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In 2011 the Zhejiang Province ordinary high school language examination papers and answers (2011-01-14 09:00:19) In 2011 the Zhejiang Province ordinary high school language examination papers

and answers (a total of 30 points, 2 points for each item) 1 each of the following pairs of words, add a little of the pronunciation of the word is not the same For example, A. / / / comparable with narrow shackles of odds and ends of a meal A B. / / yutie / notorious barren meaning implication C. / open / save masts / rough everlasting perseverance For D. / heir / barrier / dismiss some stubborn rampant No 2 words in the following sentences is a A. winter season, the orange light through the window, to the Jingying snow coated with yellow halo, add a little warmth. He signed the declaration by B. as beacon light to those who languish in Cuican the fire of life in people with hope. The production of consumer goods industry C. should develop into the model from the Jigong converted to withdraw, reconstruction of business ethics system. D. penetrating analysis, coherent induction, careful and rigorous logic reasoning is an important feature of scientific research papers. 3 are filled in the following sentences above the words, the right one is In total there are countless ordinary people, with honesty ______ social conscience. The real mission of art can not ______ the law in real life, because fiction is the novelist's privilege. The compassion _____ boundaries of wealth and class, the country and the nation, so that people pay attention to those suffering in the same. A. Guardian understanding beyond the B. guardian of the beyond

C. waiting to ignore the detached D. waiting for understanding beyond 4 the use of some idioms in the following sentences is not appropriate. The A. Hangzhou River straight Street Historic Street renovated, restored the old, let many visitors linger. B. need to be concerned about when those helping object, Guo Mingyi can often be the icing on the cake, give their love. C. the Internet is not a just know how to respect their own personality, but arbitrary trample on the personality of others. D. at the Expo site, the dazzling image is as the acme of perfection, some artless historical relics have charm. 5 the following sentences she didn't do a A. more and more motor vehicles in recent years, exhaust emissions as the main source of air pollution in cities. B. "Milky way one" super computer system with high autonomy, high performance, high energy efficiency, high security. C. the Shanghai Hangzhou high-speed railway is the world's fastest, highest in technology of high speed train. D. "day map" covering the whole territory from the macro to micro specific towns, villages and counties. 6 lines are filled in below text lines, one is properly arranged Plum Anxiang floating faint fragrance in the thousands of years in the poetry. "", I feel your dominate. "", I appreciate your steadfast; "", I came to realize that the song of dialectical thinking. The grind to dust scattered into the mud, only as incense, Mei Xuxun snow Three Snow White, but the plum fragrance The former village of snow, a branch opened last night A. 1. B., C., II, II, II, D. 7 one of the following three different rhetorical devices used in the following verse is

When A. / homesickness was a small stamp (Yu Guangzhong "nostalgic") I hope to meet the B. / endofchou yuangirl a lilac (Dai Wangshu / "Rain Lane") C. sea smiled to me / / Swim / bird flying fish / singing Beach ("avoid" Gu Cheng) D. I am a "flying" sleeve / thousands of years did not fall to the ground flowers (Shu Ting "the motherland ah, my dear motherland") 8 the contents of the following couplet and the traditional festival does not correspond to one of the A. Yushu Yinhua, million door view Ruixue song smile, thousands of wine tours (lantern lantern) B. wine realgar, righteousness alone can eliminate Wudu Dragon Boat Championship, once said the three village relic (dragon boat) C. nine nine Fang Chen, aged three three and reward Deng Gaojing so deep autumn, also Tim Yan Shouchun (Chongyang) D. Qianzhongshan very far, Acacia percent read Sanqiu seeds, a moon (Qingming) two. 9 each of the following sentences, use the phenomenon of adding words and other three different one About A. to B. us to Wang Guanzhong Ren Xiangru C. false vessels, non energy water is D. Rixiaoyuege, to tend to die 10 the meaning of some words in the following sentences is the same as that in modern Chinese. A. climb and climb, soar B. bi * sit with one's legs stretched out, please indicate the king C. might have genmes constraints also D. Juexian grandfather frost, storm 11 in each of the following groups, the meaning and usage of point words are the same. A. so for the text with the annals of poetry in mind by B. division does not have to be in the pupil hovering between the bull. C. because of long sentences, to grant the song Wang today due to the US and drink D. then Tunan, and is also the Southern Ming Wang Zhao showed no, weak and timid also

