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【创新设计】2015届高三英语(四川专用)一轮同步作业:选修六 Modules 3~4

Modules 3~4

Ⅰ.单项填空 1.(2013· 安徽卷)David is ________ animal fur,so he won't visit anyone who has cats or dogs in the house. A.curious about B.allergic to C.satisfied with 答案 B D.f

ond of

[ 考查形容词短语辨析。 (be) curious about “ 对 …… 好奇的 ” ; (be) allergic

to“对……过敏的”;(be) satisfied with“对……满意的”;(be) fond of“喜欢”。根据空格 后面的 so he won't visit anyone who has cats or dogs in the house 可知,戴维对动物皮毛“过 敏”。故选 B。] 2.(2010· 福建卷)—In this day and age,women can have children and jobs as well. —I can't agree more.It's great to have the two ________. A.linked B.related C.connected D.combined 答案 D [ 考查动词词义辨析。 link“ 联系在一起 ” ; relate“ 与 …… 有某种联系 ” ;

connect“连接”;combine“使联合,使结合”。答语意思为:“我非常赞同。让这两件事 情相结合是非常好的。”这里是说将工作与孩子结合起来,使女性同时拥有,而不是说两者 有什么联系。故选 D。] 3.(2014· 合肥高三一模)-I regret ________ you John has been fired. -I can hardly believe my ears.He's such a fine worker. A.telling B.having told C.to tell D.to have told 答案 C [考查非谓语动词。句意:——很遗憾地告诉你约翰已经被解雇了。——我几乎 不能相信我的耳朵。他是一个如此好的工人。regret to do sth“遗憾地做某事”,regret doing sth“后悔做某事”。regret to tell 意为“遗憾地告诉”,符合语境。]

4.(2013· 南京模考)Much to my surprise,she ________ tears ________ she read the letter. A.burst out; instant B.burst into; the instant C.burst out; instantly D.burst into; instant 答案 B [句意: 让我惊讶的是, 她一读那封信就哭了起来。 burst into tears/burst out crying 意为“突然哭起来”,由此可排除 A、C; the instant 或 instantly 表示“一……就……”,可 引导时间状语从句。] 5.(2014· 海南琼海高三一模)Without the leadership of our Party and our Government,we ________ these splendid results. A.have achieved B.wouldn't have achieved

C.should have achieved D.would not achieve 答案 B [考查虚拟语气。本题是一个使用 without 的含蓄虚拟语气句,根据句意可知是 对过去情况的虚拟,所以主句用 would have done 结构。] 6.(2014· 辽宁丹东四校高三摸底)It was ________ of them to have sent the old people and children to safety in case the flood destroyed their village. A.tolerant B.considerate C.typical D.compulsory 答案 B [考查形容词的用法。 句意: 他们把老年人和孩子送到安全的地方以防万一洪水 毁坏村庄的做法是很周到的。tolerant 忍受的;considerate 体贴的,周到的;typical 典型的; compulsory 义务的。be considerate of 意为“替……着想,周到,体谅”,符合语境。] 7.(2014· 凉山二诊)I remember it in my heart forever that success ________ anyone who has the most realistic dreams. A.is belonged to B.will be belonged to C.belongs to D.is belonging to 答案 C [句意: 我永远在心中记得一句话: 成功属于那些有梦想但很现实的人。 用 belong to 表示“属于……” ,注意这个短语没有被动语态也不能用进行时,所以其余选项均不符合 句意和结构要求。]

8.(2014· 云南高三复习检测一)—Beautiful sunshine! I hope to stay here longer. —________.Shall we put off our flight? A.So am I B.So do I C.So is it D.So I do 答案 B [考查倒装。句意:“多美的阳光呀!我希望待在这里的时间长点儿。”“我也 希望如此。我们可以推迟我们的航班吗? ”So+谓语+主语”的意思是“……也一样”, 表示前面的肯定情况也适合于后者。 由于前面是动词 hope, 后面就要用助动词 do。 故选 B。 ] 9.(2014· 福建宁德高三质检)Poets,schools,publishers,booksellers and libraries will hold readings,competitions,book displays,educational events and other activities ________ National Poetry Month. A.in honor of B.in place of C.in spite of D.in terms of 答案 A [考查介词短语辨析。句意:诗人、学校、出版社、图书商和图书馆将举办阅

读、 竞赛、 书展、 教育项目及其他活动来纪念“全民诗歌月”。 in honor of 意为“纪念, 向…… 表示敬意”,符合语境。in place of 代替;in spite of 尽管;in terms of 依照,就……而言。] 10.(2014· 河北唐山高三摸底)—Excuse me,but is this the way to the High Tower Museum? —________.Just go ahead. A.I'm afraid so B.You are welcome C.I see D.You bet 答案 D [句意:——劳驾,这是去高塔博物馆的路吗?——当然。只要向前走就行。

