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International Buying Leads from USJAN,, 2011

Machinery & Material


Mr. Juan Mora MATRIU, S.L. Valencia/Paiporta Spain Tel: 34-96-3973718 Email: matriu@matriu.es Products or Services: Tools/Hand Tools/Wrenches Business Interests Dear Sirs, We are one of the leading fasteners distributors all over Spain. We've been dealing in Fasteners since 12 years ago, through out Southern Asian Countries like China, India and Taiwan. We are just importing bolts, screws, nuts and washers. Now we're looking for suppliers of DIN 911 - HEX ALLEN KEYS, # 1,5 - 8 sizes, DIFFERENTE QUANTITIES in order to fit 1 or 2 x 20' container. Just Contact us to get our full details inquiry. Thanks and best regards, Juan Mora Purchasing Manager MATRIU, S.L.

西班牙五金工具采购商 合作意向
求购 1,5 – 8 DIN 911 内六角扳手,有意者请联系。 Ms. Jane Kim ADJ 6445 S Maple Ave Alabama/Tempe United States Tel: 1-818-7230270 Email: janejk24@yahoo.com Products or Services: Tools/Hand Tools/Brushes Business Interests I would like to get quotes from paint brush manufacturers for 100, 1000, and 10000 orders of a 2 and a half inch angles brush made of natural Chinese bristles and an alder wood handle that is perfectly balanced.

美国五金工具采购商 合作意向
求购 2.5 英寸弯头油漆刷,猪鬃刷毛,桤木刷柄。 Ms. AGATHA PAPAGEORGIOU IMPEXPO SHIPING AND INDUSTRIAL Platonos 8 Piraeus Attiki GR Tel: 30-210-4110334 Mobile/Fax: 00306932146928/30-210-4120372 Email: induship@yahoo.gr www.usachina.org

International Buying Leads from USJAN,, 2011 Products or Services: Service Equipment/Restaurant & Hotel Supplies/Drink Dispensers Business Interests Dear Sirs, We are a leading Greek agency, established in 1967, representing 40 major factories producing various materials. We emphasize that we have been deeding as agents on commission basis. In case you quote please increase your prices by 10% to cover the percentage of our commission. The products you will offer us must be ANYHOW approved by ""CE safety certificate"" which in case of order must accompany the container and must be sealed and signed by the Chinese chamber of commerce. Also CE labels must be fixed on all the machines. Also a sample must be sent for the Greek customs to check and give the approval for importation. If you can meet our requirements, please let us have your best offer C.I.F Piraeus by container including 10% for us. If not possible to offer on a CIF basis please offer on a FOB basis informing us how many pieces of your machines can be loaded in a 20F container. Looking forward to hearing from you, BEST REGARDS IMPEXPO TRADING AGATHA PAPAGEORGIOU/GENERAL MANAGER

希腊饮料机采购商 合作意向
求购自动饮料机,通过 CE 安全认证,请提供比雷埃夫斯 CIF 报价或 FOB 中国报价并告知 20 尺货柜装载容量,请在报价中增加 10%我方佣金。 Mr. David Tao BKT Group LLC 2646 Locksley Ct Troy Michigan US Tel: 1-248-709-1748 Mobile/Fax: 1-248-619-9032 Email: xiaodongtao@hotmail.com Products or Services: Minerals, Metals & Materials/Non-ferrous Metal Products Business Interests We need Tungsten Bar, Tungsten Plate. Please provide CIF USA major port and / or FOB China major port price with specification.

美国有色金属产品采购商 合作意向
求购钨条和钨板,请提供 CIF 美国港口或 FOB 中国详细报价。 Mr. zion avi Solance Trading GmbH Co & KG Eilsenaimer Str 34 Munchen DE Tel: 49-89-2897808 Mobile/Fax: 49-89-2897809 Email: avi-zion@hotmail.com Products or Services: Minerals, Metals & Materials/Iron & Steel www.usachina.org

International Buying Leads from USJAN,, 2011 Business Interests we are a steel trading company in germany .we mainly in the busines of ppgi hdgi CR and stainless steel .one of our ukraine customer need hdgi . 0.45*1250*coil .z100 .qty 1000mt/month .cnf odessa ukraine port ,l/c at sight . we hope you can send your quotation via alibaba .and pls let us know your msn id here . remember : quotation and msn id via alibaba . we hope we can know some supplier of stainless steel coil in china .so we hope supplier can told us your msn first , we can contact with you when we have inquire .thanks for your cooperate .

德国钢铁采购商 合作意向
求购 HDGI CR 钢,0.45*1250* coil .z100,CNF 敖德萨港即期信用证付款。 Ms. lucia borsa borsa immobiliare V. E. Filibarto 125 Eboli/Roma Italy Tel: 39-828-333139 Email: lucia@borsa-immobiliare.net Products or Services: Minerals, Metals & Materials/Cast & Forged Business Interests Dear Sir, PLs offer forged carbon steel flange:FOB CHINA PORT UNI2276/67 PN 6 UNI2277/67 PN10 UNI2278/67 PN16 UNI6084/67 PN40 UNI2282/67 PN16 UNI2283/67 PN25 UNI2284/67 PN40 UNI6090/67 PN16 UNI6093/67 PN16 UNI2254/67 PN16 specification from DN15 to DN500 materials:ST37.2 tks. Lucia

意大利锻铸件采购商 合作意向
求购不锈钢锻压碳钢法兰: UNI2276/67 PN 6 UNI2277/67 PN10 UNI2278/67 PN16 UNI6084/67 PN40 UNI2282/67 PN16 UNI2283/67 PN25 www.usachina.org

International Buying Leads from USJAN,, 2011 UNI2284/67 PN40 UNI6090/67 PN16 UNI6093/67 PN16 UNI2254/67 PN16 规格:DN15-DN500 材质:ST37.2 请提供 FOB 中国报价。 Mr. JUN XU SMALLWARES Castlebellingham, Co Louth IE Tel: 353-42-9372106 Email: jun@smallwares.ie Products or Services: Manufacturing & Processing Machinery/Plastic Processing Machinery/Plastic Recycling Machinery Business Interests Looking for the roughly matched machinery from China. Feed Opening approx 1400 x 1570 mm Number of the shafts 1 Rotor diameter 457 mm Working width 1500 mm Number of the cutting tools 102 ea. Upper stator knives 5 ea. Lower stator knives 5 ea. Rotor RPM 85 Drive 75 KW Screen 150 mm Drive of the hydraulic Unit 4 KW Total weight of the shredder 7000 Kg Comprising of: -heavy duty welded steel housing and feed hopper -rotor with drive motor and gear box -replaceable wear resistant cutting tools -main drive:75KW three phase motor, type B3, protection IP54, 400V, 50Hz -load related dual hydraulic cylinder feed ram for pushing the material toward the rotor -build in heavy duty version -including PLC control panel with amperage load control All electrial units mounted in a steel plate cabinet. Switches are equipped with star delta protection; push button switches with light indicators, lockable main switch. Designed in accordance with the valid VDE safety requirements and using Simens internal components. Including amperage overload contact for upstream feeding equipment. Please feel free to contact us for further information. Kind Regards Jun Xu www.usachina.org

International Buying Leads from USJAN,, 2011

爱尔兰机械进口商 合作意向
求购塑料再生机: 进料口约: 1400 x 1570 mm 传动轴数量:1 转子直径: 457 mm 加工宽度: 1500 mm 切削刀具: 102 ea. 上刀: 5 ea. 下刀: 5 ea. 转数: 85 驱动: 75 KW 屏幕: 150 mm 液压驱动: 4 KW 总重量: 7000 Kg 组成: --耐用焊接钢外壳及进料斗 --带传动马达及传动箱的转子 --可替换耐磨切削刀具 --主传动装置:75 千瓦三相电动机,型号 B3,IP54 防护等级,400V,50Hz --双液压缸进料 --坚固耐用 --带有安培负载控制的 PLC 控制屏 Ms. Sharron Dark Nicole International Trade 3672 Hayes Street Ne Suite 203 Washington 9130 US Tel: 1-202-341-2268 Email: sharrondark@yahoo.com Products or Services: Manufacturing & Processing Machinery/Other Manufacturing & Processing Machinery Business Interests Seeking Manufacturers from China that sells Silk Screening Machines.

美国机械进口商 合作意向
求购丝网印刷机。 Ms. Nancy Fottrell Chu-Fottrell Company LLC 2912 Pawnee Ave, Suite 7 Birmingham Alabama US Tel: 205-254-8701 Mobile/Fax: 205-254-8702 Email: chufottrell@yahoo.com Products or Services: Hardware/Fasteners/Screws www.usachina.org

International Buying Leads from USJAN,, 2011 Business Interests Dear Sirs, We are an agent for major fastener manufacturers here in the US who are interested in working with China. Now we have an inquiry about machine screws as below: please quote 50,000 & 100,000 pieces of 5/16-18 x 1"" Slotted Fillister Stainless Steel Machine Screws. Please contact us if you can make it. Thanks. Best regards, Nancy C. Fottrell Chu-Fottrell Co.

美国五金工具采购商 合作意向
求购 5/16-18 x 1""开槽不锈钢机械螺钉。 Mr. david gray Neptune Classics Wiltshire/Swindon United Kingdom Tel: 044-01793-735044 Email: david.gray@neptune.co.uk Products or Services: General Mechanical Components/Bearings/Sliding Bearing Business Interests Dear Sir I am a designer for a Large furniture company based in the UK. I work in the office in the United Kingdom. We also have our own Factory in Foshan, Guangzhou. I am looking for a supplier of linear bushing. I have a sample of the type i require in the attached picture. I would like the inside bore to be Half Inch (12.7mm) and made of polymer. Is this something you can supply? What is your minimum order quantity, and lead time. If this is something you can offer i would like to order some samples immediately. Please give me a price in US $. We are interested in building trade relationships with our suppliers and so if you are interested please email me.

