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【步步高 人教版】2016届高三英语大一轮复习《Book 3 Unit 4 Astronomy:the science of the stars》导学案

Unit 4

Astronomy:the science of the stars

Ⅰ.语境填词 1.The professor’s ________(理论) of ________(原子) sounded reasonable. 2.In Western countries,different ________(宗教)have dif

ferent ________(制度). 3.Many scientists say ________(globe)warming will cause ________(剧烈的) changes on the earth. 4.Some ________(物理学家) studied the __________(大气层)of the earth and predicted the changes of the earth’s ________(气候). 5.The ________(万有引力)of the earth is ________________(基本的). 6.The ________________(biology)saw some dead fish ________________(漂浮) on the surface of the lake.They thought the water in the lake must have been polluted. Ⅱ.选词填空 now that,give birth to,lay eggs,watch out,block out,cheer up 1.The young woman ________________ a fine healthy baby. 2.________________ I’ve seen how he lives,I know why he needs so much money. 3.________________!There’s a car coming! 4.________________!Things are not so bad as they seem. 5.The heavy curtain ________________ the sun light. 6.It is impossible for a cock to ________________. Ⅲ.完成句子 1.你刚才说的话与这个问题无关。 ________________________________ has nothing to do with this problem. 2.一些动物是冷血动物,另一些是恒温动物。 ________________ coldblooded animals.________________ warmblooded ones. 3.政府的好政策使经济的发展成为可能。 The government’s good policy ________________________________________________. 4.你学习是否会取得进步取决于你是否投入学习。 _______________________________________depends on __________________________. 5.多年后再见到我的好朋友确实很令人激动。 ________________________________________ was indeed very exciting to me. Ⅳ.单项填空 1.The climate conference about ________ warming is being held in Copenhagen,Denmark. A.global B.national C.international D.local 2.With many twists and turns,the play brings a strong Beijing Hutong cultural ________ onto the stage. A.preference B.development C.atmosphere D.introduction 3.The top leaders of the two countries are holding talks in a friendly ________. A.state B.situation C.phenomenon D.atmosphere 4.It will be my ________ to clean our classroom tomorrow. A.way B.task C.job D.turn 5.________ the singer will come to the concert is still unknown yet.


A.If B.Whether C.That D.What 6.________ dangerous animals such as tigers and lions while travelling in the forest. A.Watch out B.Watch out for C.Looking out for D.Look out 7.For some reason,the old lady’s hens stopped ________ eggs suddenly. A.lying B.lay C.laying D.lie 8.________ is known to us all is that the Chinese government has spared no efforts to protect people from fake food. A.What B.It C.As D.Which 9.In the classroom,the students were having a general cleaning.Some were sweeping the floor.________ were cleaning the windows. A.The other B.Another C.Others D.Other 10.________ worried the doctors most was ________ they could find the cause of the disease. A.What;how B.That;that C.What;what D.How;what

1.puzzle n.谜;疑问;v.迷惑;使困惑 ________ adj.令人迷惑的 ________ adj.困惑的;迷惑不解的 ________ n.迷惘;困惑 【归纳拓展】 puzzle over/about 绞尽脑汁;苦思冥想 in puzzlement 迷惘地 She stared at him,puzzled at first,then angry and finally a look of helplessness came over her.(2008· 江西,阅读理解 C) 她盯着他,先是不解,然后是愤怒,最后脸上是无助的表情。 【活学活用】 (1)Scientists have been trying to ________________________ for years. 多年来科学家们一直试图解决这一谜团。 (2)The police are still ________________________ how the accident happened. 警察仍然在苦思冥想,事故是如何发生的。 (3)The present situation is________,and we are all________ about what will happen in the days to come. A.puzzled;puzzling B.puzzling;puzzled C.puzzling;puzzling D.puzzled;puzzled 2.mass n.质量;团;块;大量;群众(pl.);adj.民众的;大规模的 ________ adj.大规模的,巨大的 【归纳拓展】 a mass of=masses of 大量的;许多的 the mass of=most of ??的大部分,??的主要部分 be a mass of 满是??;遍布着?? the masses (as a whole)大众;民众 注意:a mass of 和 masses of 可以后接可数或不可数名词,作主语时谓语动词的单复数与 of 后名词的单复数保持一致。 Her garden is a mass of flowers.她的花园里种满了花。 【活学活用】 (1)Few of the people in ______________________ expect you to remember their

