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必修五 话题4 新闻报道

必修五 话题 4 新闻报道 话题狂背 词汇 journalist __________involve__________editor__________photograph__________ unforgettable__________assignment __________delighted __________admirable__________ unusual __________assist __________submit __________profession __________ colleague __________eager __________concentrate __________amateur _________ update __________acquire __________assess __________inform __________deadline __________ meanwhile __________case __________accuse __________deliberately __________deny __________ guilty _________dilemma __________demand __________publish________. section __________ technical __________thorough __________gifted __________housewife_________crime__________ edition __________department__________accurate __________senior __________polish __________ chief __________approve __________process __________negative __________ appointment _________ 短语 1. concentrate on 全神贯注于 2. inform sb of 告知某人某事 3. so as to 为了(做) 4. get sth straight 把……弄清楚 5. have a nose for 对……非常敏感 6. take a photograph 拍照 7. keep up with 跟上 8. ahead of time 提前 9. last of all 最后 10. be eager to do 渴望做 11. current affairs 时事 12. get absorbed in 专心于 13. set to work 开始工作 14. cover/go on a story 去采访 15. depend on 依靠;取决于 16. tell the truth 说出真相 17. look forward to 期待 18. make an appointment 约会 19. work experience 工作经验 20. arrange an interview 安排采访 经典句型 1. Being a journalist, you need to keep up with the current affairs and be devoted to writing. 作为一个记者, 你需要紧跟时事, 并致力于写作。 2. Whether you can become a successful journalist depends on whether you work hard enough. 你是否能成为一名成功的记者取决于你是否足够努力。 3. As a journalist, he has a nose for news.作为一名记者, 他对新闻非常敏感。 4. The key to becoming a journalist is work experience, perseverance and creative thinking. 成为一名记者的关键是经验、坚持和创造性的思维。 5. If you are committed to the journalism field, you are bound to become a successful journalist. 如果你致力于新闻行业, 你一定能成为一名出色的记者。 6. It was the first time for him to cover a story by himself, which made him so excited. 这是他第一次独自去采访, 这令他非常激动。 7. Of all the factors contributing to a good journalist, hard work is the most fundamental one. 在所有使你成为一名好记者的因素中, 努力是最基本的因素。 8. It’s reported that the number of the people suffering from the flood is still rising. 据报道, 遭受水灾的人数还在上升。 9. To get things straight, you need to get more details and get the interviewee to tell you the truth. 为了把事情弄清楚, 你需要得到更多的细节信息, 让被采访人告诉你真相。

语篇背诵 To be a journalist is my dream. However, I know the key to becoming a journalist is work experience, which is why I am working for the school paper now. Now and then I will be sent to cover the stories happening in the campus, because they think I have a nose for news. To write a good story, not only should I interview many people, but also I should take many photographs, which is really a demanding job. Hard as it is, I find the job fun and rewarding. I’ll keep going, for I believe becoming a journalist is a job I’ll enjoy for the rest of my life. 汉语大意:当记者是我的梦想。然而,我知道,成为记者的关键是工作经验。这就是我为什么现在在 校报工作的原因。偶尔我会被判去采访发生在校园里的故事。因为他们认为我善于发现新闻。要写一 个好故事,我不但要采访很多人,而且要拍很多照片,这真是要求很高的工作。尽管很辛苦,我认为 这个工作是有趣而值得的。我要继续前进,因为我相信当记者是我余生喜欢的工作。 基础知识 词汇变形 profession___________(adj) guilt______(n) gift_______(adj) approve_______(n) inform________(n) technique________(adj) acquire a(good)knowledge of 得到……知识,精通 我们必须用功学习才能精通英语。 accuse sb.of sth.因……指责或控告某人 remind sb. of sth.提醒某人某事 rob sb. of sth.抢劫某人某物 cure sb. of sth.治愈某人某病 warn sb. of sth.警告某人某事 他被指控受贿。 有什么变动,请你务必通知我。

demand of sb.to do sth.要求某人做某事 meet one’s demands 满足某人的要求 他要求我走之后关上大门。 他们供应更多的蔬菜来满足人们的需要。 concentrate on 集中精力于… 我因数学考试不及格而决心专攻英语。 approve of 赞成,同意 恐怕你的父母不赞成你和他结婚。