英国机械配件采购商 合作意向
求购直线轴承,内孔 12.7mm,聚合物材质,请提供最低订货量、交货时间、样品及美元报 价。 Ms. Sally Zheng ZM Source Co.,LTD Spain Office C. Capuchinos, 64 Andujar Jaen ES Tel: 34-953-525828 Mobile/Fax: 34-953-503910 Email: xpainsally@gmail.com Products or Services: General Mechanical Components/Bearings/Ball Bearings/Deep Groove www.usachina.org

International Buying Leads from USJAN,, 2011 Ball Bearing Business Interests We are looking for long term cooperation with some bearing producers in China we need high quality products at lowest price possible we would like to see some of the following: 6204 2RS, UCF 206, 6302 ZZ, 608 2RS, 51105, 3204 2RS, 30206, GE 25 ES, UCP 204. if you are sure that your quality is high and price is more competitive, please feedback us as soon as you can Awaiting for your soonest reply Regards

西班牙机械配件采购商 合作意向
求购深沟球轴承:6204 2RS, UCF 206, 6302 ZZ, 608 2RS, 51105, 3204 2RS, 30206, GE 25 ES, UCP 204。 Mr. JOHN ZHOU VORTECH ENGINEERING, LLC. 1650 Pacific Avenue California/Oxnard United States Tel: 001-805-247-0226 Mobile/Fax: 001-805-486-9130 Email: jzhou@vortron.com Products or Services: General Industrial Equipment/Refrigeration & Heat Exchange Parts Business Interests Looking for aluminum heat sink manufacturer in China. Please provide your quote according the followings or contact me for further details: Part Name= Aluminum Heat Sink Part No.= XP-0888 Part Weight= 0.455 kg Qty=100 Price= Qty= 250 Price= Qty= 1000 Price= Qty= 5000 Price= Qty= 10,000 Price= Qty= 25,000 Price= Established in 1990, Vortech Engineering, LLC offers a variety of automotiveperformance products including complete supercharging systems, fuel systemcomponents and air-to-water aftercoolers for domestic and import vehicles plusmarine applications. Vortech has also consistently earned praise from theautomotive press for its premier centrifugal supercharging systems and performanceenhancing parts and accessories. Thanks and best regards, John Zhou Industrial Engineer Vortech Engineering Manufacturer of automotive superchargers www.usachina.org

International Buying Leads from USJAN,, 2011 And performance products

美国机械配件采购商 合作意向
求购铝散热片,并提供报价。 名称= 铝散热片 型号= XP-0888 重量= 0.455 kg 数量=100 价格= 数量= 250 价格= 数量= 1000 价格= 数量= 5000 价格= 数量= 10,000 价格= 数量= 25,000 价格= Mr. philippe roger photo me Isereechirolles 2110 Avenue Du Gal De Gaulle Isere/Echirolles France Tel: 33-61306-1955 Mobile/Fax: 33-61306-1955 Email: philippe.roger@kis.fr Products or Services: Electrical Equipment & Supplies/Generators/Alternative Energy Generators Business Interests looking for importing any wind turbine equipment from China to Europe. quantities in the range of 2000 units.

法国发电机采购商 合作意向
求购 2000 台风轮机,销往欧洲。 Ms. lin Vivian Kramp Group Bruekelaarweg 33 Nl-7050 AA/Varsseveld Netherlands Tel: 31-315-254217 Mobile/Fax: 31-315-257815 Email: lin.vivian@kramp.com Products or Services: Agriculture/Farm Machines Business Interests We are Holland company to source these plough parts in China

荷兰农业机械采购商 合作意向


International Buying Leads from USJAN,, 2011

Apparel &Fabrics 服装纺织
Mr. Ayse Karatay ColorMee Textile Co.,Ltd. 1023 Sk. No. 2 Buca Izmir/Izmir Turkey Tel: 90-232-4524611 Email: colormeetextile@gmail.com Products or Services: Textiles & Leather Products/Textile Accessories Business Interests We are Izmir based company that would like to buy textile marker pen from China. Serious best priced manufacturers are welcome

土耳其服装辅料采购商 合作意向
求购纺织品标记笔。 Mr. Khalid Butt Kwik kopy #640 Four-Copper Stone Cr On/Richmondhill Canada Tel: 905-884-9400 Email: jkbutt51@hotmail.com Products or Services: Textiles & Leather Products/Synthetic Leather Business Interests We would prefer the companies around Shanghai or in shanghai, As we are in China fro 5th to 17 July. like to meet few manufacture of . PVC. PU. and Artificial material . If you can Email me the time we will adjust the schedule .

加拿大人造革采购商 合作意向
求购 PVC、PU 及人造合成革,厂家最好位于上海或上海周边地区,7 月 7—17 日将前往中 国。 Mr. Nick Preston JY Textiles (Europe) 59 Chatburn Park Drive Lancs/Brierfield United Kingdom Tel: 44-7509-022344 Email: nap@jytext.com Products or Services: Textiles & Leather Products/Home Textile/Curtain Business Interests The client is looking for a design similar to the photograph but really more with a fruit basket design. The designs available in Italy are all on very heavy fabric which is not the effect the client is looking for. This type of work is made in China and I am looking for companies who currently offer this, please do not contact me of it is not a current product for you as this is all I require. As I understand it filet work can be described as a woven design that is made then inserted into the fabric, usually a linen or light cotton, not a jacquard which is not what we are looking for. My www.usachina.org

International Buying Leads from USJAN,, 2011 client is looking for a manufacturer who can make up the finished curtains, not just supply the filet pieces.

英国窗帘采购商 合作意向
求购窗帘。 Mr. Sermoneta Roberto CANADIAN DUVET HOME S.R.L. V. Filippo Ermini N. 7 Rome Rm IT Tel: 39-06-39375831 Mobile/Fax: 00393356512148/39-06-39380566 Email: canadi09@canadianduvethome.191.it Products or Services: Textiles & Leather Products/Bedding/Pillow Business Interests Dear Sirs, we are looking for a ""Memory foam pillow"" like in the picture attached. We are an Italian company , importers, dealing with textiles , bedding and baby bedding products. We sell to G.Department, Wholesalers and Retailers . We import from China since several years, mainly from Zhejiang and Hangzhou districts. The product we search is a : regular shape pillow. Visco elastic material- Holes on the upper and bottom side. Size: 70x40/ 9-10cm Density: we don't know. The pillow's weight is about 1600 grams. Outer shell: Knitted Cotton (jersey) with zipper- White colour PRICE RANGE: USD 6,00-7,00 CIF -Naples Quantity: 1 x 20"" container. If you reach our requests, feel free to contact us by mail giving your contacts in return. Thanks. Canadian Duvet Home Mr. Roberto Sermoneta- Mngr Ms.Viviana (assnt)

意大利床上用品采购商 合作意向
求购记忆枕,慢回弹材质,上下两面都有气孔,尺寸:70x40/ 9-10cm,重约 1.6 公斤,针织 棉枕套,白色,有拉链,意大利那不勒斯港 CIF 价 600-700 美元,订货量 1 x 20 尺货柜。 Ms. Christine Ambrosinov Die Pelztruhe Eichenweg 2 Langenselbold DE Tel: 49-6184-938761 Mobile/Fax: 49-6184-938761 Email: christine.ambrosinov@gmx.de Website: http://www.pelztruhe.de Products or Services: Textiles & Leather Products/Bedding/Blanket www.usachina.org

International Buying Leads from USJAN,, 2011 Business Interests We are a German retailer of genuine fur blankets and we are searching for a reliable and steady Chinese supplier of this type of blankets. Our target price is FOB USD 250,00 for a size of 160 x 200 cm, stable and dry airfreight packaging to Frankfurt airport. Very good fur quality needed (see picture) as well as perfect workmanship, small order quantities. Please do not offer any artificial material - we will not answer your lead. Thank you

德国毛毯采购商 合作意向
求购真毛毛毯,要求质量上乘,做工精细,尺寸 160 x 200 cm,空运至法兰克福,FOB 价格 25000 美元。 Ms. jo Edwards jo's textiles 47 Jacobs Meadow Bristol/Portishead United Kingdom Tel: 44-7867-685475 Email: j.edwards@atriumsoft.com Products or Services: Textiles & Leather Products/Bedding/Bedding Set Business Interests hello, i am looking for a supplier of very good quailty 100% chinese silk bedding sets who can ship to the UK. My first order will not be very big at all but once my business gets going the orders will increase considerably. Please don't contact me if you are going to waste my time and my money, i will only talk to you if you take payments by paypal and possibly L/C. please send me photos, minimum order details and prices to start with... kind regards, miss jo edwards.

