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Teaching Aims and demands
topic Vocabulary Problems with a healthy diet
N:diet nut bean pea cucumber eggplant pepper mushroom peach lemon mutton bacon vinegar fibre carrot garlic barbecue flavour breast strength weakness discount customer hostess debt curiosity V:balance roast fry outht to lie consult digest glare spy limit benefit sigh combine a.ad.:slim raw Balanced diet ought to lose weight get away with tell a lie win…back earn one’s living in debt spy on cut down before long put on weight far too glare at lose one’s -voice only too…to He couldn’t have Yonghui getting away with telling peoppe lies. Just eat it less often… ……less healthy

Phrases patterns

Teaching Aims and Demands
Likes and dislikes I.My favorite food/fruit/meat is… I’m fond of… I prefer…to.. I don’t often eat... I really hate… I can’t stand 2.What’s the matter/wrong with you?What seems to be the trouble?How long have you been like this?It’s nothing serious,only… take it easy I’ve got a pain in… I’m suffering from…I feel tired all the time I’ve got a bad cough/cold/fever/headache…It hurts when I touch it. I suppose you’d better…I think you ought to… I ‘d strongly advise you to…It might be a good idea to… You mustn’t… How/What about… Why not…? I’m not sure about that .i ‘m afraid I don’t agree.You could be right,but… I agree up to a point,but…That’s an interesting idea,but…Do you really think…?You can’t be serious! That’s not how I see it.Rubbish/Nonsense! As a matter of fact,I think… Why not? I can’t agree more Nothing could be better than thisY Yes,I think so That’s true Certainly/Sure/Of course

Seeing the doctor& advice

Agreement & disagreement

Teaching Aims and Demands
Revision of modal verbs The usage of ought to intention duty permission possibility guessing ability(can&could may&might will&would shall&should must&can’t) 1.giving or asking for advice or opinion 2.Indicating that sth will probably happen,probably be true 3.+have done indicating sb’s regret or scolding 4.Indictating sb’s duty or responsibilty

Teaching Aims and Demands
Importants 1.Words or phrases related to and difficulties food,fruit and vegetables 2.Useful expressions of personal attitude about likes or dislikes or agreement or advice 3.How to understand the effect of eating on health 4.Modal verb “ought to”

Teaching Plan and design
? Better divide unit two into nine periods
? ? ? ? ? ? ? Period 1 Warming up and speaking Period 2-4 Reading comprehension Period 5 Vocabulary study Period 6 Grammar Period 7 Listening and speaking Period 8 Speaking and writing Period 9 Summary and Self-assessment

Period 1 Warming up and Speaking


? 目的及预期效果:通过栩栩如生的图片,以竟猜的方式开始,激发学

Teaching design

活经验,养成通过分析,归纳,总结,解决问题的习惯,同时也逐渐养成合 作的意识及所带给的快乐和收效

? 主要运用的策略 认知策略:学习和运用语言的策略:对各种蔬菜,水
果,食物进行识别,区分,组织及反复接触 并有意识记忆;再进行归类,总 结,然后用于日常生活之中

? 社会情感策略:采用竟猜,讨论,对话等促进同学间合作学习,共同完成
任务,同时为同学创造条件和机会扩大信息(与日常生活息息相关的健 康话题方面的)输入量和输出量

? 方式:以小组为单位竟猜(团队效应);个人展现才华(满足自我表现欲及

Guessing Games
? Competition in groups

? Please identify the names of the following food,fruit or vegetables?

roast duck




bean eggplant tomato carrot tofu pea mushroom cabbage potato Chinese cabbage pumpkin celery pepper cucumber

rice porriage pork mutton beef fish chicken fish

apple orange pear peach cherry lemon strawberry watermelon pineapple

What do the foods have in common ? some essential nutrients






Which food contains more sugar?

chocolate grapes



Which of the following foods contain the most fat? Put them in order from 1 (most fat) to 5 (least fat): 1 2 3 4 5

