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Unit 1
Part 1 Welcome to the unit 1. Sometimes senses affect one another. 2. hold your nose 捏住鼻子 3. Sometimes when one of the senses fails, other senses become stronger. 4. read by touching letters in raised dots called Braille. 5. Do you know of any people who have made great achievements even if they have lost the ability to use one of their senses? Part 2 Reading 1. be already covered in a grey mist 2. leave work and step out into the fog 3. usual bus stop 平时的公交车站 4. take one?s fare 5. The truth is that it is too foggy for the bus to run that far. “that” 相当 “so” 6. As Polly observed the passengers on the train, she had a feeling that she was being watched by a tall man in a dark overcoat. 7. conduct a research/ survey 8. The tall man was nowhere to be seen. 重 9. Wherever she looked the fog lay like a thick, gray cloud. 重 10. set off towards the Park Street 11. hear the sound of footsteps approaching. 12. By the time she reached the corner of the street, the footsteps were gone. 表状态, 过去式也可以 13. She could feel her heart beating with fear. 14. Fear held her still. 15. A hand reached out and grasped her arm. 16. Polly found herself staring up at the face of an old man with a beard. 17. Watch out for the step. = Mind the step. 18. at the crossroads 19. fell anxious about 20. hold her arm more firmly 21. ?Thank you for coming to my aid,? said Polly in relief. Come to my rescue

22. a fog this bad is rare 联系 5 23. It gives me the chance to pay back the help that people give me when it?s sunny. 24. get across the road/ get …… across to sb. 25. climax 高潮 26. Learning to recognize these aspects of a story will help you better understand what you read. 27. live in darkness 28. come to a crossroads 29. stay out of/ in my way 30. I often run into things that are up high, such as tree branches, and sometimes hit my head on them. Part 3 word power 1. walk me the rest of the way home 2. cannot afford the increase 3. Here is today?s weather report. 4. A thin mist will develop over the city centre in the early evening, later turning to fog. 重 5. Here is the weather forecast for tomorrow. 6. with a fair chance of cloudy weather developing 极大的可能 Part 4 Grammar and usage 1. sniff various pleasant smells 2. tolerate the pain = put up with 3. be related to 4. collect data from 40 volunteers 5. He adds that this year, scientists will test another 60 volunteers and will be in a better position to analyse the results. 6. Now, they have become convinced that the sense of smell also helps. 7. remain a puzzle for scientists 8. Scientists observe that making the most of our senses when we are young can keep us healthy later on in life. 9. ignore ignorance ignorant 10. make my way back to the research camp. 11. warm me up 12. recover some strength 13. It took me a long time to struggle through

14. 15. 16. 17.

the sick snow. Suddenly, I heard the sound of footsteps from behind. I was sweating with fear. All of a sudden, I heard a loud noise ring out through the cold air. The fact was that now I was frozen by fear, not by cold.

26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32.

step back wander to the other side of the hall come across another painting on the wall Sandy hesitated whether she should eat it. have a nice tone of voice facial expressions look your audience in the eye

Part 5 task 1. I noticed Captain Lee was looking at the sky a lot. 2. This was the first storm I had seen while at sea. 3. after graduation 4. set sail for our destination 5. The ship sank but we managed to get on a life boat. 6. as we stared out at the sea 7. sound like music in the air 8. He was outgoing and very interesting to listen to. 9. struggle in the heavy waves 10. be through worse storms 经历 11. The lightning came very close and I could hear the thunder overhead. 12. feel a tap on her shoulder 13. If possible, I?d like to have some time to think it over. 14. stand in the taxi queue 15. make comments to 16. end in fail end up in prison/doing end up the class with a song 17. Mr. Liu had a new hand attached. 18. He was later flown to a hospital. 19. work out a safe treatment plan for him 20. Various methods will be applied/ employed to help the patient?s hand get strong. 21. I feel hopeful that I?ll fully recover the use of my hand in near future. 22. find a chair to sit on 23. run down the hall 24. from around the corner 25. There was nobody in sight.

Part 6 project 1. only about 30 types are known to have attacked human beings 2. Contrary to many people might assume, evidence shows that sharks seldom attack humans. 3. mistake you for a fish 4. find out if you are fit to eat 5. wait for you to swim by 6. result in the death of humans 7. follow these suggestions 8. Do not swim in the dark. 9. have a fresh wound 10. smell blood over a long distance 11. Sharks are attracted to the flash of colours. 12. stay in groups 13. avoid large groups of people 14. Keep calm. Do not panic. 15. Hit the shark on the nose with your fist. 16. Stick your finger in the shark?s eye. 17. You are 30 times more likely to be hit by lightning than be attacked by a shark. 18. a guard watches for enemy 19. write a short message quickly on a small piece of paper 20. roll up the paper 21. reach into a small case 22. Attaching the message to its leg, he sets the bird loose. 23. fly into the air and disappear in the dark 24. since ancient times 25. It was in war that they found their great use. 26. During both World War1 and 2, pigeons were employed by armies to carry messages to and from the front lines. 重

27. How this compass work remains a mystery. 28. Unlike humans, they never get lost and can always find their way home.

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