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Book7 Unit3 词汇学案


Unit3 Under the sea 词汇学案

1.annual (adj) 每年的; 按年度计算的 (n) 年刊;年鉴 短语: an annual meeting 年会 annual salary 年薪 an annual festival/ report 拓展 daily 每日的 weekly 每周的 monthly

每月的 yearly 每年的 2. witness ① n. 证人,目击者,证词 bear/give witness to sth 见证,为……作证 He was a witness to/of the accident. 他是那个事故的目击者. These old temples all bear witness to the city’s changes. 这些老庙宇见证了这个城市的改变。 ② vt & vi. 目击,目睹 He witnessed the accident.他亲眼看见那个意外事故。 短语: witness to sth/doing sth 作证 即学即练 (1)你亲眼看到那次事故吗?._____________________________________________ (2 ) 他作证看到那个人进入了大楼。_____________________________________________ 3. accommodation n. [C]住处,住所 accommodate v. 容纳;接纳;使适应 典例: The high cost of accommodation makes life difficult for students in London. 由于住宿费用昂贵,伦敦的学生感到生活困难。 短语: make accommodation for... 为某人提供膳宿 翻译 如果你来到我家, 我会管你晚上的住宿。 4. opposite 1) prep. 在??对面 He sat down opposite me. 2) adj. 相反的,相对的 The taxi driver hurried away in the opposite direction. 的士司机朝相反方向开去。 短语: be opposite to 在??对面,与??相反 E.g His home is opposite to mine. 拓展: opposition n. 反对 oppose v. 反对,对抗 5. yell vi. shout loudly and sharply 大叫;呼喊 n. 叫声;喊声 E.g He yelled with pain. 他痛得大叫. 短语: yell for help 大声呼救 yell out 呼喊 yell at sb. 对……喊叫

(1)观众朝着那些运动员大声地呐喊:”加油, 加油” The audience ____________ at the players: “ Go! Go ” (2)她对她的孩子大喊大叫。 She 6. pause vi. 暂停;中止 e.g He paused for breath and continued climbing. n. (C) 停止 E.g He made a short pause and then went on reading. 短语: without pause 不停地 翻译: 他说话滔滔不绝。____________________________________ 7.flee (fled, fled) vt. 逃避, 逃跑, 逃走 vi.消散, 逃, 消失 E.g He killed his enemy and ______ the country. 他杀死了仇敌, 逃往了国外. 短语:flee from 逃离某地, 逃脱 = escape from = run away from 翻译: 他们从着火的房子里逃出来了. 8. drag vt. 拖;拉;扯;勉强某人做 翻译 (1)他把桌子拖到角落里。 (2)He hates parties, and we have to drag him into going. 9. depth n.深度,深处 E.g --What’s the depth of the lake? --It’s 3000 meters in depth. 拓展:deep adj. 深的 deepen v. 加深 类似构词 high (adj.) → height (n) →heighten (v.) wide (adj.) → width (n) →widen (v.) long (adj.) → length (n) →lengthen (v.) strong (adj.) → strength (n) →strengthen (v.) 10. urge vt. 催促;极力主张;驱策 urge sb to do sth/ that sb (should) do 力劝某人做? n. 冲动;欲望 have an urge to do sth 渴望做某事 完成句子 (1)The report (呼吁)that we must take measures to protect the earth. (2) Father constantly (激励我努力学习). 拓展: urgency n. 紧急,急切 urgent adj. 急迫的,紧要的


11. abandon vt. 抛弃, 遗弃; 中止, 放弃 典例: The man abandoned his wife and children.那个男人抛弃了他的妻儿. She abandoned the chance to enter the university.她放弃了进大学的机会. 常用短语: abandon oneself to 放纵, 沉湎于 abandon oneself to despair 陷入绝望中 拓展:abandoned adj.遗弃的 完成句子 (1) 他们沉湎于饮酒。 (2) Whatever happens , we can’t (背叛祖国). (3) (不要悲观失望)though in great difficulty. 12.help(…) out 帮助(某人)摆脱困难或危难 典例:Can you help me out with the maths problem? 你能帮我解答出这道数学难题吗? 翻译 我的母亲在我失业的时候给我金钱上的援助。 13. relationship n. [C] 关系, 关联 常用短语: have a … relationship with sb 和某人的关系怎么样… 翻译:这位语文老师和学生们的关系很好. 14. reflect v. 思考;映射;反射 vi 思考,反省 reflect on/upon sth E.g I reflected on possible reasons for my failure. 我仔细考虑导致我失败的种种原因。 vt 映射,反射 E.g His face was reflected in the mirror. 拓展: reflection n.反映,反射, 思考 即学即练 完成句子 (1)After (仔细思考)for a time he decided not to go. (2) I need time (考虑)what you offered. 15. aware adj. 意识到的;知道的 用法: be/ become aware of 意识到,知道,明白,觉察到 be/become aware that 意识到(后面接句子) 拓展:unaware adj. 对….不知道 awareness n. 知道;意识 完成句子 (1) 他没有意识到危险。 (2) I (清楚地知道) very few jobs are available. 16. upside down 上下翻转;乱七八糟 典例:I’ve turned the house upside down looking for that book! 我翻遍了整个房间找那本书! 拓展:inside out 里面翻转过来的

完成句子 春节期间,中国人喜欢将“福”字倒过来挂。 17. scare vt. 恐吓 vi. 受惊吓 典例:Don’t let the noise scare you,it’s only the wind. 短语: be scared to death 吓死 scare away/ off 把….吓跑 完成句子 (1) He (把别人都吓跑了) by being so brash. (2) The old woman (吓得要死) at the terrible news.

一、单词练习 1. He got in at the _______ (浅的) end of the swimming pool. 2. She went to the post office to draw her _______ (退休金). 3. They’re both called Smith, but there’s no ___________(血缘关系) between them. 4. In the first half of the 1970s, the economy was growing at a(n) ________(每年的) rate of 7 percent. 5. Tom told one or two amusing_____________(轶事)about his years as a policeman. 6. Details on the moon’s surface can only be seen through a(n)_________________(望远镜) 7. The boat was about a mile from the _________(岸) when the engine suddenly died. 8. Police have appealed for ________ (证人)to come forward. 9. The travel agent fixed up our _____________ (住处). 10. What’s your ______ salary (年薪)? 二.翻译 1. 我失业时朋友帮了我一把。(help…out) 2. 三年前他被他的父母抛弃了. (abandon) 3. David 已经意识到吸烟的危害了.(become aware of …) 4. 每读一本书她都喜欢反思一下书的意义. (reflect on ) 5. 她喜欢把自己倒吊在操场的器械上. (upside down) 6. 当看到有人正在黑暗中朝她走来时,Jane 吓得要死。 (scare)


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