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25. Rock’n’roll was Black music that broke through to white culture when whites played the Blacks’ songs_____ the same style. A. with B. on C. in D. by 26. The information he g

ave us was quite different from _____ we got ourselves. A. one B. those C. that D. it 27. –I’m sorry I insulted you, Jimmy. –That’s _____ like it. A. more B. most C. less D. least 28. There _____ be any difficulty in passing the road test since you have practised a lot in the driving school. A. mustn’t B. shan’t C. shouldn’t D. needn’t 29. He damaged his leg so badly in the accident that the bone _____. 30. A. exposed B. has exposed C. is exposed D. was exposed If you ―look the other way‖ while something bad is happening, that means you choose _____ that thing. A. ignoring B. to ignore C. ignored D. to be ignored At present, a few American companies _____ deals with Chinese companies to license Chinese technology. A. are even making B. even make C. even made D. have even made It’s a shame to say it again, but I did tell a lie when _____ last time in my teacher’s office. A. having questioned B. to question C. questioned D. to be questioned We haven’t settled the question _____ it is necessary for him to study abroad. A. if B. where C. whether D. that My grandfather runs in the park nearby every morning _____ it rains. A. except that B. except when C. except D. except for None of us think it any good _____ a contract with such a dishonest boss. A. signing B. to sign C. signed D. sign A reward of 50 thousand yuan will be offered by the local police to _____ can provide any clues leading to the arrest of the bank robbers. A. whoever B. whomever C. who D. whom Many a time _____ her answers in the test paper because she is not confident enough of herself especially when it comes to a critical moment. A. the girl has changed B. has changed the girl C. did the girl change D. has the girl changed E-mail is a convenient, highly democratic informal medium for conveying message among people _____ well satisfies human needs. A. what B. who C. that D. how My uncle hesitated for a long time _____ he decided to buy a flat, as he was not quite sure whether the price of the house would go up or not. A. unless B. before C. if D. until _____ by the host three times, the contestant had to turn to the audience present for help. A. Having denied B. Denying C. Being denied D. Having been denied



33. 34. 35. 36.






25. Some parents are just too protective. They want to protect their kids _____ every kind of danger, real or imagined. A. for B. at C. from D. with 26. A special scientist team has been formed to study the possible relationship between the unusual weather in Australia and _____ in Brazil and some other countries. A. the one B. the ones C. that D. those 27. Over the past 30 years, the Internet has been developing so fast that the inventors ______ that IPv4 address exhaustion would arrive so soon. A. could predict B. must have predicted C. ought to predict D. couldn’t have predicted 28. —What do you think of the film we watched yesterday? —Terrible! I’ve never seen _______ one. A. the best B. a worse C. a better D. the worst 29. The first civil service exam was held in 1995 and since then more and more people _____ for it, with applications reaching a peak over the last two years. A. had signed up B. have signed up C. signed up D. will sign up 30. The tennis final between Li Na and Kim Clijsters which _____ live to the world once again sparked(点燃) the patriotic passion of Chinese sports lovers. A. was televised B. televised C. was televising D. has televised 31. What really worries us is _____ the explorers can accurately locate themselves with the old device in case of bad weather. A. that B. where C. what D. whether 32. A good volunteer should not only display his or her own good image but also see to it _____ the visitor gets the exact information he needs. A. that B. which C. how D. where 33. Clever wit and humor will help your speech stand out in a good way and keep everyone ______. A. entertaining B. entertained C. to entertain D. being entertained 34. ______ there has been evidence of bowling-like games in ancient Egypt, history clearly points out that bowling began in Germany during the dark ages. A. Since B. Unless C. Until D. Though 35. Parties ______ alcohol is served can go downhill quickly if drinking is basically the only thing to do at the party. A. where B. which C. when D. as 36. Experts have pointed out that it was the power failure ______ the Japanese tsunami(海啸) that led to the crisis at the Fukushima plant. A. followed B. which follow C. following D. to follow 37. ______ the product or service does not live up to public expectation, the customer will be very dissatisfied and possibly ask for his or her money back. A. Although B. Unless C. If D. Even if 38. A US office worker has invented ______ will likely go down as the most useful workplace gadget(小玩意): a device that lets you know when your nearest WC is free. A. what B. that C. which D. who 39. He was, after all, the General Manager and did not appreciate being made _____ like an ignorant schoolboy. A. feel B. to feel C. felt D. feeling 40. ______ you are talking about, gossiping in the office is a surefire way to end your work life. A. No matter what funny things B. No matter how funny things C. No matter what things funny D. No matter how things funny