in(great)demand 非常需要的

have a nose for 善于觉察/对……很敏感 have an ear for 对……有欣赏能力(听觉灵敏) 记者对新闻有很强的觉察力。

have an eye for 对……有鉴赏能力 have a gift/talent for 对……有天赋


ahead of 在……前面;领先 他们提前两周完成了任务。 他在英语方面远远超过其它同学的水平。 有两个人在我们的前面,他们走得很快。 on one’s own =by oneself;独自;独立 of one’s own “自己的” 任何能独立解决这个电脑问题的人可以被录取到我们这个工作组。 be supposed to 应当;认为必须 他本该通过驾照考试的,但失败了。 be/feel guilty of 有罪;因…负疚 那位总统因为他发起的战争而感到内疚并决定引咎辞职。 写作句型仿写 1.be to do sth.计划/安排/注定会/后来做某事 原句:His discussion with his new boss,Huxin,was to strongly influence his life as a reporter. 仿句:据报道说胡锦涛主席七月将访问日本。 明天州长会给我们做一个关于学校安全的演讲。 2.Not only..., but also...不仅……而且…… 原句: Not only am I interested in photography, but I took an amateur course at university to update my skills. 仿句:通过背诵一些文章,我们不仅能够提高写作能力,还可以训练我们的记忆。 网上购物不仅能节约你的时间, 还可以给你带来很多乐趣。 连句成篇 1.老师通知同学们期末考试的时间。 2.老师要求同学们做好复习工作。 3.能否取得好成绩取决于同学们的努力。 4.为了取得好成绩, 李华要集中精力学习。 5.李华复习书本知识。 6.李华向同学请教。 7.他一定会获得成功。 8.李华期待那一天的到来。

基础写作 上周, 一批英国学生到达佛山华文中学进行访问交流。假设你是该校通讯员, 请根据以下内容给当地一 家报社写一篇英文报道。 时间 地点 事件 行程 佛山的印象 回访计划 上周 华文中学 一批英国学生到访 了解中国学生的校园生活, 参观佛山的著名景点,体验当地文化 洁净的市容, 友善的学生, 美味的食物 华文中学的 38 名学生应邀明年三月访问英国

阅读下面的短文, 然后按照要求写一篇 150 词左右的英语短文。 Dear Jane, My dear daughter, do you know how shocked I was to be told that you have chosen to be a journalist? A short, slim and weak girl like you should take such a job as her career! Do you know how worried I am? Do you still remember your dear Uncle Danny, my handsome and wise younger brother? The insightful and strong willed journalist honored in the press circle, was sent to report what was happening in the Middle East. He left with a strong sense of duty but never returned home.We did not get the news until 4 months after his death, and his ashes until 2 years later. I was crying my heart out with you in my arms... You are only 18 years old and never old enough to make such a hasty decision for your life. Let’ s try to see what you have. You are learning as one of the top students in a school famous all over the country. You can choose to go to an ideal university without sitting for the exam. You are now one of the masters among your contemporaries. Just think of 4 years later when you graduate from an excellent university and, I am sure, many good jobs are waiting for you, but not to be a journalist. I am so proud of you and you have been my hope in my heart since your father’ s death. I would not like to be alone when my only daughter finishes college and works for a job that totally fails to give me a sense of security. Jane, think about it carefully. Sincerely, Mom

假设你是 Jane. , 请你给母亲回信。 1. 以约 30 个词概括来信的大意; 2. 然后以约 120 个词说服你的母亲让你当记者. , 并包括以下要点: (1)当记者是你的理想; (2)记者工作的重要性; (3)让母亲不要担心。

合并: The teacher informed the students of the time of the final exam. He demanded that all the students should make good preparations for it as whether they could get higher grade depended on their effort. Li Hua needed to concentrate on his study so as to get higher grade. Not only did he go over the lessons, but he also turned tohis classmates. He is to succeed and he is looking forward to that day. 基础写作 Huawen Middle School in Foshan City received a group of students from Britain last week. During their one-week stay in Foshan, the students experienced the campus life of Chinese students. They also visited some places of interest in Foshan and learned about the local culture. The British students were impressed by the kindness of Chinese students, cleanness of the city and delicious food here. At the invitation of a British school ,38 students in Huawen Middle School are to be sent to Britain for an exchange visit next March. 读写任务 Dear Mum, How moved I am to receive your letter, from which I know your unselfish love for me!I know the reason why you don’t want me to be a journalist is that Uncle Danny’s death makes you worried about my safety. I can fully understand your worries. However, my dream is to be a journalist, whose life is full of excitement and adventure. I think the journalist is a job of which I dream so much. A good journalist can go deep into society to cover the most shocking, exciting and amazing events, making people know what’s going on around the world. What’s more, being a journalist, I can work for the community and for the public cause, which is exactly what I want to do. Mum, I know well why you are so worried, but the little girl that used to need taking care of has grown up. I promise you I will protect myself. Yours, Jane