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年级_1,2_ 班

教师 曾玉凤


Unit 1 Friendship Word

话题美文诵读 On Making Friends 论交友

Book 1

1. We are all ___________ about our children’s health. As far as I am _____________, lack of enough sleep _________ the healthy growth of the children deeply. (concern) 2. There is so much __________ in this world. For example, many African people are _________ hunger while some other people continue to __________ from serious pollution. (suffer) 3. He gave me some useful _________. Can you ______ me on college courses? (advice) 4. Poverty, disease and _________ remain major world problems. It is not a question that can be _________. (ignore) 5. After he came to __________ , everyone said he was a ________ leader, but now he felt so ___________ that he even couldn’t save his daughter. (power) 6. Radio and television are important means of _____________ . We have been _____________ by e-mail. (communicate) 语境填词 1. She was ______________(心烦意乱得) about her mother’s death, so we should first do everything in our ______________(能力)to _________________(使镇定)her down. 2. ____________________( 在黄昏时刻 ), his friends were playing _______________ ( 在户外 ) while the little boy hid himself behind the __________________(窗帘)and looked out through the _______________(积满灰尘的) window. 3. Her _____________( 合 作 者 ) made a suggestion but she _______________( 不 理 睬 ) it ______________(完全地) Step3 短语:

What is a friend? A friend is a teacher who teaches us things about life and the world. He is an advisor who gives us valuable advice when we are at a loss. He is also a supporter who comes to our help when we meet with difficulties. In the company of our friends we will never feel lonely. An old saying goes, “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. True friends cherish the same ideas and feelings with us. The more friends we have, the easier and more meaningful our life will be. If, on the contrary, we have no friends or only a few friends, we will find life meaningless. Nevertheless, we should be careful in choosing friends. Sometimes, we may find a “friend” not as good as we expect him to be. Instead of giving us help, he turns away. Besides, there are some friends, who, instead of helping us to be good, just teach us to do the opposite. So we should be cautious and make friends with those who are honest, modest and dependable. Step 1 Lead-in 朗读课文词汇 Step 2 必背词汇: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. survey ________________________做调查 add ____________(n.) _______________(adj.) upset ________ _________ ignore _________________(n.) ____________(adj.) German________________(复数)______________(德国) entire___________(adv.) power________________(有权力的)____________(无权力的) dust __________(adj.) settle ______________(定居者)______________(定居 n.) suffer ______________患病者; 受苦者 ___________ n.痛苦; 折磨 lonely ______________(n.)______________________(感到孤独) recover ______________(n.)discover ______________(n.)恢复,康复 agree _____________(n.)______________(不同意) ______________(n.) grateful _____________(adv.) _____________(n.) like _________(不喜欢) _____________(不像)

1. 合计______________________ 3. 关心,挂念_____________________ 5.面对面地_____________________

2. 平静下来;镇定下来_____________________ 4. 经历______________________ 6. 记下___________________

7.一连串的,一系列_________________ 8.按照,根据……所说_______________________ 9. 故意________________________ 10.对……狂热_________________________

11. 为了做某事_____________________ 12. 在黄昏时刻____________________ 13. 遭受_________________ 15. 因…而疲倦________________ 14. 对…厌烦______________________ 16. 与…相处_______________________

17. 爱上,喜欢上 ____________________ 18. 躲藏____________________ 19. 记日记______________________


20 .参加,加入 _____________________

No. 1~3

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重点短语: (1) Add up your score and see how many points you can get . 计,加起来 _____________ 把……加到……上 __________________ 增加_________________

be tired from 因……累了/疲劳 1. Though Jack is often tired _____ his job, he is never tired __ it. In fact, he enjoys it. 2. The teacher is not good at teaching. No wonder the children grow bored _____his lesson.

总计达,加起来总和是……___________ (6) get on / along ( well/nicely/badly/) with sth. 进展;与某人相处

1. If you _______ 1 ___ 100, you will get 5050. 2. Would you please ______ some milk ____ my tea, please? 3. He arrived unexpectedly, which ______ my family’s trouble. 4. All the students in the three grades ________ more than 3000. (2) Or are you afraid that your friend would laugh at you, or just can’t understand what you are going through? 经历,经受,仔细检查,用完______________ 仔细检查;复习 ________________ 反对,违背_______________

1. He asked me _______________________ _______________ ( 我的英语进展如何). 2. I told him that I ________________ __________ ( 进展得很好). (7) advice (1) n. [U] 劝告,忠告(不可数名词)

(就…)给某人提建议 _______________________ 接受某人的建议 ______________________ 征求某人建议 _________________________ 2) advise v. 建议, 劝告 建议某人做某事____________________

参加(考试或竞赛) ;爱好_______________

1. I don’t _________ rock’n’roll. It’s much too noisy for my taste. 2. He would not __________ his parents’ wishes. 3. Their lifetime friendship________________ tests of life and death. (3) upset _______ _______vt. 使心烦; 使生气; 弄翻 adj. 心烦的; 不适的


建议某人+ 句子______________________________________ 1. Father went to his doctor __________ advice about his heart trouble. 2.The teacher gave me some advice_____________ studying maths. 3. He was advised _______________(stop) smoking. 4. He advised that we ___________________ (立刻出发). 5.He advidsed ________________(go)home at once.

使某人生气/心烦____________________ 对某人生气 _____________________

弄翻某物 ______________________ 为某事感到心烦 __________________

1. He ________________(将杯子弄翻了)and the coffee went all over the floor. 2. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to __________ (让你不高兴). 3. If I catch you doing that again, I’ll be very upset ____ you. (4) calm adj. 冷静的, 平静的; vt. 使平静, 镇静 (使……) 平静/镇静下来 _______________ 保持冷静 _________________




Anne’s sister, Margot was very _____ (不安)that the family had to move. She found ____difficult to 1. Please _____________ (冷静下来) and let me know what has happened. 2. The doctor has given her some pills __________________ (使她镇静下来). 3. 我们遇到危险时应该保持冷静。__________________________________________________ (5) be/get tired of 对……厌烦 = be fed up with =be bored with We _____________________________ in the classroom all day. 我们厌倦了整天坐在教室里。

settle and ______ ______ (镇定) in the hiding place because she was __________ ______(担心) whether they would be discovered. She knew she had to ______ (相信)her parents and this was necessary. At first she thought she would go ______ (疯狂) but later she realized that it was better to ____ ________(经历) this together.

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