25. Many exceptions _____ the rules of English usage make English difficult to master. A. of B. off C. to D. on 26. —Have you ever seen a tiger in the wild? —Yes. I saw ________ when I visited the national park in southern Nepal. A. it B. one C. that D. any 27. It is the third time that the president _____ to China for a visit. A. come B. comes C. will come D. has come 28. To master a foreign language like English requires hard work, so you _____ study too hard. A. ought to B. shouldn’t C. can’t D. mustn’t 29. In some countries, ____ is called ―equality‖ does not really mean equal rights for all people. A. which B. what C. that D. one 30. In making a speech, the number of listeners is also an important factor ______. A. to be considered B. being considered C. considered D. considering 31. The more exercise you take in your spare time, __________ it will do to you. A. the better B. the best C. the more well D. the more good 32. What disappointed Mr. Smith most was ______ to go to Canada with his parents to visit his grandpa. A. having not been allowed B. his not allowing C. his not having been allowed D. his being not allowed 33. ______ you will carry out my instructions or I will offer the job to someone else. A. Either B. Unless C. Until D. Whether 34. _____ the earth to be flat, many feared that Columbus would fall off the edge of the world. A. Having believed B. Believing C. Believed D. To believe 35. They didn’t discover until they happened to enter the back room ________ someone had stolen the priceless painting. A. that B. what C. which D. when 36. I’ve tried very hard to improve my English, but by no means _____ with my progress. A. the teacher is not satisfied B. is the teacher not satisfied C. the teacher is satisfied D. is the teacher satisfied 37. The story brought the hours back to me _____ I was taken good care of in that faraway village. A. that B. until C. where D. when 38. The sale usually takes place in front of the house, with the audience _____ on benches, chairs or boxes. A. having seated B. seating C. seated D. having been seated 39. Rather than _____ the vegetables to go bad, he sold them at half price. A. allow B. to allow C. allowing D. allowed 40. ________ has recently been done to provide more buses, a shortage of public vehicles remains a serious problem. A. That B. What C. In spite of what D. Though what



25. After decades of living under oppression, the people of the Arab world are rising up to rebel ______ their ruler. A. from B. away C. against D. in

26. I have two sisters but ______ of us are likely to win the scholarship this term. A. no one B. none C. neither C. doesn’t dare to D. both

27. The kid is crying, for he ______ jump over the ditch on his own. A. dares not to B. dare not to D. dares not

28. Large quantities of time ______ for practising guided writings. A. was needed B. are needed C. needs D. is needed

29. John hopes to become a friend of ______ shares his interests. A. whomever A. haven’t they B. anyone B. hasn’t it C. no matter who C. aren’t they D. whoever D. isn’t it

30. This is the first time that your parents have been abroad, ______?

31. I feel it a great honor ______ to give a speech here. A. to be asked B. to have asked C. being asked D. to ask 32. Obama didn’t explain ______ any larger principles have guided him through the historic convulsions of the 2011 Arab Spring. A. what B. that C. where D. whether

33. European football is played in about 80 countries, _____ it the most popular sport in the world. A. making B. made C. to make D. makes

34. Karaoke, which was invented by the Japanese, ______ both wonders and problems. A. has been produced B. was produced C. produced D. has produced 35. When we start gazing into the night sky with a telescope, soon we’ll be astonished by the realization _______ we and our world are part of this giant system. A. which B. whether C. that D. as