英国床上用品采购商 合作意向
求购丝绸床上用品,Paypal 或 L/C 付款,请提供产品图片、最低订货量及报价。 Ms. Rea Cymbol Goo-goo Baby 64 Fishermans Landing Calgary AB CA Tel: 001-403-2576177 Email: info@goo-goobaby.com Website: http://www.goo-goobaby.com Products or Services: Textiles & Leather Products/Apparel Fabric/Cotton Fabric Business Interests Dear Sir/Madam, Are you able to produce small orders of top quality organic cotton sheeting and organic cotton flannel? We need 250 yards per print only, and will do minimum of 1000 yards total per order. Please reply ASAP www.usachina.org

International Buying Leads from USJAN,, 2011 Thank you very sincerely. Rea Cymbol, CEO

加拿大纺织品采购商 合作意向
求购有机棉被单和有机棉法兰绒。 Ms. Tally Nissim Big Time Trading P. O Box 2265 Ca/Huntington Park Ca 90255 United States Tel: 1-323-5890330 Mobile/Fax: 818-3899869/1-323-5898109 Email: ulookool@yahoo.com Products or Services: Shoes & Accessories/Slippers/Leather Slippers Business Interests We now have customers have the interest to buy the sheep skin slippers and boots. our market is in USA. Please send us your products information and quotation. We need the merchandises are made out of pure sheep skin and Not shearling. To be honest to you, we are new to this business and we need your help to let me know more about this kind of products, my name is Tally, i have a sister in Auckland, who is running the Chinese new papers business, if needed, i will ask her to help me to visit you! I am looking forward to your prompt response, wish we could work together soon! Thanks and have a nice day! Tally

美国鞋靴采购商 合作意向
求购纯羊皮拖鞋和靴子,销往美国市场。 Mr. bill Fawcett jaab sports 4 Wyndrow Place Tyne Wear/Newcastle United Kingdom Tel: 44-191-2413767 Email: billfawcett@mail.com Products or Services: Shoes & Accessories/Boots/Other Boots Business Interests UGG BOOTS REQUIRED ! Hi there to all the replys and the new replies i may receive. i have 3 e-commerce sites here in the UK. I AM A POWER SELLER ON EBAY. I AM LOOKING TO BUY UGG BOOTS. THERE ARE LOTS OF COMPANYS SELLING UGG BOOTS HERE IN THE UK. I NEED TO BE DIFFERENT! MOST COMPANYS SELLING UGG BOOTS USE THE SAME PHOTOGRAPHS TIME AND TIME AGAIN. www.usachina.org


英国鞋靴采购商 合作意向
求购 UGG 靴子。 Mr. ROMAN MARK PLASTIC EXPRESS, INC. 223 25TH STREET NY/BROOKLYN United States Tel: 1-718-4991119 Email: roman@plexsupply.com Products or Services: Security & Protection/Safety Products Business Interests hello my name is Roman Mark. I am an importer of working gloves in USA, NEW YORK. I am interested in red palm and blue palm cotton gloves. and all the other working gloves including latex medical and non medical gloves, powdered and non powdered, vinyl gloves litely powedered. i will be in China in a few weeks, if you prices are good i will stop by and check your quality and then if then if we come to an agreement i will give your an order of a few containers to try out. Thank you! Roman Mark Plastic Express, Inc.

美国安防产品采购商 合作意向
求购棉制工作手套。 Mr. Giuseppe Fiorin GF Promotion srl Via O.Peron 6 Borgoricco Padova IT Tel: 39-347-2912390 Mobile/Fax: 39-049-9335131 Email: gfpromotion@gmail.com Products or Services: Luggage, Bags & Cases/Special Purpose Bags & Cases/Shopping Bags Business Interests Italian importer of many items from China. We always looking for shopping bags made by non-woven material, PET recycled material, polyester 190T and 210T. www.usachina.org

International Buying Leads from USJAN,, 2011 Please contact us anytime. Sincerely yours, Giuseppe

意大利购物袋采购商 合作意向
求购无纺布、可回收 PET、190T 和 210T 聚酯购物袋。 Ms. Karen Hartman Redkat Sourcing, Incorporated 4054 Carmel Brooks Way San Diego California US Tel: 1-213-9853607 Email: info@redkatsourcing.com Website: http://www.redkatsourcing.com Products or Services: Fashion Accessories/Belt Accessories/Belt Buckles Business Interests Hello, We are looking for 5000 pieces from a Chinese supplier only. steel 2.4CM Width 2.9CM Length Thank you !

美国服装配件采购商 合作意向
求购 5000 件钢制皮带扣,长 2.9cm,宽 2.4cm。 Mr. scott silver Chesapeake Texttiles Company Inc. 424 4th Street, # C2 Annapolis United States Tel: 1-410-280 3900 Mobile/Fax: 443-454-3900/1-410-280 8520 Email: chestext@aol.com Products or Services: Environment/Recycling/Textile Waste Business Interests need large qty of White, Heat Set , 100% Recycled Polyester Fabric 140-150 GSM, made from PET Bottles Intra China Sale, Please advise what is readily available for immediate sampling Thank You

美国纺织废料采购商 合作意向
求购从 PET 瓶子聚酯纤维废料,140-150 克/平方米,白色,热定型,100%再生。 Mr. Arif Aksoy Global Trade www.usachina.org

International Buying Leads from USJAN,, 2011 Saselbergring 23 /Hamburg Germany Tel: 49-177-6002805 Email: globaltrade@hamburg.de Products or Services: Apparel/Wedding & Evening Dresses/Evening Dresses Business Interests We are a new company from Hamburg / Germany looking for a partner in China to buy evening and wedding dresses and suits for men. We have customers in Hamburg, Paris and Rotterdam. What we need is a factory that produced very fine clothing. We what to buy the clothes in form of booking from the customers. But we can give you a specific sum of money in the front.

德国服装采购商 合作意向
求购晚装、婚纱及男士西装。 Mr. Homan King Artex Bv Gumphea 17, Pv.2007, Altem Ca207 AMSTERDAM NL Tel: 0031-4-92386526 Mobile/Fax: 0031-4-92386536 Email: artexbv@yahoo.com Products or Services: Apparel/Sweaters Business Interests Dear Sir, we are ready to place an order of 1200pcs cashmere tank and cardigan made by 16/18GG computerized knitting machines. details 60s/2 cashmere yarn tank as the photo, weight 80grams cardigan no photo but same knitting constructions as the tank,weight 120grams size and color breakdown,3 sizes with 6colors pls ONLY factories in China mainland contact with us. Best regards, Homan

荷兰服装采购商 合作意向
求购 1200 件羊绒开襟衫和羊毛衫,要求: 60s/2 羊绒纱 开襟衫重 80 克 羊毛衫重 120 克 三种尺寸六种颜色 Mr. Aytac Doner Search&Supply Turkey Maslak Istanbul TR www.usachina.org

International Buying Leads from USJAN,, 2011 Tel: 90-0534-2789584 Email: aytacdoner@gmail.com Products or Services: Apparel/Socks & Stockings Business Interests We are looking for Chinese manufacturer to produce socks for us.

土耳其服装采购商 合作意向
求购袜子。 Mr. SERENCE LIM serence lim 201 / 99 Military Road Sydney/Neutral Bay Australia Tel: 61-02-406960689 Email: shiro73@tpg.com.au Products or Services: Apparel/Pants, Trousers & Jeans Business Interests Hi, we are looking for manufacturer specialize in Jeans productions for all sorts including colour jeans. China or HK ONLY.

澳大利亚服装采购商 合作意向
求购牛仔服。 Mr. Nicola Giacomini INTESA SANPAOLO SPA Piazza San Carlo 156 Torino Turin IT Tel: 39-049-6539776 Mobile/Fax: 39-049-6539780 Email: tradeway@intesasanpaolo.com Products or Services: Apparel/Garment Accessories/Lace, Tassels & Cords/Other Lace, Tassels & Cords Business Interests Italian wholesaler of fashion accessories, such as trimmings, beads, ribbons, sequins, woven labels, belt, waist bands, button pins, chains, buttons, zippers, is interested in expanding the core business and wishes to get in touch with manufacturers and trading companies well introduced in the field of fashion accessories (above products). Interested companies are kindly requested to send detailed information, such as full company profile, products details, price lists, free-samples if available. Answers will be guaranteed, after our check, only to serious and well-known manufacturers and suppliers from China, India and Vietnam, which send us full details and profiles by e-mail (alibaba), fax or postal service. We don't answer by phone. Don't call by phone. Target countries: China, India and Vietnam only.

意大利服装采购商 合作意向

International Buying Leads from USJAN,, 2011 寻求服装辅料生产商或贸易商合作,辅料包括花边、珠子、丝带、织唛、腰带、腕带、纽扣 夹、挂链、纽扣及拉链。 Ms. Jenny Hebel Metropol ApS Gluckstadsvej 2 1 TV /Copenhagen Oe Denmark Tel: 45--88336209 Email: jlh@metropoldk.com Products or Services: Apparel/Dresses Business Interests This is from Metropol ApS. We are a Danish company. We design clothes and we have our own shops which over 50 countries within and without EU. We also own our own brand, which includes St-martins, Margit Brandt, Snob, Trousers. We are looking for a supplier, which could provide silk garments. The garments are made of silk decorated with beading, jewellery, printing, etc. Some of the garments are made of silk bended with cotton, cashmere, lurex, viscose, polyester, etc. We also expect that you work very closely with one silk manufactory, if you have your own silk manufactory, that will be perfect. If you have the strength to provide the silk garments, which could reach our expectation, please do not hesitate to write to us via or make phone call Looking forward to hear from you!

丹麦服装采购商 合作意向


International Buying Leads from USJAN,, 2011

Construction Material 建筑材料
Mr. Ron Hillman China Materials International, INC. 2170 S. 31st Court Ridgefield Washington AS Tel: 1-360-8878381 Mobile/Fax: 1-360-8878381 Email: ron_cmi@hotmail.com Website: http://www.us-cmi.com Products or Services: Construction & Real Estate/Wall Materials/Drywall Business Interests Chinese production only. Drywall panels. 122omm x 2440mm. Upper quality for S. American market. a) Size: 1.200 mm x 2.400 mm b) Thickness: 10 mm standard 15 mm standard 12.5 mm fire resistant 12.5 Humidity resistant MR 15 mm humidity resistant MR 20 mm Standard 20 mm humidity resistant MR c) Volume: 4-6 x 20' FCL monthly Thank you Ron Hillman

美国建筑材料采购商 合作意向
求购石膏板。 尺寸 1.200 mm x 2.400 mm, 厚度:10 mm 标准 15 mm 标准 12.5 mm 防火 12.5 防潮 15 mm 防潮 20 mm 标准 20 mm 防潮 订购量:每月 4-6 个 20 尺箱柜。 Mr. David Liu Winnova Inc. 1665 Jarvis Ave Illinois/Elk Grove Village United States Tel: 1-630-207-6664 Email: winnova.import@gmail.com Products or Services: Construction & Real Estate/Tiles www.usachina.org

International Buying Leads from USJAN,, 2011 Business Interests Looking for granite tile manufacturers in China. Please quote FOB China in container quantity.

