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Grammar 过去分词V-ed的 用法


过 去 分 词

2.作表语 3.作补语 4.作状语

V-ed (动词的过去分词),在句中可以作定语、 表语。 The______ fallen (fall) 定语

leaves are beautiful. They were excited ________ 表 语 (excite).
The 29th Olympic Game _______(hold ) in 定语 held Beijing was successful.


a closed door

a polluted river
? a broken window

a lighted candle

a used stamp

a drunken/ drunk man

一、 过去分词作定语
归纳1: 单个的过去分词作定语时,通常放在被修饰的 之前 。 名词_______

Last Monday our class went on an organized trip to a forest to study the wildlife. We planned to have our picnic lunch in the forest next to a fallen tree tree, T but the terrible smell given off by a apolluted pollutedriver river made us feel sick. We searched the forest for the polluter, and found an unknown factory throwing waste into the river. We all think it is a serious problem and one solution suggested by all of our classmates is to close the factory as soon as possible
which off was given off by...river the terrible smell given by a polluted


one solution suggested by all of our classmates which is suggested by...

2. 过去分词短语作定语:通常_____ 后置 , 其作用相当于定语从句。

1) It’s a picture __________ that/which _____ was painted by Leonardo da Vinci 2) There was a woman ________ that/who ____ was dressed in white a picture painted by a woman dressed in Leonardo da Vinci white

The book which is written by Han Han is popular with students. =The book written by Han Han is popular with students.


The player loved by many people is Yao Ming. =The player who is loved by many people is Yao Ming.

现在分词和过去分词 做定语,有何区别呢?

What’s the difference? 教育
现在 过去 分词 分词

boiling water

时间 语态

She’s drinking boiled water.

a barking dog

The dog is injured.

区别 结论:
正在进行 现在分词作定语,表示动作__________, 主动 意义; _______

过去分词作定语,表示动作在谓语之前 完成 被动 意义. 已_______, 或具有________

二. 过去分词作表语 位于系动词后,不表示“被动”或“完 成”,而是表示主语的状态、特点或思 想感情等。相当于形容词 1.They are excited. 2.He looked worried after reading the letter. 3.When we heard of this, we were deeply moved.

V-ing 与V-ed 作表语的区别 1.They were delighted ________ to hear the delighting _______
news.(delight) 2. The teacher announced the exciting _______ news with an excited _______voice.(excite) 4.There was a surprised _________ (surprise) look on his face. moving (move) that he 5. The story was so________ was moved _______ (move) to tears.
归纳: 过去分词作表语表示“感到 ……”,多用来形容人、人 的声音或者表情。而现在分词表示 “令人……”多用来形 容物


“ 系动词+过去分词(系表结构)

The library is closed. 状态(系表结构) The library is closed by the teacher. 过去分词作表语,
通常表示主语的 所处的状态。 glasses are



broken. 状态

My glasses were broken by my little brother.

V-ed作表语表主语的状态,被动语态表示被动的动 作。





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完 美 无 缺





Tibetan goats



Use –ed forms to finish the story
I was shown some pictures just now. I was very_________ to see the ___________ air, the _________ Tibetan goats_______. I am also puzzled by______. I am worried _________.

loved Liu Xiang is a player ______(love) by many thousands of fans. Unluckily ,he got injured ______(injure) in the game,in2012 London surprising (surprise) news Olympics. The __________ got across to the world and his fans were disappointed ____________ (disappoint) to see it,but they still wished him a happy life.

Practice: Complete the sentences using the past participle as the predicative.
1. 丢了钱他自责不已。(blame) got blamed about losing the money. He ______________ 2你为什么总是看上很疲劳?这些日子睡得好吗?(tired) Why look so tired ? Do you sleep well do you always _______________ these days? 3我对昨晚看的电影很失望,我原以为它能好些。 (disappointed)

was disappointed with the film I saw last night, I I _____________________ had expected it to be better.

4.听说那位明星死了,人人都很惊讶。 Everybody was shocked hear the death of the famous film ____________to star.

1.As we joined the big crowd , I got _____ from my friends.( NMET 2001) A. separated B. to separate C. separate D. separating 2. Cleaning women in the big cities get ____ by the hour . ( NMET `98) A. pay B. paying C. paid D. to pay
3.Prices of daily goods _____ through a computer can be lower than store prices . ( NMET 2002 ) A. are bought B. bought C. been bought D. buying 4. The first text books ____ for teaching English as a foreign language came out in the 16th century .( NMET ‘04) A. Having written B. to be written C. being written D. written
5. The flowers _______ sweet in the botanic garden attract the visitors to the beauty of nature. A. to smell B. smelling C. smelt D. to be smelt

1.Sb on Page 5 Exx. 2&3 2.Workbook Page 6 Exx.

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