36. Regarding China-US differences on human rights issues, Hong said the two sides can enhance mutual understanding through dialogue ______ on equality and mutual respect. A. based B. to base C. basing D. base

37. I felt most angry about the way ______ I was treated when I was shopping. A. when B. that C. which D. where

38. The disappearance of dinosaurs made_ the evolution and dominance of mammals on the earth. A. it was possible B. it possible C. possible to be D. possible

39. ______ was most shocking about the tornadoes in America was that they threatened six states and killed more than 100 persons. A. That B. Which C. Why D. What 40. A spokesman said, ―______ it is rainy, Prince William and Kate will appear on the palace balcony at 1:25 pm for their long waited kiss.‖ A. What B. Whether C. However D. No matter how



25._____ beauty of _____ picture does not depend only on its subject but on its style. A. The, a B. /, the C. The,The D. /, a 26.Although Anne is happy with her success ,she wonders ______will happen to her private life. A. that B. what C. it D. this 27.She ought to stop work; she has a headache because she ___________ too long. A. has been reading B. had read C. is reading D. read 28.This kind of glasses manufactured by experienced craftsmen _________ comfortably. A. is worn B. wears C. wearing D. are worn 29. Corn originated in the New World and thus was not known in Europe until Columbus found it _______ in Cuba. A. being cultivated B. been cultivated C. having cultivated D. cultivating 30.Between 1974 and 1997, the number of overseas visitors expanded _________27%. A. by B. for C. to D. in 31.Although many people view conflict as bad, conflict is sometimes useful_________ it forces people to test the relative merits of their attitudes and behaviors. A. by which B. to which C . in that D. so that 32.Is there a bookshop around ______ I can buy an English and Chinese dictionary? A. which B. where C.that D.what 33.So many uses have been discovered for this wood ____ the supply of white pine is becoming smaller and smaller. A. then B. what C. that D. which Doing your homework is a sure way to improve your test scores, and this is especially true ____ it comes to classroom tests. A. before B. since C. when D. after 35.If you are able to talk to a friend over the telephone, you feel that you are close _____ the actual distance is not shortened. A. even if B. so long as C.if D. as 36. It made many countries angry___America,without the ___ from the UN,started a war in Iraq. A.that,permission B.which,permit C.which,permission D.that,permit 37. The computers made by our company sell best,but several years ago no one could have imagined the role in the markets that they______. A.were playing B.were to play C.had played D.played 38. Not only ______to leave his homeland,but ______ taken away by the enemy. A.he was forced, was everything he had B.was he forced, everything he had was C.was he forced, was everything he had D.he was forced, everything he had was 39. After supper she would sit down by the fire,sometimes for ______an hour,thinking of her young and happy days. A.as long as B.as soon as C.as much as D.as many as 40. It was not until dark_____he found_____he thought was the correct way to solve the problem. A.that, what B.that, that C.when, what D.when, that



25. People all over the world were shocked devastating earthquake. A. in B. at

Japan’s nuclear explosion caused by the

C. to

D. on

26. The agreement was made quickly as both sides were satisfied with the conditions of _____. A. another B. others C. the other D. either 27. – Do you regret having paid so much for the trip to Maldives? – No. Since it’s worthwhile, I’d gladly pay ______ for it. A. twice as much B. twice so much C. twice as many D. twice so many

28. A little carelessness while driving ______ cost the driver his life. A. must B. shall C. need D. may

29. The family moved to Miami three years ago, and this house ______ vacant ever since. A. is B. was C. has been D. had been

30. In the U.S., ______ a tip is thought to be polite when paying the bill. A. leave B. having left C. leaving D. being left 31. ______ in the northwest of China, Xi’an is seen as the birthplace of the country’s civilization. A. Locating B. Being located C. To locate D. Located 32. It’s the embarrassment of refusing to jump _____ persuades him to conquer his fear of heights. A. which B. that C. how D. what

33. She swept the soil away and found herself standing on ______ seemed a pavement. A. what – Oh, sorry… I ______. A. don’t realize B. hadn’t realized C. didn’t realize D. haven’t realized B. which C. who D. that 34. – Excuse me, would you lower your voice or use your mobile phone outside?