美国建筑材料采购商 合作意向
求购花岗岩砖,请提供 FOB 中国整箱报价。 Mr. Francesco De Luca Hermesite Srl Via Nino Martoglio 33-35 Italy/Rome Italy Tel: 39-06-83084019 Email: f.deluca@hermesite.com Products or Services: Construction & Real Estate/Quarry Stone & Slabs/Slate Business Interests Dear Companies, We are an italian import-export company specialized in importing marble, sandstone, slate from China. Can you please send to us a complete catalogues with prices? Is it possible to have samples? You can ship it directly to our main office in Rome, Italy. Looking forward to establish long term business cooperation with You. Best regards, Mr. Francesco De Luca China CEO Hermesite Srl

意大利石材采购商 合作意向
求购大理石、砂岩及板岩,请提供产品目录及报价,最好能寄样品。 Ms. Lisa Dinnendahl Lake Cultured Marble and Granite 2223west Cr 44 Florida/Eustis United States Tel: 1-352-6369327 Email: lcmgsales@hotmail.com Products or Services: Construction & Real Estate/Quarry Stone & Slabs/Granite Business Interests We need to know a variety of colors with price list on regular shipments of 2cm granite slabs for commercial (hotel) installation. I am looking for a china business that we can work for and get our granite at a competitive price.

美国石材采购商 合作意向
求购 2cm 厚的花岗岩石板,用于宾馆等商业建筑,请提供产品花色及报价。 Mr. goranov dobri Goranov group Aeropuerto De Madrid-Barajas Madrid/Madrid Spain www.usachina.org

International Buying Leads from USJAN,, 2011 Tel: 34-902-265894 Mobile/Fax: 34-902-266622 Email: dobri.goranov@hotmail.com Products or Services: Construction & Real Estate/Construction Material Stocks Business Interests we want to import okoume plywood from china and india, and then sell to mideast. 3x7' 6mm,mr glue, and wbp glue, okoume f/b.bb/cc grade. trading company not contact me, thanks, we want to cooperate with factory

西班牙建筑材料采购商 合作意向
求购奥古曼胶合板,销往中东,只跟厂家联系,贸易公司勿扰。 Mr. Christian Smit Smit & Smit International Po Box 165 Heiloo N / H NL Tel: 31-72-5401001 Mobile/Fax: 0031653531615/31-72-5401002 Email: chris@smitandsmit.nl Website: http://www.smitandsmit.nl Products or Services: Construction & Real Estate/Construction Machinery/Motor Graders Business Interests Looking for 140H graders new or used from China In good condition.

荷兰建筑机械采购商 合作意向
求购 140H 全新或二手平地机。 Mr. Jesper Ornbrant Liden Data Internetwork Enkoping Jung 21 /Enkoping Sweden Tel: 46-171-420014 Email: jesper.ornbrant@lidendata.com Products or Services: Construction & Real Estate/Construction Machinery/Excavators Business Interests I am about to start an investment company together with Swedish investors, which main idea is to start different kinds of companies in the Nordic countries. Main focus right now is to import products directly from Asia, primarly from China, and find/start wholesale companies to market the products in the Nordic countries. The interest for construction machinery in particular is very big. Initially, we search for small machinery, primary wheel excavators. You are very welcome to send us quotations (FOB in USD) including specifications. We will contact the most interesting companies within a few days for further details (MOQ, spare parts etc). Looking forward to your reply. Best regards Jesper Ornbrant Seedhouse Business Factory (under construction) www.usachina.org

International Buying Leads from USJAN,, 2011

瑞典建筑机械采购商 合作意向
求购轮式挖掘机,请提供产品规格及 FOB 美元报价。 Mr. Al Kuriotes Veda International Co. Po Box 93275, 1009 Gh Amsterdam Netherlands Tel: 31-20-5152318 Mobile/Fax: 31-20-5153139 Email: alkuriotes@gmail.com Products or Services: Construction & Real Estate/Bathroom & Kitchen Fixtures & Fittings/Shower Rooms Business Interests Dear madam or sir, I wanna to buy good quality shower room with steam and without steam. Our company is a professional trading co in Holland and interested in good Chinese shower products especially shower rooms and shower enclosers. I kindly ask you to send me your current catalogue, price list and loading quantities. Waiting for your kind answer. Best regards, Mr. Al Kuriotes

荷兰淋浴设备采购商 合作意向
求购蒸汽淋浴房和普通淋浴房,请提供产品目录及报价。 Mr. Gagan Kumar Fifo 383 Josephine Ave Ontario/Windsor Canada Tel: 1-519-982 0445 Mobile/Fax: 5199820445/1-519-977 9163 Email: fifotheglobalconcepts@gmail.com Products or Services: Construction & Real Estate/Bathroom & Kitchen Fixtures & Fittings/Paper Holders Business Interests We are looking for some companies around Guangzhou and area in China to import Janitorial Supplies including Soap Dispensers, Paper Dispensers, Automatic Airfreshner and Perfume Dispensers, Liquid soaps, Cleaning solvents, Mops, Brooms, Garbage bags, Window cleaning Equipments Mop Buckets and all ralated Items .If you carry these products Please send us the information ASAP. Thanks G.K

加拿大园艺用品采购商 合作意向
求购皂液器、擦手纸机、自动空气清新机、香味机、液体肥皂、洗涤剂、拖把、扫帚、垃圾 袋、窗子清洗设备、水桶等园艺用品。


International Buying Leads from USJAN,, 2011

Agricultural/Food & Beverage 农产果蔬、食品饮料 农产果蔬、
Mr. Mikhail Lichko 9128-9306 QUEBEC INC 11 Rue O'reilly, Montreal Quebec CA Tel: 1-514-8173251 Mobile/Fax: 1-514-8173251 Email: canadventure@mail.ru Products or Services: Food Business Interests We offer to buy for import into Russia no-shell peanuts made in China 100 MT per month. Please quote CIF St.Petersburg or FOB Chinese port.

加拿大食品采购商 合作意向
求购无壳花生,每月 100 吨,销往俄罗斯,请提供 CIF 圣彼得堡或 FOB 中国报价。 Ms. Fanny Wong-Muljono MULJONO (MJ) GROUP INC 310 Stealth Ct Livermore California US Tel: 1-925-3731188 Mobile/Fax: 1-925-3731166 Email: sales@mjoverstock.com Website: http://www.mjoverstock.com Products or Services: Food & Beverage/Snacks Business Interests Any manufacturers for new dry food items who do not currently have distributors in US and Mexico, Please send product details to us for review. We're looking for new dry food items to distribute in the grocery stores in US and Mexico.

美国食品采购商 合作意向
代理中国干燥食品,销往美国和墨西哥。 Ms. Jaehee Yen JJ POP., Ltd 1850 Greenfield Ave. California/Los Angeles United States Tel: 1-617-9596596 Email: jaeheeyen@gmail.com Products or Services: Food & Beverage/Beverages Business Interests We would like to manufacture Energy Drink in China for Chinese market. Please contact us with detailed information if your company can manufacture Energy Drink with our own Private label. Thank you, Jaehee www.usachina.org

International Buying Leads from USJAN,, 2011

美国饮料采购商 合作意向
寻求生产能量饮料的厂家。 Mr. Shaoru Wang Advance Marketing Ltd 2 / 27 Bath Street, Parnell, Auckland NZ Tel: 64-9-3066518 Mobile/Fax: 21 2737188/64-9-377 3141 Email: shaoruwang@advancemarketing.co.nz Website: http://www.advancemarketing.co.nz Products or Services: Food & Beverage/Aquatic Products Business Interests HLSO black tiger, size range 16-20, 21-25, 26-30; cooked PND balck tiger: 41-60, 51-60

新西兰食品采购商 合作意向
求购黑虎虾及熟虾仁。 Ms. Katja Hansen Arti Seafood A/S J. F. Kennedys Plads 4, 1 Aalborg Denmark Tel: 45-96-383050 Mobile/Fax: 45-96-383070 Email: katja@artiseafood.dk Products or Services: Food & Beverage/Aquatic Products Business Interests Vannamei shrimps cooked HOSO 80% NW 20% glaze 10 x 1 KG size 30 / 40 pcs / KG CIF Odessa

丹麦食品采购商 合作意向
求购南美白虾。 Mr. Yago Cruz Rioboo Gourmet Factory. Bulk Olive Oils and Olives Leaders (Spain office) 29017 Malaga. Wharehouses In New York Malaga / New York Andalucia / New York ES Tel: 34-695-338305 Mobile/Fax: 34695338305/34-954-9558345 Email: ycruz@thegourmetfactory.com Website: http://www.capatritioliveoil.com Products or Services: Agriculture/Vegetables/Fresh Preserved Vegetables Business Interests We need White Asparagus, in 3kg Cans using Private Label. - FDA Suppliers only. Full containers. www.usachina.org

International Buying Leads from USJAN,, 2011 - FOB prices - 2 x 20 Contaniers Tin 3 kg N.W. 2500g D.W 1500g................ $ tray 6 Uds. -80/100 -100/120

美国农产品采购商 合作意向
求购 3kg 罐装白芦笋,厂家须为美国食品和药物管理局指定供应商。 Mr. Kin Li Angelbee Enterprises Inc. 9150, Rue Meilleur, Suite 203 Montreal Quebec CA Tel: 1-514-3337992 Mobile/Fax: 1-514-3336061 Email: kin.li@angelbee.com Products or Services: Agriculture/Mushroom & Truffle Business Interests I represent a Canadian importer and buying office. We are writing today with regards to fresh truffles (black & white). We have select customers wishing to purchase black/white truffles (fresh) from China. We wish to establish communications with producers in a position or are already exporting to Canada. We are open to your quotation and product details. Any and all information will be kept in strict confidence. We have customers in Montreal, Quebec and Toronto Ontario Canada interested to purchase truffles from China. We look forward to your quotations and thank you for your immediate attention. Best regards, Ms. Betty Woo Import Director Angelbee Enterprises Inc. Montreal, Quebec, Canada

加拿大农产品采购商 合作意向


International Buying Leads from USJAN,, 2011

Automotive Industry 汽车工业
Mr. Schah Zaman Maiwandi Maiwandi eK Billbrookdeich Hamburg/Hamburg Germany Tel: 49-163-9097374 Email: maiwandi@hotmail.de Products or Services: Transportation/Truck & Parts Business Interests The size I am looking for: 295 / 80R22, 5 Only Chinese Brands! Please send me your quatations! Thank you!

