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【优化课堂】2012高中英语 Unit5 period ⅰ warming up & reading课件 新人教版必修5

Unit 5 First Aid
Period Ⅰ Warming Up & Reading

默读文章两次并完成下列任务。 Task 1:快速浏览课文“First Aid for Burns”并回答下列问题。

1.How many parts does the passage contain?
It contains 5 parts. ______________________________________________________ 2.What kind of first aid does this text talk about? ______________________________________________________ It talks about first aid for burns.

Task 2:仔细阅读课文“First Aid for Burns”并填写下表。


Characteristics of burns
(2)________ Mildly painful. Turn white pressed when (3)_______. (6)________; Blisters watery surface. Black and white and (10)________. charred

Dry, redand First mildly degree burns (1)________. swollen Rough Second (4)______, red degree burns and swollen. Swollen; Third degree (7)________ tissue burns can be seen.

Extremely (5)________ painful. (8)________ Little or (9)______ no pain.

【探究】阅读课文“First Aid for Burns”并将下列句子排序。 ________ the three types of burns 3 ________ what to do if someone gets burned 5 ________ the functions of the skin 1 ________ the symptoms of burns 4

________ how we get burns 2

Task 1:快速阅读课文“First Aid for Burns”,以约 30 词概括文 章的大意。 提示:本文介绍了皮肤的功能、引起皮肤烧伤的因素、烧

This passage mainly tells us the functions of the skin, the ______________________________________________________ causes of the burns, three degrees of burns, and what to do if we ______________________________________________________ get burned. ______________________________________________________

Task 2:仔细阅读课文“First Aid for Burns”,选择正确答案。 1 . The functions of your skin are very complex.It can ________. D

A.keep you warm or cool
B.prevent your body from losing too much water

C.give you feeling and sense of touch
D.do all of the above

2.The victims of ________ degree burns must go to hospital D
at once. A.first B.second C.third D.both B and C

3.Which of the following is the feature of first degree burns?___ A A.Turn white when pressed. B.Rough and watery.

C.Severely swollen.
D.Charred. 4 . We can treat burns in the following steps EXCEPT

________. D A.cooling burns immediately with cool water
B.taking off other clothing near the burn C.covering the burned area with a dry, clean bandage

D.rubbing repeatedly

Task 3:根据课文内容,回答下列问题。 1.Why should you put cold water on a burn? Because the cool water stops the burning process, prevents ______________________________________________________ the pain becoming unbearable and reduces swelling. ______________________________________________________ 2.Why doesn't a third degree burn pain? Because nerves are damaged. ______________________________________________________ 3.Why do you think clothes and jewellery near burns should be removed? Because bacteria from the clothes and jewellery could infect ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ the burns. 4.If someone has a third degree burn, why might you see tissue? Because all the layers of the skin have been burnt showing the ______________________________________________________ tissue underneath. ______________________________________________________

Task 4:复述课文,根据课文内容完成下面语篇。 There is no need to argue that the skin is essential to (1)________ . Our skin can sometimes be burned due to our us importance (2)___________ (care).Therefore, first aid shows its (3)________ carelessness Generally in the treatment of burns.(4)_________ (general) speaking, burns, liquids which are caused by hot (5)________, fire, radiation and so on, can (6)__________ (divide) into (7)______ types—first degree, be divided three injured second degree and third degree depending on the (8) ________ (injure) layers of the skin.To minor burns, cool water proves to be helpful in stopping the burning process and preventing (9)________ reducing pains.But as for severe burns, it is or (10)________ to get the victim to the doctor or hospital vital immediately.

Task 5:课文佳句背诵。 1....it keeps you warm or cool _____________...??它(皮肤)能保暖或御寒?? gets burned 2 .So as you can imagine, if your skin __________ it can ____

be very serious.所以你可以想象到,如果你的皮肤被烧伤了,就
有可能非常严重。 if necessary 3.Remove clothing using scissors _____________unless it is stuck to the burn.除非衣服粘贴在烧伤面上,否则都要把衣服脱 掉。如果需要的话,可以使用剪刀。 If 4 . ____the injuries are second or third degree burns, ____________ get the victim to the doctor or hospital at once.如果 it is vital to 是二级或三级烧伤,立刻把受害者送去医生那儿或者医院是很 重要的。

1.aid First aid is a temporary form of help given to someone who suddenly falls ill or gets injured before a doctor can be found.( 教 材 P33)急救是人们在找到医生之前给予突然生病或受伤的人的 一种暂时性帮助。

give/offer/do first aid to...对??实施急救 with the aid of sb.在某人的帮助下 in aid of 为了帮助?? ①____________________ classmates, my English improves With the aid of rapidly.在同学们的帮助下,我的英语进步很快。 ②She pulled the drowning man from the water and gave/offered/did first aid to _______________________ him.


