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2012-2013 第二学期英语必修二 Unit 1




of the world.

根据首字母和句意拼写单词(共 20 分,每题 2 分)

1. As is known,

the Great wall is one of the w___________ 2. In the accident, only two people s__________ 3. The building is specially d__________ 4. The f___________ 5. Enough e__________ at last.

for the homeless people.

in your room looks new at the first sight. can help him a lot in the court. (接待) when I arrived there.

6. I got a very friendly ____________ 7. I have some _________ 8. He __________

(怀疑) whether they will come here on time.

(移开) his trousers and I found the wound. (财宝) by cheating?

9. Haven’t you seen through (识破) he had enough __________ 10. The __________ II. (

(奇特的) style attracted a large number of people.

单项选择(共 25 分,每题 1 分) )1.Professor Williams keeps telling his students that the future ______to the well-educated .

A. belongs B .is belonged C .is belonging D. will be belonged ( )2.We give dogs time ,space and love we can spare ,and ______,dogs give us their all .

A. in all B. in fact C. in short D. in return ( )3.A new law has been passed ,forbidding the killing of ______animals

A. former B. rare C .generous D .legal ( )4.The other day he bought me a ______diamond ring as a birthday present .

A. valuable B. reliable C. frequent D. grateful ( )5.“I wouldn’t tell lies to you ;that’s not my ________,”said the man to his wife . D. dynasty

A. vase B. trial C. style (

)6.They ______their rooms with flowers and balloons to welcome the New Year . C. decorated D. debated

A. selected B .removed (

)7.Jim had an enthusiastic ______when he returned home after 10 years’ stay in Asia .

A. reception B. escape C. guidance D .insurance ( )8.Actually I find the ______news more interesting than national or international news .

A. active B. fluent C. informal D. local ( )9.In legend stories young princes usually live in large and beautiful _________.

A. troops B. leagues C .castles D. temples ( )10.We sat in the bomb shelter listening to the enemy shells _________.

A. sinking B. exploding C. designing D .ruining ( )11.Medical ________shows that men are more likely to have heart attacks than women .

A .evidence B. entrance C .identity D .reception ( )12.It was reported that of the six people injured in the crash ,only two _______.

A. ignored B. recognized C. buried D. survived ( )13.The chemical ,_______to kill biological organisms ,are unsafe and oten not specific in A .having designed B. to design C. designing D. designed

their targets . (

)14.______letting go of a good chance like that ,the silly girl .!

A .Fancy B. Suspect C. Suppose D. Wonder ( )15.Fancy Williams not ______the answer to such an easy question !

A. know B. to know C. knowing D .knew ( )16.As your instructor advised ,you ought to spend your time on something A .precious B. worth C. worthy D. valuable

____researching into . (

)17.The chief editor expressed his doubt _______senior people would enjoy reading such A. which B. how C. whether D .that

magazines . (

)18.The captain and his crew set out for an unknown island in ______of buried treasure .

A. notice B. hunt C. search D. watch ( )19.They have always treated us with open hands and we must be generous _______.

A .in return B .in addition C. in vain D. in c ase ( )20.The little boy ,out of curiosity ,_______the toy to see how it worked ,but couldn’t put it A .took apart B .broken down C. burst into D. knocked off

together . (

)21.Wang Wei had served ______a volunteer for three years before he graduated from A .as B. for C .at D .in

college . ( Games . (

)22 .There have been several new events _ to the program for the Beijing Olympic A. add B .to add C. adding D .added )23.Usually John would be late for meetings .But this time ,________to my surprise ,he A .little B. much C .ever D .even

arrived on time .


)24.The three sisters decided to hold a family party to __their parents’ silver wedding . C .congratulate D .welcome

A. celebrate B. memorize (

)25.People try to avoid public transportation delays by suing their own cars ,and this A. in short B .in case C .in doubt D .in turn

____creates further problems . III.

完形填空(共 15 分,每题 1 分) "Everything happens for the best, "my mother said whenever I faced disappointment, "If you

1 on, something good will happen some day." Mother was right, as I discovered after graduating from college. I had 2 myself for a every 5

sports announcer. So I went to Chicago to knock on the door of every station and was 3 time. In one station, a kind lady told me that 4

stations wouldn't employ a person without

since I had just graduated. "Go out in the town and find a small station that might give you a chance, "she said. I returned to Dixon, where I had finished my high school education and had 6 in the

school football team. My father said that our town had built a store and wanted a man to manage its sports department. The job sounded just 7 My disappointment had 8 for me but I wasn't hired.

as if by design. "Everything happens for the best," Mum 9 me.

