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必修三 unit2 纠错考 1.We all ___ Liu Xiang as an example of a man who managed to live his dream A. look into B. look up to C. look forward to D. look down on 2.I am sorry I didn’t do a good job. --- Never mind. ___, you have tried your best A. Above all B. In all C. At all D. After all 3.Mary ,I ___John of his promise to help you. A. told B. warned C. reminded D. advised 4.--- Would you like some chocolate? ---- I’d like some, but I’m____ A. on diet B. on a diet C. in a diet D. on diet 5.With lots of trees and flowers__ on both sides, the newly—built highway looks more beautiful A. planted B. are planted C. being planted D. having planted 6.--- I left my handbag on the train, but luckily someone gave it to a railway official ---How unbelievable to get it back! I mean, someone___ it A. will have stolen B. might have stolen C. should have stolen D. must have stolen 7.Mike is a person___ you can___ when you are in trouble A. /; turn off B. that; turn on C. whom; turn to D. who; turn up 8.___ the day went on, the weather got better A. With B. As C. Since D. While 9.The further falling of the stock market as reported has___ a fresh wave of selling A. set off B. got off C. given off D. put off 10.The expert consulted___ each other__ how to reduce the air pollution A. with; about B. for; at C. to; on D. with; with 11.Our daily expenses have to be___ to save some money for our daughter ’s further education A. cut up B. cut off C. cut down D. turned down 12.I’ve limited myself ___1000 calories a day to try to lose weight A. in B. to C. for D. on 13.Mike apologized___ Jane___ what he had said A. to; for B. for; for C. to; with D. with; with 14.To make sure of your success in the coming speech contest, first of all you should know your___ A. benefits B. techniques C. values D. strengths 15.___ is obvious that reading in bed does great harm to your eyes A. This B. That C. It D. They 16.I have a really bad headache, and I have to___ a doctor about my pains A. consult B. remind C. inform D. advise 17.The room must have been cleaned by Tom yesterday, ____ it? A. mustn’t B. didn’t C. hasn’t D. wasn’t 18.I’m sorry, but I didn't mean to hurt you. Can you ____ me? A. gain B. apologize C. satisfy D. forgive 19.The driver shall be fined if he drives without the____ A. permission B. permit C. allowance D. allow 20.The old man was fooled___ some money to the thief

A. to give B. into giving C. of giving D. to giving 21.London is one of the best places in the world to___ education with pleasure so it’s good for your pupils. A. compare B. equip C. replace D. combine 22.We Chinese people always____ out________ A. keeps; word B. keeps; words C. keep; word D. keep; words 23.She is against the idea but I’ll try my best to___ A. win her back B. win her through C. win her over D. win her out 24.He can___ his breath under the water for five minutes A. keep B. hold C. take D. make 25.___ he stayed in Germany for half a year and he will go to Germany __ again A. Before long; before long B. Long before; long before C. Before long; long before D. Long before; before long 26.When will the next school sports meeting____? A. happen B. take place C. occur D. break out 27.The money is to be used____ the poor A. for the benefit to B. for the benefit of C. for benefit of D. to the benefit of 28.Many teens don’t get enough sleep because they have___ homework, ____ keeps them up at night A. much too; which B. much too; what C. too much; that D. too much; which 29.The football match lasted two hours, which made all the players___ A. out of breath B. out of reach C. out of danger D. out of order 30The boy suddenly lost his___ and fell from the tall tree A. sight B. way C. balance D. weight 31.Let’s __my scientific knowledge and your business skills and start a company A. connect B. combine C. relate D. put 32.Your story is perfect. I’ve never heard____ before A. the better one B. the best one C. a better one D. a good one 33.---Have you been on___ diet? You seem to have lost a lot of weight --- Really? I didn’t realize___ change A. /; a B. /; the C. a; / D. a; the 34.If you are in doubt, you’d better____ your doctor about how much exercise you should take every day A. bargain B. concern C. consult D. remind 35.It’s easier to get___ debt than to get___ debt A. into; out B. in; out C. into; out of D. in; out of 36.I shall visit you again____ A. long after B. before long C. long after D. long before 37.We’re all angry to hear that they have repeatedly broken the law and____ A. gotten away B. put away C. come up D. gone away 38.The police are offering a 60000 dollars__ for information about the killers A. price B. award C. reward D. prize 39.Lei Feng once said, ― There is a limit__ one’s life, but no limit___ the people‖ A. on; to serve B. to; to serving C. to; to serve D. on; serving