names.(2009· 安徽,阅读理解 A) 在大批人员的介绍引见中,没有几个人希望你记住他们的名字。 (2)I don’t like children ________________. 大体而论,我不喜欢儿童。 (3)______________ people in that country are Christians.那个国家的大部分人是基督徒。 (4)______ work has been done to prevent the water in the lake being polluted. (2011· 长春模拟) A.A plenty of B.A number of C.A mass of D.A great many 3.lay v.产;搁;放;布置 【归纳拓展】 lay off 解雇;停止工作 lay aside 储存(某物)待用/备用 lay down 放下(工具、武器等);规定;制定;放弃 (1) Sometimes,they might be laid off if business for the employers is slow. (2010· 湖南,阅读填空) 有时,如果老板们的生意不好,他们可能会下岗。 (2)She was laid off along with many others when the company moved to California. 当公司迁往加利福尼亚时,她和许多工人失业了。 【活学活用】 (1)They ________________________ for their daughter’s marriage. 他们存了些钱以备女儿结婚用。 (2)用 lie,lay 的适当形式填空 One day while we were ________ on the grass,he ________ to me that he ________ the eggs that the hen had just ________ on the table.I knew he was telling a ________. (3)The man ________________________(躺在树下) said that he didn’like the people who always ______________________(对别人撒谎). 4.in time 及时;最后 【归纳拓展】 on time 准时;按时 in no time 立即;马上 at a time 一次;每次 at one time 曾经;一度 To complete the project in time,the staff were working at weekends.(2009· 天津,4) 为了按时完成工程,全体员工周末都在上班。 【活学活用】 (1)The flowers were so lovely that they were sold ________________. 这些花是如此可爱以致于它们很快就被卖光了。 (2)He can be really badtempered _____________________________________________. 他有的时候脾气可真坏。 (3)What a strange man!He loves his wife,but ________ he often beats her. (2011· 宝鸡市模拟) A.at a time B.at one time C.in time D.at the same time 5.prevent...from 阻止;抑制 ________ n.防止,阻止,妨碍



prevent sb.?from? doing sth.? stop sb.?from? doing sth.

keep sb.from doing sth. keep sb.doing sth.使某人一直做某事 注意:被动语态中上述搭配中的 from 都不可省略。 These gases act like the glass of a greenhouse in that they allow energy from the sun to enter but prevent energy from leaving.(2008· 江苏,阅读理解 B) 这些气体起到像温室玻璃一样的作用,它们允许来自太阳的能量进入却阻止能量离开。 【活学活用】 (1)They would ________________________________________ robbing the poor. 他们要制止富人掠夺穷人。 (2)He raised his arm to ________________________________ being hurt. 他伸出手臂去保护他的孩子免受伤害。 (3)________________ is better than cure. 治病不如防病。 (4)People will thank the firefighters for the things they do to prevent fires________ the environment safer. A.make B.to make C.from making D.making 6.watch out 密切注意;当心;提防 【归纳拓展】 (1)watch for 期待,等待 watch over 照顾;监督;保护 watch out for 留意,留心,密切注意 (2)keep watch 守望,值班 I advised them to watch out for slick spots on the sidewalk. 我建议他们当心人行道上路滑的地方。 【活学活用】 (1)You’ll have to ____________ the right moment. 你得等候适当的时机。 (2)He minds so much about his position in the office that he________ any chance to be promoted. A.watches out B.looks up C.points out D.watches out for 7....,I found I was carried twice as far as on the earth and fell over. 译文 __________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 句式提取:...twice as far as... 倍数的表达方式: (1)“A+倍数+形容词或副词的比较级+than+B”,表示“A 比 B 大(长、高、宽等)多 少倍”。 (2)“A+倍数+as+形容词或副词的原级+as+B”,表示“A 是 B 的多少倍”。 (3)“A+倍数+the size/height/length/width,etc.+of+B”,表示“A 是 B 的多少倍”。 (4)A+倍数+what 从句。 【活学活用】 (1)They have __________________________ cows ________ we have. 他们的牛是我们的三倍。 (2)My house is ________________________ my parents’. 我的房子是我父母的两倍大。 (3)There are ________________________________ than in yours. 我们图书馆里的书比你们图书馆里的书多五倍。 (4)Our city has experienced________ this year as it did last year.(2011· 九江市调研)

? ?阻止某人做某事 ? ?


