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【成才之路】2015高考英语 3.3 Cultural Corner Task课后强化作业 外研版必修5]

Cultural corner
Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.He attempted to ________(建立) a close relationship with the assistant. 2.All the students without ________(例外) must take the English examination. 3.Mick closely ________(与……相似) his father, but he doesn't like that. 4.This store has an excellent ________(名声) for fair dealing. 5.Many ________(青少年) suffer from acne. 6.She won't study hard if her teacher does not f______ her to. 7.He gave a v______ description of his experience in Africa. 8 . From the beginning Nixon was d______ to dominate the most important negotiations. 9.We w______ the children not to walk on the thin ice. 10.The main purpose of industry is to c______ wealth. 答案:1.establish 2.exception 3.resembles 4.reputation 5.adolescents 6.force 7.vivid 8.determined 9.warn 10.create Ⅱ.完成句子 1.He ________________(警告我不要)being overconfident. 2.Mum was ________________(心情不好)today. 3.The book ________________(以……为背景)a love story has been successful. 4.In the 18th century,many people went to California to ________________(碰 碰运气). 5.He ________________(被迫)resign because of his carelessness. 6.He ________________(赢得好名声)after winning the gold medal. 7.________________(从山上看),the city looks more beautiful. 8.He was ________________(决心)help her out of the trouble. 答案:1.warned me against 2.in a bad mood 3.set in 4.try their fortune 5.was

forced to 6.has got a good reputation 7.Seen from the hill 8.determined to Ⅲ.单项填空 1.The professor stressed that it is the working people who ________ history. A.invent C.create B.imagine D.discover

答案:C invent“发明”,强调创造出前所未有的东西;imagine“想象”;create“创 造”;discover“发现”,指发现已经存在的东西。 2.As there was not much chance to find good jobs in their hometown, a lot of young people tried to ________ their fortune in cities. A.find C.seek 答案:C B.make D.look seek“寻找”,seek one's fortune“碰运气”。

3.Get prepared so that you can ________ immediately if something happens. A.set up C.set off 答案:C B.set in D.set about

set off“出发;启程”,符合题意。

4.Mr Gedion has ________ himself as one of the foremost doctors treating cancer patients. A.established C.confirmed 答案:A B.proved D.persuaded


5.We don't usually accept checks, but we'll make an ________ in your case. A.expedition C.explosion 答案:B B.exception D.except


6.Bad health ________ her into taking early retirement. A.forced C.allowed 答案:A B.forbad D.permitted

force sb. into doing sth.“强迫某人做某事”。

7.It was their first meeting, and Richard was ________ to make an impression. A.determined C.to determine 答案:A B.determining D.determine

be determined to do sth.“下决心做某事”,为固定搭配。

8.He warned me ________ going outside alone at night. A.against C.about 答案:A B.of D.for warn sb. against doing sth.“警告某人不要做某事”。

9.The twins ________ each other in looks but differ in character. A.resemble B.like

C.similar 答案:A



10.—I want to buy a pair of shoes. Can you give me some advice? —The store at the corner has an excellent ________ for fair dealing. A.reputation C.shopkeeper 答案:A B.place D.benefit

reputation“名声;名誉”,have a reputation for...“有……的声誉”。

Ⅳ.完形填空 Always Return Your Phone Calls

Angela knew that Charlotte, her best friend, was having a rough time. Charlotte was moody and depressed. She didn't want to talk to anyone __1__ Angela. She often argued with her mom and had __2__ quarrels with her sister. __3__ , Charlotte's desperate poetry worried Angela. No one was __4__ particularly good speaking terms with Charlotte that summer. For most of her friends, Charlotte had become too __5__. They had no interest in __6__ with someone who was in so much pain. Their __7__ to “be a friend” were met with angry accusations(指责). Angela was the only one who could __8__ her. Although she would have liked to be __9__, Angela spent most of her time inside with her troubled friend. Then a day came __10__ Angela had to move. She was going just across town, but Charlotte would no longer be her neighbor, and they would be spending far __11__ time together. The first day in her new neighborhood, out playing with her new neighbours, Angela __12__ how Charlotte was doing. When she got home, her mother told her that Charlotte had __13__. Angela went to the phone to return the call. No answer. She left a(n) __14__ on Charlotte's machine. “Hi, Charlotte, it's Angela. Call me back!” About half an hour __15__ Charlotte called. “Angela, I have to tell you something. When you called, I was in the basement. I had a gun to my head. I was about to kill

myself, but then I heard your voice on the machine __16__.” Angela fell into her chair. “When I heard your voice, I __17__ someone loves me, and I am so __18__ that it is you. I'm going to get help, because I love you,too.” Charlotte hung up the phone. Angela went right over to __19__, and they sat on the door step and __20__. 1.A.besides C.except for B.like D.including