此处 you bet 意为“当然,的确”,由“Just go ahead.”可知,you bet 符合语境。] Ⅱ.完形填空 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 1~20 各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C、D)中,选出 最佳选项。 I have started to go back to college and have been enjoying getting the education.I __1__ talking.I think we can __2__ the most from people and life experiences.Children and the __3__ are the most interesting to me.Children look at everything with eyes full of __4__.The elderly

have been there, done most of it, and can __5__ you all about it.You can learn so __6__ from both the young and the old. Recently,while __7__ the bus I talked with an elderly woman who was born and __8__ in the Pacific Northwest.She had so many __9__ about the area and how it had once been.I truly had a __10__ time talking to her.A few days later,I got on the __11__ and there she was again.She __12__ when she saw me and patted the __13__ next to her.I sat with her and we __14__ the conversation where we had left off.Over the next few days __15__ I got on the bus she was __16__ there and we would talk. Now I have returned to work and have been taking an earlier bus and haven't seen much of my “new old friend” .Then I __17__ her at the transit station and she lit up.She said she had been wondering how talking to me had been the highlight of her days.This really __18__ my heart. My new friend Joann asked if she might have my number __19__ we could chat when she didn't have the pleasure to see me on the bus.This just goes to show you how far a smile and a kind word go.It may make your day,but it could make someone else's week even __20__. 【解题导语】 作者通过在公交车上与一位老太太在交流中建立起友谊的经历告诉我们: 一句善意的话不仅会使自己快乐,也会使别人的生活更加美好。 1.A.dislike B.love C.consider D.imagine

答案 B [根据下文的叙述可知,作者喜欢(love)与别人交谈。] 2.A.learn B.hold C.admit D.abandon 答案 A [根据本段的最后一句“You can learn so __6__ from both the young and the old.” 可知,此处表示“学到”。] 3.A.elderly B.young C.women D.men

答案 A [根据下文的“The elderly have been there”和本段的最后一句“You can...the young and the old.”可知,应选 A 项。] 4.A.care B.confidence C.curiosity D.action 答案 C [由常识可知,儿童对周围的一切都充满了好奇(curiosity)。] 5.A.confirm B.compete C.tell D.delight

答案 C [老人阅历丰富而且会告诉(tell)你他们人生中所有的经历。] 6.A.exactly B.little 答案 D C.greatly D.much


西,所以选 much。] 7.A.driving B.buying C.riding D.mending

答案 C [ride the bus 意为“乘公共汽车”,符合语境。] 8.A.built up B.settled up C.brought up D.called up 答案 C [此处指这个老太太是在太平洋西北地区出生并长大的,所以选 brought up,意 为“养育,培养”。] 9.A.friends B.children C.questions D.stories 答案 D [由上文可知,这个老太太是在那个地区土生土长的,所以她应该知道许多关

于那个地区的故事(stories)。] 10.A.wonderful B.bitter C.crazy D.challenging 答案 A [由下文的“I sat with her...the conversation where we had left off.”可知,这里要表 达的是:“我们真的谈得很愉快”。所以选 wonderful。] 11.A.bus B.train C.street D.plane 答案 A [由上文中的“Recently,while __7__ the bus I talked with an elderly woman”及 下文中的“Over the next few days __15__ I got on the bus”可知, 作者是在公交车上与老人聊天 的。] 12.A.cried B.scared C.smiled D.embarrassed 答案 C [她见到作者时对作者微笑(smiled)了下,然后拍了拍她旁边的座位(seat)。] 13.A.bed B.seat C.person D.window

答案 B [参见上题解析。] 14.A.took up B.cheered up C.cleared up D.dried up 答案 A [take up 意为“把……继续进行下去”,在这里指的是继续上次没有说完的话 题。] 15.A.whether B.until C.however D.whenever 答案 D [whenever“无论何时”,引导让步状语从句,符合语境。] 16.A.always B.never C.still D.only 答案 A [由语境可知,每当作者坐公交车,总能见到她。always“总是”,符合语境。] 17.A.came across B.called on C.looked after D.left out 答案 A [此处表示后来有一天,作者在中转站与她偶遇。come across“偶遇,无意中发 现”,符合语境。] 18.A.hurt B.lost C.touched D.caught 答案 C [由前面老太太告诉作者的话“how talking to me...her days”可知,老人真挚的表 述对作者触动很大。touch one's heart 意为“触动某人”,是固定搭配。] 19.A.or B.in case C.but D.so that 答案 D [so that 引导一个目的状语从句,意为“以便” ,符合语境。] 20.A.better B.worse C.lower D.poorer 答案 A [make one's day“使某人快活一天”,这里表达的意思是:一句善意的话不仅 会使自己快乐一天,甚至可以使别人的一周都更加美好。所以选 better。] Ⅲ.书面表达 一份调查发现中国人年均阅读量不足一本书, 远低于世界上大多数国家。 请你根据以下提

示,用英语写一篇短文,向某中学生英语报投稿。 1.你认为存在这种情况的原因;(一至两点) 2.多读书的益处;(两点) 3.你的建议。(两点) 注意:1.要点齐全,可适当添加细节,以使行文连贯; 2.词数 120 左右,文章的开头已给出,不计入总词数。 A recent survey shows that the average amount of reading for a person among Chinese is less than one book a

year.________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 【参考范文】 A__recent__survey__shows__that__the__average__amount__of__reading__for__a__person__ among__Chinese__is__less__than__one__book__a__year.It is far lower than that of most countries. In my opinion, perhaps, many Chinese are busy making a living.As a result, they can not spare time to read widely.Besides,some people prefer to depend on the new media as their source of information. Reading broadens our horizons,making us have access to what we don't know.Books are the carriers of culture and history. How to encourage us Chinese to read more is a question.I think creating a rich atmosphere of reading is a must.More libraries should be built, both in cities and rural areas.Families and schools can work together to help develop our children's good reading habits,especially from the very beginning.

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