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China Overseas Construction Company (COCC) is awarded a contract for a hydroelectric project in central American. Mr. Bian, the project manager and his assistant, Mr. zhang are leading a group to be executed. Because there’s no direct flight available from China to the destination, they decide to go there by way of San Francisco, USA. 1. On Board the plane Steward: (At lunch time) What would you like to have, sir? We have fried chicken, fish and beef. Zhang: fish, please. Steward: How about a drink, coke, orange juice or beer? Zhang: Do you have tea? Steward: Sorry, We don‘t serve tea at lunch. Zhang: Then, a coke, please. Steward: (To Mr. bian, who is sitting next to Mr. Zhang) And you, sir? Bian: Nothing right now. I‘m feeling a bit airsick. Steward: I‘ll see if I can get you some tablets for airsickness. Just a moment, please. Bian: Thank you very much. 2. Arrival at San Francisco Airport (After a flight of more than twenty hours, they have landed at San Francisco Airport.) I.O: (At the immigration counter) Passport, please. Landing card, too. Zhang: Here you are. I.O: What‘s the purpose of your journey? Zhang: We‘re in transit. Actually, we‘re going to Central American to execute a construction project. You see, all of us are in a group. Most of us are engineers and technicians. I.O: My brother is an engineer, too. He builds bridged. How long do you plan to stay here? Zhang: Just two days. I.O: Everything seems to be Ok. please proceed to Customs next. * * * * * * * C.O: (At the Customs Counter) Your declaration form, please. Zhang: Here it is. C.O: Anything else to declare? Zhang: I don‘t think so. C.O: What‘s in this bag? Zhang: Just some personal belongings. C.O: OK. That‘s all. 3. Check-in at the Airport ( After two day’s stopover in San Francisco, Mr. Bian and his fellow workers are going to take TACA Airlines Flight No.375 to the destination. They’re in the airport terminal and are looking for the check-in counter.) Zhang: Excuse me, What‘s the check-in counter of TACA Airlines, please. Clerk: Go down this corridor until the end. Turn left and you‘ll see the signs on your right.


You can‘t miss it. Zhang: Thanks a lot. * * * * * * * A.C: ( At the check-in counter ) Good morning. Ticket and passport, please. Zhang: Good morning. We‘re in a group. Here are all the ticket and passports. A.C: How many people in the group? Zhang: Fourteen in all. A.C: Any seat preference? Zhang: Two Window seats for Mr. Bian and me in the non-smoking section. Oh, my name‘s Zhang. This passport is mine. For the others, … let me check. ( Checking with his fellow workers ) Zhang: They‘d prefer any seats in the smoking section. A.C: How many pieces of baggage do you want to check? Zhang: Two for each of us. By the way, what‘s the baggage allowance? A.C: Seventy pounds for each passenger, and the weight limit for each piece is forty-five pounds. Put these four big cartons and that suitcase on the scale then, one by one. Zhang: I hope they‘re not overweight. ( After weight all the things ) A.C: No, you‘re OK. Now, let me put on the baggage tags. Zhang: Do we have to tear off the old baggage tags? A.C: (Humorously) Yes, if you don‘t want your baggage to come back. (The A.C laughs. Then Zhang laughs, too) A.C: Your boarding cards and passports. Zhang: Thanks. What‘s the boarding gate number? A.C: Gate seven. Have a good flight, gentlemen. Zhang: Thanks a lot. WORDS AND EXPRESSIONS Construction company Award a contract Hydroelectric project Central America Project manager Site management Direct flight Available Destination Fried chicken Beef Orange juice Stewardess Airsick Passport 施工公司,建筑公司 授予合同 水电项目 中美洲 项目经理 现场管理人员(总称),现场管理机构 直达航班 可以得到的,可以利用的 目的地 炸鸡 牛肉 桔子肉 航空小姐 晕机 护照


Tablet In transit Construction project Customs Declare Belongings Check-in Colleague Airline Stopover Flight number Airport terminal Corridor Sign A.C=airline clerk Preference Baggage Allowance Carton Suitcase Overweight Tag Boarding card Boarding gate San Francisco NOTES TO THE TEXT

药片 过境 建筑项目,工程项目 海关 申报 所有物,物品 登记,报到 同事 航空公司 中途停留,逗留 航班号 机场候机大厅 走廊,通道 标牌,标记 航空公司职员 爱好,偏爱 行李 许可量,限额 纸板箱 手提箱,衣箱 超重的 标签 登机卡 登机门 圣弗兰西斯科,即 旧金山

1. direct flight:直达航班 英语中还可以说 non-stop flight 2. by way of:取道,经由 例如:They are going to Algeria by way of Paris.(他们将取道巴黎去阿尔及利亚。) The construction team returned to China by way of Karachi. (施工队经由卡拉奇回到中 国。 ) 3. What would you like to have for lunch? 您午饭来点什么? 请注意句中 have 一词的用法, 例如:have fish for dinner ( 晚饭吃鱼 ),have breakfast ( 吃早餐 )。 4. coke:可口可乐 等于 Coca-Cola,是口语用法。我们常见的饮料名称还有:Pepsi 百事可 乐,Sprite 雪碧,Fanta 芬达。 5. And you?:您呢? 是口语用法,相当于 What about you? 或 How about you?。 6. right now:现在,立即 right 在这里起加重语气的作用,例如:right here(就在这儿) , right here(就在那儿) 。 7. I.O=immigration officer 移民局官 KSB 8. C.O=customs officer 海关关员 9. Landing card, too.: 把旅客入境卡也给我。 这是一个省略句, 相当于―Show me the landing card, too.‖。―入境卡‖有时英语也说 entry card 或 incoming passenger card。 10. You see,…:意思是―你瞧,你听我说‖,是口语中常用的一种表达法。


11. Please proceed to Customs next.:下面请去海关。Proceed 意思是―接下来去做‖,这句话还 可以说,―Please go to the Customs next.‖或者―Please check with the Customs next.‖。 12. declaration slip:海关申报单,也可以说 declaration form,Customs statement。 13. personal belongings:个人随身物品,也可以说 personal effects。 14. check-in counter:办理登机手续的服务台,也可以说 check-in desk。 15. You won‘t miss it.:你不会找不到的。 这是回答问路人时常说的一句话。 16. Any seat preference?: 对座位有要求吗? 这是一个省略句, 全句为: you have any seat Do preference? Preference 意思是―偏爱‖,―喜好‖。 17. window seat:靠窗的座位,―靠通道的座位‖是 aisle seat。 18. non-smoking section:非吸烟区,也可以说 non-smoking area.―吸烟区‖就是 smoking section/area。 19. by the way:顺便问一下 这是口语中常用的一种表达法。 20. baggage allowance: 免费托运的行李限额 如果超过限额, 则超出的部分要付运费(pay for excess baggage)。 21. You‘re OK. :在本文中的意思是―你的行李没有超重.‖,相当于 You‘re not overweight, 或者 You‘re not over the limit。 22. baggage tag:行李标签 也可以说 baggage claim tag,上面填有托运人的姓名以及托运到 的地点, 所以当 Zhang 问 Airline Clerk 是否取下上次的 baggage tag 时, 那个 air-line clerk 幽默地回答道,―Yes,if you don‘t want your baggage to come back‖,意思是说,如果不 将上次的 baggage tag 取下来,行李还有可能回来的,因为上次的 baggage tag 上面托运到 的地点是 San Francisco。 23. boarding card:登机卡(牌),也可以说 boarding pass。 24. Have a good flight. :祝您飞行愉快. ―have a good..,是告别时向对方表示祝愿常 ., 用的一种表达法。 . 例如:Have a good weekend. (祝您周末愉快)。 EXERCISES 1.When the stewardess asks Mr.Bian what he would like to have for his lunch and drink,he answers,―Nothing right now. I‘m feeling a bit airsick.‖(现在甚么都不要,我有点儿晕 机.)―I‘m feeling(a bit)…‖is a very useful expression, meaning―我感觉(有点)…‖ Now you try answering the following questions: 1)A:Would you like some food? B:就来杯饮料吧,我只是有点渴,并不饿。 (Just a drink,please.I‘m feeling a bit thirsty,not hungry.) 2)A:Shall we go out and play football? B:对不起,我感到有点累,不能和你一块去。 (Sorry, I Can‘t go with you. I‘m feeling a bit tired.) 3)A:What‘s the matter with you? B:我有点头晕,请帮我一下好吗? (I‘m feeling a bit dizzy.Could you give me a hand?) 2.When the immigration officer asks Zhang what‘s the purpose of their journey,Zhang answers ,―We‘re in transit. We're going to Central America to execute a construction project.‖(我们是过境,要去中美洲承建一建筑项目。)―to execute a project‖:执行一个项 目,实施一个项目。


Now you try―answering the following questions: 1)A:What‘s the purpose of your stay in our country? B:我们准备承建一水电项目。 (We‘re going to execute a hydroelectric project.) 2)A:What do you do here? B:我们是工程师,正在建设一个高速公路项目。 (We‘re engineers.We‘re executing an express highway project.) 3)A:What's your job? B:我们正在建设一个桥梁项目.我的工作是为项目采购材料和设备。 (We‘re now executing a bridge project.I buy materials and equipment for it.) 3.When Zhang wants to ask the way to the check-in counter, he says, ―Excuse me where‘s the check-in counter of TACA Airlines,please?‖(劳驾,请问塔卡航空公司办理登机手续的服务 台在哪儿?) Normally, when you ask somebody to help you, you start with―Excuse me,(劳 ‖ 驾,对不起,打搅一下) 。When you want to ask the way to a certain place,you can say, ―Where‘s…?‖,―How I can get to…?‖or―Could you tell me the way to…?‖ Now you try asking the way: 1)A:劳驾,请问联合航空公司办理登机手续的柜台怎么走? (Excuse me,how can I get to the check-in counter of the United Airlines,please?) B:Just go ahead for about one hundred yards and you‘ll see it. 2)A:打搅一下,请问中国国际航空公司办理登机手续的服务台在哪儿? (Excuse me,where‘s the check-in counter of Air China,please?) B:Sorry, I don‘t know.Just check with the porter. 3)A:对不起,请问到机场怎么走? (Excuse me,could you tell me the way to the airport,please?) B:Take the shuttle bus over there.It will take you right to the airport. 背景与指南 (BACKGROUND AND DIRECTIONS) 我们知道,去国外承包工程,就需要我们派遣有关技术人员和管理人员到国外去,这就 涉及到国际旅行(International Traveling)的问题,因而,作为从事国际工程的有关人员就需要 学习一些旅途用语和了解一些飞行常识,以便顺利地到达工程施工所在国。 一般说来,一个项目的人员往往分批而行,由于人多事杂,大家要相互照应,注意带好 自己的物品,尤其是护照(Passport)和机票(Ticket)。登机前,要到有关航空公司的机场服务 台(Check-in Counter)凭机票和护照领取登机卡(Boarding Card),并办理托运行李手续。注意, 在行李标签上一定要填写清楚你的姓名和将行李托运到的地方, 填写名字时, 要注意英语的 Given Name 是―名‖, Last Name/Family Name/Surname 则指的是―姓‖, 而 以免取行李时遇 到麻烦。航空公司对免费托运的行李重量有一定的限额(baggage allowance),一般为七十磅 (约为三十二公斤),超重的部分要缴纳托运费,而且费用很高,所以,登机前要问清楚,尽 可能避免超重。另外,对每件行李的重量也有限制。 在飞机上,用餐是免费的,饮料一般也是免费的,但有些航班对供应的各种不含酒精的 饮料(Soft Drinks)不收费,对供应的啤酒(Beer)却是收费的。要喝啤酒,可要做好空中小姐 (stewardess/Air Hostess 向你―one dollar,please.‖(请付一美元.)的准备哟。在到达目的地 前,机上服务人员就会发给你两张表格,一张是旅客入境卡(Landing Card)和另一张是海关 申报单(Customs Statement)。在每座位靠背后的袋子里一般都有旅客须知之类的小册子 (Brochure),里面有告诉旅客怎样填写的说明和范例,可供你参考。下飞机后,你得先到机


场移民局,交上旅客人境卡,移民局官员在检查你的护照和签证并询问一些问题之后,若没 发现问题,就会让你人境。接下来你需要到领取行李处(Baggage Claim Area)领取行李。最后 再到海关(Customs)交上海关申报单,办理人关手续。 如果你是过境(in transit),在过境国短暂停留几天后,还须换机(Change Planes)向工程实 施所在国继续飞行。到机场候机大厅后,若所乘航班办理登机手续的服务台不好找,可向机 场内的工作人员询问,他们将会很乐意地给予帮助。在得到人家的帮助之后,可别忘了说一 句―Thank you.‖呀。 Mar/18/2008




After such a long-distance international flight, the construction crew has finally arrived at the destination. Despite the jet lag and the inconvenience of their stay in the hotel, everyone is busy making preparations for the commencement of the big job, studying the technical data and specifications, discussing the construct -ion plan, and so on. 1. Renting a House (Mr. Zhang , assistant of the project manager, is making telephone calls, trying to rent a house for the accommodations of the crew. ) Zhang:Hello, may I speak to Mr. Neal, please? Neal:Speaking. What can I do for you, sir? Zhang:I‘m calling about your advertisement in ―People‘s Pulse‖. Have you got a house for rent? Neal: Well, I did have a house for rent. But it‘s been let out. Zhang:Sorry to hear that. By the way, do you know anyone who has a house for rent nearby? Neal: Let me see. My friend Sam told me a few weeks ago that he wanted to rent his house. I think it‘s a big house. You could check with him. Zhang:That‘s just what we‘re looking for. What‘s his telephone number, please? Neal: 2237. Zhang:Could I have your friend's name again? Neal: Sam, Sam Carter. Zhang:Thanks a lot. Bye. * * * * * * * * Zhang:Good morning. I‘d like to speak to Mr. Carter, please. Man: Sorry, there‘s no one here by that name. Zhang:What‘s your telephone number then? Man: 2337. Zhang:I‘m very sorry, I must have dialed the wrong number. * * * * * * * * Zhang:Hello, is Mr. Carter there? Woman:Just a minute. He‘s coming. Carter:Hello. Carter speaking. Who is calling, please? Zhang:My name‘s Zhang. I have been told that you have a house for rent. Is it still available? Carter:Yes.It‘s a two-stoery building with six bed—rooms on the first floor and two on the ground floor. It has, two bathrooms, one on each floor. There‘s a good kitchen where you could do cooking.We also have a cable TV and a tele-phone that you can use in the house. Zhang:Perhaps it‘s just what we need.What‘s the monthly rent? Cafter:How long will the lease be? Zhang:About four months. Carter:Then two thousand dollars.And the rent is due at the end of each month. You can use all the utilities,but you have to pay all the bills including the telephone service, cable TV, water, gas and electricity. By the way, you also have to pay a security deposit of one thousand dollars.


Zhang:Is there any space for office work in the house? Carter:There is a big sitting room on the ground floor。I think it‘s where you can do your office work. Zhang:0ne more thing, are we allowed to install a fax machine in the house if we take it? Probably we will need one. Carter:Yes, if you like. But you have to pay all the costs for it. Zhang:Good. Would it be possible for us to go there and have a look tomorrow? Cafter:Any time before four o‘clock in the afternoon. You can come to Okis Restaurant I'm running here in Benque, Cayo District. It‘s on George Street. Benque is a small town. Everyone here knows Okis. I can wait for you here. Zhang:OK. We will go there tomorrow, around ten o‘clock in the morning. Will that be all right with you? Cafter:OK. See you tomorrow, sir. Zhang:Thank you. M. Carter, See you tomorrow morning. 2.Subletting the Construction Camp (Mr. Yang from COCC has made an appointment by telephone with Mr. Howell, President of World Shelters, a local company which specializes in residential buildings. They are going to talk about the possibility of subletting the construc-tion camp to World Shelters.) Receptionist:Good morning, sir. Can I help you? Yang: Good morning. I have an appointment with Mr. Howell at 9. Receptionist:Your name, sir? Yang: Yang, from COCC, the Hydro. Receptionist:Ah, yes. Mr. Howell is expecting you in his office.Let me show you in. This way, please. Yang: Thank you. (Entering Mr. Howell’s office) Howell: Hello, Mr. Yang. Very pleased to meet you in person. Yang: Very pleased to meet you,too, Mr. Howell. Howell: Take a seat, please. Yang: Thank you. Howell: Well, how is everything going, Mr. Yang? Yang: Not too bad. Just busy. We‘re quite new here, you know. Howell: What‘s your first impression of our country? Yang: It‘s a beautiful country with plenty of primeval forests. People here are friendly and very easy to get along with. It seems to me that most of the people here speak quite different English. It‘s hard to understand them sometimes. Howell: You will soon get used to it. Only officials, teachers and businessmen speak standard English. Yang: So it seems. Howell: Let‘s get down to business, Mr. Yang. You asked me on the phone whether we would like to bid for a construction camp to accommodate eighty men. Could you put it in more detail, please? Yang: As you know,the camp will mainly be for the accommodation of about eighty Chinese

men who will be working for the Hydro. It includes double occupancy staff units, four man occupancy units for workers and cooks, a kitchen and dining unit, shower bath units, office units, a conference room and a recreation unit. Howell: So the camp will accommodate about eighty men. Do you have any specific requirements? Yang: I would like to hear your recommendation. Howell: In my opinion, there‘s a kind of prefabricated house which is most suitable for such a camp.It‘s easy and economical to transport, fast to erect and very convenient to dismantle for either relocation or disposal when the whole project is completed. Yang: Sounds fine. What‘s it made of? Howell: Light concrete slabs. They are often imported from a local supplier in El Salvador. Yang: Good. Would you please give us a quotation for such a camp on a turn-key basis as soon as possible? Howell: All right. Where will the camp be located? Yang: Somewhere on Arenal Road in Benque Town, Cayo District. I‘ll let you know right after we finalize it with the Owner. Howell: Who will be responsible for leveling the ground for the camp site? Yang: We will do that. You will be responsible for the water and power supply. One more thing, this is a duty-free project. So everything imported for it is duty-free. Please take it into consideration in your quotation. Howell: In that case, our quotation will be much lower. Yang: We really appreciate that. Howell: When do you want the camp to be completed. Yang: Within sixty days, starting from our notice to commence the Work. Howell:OK. Mr. Yang. I hope we can be given the opportunity to work for you and if so, we will hold ourselves responsible to you and I believe we will surely do a good job. Yang: I hope so, too. WORDS AND EXPRESSIONS construction crew jet lag inconvenience make preparations for commencement technical data specification construction plan rent a house accommodation assistant advertisement dial bathroom 施工人员(总称) 飞行时差 不方便 做准备 开始 技术资料 技术规范,(产品)规格 施工计划 租房 居住,膳宿条件 助手,助理 广告 拨(电话号码) 浴室


cable TV security deposit monthly rent lease due bill gas office work sitting room install fax machine sublet camp have an appointment with local company residential building impression get along with accommodate shower bath recreation unit specific requirement recommendation prefabricated erect dismantle economical convenient relocation disposal light concrete slab quotation on a turn-key basis finalize level the ground camp site duty—free commence the work opportunity Benque Cayo District El Salvador NOTES TO THE TEXT

有线电视 保证金,押金 每月租金 租期 到期的,应付的 帐单 煤气,气油 (=gasoline) 办公 起居室 安装 传真机 分包 营地 与……有约 当地公司 住宅楼 印象 与……相处 容纳,提供(居宿) 淋浴 娱乐室 具体要求 推荐,建议 预制的 安装,装配 拆除 经济的 方便的 搬迁 处理 轻混凝土板 报价 以交钥匙方式 确定 平整场地 营地现场 免税的 开工 机会 班卡(一小镇名) 卡肴区(地名) 萨尔瓦多


