e.g. Rather than allow the vegetables to go bad, he sold them at half price.
他唯恐蔬菜烂掉, 把它们以半价卖掉了。

6) 连接两个动词
e.g. He ran rather than walked. 他是跑来的,而不是走来的。 注: 这里rather than后用了walked, 而没 有用walk, 表示客观事实, 而不是主观 愿望。如果换成walk, 则作“宁 愿……而不愿 ……”解。

Rather… than…


这应该由你粑粑决定,而不是你 This is rather for father to decide than for you.

2. Going eastward, you will pass ... -ward (s)加在前置词上,构成副词, 表示方向backward (s)向后, upward (s)向上。 A spring river flows eastward. 一江春水向东流 downward; backward; outward

3. People say it is Canada’s most beautiful city, surrounded by mountains and the Pacific Ocean. 人们说温哥华是加拿大最美的城市, 被 大山和太平洋环抱。 surround作动词,意为“包围;围绕”。 e.g. The mountains surround the capital city of the province on all sides.

The fans waiting at the gate of the airport surrounded the sports star — Yao Ming. surround常构成搭配: be surrounded by / with ... 被……围绕/包围 e.g. The pop singer was immediately surrounded by a crowd of young people.

【联想】 surrounding surroundings

adj. 周围的 n. 环境

在周围地区 in a surrounding area 生活在安逸之中 be surrounded by comforts 位于优美的环境中 be situated/ located in pleasant surroundings

measure 1. v. 测量,衡量,判定 measure temperature E.g. The room measures 6 meters by 4. 这间屋子长6米宽4米。 2. n. c. 措施 u.尺寸 take measures / steps/ action to do make……to one’s measure 量体裁衣

6. aboard作副词或介词, 意为“在(船、

飞机、车等)上, 上(船、飞机、车等)”。
e.g. All the passengers aboard fell into the river. We were the last two to go aboard the ship. go aboard = go on board = board上船 on board 在(船,飞机)上 board n. 木板 v. 上(船,飞机)

settle down ① 安稳地坐下来 如: He settled down at his desk to work out the exact figures. ② 定居下来 如: Many people settle down in San Diego because of the fine weather. ③ 安静下来, (使)平静下来 如: The children settled down when their teacher entered.

④ 开始专心于 如: There was so much noise that we were unable to settle down to studying. ⑤ 舒服地坐着或躺着 如: Kate settled down in the back of the car and fell asleep quickly. settle in(使)习惯(新工作、环境等) settle on / upon 就……达成协议 settle up 清账,了结

[即学即练] 按要求完成下列各题。 1. 等孩子们安静下来再开始上课吧。 Please wait until the children settle down before you start your lesson. 2. I can’t settle down to my work.

3. Let us __________________ settle down to write (静下心来 写) an article.

7. ..., they manage to catch sight of some mountain goats and even a grizzly bear and an eagle. 阅读下列句子, 注意 manage to do 的意思 和用法。 1) Although he hasn’t received any formal education, Mr. Wang managed to finish his task. 2) We should manage to realize our dream.

[归纳总结] manage to do sth. (= succeed in doing sth.) 是“设法做、设法完成某事”的意思。

[辨析] manage to do与try to do用manage时,成 功的把握大些;用try时,成功的把握不大。 即:manage to do sth.的意思是“设法成 功地完成……”,而try to do sth.的意思是 “尽力做……(但结果不一定成功)”。

e.g. He worked hard and managed to pass the exam. 他努力学习并顺利通过了考试。 He tried to pass the exam, but failed because of laziness. 他试图想通过考试,但是由于懒惰而 最终失败了。



E.g. This shop doesn’t belong to me, I only manage it. 吃得下,拿得动 E.g. Can you manage a big bowl of noodles? E.g. –Shall I take the suitcase for you? --No thanks, I can manage it myself.

10. catch sight of 1) 看见,瞥见 How can I fall asleep if I can’t catch sight of your smile?

2) at first sight 乍一看 catch sight of 看见 within sight 在视线内 out of sight 看不见 out of sight, out of mind. lose sight 失明

9. have a gift for … 在......方面有天分/天赋 (gift特指与生俱来的天份或才能,如绘 画、音乐等。) e.g. 老师对她舞蹈的天份大感惊奇。 Her gift for dancing amazed the teacher.

1) have a gift for sth. / doing sth. E.g. I have no/ little gift for foreign languages. 2) be gifted at/ in 对……有天赋 He is gifted in music.

11. within 介词,在……(尤指时间、 距离、范围、限度等)之内,以内; 在……里头。

within 2 days within 5 minutes within doors 在室内 within sight 在视线范围内

within one’s power 在……的权限内 e.g. I wasn’t within my power to help her.

e.g. I’ll be there within an hour. (一小时之内) I’ll be there in an hour. (一小时之后)

Don’t leave matches or cigarettes on the

table within _____ B of little children.
A. hand B. reach

C. pace

D. distance

within reach of sb. 或 within one’s reach 意为“在某人能够得着的范围之内”。

12 . border n. 边界;国界; 1) across/ over the border on the border of e.g. Thousands of refugees were fleeing across the border.

boundary frontier


vt. 与…...接壤,给……镶边

China borders Russia on the north.