Which food contains more fibre? peas nuts



Which food contains more protein?
potato crisps



ice cream

Which foods

give us energy?
help us grow bones and muscle? give us fibre for digestion and health? potatoes rice spaghetti sugar

beans bread butter cheese cucumber eggs

meat milk mushrooms noodles nuts oranges





1.Which foods mainly give us energy?
beans meat potatoes




cucumber eggs

nuts oranges

tofu cabbage




2.Which foods can help us grow bones and muscle? potatoes beans meat bread



cucumber eggs

nuts oranges

tofu cabbage




3.Which foods mainly give us fibre for digestion and health? potatoes beans meat




cucumber eggs

nuts oranges

tofu cabbage




Speaking P12

? In pairs make up a dialogue about food you like or dislike using the expressions below and as many food,fruit or vegetables as possible and state your reasons.

Useful expressions about likes and dislikes

? My favorite food/fruit/meat is… ? I’m fond of… ? I don’t often eat... ? I really hate… ? I can’t stand

Discussion: ? How to keep healthy? ? what kind od diet can help people be fit?

Blackboard Design
? ? ? Healthy Eating
a balanced diet body-building protective food food

? energy-giving ? food

Preview Reading

Period 2---4
? Reading

Teaching Aims and Demands
教学目标 技能 策略 情感态度 进行阅读技巧和方法训练 认知(积极思考,整理归纳);交际(克 服语言障碍,利用机会用英语进行真 实交际) 了解饮食文化,正确处理解决矛盾与 冲突,公平竞争 培养阅读技能,特别是获取和处理信 息及猜测词义的能力 在阅读过程中如何分析和解决问题 任务型:比较对照任务;问题解决任 务,交流个人意见的任务,创造性任 务



Teaching Procedure
? Step 1:Talk about meals and design a menu of balanced diets. ? Step 2:Lead in the text,guess the context. ? Step 3:Read,first skim,then scan by creating questions


and answer them in pairs( sort and method

? Instructions). ? Step 4:Guess the words from context. ? understand sentences . ? Step 5:Group discussion





A healthy diet
Breakfast : a bowl of corn flakes + unfat milk Lunch :
vegetable + some sorts of unfat meat Time for tea : Only when you feel hungry can you have some crackers Supper :

3 dishes + a soup course

Group Work
? Plan a menu with a balanced diet containing proper energy-giving food body-building food and protective food so that you can keep both healthy and slim How and where can you have it?Cook at home or buy at the restaurant?

Pre-reading ? Come & eat here ? Reading strategies: Make a guess according to the title before reading.

Where ? What ?

? Where can it happen?restaurant ? Who will be there?customers ? What food can be served there? energy-giving food? Body-building-food? or protective food?

.What is the business sense of the boss?
serve good-eating food or slim-keeping food?

What does the story tell us? (main idea)

Two different owners:Wang Peng and Yong Hui serve two different food in their restaurants and have different results.

Reading for details
? Read the text silently , create as many questions as possible and ask and answer them in pairs.
? Why did Wang Peng feel frustrated?
? ? ? ? ? ?


What happened then? Was he warmly welcome or turned down? What did he find? What attracts customers inside indeed? Where did he go after he left and why? What measures was he going to take to improve it?

Reading strategies :
Read fast to prove your guess.


Wang Peng’s Yong Hui’s

Food offered
mutton kebabs, roast pork, fried rice, cola, ice cream

Problems with foods offered What not enough ? fibre food fat not enough energy food

fruit, water raw vegetables


Summarize the main idea of the story according to the above table ?

Make a list of places where Pengwei stayed and went and his feelings in the places :

food prices

empty friend food

a way

The competition was on !

Reading for details
? Was Wang Peng run his business very well?How do you know that? ? What kind of person do you think he is? ? What will happen to them,Wang Peng and Yang Hui? ? Please find enough evidence to support your opinion.

opinion or inference

Work out words from context
? The hostess,a very thin lady,came forward. “Welcome” she said. ? Even though her customers might get thin after eating Yong Hui’s food… ? Perhaps with a discount and a new sign,he could win …. ? …just rice,raw vegetables served in vinegar,fruit and water.