35. You should take control of your life ______ it is planning coursework or picking a major. A. whenever B. whether C. whatever D. no matter

36. Believe it or not, crying is a way you can imagine ______ pressure. A. relieving B. to relieve C. relieved D. relieve

37. Both John and Nick are doctors ______ the respect of patients, but Nick is more skilled in treating diseases. A. to win B. to have won C. won D. having won

38. The traditional view is ______ where you stand in the alphabet can really affect your chances. A. when man’s lives. A. there is B. is there C. it is D. is i B. why C. w hether D. that

39. Of the making of good books there is no end; neither ______ any end to their influence on

40. In addition to his traditional medical treatment, he tried to put himself in situations ______ would bring about positive emotions. A. which B. where C. why D. as



25.Over several thousand years of development, Chinese medicine has attracted great attention ____its unique and marvellous effects. A.to B.in C.on D.for 26.To know more about the British Museum, one can use the Internet or go to the library, or . A.neither B.some C.all D.both 27.—Will you attend the ceremony tomorrow? —What ceremony? I ____ informed of anything about it. A.wasn't B.haven't been C.hadn't been D.won't be 28.No conclusion ____ about whether to tear down the old buildings for a theme park until several discussions have been made. A.will be reached B.is reached C.is being reached D.had been reached 29.Talking on the phone for over 30 minutes ____ be as harmful as listening to music at high volume through headphones for over an hour. A. .must B.shall C.can D.should 30.The primary purpose of education is not to teach you to earn your bread, but ____ every mouthful sweeter. A.making B.make C.made D.to make 31.___ in extra-curricular activities gives students many priceless lifelong skills that will be valuable to them forever. A.Being involved B.Involving C.To involve D.Involve 32.Some 350,000 people have reportedly been left homeless and are staying in shelters, anxiously__ _ news of friends and relatives. A.await B.awaiting C.awaited D. having awaited 33. with necessary knowledge and skills, the young man went to the job market with much confidence. A.To be equipped B.Equipping C.Equipped D. Being equipped 34.Don't set yourself up for failure.Your chances of achieving your goals are much better they're realistic. A.since B.unless C.if D.as 35. not all school subjects can be applied directly to your job in the future, they may have indirect value. A.Although B.As C.When D.As though 36.As we all know, the start of a new year is the perfect time to think about ____ you want to accomplish. A.that B.which C.what D.how 37.—It's reported that a new underground line has been completed. —Yes, but it hasn't been made clear _ it's to be open to traffic. A.that B.when C.what D.who 38. People hold the view that life is 10% what happens to us and 90%__ we respond to it. A.why B.how C.when D.what 39.The most destructive element in the human mind is fear.Only when we are no longer afraid __ to live. A.we are beginning B.begin we C.do we begin D.we begin 40.Raising children is said to be a job __ _ parents receive the least formal training. A.in which B.for which C.where D.that