1. Speaking.:这是打电话时的用语。当接电话的人正好是对方要找的人时,他就可以说 ―Speaking.‖,意思是―我就是‖。 2. ―People's Pulse‖:―人民快报‖,一报刊的名称。 3. a house for rent:一座待出租房子,英语也可以说―a house to let‖。 4. I did have a house for rent.:前些时候我的确有一座房子要出租。句中的―did‖用于加强 语气。 例如:Do come and see US when you have time. (有空一定来看我们呀。) I do hope that this can be settled in an amicable way. (我真诚地希望这个问题能够友好解 决。) 5. 1et out:在这里是―租出‖的意思。 6. You could check with him.:你可以找他再核实一下。 check 在这里是―核实‖,―查一 下‖的意思。 例如:I‘ll go and check.(我去核实一下.) 7. Could I have your friend‘s name again?: 您能再告诉我一遍你朋友的名字吗? 这是一种很 有礼貌的问话方式,相当于 Could you tell me your friend‘s name again?。 又例如:Could I have the time,please?(请您告诉我一下时间好吗?) 8. Is it still available?:这座房子是否还在有待出租? available 在这儿的意思是―仍可租得 到的‖。 9. two-storey building:两层的小楼房 10. on the first floor:这儿指的是―在第二层‖,是英国用法,注意,英美人表示楼层的说法 不同,例如,―一层‖英国人说 the ground floor,而 美国人说 the first floor,―二层‖英国 人说 the first floor,而美国人说 the second floor,依此类推。 11. one more thing:这是口语中常用的表达法,意思是―还有一件事(要说)‖英语也可以说 one more thing to mention. 12. if we take it:如果我们租下的话 take 在口语中常表示鼍买下‖,―租下‖的意思,例如, 在商店看好自己需要买的物品之后, 就可以说, OK, take it. I‘ll (好吧, 这个我买下了. ) 13. the Hydro 在这儿指的是 the hydro-electric project(水电工程项目),是口语法。 14. Let me show you in.:让我领您进去。 show sb.in 意思是―领某人进来/去‖,show sb.out 意思是―领某人出来/去‖。 15. This way, please.:请这边走。 这是一个省略句,全句为 Take this way,please.,为别 人领路时常说这句话。 16. very pleased to meet you. :很高兴见到您。 这是初次见面时常说的一句话。 17. We‘re quite new here.:我们到这儿没多久。 18. Let‘s get down to business. 咱们谈正题吧。 get down to sth 意思是―着手做某事‖, : ―开 始认真对待某事‖,例如:get down to work(开始做工作). 19. bid for: 为……而投标 例如: for an irrigation project(为一个灌溉工程项目而投标), bid bid for a cement works(为一个水泥厂项目而投标).与该词组有相同意思的还有 tender for。 20. prefabricated house:装配式房屋,活动房屋 prefabricated house 在口语中常用 pre-fab 来代替。prefabricated 这个词在工程实施中常常使用,与它搭配的词很多,例如: prefabricated construction (装配式施工), prefabricated pile (预制桩), prefabricated unit (预 制构件)。 21. owner:业主 类似的词还有 employer(雇主),client(委托人),这三个词常用来指一个 项目的主办人。


EXERCISES 1. When Zhang makes telephone calls to Mr. Neal and Mr. Carter, he begins his conversations with―Hello, may I speak to Mr. Neal?‖(您好, 我想和 Neal 先生通话。 ―Good morning, I‘d ), like to speak to Mr. Carter, please.‖(早上好,我想请 Carter 先生接电话。),―Hello, is Mr. Carter there, please?‖(您好, 请问, Carter 先生在吗?)。 These are three common ways to start a telephone conversation when you ask for somebody on the phone. Now you try using the above expressions to start-your telephone conversations. 1) A: 下午好, 我想和你们经理 Clark 先生通话。 我是 Macal 项目处的 Zhang. (Good afternoon, may I speak to Mr. Clark, your manager? This is Zhang calling from Macal Project.) B:Just a minute, Mr. Zhang. I‘ll put you through. 2)A:您好,我想请你们的总经理 Silva 先生接电话。 (Hello, I‘d like to speak to Mr. Silva, your president, please.) B:I‘m sorry, sir. Mr. Silva is now having a very important meeting and cannot take any calls. Will you call him again later in the afternoon, please? 3)A:早上好,请问 Harrison 先生在吗? (Good morning. Is Mr. Harrison there, please?) B:I‘m afraid Mr. Harrison is not in at the moment.Is there any message I can give him? 2. In the text, the word―responsible‖appears in three sentences---―Who will be responsible for leveling the ground for the camp site?"(哪一方负责平整营地的场地?);―You‘ll be responsible for the water and power supply?‖(但你方应负责供水供电。);―…and if so, we‘ll hold ourselves responsible to you…‖(……如果这样的话,我方将向你方负责……). Often the word―responsible‖is used in specifying and clarifying the responsibilities between the parties to a contract during a negotiation. Now you try doing the following: 1) A:We need all the data on hydrological and subsurface conditions before we start the job. B:我们可以提供相关资料,但你方应对这些资料的解释负责。 (We could provide relevant data to you, but you are responsible for your own interpretation of them.) 2) A:We require that you rectify the damages which happened to the Works on the 15th of this month at your own cost. B: 我们认为我方不应为此损坏负责, 因为合同规定, 工程的某一部分一旦移交给业主, 承包商否再承担保护该部分工程的义务,而损坏显然是由人故意破坏引起的。 (We don‘t think that we are responsible for the damage. As stipulated in the contract, once a part of the Works has been handed over to the Employer, the contractor shall not have the obligation to protect it. Further, the damage is obviously due to vandalism.) 3) A:如果我们接受你们指定的分包商,我们是否就其或其雇员的行为向你方负责? (If we accept the subcontractor nominated by you, do we have to hold ourselves responsible to you for his or his employees‘ behavior?) B:是的,如果他们有甚么过错的话,你们作为总包商应为引起的一切后果负责. (Yes, as the general contractor, you will be responsible for all the consequences arising from their misconduct.)


初到工程施工所在国,首先解决的就是居住(housing)问题。由于住旅馆既不经济也不方 便,因而,在自己的生活营地(man camp)建好之前,我们的施工人员一般都租一所离工地较 近又能自己做饭的房子。租房前,可以先了解一下当地租房的行情。你可以查看当地报纸上 的有关租房广告(advertisement),也可寻求业主的帮助或向你熟悉的当地人(locals)打听有关 信息。―与房东(1andlord/landlady)见面前,一般先打电话询问房子的大致情况。如果认为 房子合适的话,还可进一步问问租房的条件,包括每月租金(rental),租期(1ease),是否要押 金(security deposit),房子中有哪些设施以及设施的使用费是否包含在租金中,等等。如果条 件可以接受, 可以约定时间亲自去看一下房子。 最后, 双方还需签订一个租赁协议(sign a lease agreement)。 由于刚刚到达工程施工所在国,承包商(contractor)的主要施工人员没有到达,机械设备 也还没有运至现场(construction site),所以,施工营地(construction Camp)的建设常常分包给 当地的建筑公司(local construction company)。一般情况下。承包商往往请业主(employer)向 其推荐几家比较有信誉的当地公司, 然后逐一去这些公司了解情况。 在提出了基本要求之后, 让这些公司为承建营地的临时住房办公用房, (residential and office buildings)以及其它相应设 施 报 价 (offer/ bid), 然 后 比 较 一 下 几 家 的 方 案 和 报 价 , 从 中 择 优 。 由 于 是 临 时 工 程 (temporary-works),承包商最好不要把要求提得太具体,但要强调要经济实用,以便让分包 商(subcontractor)根据当地的具体情况(如:气候,习惯等)提出自己的实施方案,使建造营地 的费用尽可能降低,从而获得较低报价。




To start the execution of Works, the Contractor needs to take possession of the site for the Owner and plan the layout of the whole site for approval by the Owner. The two parties are discussing the matters in handing over and arranging the site. 1. The Owner hands over the site late (Mr. Bian, Project Manager from the Contractor, and Mr. Cheng, Chief Engineer, are talking to the Owner’s Representative, Mr. Sukhnandan, who looks very young and energetic, and the Consultant, Mr. Shaw, who seems to be quite experienced.) … Bian:Last week, we sent you a letter, asking you to hand over the whole site to us, including the access road. But we haven‘t received a reply yet. The Contract is quite specific about this in its special conditions: Possession of the Site shall be given to the Contractor on the date named in the Appendix 1, which is April 20,1992. Today is April 26. It‘s already one week late. Sukh:I‘m sorry about this, Mr. Bian. Unfortunately we have met with some difficulty in requisitioning the land on the left bank of the river for the site areas. You know, some of the land is privately owned and the owners won‘t agree to sell the land. Nor do they want to grant us permission to use it because they are afraid that the project will disturb their peaceful life. Shaw:Some people here are obsessed with their traditional life, They don‘t want to have a change of their life! You‘ll never understand them. Cheng:It‘s so puzzling! They should know that they will get benefit from this project. At least they could get the lighting power easily, at a much lower price. Sukh:We‘ve already promised to provide them with electric power for lighting free of charge. In return, they let us use their land for nothing. Bian: When do you think you can solve the problem and make the whole site and the access road available to us? This is what were concerned about. Shaw:At present, the access road has been built up to the dam site and we are beginning to build the road to the power—house from the junction.It happens to be the rainy season and the rains have slowed down our progress, but we are making a great effort to finish it soon. Sukh: we can hand over to you the completed access road and the area on the right bank so that So you can begin the preparation work there, You can have them from tomorrow. I‘ll give you a letter of confirmation right after this meeting. Once we solve our problem with the 1andowners, which I believe we can soon, we will hand over the remaining part of the site area. Bian: Mr. Sukhnandan, let me make it plain to you. The delay in handing over the site area has adversely affected our construction plan. We have to request you to extend the completion time of this Project accordingly. Meanwhile, we reserve the right to be reimbursed for any costs incurred because of the delay. Fifteen engineers and technicians are already here waiting eagerly to start their jobs. A lot of preparation work needs to be done by us, especially the traffic road within the site. Sukh: understand your position, Mr. Bian. As for the compensation, we‘ll try to settle this matter I


according to the contract. Bian:To make this project a success, we need cooperation from each other. Sukh:I couldn‘t agree more. 2. Laying out the site (To construct the works smoothly and efficiently, the site needs to be arranged properly. Today, Mr. Bian and Mr. Cheng are talking to Mr. Sukhnandan about the plan to lay out the whole site.) Sukh:The other day, you told me that you were going to build up two camps on the site. Could you elaborate on your plan, Mr. Bian? Bian:According to our construction plan, our first camp, which we call―Camp A‖, will be located at the junction of the two access roads leading to the dam and the power house. It will mainly be used for storage of construction materials, spare parts, etc… A parking lot and a repair shop will be set up within this area. The power bender will also be located here. Sukh:What will be the size of this camp? Bian:It will cover an area of about 4000 square meters. Sukh:How much is that in acres? I am not quite familiar with the Metric System. Bian:Sorry, we are not used to the British System. Cheng:Just a minute. Let me work it out with my small calculator. Let‘s see, … It‘s 4785 square yards. About one acre. Sukh: That‘s acceptable. This piece of land belongs to the government. We‘ll get it approved soon. What about the other camp? Bian:The other camp, which we call―Camp B‖, is mainly for the accommodation of the Chinese professionals and the offices. It‘s also where we have our weekly and monthly review meetings. What do you call this kind of camp? Shaw:Man camp, to be specific, but it belongs to construction camp in general;or you could say it‘s part of the whole construction camp. Sukh: There‘s no clear distinction between these terms, even among professionals. When will it be located? Bian:On the right-hand side of the access road, about half a mile from Camp A. It will occupy approximately the same area. Sukh: Why do you have to choose this area, Mr. Bian? It is a part of this Country‘s nature preserve. Though our government is in full support of this project, it will don‘t sanction it at the price of damaging its beautiful environment. I don‘t think we could get the approval from the appropriate department. Bian: see, this area is ideal for Camp B. It‘s comparatively flat and this makes it easy for us to You build the houses for bedrooms and offices. The key point is, it‘s close to the job site and the source of a potable water supply. Once we are given that piece of land, we‘ll be strictly confined to it and do everything we can to keep it in good order. Anyway, could you have a try with the government, please? Sukh:OK, if you insist. But I don‘t see much chance of its being approved. Bian:Now, I would like Mr. Cheng to describe our plan to arrange the other temporary facilities on the site. Cheng:From our site investigations, we have found a piece of land with a gentle slope, where we want to locate the batching plant and the crushing system because it is very close to the


dam site and easy to be flattened. Sukh:What‘s the exact distance from the dam site and in which direction? Cheng:It‘s 500 meters, oh, around 1630 feet in your system, to the south of the dam site, on the right bank of the River. If we can get the approval, it will facilitate our concrete production and transportation. Sukh:Will you submit to us all the layouts of the temporary works together with a 1etter of application? We‘ll try to get them approved Soon, if possible. Bian:The sooner, the better. Sukh:I will do my best, but I can‘t commit myself to getting the approval. All I can promise is that you will have a reply within a week, whether positive or negative. Bian:That‘s what the Contract says! WORDS AND EXPRESSIONS Works take possession of hand over consultant chief engineer access road be specific about appendix requisition left bank grant permission disturb be obsessed with lighting power be concerned about dam site power-house junction rainy season make an effort right bank letter of confirmation landowner remaining part delay extend the completion time accordingly reserve reimburse incur construction material 工程,工厂 占有,占用 移交,交出 咨询顾问 总工程师 进场道路 对……有明确规定 附录,附属物 征用 左岸 给予许可 打扰,打乱,妨碍 对……着迷,抱着……不放 照明用电 对……关心 坝址 电站厂房 (道路,河流等的)交叉处 雨季 努力 右岸 确认函 土地的主人 剩余时间 延误,耽搁 延长竣工时间 相应地,因此 保留 补偿 导致,引起 施工材料


spare parts parking lot repair shop cover an area of power bender cover an…area of metric system British system square yard acre Professional man camp belong to In general nature preserve the price of appropriate department ideal flat job site be confined to in good order crushing system letter of application commit on self to positive negative NOTES TO THE TEXT

备件 停车场 修理间 占地面积为 动力弯筋机 占……面积 公制 英制 平方码(=0836m2) 英亩(=4047 m2) 专业人员 生活营地 属于 大体上 自然保护区 以……为代价 主管部门 理想的 平坦的 工地 限制……的范围内 秩序井然 人工沙石系统 申请函 对……做出承诺,保证 积极的 消极的

1. layout:布置图,计划 如:site layout(现场布置图),若写成 lay out,则为动词词组,意 思是―对…进行布置或定位‖,如:lay out the site(对现场进行布置)。 2. approval:批准,认可其动词形式为―approve‖,是工程管理中的常用词。 3. special conditions:特殊条件,专用条件 它是合同文件一个重要组成部分,常被称为―第 二部分‖(Part II),一般条件或通用条件英语为―general conditions‖,常被称为―第一部分 (Part I)‖。 4. free of charge:免费 有时 free 单独使用时也有―免费的‖,―免税的‖意思,如:a free drink(一杯免费饮料),free discharge(免费卸货),free goods(免税进口的货物)。 5. in return:作为回报,作为报答 例如:The boss gave all the workers a rise, and in return, they worked harder than ever. (老板 给所有工人都涨了工资,作为报答,工人们于活更卖力了。) 6. for nothing:在这里也是―免费‖的意思,相当于 free of charge。这个词组有时候还有―徒 然‖的含义。 例如:The flood came, so all the efforts made by the workers went for nothing. (由于来了洪水,工人们所作的一切努力成了徒劳。)。


7. solve the problem: 解决问题 也可以说 work out the problem, 常指解决难题, 如果说―回 答问题‖,则说 answer the question,请注意这两个词组的搭配。另外,课文中还出现了 settle the matter 这个词组, 意思也是―解决问题‖, 常用来 指解决法律和合同方面的问题。 8. make…available: 意思是―提供……使其处于可使用的状态‖, 相当于 provide and able to be used。 例如:Water and power will be made available on the site by July 1. (工地在七月一号前通水通电。) 9. slow down:降低速度,慢下来 它既可以是及物的,也可以是不及物的。 例如:The car slowed down. (汽车降低了速度。) Failure of the excavator to work efficiently greatly slowed down the progress of the excavation. (挖掘机工作效率不高大大地降低了开挖的速度。) 这个词组的反义词是 speed up (加快速度)。 10.make … plain 将……讲清楚这个词组中的 plain 意思是―明白的‖,―清楚易懂的‖,等于 clear。 例如:It is plain to everybody that the delay was caused by the flood event. (大家都清楚延误是由洪水事件引起的。) 11.as for:至于,在……方面 12.according to the contract:根据合同,按照合同也可以说 in accordance with the contract, 但多见于书面语。 13.elaborate on:对……做进一步详尽的说明 这个词组相当 add rnore detail to。例如:Just tell us the facts, please. Don‘t elaborate on them. (请只告诉我们事实,不要多作解释。) 14.storage:储藏,保管 如:put the goods in storage(将货物入库),storage yard(储料场) 15.be familiar with:对……很熟悉,精通 例如:He is very familiar with the contract documents. (他对合同文件十分熟悉。) This engineer is familiar with both English and Arabic. (这个工程师既精通英语,又精通阿拉伯语。) 请注意这个词组与 be familiar to(为…所熟悉)的用法上的不同, 例如:This song is familiar to the local people. (这首歌为当地人所熟悉。) 16.work out:计算出,解决,制定 如:work out all the expenses(计算出所有开支;work out a problem(解决一个难题);work out a plan(制定一项计划) 17. used to: be 习惯于, 被用来 请注意当这个词组作―习惯于‖讲时, 后面接名词或动名词, 当作―被用来‖讲时,后面接动词不定式。 例如:The workers have been used to working at night. (工人们已习惯于上夜班。) All the lumber will be used to make formwork. (所有木材将被用来做模板。) 18.potable water:饮用水 也可以说 drinking water,―工业用水‖英语是 industrial water。 19.The sooner, the better.:越快越好 英语中两个比较级连用表示―越…越…‖。 例如:The better you do the job, the more pay you‘ll get. (你工作做得越好,得到的报酬越高。) 20.see much chance:认为可能性很大 chance:可能性,机会,这个词构成的词组或句型在 口语中很常用,如 by chance(意外地);Chances are…(很可能……);I‘ll chance it. (我冒 一下险);take one‘s chance(碰运气);stand a good chance(希望很大);stand no chance(没


有希望) 21.temporary facilities:临时设施 22.batching plant:混凝土搅拌厂,拌和楼 EXERCISES

也可以说 batch plant

1. When Mr. Shaw talks about the construction of the access road, he says, ―It happens to be the rainy season and the rains have slowed down our progress.‖ (现在碰巧是雨季,下雨降低了我们的进展的速度。) ―…happens to do (be) sth‖is a very useful expression, meaning ―正巧…‖。 Now,you try doing the following: 1)在开挖时,碰巧发现了一些古物。 (During the excavation, some antiques happened to be discovered.) 2) A:Have you seen David recently? B:昨天我在超级市场购物时正好见到他。 (I happened to see him when I was doing shopping in the Supermarket yesterday.) 3) A:Was anyone injured in the cave-in accident? B:很幸运,塌方时碰巧所有人员都在隧洞外面,所以没有造成人员伤亡。 (Fortunately,all the people happened to be out of the tunnel when the cave -in occurred. So no one got injured.) 2. Remember what Mr. Suknandan says when he responds to Mr. Bian‘s request to extend the completion time? He says, ―…As for the compensation, we‘ll try to settle the matter according to the contract.‖ (至于补偿,我们将按合同努力解决。)The phrase ―according to‖ is used quite often during a negotiation, meaning―根据,按照‖。 Now you try doing the following: 1) A:Why have you canceled the plan of tomorrow‘s concrete placement? B:因为根据天气预报,明天将有大雨。 (Because, according to the weatherman, there will be a heavy rain tomorrow.) 2) 根据合同第十五条的规定,你方应于上月底之前向我方颁发该区段移交证书。 (You should have issued to us the taking-over certificate for the section by the end of last month according to Clause 15 of the contract.) 3) A:Why do you reject the cement? B:按照技术规范,所有运到现场的水泥都应为标准重量的密封袋装水泥。散装水泥不予 验收。 (According the technical specifications, all the cement shall be delivered to the site in sealed bags of standard weight. Bulk cement is not acceptable.) 3. When the owner hands over the site late, Mr. Bian says, ―Meanwhile, we reserve the right to be reimbursed for any costs incurred by us because of the delay.‖ (我方保留要 求你方赔偿 因担搁而使我方导致的费用的权利。) ―reserve the right to‖ is a very useful phrase used in administration of a contract, meaning―保 留……权利‖。 Now you try doing the following: 1) 因为这件事属于不可抗力,我们保留对此提出索赔的权利。 (Because this event is force majeure, we reserve the right to lodge a claim for it.) 2) 这仅仅是协议草案,我们保留对其修改的权利。