Understanding sentences
? By now his restaurant ought to be full of people,but not today. ? He couldn’t have Yong Hui getting away with telling people lies. ? Something must have happened if Li Chang was not coming to eat in his restaurant as he always did.

Answer true or false questions according to Reading
? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ?

Usually Wang Peng’s restaurant was full of people.(T) He provided a balanced diet in his menu.(F) Yonghui served a balanced diet. (F) Yonghui could make people thin in two weeks by giving them a good diet. (F) Wang Peng’s customers often became fat after eating in his restaurant. (T) Yonghui’s menu gave them energy foods. (F) Wang Peng’s menu gave them food containing fibre. (F) Wang Peng’s admired Yonghui’s restaurant when he saw the menu.(F) Wang Peng decided to copy Yonghui’s menu. (F)

Discuss in pairs Who will win the competition at last ?

Blackboard design
? “Come and eat here ( I )”
restaurant Wang Peng’s Yong Hui’s
Wang Peng’s feelings: frustrated-------amazed-------delighted empty,food,friend food,prices a way out

food offered

problems with food

Discussion 2
? What will happen to people who often eat at Wang Peng’s? and at Yong Hui’s? too fat---disease---obesity(too much energy-giving food) too thin---disease—rickets(not enough body-buidling food) * What makes a balanced diet?

Period 3 Listening and reading
? ? ? ? Lead-in Think of the three kinds of food: Three kinds of common diseases Rickets---legs that do not grow straight Scurvy—teeth fall out,problems with skin and scores that will not heal ? Obesity---much too fat

Reading 2 At the library
? ? Hello,can you help me,please?I want to find out more about_balanced_diets. Of course.A balanced diet needs_energy_food like rice and noodles,__body-building food like fish and meat for protein and fat,and _protective food like fruit and vegetables for fibres and _vitamins_. Yes,but does it matter how much rice,noodles and _sugar I eat? Yes.If you eat too much,you may become _obese_.This means you are too fat and it may lead to other illnesses.However,if you don’t eat enough rice,noodles or sugar,you’ll get _tired easily. I see.I’ll be careful about that.Does it matter how much fish,meat or_cheese I eat? Too much can also make you fat,but if you don’t eat enough,your_bones_won’t grow strong.A long time ago,children who didn’t eat enough_vitamin D_and body-building food didn’t grow straight legs.They got an illness called__rickets_.

? ?

? ?

? ? ? ?

Oh,dear!Do people still have the problem? Sometimes. Then what about fruit and vegetables?How much should we eat? You__ought to_ eat about five big spoonfuls of different fruit and vegetables every day. ? Really?I__didn’t_know that. ? Yes.In the 18th century sailors at sea used to find that their_teeth__fell out and they had had spots on their_skin__.They got it because they didn’t eat enough fruit and vegetables.The illness is called_scurvy_. ? Goodness!What about now?

Listen to the dialogue
? Listen and write down the main idea
Wang Peng is doing research to find out how an_unbalanced___diet affects your _health___,so you need to eat a _balanced___diet if you are to stay__healthy___.

Act the dialogue in pairs and discuss what problems they have and how they would solve it.

Finish this chart
Owner of the restaurant Wang Peng Problems with food offered Food to be needed

Too much fat and More fruit and energy-giving vegetables food
Too much fruit and too many vegetables More meat,fish,cheese, eggs and rice,noodles

Yong Hui

Extensive reading:P52
? For or Against building a Mcdonald’s ? List the weaknesses and strengthes of it. food,service ,effect on people---your own opinion ? Discuss :on the first floor of DARUNFA,two fast-food restaurants:Pisa Hut and Kentucky.How do you think they can compete against each other? How will they solve any problems if any?

Food and service at Mcdonald’s


Discuss in pairs

Think of a way to put an end to the competition .