德国卡车配件进口商 合作意向
求购 295 / 80R22, 5 型号的中国产卡车轮胎,请提供报价。 Mr. Imtiaz Baksh Tatra Vectra Motors Limited No. 7 & 8, Sipcot Phase I Hosur Tamil Nadu IN Tel: 91-434-42270872 Mobile/Fax: 918579426/91-434-42270872 Email: imtiazway@gmail.com Products or Services: Transportation/Truck & Parts Business Interests I am interested in buying energy saving lamps(2u 3u 4u 5u spiral) from China urgently,only real honest manufacturer can contact me.Pls send the quotation with photos. Requirements: PBT plastic housing 85% wattage 240V SI transistor, Aishi E-cap EMC circuit(send me two quotation with emc and without emc) 8000hrs lifetime 1*40ft hq as the trial order

印度卡车配件采购商 合作意向
求购 2u、3u、4u、5u 及 spiral 节能灯管:PBT 塑料外壳 85%W, 240V,硅晶体管,电磁 兼容电路(请分别提供有电磁兼容和无电磁兼容的报价) ,寿命 8000 小时。 Mr. Marcus Nilsson LIMIT Rd Gransvagen 19 Falkenberg SE Tel: 46-70-6688599 Email: marcus.nilsson@denovation.com Website: http://www.limitrd.com www.usachina.org

International Buying Leads from USJAN,, 2011 Products or Services: Transportation/Trailer & Parts Business Interests On customers behalf I am looking for interior light for truck / trailer. Manufacturer should be from China. - stainless steel base - acrylic glass Detailed photos can be emailed at interest. An order would be between 800 - 1 600 pieces. When answering, please send your telephone number, full address, email address and website. Looking forward to your response. Marcus Nilsson Managing director Denovation AB / Recentis AB

瑞典拖车配件进口商 合作意向
求购卡车/拖车车内灯,不锈钢灯座,丙烯酸玻璃灯罩,有意者请提供产品图片。 Mr. Rune Hovland www.agirra.no Modum Neringspark Buskerud, Norway/Aamot Tel: 0047-90-101198 Mobile/Fax: 90101198/0047-32-700174 Email: runehovland@mac.com Products or Services: Automobile/Motorcycles Business Interests Dear sirs & madame we are a Europeen company , head office in England and Norway, we like to know more about your eec serie from 50 ccm and up Motorcycles and scooters. best regards , Wilhelm Fossum agirra zlmwe have several long term suplyers from China , and we have worked white them from 2001.

挪威摩托车采购商 合作意向
求购 EEC 50ccm 以上摩托车。 Mr. elmer webb Elmer Trading Unit 233 Baywater Drive, Homebush Bay, Nsw 2127 Australia Tel: 43-7-362313 Email: elmer_sourcing@hushmail.com Products or Services: Automobile/Auto Parts/Other Auto Parts Business Interests we are dealer in Australia , now we need manual slack adjuster and camshaft for Australia and Saudi Arabia market. pls send us best fob price, mainland China company only. your quick reply is appreciated. Tks for u reply! www.usachina.org

International Buying Leads from USJAN,, 2011 mr elmer

澳大利亚汽车配件采购商 合作意向
求购手动松紧调整器和凸轮轴,销往澳大利亚和沙特阿拉伯。 Mr. Peter Wu iBC Automotive Products.Inc 10510 Hillsboro Road California/Santa Ana United States Tel: 1-714-8551087 Email: peterwu_ibc@yahoo.com Products or Services: Automobile/Auto Parts/Brakes Business Interests We are an US based distributor located in south california. Now we are sourcing brake pads and shoes in China.

美国汽车配件采购商 合作意向
求购刹车片和轴瓦。 Mr. Robert Smith ARSEN INDUSTRIAL LLC 3355 Oxwell Drive Duluth Georgia US Tel: 1-678-5620304 Mobile/Fax: 1-678-3487120 Email: purchasing@arsenchina.com Website: http://www.arsenchina.com Products or Services: Automobile/Auto Electrical System/Auto Starter System Business Interests AS OUR MID-EAST CLIENT REQUEST, WE ARE LOOKING FOR QUALITY SUPPLIER TO BUY ARMATURE IN CHINA, PLEASE QUOTE YOUR BEST PRICE,ESTIMATED DELIVERY TIME, AND MINIMUM QTY PER PART# Armature Delco 10463092 Armature Armature CARGO 137948 Armature HITACHI 2114-11111 Armature NISSAN 23310-0M300 Armature Armature CARGO 139398 Armature NISSAN 23310-0M210 Armature Armature CARGO 137948 Armature NISSAN 23310-0M300 Armature Armature DENSO 028200-6870 Armature CARGO 231894 Armature Armature DENSO 028200-1151 Armature CARGO 138757 Armature Armature CARGO 132486 Armature www.usachina.org

International Buying Leads from USJAN,, 2011 Armature CARGO Armature CARGO 138962 Armature 139398 Armature

美国汽车配件采购商 合作意向
求购电枢,请提供报价、预计发货时间及最小订货量。 Mr. richard blomquist white glove auto 2002 Ward Avenue Wisconsin/Lacrosse United States Tel: 608-780-8229 Email: whitegloveauto@hotmail.com Products or Services: Automobile/Auto Electrical System/Auto Lighting System Business Interests I am looking for a manufacturer in China that is the supplier of the vintage automobile fog light that is pictured. I believe they were at the SEMA show in Las Vegas last year and I am wanting to order a supply of these fog lights. They are 6 1/2 inches in diameter and mount to the front of vintage automobiles such as Studebaker, Packard, Pierce Arrow, Buick, etc. Thank you, Richard

美国汽车配件采购商 合作意向
求购古董汽车雾灯,直径 6.5 英寸。


International Buying Leads from USJAN,, 2011

Consumer Products 轻工日用
Mr. Roland Kenyon Mahe UK Ltd Brooklands Park Ind Est Sheffield South Yorks UK Tel: 44-1909-517011 Mobile/Fax: 44-1909-517010 Email: roland@kws-shopping.com Website: http://www.maheuk.com Products or Services: Transportation/Electric Bicycle Business Interests We are an UK import export company with discount warehouses and a buying office in Ningbo China, we are very interested in E Bikes for the UK and European Market, so could you please send me your full product range, prices, MOQ and delivery time for sample and orders. Must be CE and European Compliant Kind regards Roland Kenyon

英国电动自行车采购商 合作意向
求购通过 CE 认证,符合欧洲市场的电动自行车,有意者请提供产品信息、报价、最低订货 量以及交货时间。 Mr. Jack Pepall CASEMAKER INC 33 Glen Cameron Road Unit 8 Thornhill Ontario CA Tel: 1-905-8895245 Mobile/Fax: 4165654447/1-905-8894818 Email: info@casemaker.ca Website: http://www.casemaker.ca Products or Services: Packaging & Paper/Transport Packaging/Pallets Business Interests I need rush this plastic pallet in a 1200 x 1000 size with a solid top and open bottom. I need CIF Mexico City price plus fob China price. Use recycled resin price must be cheap. 35,000 units. I will also need manufacturing name and address in China.

加拿大托盘采购商 合作意向
求购 35000 件塑料托盘,尺寸 1200 x 1000,请提供 CIF 墨西哥或 FOB 中国报价。 Mr. npk plus Npkplus 25225 Sw 212 Ave Homestead Homestead Florida US Tel: 1-305-246 0653 Mobile/Fax: 1-305-246 1700 Email: npkplus@hotmail.com www.usachina.org

International Buying Leads from USJAN,, 2011 Products or Services: Packaging & Paper/Paper & Paper Products/Paper Cups, Plates, Food Trays Business Interests we are looking for 4oz, 8oz, 10oz foam cup. please kindly inform your packing details and FOB China Main Port price based on 40' HQ container quantity.

美国泡沫杯采购商 合作意向
求购 4 盎司、8 盎司和 10 盎司泡沫杯,请提供包装情况、40 尺高柜 FOB 中国报价。 Mr. Smith Davis SMITHS' KITCHENS & BATHROOMS CO., LTD. 35 Field Rd, International Square Birmingham UK Tel: 44-121-7675011 Mobile/Fax: 44-121-7675021 Email: smithkitchenware@yahoo.com Products or Services: Home Appliances/Kitchen Appliances/Electric Ovens Business Interests We are looking for electric oven from China. The ovens should be high quality with competitve price.