A.twice as much rain B.rain twice as much C.as twice much rain D.twice rain as much 8.“Oh,dear,” I cried,“walking does need a bit of practice now that gravity has changed.” 译文 __________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 句式提取:now that 引导原因状语从句 now that 既然,由于,是连词词组,引导原因状语从句,表示明显的原因或即成的事实。 口语中 that 常可省略。其他引导原因状语从句的连接词: because 因为(语气较重,常用于回答 why 的提问) since 因为,既然,由于(可与 now that 互换) as 因为(语气较弱) for 因为(并列连词,引导一个分句,不能置于句首,表示进一步补充说明) It must have rained last night,for the ground is wet.昨天晚上一定下雨了,因为地是湿的。 【活学活用】 (1)________________ you have finished your work,you’d better have a rest. 既然你的工作已经做完了,最好休息一下。 (2)________ you’ve got a chance,you might as well make full use of it.(2010· 西宁统考) A.Now that B.After C.Although D.As soon as

[写作句型公式] 1.It is/was+表示时间的名词+when+从句 It was 1999 when he came back from the United States. 他于 1999 年从美国回来。 2.It is (high) time+(that)+过去时/should do... It is high time that we should go/went home. 我们该回家了。 3.It+不及物动词+从句 It seems that Alice is not coming to the party at all. 看来 Alice 根本就不准备来参加聚会了。 It happened that I won the football lottery last week.我上星期偶然中了足彩。 It suddenly occurred to me that I knew how to solve the problem. 我突然想起怎样解决那个问题了。 [日常交际用语] 27.that’s the point:emphasizing what the main fact,idea or purpose of something is 那才是主要的;那才是问题所在 It costs me more,but it lasts much longer,you see.That’s the point. 这东西花了我比较多的钱,但你瞧它也耐用多了。那才是最重要的。 28.come on:to tell someone to hurry up 快点儿/encourage someone to try harder 加油 Come on,we’ll be late! 快点,我们要迟到了! Come on,guy,you can do it! 加油,小伙子,你一定行的!

课前准备区 Ⅰ.1.theory;atoms 2.religions;systems 3.global;violent


4.physicists;atmosphere;climate 5.gravity;fundamental 6.biologist;floating Ⅱ.1.gave birth to 2.Now that 3.Watch out 4.Cheer up 5.blocked out 6.lay eggs Ⅲ.1.What you said just now 2.Some are;Others are 3.made possible the development of economy 4.Whether you will make progress in your study;whether you devote yourself to the study 5.Meeting my good friend after many years Ⅳ.1.A [global warming 意为“全球变暖”。] 2.C [Beijing Hutong cultural atmosphere 意为“北京胡同文化气氛”。] 3.D [in a friendly atmosphere 意为“在友好的气氛中”。] 4.D [It’s one’s turn to do...轮到某人做……。] 5.B [根据句意,本句应为 whether 引导的主语从句,if 不能用来引导主语从句。] 6.B [动词短语 watch out for...意为“当心……,提防……”。] 7.C [lay eggs 意为“下蛋”;stop doing...意为“停止做……”。] 8.A [what 用于引导主语从句,且在从句中作主语。] 9.C [Some...others...为固定句式,意为“一些……另一些……”。] 10.A [第一空为 what 引导的主语从句,且在从句中作主语;第二空为 how 引导的表 语从句。] 课堂活动区 1.puzzling;puzzled;puzzlement 活学活用 (1)solve this puzzle (2)puzzling about/over (3)B [be puzzling……是令人迷惑的;be puzzled about 对……感到迷惑。] 2.massive 活学活用 (1)mass introductions (2)in the mass (3)The mass of (4)C [a mass of 可用来修饰不可数名词;B 和 D 只能用来修饰可数名词复数;A 应去掉 a。] 3.活学活用 (1)laid some money aside (2)lying;lied;laid;laid;lie (3)lying under the tree;lied to others 4.活学活用 (1)in no time (2)at times (3)D 5.prevention 活学活用 (1)prevent/stop/keep the rich from (2)protect his child from (3)Prevention (4)B [此处为不定式表目的,即“由于他们的防火工作而使环境更安全”。] 6.活学活用 (1)watch for (2)D [句意为: 他如此在意在办公室的职位, 以致于他密切关注任何被提升的机会。 watch out for sth.密切注意某事,符合句意。] 7.??(当我向前迈步的时候)我发现我所走的距离是在地球上的两倍,我跌倒了。 活学活用 (1)three times as many;as (2)twice the size of (3)five times more books in our library (4)A [twice as much...as“是……的两倍”,为固定]结构。 8.我大声地说:“天啊,既然引力改变了,走路也需要练一练了。” 活学活用 (1)Now that (2)A [主句与从句之间存在因果关系,且“you’ve got a chance”表示一个显而 易见的原因,因此应选用表原因的 now that。]