Reading 3

Come and eat here(2)

? Reading and discussing ? Look at the picture and predict the ending(married) Question:How did they solve their peoblem and get married ? angrily—peacefully—unselfishly--happily
opponent---enemy---companion---husband and wife two different restaurants with different food---glare at/spy on---both enjoy dumplings…talked about balanced (discuss peacefully)diets----recognized their own W and S and improve it-(share unselfishly)--get married and lived happily.

Group work
? Discuss what good qualities do they each have? Cooperative,hard-working, competitive,honest, wise…, ? What does the writer want to tell the readers by telling this story? to show the Ss that it is never too late to change bad eating habits and begin afresh

The way to express “say”
How did they speak Why did they speak


explained,added, admitted

They can add: agreed,wondered,advised, whispered,smiled,laughed, replied cried

Purpose of it:avoid repeatation and describe vividly
? Use proper ways of “say” to replace “said” in this story
? The man pushed his chair angrily away from the table. “What do you mean?”he said. “I didn’t come into this restaurant to be overcharged!”The hostess looked embarrassed. “I’m so sorry you feel like that”she said. “It’s the cost of the fish that you ordered.At the time I explained the price for each jin and you agreed.I didn’t know you ‘d feel like this!”The man pulled his money out of his pocket. “And what’s more,”he said. “It didn’t taste very nice.Was it fresh?” “It was dried fish,so I’m not sure,”she said “I won’t come here again,”said the man to himself. “I won’t serve him again,”said the hostess to herself.

Fill in the blanks with “tell,say,sprak,discuss,ask
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1.______a lie (tell) 2.______a question (ask) 3.don’t_____a word (say) 4.________a language (speak) 5.______a story (tell) 6._____Business (talk) 7._______a topic (discuss) 8._______a joke (tell) 9._______hello (say)

Blackboard design Come and Eat Here (2)

What did they do? Combine their menu and provide a balanced one 1.raw vegetables withhamburgers 2. boiled potatoes, not fried 3.fresh fruit with ice cream

Results 1.cut down the fat 2.increase the fibre 3 .a big success

Relationship: competitors----cooperators----couple Conclusion : We are what we eat . Health is more important than beauty . Proverbs : An apple a day keeps a doctor away . First wealth is health .

Work in groups
Design a sign for the cooperatedly-opened restautant :


1)Read the text aloud and find out some beautiful sentences 2) Write a short passage to explain your sign.

nuts meat fruit

Period Five:Vocabulary study
getable grains, rice

Teaching Aims and demands
教学目标 语言技能 1.通过课文前两个部分单词的重现率,,使学生
在反复接触,练习,巩固的过程中有效地掌握这 些词汇和短语 2.部分重点词汇,句型通过发现,归纳总结的方 式集中学习,达到运用自如 认知策略:善于记要点,联想学习记忆词语 学习策略 调控策略:明确需要,把握主要内容,探索适合自 己的词汇学习策略和方法 情感态度 培养自信心和成就感


重点词的用法归纳和总结 恰当地使用和运用到写作中
情景下的词,句,文教学法(语境猜测,联 想,归类成串记忆,归纳总结,填空练习,


Teaching procedure
Step 1 guessing games:according to the description(both words and sign language),guess the word(group competition) Step 2 find words meaning the same from the context and then translate some commonly used names of food Step 3 discover and summarize the usages of key words,patterns Step 4 complete sentences Step 5 make up a short passage using the words and patterns Step 6 homework:try to find out more about food and share

Games(guess the word based on some
description:color,shape,size and nutrients it contains or uses of it…)

1.cucumber bacon mutton lemon 2.peach mushroom pea garlic 3.carrot vinegar spaghetti eggplant 4.pepper barbecue nut muscle

Discovering useful words and expressions
? Find words and expressions from the text that mean the same
1._____sth that you say is not true 2._____not to be punished for sth 3._____uncooked 4._____the strong wish to know about sth 5._____sth who buys things or services from a shop,ect. 6._____a particular quality that gives sb or sth advantages 7._____keep steady orr give equal importance to two things 8._____the state of owing money to sb