25. The environment in major cities in our country has been improved ___ some extent in the last decade. A. by B. to C. in D. with 26. The construction of the Chinese railway systems has been developing at great speed, ____ a ticket for home-going remains difficult to get during the Spring Festival. A. however B. and C. but D. so 27. Please put these laptops on the shelf by ____. Don’t mix them with others. A. ourselves B. themselves C. itself D. oneself 28. My friend has returned from the UK. She ____ at Oxford for four years, during which we communicated with each other on the Internet. A. studied B. has studied C. had studied D. has been studying 29. We ____ estimate the spirit of the Shanghai Expo too much, which is sure to play an important role in our daily life. A. may not B. should not C. must not D. cannot 30. ____ in the front row at the ceremony, our distinguished guests are from home and abroad. A. Seating B. Being seated C. Seated D. To seat 31. It was reported that Lin Dan ____ gold medals in a variety of badminton competitions in the world. A. has been awarded B. had been awarded C. was being awarded D. would be awarded 32. The folks were delighted at the message of their relatives ____ that mine explosion. A. survived B. to survive C. were surviving D. having survived 33. I received a call from the police at midnight yesterday. _____ that he had been badly injured in a car accident. A. Then did I learn B. Only then I learned C. Only then did I learn D. Only then learned I 34. Some local officials are not yet aware of the necessity of the environmental protection ____ they’ve been educated time and again. A. on condition that B. so that C. as though D. even though 35. When learning he was admitted to a key college, ____. A. he burst into tears B. tears came to his eyes C. he can hardly keep back his tears D. and his parents were wild with joy 36. How many of us _____, say, a meeting that is irrelevant to us would be interested in the discussion? A. attended B. attend C. to attend D. attending 37. Don’t you think citizens are increasingly concerned about ____ next season? A. will the estate prices keep rising B. if the estate prices will keep rising C. whether the estate prices will keep rising D. how much will the estate prices keep rising 38. The China Pavilion, ____, "The Crown of the East," has a unique roof, is one of the most important style features in traditional Chinese architecture. A. whose structure B. which structure C. structure of which D. of which structure 39. The prediction from Maya worries inhabitants ___ December 21, 2012 would be the end of the world. A. if B. that C. whether D. which 40. — Will the plan ____ the libraries nationally be carried out in the coming year? — It all depends, I suppose. A. to promote B. promote C. promoting D. that promote



25. A man _____ plenty of money doesn’t always have plenty of friends. A. of B. with C. without D. for 26. The two stories share too much in common. There is no doubt one is copied from _____. A. each other B. other C. another D. the other 27. Exercise 3 is _____ difficult in this book, so all the students finish it successfully. A. least B. the least C. more D. the most 28. Although this _____ sound like a simple task, great care is needed. A. must B. may C. shall D. should 29. Isn’t this the third time that you _____ late for school this month? A. were B. have been C. are D. be 30. Braddock was forced into retirement during the Great Depression, but he never gave up his boxing dream, and _____. A. so was his manager B. his manager did so C. neither did his manager D. neither was his manager 31. A number of art works are believed _____ during World War II. A. being stolen B. having been stolen C. to be stolen D. to have been stolen 32. In his pioneering work, David explains how languages come into being, _____ that children are the driving force. A. being argued B. having argued C. arguing D. agued 33. _____ you lose your key, please keep a spare one in your office. A. As long as B. Though C. Unless D. In case 34. As a graduate in computer science, he can’t have failed to work out the problem yesterday, _____ he? A. can B. haven’t C. did D. hasn’t 35. _____ you are given a form to fill out does not necessarily mean that you have to answer all the questions in it. A. That B. Why C. What D. Whether 36. Birdwatching is becoming a popular pastime, with almost 3,000,000 of us _____ in our fluttering feathered friends. A. absorbed B. absorbing C. absorb D. to absorb 37. Parent-teacher conference should be pleasant, civilized, a kind of dialogue _____ parents and teachers build partnership. A. whose B. as C. that D. where 38. The course ―World Literature‖ examines the common people found in quality literature worldwide and _____ a variety of cultural background. A. introduces B. introducing C. to introduce D. introduced 39. In the third and fourth columns of your monthly budget, list _____ you expect to spend your money on and the amount. A. what B. how much C. how D. which 40. Each person excuses himself by thinking someone else will help _____ the more ―other people‖ there are, the greater the total shifting of responsibility. A. if B. until C. so that D. as if



25—29 CCACD 25-29 CCDBB 25—29 无 无 25—29 25—29 25—29 25—29 CBDCB

30—34 BACCB 30-34 ADABD 30—34 AD CAB

35—40 AADCB 35-40 ACCAB 35—40ADDCA



30—34 30—34 30—34 30—34


35—40 BBDDB 35—40 ACBBC 35—40 ADCAB 35—40 AADAA



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