Ⅰ.单项填空(建议用时 8′) 1.It is reported that those who were caught________ in the NMET in Jilin Province will be punished. A.cheating B.cheated C.to cheat D.cheat 2.People think that ________ opening ceremony of the 29th Olympic Games was ________ great success. A.an;a B.the;a C.the;the D.the;/ 3.The sentence the little boy made________ everybody present.(2011· 德州模拟) A.did puzzle B.to puzzle C.puzzling D.puzzle 4.—Is this Mr.Black’s office,Joan? —Yes,________. A.that’s all right B.it doesn’t matter C.after you D.please yourself 5.There are________ of people in the dining hall. A.lot B.many C.few D.masses 6.In the global financial crisis some US firms plan to________ workers by the thousand. A.lay in B.lay off C.lay down D.lay aside 7.When I answer questions in English,I do feel a bit nervous________.(2011· 潍坊模拟) A.in time B.at times C.on time D.for time 8.Unfortunately,we were prevented________ the project on time by the terrible weather. A.to complete B.completed C.completing D.from completing 9.________ wild animals when you go up the hills. A.Be careful B.Take care C.Look out D.Watch out for 10.The new bridge is ________ the one built last year. A.three times as wider as B.three times the width of C.three times the width D.as three times as 11.________has helped to save the drowning girl is worth praising.(2011· 东营调研) A.Who B.The one C.Anyone D.Whoever 12.I’m sorry you’ve been waiting so long,but it’ll be some time________ Brian gets back. A.where B.since C.till D.before 13.It is reported that the United States uses________ energy as the whole of Europe. A.as twice B.twice much C.twice much as D.twice as much 14.It’s________ for the Shenzhou Ⅶ spaceship that every Chinese feels cheerful and proud. A.so a successful flight B.so successful a flight C.such successful a flight D.a such successful flight 15.It’s no longer a question now________ man can land on the moon.(2010· 烟台统考)

A.that B.which Ⅱ.完形填空(建议用时 17′)



Billy,a hardworking student,is fourteen years old and in the ninth grade.He has a parttime job that __16__ him up every morning at five o’clock,when most people are still __17__ asleep.He is a newspaper boy. Each morning,Billy leaves the house at 5∶15 to go to the __18__ where the newspapers always are.The newspapers were __19__ to the corner by truck at midnight.He always takes a wagon to __20__ them. In the winter it is still dark __21__ he gets up every day,but during the rest of the year it is __22__.Billy must send the newspapers to the houses of people on his __23__ in all kinds of weather.He tries to put each paper on the porch(门廊) where it will be __24__ from wind,rain or snow.Sometimes his customers give him tips,__25__ him very excited. Billy earns about $70 per month through hard __26__,and he is saving some of the money to go to __27__,where he has always been longing to go.Besides that,he __28__ the rest of the earnings on records and clothes.Once a month,he has to collect the __29__ at night since many of them work during the day.That is when he is __30__ so that he is full of excitement.Luckily,he gets __31__ supported by his family.Sometimes,when Billy is sick,his brother offers to deliver the newspapers for him.Once,his father was too __32__ to help. Billy has seventy customers now,but he doesn’t feel __33__ about the number. He dreams that he will get __34__ customers as possible some day.__35__,he might win a prize for being an outstanding newspaper boy.He wants to win a trip to Europe,but he will be happy if he wins a new bicycle. 16.A.wakes B.takes C.gets D.picks 17.A.sound B.falling C.fall D.soundly 18.A.corner B.street C.room D.department 19.A.given B.addressed C.handed D.delivered 20.A.carry B.bring C.send D.load 21.A.at which B.while C.that D.when 22.A.short B.black C.light D.long 23.A.road B.way C.route D.path 24.A.protected B.stopped C.kept D.prevented 25.A.making B.letting C.leading D.causing 26.A.attempt B.job C.work D.struggle 27.A.abroad B.school C.college D.hospital 28.A.costs B.spends C.pays D.uses 29.A.paper B.money C.newspapers D.records 30.A.depressed B.energetic C.fulfilled D.moved 31.A.very B.great C.greatly D.a lot of 32.A.likely B.reluctant C.tried D.willing 33.A.satisfied B.pleasant C.contented D.happy 34.A.many more B.as much C.as many D.much more 35.A.If that B.If so C.Besides D.What’s more Ⅲ.阅读理解(建议用时 7′)