Find the phrases from the reading and give good Chinese translation
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Barbecued mutton kebabs 烤羊肉串 Roast pork烤猪肉 Stir-fried vegetables炒菜 Fried rice炒饭 Beef and bacon cooked in the finest oil用精制油烹制的牛排和腊肉 Vegetables served in vinegar蘸醋吃的蔬菜 Win his customers back赢回顾客 Be in debt负债 Glare at him怒目而视某人 Spy on me打探某人 Enjoy dumplings and breast of chicken cooked with garlic喜欢饺子 和蒜蓉鸡胸 ? Cut down the fat and incrrease the fibre减少脂肪,增加纤维素 ? Put on weight胖了

Important words patterns
? ? ? ? ? ? benefit limit get away with cut down can’t/won’t have sb doing sth less often/healthy

? ? ? ? ? ? ? I stopped worrying and started advertising the benefits of my food Did you get much benefit from your holiday? Your advice is of great benefit to me. The money is to be used for the benefit of the poor. Rain will benefit the crops=The crops will benefit from rain. We can all benefit from his knowledge. He will benefit from the new way of doing business.

? The summary of the usage of “benefit” ? 1.parts of speech noun (U&C)and verb(Vt&Vi) ? 2.phrases: sb /sth benefit from sth=get benefit from.. ? be of great benefit=beneficial to sb/sth ? for the benefit of=for the good of… ? sth benefit sb/sth

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? I found your menu so limited that I stopped… The number of competitors is limited. He is a man of limited ability. As they had limited experience,they often had limited ideas. We must limit our expense to less than $ 10. Her food was limited to bread and water. Our holidays are limited to two weeks a year. He sees no limits to man’s progress. We must set a limit to the expense of the trip. There are limits to what I can do to you. I’m willing to hep you within limits. The summary of”limit” noun? verb(Vt) 1.limit…to…/set a limit to…/there is a limit to… 2.within limits 3.limited:adj attribute and predicative

Get away with
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? He couldn’t have Yong Hui getting away with telling people lies. How did he get away with cheating? He thinks he can always get away with telling a lie. “get away with sth 1.not be punished for what you have done wrong 2.not in passive(做坏事)不受惩罚 被放过 Cf:get away from 1.not in passive 走开,跑掉,回避,摆脱 2.succeed in leaving a place or be off the point or avoid talking about sth get up get together get to get through get off get on get along with get started

Cut down
? ? ? ? ? In this way,they cut down the fat and increase the fibre. We must cut down our expenses. Is George trying to cut his weight down? If you cut down all the trees,you will ruin the land. “cut down”:Vt.phrase 1.reduce 2.(tree)cut so as to let it fall削减, 减少压缩 ? Cut off cut up cut away cut in

Pattern:can’t have sb doing sth
? Can’t have sb doing ? =can’t stand/bear/put up with sb doing ? Eg.快去把湿衣服换掉,我是不会让你感冒的.
? I can’t have you catching cold,run and change your wet clothes.

? 我决不允许你冲我那样大喊大叫.
? I won’t have you shouting at me that way.

Less often;less healthy less+原级 The movie was less funny than the book. They are less expensive than imported types. Her main concern was less for herself than for him.

Complete the sentences
? 1.they stood there_________(怒目而视)each other. ? 2.If we cheat in the exam,do you think we can_________(不受惩罚)? ? 3.We must____________to an hour (把晚会限制在)) ? 4.The doctors strongly advise people ________(大大降 低)smoking and drinking. ? 5.His business failed,so he __________(负债累累) ? 6._________(要想赢回顾客),you must improve your service quality . ? 7.Humans________(受益于)peace and suffer from war.