英国厨具采购商 合作意向
求购电烤炉。 Mr. JOHN LEKKAS 3DA - J. Lekkas 33 Tsoha Str Athens GR Tel: 30-210-6425050 Mobile/Fax: 694 808 77 67/30-210-6425006 Email: ilekkas@otenet.gr Products or Services: Home & Garden/Umbrellas & Raincoats Business Interests i am looking for a mini fold umbrella for 30.000 pcs. Size 21"" hand or auto 2/3 folds open , 170-190T polyester, x 8 panels , metal shaft , plastic handle with soccer familiar shape. One one color logo in one/two panels ( see attachment). My target price is 5-6 RMB Fob China for A grade umbrellas I am waiting your reply at bussines e-mail adress

希腊雨具采购商 合作意向
求购 30.000 件迷你折叠伞。尺寸 21"",手动或自动,170-190T 聚酯,8 根伞骨,塑料手柄。 Mr. steven kahn Bridal Coronets INC 6445 W. Grand Avenue Chicago Illinois US www.usachina.org

International Buying Leads from USJAN,, 2011 Tel: 1-773-622-6445 Mobile/Fax: 1-1773-622-3602 Email: skahn@jamielynn.com Products or Services: Home & Garden/Tableware/Other Tableware Business Interests Immediate, Urgent need for cake knives and servers with the acrylic handle shown in photo. Bulk packed. Part of shipment to be shipped to our location in China, with remainder to be shipped to USA. Need 5000 - 10000 of each. Recurring order opportunity.

美国餐具采购商 合作意向
急购丙烯酸刀把的蛋糕刀和蛋糕铲, Mr. J SINGH JALF BROS LTD Unit Q2, Hawthorn Ind Estate Middlemore Rd Birmingham 115 UK Tel: 44-121-515 1772 Mobile/Fax: 44 7811198018/44-121-515 1772 Email: j4swinder@hotmail.com Products or Services: Home & Garden/Lighters & Smoking Accessories/Lighters Business Interests We interested to enquire from only approved cigarette lighters which conforms to ISO 9994; 2006 AND EN13869 .Due to high anti dumping duty from CHINA ,we like to import from other countries.

英国打火机采购商 英国打火机采购商 合作意向
求购通过 ISO9994,2006 和 EN13869 的打火机。 Ms. Lili Chen Lacoque CHINE FRANCE ECHANGES 3 Impasse Marita Odos FR Tel: 33-6-75514553 Email: lililacoque@yahoo.com Products or Services: Home & Garden/Drinkware/Cups Business Interests We are French company, we are looking for Chinese factory can produce ceramic like ours photo's produce attached.

法国餐具采购商 合作意向
求购陶瓷杯子。 Mr. Jayman Patel Letap Ventura LTD 97 CRANBOURNE AVE LONDON UK Tel: 44-7897-365056 www.usachina.org

International Buying Leads from USJAN,, 2011 Mobile/Fax: 44-208-9890292 Email: jayman.b.patel@gmail.com Products or Services: Furniture & Furnishings/Commercial Furniture/Other Commercial Furniture Business Interests I am looking to meet with suppliers of salon chairs and to do a deal. If anyone can do this please do let me know. Kind regards Jay Patel

英国家具采购商 合作意向
求购沙龙椅。 Ms. Pam Vamplew NDae 2414-210 Street Bellevue Alberta CA Tel: 1-403-564-4300 Email: pamwigle@hotmail.com Products or Services: Energy/Solar Energy Products/Solar Water Heaters Business Interests Our company sells solar products and we are interested in solar water heating units, particularly from China. We are willing to consider being a distributor for the North American markets. If possible, we would like the following questions answered: 1. How long has your company been in business? 2. What markets are you currently selling to? 3. Do you need distributors in North America? Canada? 4. Do you have U tube construction? Pressurized units? Non-pressurized units? Complete packages for home use? 5. Are we able to view your catalogue and prices? 6. How are we to register with your company for sales or distributorship? Thank you very much for your time in this matter. P Vamplew NDae Management Alberta, Canada

加拿大太阳能设备采购商 合作意向
欲代理太阳能热水器,销往北美市场,有意者请联系。 Mr. Rafique Ali Gianno Sports Ltd 14 Kingsway Road Leicester Leicestershire UK Tel: 44-0116-2107057 Email: giannosports@hotmail.co.uk www.usachina.org

International Buying Leads from USJAN,, 2011 Products or Services: Chemicals/Chemicals for Daily Use/Soap Business Interests We are based in U.K. in the heart of distribution warehouses of branded confectionary & toileteries market. I would like to import all Procter & Gamble products especially washing up powder in 3KG, 6KG, 15KG. Also Colgate regular 50ml/100ml, ColgateTotal 100ml, Colgate Whitening 100ml, Johnson & Johnson baby powder 200gm/400gm/600gm. Imperial Leather 85gm, Imperail Body Foam 250ml, Dove Soap 100gm, Imperial & Palmolive soap in 125gm, Lux Beauty soap in 100gm & 130gm. We import from India, China, Turkey, Korea and Africa. We require suppliers who can supply in time with the requirements. I do not deal in clearence lines. It is regular and all year round. I would like price in CIF Flexistowe port of U.K. I to to purchase at least 4/ 5 containers a month and expect the best prices.

英国日化产品采购商 合作意向
求购保洁 3 公斤、6 公斤和 15 公斤装洗衣粉、高露洁 50ml、100ml 普通牙膏、高露洁 100ml 全效牙膏、高露洁 100ml 美白牙膏、强生婴儿爽身粉 200gm/400gm/600gm、Imperial Leather 85gm 皂用香精、 Imperial Leather250ml 浴液、 100gm 多芬香皂、 棕榄 125gm 香皂、 力士 100gm、 130gm 香皂。


International Buying Leads from USJAN,, 2011

Office Supplies/Sports & Entertainment 文体娱乐
Mr. richard perry United Fence Products, Inc. Ltd Wiltshiretrowbridgeunits 7-8, Paxcroft Farm, Hilperton Tel: 44-01225-768770 Mobile/Fax: 07875 482922/44-01225-768770 Email: sales@fencebrackets.com Website: http://www.fencebrackets.com Products or Services: Transportation/Boats & Ships Business Interests i am looking for a manufacturer of jet skis to supply to UK. must be established and in business for more than 4 years. i would like to buy a sample. CHINA ONLY.

英国摩托艇采购商 合作意向
求购摩托艇,销往英国市场,厂家必须经营 4 年以上。 Ms. Simon Van Only rollers Ltd 35 Skajstraat Noord Lijsen/Deventer Netherlands Tel: 31-64-325689 Email: ladytoptop@gmail.com Products or Services: Sports & Entertainment/Scooters/Kick Scooters, Foot Scooters Business Interests buy 3 wheel scooters, please send your catalogue with price, MOQ, loading capacities, based on 40'HQ, FOB China port

荷兰运动用品采购商 合作意向
求购三轮滑板车,请提供产品目录、最低订货量、40 尺高柜装载容量及 FOB 中国报价。 Ms. Michell Tam Luckyarn Europe S.L. Valls D'andorra 2, 2-1 /Barcelona Spain Tel: 34-93-4639938 Mobile/Fax: 34-93-4639904 Email: michell.tam@luckyarneurope.com Products or Services: Sports & Entertainment/Scooters/Handicapped Scooters Business Interests Here we need a new quotation of the models of Scooter, picked form a link I will send you through e-mail. If not exactly from the same supplier, search for similar models made in China. Please, quote for 6 or 8 different units between the ones you see in the catalogue (as samples) and then for a 40' container (max. 2 different models in it). Please, send both quotations for FOB terms and CIF Valencia terms. www.usachina.org

International Buying Leads from USJAN,, 2011 Our terms of payment: -30% with order -50% against shipping documents -20% when goods arrive Please, answer the inquiry if you are interested in it. Thank you! Maura

西班牙踏板车采购商 合作意向
求购残疾人用踏板车,联系后将告知所需产品具体情况的网址,请提供 6-8 种不同型号、40 尺柜、FOB 和巴伦西亚港 CIF 报价,付款方式:30%订单、50%船运提单、20%货到付款。 Mr. Anthony Kessman T&D Custom Guitars Po Box 336 California/Foresthill United States Tel: 1-530-3676001 Email: sierrastudios@hotmail.com Products or Services: Sports & Entertainment/Musical Instrument Business Interests Seeking excellent Fender Stratocaster and Telecaster copy for OEM and custom guitar shop. Must be equal to Vineyard Electric Guitars made in China. Must have upgraded pick ups, upgraded pick guard, smooth crews and bridge adjustment pins, smooth preworked fretwork. No junk. Must compare to Fender import quality. We are a small business. Due to that we can not afford a 100 piece order. We are hoping to find a product already being manufactured that meets our requirements and have our logos applied.

