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高中英语语法专题指 导课件:状语从句

时间状语从句 原因状语从句 地点状语从句 目的状语从句 结果状语从句 条件状语从句 让步状语从句 比较状语从句 方式状语从句

when whenever as while before after until (till) since as soon as once

each/every time
next time

the first/…time
the moment the minute instantly immediately



no sooner…than


1)when的用法:was doing…when, be about to do… when“正在做

2.)几种特殊句型与强调结构的区别: It is + 时刻 + when…

It is/has been + 段时 + since…
It will be/was + 段时 + before (现在时/过去时).“过一段时间…才” 3).before的用法: A:表“还未来得及…就…” B:表“过一段时间才…”, 4).until的用法:在not…until结构中,谓语用短暂性动词, “直 到…才”;谓语为延续性动词,用until表“一直持续到…”。

5) no sooner…than



A. 时态:主句用过去完成时(had + pp) 从句用一般过去时 B. 倒装: no sooner/hardly/scarcely放句首,主句要 到装 She had no sooner arrived at the station than the train started to move. No sooner had she arrived at the station than …. He had hardly entered the hotel when it began to snow. Hardly had he entered the hotel when it began to snow

1.We were told that we should follow the main road____we reached B the central railway station. (2004辽宁) A. whenever B. until C. while D. wherever 2.It is almost five years____we saw each other last time.(2005北京) B A. before B. since C. after D. when 3.Simon thought his computer was broken_____his little brother A pointed out that he had forgotten to turn it on. (2005北京春) A. until B. unless C. after D. because 4.The American Civil War lasted four years____the North won in B the end.(2005广东30) A. after B. before C. when D. then 5.--Did Jack come back early last night? (2005福建) --Yes. It was not yet eight o'clock_____ he arrived home. B A. before B. when C. that D. until 6.We were swimming in the lake____suddenly the storm started A A.when B.while C.until D.before (2004北京春)

because, since, as, for, now( that), considering (that), 考虑到/鉴于 seeing (that) 鉴于/由于/因为

考查重点because, since, as, for
because—直接原因,非推断.语气最强.回答why since – 通常放句首.译为“既然” as– 不谈自明的原因,语气最弱. for– 放句中,对前面一句话的内容的补充说明 。 1.Parents should take seriously their children's requests for sunglasses ____eye protection is necessary in sunny weather. (2004上海) A A. because B. though C. unless D. if 2.Jenny was very sad over the loss of the photos she had shot at Canada,____this was a memory she especially treasured.(2006广东) A A. as B. if C. when D. where

地点状语从句由where. wherever引导。where指“在某个地方”,

意两者的含义区别。二要注意状语从句和定语从句的区别。三 要注意在状语从句中不可使用介词+which引导。出题者既考状

1.If you are traveling____the customs are really foreign to your own,please D do as the Romans do. (2006天津) A.in which B.what C.when D.where 2.In peace,too,the Red Cross is expected to send help___there is human D suffering. A.whoever B.however C.whatever D.wherever ( 06江西) 3.--Mom,what did your doctor say? (2006四川) --He advised me to live____the air is fresher. D A.in where B.in which C.the place where D.where

引导目的状语从句连词有:in case, so that, in order that, for fear that。 so that引导状语从句只能置于主句之后。In order that引导状语从句可放主句之前或之后。目的状语从句的谓语常 含有can,could,may,might情态动词。这也是与结果状语从句 的一个区别。引导结果状语从句的连词有:so that,so…that, such…that.结果状语放在主句之后。 注意:在so…that,such…that结构中一般成分齐全。这也是 与as引导定语从句的区别。在so…as,such…as 这一结构中,


1.Roses need special care____they can live through winter. B A.because B.so that C.even D.as (04全国卷I)

2.I'd like to arrive 20 minutes early____I can have time for a D cup of tea. (2005北京) A.as soon as B.as a result C.in case D.so that 3.You'd better take something to read when you go to see the doctor____you have to wait. (2005广东) C A.even if B.as if C.in case D.in order that 4.His plan was such a good one____we all agreed to accept it. C A.so B.and C.that D.as(2006陕西)

if as/so long as as far as unless in case(如果)

Providing/provided (that) suppose/supposing (that) on condition that given (that)

条件状语从句一般考查三点: 1)在条件状语从句中常用一般现在时表示一般将来时,用一般过 去时表过去将来时。 2)if,unless,in case是考查重点。 3)when还可表条件,这一点不可忽视。意思是:既然,考虑到。 如: How can they learn anything when they spend all their spare time watching television?他们把所有空闲的时间都用来看电视了, 还能学到什么东西呢?