答案:C 由第三段前两句可知,安吉拉是夏洛特唯一一个想跟她说话的人,即除了安吉 拉, 夏洛特不想跟任何人说话。 表示“除……之外”应用 except for。 besides“除了……还”; like “像”;including“包括”。 2.A.violent C.active B.uneasy D.anxious

答案:A 由夏洛特不跟安吉拉之外的任何人说话及经常跟妈妈吵架可推知,她还跟姐姐 进行激烈的争吵。 violent“激烈的”, 符合语境。 uneasy“拘束的, 不自在的”; active“积 极的,主动的”;anxious“焦虑的”。 3.A.At all C.In all B.Most of all D.After all

答案:B 该空后一句与前面内容相比,程度进一步加深,故用 most of all“特别是, 最糟糕的是”;at all“根本,完全”;in all“总共,总计”;after all“毕竟”。 4.A.out C.on 答案:C B.with D.under be on terms with sb.“与某人友好相处/搞好关系”,为固定搭配。 B.dangerous D.difficult

5.A.troublesome C.lonely

答案:D 由上文夏洛特经常跟家人争吵、不跟其他人说话及“who was in so much pain” 可知,对于她的朋友们来说,她很难相处。difficult 此处意为“难以相处的”。 6.A.hanging out C.making up B.catching up D.coming up

答案:A 夏洛特难以相处,所以她的朋友们都不想和她在一起。hang out with sb.“与 某人结交,跟某人在一起”。catch up with“赶上,跟上”;make up“编造;弥补;化妆”; come up with“想出,提出”。 7.A.attempts B.abilities



答案:A 夏洛特不想跟其他朋友说话,因此当其他人试着跟她做朋友时,她都不给好脸 色看。attempt“尝试”,符合语境。 8.A.teach B.instruct C.reach D.like 答案: C 联系上下文可知, 夏洛特只跟安吉拉说话, 故只有安吉拉能和她进行交流。 reach 此处不是“到达”某个具体地点,而是心灵上的“到达”,即交流。 9.A.in C.indoors B.away D.outside

答案:D 由常识可知,一个性格孤僻、不爱跟别人交谈的人潜意识里会将所有人拒于自 己的小世界之外,安吉拉主动接近她、陪伴她,所以她才跟她说说话。outside 与后半句中的 inside 相呼应。 10.A.when C.which 答案:A B.in which D.that when 引导定语从句,修饰前面的 a day,并在从句中作时间状语。 B.less D.much

11.A.little C.more

答案:B 由上文“She was going just across town, but Charlotte would no longer be her neighbor”可知,她们能够在一起的时间比以前会更少了,故用 less。 12.A.asked C.wondered B.recognized D.knew

答案:C 安吉拉搬家后还惦记着夏洛特,跟新邻居玩耍的时候便想着安吉拉现在的情况 如何。wonder“想知道”。 13.A.called C.cried 答案:A B.come D.gone 由“Angela went to the phone to return the call”可知,妈妈告诉安吉

拉夏洛特来过电话,故选 A 项。 14.A.message C.mark B.information D.sign

答案:A 由本段末句“Hi, Charlotte, it's Angela. Call me back!”可知,安吉拉 拨回电话却没人接,于是在电话上留言。leave a message“留言”。 15.A.late C.or so B.later D.ago

答案:B 约半个小时后,夏洛特回电话了。表示“……之后”应用 later。late“晚的,

迟的”;or so“大约,左右”,与 about 重复;ago“……以前”。 16.A.upstairs C.far away B.downstairs D.nearby