人人都需要均衡饮食和心情舒畅,才能保持健康,否则就会疾病缠身. 我的一个朋友近些天来感觉很心烦,所以不得不去看医生.医生问其 缘由得知:该患者身感不适主要有两个原因:一个是由于从前生活艰难, 常常负债,但当一次生意成功成了爆发户后,便整天暴饮,暴食鱼肉过量, 结果非但没增加体重,相反体重大大下降,二是从那以后每天提心掉胆, 感觉有人在窥视他,窥视他的钱财,有人在怒目而视于他,使他不敢入睡. 基于此种情况,医生建议他多做户外运动,保持良好心态,对健康大有 益处,此外,要改善自己的饮食习惯,把适量的肉类食物与青菜,水果合在 一起吃.最后医生还提醒人们要坚决不可饮酒过量,购买打折食品时一 定要谨慎,否则都会对健康产生不良影响.您明白了吗? 牢记:病从口入啊!所以只要均衡饮食和适当运动,人人都会健健康康 的!

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Balanced diets spy on sb/sth Keep healthy/fit glare at sb Feel less healthy benefit sb/be beneficial to sb Feel frustrated combine…with Have to do mustn’t Be in debt buy food with a discount Become a success have a bad effect on Drink too much Eat far too much meat and fish Put on weight Lose much weight

1. To remember the useful words and expressions

2. Revise modal verbs learned in unit 1

Period 6 Grammar Modal Verbs:ought to

Teaching Aims and Demands
教学目标 技能目标 1.从运用的角度出发,引导学生把语言的形式,意义 和用法有机地结合起来 2.结合语言情景,在语篇的支持下,自主发现总结出 其用法 3.使学生能够自如地运用它们来表达建议,推测等 认知策略,交际策略 乐于观察,探究其含义并尝试模仿 识别判断语境中其作用 对比归纳总结出异同点

策略目标 情感态度


观察—发现—讨论—归纳—总结—运用 任务型,探究交互型教学法

Teaching Procedure
Step 1:revision list the learned modal verbs and explain the content of them in the following sentences Step 2:find the sentences containing Modal V from the context and judge the functions of them Step 3:discover the differences of the modal verbs in expressing the same functions esp. the similarity and difference of should/ought to Step 4:test and exercises Step 5:discussion using modal verbs if necessary

? 1.lead in ? T: First wealth is health. What should/shouldn’t we do to keep healthy? What kind of food must we eat to be strong? What ought we to eat to stay slim?

What should/shouldn’t we do to keep healthy?

What kind of food must we eat to be strong?

What ought we to do to stay slim?

I. (Revision) What modal learned?

verbs have you

?can/could may/ might ?will/ would had better ?shall/ should must ?have to need ?ought to dare

II. Try to explain the meanings of the modal verbs in the following sentences.
1.He can speak English well. ability 2.You can go home now. permission 3.That can’t be true. guessing 4.Could you please show me the way to Beihai request Park? 5.They hunters are lost. They could starve. possibility 6. May I come in? permission 7. He may give you some help? possibility

8.Don’t worry. I will help you. promise 9.Often he would dress up like a rich man. past habit 10.Would you like to join us for dinner? request 11.You shall have the ticket as soon as I get it. promise 12.You should arrive at the airport two hours before he goes. advice 13.It is five o’clock. He should turn up prediction soon. 14.Wang Feng wins an award every year. He must be strong. speculation

A. Intention

B. Duty

C. Promise

D. Possibility

E. Guessing

1. By lunchtime they would all be sold. (D) 2. His restaurant ought to be full of people. (D) 3. What could have happened? (D) 4. Nothing could have been better? (D) 5. Something terrible must have happened. (E) 6. I will take all that fat off you in two weeks. (C) 7. He could not believe his eyes. (A) (B) 8. He wondered if he should go to the library to find out. 9. He couldn’t have Yong Hui getting away with telling people lies. (A) 10. He had better do some research. (B) 11. After eating in the restaurant people would become fired very quickly. (D)

? ? ? ? ? ? can may must would should can 疑问句,否定句 决不可能… may 肯定句.否定句 或许(不是)… must 肯定句 想必一定… should 肯定句(根据经验判断) 很有可能 would 肯定句(个人的观点,看法)大概…