12 sentence of the following sentence, and the other three different sentence is A. and B. in the king of Zhao Jun fortune in Yi Yan. C. in the parent parent to qingzui, D. and product power of Qin people 13 the following is an understanding of the chapter of the Analects of Confucius. Ji Kangzi asked the government to Kong Zi, said: "if no road kill, by the way, how about?" Kong Zi said: "for the government, why kill? The son wants to be good and the people are good. Gentleman of the wind, the villain of the grass. Wind grass will fall." A. Kong Zi believes that the implementation of the people will not think that the incumbent B. Kong Zi tyranny should lead to good C. Kong Zi think moral influence D. Kong Zi think that the incumbent should be willing to take advice to people The following 14 of "forest" from livestock understanding and analysis, one is not appropriate Now, it's no surprise that he can see all kinds of animals in the woods. He stretched out his hand to touch the cat, hoping to hear it purrs, comfort. You know, for a long time, the woods have a vicious wildcat, prey on birds, sometimes even to village to steal to eat. Thought can hear the snoring cat German soldiers, see the vicious animals, erected body hair rushed toward him to, he felt was going to be cat's claws ripped to shreds. And the Wildcats rolled down the cliff in the tussle. A. write the underlined sentence of German soldiers have the illusion of thought met in the forest is domestic livestock. B. description of wildcat's evil and powerful, bring out the timid and incompetent farmer zhu. C. German soldiers fear the description of the state of mind, added to the novel the irony of the invaders. At the end of the novel D. let the wicked and evil die, ingenious, evocative. 15 of the following "stories at Chibi" appreciation, one is not appropriate The mighty river flows eastward. waves are truly great men through the ages. Humanity is a three week, Lang: base West, Chibi. Through space rocks, surf, snow piled up a thousand. The scenery is like a picture. a number of Poets!

Back Gongjin year, Joe married early, appearancedashing. Calm, laughing, mast scull ashes to ashes. Old country Fugue, sentimental should laugh at me, Huafa early. Life is but a dream., a statue of obligation on. A. "stoning to wear air" three sentences, using the comparison technique, show the dynamic picture full of sound and colour. B. "Joe married early" hero beauty complement each other, with Zhou Yu young, fully satisfied or contented. On chip C. express not out of the hero Albert praise, lower borrowing leads to their aspirations blighted feeling. D. this poem style of great momentum, bold and generous to describe open background, war scenes. Two, (a total of 20 points, 2 points for each item) (a) read the following text, complete the 16-18 title. "Micro" is a kind of equal strength Micro Bo?Administration to seek suitable sheath cuts Chu thirsty and restore vegetation Huai? 40 characters of fragments of speech is a when in instant messaging or a kind of interpersonal communication of the new model? As a new form of media, microblogging most people relish, is its real-time and interactive features. A message with microblogging users "rolling snowball type forwarding from one to ten, ten hundreds and thousands of times reading can be obtained within a few minutes or even seconds, it is difficult to compare with traditional media. However, the significance of micro blog is much more than "fast". Obviously, different from the traditional media environment "biography" and "subject", microblogging is one kind of equal exchange way. Traditional Internet era, there is such a saying: on the Internet, no one knows you are a dog." And in the Web2.0 era, we borrowed this saying: "in the micro Bo, no one care about you is the institution or individual." In the micro Bo, whether you are a body, or celebrity, with ordinary users have a full equality of the right to speak, everyone has a microphone, here is the best interpretation. Equality means the choice of space. In the micro Bo, a message was read the number of times, decided to the degree of attention of the speaker. Microblogging allows users to freely choose the speaker to be concerned, listen to and do not listen, listen to who said the right, all of which is in the hands of each user. Indeed, as the government and social organizations, to attract more