(As this is just a draft agreement, we reserve the right to modify it.) 3) 我们保留随时撤回此项授权的权利。 (We reserve the right to revoke this delegation at any time.) 背景与指南(BACKGROUND AND DIRECTION) 为了能使承包商顺利地开工 (commence the work),在国际工程承包(international project contracting)合同中一般都对承包商占有现场(possession of the site) 作出规定。有的合同规定 了业主给予承包商现场占有现场各部分的范围 (extent)、顺序 (order) 及具体日期 (date) ; 有的则规定,在业主代表或业主的监理工程师签发开工命令 (issue commencement order) 同 时,按照已批准的进度计划 (approved programme),由业主陆续提供各期间施工所需的现场 部分 (portions of the site)。同时还规定,若业主不能按规定提供现场,承包商有权获得相应 的延期 (extension of time) 以及有关费用的补偿(cost compensation)。 由于能否及时占有现场直接关系到承包商是否顺利地实施工程, 承包商在施工准备阶段 (construction preparation stage)的最重要的任务之一就是督促业主将现场按时移交 (hand over the Site on time)。一旦业主没按时移交现场,承包商要在合同规定的时间内,向业主发出有 关工期及费用的索赔意向通知(notification of his intention to claim),以弥补自己的损失。 合理的现场布置有助于承包商高效率地进行工作(work efficiently)。生活营地 (man camp),材料储存场 (storage area),混凝土搅拌厂 (batching plant),以及施工设备停放场 (parking lot) 的安排要以便利施工为标准。但现场的布置一般要征得业主的同意。由于环境 保护等方面的原因, 有时现场的设置还要经主管部门 (appropriate department) 审批承包商要 尽力说服业主同意自己安排并寻求主管部门韵批准。 为此, 承包商可向业主作出一些有关承 诺。


To get the project under way, a lot of equipment and materials are required. ALL these have to be purchased or hired and delivered to the construction site. The purchasing clerks of the Contractor make enquiries, negotiate supply contracts and, sometimes, hire equipment that is needed for a short period only. I the goods are imported from a third country or the home country of the Contractor, they will have to go through the Customs clearance formalities and, therefore, a Customs by the Contractor. 1. Making an Enquiry (Mr. Huang, who is in charge of purchasing the goods for the Hydro Project, is now in Hurricane Trading Corporation enquiring of Mr. Chamberlain, Sales Manager of the Corporation about some construction materials.) Cham: Hello, Mr. Huang. How nice to see you again! Huang : Nice to see you-again, too, Mr. Chamberlain. Cham: When did you come back to this country? Huang: Only last week. How is the business? Cham: Pretty good. I hear that COCC has won the contract to construct the hydro works. Is that true? Huang : You're well informed Yes, that's why I am back. When I came here to study the local market for the preparation of our bid last November, I told you that I would come again for a detailed business talk with you once we got the contract. Now, I am here again. Cham : We really appreciate your visit, Mr. Huang. Our corporation has just expanded business operations, thanks to increasing demand and our good reputation. I addition to steel and lumber, we now also deal in such construction materials as cement, bitumen and PVC pipes. Here is our new catalogue. Huang : Thank you. Cham: Do you have any idea of what to order from us? Huang : Let me see. Please quote us for Catalogue no. 12 , that is, Grade 60, A615 hot rolled corrugated steel bars of size 3/8‖X 40‘. Remember that if the price is acceptable to us, we‘ll place an order of not less than 50 tons for the first delivery. Cham: I know you're a big potential customer for us. We41 certainly give you a most favourable price even for the first deal. I believe we will be able to build a good business relationship with each other. Cham: No problem. The technical data are always available from the laboratory of the manufacturer. Huang: To be frank with you, I've enquired of several local trading companies and I'm also waiting for their quotations, but I hope you will be chosen as our long-term supplier. Cham: Thanks. I'll send you our quotation sheets to you in two days. Although we are not the biggest supplier in this line, well prove to you that we are the best. 2. Talking about the Transport (An order has been placed for 500 tons of explosive for the Hydro-electric Project at FOB price,


Miami, the United States. A carrier has to be found for the transportation from the loading port to the construction site. Mr. Huang is talking to Mr. O'Neil, country manager of Tropical Shipping, a very well-known international shipping company registered locally, on this matter.) Huang: On Wednesday, we faxed you our enquiry regarding freight rate for our ordered explosive-Powermax, but we haven't received your reply yet. O‘Neil: Sorry about that. You see, Mr. Huang, this commodity is listed as extremely dangerous. We've had to take time to investigate the handling requirements. Now that you are here, we can have a face-to-face talk. Huang: What's the result of your investigation? O‘Neil: First of all, we have to use containers for its transportation by sea to prevent the explosive from being moistened and for the convenience of its loading and discharge. Huang: There's one thing that worries me. This kind of explosive could be very dangerous under high temperature. This is a tropical region and it's -quite hot all the year around. If containers are used, how can the temperature inside them be controlled. O'Neil: Don't worry about it, Mr. Huang. Through our investigation, we have found this kind of explosive can be transported without danger as long as the temperature does not exceed 125 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperatures inside the containers are much lower than that even in the hottest weather of dry season. However, we have made careful plans and will take special precaution to safeguard its transportation by sea. Huang: How about the inland transport, that is, from the unloading port to the warehouse on our site? O'Neil: Lowboys will be used and the police will escort them all the way to your site in line with our national security law. Huang: What is a lowboy? O'Neil: Just a kind of trailer with very low flat bed for carrying containers and major equipment. Huang: How often do you sail from Miami to the loading port in this country? O‘Neil: We have weekly sailings and can spread out your 500 tons any way you like. Huang: And the freight rate? O'Neil: 3, 000 US dollars per 20-foot container. The rate is all inclusive from the loading port to your site. Huang: I'm afraid it is too high. O'Neil: You see, Mr. Huang, what we are talking about is explosive, not cement or something. Special care has to be taken all the way. This will incur extra costs to us. Besides, the police will charge us for their service, too. Huang: Will you give me your quotation sheet? I have to take it back to our office and discuss it with our manager. O‘Neil: It's ready for you. Anyway, please let me know your reply as soon as possible. I have to file it with the Police Headquarters to fulfil1 our legal requirement. Huang: OK, Mr. O'Neil. 3. Hiring Equipment ( A large quantity of excavation work has to be finished as soon as possible in order to match the construction schedule. As the equipment working on the job site is not sufficient, The project


manager decides to hire an excavator and a loader. Mr. Yang is enquiring of Mr. Boles, equipment manager of Beli Construction Holdings, about the equipment he wants to hire.) Yang: I have been told, Mr. Boles, that you are in charge of the construction equipment leasing and hiring business in this company. I am here to see if I can hire some equipment from you. Boles: You've come to the right place, Mr. Yang. We are involved primarily in equipment leasing and hiring as well as mining operations. We own quite a lot of heavy construction equipment and can hire them to you at any time you like. Yang: What are they? Boles: We have bulldozer, excavators, loaders, motor graders, vibrating rollers and dump trucks. Yang: I am thinking of hiring an excavator and a loader this time. What's the volume of your excavator's bucket? Boles: The excavator is a 225 Caterpillar and has a bucket of about two and half cubic yards. Yang: And the loader? Boles: It's a 9508 Caterpillar. I think the volume of the bucket is about three cubic yards. Yang: What are their hire rates respectively? Boles: Where do you intend to use them? Yang: They will be used to excavate the foundation pit of the powerhouse on the job site. Blasting will be done before the excavator is used. What the excavator dig is just small broken pieces of the rock. The working conditions are not so bad. Boles: Well, Mr. Yang, we have two rates for you. The hourly rate is US $75 for the excavator and US $50 for the loader. The monthly rate is US $22, 500 for the excavator and US $150, 00 for the loader. Yang: Does the rate include the fuel and the operator? Boles: Yes, and maintenance as well. Yang: How about the rate if we provide the fuel and the operator? Boles: As a rule, we have our own operators and don't allow other operators to use our machines. You know, the machines are very expensive. I hope you understand. Boles: However, if you provide the fuel free of charge, we can reduce the rate by US $5 for each hour or US $ l, 500 for each month. Yang: Who will be responsible for the transportation of the equipment from your plant depot to our job site? Boles: If the hire term exceeds 300 working hours or one working month, we will transport the equipment by trailer at our own cost. Otherwise, we will charge US $200 for the transportation of each machine. Yang: How do you usually record the working hours? Boles: Our operator fills in the time sheets which are countersigned by your site superintendent. We have set forms of time sheets. Every time sheet will be in duplicate, one copy is kept by each side. Payment will be made according to the time sheets. Yang: Talking about payments, how often do you want them to be made? Boles: At the end of each working week.



Boles: Yang:



Boles: Yang: Boles: Yang: Boles:

We prefer to pay you monthly because we get payment from the Project Owner every month. We plan to use your equipment for two months this time. It's not a short period. All right. Do you mean you will hire more equipment in the future? I would say yes and, probably, on a long term basis if the current rates could be reduced by 20 percent. The quantity of our excavation work has increased due to the change of the construction design. We're now thinking of buying or hiring additional equipment. Judging by our calculation, it is more cost-effective to hire equipment if the hourly hire rate, say, an excavator, could be around US $60. To show our friendship and goodwill to establish good relationships with you, I am willing to give a five percent discount of the rates I quoted you for the excavator and the loader. If you hire any equipment from us in the future for three months or more, we will reduce the rate by fifteen percent. Thank you. Before we hire your machines, we need to have them tested by our mechanical engineer to see if they are in good condition. We want to see them working efficiently on our job site. Will you make that arrangement for us? With pleasure. What time would be convenient for you? How about next Monday morning? OK. But give me a call before you come. If everything is all right, we want to the machines to begin working by next Thursday. No problem. As soon as we receive your notice and confirmation of our talk today, we will deliver the machines .to you.

WORDS AND EXPRESSIONS get the project under way deliver purchasing clerk make enquiries negotiate supply contract go through formality customs agent engage sales manager local market catalogue place an order favourable price construction design as per line of business bagged cement 开始执行项目 运达,交付 采购人员 询价,询问 谈判,协商 供货合同 通过,完成 手续 海关代理 雇用 销售经理 当地市场 (产品)目录 订货 优惠价格 施工计划 按照 业务范围 袋装水泥


in bulk technical data heat of hydration compressive strength explosive carrier shipping company freight rate handling requirement commodity container moisten dry season take special precaution safeguard inland transport escort national security law spread out fulfill quotation sheet match construction schedule mining operation heavy duty bulldozer excavator loader motor grader vibrating roller dump truck cubic yard foundation pit fuel operator maintenance time sheet countersign set form in duplicate current rate cost—effective goodwill discount

散装 技术数据 水化热 抗压强度 炸药 承运人,运输公司 船运公司 运输费 装卸要求 商品产品 容器 使……潮湿 干季 采取特别预防措施 保护,使……安全 内陆运送 护送 国家安全法 分摊 履行,完成 报价单 达到,与…一致 施工计划 开挖作业,采矿作业 重型的 推土机 挖掘机 装载机 电动平地机 振动碾 自卸卡车 立方码 基坑. 燃料 操作工 保养. 计时单 会签,‘副署 固定格式 一式两份 现有价格,时价 经济的,合算的 友好,:和善 折扣,减扣




N0TES To THE TEXT 1. 1.home country:(承包商)本国home在这里的意思是―国内的‖,‘如:home office(公司总 部),home—made(国产的),home equipment(国产设备)。 . 2. in charge(of):主管,负责如:the person in charge(负责人),in charge of power supply(负 责电力供应)。charge也可作动词,意思是―收费‖,―充电‖,如:charge 3 dollars for the service(收取服务费三元),charge the battery(给电瓶充电) 3. Hurricane Trading Corporation:飓风贸易公司 4. enquiring of Mr. Chamberlain about some construction materials:就一些施工材料向 Chamberlain先生询价enquire of sb.about sth.意思是譬就…向…询价问)‖,如: enquire of the project manager about the progress(向项目经理询问进度情况),enquire of the supplier about the office furniture(向供应商询问办公家具的价格)。 5. You're well informed!:你的消息可真灵通! 6. thanks to:由于在这里相当于owing to,because of。 7. 7.1umber:木材,木板美国人常说这个词,英国常说timber。 8. cement:水泥注意,这个词还有―胶合剂‖的含义。 9. bitumen:沥青也可以说asphalt,但bitumen:包括的范围更大。 10. PVC pipe:PVC管子PVC=polyvinyl chloride(聚氯乙烯) 11. 11.hot rolled corrugated steel bars:热轧竹节钢筋 12. the first delivery:在这里指的是―第一批订购的货物‖。 13. potential customer:潜在顾客potential意思是―潜在的‖,―有可能的‖,如:potential market(潜在市场)potential manager(未来的管理人员)。 14. build a good business relationship:建立良好的商务关系 15. You said it.:你说得对。这是口语中在赞同别人时常说的一句话。 16.Portland Cement:硅酸盐水泥,波特兰水泥 . . 17.ASTM C 一 150 Specifications:美国材料试验学会 c 一 150 规范 ASTM 为 American Society for Testing and Materials 的缩写。 18.contact:与…联系,接触这个词也可作名词,意思是―门路‖,―联系‖。 例如:That man has a 10t of contacts in the business circle. (那个人在商界熟人很多。) This is the contact telephone number of our agent.You can call him if you need any help. (这是我方代理的联系电话,你需要帮忙时可给他打电话。):. 19.to be frank with you:老实对你说 常用作插入语 20. loading port:装货港英语中―卸货港‖是 unloading port 21.country manager:这里指的是―设在该国家的分公司经理‖。 22.Tropical Shipping:这是一家船运公司的名称,意为:"热带船运"。 23.faxed you our enquiry:将我方的询价函传真给你 fax 在口语中常用作动词,意思是 send…by。fax(以传真的形式发送)。 24.Powermax:一种炸药名称。 25.first of all:首先这是口语中常用的表达法,常放在句首。 26。Fahrenheit:华氏温标―摄氏温标‖为 Centigrade,.二者的转换关系为。Fahrenheit=(9 /5℃ )+32

27.lowboy:一种低平板拖车,常用来运输重型设备。 28.file it with the Police Headquaters:向警察总署备案 29.leasing and hiring:这是两个同意词组合,仍为―租赁‖,的意思。英语中表示―租赁‖意思 的词还有 rent。 这几个词在有些场合下可替换使用, 但我们常说 hire a boat(租 船); rent a house(租房子);lease a piece of land(租÷ 片地)。 30.We‘re involved primarily in…:我们主要从事… be involved in:意思是―从事‖,―卷入 例如:This company is primarily involved in the construction of roads and bridges. (这个公司主要建设道路和桥梁。) You will be involved in the dispute if you put a finger in the matter. (如果你插手那件事,你将会卷入争端之中。) 31.bucket:铲斗,挖斗这个词还常有―(水)桶‖的意思。 32 a 225 Caterpillar:一台 225 型 Caterpillar 挖掘机 Caterpillar 后面省略了 excavator 一词, 下文的 a 950B Caterpillar 后面同样省略了 loader 一词。Caterpillar 为一家机械设备公司 的名子。 33. plant depot: 设备存放场 depot 意思是―库‖, ―基地‖, 如: fuel depot(油库), repair depot(修 理厂)。 34.fill in:填写英国用法,在美国说 fill out。 EXERCISES 1. When Mr . Huang wants to know the price of the material he needs , he says to Mr. Chamberlain,―Please quote US for Catalogue no.12…‖(请给我们报产品目录第 12 号的价格。);―So quote US the rate for bulk cement,please.‖(请给我们报散装水泥的单 价。) ―Please quote sb.(the price/rate)for sth.‖is a very useful sentence pattern in inviting suppliers to quote for their products,meaning―请给…报…的价格/单价。‖ Now you try doing the following: A:Our company deals in various construct、ion materials B:请给我们报毛骨料的价格。 (Please quote US the rate for all-in aggregate. .) 2)A:请给我们报这种马赛克的价格。 .(Please quote Us for this kind of mosaic.) B:What%the quantity you are going to order? 3)A:We can make windows of this kind according to?your specification. ‘B:请给我们报一百个的总价。 (Please quote US the lu.mp sum for one hundred.) 1. When Mr. 2Iuimg-needs some cement badly, says, he ―…we're in urgent need of 500 tons of each of Types 1 and 5 of Portland Cement,…‖(我们急需一型和五型硅酸盐水泥各五百 吨。) ―be in urgent need of sth.‖means―急需…‖ Now you try do the following: 1)A:我们急需十吨镀锌钢板,不知你方能否一周内交货。 (We're in urgent need of 1 0 tons of galvanized steel sheet.1 wonder if you could deliver it within one week.) B:No problem.


2)A:We can supply the course sand at the price of 10 dollars per cubic yard. B:虽然我们急需,但恐怕价格太高,我们无法接受。 . is true that were in urgent need of it, I'm. (It but afraid the price is too high for US to accept. 3)A:这种病属于传染性疾病,病人急需治疗。 (This disease is contagious and the patient's in urgent need of medical treatment.) B:How long will.he be hospitalized? In the text,Mr.Boles says,―…if you provide the fuel free of charge,we can reduce the rate by US$5 for each hour…‖(如果你们免费提供燃料,我们可以每小时降低五美元。);―If you hire any equipment from US in the future for three months or more,we‘ll reduce the rate by 15 percent.‖(如果今后你们从我方租用任何设备的时间达到或超过三个月,我们将把租费降低 百分之十五。) ―reduce the price/rate by…‖is a very useful expression when talking about price,meaning―把价 格/费率降低…‖。 Now you try doing the following: A:This is not the first time that we buy the asbestos-cement board(石棉水泥板)from you.I hope you can give US a favourable price. B:好吧,对于你们这次的订购,我们降价百分之三。 (AII right.We'll reduce the price by 3 percent for your order this time,) A:如果你们不将此价格降低十元,我们只得从别处购买了。 (If you don't reduce this price by 10 dollars,we have to make the purchase from other manufacturers.) B:I'm afraid to say you're asking too much. A:我们对常客一般降价百分之五。希望您常来。 (As a rule,we reduce the price by 5 percent to regular customers.I hope you could come often.) B:Thank you.I‘ll keep it in mind. 背景与指南(BACKGROUND AND DIRECTIONS)(1) 做好物资采购(procurement of goods)工作是搞好国际工程承包的重要环节之一。这不仅 因为材料与设备(materials and equipment)在工程合同中占有很大的比重,而且其采购与供应 直接关系到工程的进度与质量。特别是由于国际市场(international market)波动 大,加之供货渠道(source of supply)不广,因此,一个有经验的国际承包商(experienced international contractor)往往十分重视工程承包中的物资采购工作。 在投标前, 承包商一般要在工程所在国及邻近国际进行市场调查(market research), 寻中 标后工程所用物资的货源。中标后,应根据施工组织设计(construction management plan),编 制物资供应总计划,交物资部门(purchasing department)组织供应。物资部门接到计划后实施 设备材料的采购工作。 采购的第一步是询价,包括在承包商本国(home country),工程所在国(country where the project is executed)及第三国(third country)。凡在工程所在国能购到的材料设备,只要适用、 经济,且符合工程合同之规定,就应尽可能在当地询价、采购。询价的方式一般用传真向几 家供货商发出询价函,从中择优。询价时一定要将材料或设备的规格写清楚,以误购错,耽 误工程的施工。 对于大量的、 重要的以及定期的采购(substantial, important and regular purchase) 最好派专人进行口头谈判(verbal negotiation),以争取优惠的供货条件(special terms)。


对于一些特殊材料(special materials)(如,炸药),若采用离岸价(FOB price)购买,则必 须考虑到运输的安全问题。选择承运人(carrier)一定要慎重,不要单单根据运输费的报价来 确定。 租赁(1easing and hiring)也是施工设备(construction equipment)供应渠道之一。施工设 备的租赁一般用于两种情况:一种是在工程前期,在所购设备还没有到达现场之前,为了满 足紧急开工的需要而租赁;另一种情况是,由于有些设备虽然是施工所必要的,但使用时间 短,利用率低,对于此类设备也常常采用租赁方式。租赁施工设备除了要看租赁费,一定要 派机械工程师去检查设备的运行情况,以确保租后设备在现场的工作效率和出勤率(working efficiency and productivity)。