Dad lent me his car to look for a job. I tried WOC Radio Davenport. The program director told me they had already hired an announcer. 10 I left his office,! asked aloud," 11 can a fellow get to be a sports announcer if he can't get a job in a radio station?" Suddenly, I heard the director 12 . "Do you know anything about football? " Then he asked me to 13 an imaginary game. It was easy, and I did it without difficulty. The director was 14 and told me I would be broadcasting a game on the ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )1 A put )2 A devoted )3 A invited )4 A large 15 Saturday. B take B designed B promised B all C move C found C refused C no D carry D enjoyed

D accepted D small D college D fought D important D turned

)5 A experience B examination C agreement )6 A played )7 A possible )8 A shown B joined B successful C taken C right

B disappeared C resulted

( ( ( ( ( ( (

)9 A woke )10 )11 )12 )13 )14 )15 A While A What

B advised

C demanded

D reminded C Before C Whenever D So D Wherever D announcing

B After B How B answering B act B sorry B coming

A calling A make A moved A future

C broadcasting

C broadcast

D play D satisfied D later

C thankful C last

IV.阅读理解(共 30 分,每题 2 分) A Ten years ago I used to be very fit (健康的). I rode a bike to work and I got a lot of exercise at weekends. I used to play tennis a lot and go for long walks. In those days I didn’t earn very much. I had a job in an office. It wasn’t a very good job but I had a lot of time to do the things I enjoyed doing. Then, about eight years ago, I got a much better job. The pay was better, but the hours were a lot longer. I bought a car and drove to work every day. I began to take people out to lunch. And I began to put on weight, too. I stopped playing tennis and going for long walks at weekends because I just didn’t have any time for things like that any more. There’s a lot of stress (压力) in my job. Perhaps that’s why I started drinking more than I used to. For example, I used to have only half a glass of whisky when I got home, but then I started filling my glass to the top, and instead of having one glass, I would have several. I started smoking a lot, too. I never used to smoke at all. Two months ago I had a heart attack. At first I just couldn’t believe it. Luckily it wasn’t very serious. The doctor advised me to stop smoking and to eat less. He also advised me to work less and get more exercise. But I just haven’t any time! My job takes everything out of me! Sometimes I wonder if I should get another job. Perhaps I could do something like I used to do. But if I do that, I won’t earn as much. I have a family to support. I have to think of them, too. I just don’t know what I should do. What do you think? ( )1. Compared with ten years ago, what is worse for the author now? B. His pay. D. His health.

A. His job. C. His means of transport.


)2. According to the passage, when the author got the better job, which of the following is

NOT true? A. He got higher pay. C. He found it very stressful. ( B. His working hours weren’t long D. He had little free time at weekends

)3. After the author had a heart attack, the doctor advised him _____. B. to take a long vacation abroad D. not to eat out any more

A. not to work any longer C. to stop smoking and take exercise (

)4. What can we learn about the author? B. The

A. The author is not sure what he should do now. author has taken the doctor’s advice. C. The author has got another new job. D. The author feels much better now B

We arrived at the hospital only to find Dad weak, but his smile was as sure as ever. My husband and I had to work, so our relatives would help him get home from the hospital and look after him. But I wanted Dad to know that we cared about him, too, even when we weren’t with him. Then I remembered a family tradition (传统) when our children were small. When leaving their grandparents’ home, each child would write a love note for their grandparents to find after we were gone. They hid notes in the food box, or even in the fridge. For days their grandparents would smile as they discovered these notes of the children’s love. So as I cleaned Dad’s room downstairs before he got home, I began writing notes. Some showed my love. Most notes were in his room downstairs where he would be able to find, but one note was hidden upstairs under his pillow. “Dad, if you have found this note, you must be feeling better. We are so glad!” My notes were a reminder (提醒的事物) of our love for Dad. Just like his medicines made him better physically (身体上), these would improve his mental (精神的) health. Several weeks later, I made a phone call to Dad and asked what he was doing. He said, “I’ll tell you what I’m doing. I am just reading the note you left under my pillow upstairs!” ( )5. Which of the following did the author NOT do for her father? B. Driving her father home.