13. mix 1) mix A with B e.g. I don’t like mixing business with pleasure.

2) mixture e.g. We listened to the news with a mixture of surprise and horror.

3) mix up: 1. 使弄不清;使混乱;混淆 E.g. His explanation just mixed me up more. E.g. I always mix up the twins. 2. 牵涉或牵连 E.g. He got himself mixed up with he wrong people. be mixed up in 卷入;参与;与……有牵连

14. Confirm


1.1 confirm sth./ that E.g. The result of the experiment confirmed his prediction. 1.2. It has been confirmed that e.g. It has been confirmed that the singer will give a performance next week. 1.3 Confirm sb. In sth E.g. The latest evidence confirmed me in his honesty.

Confirm 2). 加强;坚定 E.g. China should confirm its measures to increase its economy.
3). 批准;同意 E.g. The new law was confirmed by the People’s Congress.

14. distance 1) in the distance 在远处(远距离) E.g. The mountain looks smaller in the distance. 2) keep sb. at a distance 保持距离 e.g. Please keep strangers at a distance. distant adj. 遥远的;远处的

17. at dawn e.g. We started at dawn.

at daybreak at sunrise at sunset at night from dawn till dusk

18. nearby 1) adj. They often climb the nearby hills on Sundays. 2) adv. I give my seat to an old man standing nearby.

19.Terrify 1) terrify sb. (into doing sth) = frighten sb. 2) terrified terrifying e.g. The terrifying film terrified the kids.

20. impress 1) impress sb. with e.g. He impressed me with sincerity.

2) be impressed with/ by e.g. We are impressed by her kindness.

3) impressive impression

adj. n.

e.g. make/leave a good impression on sb.

I. 根据下列各句句意及所给单词的首字母或 汉语提示,写出所缺单词的正确形式。 baggage before 1. Passengers checked their b______ boarding the plane. chatting (闲聊) on 2. My kids spend hours ________ the phone to their friends. 3. We began our ________ eastward (向东的) journey at dawn.

4. The government was urged to take
_________ measures (措施) to fight the spread of AIDS. 5. They were the last two to go a______ aboard the ship. 6. They were near the ______ border (边界) between France and Germany.

7. The boss decided to pass over his ______ slight (轻微的) mistakes. 8. In some developing countries more and more people are migrating to u____ urban areas. 9. The police s__________ surrounded the house after a murder happened last night. 10. During the windstorm the ships stayed in the h______. harbour

II. 选用方框内合适的词或短语,并用 其适当形式填空。
settle down catch sight of slightly have a gift for border rather than 1. ___________ Rather than go straight on to university why not get some work experience first? 2. Jackson went to the road that bordered ________ the gardens on the left. has a gift for telling stories. 3. Elena ___________

4. They’d like to see their daughter
___________, settle down get married, and have kids. 5. I _____________ caught sight of her hurrying away but I didn’t try to speak to her. 6. The milk should be ________ slightly heated before you drink it.

III. 根据括号内的提示翻译下列句子。

1. 他住在一所四周都是美丽花草的房子 里。(be surrounded by) He lives in a house (that / which is) surrounded by beautiful flowers and grass. 2. 就像他的父亲一样,他也有音乐天赋。 (have a gift for) Just like his father, he also has a gift for music.

3. 司机没能及时看见另一辆车。(catch sight of) The driver failed to catch sight of another car in time. 4. 你认为你能在一小时内完成这项工作 吗?(manage to do) Do you suppose / think / believe you can manage to finish the work in / within an hour?

5. 他一路冲往车站,结果还是误了火 车。(all the way) He rushed all the way to the station, only to miss the train. 6. 听到这个令人兴奋的消息,他哭了 而不是笑了。(rather than) Hearing the exciting news, he cried rather than smiled.

7. 他计划在乡下定居。(settle down)

He planned to settle down in the

8. 杰克比班里任何一个学生都高。 (any

Jack is taller than any other student
in his class.

10. Canada has more fresh water than any other country in the world. 句中的more ... than any other ...是用 比较级表示最高级含义。如果是在 同一范围内比较,常用“主语 + 谓 语 + 比较级+than any other+单数名 词”或者“主语+谓语+比较级+than any of the other+复数名词”。

“主语+谓语+比较级+than any+单数

He is taller than any other boy in our class. / He is taller than any of the other boys in our class. 他是我们班上最高的男孩。

China is larger than any country in Africa. 中国比非洲的任何一个国家都大。 [仿写] He dances better than any other one in _________________________________ our school. / He dances better than any _________________________________ of the others in our school. ________________________ (在我们学校, 他的舞跳得最好。)


填入空白处的最佳选项。 ① Lung cancer is the worst killer in America, taking _____ lives each year than _____ cancer. A. more; any C. many; other B. most; any other D. more; any other

② In a special report on deaths caused by
cancer, the blacks are more diagnosed

with it than _____ in America.
A. any of the other

B. any races
C. the other race

D. any other race

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