③The collection is ____________________ the cancers. in aid of


vt.帮助;援助;资助 aid sb.in doing sth.帮助某人做某事 ④He ____________________ making the plan. aided me in 他帮助我制订计划。

2.fall ill 生病 fall asleep 睡着 fall behind 落后

fall over 跌倒
fall into the habit of 沾染/养成??的习惯 ①Working too hard and lack of sleep, he ________ at last. fell ill

②Study hard, or you will ___________the other students. 努 fall behind

③He ________________________ smoking when he was at fell into the habit of the age of 15. 在 15 岁时,他沾染了抽烟的习惯。

3.injury n.损伤;伤害 injure v.伤害 辨析 injure/hurt/harm/wound injure 指因意外或事故而受伤。 hurt 一般用于指肉体或精神上受到伤害。 harm 表示人在心理、健康、事业、权利上受到损害。

wound 指外界暴力或用武器造成的身体伤害(刀伤、枪伤、

①He got ________ in the fighting.他在打斗中受伤。 wounded injured ②He was badly ________ in a traffic accident. 他在交通事故中严重受伤。 ③Her words ________ me deeply.她的话深深伤害了我。 hurt ④Getting up early won't ________ your health. harm 早起不会损害你的健康。

4.poison You have three layers of skin which act as a barrier against disease, poisons and the sun's harmful rays.(教材 P33)你有三层皮 肤,它们相当于一道屏障,阻挡了疾病、有毒物质以及太阳的 有害光线。 n.毒药;毒害 poison ①The doctor found ________ (poison) in the coffee. vt.毒害;使中毒 poisoned ②Industrial wastes have ________ (poison) this river. poisonous adj.有毒的 ________ ③ This medicine is poisonous (poison) if taken in large quantities.

5.prevent...(from) doing sth.阻止/防止??做某事 ...it prevents your body from losing too much water.( 教 材 P33)它(皮肤)能保持体内水分不过多流失。 表示“阻止/防止??做某事”还可以用: stop...(from) doing sth.,keep...from doing sth.(from 不可省略) prevent/stop/keep him from saying Nothing could ____________________________ that. 没有什么可以阻止他那么说。

6.a variety of 各种各样的 You can get burned by a variety of things.(教材 P34) 你可能 因为各种各样的原因被烧伤。 all kinds of 各种各样的 He is often late for school for a variety of/all kinds of ____________________


7.mild adj.轻微的;温和的;温柔的;暖和的;味淡的 Examples include mild sunburn and burns caused by touching a hot pan, stove or iron for a moment.(教材 P34)(一度烫伤或烧伤 的)例子包括轻微的晒伤,以及触碰到热锅、炉子或烙铁而导致 的烫伤。 辨析 mild/gentle/soft mild 用于人时侧重指性格温和、不暴躁;用于物时指适度、 祥和、给人愉快的感觉。 gentle 用于人时指举止温和,侧重对对方的体贴;用于物 时指运动变化的缓和。 soft 用于人时指心肠软,言语婉转;用于物时指物质的表 面柔软、光滑或声音温和、低小等。

gentle ①The nurse is always ________ with the patients. 这个护士总是对病人很温柔。 ②Julia was too ________ to punish the little boy seriously.茱 soft 莉亚太温柔而不能严厉处罚这个小男孩。

③She is so ________ that I never saw her getting angry.她性 mild 格如此温和以致我没有看过她生气。

8.swollen adj.肿胀的(教材 P34) swell vt.& vi.(使)膨胀;隆起 swell out (使)鼓起 swell up 肿/胀起来

①Wood often ____________________ when wet. swells
木材在潮湿时会膨胀。 is badly swollen ②Your ankle ____________________;you'd better go to see a doctor.你的脚踝肿得厉害,你最好去看医生。 ③The sails ____________________ in the wind. swelled out 风帆在风中鼓起来了。

9.stick to 粘在??上;坚持 Remove clothing using scissors if necessary unless it is stuck
to the burn.(教材 P34)除非衣服粘贴在烧伤面上,否则都要把衣

①If you ____________________ the truth, you will have stick to nothing to fear.如果你坚持真理,你将无所畏惧。