4. Negotiating a Supply Contract (To keep all the vehicles and equipment running on the job site, a large quantity of fuels and oils are consumed every day. Mr. Hung is trying to negotiate a supply contract with Mr. Martinez, Sales Manager of Esso Standard Oil Ltd. , for the whole construction period. ) Huang : . Mr. Martinez, we have examined the draft of the supply contract prepared byyour company. There are some clauses that I think need to be clarified or amended. Martinez: So, shall we go through them one by one and s.ee if we can finalize them today? .Huang: OK., Let's start with Clause 2 "Object Of ContractJ'. In addi~ionto premium gasoline and diesel, would you-be able to supply oils as well? You know, we also need a lot of them for the operation of our equipment. Martinez: In yqur faxed letter of--June 11, you just mentioned th'at you needed fuels for your project, if I remember correctly. That's why I put in only gasoline and diesel there. Huang : That was, perhaps, left out in our letter, a typing mistake. I meant to include oils. Martinez: Never mind. ESSO would be very glad to supply all kinds of oil, such as engine oil, hydraulic oil and lubricating oil. Huang: That's good. Now, let's move on to Clause 4. It's about the term of the supply contract. In this clause, it says, "The term of the Supply Contract is three years from this date and the Contract will expire automatically on the first day of January one thousand nine hundred and ninety-five. "It's true that the completion time of the Hydro Project will be three years according to our present construction schedule. However, the Project could be delayed for a period of time or completed ahead of schedule. You never can tell, even an experienced contractor like us. Can we change the wording to this: "The term of the Supply Contract starts on the first day of January of one thousand nine hundred and ninety-two and will expire on the date of completion of the Hydro-electric Project , for the purpose of which all the fuels and oils are purchased by COCC . " Martinez : I have no objection. Huang: In Paragraph 3 of Clause 6, which states the manner of delivery, does the term "the Buyer's order" include both verbal and written orders? Martinez : Our intention is that 'the Buyer's order" means any written order or order in writing. It does not include verbal orders. Huang: I hope you will accept our verbal orders, too. Sometimes we are in urgent need of some items, which allows us no time to send you a written order. Martinez : Mr. Huang , I'd like to offer you every possible convenience we can, but verbal orders could easily cause problems. Huang: Why not put the wording this way: "-.. after having received from the Buyer a written order , or a verbal order in which case a letter of confirmation will follow accordingly. " Martinez : This is acceptable. Huang: The next question comes from Clause 12 "Impossibility of Delivering Products". It is stated in this clause that in case you are not able to supply


any of the products, you will authorize us to acquire it from another supplier. I have a question here. Clause 16 stipulates you will grant us a three percent discount from the market price for all we buy from you, considering our regular puic'hase. If we buy the product from another supplier, can you guarantee that we get'.it at the same price and on the same terms? Martinez : In authorizing you to acquire the products from other suppliers, we waive our exclusivity on you and, in return, you release us from any liability for our failure to deliver the products. Huang: It seems unfair to us. The reason why we guarantee to buy exclusively from ESSO for such a long period is that we want to get what we need continuously and at a favourable price. Suppose I put in the contract that "In case that COCC does not buy exclusively from ESSO, then ESSO is deemed to be released of the requirement to deliver the products to COCC. "Surely you would not agree to such wording, and if we do so, this supply contract is meaningless to both sides. Martinez : Let me put it this way. In case ESSO can't supply any of the products to you, it will guarantee that you can get it at the same price and on the same terms from another supplier on one condition---that is, you must go to the supplier which is designated by ESSO. What do you say? Huang: That is reasonable. Martinez : Any other comments on this contract? Huang: A last one. About the termination of the contract in Clause 16. It says, " In the event of the Supplier failing to perform any of the obligations under this contract, the Buyer may terminate the contract by giving 60 days' notice in writing to the Supplier. " I think this is not complete. We have to insert between "...the Buyer may" and "terminate the contract..." wording like this : ", without releasing the Supplier's liabilities for the breach, ". Martinez : OK. I agree. 5. Engaging a Customs Agent . ( As all the imported goods are exempted from customs duties according to the Contract, a lot of materials and spare parts are purchased from China and other countries. Therefore ; a Customs agent is needed by the Contractor to obtain the Customs clearances. Mr. Huang is talking with Mr. Valdes, a reputable Customs House Broker, about the charges for acting as the Contractor's Customs Agent.) Huang : Mr. Valdes , we have been looking for a Customs agent for the clearance of our imported goods and are informed that you are one of the best Customs brokers. So, we're here. Valdes: Thank you, Mr .Huang. I am glad to hear that. We are fully aware that it's to their satisfaction. Huang : How much do you usually charge your client , please ? Valdes : Normally one percent of the CIF Value . Huang : That‘s rather on the high side . Valdes : I admit my charge is a little bit expensive, but it's the service that matters personal, friendly contacts with Customs Officers. All these guarantee an efficient and


Huang: .

Valdes: Huang: Valdes : Huang:


Huang : Valdes :

Huang: Valdes : .

Huang: Valdes :

Huang: Valdes :

time-saving clearance of your shipments. Mr. Valdes , I'm not talking about a small quantity of cargo to be cleared. You know we are building the dam structure and the power. house of a hydro project. We plan to import over ten million dollars' worth of materials and equipment. What we are concerned with is the value of each batch. The formalities are almost the same whether the cargo to be cleared is worth a lot or not. I am not so sure of the exact value of each lot. Anyhow, it won't be less than US $100, 000 in value on average. May I know what's on your mind? A rate of no more than 0.75% of the CIF Value might be acceptable. To tell the truth, it's easy to find a Customs agent at this rate. I am here just on the recommendation of a friend of mine who is, perhaps, your friend, too. The charge rate should be fixed according to the quality of the service. However, to show our goodwill, I would like to offer another way of calculating the charge that is certainly in your favour and acceptable to us. Please go ahead. For one batch of cargo, we'll charge you one percent on the first US $25, 000 of CIF Value, plus 0.75% on the second US $25 , 000, 0. 5% on the third US $25,000, 0.25% on the fourth US $25,000 and 0.1% on the balance over US $100, 000. I agree to this method. Another thing, how long does it take you to finish clearing the cargo through the Customs House? Normally, within four working days after I 'get from you import permit, bill of lading, invoice, insurance policy, packing list and all other necessary documents, provided the shipment has arrived at the Port. Do you think it possible to make it shorter? Mr. Huang , preparing the customs entry alone will take us one or two days. I would say that our service is the fastest among all the local customs brokers. In case you need the cargo badly, we will try to obtain PDOs for it, but you have to submit a supporting document, stating that it is in urgent need. The document has to be countersigned by the Project Owner's representative. We will apply with it for a PDO to the Customs Authority on your behalf and, in most cases, we can get it because they trust me. Fine. 1 hope our cooperation will be to our mutual benefit. I am sure that may years of experience will prove invaluable to you in clearing all your shipments within the shortest possible time.

WORDS AND EXPRESSIONS consume construction period draft clause clarify amend finalize

消耗,消费 施工期 草案,起草 条款 澄清 修正,修改 最终确定


object of the contract diesel faxed letter leave out typing mistake engine oil hydraulic oil lubricating oil move on to sth. term of the supply contract expire automatically completion time present ahead of schedule the manner of delivery verbal and written order authorize acquire regular purchase guarantee on the same terms waive exclusivity release…from/of wording meaningless on one condition comment perform obligations terminate the contract imported goods be exempted from Customs duty Reputable Customs house broker to one's satisfaction be engaged in shipment each batch in value on average on the recommendation of go ahead balance

合同标的 柴油 传真信函 遗漏,漏掉 打印错误 机油 液压油 润滑油 接下来做(看)… 供货合同期 自动到期 竣工时间 现在的 比计划提前 交货方式 口头及书面命令 授权 获得 定期购买 保证 以同样的条件 放弃(专利) 专有(权) 解除 措词 无意义的 以一条件为前提 评价,意见 履行义务 终止合同 进口的货物 免除 海关税 有声誉的 海关经纪人 另…满意 从事 装货,装运 每批货 按价值 平均 根据…的推荐 继续做,接着说 剩余部分,余额


import license invoice insurance policy packing list Customs entry submit supporting document on your behalf to our mutual benefit invaluable

进口许可证 发票 保险单 装箱单 进口报关单 提交 证明文件 代表你方 对我们双方都有利 非常宝贵的,无比的

NOTES To THE TEXT 1. Esso Standard Oil Ltd : Esso标准石油有限公司 2. one by one:逐个地 请注意 by这个词的这种用法,又如 : two by twd (两个两地), step by step (一步一步地)little by little (一点一点地). 3. start with :从…开始 这个词组后面常接开始的对象和内容,也可以说begin with。 例如: Let's start with the concrete crew. (我们从混凝土队开始.) Knowledge starts with practice. (知识始于实践) 4. in addition to : 除…之外(还有) 等于besides,请不要与expect弄混 5. premium gasoline : 高级汽油 英语中"普通汽油'' 是regular gasolline, gasoline 在口语中也可以说gas. 6. oils:在此用复数形式用来表示 " (非燃料的) 各类由''如下文的engine oil, hydraulic oil 及 lubricating oil 等。请注意不可数名词中用法。 7. You never can tell, …;谁也不知道,很难预料 也说 You can nerver tell, 这是口语中常用 句型,相当于 You can never be sure. 8. Sometimes we are in urgent need of some items, which allows us no time to send you a written order. : 有时,我们急需一些油,来不及向你们发出书面命令。请注意这句话中定语 从句的特殊用法,句中的关系代词which代替的是前面整个句字的意思,即:―急 需油‖这件事。allow sb. no time to do sth. : 使某人没有时间做某事。 9. failure to deliver the prodcuts: 未能交付这些产品 fail/failure to do sth.意思是―未能做…‖如 下文的 failing to perform any of the obligations under the contract即为:未能履行 合同之义务。 10. What do you say?: 你对此有什么看法? 这是口语中征求别人的看法时常说的一句话。 11. in the event of 倘若,如果 这个词组常用于合同及其他法律文件中。. 12. giving a 60 days' notice :提前六十天发通知 请注意英语这一表达法。 13. CIF value : 到岸价值 这是一贸易术语,CIF是Cost, Insurance and Freight (成本,保险费 及运费)的缩写形式。 14. That's rather on the high side. : 你们的收费太高了。 15. but it's the service that matters more: 但要看服务的质量 matter 在这里是动词,意思是―很 重要‖, ―关系很大‖,如我们在回答别人的歉意时, 常常说,It, doesn't matter.(没 关系) 16. We plan to import over ten million dollars' worth of materials and equipment. :我们计划进口 价值一千万元以上的材料和设备。这句中worth是名词,相当于value。但在下文 "...whether the cargo to be cleared is worth a lot or not. "的 worth 则是一个后面常


接宾语的形容词,意思是―植…‖,―值得的‖。 例如: This batch of goods is worth one hundred thousand dollars. (这批货值十万元。);. The quality is worth noticing. (质量值得注意。) The new construction method is worth trying. (新的施工方法值得尝试。) 17. to tell the truth: 老实说 与前文的to be frank with you 用法相同。 18. in your favour :对你方有利 in one‘s favour 这个词组在财务上还有―以…为受款人‖的意 思。例如 : This cheque is drawn in the supplier's favour. ( 开具的这张支票的受款 人是供货商。 19. the Customs House: 常指―港口的海关‖。 20. provided the shipment has arrived at the port :如果货物已到港口 provied 在这儿是连词, 是 provided that 的省略形式,意思是―假如‖,―以…为条件‖。 21. PDO :货物预提单 这是 pre-delivery order 的缩写形式, 指货物事先不经过海关验关就可 提走的一中提货单 (delivery order) . EXERCISES 1. When Mr. Huang gives suggestions on how to draft the clause of Manner of Delivery, he says, " Why not put the wording this way?‖ (为什么不这样措词呢?或我看是否这样措词 呢?) "Why not do... ?" is a very useful oral expression in giving a suggestion, meaning ―为什么不…呢?‖or―我看是否…呢?‖ Now, you try doing the following : 1) A: The two diesel generators we ordered have not been delivered to the job site yet. B:为什么不给供货商打个电话问一问呢? (Why not make a call to the supplier and ask him about it?) 2) A: I am afraid we will not be able to finish the work within this month.. B: 为什么不让工人加班呢? (Why not ask the workers to work overtime?) 3) A: We are thinking of referring this dispute to arbitration. B: 为什么不友好解决呢? (Why not settle it in an amicable way?) 2. When Mr. Huang wants to know the time required for clearing the cargo through the Customs House, he asks, ―…how long does it take you to finish clearing the cargo through the Customs House?‖(你们办理货物请关需要多长时间) ―It takes sb. some time to do sth..‖ is very useful expression in describing the time required to do something, meaning ―需要花费…时间才能完成某事‖。 Now, you try doing the following : 1) A:这项工程你们需要多长时间完成? (How long will it take you to complete this project?) B: About 5 years. 2) A: 你们花费多少天完成这块混凝土的立模? (How many days did it take you to finish erecting the formwork for this block of concrete?) B: About 5 days. 3) A: 我想我们至少还需要一个月的时间完成调压井的开挖。


(I think it will take us at least one more month to finish the excavation of the surge shaft. ) B: Really? That's a much longer time than expected. 背景与指南(BACKGROUND AND DIRECTIONS) (2) 对于工程常用油料 (oils and fuels), 需要能保证长期得到供应以及获得优惠价格。为此, 承包商一般与一家当地石油公司(local oil company)签定一个供应合同。合同草案(draft of contract) 常指供应商拟定,经承包商与其协商修改后签定。承包商的合同管理人员一定要 对合同逐条加以研究, 弄清合同中每句话的含义, 确保不因为合同签定的不合理而遭受损失 ( suffer losses)。如在课文中,供应商提供的合同文本中有这样一句话:―一旦供应商不能 供应任何油料,则他将授权买方(承包商)从另一供应商去购买―,却对买方由此可能遭受 的 损失只字不提。由于合同的起草方一般掌握着合同中各项规定的主动权,所以,承包商 应力争成为合同的起草方,因此,承包商的合同管理人员应具有英语起草合同的能力。这就 要求此类人员具备很高的语言水平和专业素质(proficiency in English and professional competence)。 在国外承包工程,往往需进口大量物资,因而通常雇佣一海关代理(Customs agent), 帮助承包商办理清关手续。 选择代理人一定要看其声誉和能力, 以保证货物到港后能很快转 运到工程现场, 及时投入使用。 关于代理费 (agency commissions) ,一个声誉好的代理人 (行) 一般都有自己的收费标准。但由于工程承包需进口大量物资,每批货的价值也比较大,对代 理人很有吸引力,因此,收费标准也是可以谈判商定的。最后双方签订代理协议书 (agency agreement). 货物清关的大致程序是 : 1. 承包商将货运单提交代理人。货运单据常包括进口许可证 ( import licence) ; 提单(bill of lading) ; 商业发票 (commercial invoice) 或形式发票 (pro-forma invoice) ; 装箱单 (packing list) ;保险单 (insurance policy) ; 原产地证书 (certificate of origin) 等 2.清关代理准备进口报关单 (Customs entry). 3.海关在审核各种单证一致(consistent),并与到港物资相符后,允许承包商提货 (collect the goods)。 在某些国家, 如果提货人能证明待提货为急需物品 (goods urgently needed) ,则可申请货物 预定单 (pre-delivery order/PDO),若获得此单证, 则所提货物可在港口处不经过验关即可取 走,验关工作可由海关派员到进口人货物仓库进行。由于承包商的进口物资采用集装箱 (container)装运, 若在海关验关 (Customs inspection) ,则极为麻烦,所以,尽量要求代理 人为所进口物资获得此类预定单。


As there is a tunnel of about three miles to be excavated for the Hydroelectric Project, two JTH2A-90 Two Booms Hydraulic Wheel Jumbos have been purchased from Furukawa Co. Ltd., Japan. Because this kind of equipment is a new model, the Manufacturer, requested by the Contractor, sends Mr. Sunaga , a mechanical engineer, to train the operators so that the two 'machines are used efficiently and safely. 1. Arranging the Training (The phone rings) Secretary: COCC office. Can I help you? Saito: Hello, may I speak to the person in charge of equipment? Secretary: Just a minute, please. (calls Mr. Huang) Mr. Huang , you're wanted on the phone. Huang: Hello, my name is Huang. I am in charge of the cargo. Saito: Hello, Mr. Huang. This is a long distance call from USA Branch Office of Furukawa. My name's Saito. Our headquarters in Japan have asked me to contact you about the training of your operators for the rock drill jumbos you've bought from us. Huang: I have been waiting for your call, Mr. Saito. I am informed by the shipping company that the machines have arrived at the port and we will get them delivered onto our site within the next few days. Saito : When do you want us to send our engineer to you then? Huang : We plan to do the training from 15th to 27th of this month, a week from today. So, I want your engineer to arrive here on 13th or 14th. Saito : OK, Mr. Huang. Huang : One thing I have to mention, does the engineer speak English? No one here can speak Japanese. Saito : We will send Mr. Sunaga to you. He's been staying in the United States for nearly 3 years and speaks very good English. Don't worry about it. Oh, we need a letter of invitation from you. Please send it to US as soon as possible so that Mr. Sunaga can get his visa in time. Huang : We'll do that through the Owner tomorrow. Saito : Could you go to the airport to pick up Mr. Sunaga? Huang : Sure. Saito: By the way, have you received the Operation Manuals and the Parts Books? They will be useful during the training. Huang: Not yet. Your headquarters told us that we will receive them by 11th at the latest. Saito: OK, Mr. Huang, in case you need any help, just let me know. Huang: Thank you, Mr. Saito and thanks for calling. 2. On-site Training――Operating (Mr. Sunaga is showing the Chinese operators how to operate the rock jumbo. ) Sunaga: First of all, let me give you a brief description. This machine is a fully hydraulic wheel type jumbo with two booms. It is designed and manufactured with up-to-date


engineering techniques on the basis of many years of our experience. It is 11.1 metres long, 2.17 metres wide and 2.8 metres high with a gross weight of 18 tonnes. Operator: What's the gradeability of it? Sunaga: 15 degrees. Before it climbs a ramp, make sure that the slope is less than that, otherwise you will have to use a loader or something that pulls well to help. Operator: What about the minimum turning radius? I mean the outer radius. Sunaga: 8 metres. To be safer, you must drive it as slowly as possible when you have to turn it at such a radius. Now, let's have a look at this machine part by part. These are the two drifters…… (After describing all the parts) Sunaga: I think you have a general picture of it now. Let's come to the operation procedure. Before operating this machine, the first step is to check the engine oil, hydraulic oil, brake fluid and compressor oil. You must be certain that the oils are within the specified ranges of the oil level gauges. To check the oil levels accurately, you need to place the machine horizontally. If you want to recheck the oil level after filling with oil, wait for several minutes. It takes some time for oil to reach the sump. Secondly, you have to see whether there are any loose bolts or damaged oil hoses. Tighten the check nuts if necessary. After you finish all this, you can start the engine. Now, I'll show you how to start the engine. Watch carefully and follow me. Pull this engine control lever slightly, approximately 5 degrees, and turn this starter switch to "HS" ...... The next step, a very critical one, is the drilling operation. When you drive up to the working face, lower the outriggers to stabilize the machine. Then you connect the water hose and blow air hose, like this. Now the reel cable. Be sure everything is OK before you turn on the main switch of the power supply. The voltage reading on the control panel must be 380V. Warm up the machine for protection of the devices until the oil temperature anomaly lamp is extinguished. Now you can proceed with the drilling operation. Look carefully, first throw the rotation lever forward slowly and…… One thing to remind you. This is a tropical region and often the temperature is quite high. After working, remember to idle the engine for some time to let it cool down before you stop it. 3. On-site Training----Maintenance and Trouble Shooting (Mr. Sunaga is showing the operators how to maintain the machine and shoot troubles. ) Sunaga: Today we'll see how to do the trouble shooting and maintain the machine. All of our machines have passed the strict inspections and tests before sale and can be used safely. However, the performance, safety, working efficiency and service life greatly depend on your daily handling and maintenance. Have you got the Operation Manuals with you? Operator: Yes. Sunaga: Fine. We'll refer to the Manual as we go along. As I said just now, regular maintenance is very important in ensuring that the machine is always operated in the best conditions. Let's see what we have to do to make the machine work well. Again, change the hydraulic oil if it is found to be contaminated or moisture is mixed in it. This is the first thing you must keep in mind because hydraulic oil plays a very


Operator: Sunaga:

Operator: Sunaga: Operator: Sunaga:

Operator: Sunaga:

Operator: Sunaga: Operator:

important role in the machine's functioning. As you know, this is a hydraulic jumbo. You have to replace the oil filters and the air cleaners at regular intervals... How often do we replace them? For the oil filters, 50 working hours for the first time on a new machine and after that, every 300 hours. For the air cleaners, every 400 hours. It's better to clean them during the interval. Now let's move on to the drive unit area. You grease the centre bearing every 40 working hours and... Next is how to do the trouble shooting. Sometimes problems occur during the operation. First you try to find where the trouble lies. Suppose the gradeability is poor. Where do we have to check? We have to see if the parking brake and the foot brake are released completely. If yes, then where do we go next? I am not sure, perhaps... You can find the right answer in the trouble shooting flowchart on page 81 of the Manual. That is, we go on to check whether there're any oil leakages, whether the hydraulic oil level is too low or contaminated or the suction filter is clogged. So, always refer to the Chart for help if you're not sure of how to locate the trouble. How do we know it's time to overhaul the machine? Normally, only the units, like the engine, the two drifters and the compressors need to be overhauled. The other parts need to be checked and maintained regularly only. You can find what .need to be overhauled, and how many hours they work before they should be overhauled, in the Manual. To control lever overhaul the units, you need to work together with your mechanical engineer in this field or ask us for help, for some of the procedures are quite complicated and special tools are needed. Any questions? We don't have any for-the moment. OK. Tomorrow, we will practise drilling the rock with the machine. We're eager to try for ourselves.

