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山东省枣庄市台儿庄2014高考英语 短语总结、阅读理解训练(13)

台儿庄 2014 高考英语短语总结、阅读理解训练(13)及答案

fool sb. into doing sth.


for (political) reasons 由于(政治)原因 for a while 一段时间 for ages 很久 for example 例如 for fear that 担心

for free 免费的 for God's sake 看在上帝的面上 for good 永久地、一劳永逸地 for instance 例如 for one thing 首先 for one's sake 为??起见 for oneself 为了自己 for sale 准备出售 for the first time 第一次 for the sake of 为??起见 forbid sb. to do 禁止某人做某事 force oneself to one's feet 挣扎着站起来 force sb. to do 强迫某人做?? foreign affairs 外交事务、外事、外务 form a habit 养成习惯 frankly speaking 坦白地说 free from 没有、免除 from a great distance 远距离 from cover to cover 从头到尾 from door to door 一家挨着一家 from side to side 左右摇摆

from that time on 从那时起 from the beginning 从一开始 from time to time 时常、经常

A Honey(蜂蜜)from the African forest is not only a kind of natural sugar, it is also delicious. Most people, and many animals, like eating it. However, the only way for them to get that honey is to find a wild bees' nest(巢)and take the honey from it. Often, these nests are high up in trees, and it is difficult to find them. In parts of Africa, though, people and animals looking for honey have a strange and unexpected helper--a little bird called a honey guide. The honey guide does not actually like honey, but it does like the wax (蜂蜡) in

Once it has their attention, it flies through the forest, waiting from time to time for the curious animal or person as it leads them to the nest. When they finally arrive at the nest, the follower reaches in to get at the delicious honey as the bird patiently waits and watches. Some of the honey, and the wax, always falls to the ground, and this is when the honey guide takes its share. Scientists do not know why the honey guide like s eating the wax, but it is very determined in its efforts to get it. The birds seem to be able to smell wax from a long distance away. They will quickly arrive whenever a beekeeper is taking honey from his beehives, and will even enter churches when beeswax candles are being lit. 56. Why is it difficult to find a wild bees' nest? A. It's small in size. B. It's hidden in trees. C. It's covered with wax. D. It's hard to recognize.

57. What do the words "the follower" in Paragraph 2 refer to? A. A bee. B. A bird.

C. A honey seeker. D. A beekeeper. 58. The honey guide is special in the way ______. A. it gets its food B. it goes to church C. it sings in the forest D. it reaches into bees' nests 59. What can be the best title for the text? A. Wild Bees C. Beekeeping in Africa B. Wax and Honey D. Honey-Lover's Helper




About twenty of us had been fort unate enough to receive invitations to a film-studio(影棚)to take part in a crowd-scene. Although our "act" would last only for a short time, we could see quite a number of interesting things. We all stood at the far end of the studio as workmen prepared the scene, setting up trees at the edge of a winding path. Very soon, bright lights were turned on and the big movie-camera was wheeled into position. The director shouted something to the camera operator and then went to speak to the two famous actors nearby. Since it was hot in the studio, it came as a surprise to us to see one of the actors put on a heavy overcoat and start walking along the path. A big fan began blowing tiny white feathers down on him, and soon the trees were covered in "snow". Two more fans were turned on, and a "strong wind" blew through the trees. The picture looked so real that it made us feel co ld. The next scene was a complete contrast (对比). The way it was filmed was quite

unusual. Pictures taken on an island in the Pacific were shown on a glass screen (幕). An actor and actress stood in front of the scene so that they looked as if they were at th e water's edge on an island. By a trick like this, palm trees, sandy beaches, and blue,clear skies had been brought into the studio! Since it was our turn next, we were left wondering what scene would be prepared for us. For a full three minutes in our lives we would be experiencing the excitement of being film "stars"! 60. Who is the author? A. A cameraman. B. .A film director. C. A crowd-scene actor. D. A workman for scene setting. 61. What made the author feel cold? A. The heavy snowfall. B. The man-made scene. C. The low temperature. D. The film being shown. 62. What would happen in the "three minutes" mentioned in the last paragraph? A. A new scene would be filmed. B. More stars wo uld act in the film. C. The author would leave the studio. D. The next scene would be prepared.




完形填空 (典型例题) A young man was getting ready to graduate from college. He had wanted a



in a dealer's showroom, and knowing his father could well

2 it,he

told him that was all he wanted. As Graduation Day came near, the young man expected j bought the gift. his own that his father had

4 ,on the morning of his graduation,his father called him into

5 . His father told him how proud he was to have such a fine son, and told

him how much he loved him. He 6 his son a beautifully wrapped gift box. Curious,and somewhat 7 , the young man opened the box and found a lovely

leather-bound Bihle(圣经), with the young man's name written in gold. Angry,he said,"With all your money you give me a Bible'?" and 9 out of the house. 10 in business. He had a 8 his voice to his father,and

Many years passed and the young man was very beautiful home and wonderful family, but perhaps he should telegram go to see him. 12

11 his father was very old,and thought he could make arrangements,he received a

13 him his father had passed away and willed all of his 14 to his son.