Now,it’s time for some brief news items. Teens Go Online Some 13 million European children under 18 use the Internet for schoolwork,games and music according to a research done by Nielsen’s “Netrating”.The study covered Britain,Germany, France,Italy and Spain.Experts advised parents to limit the time their kids spend online and keep them away from chat rooms. Chat to the Magic Mum British author J.K.Rowling,mother of the magic boy Harry Potter,will do an Internet interview with fans on June 26.Before the event,children are invited to send their questions about Harry Potter to the website. School Soldiers Russian school students will have to do basic military training in their final year of school,the government has decided.The lesson will include learning to fire guns,marching drills and learning how to deal with a chemical,nuclear or biological attack.The activity is seen as part of a drive toward the education of their love for their country. Orlando ________ Is it hard for you to get up early and get ready for classes?Some students at Winter Park High School just roll out of bed in their pajamas (睡衣) and go to class in their own bedrooms.Of course, their teachers and classmates do not see them because all their classwork is on the computer. The Florida High School The state’s only online school has 250 students who are taking classes at home by computer.Students in this first online program take classes in algebra,American government, chemistry,computer,economics,and web page design.They also have to go to regular school to attend other classes. 36.In the first news item,which country is NOT covered in the research? A.Britain. B.France. C.Sweden. D.Spain. 37.Why will Russian school students have basic military training? A.To get ready for a military parade. B.To learn to protect themselves. C.To gain some military knowledge. D.To develop their love for the country. 38.The news from Orlando can be given a title “________”. A.Get Up Late B.Online School C.Magical Computers D.No Teachers 39.About the Florida High School,which of these statements is TRUE? A.Some of the students have to attend classes at home instead of in the school. B.There are altogether 250 students who take classes in the classrooms. C.As the state’s only online school,it has 250 students who take classes by computer. D.Students can’t take classes in algebra,American government,chemistry,computer and so on. 40.What is the second news item mainly about? A.J.K.Rowling will have an Internet interview. B.Children will meet Harry Potter’s mother. C.Fans won’t ask J.K.Rowling questions on the Internet. D.J.K.Rowling will invite Children to her website.

Ⅰ.单项填空 1.A [考查非谓语动词。catch sb.doing sth.碰到某人做某事,抓到某人做某事。] 2.B [第一空是特指,所以用 the,第二空 success 是指成功的事。所以此处 success 是可数名词,应用不定冠词 a。]


3.A [did puzzle 为助动词 did 强调 puzzle。] 4.C 5.D [masses of 大量,许多,等于 a lot of 或 many;B 和 C 项表示部分概念。] 6.B [lay off 解雇。] 7.B 8.D [sb.be prevented from doing sth.来自于 prevent sb.from doing sth.。] 9.D [watch out for sth.留意某事,其余均为不及物动词词组。] 10.B [three times the width of...是……的三倍宽,为固定结构。] 11.D [B,C 容易排除掉;A 项仅表示疑问概念;whoever=anyone who。] 12.D 13.D [考查倍数的表达方式。倍数+as+原级+as...意为“几倍……”。] 14.B [考查 such...that 和 so...that 句型。“so+adj.+a+可数名词单数”或“such+a +adj.+可数名词单数”。] 15.A [考查句式结构。it 作形式主语,that 从句作真正的主语。] 得分策略 得分点13:非谓语动词中意义相近的结构的辨析与运用 [经典例题] The workers were working from 7∶00 a.m.to 7∶00 p.m.that day,only ________ once at noon to have their lunch. A.to stop B.stopping C.to have stopped D.having stopped 错因分析 考生做本题时很容易受思维定式的影响,误选 A 项。分析句意可知,此处 “only...”部分并不表示意外或不愿看到的结果。实际上, “only...”部分在句中作伴随状语,由 于句子的主语“The workers”与设空处所填的非谓语动词之间为主谓关系,故选项 B 为正确答 案。 [得分笔记] 平时我们最常见的是 only to do sth.结构, 如: He hurried to the station only to find that the train had left.。 only to do sth.这种结构在句中作状语时, 常表示意外或不愿看到 的结果,它所表达的事件往往是紧接着前面的事件发生的。 Ⅱ.完形填空 16.C [get 与副词 up 搭配时,可以用作不及物动词,表示自己起床,也可以用作及物 动词,表示使某人起床。] 17.A [fall asleep 表示入睡的动作,而此处表示的是熟睡的状态,要用 be fast/sound asleep,故选 A 项。] 18.A [下一句中的 to the corner 暗示了此题的答案。] 19.D [表示送信、送报时,用 deliver。] 20.A [此处表示他用运货车来运送报纸,不强调方向,要用 carry 运送。] 21.D [根据语意,此处要用引导时间状语从句的连词,又因为“起床”是非延续性动词, 所以用 when。] 22.C [根据语境,此处要用和前面 dark“黑暗的”相对的词 light“明亮的”。] 23.C [route 路线,路程,航线;road 道路,公路;way 路,特指去某处的路;path 小径。] 24.A [protect...from 意为“保护……免受”。] 25. A [选项中能接形容词作宾语补足语的动词只有 make, 且根据语意知此处应用 v.ing 作结果状语。] 26.C [此句中应用不可数名词 work。] 27.C [文章第一句已经点明了比利是一名勤奋的学生,而且已经十四岁了,所以他应 该是为上理想的大学而存钱。] 28.B [主语为人且后边的介词为 on,此句采用的是 spend money on sth.结构。] 29.B [此句讲的应该是他每月一次去收他的钱(money)。] 30.C [fulfilled 满足的,此处表示拿到工资时的一种满足感。]