1._____you call me to say you're not coming,I'll see you at the D theatre. (2004吉林) A.Though B.Whether C.Until D. Unless 2.---What would you do if it ___ tomorrow? B ---We have to carry it on,since we've got everything ready. A.rain B.rains C.will rain D.is raining (05全国) 3.You must keep on working in the evening____you are sure you D can finish the task in time. (2005安徽) A.as B.if C.when D.unless 4._______you've tried it,you can't imagine how pleasant it is A A.Unless B.Because C.Although D.When (06北京) 5.In time of serious accidents,____we know some basic things C about first aid,we can save lives. (2006重庆) A.whether B.until C.if D.unless

让步状语从句的连词有:though /although“尽管”,even if /even though“即使”,no matter how(what,when,which,who,

where),however(whatever,whenever,whichever,whoever, wherever), as“尽管”
2)However引导让步状语从句时后紧跟形容词或副词。 3)While也可引导让步状语从句,这一点特容易被考生忽视。 无论怎么”。 5)even if/even though(即使)与as if/as though(好像)这两组学生容易混淆, 也是出题者关注的对象,平时要记准含义。


1.____,I have to put it away and focus my attention on study this week.(04上海春) C A. However the story is amusing B. No matter amusing the story is C. However amusing the story is D. No matter how the story is amusing 2.____I accept that he is not perfect,I do actually like the person. (04江苏) A A. While B. Since C. Before D. Unless 3.You should try to get a good night's sleep_____ much work you have to do.(04湖北) A A. however B. no matter C. although D. whatever 4.He tried his best to solve the problem,_____difficult it was. (05天津) A A. however B. no matter C. whatever D. although 5.Allow children the space to voice their opinion,_____they are different from B your own. (05湖南) A. until B. even if C. unless D. as though 6.The old tower must be saved,________the cost . (05浙江) B A. however B. whatever C. whichever D. wherever 7.___he has limited technical knowledge,the old worker has a lot of experience D A. Since B. Unless C. As D. Although. (06全国卷I)

than / as—注意省略

as/like as if/as though

The project was completed earlier than (it was) expected. He worked as fast as a skilled worker (worked). Repeat this as often as (it) is necessary. Then see a doctor as soon as (it is) possible. Do you have to feed plants like you feed chickens? Do it like I tell you.

(1)连词 + 过去分词
?Don’t speak until spoken to. ?Pressure can be increased when needed. ?Unless repaired, the washing machine is no use. (2)连词 +现在分词 ?Look out while crossing the street.

(3)连词 + 形容词 / 其他常见的有 if necessary, if possible,
when necessary, if any等。

(08· 安徽)— Have you got any particular plans for the

coming holiday?
— Yes, , I’m going to visit some homes for the old in the city.

A. If ever
C. If anything

B. If busy
D. If possible


话,我们将去拜访这座城市的老年之家。”if possible是if it is possible 的省略形式。

由as, once,when,while,before, after,till,until引导的时间状语从句;由if, unless,whether引导的条件状语从句;由 though,although,even if,whatever引 导的让步状语从句;由as,than引导的比 较状语从句;由as,as if,as though引 导的方式状语从句都可以出现省略现象, 当然应该遵循一定的规则。当状语从句的 主语和主句的主语一致时,可以省略状语 从句中的主语和系动词be.

(1) He looked everywhere as if ( he was ) in search of something. (2) The exhibition is more interesting than (it was) expected. (3) He opened his lips as if ( he were) to speak.

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