WORDS AND EXPRESSIONS equipment operator tunnel boom jumbo mechanical engineer manufacturer branch office letter of invitation visa operation manual parts book brief description: , up-to—date engineering technique 设备操作工 隧洞 转臂 钻车,台车 机械工程师 制造商 分公司 邀请函 签证 操作手册 零件手册 简述 最新的 工程技术


gradeability ramp radius drifter general picture operation procedure brake fluid compressor specified range oil level gauge sump bolt oil hose check nut engine control lever starter switch drilling operation working face outrigger stabilize Water hose blow air hose reel cable main switch voltage reading control panel warm up oil temperature anomaly lamp extinguish tropical region cool down working efficiency service life refer to the Manual in the best conditions contaminate moisture keep in mind functioning oil filter air cleaner centre bearing brake ‘

爬坡能力 斜坡,坡道 半径 凿岩机 概貌,大致情况 操作程序 刹车油 压缩机 规定的范围 油标尺 油箱,油槽 螺栓 油管 防松螺母 发动机 控制杆,操纵杆 启动开关 钻孔作业 工作面 (钻车)支架,支腿 使……稳定 水管。 喷气管 卷盘电缆 主开关 电压读数 控制盘 预热 油温反常指示灯 熄灭,扑灭 热带地区 冷却 工作效率 服务寿命,工作寿命 参照手册 处于最佳状态 污染 水汽,潮湿 牢记 功能 机油滤芯 空气滤芯 中心轴承 制动器,刹车


release flowchart oil leakage suction clog locate the trouble overhaul

释放,松开 流程图 漏油 吸油(管) 堵塞 确定故障位置 大修

NOTES TO THE TEXT 1. JTH2A-90 Two Booms Hydraulic Wheel Jumbo:JTH2A-90 型双臂液压轮胎式钻岩台车 这是一种常用的洞挖设备。 2. Furukawa Co. Ltd:谷河股份有限公司 是日本的一家设备制造销售商。C0.Ltd 等于 Corporation Limited。在英语中,―有限公司‖英国人一般说 Limited Corporation,而美国 人一般说 Incorporated corporation 3. you‘re wanted on the phone:有你的电话 这是喊别人接电话时的用语。 4. long distance call;长途电话这是美国用法,在英国常说 trunk call. 5. rock drill jumbos:钻岩台车 与下文的 rock jumbo 一样,都是在-口语中对前面的 JTH2A--90 Two Booms Hydraulic Wheel Jumbo 的简称。 6. get them delivered onto our job site:(派人或找陆运公司)将其运到工地 get sth.done 意 思是―请或使人做某事‖。请注意此英语表达法。 7. pick up:(开车)去接某人 例如:Please go to the site office to pick up Mr.Wang.(请去现场办公室去接王先生。) 8. on-site training:现场培训,on-site 意思是―在现场的‖,如:on-site vehicle (现场车 辆),on-site assembly(现场组装),on-site concrete production(现场混凝土生产)。 9. gross weight:总重量 英语中―净重‖是 net weight。 10. tonne: 特指 metric ton(公吨=1000 公斤)ton 则可指 long ton(长吨一 2240 磅), short ton(短 吨=2000 磅),也可指 metric ton(公吨)。 11. pull well:拉力大,牵引力大口语化用法。 12. turning radius:转弯半径课文中的 Outer radius 为―外半径‖。 13. place the machine horizontally: 将台车放平 horizontally 的形容诃形式 horizontal (水平的) 在工程中很常用,如:horizontal application(水平安装),horizontal auger(卧式钻机), horizontal bar(横向钢筋) horizontal—drum mixer(卧筒式搅拌机),horizontal plane(水平 面)。―竖直的‖英语是 vertical。 14. throw the rotation lever forward:向前推旋转杆 throw 在此是―推动(操作杆)‖的意思,相 当于 push。 15. idle the engine:使发动机空转 idle 在此用作动词,意思是―使……空转‖,这个词常作形 容词,如,run idle(窝工),idle time(窝工时间或停机时间),idle unit(闲置设备)。 16. maintenance:保养,维护工程的―维修期‖英语就可以说 maintenance period。 17.trouble shooting:故障排除,检修 18.performance:此处是―性能‖的意思。 19.drive unit:驱动装置 20. parking brake and emergency brake:停车刹车和脚刹车英语也说 hand brake and foot brake 21. grease: 给…加润滑油(黄油) 这个词此处是动词, 但它常作名词, 意思是―润滑脂‖, ―黄


油‖ 22. for the moment:暂时 EXERCISES 1. In the text,we have learned many special terms and expressions for the operation of a machine.Now,you try translating the following sentences: 在使用本机器前,操作员一定要仔细厨读操作手册。 (Before using this machine,the operator must read the Operation Manual carefully) 2) 为了能够安全操作机器,要严格遵照手册中的说明。 (To operate the machine safely, observe the instructions in the Manual strictly) 3) 若机器在操作过程中不正常,要立即停止使用检修。 (If the machine malfunctions during the operation, stop at once to check.) 4) 在下坡时,使用的速度档要与上坡时相同。 (When going down a slope i Use the gear employed for going up the slope.) 5) 注意,由于机身很长,在改变行走方向时,前后两端的摆动力要比想象的大。 (Note that,since the machine is very long,the front and rear ends sway greater than anticipated when changing the traveling direction.) 6) 如果油泵突然停下,要立即切断主电源开关。 (If the oil pump stops suddenly,turn off the main power switch immediately.) 7) 每六百小时,要打开油箱排油塞,将废机油从油箱排净, 。然后再加两加仑好机油。 (Every 600 hours, remove the drain plug, drain the used oil from the sump,then, fill it with gallons of flesh oil.) 8) 自于发动机使用的燃料质量极大地影响其性能和寿命,所以,要使用优质柴油。 (Since the quality of fuel used affects the performance and service life of the engine to a great extent,use good quality diesel fuel.) 2. It is very useful for mechanical engineers and equipment operators to understand some English for the operation and maintenance of a machine.Now,you try translating the following sentences into Chinese. 1) Pull out the oil level gauge,wipe it clean with a rag,insert it fully again,take it out gently and check the position wetted with oil on the gauge. (将油标尺取出,用擦试布擦净,再将其完全插入,轻轻拿出,检查一下油标尺的油湿 位置。) 2) By brush or the like,apply a thin coat of grease on the inside of the outside oil hoses every other week. (每隔一周,用刷子或类似用具在外露油管内侧涂上一层薄薄的润滑油。) 3) Before welding,cutting and grinding,put a cover on the oiI hoses and place a fire extinguisher near at hand. (在焊接、切割及磨削之前,要将油管盖好,并在身边备一个灭火器。) 4) If the compressor automatic/manual change snap switch is set at Auto,the compressor starts approximately 2 seconds after starting the oil pump without having to press the compressor run push--button switch. (如果压缩机自动/手动转换开关处于―自动‖位置,在油泵启动后大约两秒钟,压缩机 自动启动,而不必再按压缩机启动开关按钮。) 1)


背景与指南(BACKGROUND AND DIRECTIONS) 当今的工程项目(construction projects)建设的机械化程度(mechanization)越来越高, 对于国 际工程建设项目尤其如此。 这一方面是因为工程施工所在国往往对承包商带入的施工人员的 数量加以限制, 另一方面是由于国际工程的工期一般很紧迫, 随着建筑工程施工设备制造业 的发展,不断有新型的、高效率的施工设备出现,这为施工的高度机械化提供了可能。 由于新型的、高效率的(new and efficient)施工设备十分昂贵,而操作工可能又不太熟悉, 为了保证设备的工作效率和使用寿命,(working efficiency and service life),承包商在购买设 备时, 常要求设备制造商到施工工地对操作工及有关机械工程师进行操作和维修方面的现场 培训。 关于培训过程,一般制造商的技术人员先对设备做总体介绍(a general picture),包括设备 的规格和性能(specification and performance)。然后,对设备组成部分一一详细说明,接下来 讲解具体的操作步骤。最后指导被培训人员怎样做日常保养、检修及故障排除(maintenance, repair and trouble shooting)。 不管设备购自哪国, 。一般培训语言 (training language)常使用英语,操作维护手册 (Operation and Maintenance Manual); 也常是英语编写的。 如果我们从事这方面工作的翻译人 员、机械工程师 j 甚至操作工能够听懂、会说、会读这方面的英语用语,对于我们的翻译人 员来说,乃至熟悉一些设备常识,这将很大程度上提高我们的工作效率。


For some reasons, the Contractor cannot bring sufficient manpower to the Project Owner's country and, therefore, has to employ local labour. A lot must be done in order to have a highly productive local workforce. 1. Hiring Local labour (Several equipment operators and dump truck drivers are need for the Hydro project. After the job vacancies have been advertised in the newspaper, the job seekers come to the site office for interviews. Mr. Zhang is receiving them. ) Job Seeker: Good morning, I am asking about your advertisement for operators. Zhang: What kind of job are you looking for? Job Seeker: I am a bulldozer operator. So I want to work here as a bulldozer operator. Zhang: I am sorry. The vacancies for bulldozer operators have been filled. You should have tried earlier. Job Seeker: What a pity; Zhang: If you like, you can fill in this application form and leave us your telephone number. As soon as we have a job that suits you, we will give you a call. Job Seeker: Sorry, I don't have a telephone. I have put my detailed address here on this form. Please send me letter once you have a job for me. Zhang: Right. I hope we'll soon have a job for you. Job Seeker: Thanks a lot. ** ** ** ** ** Job Seeker: Excuse me, I saw in your advertisement that you have some vacancies for dump truck drivers. Are they still available? Zhang: We still have two vacancies for ten-wheel dump truck drivers. Job Seeker: Lucky enough. I am looking for a job as a driver. 1 Zhang: May I see your driving license? Job Seeker: Certainly, here it is. Zhang: How long have you been driving this kind of truck? Job Seeker: Ten years. Here is a letter of recommendation from my previous employer. Zhang: Fine. May I ask why you quitted the job there? Job Seeker: I live in San Ignacio. The company I worked with is too far from my home. Besides, the transportation is not convenient. Zhang: Do you have your ID with you? Job Seeker: Yes. Here you are. Zhang: And your Social Security Job Seeker: I had one, but lost it last week. If you accept me, I will apply to the Social Security Board for a new one. I think I can get it within a week. Zhang: OK. This is an application form. Please fill it in. Tomorrow you come here for a driving test. If you pass it, you will be a probationary worker for two weeks. That means we will try you for two weeks. If you prove to be a qualified driver during that period, you will become a formal worker and can work with us until this hydro


project is completed. Job Seeker: How much do you pay, please? Zhang: The starting wage is 25 dollars for a day shift and 30 for a night shift. One shift is seven hours and a half, with extra pay for overtime work, if any. You will have the chance to get a rise if you prove to be a good worker. Job Seeker: Do I have to live on the site camp? If not, how do I get toithe job site everyday? Zhang: We provide free transportation for all our workers. :You said you live in San Ignacio? Most of our local workers come from this area. We have a bus that carries our workers from our bus stop in 'San Ignacio directly to the job site. Job Seeker: That's good. So what time do I come here for the test tomorrow? Zhang: You can come on our bus which leaves San Ignacio at six thirty in the morning. When we arrive, please come to me. I‘ll arrange the test for you . Job Seeker: All right. What if the bus driver won‘t let me get on the bus? Zhang: Don't worry. Take this note and show it to the driver. Job Seeker: Thank you, sir, I'll see you tomorrow. Zhang: OK, see you tomorrow and good luck. 2. A Meeting with the Labour Office (Mr. Zhang, representing the Contractor, and Mr. Carson, representing the Project Owner, are having a meeting on labour issues with Mr. Young, a labour officer at the office of the Labour Department. ) Young : Gentlemen, I've asked you to be here today to have a talk on some labour issues. Recently, my department has received complaints from workers employed at the Hydro Project. They've complained that they're often underpaid and that the working conditions are poor. I'd like to know the roles played by the Owner and the Contractor. Carson: Let me briefly explain the responsibilities of each side. As the Owner, we are the investor of the Project and finance the project only. It is the Contractor that hires the workers and constructs this project directly. We are required by the Contract to give them assistance in this respect. Therefore, they are responsible for paying the workers and taking care of the benefits. Zhang: That's true. At present, we do have some problems with the local workers. One reason is the poor communications between the Chinese foremen and the local workers because of the language barrier. Most of the Chinese here don't know English. So time keeping errors occur easily. Perhaps that's why some of the working hours are missing on the worker's time sheets. We're trying to solve this problem. The manager has put me in charge of all local workers. From now on, the workers can come to me at any time when they have problems in any respect. Meanwhile, we are giving the Chinese foremen a short English language training program so that they can talk to the local workers in simple English to avoid misunderstandings. I have another point to make about the local workers' pay. According to relevant laws of your country, as the employer of the workers here, we are responsible for deducting their Social Security contributions and income tax from their weekly pay and submitting them to the Social Security Board and the Income Tax Office respectively. Therefore, on the payroll, wages are not as much



Zhang: Young: Zhang: Young: Zhang: Young: Zhang: Young: Zhang:


Zhang: Carson: Zhang: Young: Zhang: Young:

Carson: Zhang: Young:

as they thought they should get. Yes, it's legal to dedcut their Social Security contributions and income tax, Mr. Zhang. However, before you make any deductions, you should make it clear to all the workers, and as is our local practice, all the deductions must be shown-on .the payrolls so that the workers are clear about how much their take-home pay should be.1 You know, the workers are quite conscious of their pay because most of them have a family to support. If they think they are underpaid, it will affect their turnout and their productivity. I quite agree with you. 1'11 adopt your suggestions. How about the working conditions for all the workers? We have provided hardhats and raincoats to all the workers free of charge. We also provide free transportation. That's not enough. For such a project, canvas gloves and proper shoes are also required for work protection under our labour law. OK. We'll do that. Is drinking water available at the major work areas? We have ordered two pickups from the United States, specially for delivery of drinking water to each work area. As soon as they are here, we will put them in use. What are the working hours and pay rates? We now have two shifts : 7 a.m.-3 p.m. and 3 p.m.-1lp.m. Each shift has a half-hour lunch break. The short lunch break has been requested by the workers so as to shorten their time at the site and go back home earlier. Let me tell you, Mr. Zhang and Mr. Carson, that Section 121 of the Labour Law requires a one-hour lunch break unless approval has been given by the Commissioner of Labour. Will you get such approval from the Commissioner for us, Mr. Carson? All right, but give me a letter of application before I seek it. Will you please get me a copy of the Labour Law, Mr. Young, so that I can get a complete understanding of the stipulations? Here is one copy of the condensed version for you. Thank you. I have to remind both of you that all the workers are entitled to a two-week vacation with pay for every twelve months of work. They're also entitled to sixteen days of sick leave with pay after sixty days of work if they provide valid medical evidence. One thing to which I'd draw your particular attention. If the workers are required to work on public holidays, make sure that they get reasonable pay. You can find the way to calculate how much the workers should be paid in Section 86 of the Labour Law. As the Project Owner, we will urge the Contractor to follow- all relevant regulations. We will try our best to make our workers satisfied with us. Let me reaffirm that every employer must comply with the Labour Law and pay serious attention to all the workers' welfare. From my pocfit of view, a happy workforce in a good working environment is most productive.


Zhang: Young: Zhang: Carson:

I certainly agree. My department will be always available for consultation on any labour issues. Thank you for your support. Mr. Young, I would like to invite you and the Commissioner to visit the project at your convenience. Young: Thank you. We surely will. WORDS AND EXPRESSIONS manpower 劳动力 highly productive local workforce 高生产率的当地民工 job seeker 求职者 advertise 刊登广告 bulldozer operator 推土机操作工 fill the vacacy 弥补空缺,名额已满 what a pity 真不巧,真可惜 application form 申请表 detailed address 详细地址 ten-wheel dump truck 十轮自卸车 welder 焊工 driving licenser 驾驶执照 a letter of recommendation 推荐信 Social Security card 社会保险卡 driving test 驾驶测试 probationary worker 试用工 qualified driver 合格的司机 formal worker 正式工 extra pay for overtime work 加班工资 free transportation 免费交通 represent 代表 Project Owner 项目业主 labour issues 劳工问题 labour officer 劳动官员 Labour Department 劳动司 complaint 抱怨 working conditions 工作条件 investor 投资者 finance the project 为项目提供资金 construct 建造 take care of the benefits 负担津贴 at present 现在,当今 poor communications 交流不便 language barrier 语言障碍 time keeping error 计时错误 put sb.in charge of sth 让…负责… meanwhile 同时


English language training program 英语培训班 simple English 简单英语 have a point to make 有一点要说明 deduct 扣除 payroll 工资单 make any deductions 扣除 take—home pay 实得工资 be quite conscious of 对…很敏感(在意) turnout 出勤,产额 productivity 生产率,工作效率. adopt one‘S suggestions 采纳…的建议 canvas.Gloves 帆布手套 work protection 劳动保护 major work area 主要工作区 working hours 工作时间 lunch break 午饭时间 comissioner 专员,政府部门的负责人 a letter of application 申请函 stipulation 规定 condensed version 压缩版本 vacation with pay 带资休假 sick leave with pay 带资休病假 valid medical evidence 有效的医疗证明 public holiday 公共假日,公休日 follow all relevant regulations. 遵守一切有关规定 reaffirm 重申 workers‘ warefare 工人的福利 comply with the Labour Law 遵守劳动法 good working environment 良好的工作环境 consultation 商量,磋商,征求意见 at one‘s convenience 在…反复边的时候 NOTES TO THE TEXT 1. local labour: 当地劳工 1ahour. 为―劳工‖总称, 不可数, 若说―十个工人‖, 则为 ten labourers . 2. job vacancy:招工名额 vacancy 意思是―空缺‖,形容词形式是 vacant。如到一个旅馆 (hotel)要住宿,常问,Do you have any vacant rooms?(还有空房间吗?), 3.You should have come earlier0 你要来早了就好了。 这句话是虚拟语气的一种形式。 在英语中,这种虚拟语气形式常用来表示责备、遗憾、懊悔等心情。 例如:You should have finished erecting the steel bars yesterday.(表示责备) (你们本应昨天就该完成绑扎钢筋的工作。) We should have taken precautions against the bad weather.(表示懊悔). (我们本应对恶劣天气有所防范。) 4.give sb. a call:给…打电话这是美国用法,英国人常说 give a ring。 5.Lucky enough.:真幸运,真巧这是一个省略句,全句为 I am lucky enough.在英语口语 中,常有省略句。