- 10 -

31 . C [“get +过去分词 ” 构成的被动语态,此空中的词修饰动词,应该用程度副词 greatly,表示“大大地”。] 32. D [too 可以用作程度副词, 修饰表示情感的形容词, 这时 too 相当于 very, 意为“非 常”。willing 乐意的,符合语境。] 33.D [根据空后的介词 about 可知,应该用形容词 happy。] 34.C [从后边的 as possible 可看出,此句采用的是 as...as 结构,又因为 customers 为可数名词复数,所以此处选 many。] 35.B [表示“如果是那样/这样的话”时,常用 if so,in that/this case 这样的表达。] 得分策略 完形填空题型的做题顺序是什么? 做完形填空题时,千万不要读一句填一空,因为完形填空题里所给的大多数选项填入单 句后都可成立,但从全文看却不可取,且边看边做将无法形成连贯的思路,势必会影响对全 文大意的整体理解。 我们认为,可取的做题程序应是: 1.先整体通读:读出文章的中心,读出文章的导向或作者的基本态度。通读时重点读首 句或首段,读完首段后可先读尾段,再迅速浏览文章其它部分。 2.以段为单位,按段精读,按段理解,按段做题。具体做题时,考生应抓住段落的主题 句,理解段意,一定要弄懂设空句子的意思,然后从词法、句法、行文逻辑等方面解题。 Ⅲ.阅读理解 36.C [细节理解题。根据 Teens Go Online 部分中的“The study covered...”可知,文中没 有提到 Sweden,所以 C 项为正确答案。] 37.D [细节理解题。结合 School Soldiers 部分中的“The activity is seen...”可知,政府 要求他们进行军训是为了培养他们的爱国热情。] 38.B [细节理解题。Orlando ________这一部分中的“Of course,their teachers and...” 说明他们是通过网络学习的,故其新闻标题为“奥兰多网上学校”最佳。] 39. C [是非判断题。 根据 The Florida High School 这一部分中的“ The state’s only online school...”可知,C 项的意思和文意相符。] 40.A [段意归纳题。根据标题 Chat to the Magic Mum 及文章的相关内容可知, J.K.Rowling 要进行一次网络访谈。] 得分策略 阅读理解文章中的生词比较多,该怎么处理? 一、略过生词 所谓略过生词并不是简单地将不认识的单词跳过,而是要尽快地判断出哪些生词是可以 跳过而不影响理解文章的,哪些生词是不能轻易跳过并且需要进一步采取别的办法去处理的。 二、学会只猜测生词的大概意思,而不必追求其准确含义 [经典例题] The Asian gibbon,like other apes,especially adapts to life in trees. 解析 在这句话中, 考生只要猜出 gibbon 是 apes(类人猿)中的一种就够了, 没必要知道其 准确意思。 三、利用语法结构 这里谈的仅仅是语法分析对于理解生词的帮助,单凭语法分析,不可能确定一个词的准 确意思,但它至少可以帮助判别一个词的词类。 [经典例题] The major points of your plan are clear to me,but the details are still hazy. 解析 根据 but 转折结构可猜测 hazy 和 clear 意思相反,故 hazy 的意思应为“模糊的, 朦胧的。” 四、利用猜词法来猜测词义 1.即使生词超纲,根据上下文也能得出其大意。 2.即使一个词我们非常熟悉,也要通过上下文得出其所在特定场合的意思。

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