A. Writing notes.

C. Making phone calls. (

D. Helping to clean her father’s room.

)6. The underlined word “these” (in Paragraph 4) refers to “______”. B. the relatives’ care and help D. delicious foods

A. medicines C. notes (

)7. The author hid most notes _____. B. in the food box D. under Dad’s pillow upstairs

A. in Dad’s room downstairs C. in the fridge (

)8. From the passage we can know the author’s notes couldn’t ______. B. make Dad remember something

A. show her love for Dad

C. make Dad healthier mentally D. improve Dad’s physical health C This week was busier than usual, and I was very tired today. All I wanted to do was to go home and enjoy a bowl of good hot soup. But when I saw my daughter’s car, I knew that it was Bryan’s night. Since his parents separated, I had tried to have my six-year-old grandson spend a few hours with me at least once a week. I had always tried to make it a special time for him. We did many interesting things; Bryan loved all these activities, and so did I. But today I had to give up our evening. I said how tired I was feeling. “Bryan, I’m sorry. Tonight I don’t feel like having fun or playing games. We’ll have our night together some other time.” I saw the sadness in Bryan’s eyes. He said, “I like soup, Grandma.” I knew he meant “Please don’t send me away. Please let me stay.” I saw the shadow (阴影) in Bryan’s eyes. Something else was changing. Maybe he thought I wouldn’t want to have him come any more — not tonight, not next week, not ever. Finally, I said OK. I was glad to see his eyes light up. After I put the soup on the stove (炉子) and turned on the TV, I fell asleep. When I woke up, there was a coat over my legs, and the soup was gone. Bryan was on the floor, reading a coloring book and watching a television show at the same time. The poor boy must have been so bored (烦躁的)! When he found I was awake, he ran over and gave me a big hug. “I love you, Grandma,” he said. “Haven’t we had a nice time together?” His big smile and happy eyes told me that this time he meant exactly what he was saying. That was the keyword — together. We had done nothing exciting or special. But we were together. ( )9. What does the underlined part (in Paragraph 2) mean?

A. It was time to cook hot soup for Bryan that night. B. This was the evening when Bryan stayed with his grandma. C. Bryan would have a good rest that night. D. Bryan would stay with his parents that night. ( )10. Why didn’t the author want to stay with her grandson that night at first?

A. She was too tired to have fun or play games with him. B. She was sick and wanted to have a good rest. C. She was too busy and had to work overtime that night. D. She had to prepare soup for the whole family. ( A. 1. )11. How many times did the author describe Bryan’s eyes? B. 2. C. 3. D. 4. D Pingyao, in the center of Shanxi Province, is a famous historic cultural city of China and a world cultural heritage (遗产) site. It’s 90 kilometers south of Taiyuan on the Fen River. People lived in Pingyao during the New Stone Age. Its long period as a county government seat has left Pingyao with lots of historic buildings and sites, with a 2,700-year history. Ninety-nine of them are under government protection, including Zhengguo Temple, Shuanglin Temple and Pingyao Ancient City. During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, businessmen organized commercial (商业的) groups that did business nationwide. Shanxi Province had some of the most important ones and Pingyao was their center. In 1823, a store, known as Rishengchang (Sunrise Prosperity), traded in bank checks rather than in silver or gold coins. It was the beginning of modern Chinese banking. Branch (分支) banks were soon set up in major cities in China and other parts of Asia, leading to great development in Pingyao. Its lacquer ware (漆器) became well known. In Pingyao Ancient City are many traditional houses and commercial buildings, 3,797 of which are protected and more than 400 of which are in good condition. Not only do the houses in Pingyao show Shanxi’s history and culture, but this large number is valuable for studying its history, customs, ancient buildings and art. Most of these houses are still used as homes and shops of local people. In 1997, Ancient Pingyao City was listed in World Heritage List as “World Culture Heritage

Site”. ( )12. What does the underlined word “them” (in Paragraph 2) refer to? B. The three temples. D. The 2,700-year history

A. Historic buildings and sites. C. The county government seats. (

)13. Which of the following about Pingyao is NOT mentioned in the passage? B. Its tourism. D. Its history.

A. Its location. C. Its business. (

)14. During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Pingyao was a leading center in _____. B. raising cattle D. making gold coins

A. agriculture C. commercial trade (

)15. If you want to know about the history of banking in China, which of the following

places should you visit? A. Sunrise Prosperity. C. A lacquer ware store. V.写作(共 10 分) 请以 Something about Li Hua 为题, 根据以下资料说明, 使用几个规范的句子描述所给的内 容,使其成为一段连贯的话。 姓名: 李华 身高:180 cm 职业:学生 籍贯:中国广州 出生年月:1989 年 10 月 1 日 全家人口:3 人 B. Zhengguo Temple. D. A commercial house.


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