Where to?‘(去哪?)(等于 Where are you going?) What a luck !(真倒霉!)(等于 What a had luck it is!) 6. quit the job:辞掉工作 quit 意思是―停止‖,如,quit school(辍学,quit work(停止工作), quit smoking(戒烟)。 7. ID:身份证 Identification 的缩写形式,也说 ID card。 8.Social Security Board:社会保障局,社会保险局半官方机构,为职工提供诸如―失业 保 险‖、―伤残保险‖、―医疗保险‖等。在某些国家,法律规定雇主所雇人员必持有 Social Security Board 的保险卡(Social Security card),若没有,雇主自己或雇员本人必须限期为 其雇员到 Social Security Board 办理所规定的险别,保险费(social Security contributions) 由雇主和雇员按一定的比例分担,保险费的标准按雇员的工资多少而定,雇主可从雇员 的工中扣除其应交份额(share),连同雇主应付之份额,定期(一般为一个月)向 Social Security Board 交付。如果雇员在受雇期间生病、发生工作时受伤或死亡等,雇主只需负 担相当于该雇员几天工资的补偿费(compensation)'其余费用均由 social security Board 负 担。倘若雇员没有社会保险卡而为雇主工作,或雇主没有按期缴纳保险费,则雇主可能 遭到严厉的惩罚(severe penalty). 9.try you for two weeks:试工两周 try 在意思是.―试用‖。 10.starting wage:起始工资英语中,表示―工资‖的词有 wage,salary 和 pay .wage 常表示按小 时、天计报酬,并常按周付给雇工的工资,这一类主要指那些做体力劳动的工人的工 资.salary 常用来表示那些从事脑力劳动、工作固定的雇员工资,如在政府机关、学校、 公司等的职员。pay 是一个普通词,在口语中可代替这两个词 j 如:pay day (发工资日), a good pay(高工资)。另外,品 enumeration 和 emoluments 常指 支付给高级技术人员在 一定服务期的―报酬‖,是非常正式的词。 11. shift: day 白班 shift 在这里是―轮班工作‖的意思, morning shift. 如: (早班) evening shift(晚 班),night shift(夜班)。 12.underpay:少付工资请注意这个词的构成。又如,underestimate(低估),、同样,我们可 以说 overpay(多付),overestimate(高估)。 13.foreman:工长 英语中表示类似意思的词还有 leading。hand(领班)。 14.Social Security contributions:社会保险费 contributions 常指为某种权利而缴纳的费用,如 会员费等。 15.income tax:所得税 ―个人所得税‖是 personal income tax。 16.local practice:当地做法,当地惯例又如:international practice(国际惯例)。 17.hardhat:安全帽英语也可以说 safety helmet。 18.under our local law:按我们的法律,我们法律所规定的 19.pay rate:工资标准指每小时或每天的工资。 . EXERCISES 1. When Mr Zhang asks the job seeker if he has a Social Security card, answers, ―I had one, he but lost it last week.If you accept me,1 will apply to the Social Security Board for a new one。 (我原先有一个,但上周丢了,如果您给我工作机会的话,我会向社会保障局再申请一 个。) ―apply(to…)for…‖is used frequently in construction management,meaning―(向…)申请…‖ Now you try doing the following: · 1)A:Can we employ foreign workers? B:一般情况下可以,但你们须向劳动司为他们申请劳动许可证,说明理由。 例如:


(In most cases,yes. However,you have to apply to the Labour Department for their work permits and give the reasons.) 2)A:We have decided to import your table lights to our country. B:谢谢,我希望你们能协助我们在你们国家为我们的商标申请注册。 (Thank you .I hope you can assist us in applying for the registration of our trade mark in your country.) 3)A:请你方用快件将所用单据寄给我们,以便我们能够申请进口许可证。 (Please send us all the documents by.Express mail so that we can apply for the import licence.) B:We‘ll do it in a couple of days. , 2.When Mr Zhang tells t. job seeker to come for a test on the Contractor‘s bus, job seeker to he the come for a test on the Contractor‘s bus, the job seeker says―What if the bus driver won‘t let me get Oil the bus?‖(如果司机不让我上车怎么办?) ―What if…?,‘is used often when the speaker is in doubt about something and needs clarification,meaning―如果…又怎么办(样)呢?‖ Now,you try doing the following: 1)A: Maria,please book me a ticket on a direct flight to Seattle. B:如果没有直达班机是否还预订 (What if there‘s no direct flight?) 2)A:如果明天下雨怎么办? (What if it rains tomorrow?) B:Don‘t stop pouring the concrete if it‘s not heavy rain. 3)A:钢筋生锈了怎么办? (What if the steel bars get rusty?) B:They will be rejected by the resident engineer. 3t When Mr. Young,the labour officer wants to direct Mr.Zhang‘s attention to the local workers‘holidays,he says,―One thing IO which I'd like to draw your attention.‖(有一件事 我想提醒你注意。) ―draw one‘s attention to sth‖ is used often when you want someone to take notice of something,meaning―提醒…注意…‖ Now,you try doing the following: 1)A:There's no stipulation about it in the specltication. B:我想提醒你看一看五月二号你方下达的变更命令。 (I‘d like to draw your attention to the variation 0rder issued by you on May 2.) 2)A:We have informed you of our intention to change the design already. B:请你看一看我们六月八号对你方的答复好吗? (May I draw your attention to our response dated June 8?) 3)A:虽然是最后一点,但也很重要,我想提醒你方注意这一里程碑日期。 (Last,but not the least,I'd like to draw your attention to this milstone date.) B:We‘ll certainly keep it in mind. 背景与指南(BACKGROUND AND DIRECTIONS) 当地劳务管理(management of。local labour)是国际工程管理又一方面。由于工程所在国 往往对承包商带人该国的工程人员的数量有所限制,或由于承包商雇用本国劳动力费用较 高,所以,承包商一般只从本国选派一些关键技术人员和管理人员(key personnel),而全部


普工(unskilled)、半熟练工人(semi—skilled)和一些技工(skilled)均从工程所在国雇用。 关于当地人员的雇用方式,一般是工程刚刚开始时在当地的报刊和电台上登招工广告, 随着工程的进展,可告知正在受雇当地工人,使之代为宣传。有时,也可要求业主或当地劳 动部门协助。 招工时, 要让求职人出示法律规定的必要证件, 如身份证(ID card)、 出生证(Certificate of Birth)等。之后,可询问一下工作经历(working experience)。对于技术工人,还应进行技术测 试,并规定试用期(probationary period),以避免因招收的人员技术欠佳或缺乏责任心而导致 设备的坏损。 承包商的劳务管理人员一定要熟悉当地的劳动法的有关规定,如:最低工资标准;节假 日加班费的标准;工人的福利;劳动保护;雇用外籍劳工;人身保险等。由于节假日的加班 费一般很高(一些重要节假日,加班费高达平时工作日的三倍),所以,劳务管理人员要在节 假日到来之前通知用工施工队, 使其提前对近日工作做出安排, 在不影响工程进度的情况下, 尽量避免在节假日让大量当地工人加班(work on holidays)。 劳动部门是代表工人的利益来监督管理雇主的。与当地劳动部门搞好关系将有助于承包 商的劳务管理工作。


It is customary for regular meetings to be held between the Owner and the Contractor, normally on a weekly or monthly basis, in the course of the construction of the project, at which various matters are discussed and, hopefully, resolved regarding progress, quality, environmental protection, site security and safety precautions, and so on.

1. Monthly Progress Review
(Smooth progress of the project is the key to guaranteeing completion on time to which the Owner always attaches great importance, for early completion -will bring timely returns from the project, especially for the private Owners. Today l present at the meeting are Mr. Sukhnandan and Mr. Shaw from the Owner; Mr. Bian, Mr. Ma and Mr. Huang from the Contractor. ) Sukh : Shall we start our meeting ? (ALL the participants not . ) OK. Gentlemen , the purpose of our meeting today is to review and discuss the progress of this project. First of all, I would like you to explain 'what you have achieved for the past month. Mr. Bian? Bian : Generally speaking, the construction activities have been going smoothly, but there are certain problems concerning some import permits. For the details, Mr. Ma will give us an account of the construction progress for all the sections of the Works. Ma : Let's start with the diversion structure. For the cofferdam, we have placed 2,600 cubic metres of concrete. It will be finished within the next few days and on schedule. At the left abutment and the dam foundation, we have completed 5, 000 cubic metres of rock excavation. That's what had been achieved at the diversion structure during the preceding month. Let's now have a look at the tunnel excavation. At Adit A, we have advanced 120 metres at the upstream working face and 80 metres at the downstream. We've also done 590 pieces of steel rock bolt which amount to 4. 5 tons. At Adit B, the tunneling advance is 40 metres. Rock bolt, 750 pieces. The portal of Adit B has been reinforced by steel bracing. The total amount of steel consumed at Adit B adds up to 15 tons. That's for the tunneling. Now, the power house. ,The foundation excavation is being done there. The quantity completed for the past month is 5000 cubic metres. And last, the installation of the stone crushing plant has been completed and it is now test running. Sukh: Thank you, Mr. Ma. From Mr. Ma's report, we can see that the progress at the diversion structure, in general, conforms to the construction schedule with which we are quite satisfied. Have you started the excavation at the intake? Mr.' Ma hasn't mentioned anything about it . In the construction schedule submitted to us, the excavation at the intake should start late in the past month, that is late in March. Bian: Let me clear this up. Lately, from the weather forecast, the rainy season this year will come earlier than usual. So we have concentrated our manpower and equipment on the excavation of the foundation for Blocks 7 and 8 and on the concrete placement for the cofferdam. If all the relevant work is finished in time, we will be able to pour the first lifts for the two blocks before the rainy season comes. Therefore, we could avoid a lot of trouble in clearing away from the dam foundation all the debris and dirt that would be caused by the high water or, even, the possible flooding occuring quite often during. the rainy season. Besides, the excavation at the intake is not a critical activity in the construction network. So it will not affect the completion time of the whole project if we


postpone the work at the intake within the float time. Shaw : Although the revision of the schedule sounds reasonable, it is a requirement of the contract that whenever you revise the schedule, you must submit the revised schedule to us for approval. Bian: We don't think it is a significant alteration. If you want it, we have it right here for you. Sukh : Thank you. Anyway, I want to remind you that everything should be done strictly in accordance with the contract documents. I hope this kind of thing won't happen again. Now, I want to make a few comments on the tunneling. At Adit A, the progress is all right, but the slow progress at Adit B gives me grave concern. It is, from Mr. Ma's report, two weeks behind schedule. Gentlemen, we all clearly know that the completion of the tunnel excavation plays a vital part in the timely power generation of the whole works. So, I want to know what measures you are taking to catch up with the schedule. Ma: According to the geological data provided by you, the geology at Adit B should be granite and of sound conditions. As the open excavation for the portal went along, it was discovered that it is weathered rock. So we have had to treat it specially. You can see from the amount of reinforcement steel we used how much effort we have made to start the excavation at Adit B. Anyhow, the work is now on the track. Bian : As to the specific measures, we are beginning to implement a two-shift system for the adit excavation to expedite the progress. As soon as we reach the main tunnel from this adit, a three-shift system will follow immediately. I believe good cooperation and understanding between our two parties will get rid of all the difficulties and obstacles and will lead to smooth progress of the project. Shaw : It is good to have three shifts ; but, to my knowledge and experience, you will probably encounter more and more water as you go downstream. Besides, as the rainy season is drawing ,near , the high river waters in this season could overflow the cofferdam into the power house foundation pit at any time. So, I have to remind you that sufficient suitable pumps must be kept available at the site to have enough dewatering capacity for the likely events. Ma: Thank you. We have also noted that. Shukh: Talking about water pumps, I want to know about the status of your materials and equipment supply. How is it going? Bian: We have Mr. Huang to answer this question. Huang: By the end of March, we have purchased and delivered onto the site 20, 000 gallons of fuels, 300 tons of steel, l, 800 cubic feet of lumber and 800 tons of cement. In addition, 100 tyres of all kinds have been purchased. All these supplies guarantee a smooth progress of the project; however, the second lot of explosive and a batch of water pumps and spare parts we've ordered from the United States have arrived at the port already but have not been able to be cleared through the Customs due to the problem of the import permits. The explosive in stock on the site is being used up and some equipment and trucks need spare parts badly. Bian: Mr. Huang is right. If these supplies cannot be delivered onto the job site within two weeks ,all the excavation activities will have to come to a stop and, therefore, adversely affect the whole construction progress to a large extent. We presented our application to you for the permits a week ago and there's been no reply up to now. Sukh : I've got the import permit for the spare parts and the tyres for you right here. ' As for the


permit for the explosive , there's indeed a problem. From March 1st on, a new law regulating the importation of dangerous goods has become effective. Explosive is one of them. The law stipulates a much more complicated and restrictive procedure to get the relevant permits, probably due to the recent changes of the government policy. You could say that you have to go through a lot of red tape to get this done. I have been calling the competent department many times to see how it is going. Yesterday, I got a reply that I will get the permit by next Thursday. You can rest assured that as soon as I get the permit, I'll give it to you. Bian: In that case, we'll have to wait five days more. I hope it won't hold us up. Sulrh : Mr. Bian, perhaps this is a silly question ; but do you have the same red tape back in China? Of course you don't have to answer. Bian: The situation is just the opposite. You have it now while we had it in the past (laughs) OK, Mr. Sukhnandan, back to our business. We need another license. You see, as the construction goes on, it seems that the telephones installed on the job site are insufficient. Therefore, we want to have a radio communication system which, I think, is necessary to strengthen the site coordination and management. So we hope that you can get a radio communication license for us. The sooner, the better. Sukh: I don't think this is a problem .I will be able to get it for you within one week ,for sure. Bian: Thank you. Good cooperation between us will certainly enhance our success with this project. Sukh : I can assure you, Mr. Bian , as the representative of the project Owner, I will, as always, stand firmly behind you in the execution of this project. And I believe that, through our mutual efforts, this project will surely be a success. Bian : I think so, too. WORDS AND EXPRESSIONS Customary regular meeting on a weekly or monthly basis in the course of resolve environmental protection safety precaution site security private Owner present at the meeting participant generally speaking construction activity go smoothly give an account of cofferdam on schedule abutment 常例的,通常的 定期会议,例会 按每周或每月 在…过程中 解决 环境保护 安全预防措施 现场治安 私营业主 参加会议,与会 参加者,与会者 总的来说 施工活动,施工作业 进展顺利 对…做出说明 围堰 按计划(准时完成) 坝座,岸墩


dam foundation the preceding month adit advance upstream downstream steel rock bolt amount to tunneling advance reinforce consume add up to stone crushing plant conform to intake clear up weather forecast clear away debris and dirt flooding critical activity construction network revision of the schedule give。rile grave concern play a vital part catch up with the schedule geological data granite sound conditions open excavation weathered rock the work is now on the track specific measure main tunnel obstacle overflow dewartering capacity water pump status the second lot a batch of clear through the Customs come to a stop to a large extent

坝基 上一个月 支洞 进尺 上游 下游 钢岩石锚栓,锚杆 合计,总计为 隧洞进尺 加固 消耗,消费 累计,加起来 碎石厂 符合;与…一致 进水口 澄清,(天气)放晴 天气预报 清理 残渣与淤泥 洪水 关键作业 施工网络 修改计划 使我极为担心 起至关重要的作用 赶计划 地质资料 花岗岩 完好的状况 明挖 风化岩石 工作走上轨道 具体的措施 主隧洞 障碍 溢流,漫顶 排水能力 水泵 状况 第二批 一批 从海关清出 停止 很大程度上


up to now 至今 restrictive 限制性的 go through a lot of red tape 过层层官卡,过繁琐的手续 in that case 在那种情况下,那样的话 hold up 耽搁 a silly question 不该问的问题 back to our business 回到正题来 radio communication system 无线电通信系统 site coordination。and management 现场协调和管理 I can assure you 我向你保证,我可以使你放心 mutual efforts 双方努力 NOTES TO THE TEXT 1.attach great importance to: 十分重视 例如:Most of China‘s international construction companies attach great importance to the training of their personnel.(中国的大多数国际建筑公司都重视职员培训。) 表示―重视‖的英 语词组还有:pay much attention to;set great store by。 2。timely returns:及时的收益 returns(常为复数)意识是―利润,盈利,收益‖。 例如:Small profits,quick returns.(薄利多销。) 、 . It is expected that they will have a good.return Oil the investment.in this project. (预计他们对这个项目的投资将会得到丰厚的收益。 另外, ) 这个词还有―报表‖的意思。 如: a return of Contractor's Equipment(承包商的设备报表) a return of labour(劳务报表) 3. sections of the Works: 工程的区段 section 常指相对独立的工程部分。 diversion structure: 4. 引水结构本课中指―大坝和进水口‖。 5.place 2,600 cubic metres of concrete:浇筑两千六百方混凝土 ―浇筑混凝土‖英语还可以 驻 pour concrete ,cast concrete。 6.rock excavation:岩石开挖在工程中与 excavation 构成的常用词组有:earth excavation(土 方开挖), trench excavation(沟渠开挖), rapid excavation(快速开挖), bulk excavation(大量开挖), dry excavation(干挖),wet excavation(水下开挖),deep excavation(深层开挖) 7.portal of Adit B:B 支洞洞 El portal:人口,洞口 8.Blocks 7 and 8:第七和第八坝块 一个混凝土坝一般分若干块进行浇筑,每一块英语为 a block。 9。the first lifts for the two blocks:两坝块的第一层 lift 这里指每次浇筑的一层。 10。float time:浮动时间,时差工程进度管理的―关键线路法‖(CPM)中,float time 有两种, 一种是 total float(总浮动时间/总时差),即:一项作业在不影响其紧后工序 (successor):的 前题下,它的最早开始时间(early start)与最迟开始时间(1ate start)之间的时差(或:最早完成 时间(early finish)与最迟完成时间(1ate finish)之间的时差);另一种是 free float(自由浮动时间 /自由时差),即:一项作业的最早开始时间与它的紧前工序(predecessor)的最早完成时间之 间的时差。 , 11.steel bracing: 钢支撑 bracing(支撑, 加劲)是 brace 的动名词形式, 常构成的词组有: bottom bracing(底撑),portal bracing(门撑),sway bracing(斜支撑),top bracing (顶撑),penstock bracing(压力管道支撑)。 12.power generation:发电 generation 的动词形式是 generate。如:generate power(发电)r gene}ate heat(发热)。―发电机‖是 power.generator。 13.two-shift system:两班制下文的 three-shift system 则是―三班制.


14.expedite the progress:加快进度 expedite(加速)相当于 accelerate. 15.to my knowledge and experience 根据我的了解和经验请注意这种结构。例如:to our surprise(使我们惊奇的是); my delight(使我高兴的是);to her disappointment (使她失望的)。 to 16.draw near:来临,迫近 例如:Christmas is drawing near.(圣诞节快要到了。) 17.foundation pit:基坑 pit 这个词在工程管理中很常用,与它组成的常用词组有:air pit(通 风井), bore pit(探坑), borrow pit(取料场), catch pit(集水坑), siphonpit(虹吸坑), tailwater pit(尾 水坑),test pit(试坑)。, 18.gallon:加仑液量单位,1 gallon.(英)一 4.546 litres;1 gallon(美)一 3.785 litres。 19.explosive in stock:库存炸药 in stock:有库存的,―无库存的‖英语是 out of stock。 20.use up:用完 up 放在某些动词后面,表示 ―完‖,―光‖.的含义。 例如:eat up(吃光), burn up(烧光),finish up-(全部完成)dry up(干枯):Time‘s up.(时间到) 21.present our application:呈交申请 present 这里是动词,意思是―呈交,递交‖,英语中表 示同样意思的词还有;submit,forward, deliver 。 22.regulating:管理,管辖 regulate 这个词在工程中还常有―调节‖的含义,其名词形式 regulation 很常用. 例如:automatic regulation(自动调节);flow regulation(流量调节],natural regulation (自然调节),dynamic regulation(动态调节)。 ―调节器‖是 regulator。 23.stand firmly behind:坚决支持 也可说 be firmly behind。,等与 be in support of。例如: All the directors are firmly behind the chairman,s plan. , (董事们都很支持董事长的计划。) . 24.I think so,too . ;我也这样认为。 这是赞成别人时的惯用语。 EXERCISES 1.Talking about the revision of the schedule , Mr . Shaw says , ―Although the revision of the schedule sounds reasonable , it is a requirement of the contract that whenever you revise the schedule , you must submit the revised schedule to us for approval .‖(尽管修改计划看起来合理, 但合同要求,无论你方何时修改计划,须得将修改的计划提交我方批准。)―submit…to…‖is a very useful expression often used in administration of contract,meaning ―向…提交…‖. Now,you try doing the following: 1)A:你们何时能将初步设计提交给我们? (When will you be able to submit the preliminary design to us?) B:Within two weeks. . , z)A j 如果你方想及时得到付款,就得准时向我们提交每月报表。 (If you want to get timely payment, you‘ll have to submit the monthly statement to us on time. ) B:We certainly will. 3)A:我们已经向你方提交了同期记录,不知你方有何看法。 (We have submitted the contemporary record t。 you and would like to know your comment. O ) B:We are examining it and the extension of time will be based on it. 2.When Mr.Sukhnandan comments on the progress at Adit B,he says,―It is;from Mr.Ma‘S report,two weeks behind Schedule.‖(根据马先生的报告,这一进度比计划迟了两周。) The word ―behind" is quite often used when talking about the progress ,meaning―落后‖, ―晚 于‖. Now ,you try doing the following: 1)A:我必须指出,你们的实际进度已经比计划晚了一周。


(I must point out that your actual progress,is already one week behind schedule.) B: That is due to the recent adverse weather conditions.We are trying our best to make up for lost time. 2)A:如果你们不能如期向我们付款,我们将暂停第二批货的发运。 (If you are behind in your payments to us,we will suspend the shipment of the second batch of cargoes.) B: case we are not able to pay On time, will pay interest to you according to the supply In we contract. 3)A:How about the progress at the power house? B:由于吊车出了毛病,我们很可能在安装问格上晚几天。 (Because of a breakdown in the crane,we will propably be a few days behind with the completion of the erection hay.) 3. When Mr. Suknandan promises to get the permit in a few days, Mr. Bian says, that case, ―In we‘11 have to wait a few days more. ‖―in that case‖is a very colloqual expression , meaning―那样 的话‖. Now,you try doing the following: 1)那样的话,我们不得不终止合同。 (In that case,we have to terminate the contract。) 2)那样的话,我们只得再找另一厂家了。 . . . . .(In that case, we have no choice but to 100k f。r another manufacturer.) 3)那样的话,我们给你们百分之十的折扣。 (In that case ,we can grant you a ten percent discount.) 背景与指南(BACKGRAOUND AND DIRECTIONS)(1) 在工程的实施过程中,通常业主与承包商(有时也邀请其他有关人员参加)定期或不定期 地召开会议,以审查前一段的工作情况,安排下一阶段的工作,并就存在的问题协商解决。 会议涉及的方面很多,如:进度,质量,环境保护,现场安全,付款等。 工程的进度(project progress)是工程管理中最重要的方面之一。 对业主来说, 按期或提前 竣工有利于投资的回收(timely returns);对承包商来说,,如果工程进度的拖延不仅菇响承 包商的声誉(reputation),而且很可能将给承包商带来严重的经济损失(financialloss),如:拖 期赔偿;工程管理费增大;前期垫付资金不能及时收回等。 . 在工程管翠中,通常每月业主与承包商都要召开一次工程进度审查会(progress review meeting)。。在会议上,业主一般先让承包商的负责进度的人员汇报上二月进度情况,然后 对没有达到进度计划安排的工期的工作面提出来,要求承包商澄清并给出赶工计划。 关键线路法(CPM)是当前利用网络技术进行施工进度控制最普遍采用的方法。 对于重大 工程项目, 业主往往在合同文件中明确要求采用此种方法安排施工。 承包商在工程的实施中, 可根据具体发生的情况动态地调整施工工序(w。rking sequence),使工期最优化。但是,如 果要对进度计划作出变动,一般要经过业主或其授权人员的批准,这一点常在合同中规定。 在此类会议上,。承包市还常提出与进度有关的事项,请求业主协助解决,如通过政府 部门办理各种许可证.