? can 与 be able to ? 时态上: can 一般现在或过去时态 ? be able to 各种时态 ? 过去时时, was/were able to 强调结果,叙述 事实,could表达情感

Advice and duty
? should 与 ought to ? 相同点:从道义,义务上应做的事:应该,应当” ? 不同点:ought to有引申的用法”按常理应 当…,非常可能的事,表应该,侧重责任,义务 ? should 有时与和how,why连用,表示意外,惊 异 做”竟会” 还可用于虚拟条件从句中表” 万一” 以及四类动词及各变化词性的名词 性从句中

Blackboard design
? ? ? ? Grammar First wealth is health should/ought to should (not)have done ought(not)to have done

1.You to the meeting this afternoon if you have something important to do. A. needn‘t to come B. don’t need come C. don't need comingD. needn't come 2.I help you with some shoes,madam? -Yes, I would like to try on those brown ones. A. Will B. Should C. May D. Must 3.The only thing that really matters to the children is how soon they _return to their school. A.can B.must C.have to D.ought to 4.What we get seems better than what we have. A.can B.could C.can't D.couldn't 5.Look! What you've done! You more careful. A.may be B. had to C. should have been D. would be

? Go to see doctors for your cold ? Make dialogues in pairs between doctors and patients (including asking for and giving advice)

The grammar part in “ Chang Gui Xun Lian ”

Period Seven Listening and speaking

Period Seven:Listening and speaking

Teaching Aims and demands
听力技能目标 听懂对话内容,理解主旨要义,并获取具体的事实性信息 培养获取关键词和整体把握能力 认知:熟悉题目要求,通过引导和介绍理解材料背景,回答 问题更有针对性 调控:攫取关键信息,培养正确判断所听信息的能力 交际:引导学生了解食物的分类及其内涵 培养学生相互讨论,相互交流,合作学习的习惯和能力 重点:理解对话大意,获取具体信息 难点:如何运用所听到的内容解决实际问题


情感目标 重点难点

Teaching process 1.Revision :words about food,and its kinds; three diseases 2.lead-in:questions based on the three kinds learned before 3.listening:finds the details and finish the blank 4.Listening again to check and further understanding 5.discussion

Revision:Translation Exercise
? 豆,辣椒,蘑菇,胡萝卜,白菜,纤维,茄子,豌豆, 甘蓝,大白菜,黄瓜,土豆 ? 柠檬,桃,樱桃,橙子,葡萄,苹果, ? 米饭,汉堡包,意大利面,饺子,蛋糕,羊肉,牛排, 蛋类,豆腐,猪肉,鸡肉 ? 供给热量食物,强壮体魄食物,保护性食物 ? 肥胖症,佝偻病,坏血病

? Do you know another three types of food besides the above?Divided in colours? ? What are the three colours and what do they stand for? ? What food does each colour contain?

Listen and finish the blank
? Part 1:_Emma’s__________ ? This is a dialogue between a_____,Emma and the ____, Pan.Emma keeps____ ____and gets_____easily.She tells Pan what she has for three meals:an____and a_____for breakfast;a____for lunch and half a bowl of_____and a dish of ____for supper.And she also tells Pan that she can’t eat too much,as she will feel____.After listening,Pan tells her that she needs more_____,because she is not eating neough and looks too thin and adds that she will become seriouly ____. ? The disease Emma is suffering from is___________.

Part Two:the doctor’s______and _______
? Pan tells Emma how to eat well but still ___ ____. There are three types of food working like _____lights. The first is”______”,containing a lot of ____,sugar,salt,____,____ cream ,cakes,food_____in fat,so we ______eat too much of it. The second is “______”,including bread,_____,_____,rice ,meat,fish,_____and ____,therefore we should eat some every day. The last is “_____”,which includes all______and ______,thus we should eat some at every _____. Emma thanks the doctor and decides to follow Pan’s advice. Only ________diets can keep people _______.