美国文娱用品采购商 合作意向
寻求 Fender Stratocaster 和 Telecaster 吉他 OEM 工厂和能定制吉他的商家。 Ms. zaoui nassera style d'Orient 59 Rue Le Manoir Maubeuge Nord FR Tel: 33--0327666209 Email: nasrazaoui@hotmail.fr Products or Services: Sports & Entertainment/Go Karts Business Interests Hello all, We search a compagny can be our wholesaler for buggy (eec), scooter....for import/export activity, the good quality, label guaranteeing quality/services and attractive prices will be excellence appreciate if you have these potential , contact us please, we hope for a long relationship with your company we have a range US 300~~US 1500 for 250cc,150cc, 50/110cc we have agent can visit your manufactory if you are in China for negotiation thank you www.usachina.org

International Buying Leads from USJAN,, 2011

法国体育用品采购商 合作意向
寻卡丁车及踏板车的批发商。 Mr. Daniel Kao C. C. DEW INC 2720 Royal Lane Suite 180 Dallas Texas US Tel: 1--972-241-6566 Mobile/Fax: 214-566-1818/1--972-241-8299 Email: dan.ccdewinc@gmail.com Products or Services: Printing & Publishing/Other Printing & Publishing Products Business Interests US Company looking for a honest and reliable company in Xiamen to produce catalogs, brochures, & other marketing material. We will be visiting Xiamen July 15-18 to visit your manufacturer in person as we are serious about purchasing very soon. We need catalogs to be printed asap and would like to find a company in Xiamen as we travel in & out of Xiamen more frequently. We are very good buyers, have past experiences working with other Chinese manufacturers, EVEN speak some mandarin!, easy to work with, and very fair with price. We're looking to establish a long-term relationship with a good company. Thank you

美国印刷品采购商 合作意向
寻求产品目录及宣传册的印刷商,最好位于厦门,7 月 15-18 号到厦门。 Mr. Mclnick Coppola DEBBIE LYNN 24 Tara Drive Sewell New York US Tel: 1856-589-6595 Mobile/Fax: 001 856 859 6593/1856-589-6592 Email: toaziceo@yahoo.com Products or Services: Office Supplies/Stationery/Pens & Pencils/Gel Ink Pens Business Interests Clints: BEBBIE now possesses more than 400 regular clients and has set up 5 overseas branches in Russia, United States, Panama U.A.E and Spain, and the product has occupied the largest market share in regions like Russia, Africa, and Central Europe compared with other Made in China products. Besides, BEBBIE has established strategic partnership with Fortune 500 corporations like WAL-MART, STAPLES, WOOLWORTH, NATIONAL, UCHIDA, MONAM, OFFICE DEPORT, and TARGET.

美国办公用品采购商 合作意向
求购中性笔。 Mr. ike panigel www.usachina.org

International Buying Leads from USJAN,, 2011 efx marketing East 8th Ny/Ny United States Tel: 1-718-6459249 Email: efxorders@yahoo.com Products or Services: Office Supplies/Stationery/Notebook & Diary Business Interests Need School Notebooks Supplier Looking for a supplier outside china for this item to import into USA

美国办公用品采购商 合作意向
求购学生用笔记本。 Mr. Peter Linus Pulch Contract Services 142 Reede Road Essex/Dagenham United Kingdom Tel: 44-208-5952267 Email: pulch.serve@yahoo.com Products or Services: Office Supplies/Calculator Business Interests We are a company based in the UK, and would like to get informed concerning the above mentioned product. We would appreciate doing business with any credible and fair company.

英国办公用品采购商 合作意向
求购计算器。 Mr. Mike Scarberry Furniture Loft 11730 Philips Hwy. Florida/Jacksonville United States Tel: 1-904-262-3690 Email: discountoilpaintings@gmail.com Products or Services: Furniture & Furnishings/Home Decor/Other Home Decor Business Interests Dear Sirs, we are interested in china made mid-size motor-boats made in european standard quality. We would like to sell your boats as a representant of your esteemed company mainly via internet over our e-commerce plattforms. Please contact me with your latest catalogue + pricelist to evaluate our peer group for your products. Please contact us if you are interested in a growing market for luxury and sporting goods. Yours truly, Manuel baeumle CEO

美国摩托艇采购商 合作意向

International Buying Leads from USJAN,, 2011 求购欧洲标准的中型摩托艇,请提供产品目录及报价。


International Buying Leads from USJAN,, 2011

Medical/Healthcare 医疗保健
Ms. May Wang Square & Circle Intl. 1221 Liberty Way, Suite B Vista California US Tel: 1-858-7482274 Mobile/Fax: 1-858-7482274 Email: chime4luck@aol.com Website: http://www.veises-murano.com Products or Services: Health & Beauty/Medicine & Health Products/Health Care Products Business Interests Hi, we are a wholesale company with sub-spa stores, pls send 4 samples of the foot detox patches to: May Wang Palace Herbal spa 11433 Southbrook Ct. San Diego, CA 92128 USA Pleae quote for your prices, FOB China port.

美国保健品采购商 合作意向
求购排毒足贴,有兴趣者请提供 4 件样品寄至以下地址: May Wang Palace Herbal spa 11433 Southbrook Ct. San Diego, CA 92128 USA 并提供 FOB 中国港口报价。 Mr. Wade Wang Wang Industries Group 2520 Quarry Austin Texas US Tel: 01-617-8351748 Mobile/Fax: 01-617-8351748 Email: wadewwang@yahoo.com Products or Services: Health & Beauty/Medical Supplies Business Interests I need surgical gloves and syringes in large quantities. Please quote me FOB prices and provide me with loading information, production time. Please respond if only you can export from China. Chinese suppliers only please.

美国医疗用品采购商 合作意向
大量求购外科手套和注射器,请提供 FOB 中国报价。


International Buying Leads from USJAN,, 2011 Mr. Henry Tu planethk purchasing RM 203, De Ze street New York US Tel: 1-215-4400500 Mobile/Fax: 1-215-4400501 Email: helenzhang1972@gmail.com Products or Services: Health & Beauty/Medical Equipment Business Interests We are a purchasing agent here in China to work for buyer from USA, now, we are interested in Oxygen Concentrator, C-PAP Machines, masks for the C-Pap Machine Please contact me directly if you can make these items. We can start the communication now and the buyer will come to visit your factory in September.

美国医疗设备采购商 合作意向


International Buying Leads from USJAN,, 2011

Jewelries/Arts and Crafts 珠宝首饰、工艺礼品 珠宝首饰、
Mr. Jerry Holland jdhsails 614 Blythe Street NC/Shelby United States Tel: 1-704-4828928 Email: jholland25@carolina.rr.com Products or Services: Toys/Stuffed & Plush Toys Business Interests The products I need are manufactured in China. They are from the Ganz collection and sold with the name webkinz. They have a secret code attached to them that allows your child to socially interact on the internet with their pet they adopt from webkinz. This is a virtual world experience. If the prices are good I can buy a lot from a good distributor.

美国玩具采购商 合作意向
求购 Ganz 系列的 webkinz 毛绒玩具,这类玩具都有一个安全码,小朋友买回去后在网上注 册后便能进入一个虚拟的 WEBKINZ 世界,在里面可以认识其他购买这款公仔的小朋友, 玩线上游戏,或者进行其他的各种游乐活动。 Mr. GLEN JACKSON Trophy Shoppe INC 7521 Highway 167 North Arkansas/Sheridan United States Tel: 1-870-942-3093 Mobile/Fax: 1-870-942-3093 Email: trophyman8240@yahoo.com Products or Services: Toys/Plastic Toys Business Interests Looking For Plastic Vacuum Plated Trophy Parts From Tawain Or China I am in the Trophy - Awards business....I am looking for a supplier capable of manufacturing and plating plastic parts for our industry.

美国玩具采购商 合作意向
求购真空塑料电镀奖品。 Mr. paulo paol Oregon Toy co.,ltd Garfield Street Oregon/Eugene United States Tel: 1-541-6865111 Email: buyerpaulo@yahoo.com Products or Services: Toys/Plastic Toys Business Interests Oregon toy co., is a wholesaler and importer, this autumn Canton fair we will visit China to find some potential suppliers, we mainly import the following items: Educational toys, Electrical toys, infant toys & games, plastic toys, dolls, games, www.usachina.org

International Buying Leads from USJAN,, 2011 wooden toys, woolen toys, decor toys, inflatable toys, etc. we appreciate those suppliers of above mentioned toys to contact us, so that in the coming fair we can visit your booth to discuss further. please reply with your company product detail, reference price, packing details and catalogue. awaiting reply

美国玩具采购商 合作意向
求购下列玩具产品: 益智玩具、电动玩具、婴儿玩具、塑料玩具、玩具娃娃、木制玩具、羊绒玩具、装饰玩具和 充气玩具。 本公司将参加今年秋季的中国广交会,有兴趣者请联系,并提供产品信息、价格、产品包装 及产品目录。 Ms. Lisa L Zakka Canada Unit 2104, 110 Dunlop Street East Barrie Ontario CA Tel: 1-705-8121119 Mobile/Fax: 1-416-8490436 Email: info@zakkacanada.com Products or Services: Timepieces, Jewelry, Eyewear/Watches/Watch Parts, Accessories & Materials/Watch Boxes, Cases Business Interests Looking for watch display set made in acrylic. Can host about 4-8 watches. Please send pic & quote. MOQ is 1000-2000pcs for June/July, and more for this Fall. Please send pictures for similar designs, with measurement and sizes. We have purchasing office in China. We accept quotes from manufacturers only. Thank you!