UNIT 9 MEETINGS(2) 2.Quality Control
(Quality is one of the critical factors to ensure the success of a construction project.Due to the recent quality defects in the construction , a special meeting is called On the job site by the Owner's Representative,Mr。Sukhnandan.) Sukh: Gentlemen ,our resident engineer and I have noticed lately that, with theincreasing work activities, your perform with regard to compliance with the Specifications and quality of work has slackened . Our resident engineer,Mr.Harrison, will give an account to of what he has found at the various sections of the job site. Harrison: On 18th and 19th of this month,I spent some time observing the placing ,of concrete for the first lift of Block 9 of the dam structure .I carried out a slump test at the placement location with the help of your testing engineer, Mr. Zhou, found that the and water/cement ratio:was not in accordance with the Specification.At the Power House,severe formwork misalignment has occurred along the draft tube side.This results in breaks and steps in the concrete . Areas of ―Honeycomb‖ can also be seen in the concrete due to lack of sufficient compaction and vibration . Also at the Power House , the multiple runs of embedded electrical conduit are being installed without adequate spacing . The space between such conduits must be at least equal to the largest aggregate size to allow proper bonding and to avoid forming a weakened plane in the concrete Sukh: I'd like to have your comments on all these,Mr.Bian. Bian: As the Contractor's project manager, believe quality is the life of the whole works and our I first priority in its achievement。Unfortunately,such problems&s Mr.Harrisonhave described have occurred, Regarding the problems, ask. chief engineer, Ma, . let's our Mr. to give the details of our remedy。 Ma: About the placement of Block 9,1 was given the test result right after it came out。We followed Mr.Harrison's order and immediately suspended the pouring operation and cleared the unqualified mix away from the Block.Mr. Harrison was then there. the same At time our technicians looked into the cause and found that the electronic control system of the hatch plant was out of order They soon repaired it and the pouring operation was resumed after a stop of 45 minutes.Now,about the misalignment.We've decided,after a careful study, the defective concrete resulting from the formwork misalignment will, that be broken out with pneumatic ,drills.As for the areas of ―honeycomb‖ we will get them specially tread to your satisfaction . Sukh: When do you plan to do the repairs? Bian:Tomorrow. Sukh: What are you going to do about the last problem? Bian: Actually, are doing that job strictly in compliance with the working drawings issued by we your engineer.May I refer you to Drawing No.MJ 一 7? Ma: There's something in what Mr.Harrison has just said about the spacing between the conduits,but to my construction experience,weakened planes can be avoided if a special concrete mix is made and the pouring procedure is kept under proper control. Sukh:I will check the drawing and discuss the matter with our consultants this


afternoon .Meanwhile ,you are instructed to stop the work on this part of the project。 Bian: A11 right, Sukhnandan, take your instruction ,but will you please give us a written Mr. we confirmation? Sukh:I leave this to Mr.Harrison. Harrison: It will be given to you soon after this meeting. Bian: Well, Mr.Sukhnandan,we w11 take a lesson from these matters and strengthen our quality assurance system. Sukh: I have to reiterate that the ongoing construction work is at a critical stage and that the power house is a key component of: generating capability of this project. I expect your the site management to exert close supervision and proper coordination of the various work crews without compromision quality. Harrison: I also want to draw,your attention to the water curing of concrete and storage of construction materials,especially the reinforcing steel. Ma: We will pay more attention to those activities. Bian: It's true that we are facing a pressing completion time and have to expedite the construction progress,but we will certainly not do it at the cost of the project's quality。I believe that efforts on both sides will result in not only a timely product but also a.high—quality one. WORDS AND EXPRESSIONS , critical factor 关键因素 ensure 保证 due to 由于,到期付给 quality defect 质量缺陷 call a meeting 召开会议 work activity 施工作业 compliance with the Specifications 按照规范 water/cement ratio 水灰比 misalignment 未对准,定线不准 draft tube 通风管,尾水管 breaks and steps 裂缝与凸面 honeycomb 蜂窝 compaction 压实,夯实 vibration 振动,振捣 embedded electrical conduit 电缆预埋管,电线预埋管 spacing 间距 bonding 结合,连接 weakened plane 弱结合面,弱结合层 first priority 第一优先权,首要任务 remedy 补救 pouring operation 浇注作业 unqualified mix 不合格的拌和料 electronic control System 电子控制系统 defective concrete 有缺陷的混凝土 break out 崩落,打掉 pneumatic drills 风钻


minor written confirmation take a lesson from quality assurance system ongoing at a critical stage generating capacity exert close supervision compromising on quality the curing of concrete a pressing completion time high-quality

微小的,不严重的 书面确认 从…吸取教训 质量保证体系 进行中的 处于关键阶段 发电能力 施加,尽力 严格监督 对质量降低要求,使质量遭受损害 混凝土养护 急迫的竣工时间,工期紧 高质量的

1.resident engineer:驻地工程师,现场工程师为业主的=车工地负责管理承包商实施工程 的管理人员。在一工地,往往有很多类型的―工程师‖,常见的工程师类别有:advisory engineer(顾问工程师),chief engineer(总工程师),consulting engineer(咨询工程师),division engineer(工区工程师),section engineer(7-段工程师),engineer in charge (主管工程师);civil engineer(土木工程师),electrical engineer(电气工程师),mechanical engineer(机械工程师), geotechnical engineer(岩土工程师),mining engineer(采矿程师),office engineer(内业工程师), process engineer(工艺工程师)。 2.with regard to:有关与这个词组同义还有:in regard to,with repect to,concerning. 3.slacken:放松,松懈形容词形式为 slack 4.slump test:坍落度试验也可以说 slump consistancy test.slump:坍塌,坍落(度),工程中 常见的术语还有: slump block(坍落试验堆), slump cone(坍落度筒), slump mete (坍落度计)。 5.follow.one's order:遵照命令 follow 在这里是―接受‖,―遵循‖的意思。如:follow one's advice(接受建议),follow one's instruction(遵循指示)。 6.multiple runs:管网布置 run 在这里是―线路‖的意思,如:cable run(电缆敷设路线),pipe run(管道)。 7.100k into the cause:调查原因 look into 在这里是―调查‖的意思,等于 investigate,例 如:look into a problem(调查一问题)。 8.resume:恢复,重新开始这个词指的是事情暂停一段后有继续,如:resume the work (复工),resume the talk(恢复谈判),resume the journey(又继续赶路)。 9.keep under proper control:恰当控制 under 这个词后面接名词构成一些很有用的词组,如: under discussion(在讨论中),under consideration(在考虑中),under repair (在修理中)。 10. working drawings: 施工详图其他类型的图纸有: architectural drawing(建筑图), as—built(或 completion)drawing(竣工图),contract drawing,(工程发包图);engineering drawing(工程图)j general drawing(总图),outline drawing(略图),elevation drawing (立面图),plain view drawing(平面图),sectional drawing(剖面图),skeleton drawing (草图),structure drawing(结构 图)。 11.we take your instruction 我们接受你的指示 take 在这里是―接受‖的意思,等于上面的 follow。 12. leave this to Mr. I Harrison 这件事我留给 Harrision 先生 leave sth to sb 意思是―留某事(物] 给某人(做)‖。


13.a timely product:直译是:―一个及时的产品‖,这里指的是―及时完成的工程‖。

1.When Mr.Harrison says that the multiple runs of embedded electrical conduit are installed without adequate spacing,Mr.Bian answers,―Actually,we are doing that job strictly in compliance with the working drawings issued by your engineer.May I refer you to Drawing No.MJ 一 7?‖(事实上,我们是严格按照你方工程师颁发的图纸来做这项工作的。请你们看 一下 MJ 一 7 号图纸好吗?) ―refer sb to sth. a very useful expression when you want someone ‖is to take a look at something,especially contract documents,to make sure that you are right, meaning ―请某人参看某文件‖. Now,you try do the following: 1)A:Why have you reduced the progess? B:我认为在你们付款拖延时我们有权这样做。请你看一下合同第二十条的规定好吗? (I think we have the right to do SO when your payment to US is delayed.May I refer you to C1ause 20 of the Contract?) 2)A:You have no right to change the design. B:我们是在你们同意之后才变动的,请你看一下八月九号的会议记录好吗? (We have done that upon your approval.May I refer you to the minutes of the meeting held on August 97) 3)A:This section of the project should have been completed by the end of April. B;请你看一看你方的驻地工程师七月八号签发的停工令好吗? (May I refer you to the stop—work order issued by your resident engineer on 8?) 2.When Mr.Ma responds to Mr.Harrison's comment on the installation of the multiple runs, he says,―There's something in what Mr.Harrison has just said about the spacing between the conduits,…‖(Harrison 先生刚才关于预埋管之间的间距的看法有一定的道 理,…) ―There's something in what one says‖ is a very useful sentence pattern when you agree to someone,meaning―某人所说的话有一定的道理。‖ Now,you try doing the following: 1)A:The building will look better if glass curtain walling is adopted. B:你说的有道理,但增加的费用哪里来呢?, (There's something in what you say;but what about the extra cost?) 2)A:A lot of money will be saved if the design is modified a little. B:你说的有一定道理,但是否会影响整个设施的功能? (There's something in what you say;but will the modification affect the functions of the whole facillity?) 3)A:If you recruit local labourers ,it will relieve your manpower shortage. B:你说的有道理,但他们具有所要求的技能吗? (There's something in what you say;but do they have the required skills?) 3。When Mr.Sukhnandan wants the Contractor to stop the work on the relevant part of project, he says,―Meanwhile,you're instructed to stop the work on this part of the project.‖ (同时,现指示你方停止这一部分工程的工作。) ―You're instructed to do sth‖ is a formal expression,meaning―现指示你做某事‖. Now,you try doing the following:


1)现指示你方暂停发货。 (You're instructed to suspend.the shipment.) 2)现指示你方停止立模。 (You‘re instructed to stop erecting the formwork.) 3)现指示你方复工。 (You're in8tructed to resume the work.)

竣工工程质量的高低直接关系到工程的预期目的(the intended goal)是否能达到,投 产后壬程的效益是否能得到最大程度的发挥,因此,在工程的实施阶段,业主往往派遣自 己的技术人员和管理人员到现场的各工作面去监督管理承包商的工程作业。 对于一个国际承包商(international contractor), 承建工程质量的优劣直接影响到他在国际 工程承包界的信誉(reputation in the international contracting industry)。如果由于承 包商的原因导致重大的质量事故,则他将失去信誉,失去更多承建工程的机会 (business opportunity),从而难于立足于国际工程承包市场(international contracting market)。 在实施工程的过程中, 承包商要辩证地(dialectically)处理质量、 进度和费用之间的关系。 越是在工期紧的情况下, 越不能忽视质量, 否则, 很可能欲速则不达(The more haste, less The speed.)。万一出现质量问题,要及时改正,虚心接受业主人员的批评意见。自始至终,承包 商要按照业主的工程师颁发的图纸和其他技术文件施工, 若发现其中的确有误, 要委婉地提 出,。并给出自己的修改意见,以便给对方一个好印象,使其在其他方面给予友好合作. 总 之 , 对 于 一 个 国 际 承 包 商 来 说 , 一 个 优 质 的 工 程 就 是 其 最 好 的 广 告 (A high—quality―product‖ is the best advertisement for an international contractor.)。


3. Site security and safety


(To help to avoid losses on a construction project, the contractor’s attention should specially be drawn to security and safety at the construction site. Normally, a security and safety plan is made carefully to the works. Today, Mr.Sukhnandan and Mr.Bian are working on a security and safety plan for the project.) Sukh: Mr. Bian, I have reviewed the draft of the security and safety plan submitted by you last week. On the whole, it is acceptable, but there are still some deficiencies. Bian: I‘d like to have your suggestions. Sukh: It is stated in the plan that two watchmen are to stationed at the main gate of the site. That is not enough. Four more are required with two being stationed at the explosive storage and two patrolling the major working areas and the boundary of the site. Bian: I agree that that two more are required at the explosive storage, as this is very special area. As to the patrolling two, I think they are needed just for the night time. Sukh: This arrangement is workable. However, all the watchmen must be professional security guards. They should not be employed from ordinary civilians. Bian: Could you recommend where we can get the professionals? Sukh: There‘s a local company called Wakenhut which specializes in providing security services, All of their men are quite skilled and experienced. Bian: They are just what we need. We‘ll contact this company. Sukh: Also, there must be warning signs like ―No Trespassing!‖ around the site perimeter and ―Hazardous Materials‖ at the explosive storage. Bian: All right, we‘ll take this action immediately. Sukh: Now, about safe operations at the site, I want to add the following: All personnel, including authorized visitors, must wear hard hats and sturdy shoes. It is a must. That‘s number one. Number two, fire extinguishers must be provided at all locations where welding or burning operations take place, Number three, ladders and scaffolds must be either standard commercial products or be job-built from appropriate lumber. ―Jungle timber‖ shall not be used. Number four, all the blasting operations must be carried out by blasters with a blasting license issued locally. Last, but not least, first aid stations with suitable equipment must be established at all major working areas besides the medical station at the site. Bain: Thank you for your suggestions, Mr. Sukhnandan. I hope we can be allowed to use jungle timbers for some temporary facilities. Sukh: Yes, but upon our prior approval only. Bian: Any further suggestions? Sukh: To be frank with you, what I especially care about is the safety in the tunneling operation. What measure do you plan to take to prevent accidents? Bian: It is true that tunnel excavation is a most dangerous activity. We are fully aware of the possible accidents, such as cave-ins, water surging, suffocation and electric shock. Relevant measures will be taken against them. A geology engineer is appointed solely for this purpose. His job is, among other things, to observe the status of the rock strata. Alarm


Sukh: Bian: Sukh:

Bian: Sukh: Bian:

system is installed in the tunnel. If decomposed rock or strata gap is encountered, we will do the lining along with the excavation. Mr. Bian, this is the last thing I want to mention. In case accidents occur during the tunnel excavation, what special measures will you take? We‘ve already placed an order for an ambulance for this purpose. To be safer, I would suggest that you contact the nearby hospitals beforehand, to make arrangements with them. They are always ready to give any help they can. If a serious accident occurs, they will send their ambulance together with the medical staff to the spot immediately. That‘s a good idea. Mr. Bian, safety is not something minor. It concerns the reputation and image of this project and of both parties. I hope it arouses your attention. As an experienced international contractor, reputation is most important to us. Besides, experience shows that if proper effort is made in safety precaution, it will not hinder the progress. Instead, it will be help progress because a team with less accidents is more efficient and productive.

WORDS AND EXPRESSIONS Vandalism Watchmen Patrol Major working area Boundary Workable Professional Security guard Ordinary civilian Warning sign Trespass Site perimeter Hazardous materials Authorized visitors Sturdy shoes Fire extinguisher Welding Ladder Scaffold Standard commercial product Blaster First aid station Medical station Cave-in Water surging 故意破坏,人为破坏 看守,值班人员 巡游,询查 主要工区 边界 可行的 职业的,专业人员 保安人员 普通平民 警告牌 不经许可私自进入,侵犯 现场周围 危险材料,危险品 被允许进入现场的参观者 防护性鞋子,劳保鞋 灭火器 焊接 梯子 脚手架 标准商用产品 爆破工,起爆器 急救站 医疗站 塌方 涌水


Suffocation Electric shock Ambulance Beforehand Medical staff Safety is not something minor Arouse Hinder

窒息 电击,中电 救护车 预先 医护人员 安全可不是下问题 引起 耽搁,拖后

NOTES TO THE TEXT 1. on the whole: 总体上,大致 例如:This plan is not bad on the whole (这个计划总的来说还不错。) On the whole, I like this design. (总的来说,我喜欢这种设计) 2.Station : 驻扎,安置 此处用作动词,指派遣人员驻扎看守某地。 3.Main gate : 大门 工地的大门有时也说 barrier 一词。 4.Wakenhut : 一保安公司的名称 5.No Trespassing! : 不得入内!这是常用的告示语。 6.We‘ll take this action immediately 我们将照此立即执行 take action 意思是―采取行动‖, 提起诉讼。 例如: The supplier decided to take action against that company. (供货商决定起诉那家公司。) 7.It is a must. 这是必须做的事。 Must 这里是名词,意思是―必须条件‖,―必须做的事‖。 例如: English is a must if you want to work in an English-speaking country. (要想在讲英语的国家工作,会英语是一项基本条件。) 8.―Jungle timber‖: 这里指从丛林中砍伐的原木。 9.Last, but not least : 最后,但同样重要的是 这是在强调自己最后所说的内容也同样重要 时,常说的一句套话。 10. Yes, but upon our prior approval only: 只要事先得到我们的批准后才可以 upon 这里的 意思是―在….之后 (随即)‖。 例如:Please give us an acknowledgement upon receipt of our notice. (请在收到我们的通知后回函说明。) 11.Relevant measures will be taken against them. : 将采取有关防范这些问题的措施句中 against 意思是―防范‖,―针对‖请注意这种用法。如:take precaution against fire (采取 防火措施);insert a price against each of work (针对每项填入一个价格)。 12.Among other things : 除了别的事情外 在这里指的是―除了做其它安全工作之外‖。 13.The spot : 地点 这个词常指事故发生地点。 EXERCISES 1. When Mr.Bian asks for suggestions, Mr. Says,‖It is stated in the plan that two watchmen are to be stationed at the main gate of the site.‖ (按计划规定,要派两名看守驻扎在现场大门。)