fans of natural capital, however, in the long run, can obtain more public concern for stability, depends essentially on government speech quality, is frank, is close to, whether it is useful. "Micro" is a trivial expression. The 140 word limit capacity means that a few words can be text. The poor speaker add self-confidence, also determines the platform to grand narrative, refuse harangue, refused to stand high above the masses. For the government and institutions, to speak on this platform more effectively, more effective in influencing public, it is necessary to abandon the "official language", adapt to the plain, human communication, cautious and thinking carefully, rely on effective information and frank exchanges to attract attention, retain "fans". "And look elsewhere, as in here side by side", this is a domestic micro blog advertising language. For ordinary users, when originally need to "look up to" slightly "distant" of government agencies as the embodiment of an ordinary concern themselves with the list of the ID, "governmental authority" will also have a face to face friends as close and sense of affinity. Government microblog, strips of mundane information may seem small and dull, but behind this subtle and dull communication is continuous progress of the ruling idea to highlight a bit of political civilization. (from the September 21, 2010 "people's Daily", title) 16 the following understanding of the essence of the "micro blog", in accordance with the author's emphasis on the meaning of a A. micro Bo is a kind of trivial expression, there are 140 characters of the capacity constraints of the fragment type speech. B. micro blog is a kind of instant messaging with no time and no time, it has the characteristics of timeliness and interaction. C. micro blog is a new mode of interpersonal communication, which is different from the traditional media in the way of equality. D. microblogging is a new type of media to talk about the new form, the traditional media is difficult to compare. 17 the following is an analysis of the role of the four sentence in the text. A. "on the Internet, no one knows you are a dog", it is said that the traditional Internet has the characteristics of anonymity. B. "in the micro blog, no one care about you is the institution or individual", it is said that in the micro Bo everyone equal. C. "everyone has a microphone", it is said that after the agency, celebrities, the average user has

the right to speak. D. "and elsewhere look, as here side by side, microblogging has pointed out essence of equal exchange. 18 the following is an understanding of the "micro" is an equal strength, and does not conform to the meaning of the article is a A. in the micro blog, everyone, each institution or organization has a full equality of the right to speak. B. each Internet users have a choice of space, there are free to choose the speaker and the right to be concerned about. C. government agencies and ordinary users of subtle and plain communication to narrow the distance between the two. D. government and agencies can speak more effectively on the microblogging platform, more effective impact on the public. (two) read the following text, complete the 19-21 title. Human potential is diversified. Therefore, the so-called innovative talent is not just an academic sense of innovation. How can the school education be able to tap the human's natural endowments to tap the human potential? In a large number of Nobel Prize was the speech or biography, we are almost exclusively found. Curiosity is the main internal factors of their success. To everyone, curiosity was originally a utilitarian one, but it was an inner spiritual satisfaction. However, with the growth of people, in the process of interaction with other people or society, curiosity may gradually with a certain purpose. In the process of school education, if the school at different stages, continues to give the curiosity to care, to the guidance of wisdom, the so-called people's creative potential will in the maximum extent can dig. However, to examine our current educational reality, the satisfaction of curiosity is almost a luxury for most of us. Ignore the people's curiosity, even with explicit or potential compulsory and disciplined way gradually erasure of institutionalized education, in pure knowledge to understand or get perhaps is not bad or good, however, in the various potential digging and all kinds of innovative personnel training, but may is the failure. Start from kindergarten, the so-called customs and rules form began to become part of the daily life of the school discipline is the main, with increasing grade, in a plethora of examinations, competitions and appraising system, the inner spirit of the students' learning and meet drifting further and further away. Students' interests increasingly deviated from its ZiYuXing nature with a strong utilitarian color. At the beginning of the school year with passive, Xi with a mandatory, learn once it is no longer from to satisfy the curiosity of the self pleasure, but to please others, knowledge gradually bleak the its intelligence and the light of wisdom, seeking technical and Qiuyi gradually lost its creative