加拿大工艺礼品采购商 合作意向
求购手表展示台,能放 4-8 块手表,请提供产品图片及报价。 Mr. Jean-David Cohen Sarena USA 20515 E Country Club Drive Miami US Tel: 1--7864138846 Mobile/Fax: 1-305-2632810 Email: jeandavid.cohen@sarenausa.com Products or Services: Timepieces, Jewelry, Eyewear/Jewelry/Costume & Fashion Jewelry/Necklaces Business Interests Our Company is a US distributor of fashion jewelry. We are looking for a factory in China (preferably in Qingdao or Yiwu) which has the know-how and the credentials to manufacture high end fashion jewelry. High end fashion jewelry has the look and same quality of fashion jewelry but is still made of non precious metal and stones. As such the factory will use first quality components, high quality www.usachina.org

International Buying Leads from USJAN,, 2011 plating and will know how to mount stones sturdily. We are especially interested in factories producing fashion jewelry for high end retailers and especially for the European & Japanese markets. Please respond to that ad only if you believe that your factory fits the requirements stated above. Our order varies from 10 doz to 100 doz per style per color

美国珠宝饰品采购商 合作意向
寻求高端时尚珠宝生产厂家(最好在青岛或义乌) ,有出口到日本和欧洲经历的厂家优先考 虑。 Ms. Lillian Noonan Lillian Noonan No. 6, Jersey Street California/Los Angeles United States Tel: 1-323-41652019 Email: lillian.noonan@gmail.com Products or Services: Gifts & Crafts/Painting & Calligraphy Business Interests Hello! I want to buy a large order of oil paintings with high quality from China. If you have this kind of products, please contact me and send your price list and catalogue. FOB Los Angeles, please. Lillian Noonan

美国工艺品采购商 合作意向
求购油画,请提供产品目录及 FOB 洛杉矶报价。 Mr. william coleman Coleman, Inc 1358 West Carriage Santa Ana C. A. 92704, USA Tel: 1-714-5464718 Email: william.coleman@hotmail.com Products or Services: Gifts & Crafts/Holiday Gifts & Decoration Business Interests we are interested in Chinese paper lantern, such as festival lantern, holiday lantern, decoration lanterns, sky lantern, water lantern etc. If you can supply such items, please send us your catagolue with details and price! Many thanks! WIlliam coleman

美国工艺品采购商 合作意向
求购各种中国纸灯笼,请提供产品目录及报价。 Mr. Kwai Li Kwais www.usachina.org

International Buying Leads from USJAN,, 2011 38 Reffley Lane Norfolk/Kings Lynn United Kingdom Tel: 44-01553-670900 Email: kwai@wndca.co.uk Products or Services: Gifts & Crafts/Holiday Gifts & Decoration Business Interests Large festival red Chinese lanterns

英国工艺品采购商 合作意向
求购中国节日红灯笼。 Mr. frank coleman cole fr Inc Real Zaragoza. Pabellon Multiusos Tarragona/Malaga Spain Tel: 34-897-58963241 Email: frankcoleman1@aol.com Products or Services: Fashion Accessories/Headwear/Hair Accessories/Wigs Business Interests I'm a wholesaler in Spain, we sell human hair and synthetic wigs to storekeeper. And now we plan to import synthetic wigs from china and india. The main market is European and UK. Please introduce your products to us.

西班牙假发采购商 合作意向


International Buying Leads from USJAN,, 2011

Chemical Industry 化工
Mr. Ismail Keskin CMS K-MINERAL TURIZM TASIMACILIK SANAYI VE DIS TICARET LTD STI Turgut Ozal Bulvari Atasehir Ata Plaza B2 Bl 2 / 3 Kat 6 D 59 Atasehir Istanbul TR Tel: 0090-216-4566350 Mobile/Fax: 0090-216-4566707 Email: cmsk@cmskmineral.net Website: http://www.cmskmineral.net Products or Services: Chemicals/Oxide/Chromium Oxide Business Interests Green Chrome Oxide China, Kazakistan, South African or other countries producers can be contact with us

土耳其氧化铬 氧化铬采购商 土耳其氧化铬采购商 合作意向
求购氧化铬。 Mr. Hongchun Liu Apex Horizon LLC 13656 Ansel Ter Maryland/Germantown United States Tel: 240-731-3262 Email: liuchen13656@gmail.com Products or Services: Chemicals/Elementary Substance Business Interests We want to buy 25,000 Metric Ton sulfur at this moment. We are also looking for long term sellers who can supply 450,000 Metric Ton per year. Please provide FOB and CIF (To China) The technical data shall be as below: Commodity : SULPHUR 99% Specifications: Purity: min 99.5% Ash: max 0.05% Hydrocarbon: max 0.05% Moisture: max 0.3% Acidity as H2SO4: max 0.02% Color: bright yellow Size: 3 mm to 4 mm Granular Arsenic: less than 0.25 ppm Selenium: less than 1 ppm Tellerium: less than 1 ppm Quantity: min 25,000 MT Packing: bulk Discharge Port: Santos, Brazil Contact me to further discuss if interested. www.usachina.org

International Buying Leads from USJAN,, 2011 Best Regards, Hayden Liu

美国化工产品采购商 合作意向
求购 25,000 吨硫磺,以后每年需求量为 450,000 吨,请提供 FOB 和 CIF 中国报价。技术 指标: 产品:99%硫磺 纯度:不低于 99.5% 灰分:不高于 0.3% 烃:不超过 0.05% 湿度:不超过 0.3% 酸度:不超过 0.02% 颜色:鲜黄 大小:3mm-4mm 颗粒 砷:低于 0.25ppm 硒:低于 1ppm 碲:低于 1ppm 数量:不低于 25,000 吨 包装:散装 卸货港:巴西桑托斯


International Buying Leads from USJAN,, 2011

Others 其它
Mr. Chris Gear Prestige Trading 6135 Nw 167 St. Suite E4 Florida/Miami United States Email: prestigetrading@live.com Products or Services: Sports & Entertainment/Pet & Products Business Interests We are a US wholesaler seeking Quality Pet stroller Manufacturers in China, please provide price list which includes product and packaging dimension, photos, factions and prices, thank you.

美国宠物用品采购商 合作意向
求购宠物推车,请提供报价单、产品包装尺寸、图片及功能等信息。 Mr. Phillip knowler Southland Innovations ltd 137 Oteramika Road New Zealand/Invercargill New Zealand Tel: 64-03-2166007 Email: knowler@es.co.nz Products or Services: Rubber & Plastics/Plastic Products/Plastic Nets Business Interests Our New Zealand based company is looking to buy windbreaker net suitable for making small tree & plant shelters. Our first order would be based on one 20' container FOB port china.

新西兰塑料制品采购商 合作意向
求购塑料防风网,用于保护树木,请提供 FOB 中国报价。 Ms. Rebecca Siu Skymark International Trading Company 17714 114th Pl Se WA/Renton United States Tel: 1-206-8162033 Email: skymarkintl@gmail.com Products or Services: Lights & Lighting/Lighting Fixtures/Outdoor Lighting/Solar Lamps Business Interests Our company is looking for the Solar Lawn Lights, Solar Garden Lights, Solar Home Lights, Solar Street Lights and Solar House Number Plates. Must be good qualities. Regards, Skymark International Trading Co. Ltd., (United States) Rebecca

美国太阳能灯具采购商 合作意向
求购太阳能草坪灯、太阳能庭院灯、太阳能家用灯、太阳能路灯及太阳能门牌。 Mr. R S www.usachina.org

International Buying Leads from USJAN,, 2011 CleanTic Solar, Inc 11501 Dublin Blvd# 200 California/Dublin United States Tel: 1-925-558-2776 Email: rangdang@sbcglobal.net Products or Services: Electrical Equipment & Supplies/Batteries/Solar Cells, Solar Panel Business Interests About CleanTic Solar, Inc CleanTic Solar is engaged in the business of solar energy systems design, installation, service, monitoring and consumer education for residential, commercial and government sectors. CleanTics aim is provide a single platform to inform and educate people about solar and to provide best price and service possible through a global commerce and education medium. Our current service markets are United States, Canada and India. At CleanTic Solar, our project leads and key team members are NABCEP certified and Professional Project Management certified, having accumulated many years of experience in electrical generation, electrical distribution, control systems and information technology industries. Our emphasis is on customer service, best price and quality system installation. We make sure our customers are educated regarding basic solar technology so that they are able to make informed decisions. Because we provide services to residential and commercial sectors, our systems sizes ranges from 3 KW to 5-10MW system installations. We are a large scale consumer of solar modules and other system parts. As our size and number of installations grow we are expected to need 100MW in modules in year 2010. We are looking for strategic partnerships in this area to secure a steady module supply. Partnerships Needed CleanTic Solar is seeking partnerships with manufacturers of Solar Modules and other system parts. We are interested in importing Panels, Mounting equipment, solar lighting solutions, solar chargers and other solar equipment from China. We are also interested in becoming distributors in US and other markets. If your modules are not certified, we can help you get certified in our markets. Specifications We prefer modules that have some certifications. We are looking for STC output 150W to 250W. If your company can provide a steady supply of panels/modules, we are interested to hear from you.

美国太阳能设备采购商 合作意向
寻求太阳能电池组件及其他配件的厂家进行合作,求购太阳能板、太阳能组装设备、太阳能 照明设备、太阳能充电器以及其他产品。 Mr. ALI Bebak tp-energy gmbH Jacobsohnstr. 25 Und 27 Niedersachsen/Seesen Germany Tel: 49-5381-942348 Email: ali.bebak@aeet-vertrieb.com Products or Services: Electrical Equipment & Supplies/Batteries/Solar Cells, Solar Panel www.usachina.org

International Buying Leads from USJAN,, 2011 Business Interests Searching for Solarmodules with certification like Kyocera, BP, Sharp, Sanyo(without certification), Trina, FirstSolar and Tianda

德国太阳能设备采购商 合作意向


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商务合作意向书 一、 商务合作意向书的内涵 商务...先后于 1997 年 3 月 2 日、1997 年 4 月 5...合作方采购服务器情况如何,采购流程及时间,再次核实...
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2011 中国西部国际采购商大会将于 2011 年 10 月 ...四 川省将重点打造成德绵内广遂电子信息万亿元产业...从达成意向的采购项目中选择有 代表性的项目进行集体...
5、该意向书有效期至 2011 年 4 月 1 日。 6...对供应商的筛选, 拟选择乙方为甲方的合作供应商之...二、合作条件与承诺 甲方承诺在本采购意向合作范围...
对 供应商的筛选,确定 (以下简称乙方)为 项目合作...、本意向书作为签订正式 采购合同的依据,具体采购...九、本意向书有效期自 年月 日起至 年月日止。 ...
3、根据国际奢侈品市场采购规则及运营模式,乙方向...三、在甲乙双方完成前期工作基础上,双方商定 年月...、本意向书是双方合作的基础。甲乙双方的具体合作...
2011 年 4 月,浙江兴旺宝明通又在行业内率先提出产业集群战略联盟这一新营销...10 必要时可以采用邮件方式 对机床商务网机床会员单位和历 年来积累的采购商...