Contrast and match
Red food Protective food

Yellow food

Energy-giving food

Green food

Body-building food

Discussion and homework
? Think of the possible reasons for some common diseases: 口腔溃疡(canker sore) 便秘(constipation) 脚气(beriberi/athele’s foot) 感冒(cold) *Think of your own eating habits,balanced or unbalnced?How are you going to improve and become healthy?

Period 8 Writing

Advertise your restaurant

Teaching Aims and Demands
教学目标 技能目标
搜集有关饮食的词汇素材这类文章的基本语句和方法 培养学生的写作技能, 关注写作过程中的认识能力 指导学生学习地道的多样的语言表达形式 培养学生自主与合作学习等认知和交际策略方面的能力


情感态度 提高学习兴趣,增强社会实践意识,





Teaching procedure
? Step 1:Create the style or characteristics of the ? restaurant State the aspects to attract ? customers(group work) input ? Step 2:Collect words about food and equipment ? needed for your new restaurant (group ? discussion) ? Step 3 Talk about some conj.or adv to link your ideas ? Step 4 Sample,writing method ? Step 5 Draft and share output ? Step 6 write

Decide on your own style and food

Where?convenient in traffic?

Business centre or shopping centre?
Organic style? Western style? What equipment? sports?music?rest?

What effect on customers? to keep slim?to keep strong? to keep energetic?to keep healthy? Chinese style?

What service? Waiter or waitress? Cook? Sanitation?

? Lower prices at any time and discounts at weekends ? Small gifts given away ? Some activitiles

Sample poster
? Project: ? The Century Restaurant(name)
? Come and try it here!Once tasted,you will never want to

go anywhere else!

? (body)introduce in different ways unique and special and
most attracting your customers) ? Ending(with some inviting words)

Period 9 Summary and assessment
总结以及测试性评价(自我) 非测试性评价(分组)

Teaching Aims and Demands
引导学生自我检测,有益于认识自我,树立自信, 有助于学生反思和调控自己的学习过程, 通过评价使学生学会分析自己的不足,及时弥补,促进 学习能力的发展 通过相互评价,学生培养合作精神形成评价主体的多 元化,有助于学生客观认识自我,了解他人,实现相 互学习 组织,引导,帮助学生完成自我测试及评价 指导学生根据测试情况客观地完成相互评价并给与 适当的分析.



Bottom-up and top-down task-based

Teaching procedure
? ? ? ? ? ? Step 1:give instructions for this period Step 2:show the text paper and help the Ss finish on their own(self-test and assessment) Step 3:Sample test Step 4 learning tip

? Food types:in two ways ? Energy-giving food ? Body-building food ? Protective food ? Functions ? Energy-giving: ? Body-building: ? Protective:

Reading skills
Facts(T or F,judgement) Opinion (inferernce) Main idea Guessing words Sentence understanding

Nutrients our body needs
nutrients food

functions possibility permissions Modal verbs

protein vitamin minerals carbohydrates fibre

Advice or duty Past habit Promise,ord er, threat

Useful expressions
? Names of dishes/menu: ? Expressions about likes and dislikes: ? Expressions about advice and suggestions: ? Expressions about consulting the doctor: ? Expressions about agreement or disagreement:

Diseases caused by unalanced diets
Name of disease

Food needed

scurvy rickets obesity anorexia indigestion

Sample test
? Vocabulary:
? 1.usually he got up early and prepared his menu of _______mutton kebabs.(烤) ? 2.Come inside Yong Hui’s ______restaurant.(减肥) ? 3.He couldn’t have Yong Hui__________(哄骗人却不 受惩罚). ? 4.Perhaps with a discount and a new design he could__________(赢回顾客) ? 5.It must be less healthier than our own local food. ? 6.He mustn’t have watched TV last night at home.

Learning tip
When buying food in packets or tins,better look at the side,where you can know the nutrients in your food.(aware of the food) ? You will learn more words and expressions about food in this way(enlarge vocabulary daily and practically) ? Use this kind of information to help you have a healthier diet

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