②Mud has ____________________ my shoes. stuck to

10.squeeze vt.& vi.榨;挤;压榨 ...squeezing them out and placing them on the burned area...(教材 P34)??拧干它们,把它们放在烧伤的地方?? squeeze out 榨出;挤出 squeeze out He tried to ____________________ the last bit of toothpaste. 他尽力挤出最后一点牙膏。

11.in place 在适当的位置;适当 Hold the bandage in place with tape.(教材 P35)用胶布把绷带

out of place 不在适当的位置;不合适 take the place of 代替;取代 in place of 代替 in the first place 首先;第一

in place ①You'd better put things back _______________.Otherwise, it will be difficult to find them. 你最好把东西放在适当的位置。否则,要找到它们是很难 的。 take the place of/are in place of ② Chopsticks ___________________________ knife and fork in China.在中国筷子代替了刀和叉。 In the first place ③____________________ , we should solve this problem. 首先,我们应该解决这个问题。 out of place ④His frank statements were really ____________________ at the party. 他那番坦白的话实在不适合在宴会上说。

本课时单词 拓展单词 构词法小结 injury n.损伤;伤 1.-y 和-ty 可为名词后 injure v.伤害 害 缀,表示“性质,状 blood n.血;血液;态”。如:certainty 确 bleed vi.& vt.流血 血统 定; inquiry 询问。 poison n.毒药;毒 poisonous adj.有 2.-ous 为形容词后缀, 害 vt.毒害;使中毒 毒的 表示“具有??的, variety n.变化;多 various adj.各种 充 样(化);多变(性) 各样的 满??的”。如: dangerous 危险的。 unbearable adj.难以 bear v.忍受;容忍 3.un-为否定前缀,表 忍受的;不能容忍 bearable adj.能忍 示否定意义。如: 的 受的;能容忍的 unfriendly 不友好的。

运用 用所给单词的适当形式填空 ________ 1.I can't ________ the unbearablenoise.(unbearable) bear bleeding 2.A person of hot ________ is not afraid of ________ in the blood bloody battle for the country.(bleed) injuries 3 . Most people protect themselves from ________ for their injured self-respect, for they think if their self-respect is ________ greatly, they will feel injured.(injury) poison 4 . Frequent quarrels will ________ husband and wife's poisonous feelings.This is a ________ snake.(poison) 5 . She varies her clothes every day and she has ________ various kinds of clothes of her own, which makes her life full of change variety and ________.(variety)

1....it keeps you warm or cool...(教材 P33)??它(皮肤)能保暖 或御寒??

keep you warm or cool 为 keep 的复合结构,即“keep+宾
语+宾补”,表示“使??处于某种状态”。宾补除了可由形 容词充当外,还可由名词、现在分词、过去分词、介词短语等

keep the window open ①We need more fresh air.Please ____________________. 我们需要更多新鲜空气,请把窗户开着。 keep himself in the house ②It rained outside, so he had to ______________________. 外面下着大雨,他必须待在房子里。

2 .So as you can imagine, if your skin gets burned it can be very serious.(教材 P33)所以你可以想象到,如果你的皮肤被烧伤了, 就有可能非常严重。 as 在此引导非限制性定语从句,指代后面的内容,意为“正 如??;就像??”;它所引导的从句位置较灵活,可以位于

as you know ①David, _______________, is a famous photographer.如你 所知,戴维是一位著名的摄影师。 As you can see ②_______________ , if it is not properly protected, the farmland will become desert sooner or later.正如你所看到的,如果 不被恰当保护,农田迟早将变成沙漠。

1.Remove clothing using scissors if necessary unless it is stuck to the burn.(教材 P34)除非衣服粘贴在烧伤面上,否则都要把衣服 脱掉。如果需要的话,可以使用剪刀。 分析:本句是一个主从复合句。主句是一个____________ 祈使 if it is necessary 句, if necessary 是省略句, 完整形式是_______________。 从句是由 unless 引导的____________从句,unless 为连词,意为 条件状语


2.For second degree burns, keep cloths cool by putting them back in a basin of cold water, squeezing them out and placing them on

the burned area over and over again for about an hour until the pain
is not so bad.(教材 P34)对于二级烧伤,通过反复把布放到冷水

续大概一个小时,直到疼痛不那么剧烈。 keep cloths cool 分析:本句是一个主从复合句。主句是______________, by 它是一个祈使句,介词____________ 引导了一连串并列的动作, putting squeezing placing 包括____________,____________,____________; until 引 时间状语 导了一个____________从句。

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