40.More and more Chinese people have realized that they should go on___ balanced diet and do___ exercise every day. A. a; / B. the; the C. the; an D. /; an 41.He is so fat that he has decided to____ A. lose weight B. put on weight C. lose his weight D. put on his weight 42.Mr. Smith, ____ of the ___ speech, started to read a novel A. tried; boring B. tired; bored C. tiring; bored D. tiring; boring 43.Dick ____ his new toy after playing with it for a week and tried to swap it for another one A. was fond of B. cared about C. got into D. got tried of 44.--- Must I finish the job today?--- No, you____ A. can’t B. don’t have to C. shouldn’t D. mustn’t 45.Filled with anger, he didn’t shout or swear, but just____ silently at me A. looked B. stared C. glared D. glanced 46.If you want to go into that factory, you need a ____ A. permission B. permitting C. permit D. admit 47.-- Did you listen to Barbara’s speech? – Yes, I have never heard a ___ one A. good B. best C. better D. well 48.Could you____ me for my not keeping my___? A. sorry; word B. forgive; promise C. pardon; words D. excuse; promises 49.Frank tried to save the___ girl in the river, but unfortunately she was____ A. drowning; drowning B. drowning; drowned C. drowned; drowned D. drowned; drowning 50.--- Did you sleep well here? ---___. I was tired after the day’s work, and was soon dead to the world A. Never better B. Never worse C. Much worse D. Better off 51.-- What’s the trouble this time? --- Well, doctor, I just can’t __ the terrible dreams every night A. get away with B. get away from C. get through D. get down with 52.The thief___ computers__20000dollars A. got away with; worth B. away with; worth C. got away for; worthy D. got away; worthy of 53.She___ have left--- for her bag is still here A. can’t B. needn’t C. oughtn’t to D. mustn’t 54.-- How did you find the movie ―Life is beautiful‖?---____. I wish to see it again A. It couldn’t be better B. I’m with you on that C. I don’t care about it D. I wouldn’t say no 55.You___ take photos in this museum. Don’t you see the sign ‖No Photos‖? A. needn’t B. won’t C. mustn’t D. wouldn’t 56.--- How long will it be___ man can find another planet like the earth? A. since B. until C. before D. after 57.To lose weight as soon as possible, I ___ myself to only a cup of milk and tow bananas every morning. A. arrange B. add C. permit D. limit 58.A letter from my mother__ an attack of homesickness A. set out B. set off C. set up D. sent out 59.--- Could I borrow this magazine? --- Sorry. You___ carry it out of the library according to the regulation A. shan;t B. won’t C. needn’t D. shouldn’t

60.Knowledge and learning are important if we want to be successful, but they may also____ one’s thinking A. direct B. change C. limit D. improve 61.As we all know, Mike has an excellent understanding of his own ___ and weakness A. strengths B. techniques C. value D. energy 62.Bill Gates gave most of his money to society saying he didn’t want his children to benefit___ his money but his experience A. from B. of C. for D. to 63.Allow children the space to voice their opinions, ___ they are different from your own A. until B. even if C. unless D. as though 64.You are old enough to ____ your own living A. win B. take C. gain D. earn 65.We have___ the get-together until next weekend when we won’t be so busy A. set off B. put off C. set up D. put up 66.Mr Smith__ the grammar book meant for senior high school students and will almost finish it A. was writing B. has been writing C. has written D. has been written 67.We should forgive him. ___, he is still a small child. A. In all B. After all C. Above all D. At all 68.___is good news that everyone got back safely A. As B. It C. What D. That 69.Lucy walked to ___ front of the classroom bravely and began to sing the song in___ loud voice A. the; the B. the; a C. a; a D. / the 70.Cheer up! It won’t be ____ we can meet again A. before long B. long before C. after long D. long after 71.Apple CEO Steve Jobs dies of cancer in October, 2011,___ made most people sad A. who B. that C. which D. when 72.If you are___ about Australia cities, just read the book written by Dr. Johnson A. interested B. upset C. anxious D. curious 73.The boy said that he had__ the pen on the desk, but I thought he__ to be A. laid; lied B. lain; lie C. lied; lain D. lied; lied 74.The young man___ in his back___ his eyes half—closed A. lain; / B. lied; with C. laid; with D. lay; with 75.He___ to us that he__ the watch on the table A. lied; lay B. lied; had laid C. lay; laid D. lay; had laid 76.Shirley stood in the empty room,____ so lonely for the first time A. felt B. feeling C. to feel D. having felt 77.We___ hurry—there is plenty of time. ---So we can have a coffee nearby A. mustn’t B. wouldn’t C. can’t D. don’t have to 78.--- Thank you for your beautiful flowers.---____. Happy birthday to you! A. It’s a pleasure B. It doesn’t matter C. With pleasure D. No problem 79.The teacher gave each of the children a flower to___ them___ their good behavior A. award; to B. reward; to C. award; for D. reward; for



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