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Integrating skills unit5

人教课标版 高二选修7 Unit 5

Integrating skills

Listening on Page 79
1. Mei Jie has been on the Internet for some time and her friend Tim asks her what she is doing. Listen

to their conversation and answer the


1. What has Mei Jie been doing on the Internet? She has been doing research for her holiday. 2. Where is Mei jie planning to go for her holiday? She is planning to go to France and Italy.

3. When is she planning to go? In July. 4. Has she finished all her preparations for the holiday? No, not yet. She has to apply for a passport and a visa. She has to find out about travel insurance. There’s lots more to do before she’s ready.

2. Listen again and find the answers to these questions. 1. Why does Mei Jie want to stay in youth hostels? Give three reasons. Youth hostels are cheap to stay in, she will meet with other young travellers and she can cook some of her own meals to save money, and there are usually cheap restaurants near youth hostels.

2. How is she going to save money on food? Mei Jie will cook some meals for herself. 3. How is she going to travel in Italy and France? By train.

4. Tick the things Mei Jie has planned for in her budget. √ □accommodation √ □train travel √ □food □clothes √ □phone calls √ □entry to museums □travel insurance

□taxis √ □ emergency □ DVDs √ □ souvenirs

3. Imagine you are going for a holiday to Canada. In small groups, list all the things you have to do to prepare for your trip and all the information you need to gather. Write a list of things you will need to spend money on when you are way.

To prepare for your trip you need to: ? decide where to go ? find out how to get there and book tickets ? find somewhere to stay and possibly ? book your accommodation ? work out how much money you will need get passports and visas

? find out what there is to do in the places you will visit, e.g. what museums are open, what tourist sites there are, what the city/region is famous for ? find out what the climate is like ? work out a budget

At the very least, you will need money for travelling, food and drink, and accommodation. Other things you may want to budget for include: films for camera, entry to museums and galleries, phone calls, stamps and postcards, use of the Internet in Internet cafes or at libraries, presents to take home.

Listening Task
Guess what Sandra’s relationship to Brian is.

Answer questions.
1. What does Tina want to do? She wants to travel around the world for a year. 2. Why is Sandra worried about this? Sandra thinks travelling is dangerous.

3. What does Brian think about Tina’s plans? Brian thinks it is good that Tina wants to travel as she will learn a lot that will help her in later life.

4. What does Brian suggest Tina should
do until she has more experience of

Brian suggests Tina should travel with a companion, preferably with someone who is more experienced than her.

Listen again, paying particular attention to what Brian says. Then list the things he says a traveller should do to keep safe.

Brian’s rules for safe travelling
Research the places you are going to visit. Pay attention to what is happening around you. Ask the locals for advice and follow it. Observe how the people around you behave towards you. Learn how to tell who you can and can’t trust. At first travel with a more experienced companion.

Reading task
Lead-in While traveling, people would meet many kinds of difficulties, some are unforgettable, some are embarrassed. Can you guess what would happen to the travelers?

A: Maybe, someone would forget the

time to his flight.
B: Maybe someone would carry some

goods that are forbidden in plane.
C: Maybe, someone would lost himself, what’s worse, he can’t communicate with others.

Please find the problems that each traveler has.

1: Tom traveled by air for his first time. But he didn’t know that he should change his transit card. So, he was stopped by the officers in airport. The plane was 30 minutes late leaving for this.

2: In second story, Sally, who was going overseas on short holiday. She needed to take some medicine.

But a custom officer stopped her
and wanted to check her suitcase.

3: Paul went for a walk alone without telling others to the countryside around a small village. Unfortunately, he hurt his ankle and couldn’t get back to the village. Later, a young

man saved him.

4: Donna’s problem was that she was traveling in a foreign country with Tshirt and shorts, she was surrounded by some people, she was frightened to flee. It is a very religious town and the people didn’t approve of women walking around in clothes that didn’t cover them properly.

What problem did each traveller have? Did you guess correctly? What should they have done to avoid the


Problem He did not obtain a transit Tom card when he changed planes at Heathrow.

Things they should have done

He should have asked what the cards they were handing out were for.

She was stopped at the customs Sally because she was carrying drugs without a doctor’s prescription.

Things they should have done
She should have left the pills in their original bottle which had the name of her doctor on it. To be even safer, she could have asked her doctor for a letter which explained that she had to take the pills for her health condition.

He had an accident in an isolated place and couldn’t walk.


Things they should have done He should have told someone where he was going and when he would be back. Then when he didn’t get back, they would have known where to search for him.

She offended some of the people in the Donna town she was visiting by wearing inappropriate clothes.

Things they should have done
She should have found out about local customs and followed them.

Look at Question 2 on Page 83.
1. When changing planes, _____ make _______________________________ sure you know what you have to do. ______________________________ If you don’t know what to do, ask ________. someone

2. If you have to take special medicine

when you are traveling overseas,
______________________ carry a doctor’s letter that ___________. explains this

3. If traveling alone, always _________ let
______________________________ someone know where you are going ______________________________. and when you will arrive there.

4. When traveling, always wear ____________________________ clothes that the local people will ______________. find acceptable

Writing task
Try to write a story about the experience on travel according to the four pictures.
1 2



A sample of homework
The day I left home for Australia I went to say goodbye to my mother. She was very worried about me and whether I could look after myself properly. She was especially worried that I wouldn’t like Australian food, so she cooked me all my favourite dishes and put them into a box to take with me on my journey.

When I arrived in Australia the customs officer wanted to know what I had in my box. He explained that Australia has very strict quarantine regulations. They don’t want plant and animal diseases from other countries to come into Australia so they inspect all the plant and animal products. Unfortunately it was illegal for

me to bring into the country the kind of food my mother had given me and so it all had to thrown away. That night, instead of eating Mum’s delicious spicy chicken, I bought an Australian hamburger and ate it in the airport.

Talk about what you have experienced when traveling.

Thank you!

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