答案:A 由上文可知,安吉拉在电话上给夏洛特留言时,夏洛特正在地下室,故她听到 的留言声是从楼上传来的。 17.A.doubted C.suspected B.realized D.recognized

答案:B 夏洛特听到安吉拉的留言后,意识到这个世界上有个人爱着她、关心着她,所 以才放弃了自杀的念头。realize“认识到,意识到”;doubt“怀疑”;suspect“怀疑,猜 想”;recognize“认出”。 18.A.comfortable C.lucky B.hopeful D.injured

答案:C 对夏洛特来说,拥有像安吉拉这样在别人都远离自己时,能时刻关怀自己朋友, 着实是一种幸运, 故用 lucky。comfortable“舒服的”;hopeful“有希望的”;injured“受 伤的”。 19.A.Charlotte's house C.the park B.their school D.the garden

答案:A 由 went right over to 提示可知,挂断电话后,安吉拉立刻来到了夏洛特的 家。其他三项在文中无提示。 20.A.talked C.whispered B.cried D.prayed

答案:B 夏洛特差点就结束了自己年轻的生命,是安吉拉的留言声将她救回,经历过此 种变故的心心相印的好朋友在见面后忍不住放声哭了起来,故用 cried。 Ⅴ.阅读理解 The film Finding Neverland(《寻找梦幻岛》) is a story of magic and fantasy inspired by the life of James Barrie, the author of the children's story Peter Pan. Set in London in 1904, the film follows Barrie's creative journey to bring Peter Pan to life, from his first inspiration(灵感) for the story until the play's first showing at the Duke of York's Theatre. As the film opens, Barrie finds himself in the middle of all artistic crisis. Unfortunately, Barrie loses his inspiration and not even his wife, Mary, can re?awaken his creative senses. Struggling with writer's block(障碍), Barrie meets the Llewellyn Davis family one lazy morning during his daily walk with his dog through London's Kensington Gardens. Moved by the fatherless boys—Jack, George, Michael and

Peter—and their beautiful mother, Barrie begins to tell them magical stories to pass the time during their walks in the park. Through his playwright's imagination Barrie changes his dog into a dancing bear, sticks into mighty swords, small hills into pirate(海盗) ships, kites into fairies and the Llewellyn Davis boys into “The Lost Boys of Neverland”. As time goes by, a deep relationship develops between Barrie and all the members of the Llewellyn Davis family. Finally, he arrives at the point where he can't imagine his life without them. Barrie acts as a father to the boys and guides them through unimaginable sadness. At the same time, Barrie's writer's block disappears as he's inspired to put pen to paper and create the story of Peter Pan. The childlike innocence of the four boys leads him to imagine a world—Neverland—where no one ever grows up. It's a place where there's no real tragedy, and where that sense of joy—felt only by a child—is never tarnished( 失去光泽 ). Peter Pan wasn't just a fanciful( 幻想的 ) story about charming children; it was also about Barrie's own wish to never grow up. 1.The film Finding Neverland ________. A.is about the real life of the writer James Barrie B.was about a story written by James Barrie in 1904 C.is shown in 1904 for the first time D.is not about a story which could happen in the real world 答案:D 第一句就提到《寻找梦幻岛》讲述的是一个魔幻故事,因此它不可能是在真实 世界发生的故事。由第一段第二句可知,该故事发生的背景是 1904 年,可排除 B、C 两项。 2.What caused Barrie's inspiration to come back? A.His wife re?awoke it. B.His walks through London's Kensington Gardens with his dog every day. C.His deep relationship with the Llewellyn Davis family. D.He created the story to Peter Pan. 答案: C 由第三段及第四段前两句可知, 巴里与卢埃林·戴维斯一家建立了深厚的关系, 四个男孩的单纯促使巴里创作出了《寻找梦幻岛》 ,故选 C 项。 3.According to the passage, ________. A.Peter Pan is a real story set in 1904 B.Barrie's writer's block disappeared right after he met the Llewellyn Davis family C.Barrie became the four boys' father later

D.Barrie wanted to be a child forever 答案: D 文中并没有提及 Peter Pan 创作的具体时间; 巴里灵感的枯竭是在与卢埃林·戴 维斯一家建立深厚感情后才得到改善的;巴里后来只是充当了一个父亲的角色,并不是真正 成为他们的父亲。由短文最后一句可知,答案为 D 项。

