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高一英语 Module 2 My New Teachers课件 外研版必修1

Module two
My New Teachers

Teaching Aims and Demands
1. Enable the students to learn expressions used to describe a teacher and his or her personality 2. Help the students learn as more adjectives as possible to describe teachers 3. try to get the main idea of the reading material on page12 4. to retell the text.

Complete the sentences with the words in the box. admit appreciate avoid hate joke literature respect scientific summary
1 The young man ______ that he stole the money. admits 2 I love reading good __________. literature 3 Thank you so much, I really appreciate _________your help. 4 It’s a very interesting ________ experiment. scientific hate 5 I ________being late for school. 6 Write a summary this text.Use about 100 words. _______of 7 I try to ________ boring people. avoid joke 8 That ________ was very amusing.

Try to think of as many adjectives to describe your teachers.

kind, warm-hearted, handsome, beautiful, serious, good-tempered, enthusiastic,intelligent, shy, popular……

Organize a short passage to describe one of your teachers using the adjectives you have just got.
Let’s take a look at what the teachers are like in the text.

Fast Reading
Read the text fast and match the information with the three teachers.
1 explaining exactly what is happening in scientific experiments 2 always telling jokes when we feel bored 3 explaining grammar clearly enough 4 often waving hands about when getting excited 5 kind and patient 6 about 60 years old and very strict 7 gook-looking and energetic 8 enjoy teaching Chinese literature.

3 explaining grammar clearly enough

5 kind and patient
1 explaining exactly what is happening in scientific experiments 6 about 60 years old and very strict

2 always telling jokes when we feel bored 4 often waving hands about when getting excited 7 gook-looking and energetic 8 enjoy teaching Chinese literature.

Answer the questions.
1 What subjects does each teacher teach?
Mrs Li –English, Mrs Chen-physics,

Mrs Wu– Chinese.
2 Who is the most popular teacher? Mr Wu 3 Who is the kindest teacher? Mr Liu 4 Which teacher are students most afraid of? M Mrs Chen

1) What first impression did Mrs. Li give to the writer? Why?
She was nervous and shy. Perhaps she was as if was her first lesson with us . 2) Why don’t you feel completely stupid in her class? I have always hated making mistakes or pronouncing a word incorrectly. But when I speaks ,she smiles . 3) Guess what faster students think of her class? She goes a bit slowly.

4) Are all the students on time for Mrs. Chen’s
class? Why? Yes. She is very strict. 5) What is Mr. Wu’s teaching style? He has got so much energy. 6) Why is he very popular among his students? He is really amusing and tell jokes when he thinks we are getting bored.

Listen and fill the blanks
My first i mpression Mrs Li was that she was _________of nervous and shy. But now the class really likes working with her. She’s kind and p _______.She atient explains English grammar so clearly that even I can understand it. When I make mistakes, she just smiles. I think maybe she goes a bit too slowly for the faster students, but for me it’s wonderful. I feel I’m going to make p_______ with her. rogress

Mrs Chen is almost sixty. She’s very strict and serious. Some of our class don’t like her, but most ppreciate of us really a_________her because her teaching is so well o rganized and clear. And a few students a ________ dmit cientific _______ liking her. During s ________experiments , she explains exactly what is happening and as a result my work is improving. I think I’ll do well in eaching the exam with Mrs Chen t________me.

Mr Wu has only been teaching us for two weeks and she’s already very p _______. He’s got so opular much e nergetic, this is one class you do not fall ______ okes asleep in ! He’s really amusing and tells j______ ored when he thinks we’re getting b ________. I r _______him a lot. espect

对…第一印象 first impression of…


avoid doing
make mistakes

要求某人做… 按时 承认做…

make progress
ask sb to do sth be on time admit doing


scientific experiment


as a result
do well in …


fall asleep
wave hands about


tell jokes
respect a lot

1 我试图避免犯错误。 I avoid making mistakes. 2 小男孩承认打破了窗户。 The little boy admits breaking the window. 3 他因诚实深受大家尊敬。 He is respected a lot for his honesty. 4 那老人淋了雨,结果衣服全湿透了。 The old man was caught in rain so that his clothes was all wet.

1 My father is lively and energetic, but he is not very patient. 1> be patient with sb 对某人有耐心。 be patient of sth 能忍受某事 那位老医生对他的病人很耐心。 The old doctor is patient with his patients. 教师应该对学生有耐心。 Teachers should be patient with students. 2> patience n. 耐心 patient n. 病人 你在这里工作需要很大耐心 You need lots of patience when you work here.

2 I think teachers need to be strict. be strict with sb 对某人要求严格 be strict in sth 对某事要求严谨 他对待子女很严格。 She’s strict with her children. 很难做到总是做事严谨。 It is hard to be always strict in everything.
in Ms Li is strict _______ her work, however, she is not so strict _______ her students. with

3 she explains English grammar so clearly that even I can understand it. 比较such …that 与so… that 分析比较下列例句总结such…that与so…that 区别 1> I was so excited that I could not speak . 2> He spoke so clearly that we could hear him. 3> There are so many people in the hall that we had to go back. 4> It was such a fine day that we decided to go out. 5> It was so fine a day that we decided to go out. 6> It was such fine weather that we decided to go out.

7> They are such beautiful flowers that we love them very much. 总结: So +adj/adv +that… So +adj+a/an +名词+that… Such a/an +adj+可数名词单数+that… Such +adj+不可数名词+that … Such +adj+复数可数名词+that…

另外: 当名词前有 many, much, few, little 修饰时,应该 用so, 而不用such.
他交了很多朋友,因此不能全身心投入到学习上。 He made so many friends that he couldn’t devote himself to studies. 他学识浅薄,以至于一直找不到满意的工作。 He has so little knowledge that he hasn’t found a satisfying job.

1> I have never seen_____ little ants carry ____ much food before. A. so, such B. such , so C. so, so D. such , such 2> Never before have I heard ____ a nice voice sing ____ beautiful a song. A. so, such B. such, such C. so, so D. such, so 3> ____ many people were gathering round the broken lorry____ they blocked the road. A. Such, that B. So, that C. So, as D. Such, as

4 We don’t dare to say a word unless she asks us to. 1> dare的用法 ① dare 作情态动词时没有人称,数的变化,一般 用于否定句,疑问句和条件状语从句中

He dare not go out at night. How dare you say such things against them. If you dare say that to our teacher, I would vote for you .

② dare作行为动词时,有人称,数和时态的变 化,后接带to 的不定式 (否定句中可以省略) 他敢回答这些问题。 She dares to answer the questions. 你干摸这条蛇吗? Do you dare to touch the snake? 他不敢告诉他的母亲。 He doesn’t dare tell his mother.

2> unless 时从属连词,引导条件状语从句,含有 否定意义。所以 unless= if …not.
除非我打电话,否则就不要来。 Don’t come unless I phone you. 除非你努力工作,否则你会失败的。 You will fail unless you work hard. 除非你仔细读,否则你不会真正理解它的。 You can’t really understand it unless you read it carefully.

把以上句子用if …not替换。

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