When he arrived at his father's,sudden sadness and regret 15 bis heart. He began to 16 his father's important

papers and saw the still gift-wrapped Bible, just as he had

17 it years ago. With 18

tears,he opened the Bible and began to turn the pages. His father had carefully

a verse(诗), Mat thew 7-11, "And if you, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more shall your Heavenly Father which is in Heaven, give to those who ask him.'?" As he read those words,a car key 19 from the back of the Bible. It had

tag(标签)with the dealer's name, the same dealer who had the sports car he had desired. On the tag was the 1. A. computer 2. A. pay 3. A. signs 4. A. However 5. A. house 20 of his graduation,and the words. PAID IN FUILL. B. bike B. buy B. facts B. Finally B. room C. car C. support C. marks C. Quietly C. study D. recorder D. afford D. results D. Actually D. office

6. A. gave 7. A. excited 8. A. raised 9. A. ran 10.A. busy 11.A. remembered 12.A. When 13.A. informing C. telling 14.A. treasures 15.A. filled 16.A. pick up

B. handed B. nervous B. changed B. went

C. showed

D. presented

C. interested D. disappointed C. improved C. walked D. increased D. stormed

B. successful C. comfortable D. happy B. realized B. As C. knew C. After B. announcing D. discovering B. possessions C. wealths B. caught C. attacked B. remind of D. refer to C. left D. thrown D. eagerness D. beat D. considered D. Before

C. search through 17.A. seen 18.A. made 19.A. dropped 20.A. year 答案: 1.C B. got B. written B. appeared B. date

C. underlined D. designed C. rolled C. moment D. showed D. day



理解文章,最后一段才告诉我们答案。 2.D 解析:依照儿子的想法,以父亲的经济实力,完全可以付 得起他所要求买的东西。

pay 后接钱数,buy 表达不出儿子 的心情,afford 付得起。 3.A 解析:此题难度较大,sign 表示“迹象,显示” ,即随着毕 业日子的来临,儿子期待 能看到有关父亲准备礼物的迹象。 易误选 D。 4.B 解析:本题考生易误选 A.这就犯了完形填空中的一个 超前理解的错误,没有用事件 发展的逻辑顺序来解题,即此处年轻人还不知道最后结果到底是什么,如若用 however, 则表示提前明白了最后的结果,不符合文章的文意。finally 则表示好不容易才等来了 这一天。 5.C 解析:此题只能以最佳答案来衡量,另外,study 作为名词,意为“书房” ,这一点考

生必须清楚。 6.B 解析:本题属于最佳选择题,用 hand 表示的更加具体、形象。 7.D 解析:难度较大,因为上文已经告诉我们父亲给的是一个包装好的盒子,与儿子一开

始想象的送给他所希望得到的礼物有点出入,所以多少有些失望,但又不乏好奇。注意空格 前的 somewhat. 8.A 解析:此处表示儿子的一种生气,甚至是愤怒之情,所以是提高声调。change 可以表 示声音的改变, 但无法表达出什么样的变化, improve 完善, 提高、 与句意不符, increase 主要表示在数量、尺寸、大小等上的提高。 9.D 解析:此处一定要深刻理解儿子看到礼物后的心情,特别是心理的落差,从而去选定

答案。A 选项,好像也可表达此意,但程度不如 storm.解题时,考生一定要对 storm 有 个转义理解,首先是同性的转化,另外要考虑情景。 10.B 解析:此题可以使用反推法,从下一句中“a beautiful home and wonderful family" 可知他生意做的很成功。busy 忙,但不一定成功;happy 仅表示心情。 11.B 解析:本题易误选 D(考虑到),主要受汉语影响。此处意为儿子猛然间意识到好多年 没与父亲见面,父亲岁数也很大了。 12.D 解析:还没来得及做某事,某事就发生了。 13.C 解析:informs b of sth.通告某人某事。announce 太正式,生硬。 14.B 解析:possession 所有财产· ,但不一定都是 treasure(财宝),而 wealth 最易被错 选了,但它是一个不可数名词。 15.A 解析:fill 表示心脏的跳动。 16.C 解析:此处应为翻看、浏览,用 search through,而 pick up 叩虽有整理之意,但不 一定会看或翻阅。因为后文告诉了我们事件的发展。 17.D 解析:当年“我”非常恼怒,甚至失去理智地猛地把书一扔,夺门而出。A 项虽然含 义对,但无法表达出此意。 18.C 解析:此诗并非父亲所写,因为它是《圣经》里的内容,父亲只是用了其中的一句话 来表达他的意思,即应是在文章中用笔把它划出来的内容。 19.A 解析:此外表示车钥匙从书中掉下来,由空格后的 from 我们可以得知选 A. 20.B 解析:因为是年轻人当时毕业的时候想要这个礼物,所以填 date 比较具体、准确, 而 year 时间太笼统,moment 侧重于某一时刻。 one'sheart 充满心间,溢满心头。选 beat 是受 heartbeat 的影响,beat

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