―it is stated that…‖is a useful sentence pattern, meaning ―(按)…规定…‖. Now, You try doing the following: 1) 合同规定,该项工程应于 1996 年 12 月竣工。 (It is stated in the contract that the works shall be completed by December,1996.) 2) 规定,没有业主地同意,承包商不得不将工程地任何部分分包出去。 (It is stated the contractor is not allowed to sublet any part of the works without the consent of the owner.) 3) 在投标人须知中规定,如果中标人拒绝签署合同,其投标保函将别没收。 (It is stated in the Instructions to Bidders that the successful bidder will forfeit his tender bond if he refuses to sign contract.) 4) 规范中规定,承包商必须提供袋装水泥。 (It is stated in the specification that the contractor must supply bagged cement.) 2. When talking about the tunnel excavation, r. Sukhnandan says, ―Mr. Bian, this is the last thing I want to mention.‖ (卞先生,这是我最不愿意提的事情。) ―the last thing sb. Want to do‖ is a useful sentence pattern, meaning ―某人最不愿意做某事‖. Now you try doing the following: 1) 我最不喜欢做这项工作。 (This is the last job I want to do.) 2) 他根本不会接受这个建议。 (This is the last advice he will take.) 3) 我们最不愿意采用这种施工方法。 ( This is the last construction method we want to adopt.) 4) 供货商最不愿意接受这种支付方式。 (This is the last method of payment the supplier will accept.) 背景与指南(BACKGROUND AND DIRECTIONS) 国际工程的施工过程中, 现场治安与施工安全是一个值得重视的问题。 一家国际承包商 的治安与安全保障体系的好坏, 不仅会体现其经济效益上, 而且关系到他在国际承包市场上 的业务形象。 由于承包商所从事的工程处于一个他不太熟系的国家和地区,做好防盗、防人为破坏 ( guard against theft and vandalism) 的工作尤其重要。如果材料或设施被盗,不仅导致直接经 济,而且由于来不及重置(replacement), 而影响工程的实施。 建筑行业是发生工伤事故比较高的一个行业。 由于国际工程往往集中了不同国家的技术 和雇用大量的当地劳务人员(local labour),思想观念和工作方式的不同,加之所存在的语言 障碍(language barrier), 在施工中出现事故的可能性就更大。强调安全并不会影响工程的进 度。在国外,雇主与劳动力之间的关系是一个敏感问题(sensitive issue)。如果承包商重视工 人的健康与安全工作,工人的工作积极性就高,工作效率也就高。反之,若工地常常发生工 伤事故(accidents at site),这不仅会降低工人地工作效率,而且很可能在当地招募不到所需的 劳动力,从而影响工程的顺利进展。 对于危险场所,如:炸药仓库、变电站、发电机房等,要标有用汉语和当地语言书写警 告牌(warning signs)。在进场道路和现场内的道路上危险地段,也应设有限速(speed limit) 标 志与相应地警告牌。




4. Environmental Protection (As environment has become a big concern in the. modern world, environmental protection is always emphasized by the country where the Works are executed. At today's meeting, matters on the project's environmental protection are scheduled to be discussed.' Mr. Lucas, an inspector from the Local Environmental Protection Agency, is present at the meeting and inquires of Mr. Sukhnandan, the Owner's representative, and Mr. Bian, the Contractor's project manager, about the implementation of environmental protection on the project.) Sukh: Mr. Bian, I don‘t think you‘ve met Mr. Lucas, Inspector.of EPA. Mr: Lucas this is Mr. Bian, project manager of the Contractor for this project. Bian: Welcome to the project, Mr. Lucas. It's an honour to meet you . Sukh: Mr. Lucas hopes to learn how the environment is protected while the project's going on. Lucas: Yes, that‘s what I am here for. This is a very important project for our country. However, some local residents. From .the nearby community are rather. concerned with its possible, adverse impact on the environment during the., construction. What environmental protection: measures do you undertake? Bian: Mr. Sukhnandan and I have discussed this matter several times. Both sides, attach great importance to it. Right from the beginning of the Works , we studied the environmental protection regulations published by the Government. Accordingly, we have made a careful plan on this project, where guidelines are set out for all the employees on this project to observe for protecting the relevant land, surrounding vegetation and, especially, the Macal River water. Lucas: May I have more specific details of your measures? Bian: To avoid contamination by the leaking of fuel and garbage, various treatment facilities have been built. Latrines, lose to the working areas, were erected in accordance with Mr. Sukhnandan's suggestions. Protection of the Macal River from contamination is where we spend our more effort. Things like-empty cement bags, cartons and other waste materials are cleared away from the river banks in time to prevent them from falling into the river. As to the waste water from the crushing system at our batch plant, special treatment is carried before it is let go into the river. Lucas: Could you elaborate on your special treatment? Bian: We have a settlement tank system.it is cellular with three ceils.The waste water from.the sand and aggregate washer first runs along the outlet ditch with liltering devices into the?first cell for initial settlement.After an intervaI of twenty four hours,the water~lows into the second cell where chemical treatment is given for the rock flour to settle。Finally,the treated water reaches the river through the third cell.The sediment sludge is cleaned out regularly and disposed of in a proper area· Lucas: Sounds fine,but how do you guarantee that this plan is implemented? Bian: We have designated one of our staff to be solely in charge of this job.He is re— sponsible for monitoring and examining all the working crews carrying out this


Sukh: Lucas: Sukh: Bian:

work.Of course,we are always under the suDerintendence of the Owner. That's right; Can I go to the job site and have a look,please? You are welcome to visit the job site at any time you like. After_your visit.to the site,you could go back and tell those worried residents that this project will not do any harm to their lives.Instead,it will improve their living conditions.

WORDS AND EXPRESSIONS a big concern emphasize Environmental Protection inquire of implementation local resident adverse impact contamination leaking. treatment facility carton Crushing system Elaborate settlement tank system cellular cell sand.and aggregate washer outlet ditch filtering device Interval flow into chemical treatment rock flour settle sediment sludge dispose of? designate under the superintendence of living conditions 极为关注的事 强调 Agency 环境保护局 询问 执行 当地居民 不利影响 污染 漏,渗 (废物)处理设施 纸板箱 碎石系统 详细说明 沉淀池系统,沉沙池系统 网格状的 单元格,区格 砂子与骨料冲洗机 排水沟 过滤装置 间隔期,间隔时间 流入 化学处理 石粉末 沉淀 沉积泥沙 处理 指定 在…的监督下 生活条件

NOTES TO THE TEXT 1. present at the meeting :出席会议,与会 present 这里是形容词,意思是―到场的‖,―出 席的‖。如:the people present here(到场的人)。


2: It's an honour to meet you.:一见到你真荣幸。一这是首次见面时常说的客套话。 3: Mr. Lucas hopes to learn how the-environment is protected…: Lucas 先生希望了解一 下环境保护方面的间题… 句中的 learn 在这里是―了解‖,―得知‖的意思。 例如:When he learned that the goods could not be delivered on time, he made a call to the manufacturer immediately himself (当他得知货物不能按时交伟他立即亲自给厂家挂了电话。) 4. EPA: 环境保护局 Environmental Protection Agency 的缩写形式。 5. W hat environmental protection measures do you undertake?:你们采取的环保措施有哪 些?undertake 在这里等于 take 6. nearby community:附近的居民 community 意思是―团体‖,―社区‖,―同一地区的全 体居民。如:international community(国际社会),religious community(宗教团体)。 7. Right from the beginning of the: Works,:从工程一开始 right 这里是加强语气的副词。 8. garbage::废料,垃圾 英国人常用 rubbish 一词。 9. latrine:工地上的简易厕所· 10. initial:初始的,第一次;在合同管理中,这个词用作动词时,意思是―草签‖、―小签‖,指 在文件上签上· 自己名字的首写字母,如:若名字为 John Brown,则签 JB,中国人一般 签自己的姓(last -name) 11. …this project will do not any harm to.their lives.:这一工程项目不会对他们生活产生危害。 do harm to 意思是对―对…有害‖; do no harm to 意思是―对…无害‖。 例如:Poor ventilation will do harm to the workers' health. (通风不好会损害工人的健康。) EXERCISES l.- When Mr. Lucas wants to know more details about the treatment of waste water from the crushing system,he says,―Could you elaborate on your special treatment?"(你是 否再详细地介绍一下你们专门的污水处理方法?) "Could.you elaborate on…?, is a very polite way to ask for more detailed information , about something, meaning―.您是否详细地说明一下…‖· Now,you try doing the following: 1) A: We'll do something about it. B:您是否能详细说一下你们的具体措施? (Could you elaborate on your specific measures?) 2) A: This is our tentative plan. B:我们希望你们编制得再详细点。 (We-hope you can elaborate on it.) 3) A:你们只需告诉我们事实,不必加以解释。 (You just tell us the facts. Don't elaborate on them.)_ B : All right,but the facts must be interpreted impartially.. 2. When Mr. ,: Lucas asks if he can go to the job site,Mr. Sukhnandan says,"You are wellcome to visit the job site at any time you like., ,(随时欢迎您到工地参观。) "You are welcome to do sth" is an expression to welcome someone to do something, meaning_. ―欢迎您…‖or‖您尽管…‖


Now, you try doing the following: 1)欢迎您到我们公司参观。 (You are welcome to visit our company. ) 2)欢迎您提出自己的建议。 (You are welcome to' give us your suggestions.) 3)这台设备您尽管用 (You are welcometo use this equipment.) 背景与指南(BACKGROUND AND DIRECTIONS) 近年来,随着社会的发展,.环境保护正日益成为全球关心的问题(global concern)。各 国政府对在本国工程项目建设中可能造成的污染都很重视,常常在工程施工过程中派有关 人员到工地去检查。项目的业主也常在合同中对施工中的环保间题作出相应的规定。 承包商根据业主的要求往往也编制自己的环保计划(environmental protection .plan ) , 对开挖出的弃土与石渣的倾倒(dumping of surplus soil and muck) ,施工现场上污水 ( sewage)与垃圾(garbage)的处理,特别是对于一些可能出现化学污染<chemical pollution)防范措施等作出详细的规定,供业主批准。




For a construction project,payment of the contract price, normally, is divided into interim payments and final payment,and is rather complex.To receive the progress payments during the period of the construction,the contractor is required to apply for, them by submitting a monthly statement after the end of each working month.. 1 .Settling the Form of the Monthly Statement (Before a monthly statement is submitted to Mr. Sukhnandan,the Owner's' representative, the form of it has to be approved by him. Mr. Zhang, the Contractor’s project manager’s assistant, is talking to him about the form.) Zhang: Mr: Sukhnandan this is the draft form of our monthly statement. Will you have a check to see if it is all right ,please? Sukh: I'll have to go over it first. v:If you axe busy; Mr. Zhang,I'll have it sent back to you, together with my comments when I'm through with it. Zhang: I'd prefer to wait. here ,if you don't mind Sukh: Not 'at all. Take a seat,please. Zhang; I hope we can settle the form this morning. Sukh:I hope so too. I think I'll be finished in fifteen minutes and then you can have my comments right away .Would you like a coffee? Zhang: Thank you. Sukh: (After checking.)Well, Mr. Zhang the form is OK in generals, but Item 1 "Value of the Works Executed‖ in this form should be broken down into two items. One is for the permanent works and the other for the temporary works. Zhang: Thank you, Mr: Sukhnandan. I'll come back tomorrow afternoon and give you the Monthly Statement for the completed month in this revised form. Is it all right with you? Sukh: Anytime after 3 o'clock. Zhang: When do you think we can receive-the payment? Sukh: If there's no problem with the statement, I'll certify the payment to our head office and accounting department right away. .It will be transferred to your bank account probably within 30 days after I get the statement, or within 56 days at the latest. Zhang: OK. I'll be expecting it then. The sooner,the better. 2. The Amount is not correct (As the amount of the payment certificate is obtained from complex calculations,problems may occur easily. Mr. Zhang is in the Owner's site office,showing his doubt 一 to Mr. Sukhnandan about the amount to be received from the Owner in respect of the monthly payment.)· Sukh: Have you received the payment for October,Mr. Zhang ? Zhang: I am not sure. We have not been informed by the bank yet, but thank you for your prompt delivery of the copy of the Interim Certificate No. 6,Mr. Sukhnandan: Unfortunately,we found that the amount is incorrect. Sukh: Oh,is it?-.: Zhang : In this certificate,an amount of 10 percent of the payment due to us has been de-


Sukh: Zhang: Sukh: Zhang:



Sukh: Zhang:


Zhang: Sukh: Zhang:

ducted to repay the advance payment. We don't think that it should be. The Owner is entitled to repayment of the advance through deductions at a rate of 10 percent of each progress payment. Yes,but after the total amount certified has reached 30-percent of the Contract Price, according to the Contract.. Now, the payments you've 'got have added up to this amount. That's right,but we have a different understanding on this point. We believe that the Contract 'implies that the deduction should start from the next certificate by using the word "AFTER" in Clause 60 "Repayment of the Advance Payment": 0' Perhaps the word "AFTER". is used incorrectly. It is indeed quite misleading here, but the interim certificate has been delivered to our accounting department back in our office . Let me put it this way: The amount in this certificate stays as it is and I‘ll make no deduction for the repayment in the next certificate. How does this sound to you?. It sounds all right.nl take it,since it would require too much effort to modify the amount of the current certificate. Good cooperation is the key for the success of this project. Thank you for your understanding. Mr. Sukhnandan; there's something else I want to talk over with you. It's aboutthe retention money. By now, the retention movies that have been deducted from all the previous certificates have reached? half of the total. Is it possible for us to substitute a bank guarantee for the movies you've .so retained? That means we submit to you a guarantee with the same amount and you release all the retained monies to us. We're in need of more working capital at this construction stage,you know. This concerns our general financing arrangements. Personally, I don't oppose such an idea so long as the guarantee is an unconditional one and the issuing bank is acceptable. This issue, ,however , is beyond my authority and I'll have to ask the head office for approval Will you please advise us when you have a response from your head office? I'll give you a reply in seven days, Thank you.

W.RDS AND EXPRSSIUNS contract price final payment progress payment go over settle the form in general permanent works temporary works revised form 合同价格 最终付熬,结算. 进度付款. 审阅,看一遍 将格式定下来总体上 永久工程临时工程 修改的格式


accounting department bank account payment certificate in respect of show one's doubt out repay the advance payment at a rate of reach 30 percent of the contract price imply misleading the key to the success of the project retention previous working capital unconditional issuing bank beyond, my authority NOTES TO THE TEXT

会计部门 银行帐户 支付证书 有关…方面 对…表示疑问.. 偿还 预付款 以…的比率,以…的速度 达到合同价格的 30% 隐含,暗指 使人易误解的,引人歧途的 项目成功的关键 保持,保留(金) 以前的 流动资金,周转资金 无条件的 开具保函的银行,开证行 超过我的权力

1. interim ,payment:期中付款,临时付款相当于我们通常所说的―进度付款‖ (progress payment) 2. monthly statement ;每月报表指承包商为获得付款在每月末或下月初向业主提交的 报表,其中说明在该月已完成的工程价值,购买并运至现场的材料和设备的价值(value of the materials and plants to be delivered onto the site)以及有关的价格调整(price adjustmens )等。? 3. I'll have it sent back to you.:我派人再把表送给你。请注意这一句型的用法。 4. Item 1 "Value of the Works Executed":第一项―完成的工程的价值, item 这个词在 , 工程管理中很常用,如:items of work(工作项),_an item of equipment(一件设备), item No.(项目编号) 5. break down into two items:分成两项 break down 在这里是―分解‖,―分成细项‖的意 思。如:break down the prices(价格分解,价格分析)。 6. certify the payment 开具支付证书 certify 在这里意思是―证明‖,―为…开具证书‖,常 用于财务方面,如:certified invoice(签证发票),certified check(保付支票),certified letter of credit(保付信用证)。 7. interim certificate 即 interim payment certificate(期中支付证书) 8. due to 这里是―到期应付―的意思。 9. the advance:即 the advance payment(预付款),指业主在承包商开工前提前支付给他的 一笔不计利息的款项,用于承包商的前期开支,_并按合同规定从每月进度付款中分期扣 还。 10. stay as it is 保持不变,不作修改这是一种习惯用法。 11. the. current certificate :这一期的证书 current 意思是―现时的‖,通用的‖,如:current. affairs(时事),current account(活期存款帐户,经常项目),current assets(流


动资产),current income(本期收益),current deposit(活期存款),current liabilities (流动负债,短期负债), current price(时价)._ 12. How does this' sound. to you? ;你觉得这个意见怎么样?这是口语中征求别人意见时 的常用句型 13. retention money:保留金指业主为了保证承包商在维修期/缺陷责任期(Maintenance Period/Defects Liability Period)内去修补工程缺陷而从进度款项中所暂时扣发的一笔 款额,约为合同价格的 5% 14. substitute for:用…取代…注意这个词组 replace with 的区别, 例如: engineer substituted The the new parts for the worn parts of the machine..(那位工程师用新部件换下了机器的磨损件。)-· 这句话同样可以说:. The engineer replaced the worn parts of the machine with the new parts. 15. bank guarantee ;银行保函在国际工程管理中,常用的银行保函类型有: bid guarantee(投标银行保函),performance guarantee(履约银行保函), bank guarantee for advance payment(预付款银行保函),domestic preference guarantee (国内优惠银行保函)。 EXERCISES 1. When Mr: Sukhnandan says,"If you are busy , Mr. Zhang ,I‘ll have it sent to you.‖, Mr. Zhang answers, I‘d prefer to wait here if you don‘t mind.‖(如果你不介意的话,我在这里等一下。) ―…if you don‘t mind ― is a very polite way in making a suggestion or a choice. Now, you try doing the following: 1) A: We'd like to invite you to a dinner.: party tonight. B:如果你不介意的话,我想呆在我的房间准备明天的谈判文件 (I'd prefer to stay indoors o prepare the document for tomorrow's negotiation if you don‘t mind。 ) 2)A:Can we settle the matter now? B: 如果你不介意,我想把这一问题留在下次会议讨论 (I want to leave it to be discussed in our next meeting If you don't mind:) 3) A: Where would you like to go for a visit? B: 我想逛一逛故宫,如果你不介意的话。 (I'd like to have a stroll in the Palace Museum if you don‘t mind.) 2. :When Mr:Zhang says,‖ I hope we can settle the form this morning.‖, Mr: Sukhnandan replies, "I think I'll be finished in fifteen minutes.‖ (我想我十五分钟就能完成。) "be finished (with sth)" means ―(已经)完成某事。‖ 1)A:你的工作完成了吗? (Are you finished with your work?) B: Not yet 2) A:你认为你们何时能完成截流? (When do you think you will be finished with the river closure?:)


B: We are conducting the job right now and will be finished in three days.` 3)A: How about the excavation of the vertical shaft? B:我们已经完成了。 (We are finished with it already.) 背景与指南(BACKGROUND AND DIRECTIONS) 工程款项的支付贯穿着工程的整个实施过程,付款程序(payment procedure)一也比较 复杂。在开工之前,承包商可向业主申请工程预付款(advance payment),但须向业主提交 预付款保函。关于进度款和最终结算款(interim and final payment),合同中一般均有比较 细致的规定。按照土木工程施工合同的支付质例,进度款按月支付,其程序如下: 首先,承包商在每个月末之后(即下月初)按业主一方指定的格式提交每月报表 (monthly statement),说明:完成的永久工程的价值(value of the permanent works);有 关临时工程、施工设备、计日工等费用;运至工地但尚未使用的材料和永久工程设备的发 票价值((invoice value)的一个百分数;价格的调整额以及业主向意的索赔款等。当业主代表或 业主工程师收到报表后,如果他认为正确无误,在扣去保留金(retention money)和其 他应扣款后,则应在合同规定的时间内开具支付证书(payment certificate)、送交业主。收 到支付证书后,业主应在规定的时间内进行审查并向承包商支付。 关于工程的最终付款,.不同的合同规定不尽相同。但大体程序如下: 当工程竣工,业主一方向承包商颁发移交证书(taking-over certificate)后,业主应退 还一半保留金,同时承包商向业主提交竣工报表(statement at completion),说明他完成的 所有工作的价值以及业主应付给他到期的工程款余额(balance due),业主根据合同规定予 以支付。当维修期结束后,业主须在规定的时间内退还另一半保留金。




As power project play a very important role in the development of the ecnomy of a country,governments always set great store by them.Often,government officials make visits to the jobsite to see how things are going there and express their support and,sometimes,concerns over the project. 1. going to the jobsite (Mr.Bruce,Minister of Nature Resourses,has made a oppointment with Mr.Bian,project manager,to visit the site today.Mr.bruce arrives at the site office where Mr.Bian and Mr. zhang are expecting him. ) Bian:Welcome to our project,Mr. Bruce. Bruce:Thank you. Bian:This is assitant,Mr zhang. Bruce:Glad to see you,Mr zhang. Zhang:Glad to meet you too,Mr.Bruce.We are honoured by your visit.Shall we go to the site now? Bruce:OK. Bian:I a

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