如何写读/观后感 写作技巧 观后感可以是对作品的主要观点的阐述,也可以是对作品某一侧面的引申,或对作品的 观点表示不同的看法。 其结构一般由“观、感、结论”三个部分组成。可从以下几个方面入手: 一、要“先观”“后感” 写观后感时,要紧扣作品中心和要点。对作品的思想内涵和人物关系以及思路要细细品 味,准确理解主旨。 要注意“观”和“感”之间的比例关系,既不能通篇不对所看的作品做任何介绍,空发 议论,与作品完全脱节;也不能用大量篇幅复述原文,结尾加上三言两语的议论。恰当的做 法是,先用少量的文字介绍一下所看作品的内容,起到触发思索的作用,使“感”有所起, 进而转入“感”部分展开议论。 二、有的放矢,联系实际 在写作中,应紧密联系实际从活生生的现实出发,阐述人们所思考和关心的问题。这样 的感想才能带有普遍意义,才能对人们的心灵有所触动。一是联系实际,使你的文章体现出 鲜明的时代特色;二是联系个人的实际,用作品中的人物、事迹、观点,来衡量自己的言行, 决定弃取,这样的感想才能诚恳、动人。 三、常用精彩句型: 1.the+形容词最高级+名词+(that)+主语+have(has)ever+v.? ed. 2.Nothing is+形容词比较级+than to+v. 3... cannot+v.+... too much. 再怎么……也不为过 4.There is no denying that+主语+v.... 不可否认的是…… 5.It is +v.?ed+that 从句 据…… 6.There is no doubt that+句子 毫无疑问的是……

7.An advantage of... is that+句子 ……的优点是…… 8.The reason why... is that+句子 ……的原因是…… 9.So+形容词+be+主语+that+句子 如此……以至于…… 10.adj.+as+主语+be,主语+v. 虽然…… 11.The+比较级+主语+v.,the+比较级+主语+v. 12.By+v.?ing,主语+can+v.... 借着……,……能够…… 典题示例 根据下面海报和提示,写一则 120 词左右的有关电影《功夫熊猫》的观后感。 影片名 导演 配音演员 (dubbing actors)

Kung Fu Panda
John Stevenson Jack Black;Jackie Chan; Dustin Hoffman;Lucy Liu 熊猫阿波(Po)在一家餐馆工作,很胖,经常受到大家的嘲笑。


但是他是一个酷爱功夫的人,有一个梦想:当一名大师。时逢 和平谷受敌入侵,他为了挽救那些身处水火的人,领导人们战 斗,最后击败敌人。

内容包括:1.影片名称、导演和主要配音演员 2.主要故事情节 3.你的评论 单词:狂热者 fanatic 【审题谋篇】 1.时态:一般现在时为主 2.人称:第三人称 3.结构:首先简要介绍影片的导演及演员阵容;其次描述电影故事情节的梗概;最后结 合现实发表观后感。 【写作关键】 1.别人总是嘲笑他。 嘲笑________/________/________ 2.他是一个有成为功夫大师的梦想的人。

一个有梦想的人________ 3.为了拯救那些处于危险中的人,他学会了如何去战斗。 ①处于危险中________ ②如何去战斗________ 4.不管多么艰难,只要你有梦想并为之奋斗,就会成功的。 ①不管多么艰难________ ②为了……奋斗________ ③成功________ 【连句成篇】 ____________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ 参考答案: 写作关键 1.langh at;make fun of;play a trick on 2.a person with a dream 3.①in danger ②how to fight 4.①no matter how hard/however hard ②fight for ③make it 连句成篇

Kung Fu Panda,an interesting American movie,was directed by John Stevenson,
whose leading dubbing actors are Jack Black,Jackie Chan and so on. Po is a panda working at a restaurant.He is fat and always laughed at by others.However, he is a Kung Fu fanatic with secret dreams of becoming a great master.To save those who are in danger,he is taught how to fight.At last he beats the enemy. Where there is a will,there is a way.No matter how hard it is,as long as we have the dream and fight for it,we will make it!In my opinion,it is a really wonderful Kung Fu film.In this movie,Chinese Kung Fu is vivid and interesting.

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