beauty. Under the direction of the fractional supremacy, each has its own talent and potential of the individual, is graded, isolated and excluded, is arranged on a track competition. Scores let a few teachers and educational administrative departments of the performance and performance, caused the so-called example effect, also received a so-called excited people of catch-up competition (mimic) effect, however, it dampens the was a generation and a nation's creative vitality. China does not lack of intelligence and knowledge advantage, or even the lack of hardship and hard working spirit, however, the lack of I am afraid that is contained by the early education of curiosity and the flexibility of the induced inner passion and thinking. (excerpt from Yan Guangcai "cultivation of innovative talents need to care the curiosity of people", title) 19 the following is a description of the role of curiosity in the cultivation of innovative talents. A. curiosity will enable the school to educate the people of the natural endowments, and therefore to tap the potential of human. B. curiosity to the greatest extent dig people's creative potential, is the main internal factors of success. C. curiosity is an internal spiritual satisfaction, it will gradually with the growth of people with the purpose of. D curiosity will develop into a utilitarian exploration, becoming a personal bias of interest or hobby. 20 the following understanding of how to care for curiosity, in accordance with the original meaning of a A. curiosity with a certain purpose, the need for schools in different stages of education in the process of giving wisdom guidance. B. through reasonable guidance and excitation, the individual to explore the way, so that the curiosity of the characteristics of a minority. C. makes curiosity develop into a kind of constant attention, which can satisfy the need of knowledge seeking, which is conducive to the cultivation of innovative talents. D. should be suitable for the natural endowments, to meet the goodSelf pleasure of the mind, to meet the inner spiritual needs of people. 21 the following discussion on the current education reality, does not conform to the original meaning of a

A. disregard the curiosity of the students, with a variety of explicit or potential mandatory and discipline gradually killing curiosity. B. start from kindergarten education pay attention to the habits and rules, it can stimulate thinking. C. students learning with a passive and mandatory, good learning is to please others, with utilitarian color. D. in the first orientation, the original talent and potential of the students were arranged on a runway competition. (three) read the following classical Chinese, complete the 22-25 title. Chu left Yin Xiang Bo, Xiang Yu uncle, inclination to leave Zhang Liang. Zhang is from Liubang, Bonai the night Chi of the military Liubang, Zhang Liang prejudice, with Sue to things, wants to call Zhang Liang and gone to the club, said: "do not from natural death." Zhang Liangyue: "the Minister for the Korean king sent us, but now things are urgent, death to injustice, not language." Good is, out to us. The US was surprised, said: "how?" Zhang Liangyue: "who is the king of this project?" Said: "I said:" from Zousheng said, energy-saving, Qin as the king. " Therefore listen to." Liang said: "when the king soldiers to the king?" But the silence, said: "as well. And how to?" Zhang Liangyue: "please go back to the same time elder uncle, said a king." Liu Bang says: "Junan and Xiang Boyou it?" Zhang Liangyue: "Qin Shi and Chen tour, Xiang Bo to kill, Minister of living; this matter has urgent, so the good fortune to tell the good." Liu Bang says: "who you less?" Liang Yue: "good at ministers." Liu Bang says: "your brother's incoming, I was." Zhang Liang out, to Xiang bo. Uncle Liu Bang into see. Liubang offer a goblet of wine for life, about marriage, said: "my entry, qhall dare not be close, Ji Li Min Feng repository, but to be general. Therefore, he will be kept off, the preparation of his stolen out of the very. Day and night to look at general, I'm back on! I would like to have the word Minister of the German also dare to say." Uncle promised that Pei Ao said: "day can not come Wang Xie flea." Liu Bang says: "nobel." And Bofu night, to the army, to us the word report of the king, by saying: "but not the first break in Guanzhong, the public dare into almost? We have great power and attack, but also. As a result of good encounter." Xiang Wang promise. (excerpt from Sima Qian "Hongmenyan") 22 the explanation of some words in the following sentences is not true. A. want to call Zhang Liang and all go: leave B. Junan and so therefore they 'exchange: C. Zhang Liang out, to be an invitation

D. Ji Li Min, Ji Feng Repository: rely on 23 to point to the following sentence with "the" word refers to the understanding of the object, not the right one is A. Xiang job killing, Minister of life: Xiang Bo B. your brother's incoming, I was: Zhang Liang Today there are C. large power and attack, but also the same time: As for the case of good D.: Peigong 24 the following sentences can not reflect Liu Bang "smart" feature is a A. solid is not as good as! And it is regrettable that Mr. B. for my call, I was the brother. C. Liu Bang in vessel of wine for longevity, marriage is about D. my entry, dares to be close, Ji Li Min, Feng repository, but to be general 25 the following understanding and analysis of the article is not correct. A. "as reported that private interview with grace Zhang Liang, suddenly turned around the war crisis. B. Zousheng, uncle to scold and other details of the performance of Liu Bang cuzhongyouxi character. C. Xiang Xiang Bo's cronies to trust, for the banquet at the end foreshadowed. Figure D. concise language, a few pens depicting prominent personality of Liu Bang et al. Three, (a total of 8 points) to read the following text, complete the 26-28 title. ...... One is ready to go to the mysterious death of the road of the road, is the world's most lonely, the most sad. When the friendship between her and the world and a piece of land out of contact, the fantasy seems to possess her more strongly. That day finally boil over. In the evening, they saw that the lone ivy leaf on the wall was still attached to the stem. Along with the coming of the night the north wind howling, the rain still beat on the window, from the Holland style low down on the roof. When it was light hearted, Jonson gave orders to pull it up.

The ivy leaf is still on the wall. Jonson lay on it for a long time. And then she called to sue, Sue is the coal stove stirring her chicken broth. "I really is a bad girl sue," Johnsy said, "somewhere is what makes the last leaf does not fall down, the inspiration of my past is how evil. Do not want to live is a sin. Now, please get some soup, and then make a little bit of wine, and then wait a minute. First take a small mirror and give me a pillow for me. I want to sit up and watch you cook." An hour later, she said: Sue, "I hope to paint the bay of Naples some day in the future." Afternoon, the doctor, when he left, Sue had an excuse to go into the hallway. "Good hope to have a 50%." The doctor grasped Sue's thin and trembling hand and said, "as long as the good care, you'll win. Now I have to go downstairs to see another patient. His last name is Behrman, and I know, it's also an art. Also pneumonia. He is old, weak, Ill be very fierce. He had no hope, but today he is going to take him to the hospital, make him comfortable." On the second day, the doctor said to Sue: "she's out of danger. You have succeeded. Now, you just need to take care of her, give her enough nutrition on the line." And that afternoon Sue came to the bed Johnsy there, contentedly textile in a useless deep blue households towel, pillow Su Ailian to her an embrace. "I have something to tell you, little thing.""Behrman died in the hospital," she said. He had been ill for two days. The first morning in the downstairs room, the janitor found him terribly sad. His shoes and clothes were wet and cold. They do not think that, in the miserable conditions of the night, he is to what place. Later, they found the lamp still lighted lanterns, put a ladder from the original room to move, and a few scattered brush, a palette above and the green and yellow pigments. Finally, look out the window, dear, take a look at the last ivy leaf on the wall. You do not feel puzzled, why does it not float in the wind does not move? Oh, dear, that was Behrman's masterpiece, the last one of the leaves of the night, when he drew it on the wall." (excerpt from o. Henry "last leaf") 26 paragraph third add "cruel" reflects how Jonson's psychology? (2 points) 27 in this paper describes what show Johnsy want to live? (3 points) 28 Behrman painted ivy leaves this important plot by Sue mouth say, talk about the benefits of

writing. (3 points) Four, (a total of 12 points) 29 fill in the gaps in the following sentences. (choose 4 items) (4) (1) politics Road, ___________, people free and shameless. (the Analects of Confucius) (2) the old Anne, friends, _____________. (the Analects of Confucius) (3) it is no expensive or cheap, no long no less, __________, _____________. (Han Yu "the teacher says") (4) send ephemera in the world, _____________. (Su Shi "Chibi Fu") (5) the beginning time and again, ___________. (Bai Juyi "Pipa spring") (6) ______________? Know how many past events. (Li Yu "Poppy") 30 "Hongmenyan" will draw line sentences into Chinese (4 points) (1) the material King soldiers enough to be king? (2) so it will be kept off.

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