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New concept EnglishⅡ
Lesson 19

Sold out 票已售完

【New words and expressions 】 ?hurry v. 匆忙

office 售票处 ?pity n. 令人遗憾的事 ?exclaim v. 大声说 ?return v. 退回 ?sadly adv. 悲哀地, 丧气地


v. 匆忙

① vi. 赶紧,赶快,匆忙 When he saw that it was already eight o’clock, he hurried to the office. ? hurry up!快点(口)——be quick ? Hurry up! The bus is coming. ? hurry to 匆匆忙忙地去 ? He goes to school. ? = He hurries to school. ? hurry in( come in 进来) ? 匆匆忙忙地进来 ? hurry out (go out 出去) ? 匆匆忙忙地出去


② n. 急忙,匆忙,仓促 In his hurry to school, he forgot his books.

in a hurry <n.>匆忙 in no hurry <n.> 不匆忙 ? I am in no hurry. 我不急
Hurry与busy 1.If you are not in a hurry. 如果你不急(时间、 动作上的紧急) 2. If you are not busy. 如果你不忙(行为上的匆忙)

ticket office
booking office 火车站的、戏院等地方的售票 处 ? box office 戏院、剧院的售票处(专指) ? a box office success 卖座的,买得好的

? What

n. 令人遗憾的事


a pity! <n.> 真遗憾! ? It’s a pity that he can’t come to China. ? (it做形式主语) ? I am sorry to hear that.听到这个消息 我很遗憾 sorry 与 pity 区别??词性

★exclaim v. 大声说 ① vt.&vi. (由于痛苦、愤怒、惊异、欣喜 等)叫喊,惊叫 ? When she saw the gift, she exclaimed in delight. ? ② vi.(表示抗议等)大声叫喊 ? The police exclaimed: “Don’t move!” ★shout =cry =call out 大声喊 ★ scream 发出尖叫,惨叫。惊叫 ? eg. She screamed in a fright. ? 她恐怖地大声尖叫。


vi. 回,返回=come back
to 回来


v. 退回

? return

return to China/Beijing 回到中国/北京

vt. 把…送回,归还,退回=give back

to you 退回你 He returned the books to the library. ? return money =pay back =repay 还钱
? return

sadly ['s? dli] adv. 悲痛地,悲伤地
They cried sadly! sadly = sad + ly ? sad adj. 悲哀的,忧愁的,难过的 ? a sad look 一个悲哀的表情 ? a sad story 一个悲惨的故事 ? a sad event 一件悲哀的事情 I am very sad to hear the news. sadness n. 悲哀,悲伤 [U]

If I want to buy a ticket, what can I say?
Can /may I have a ticket, please?

If I want to return the ticket, what can I say?
Can I return the ticket?

If there aren’t any tickets, what can I say?
What a pity

1.Were you at theatre or a cinema?
2Did you thank the play was soon going to begin? 3Who was with you? 4She thought the play might have begun already ,didn’t she? 5What did you do 6When will the write see the play?

1、'The play may begin at any moment,' I said.

any moment 在任何时候, 随时 The guests may arrive at any moment. It may/might rain (at) any moment. I will help you at any time. ? at the moment =now ? at that moment =just then 就在那时
? at

It may have begun already.
already可放句中或句末。 ? 1.同现在完成时连用 ? I have already made a big start in this direction. ? 我在这个方向已经有了一个大的开端。

2.同一般现在时连用 ? It's eight already. 现在已经是8点了。

3.同一般过去时连用 ? I was happy for her; she looked better already. ? 我真为她高兴;她看起来已经好多了。

4.同一般将来时连用 ? This time tomorrow I'll be already in Tokyo. ? 明天的这个时候,我就已经在东京了。

5.同现在进行时连用 ? Britain is already exploiting a little coal. ? 英国已经在开采少量的煤。

We've sold out (the tickets). = The tickets have been sold out.
sell out 卖完,卖光。sell up 变卖(财产)。 ? 例句:He sold up and went to Africa.


He sold his watch at a low price. He sold his watch for ten pounds.

'What a pity!’ Susan exclaimed.

感叹句 What a pity (it is)!


陈述句 It’s a pity that you can’t come. It is a pity to grow up.
exclaim 大声说,比shout正式。


Can I return these two tickets?
return [v.]= give back 退回; ? return [adj.] 往返的 ? 例:a return ticket 往返票

'Certainly,' the girl said.
certain = be sure ? 例句:I’m sure it will rain. = It’s certain that it will rain.

certainly = of course ? 例句:Certainly you can do it. = Of course you can do it.

But they are for next Wednesday's performance.

for 在这表示将发生在某一具体时间的某事。


例句:I have a meeting for two o’clock. Have you got the train ticket for tomorrow?

'I might as well have them,' I said sadly.
may/might as well 不妨…,不如…的好,还 是…的好。无可奈何的语气。 ? 例句:There’s nothing to do now, so I may as well go to bed. ? Since you will know it sooner or later, I might as well tell you now.

2、I hurried to the ticket office. 'May I have two tickets please?' I asked
1.Can (May) I...? 表示“……可以吗?”,第一
人称可以和can或may相连 May I have a ticket ?
May I have your name? (比 “What’s your name?” 更有礼貌些)

Could I...? 我现在可以...吗? (在问句中 更委婉的说法, 比can I 更礼貌些,但在时 间上与can没区别) 2.Can you...? 你可以...吗? (第二人称不 能用may来表示,只能用can)

3、'I'm sorry, we've sold out,' the girl said.
? sell…..sold…..sold
? sell

←→ buy……bought……bought
out (店主)售完(某种货物), (货)被售完

They have sold out of eggs. ? Tickets for tonight’s performance are sold out.

4、'Certainly,' the girl said, 'but they're for next Wednesday's performance. Do you still want them?'
next Wednesday's performance,用名 词所有格来取代时间,“……时间的” three days’ holiday ? today’s newspaper ? 用介词for, 起修饰作用
? for

5、'I might as well have them,' I said sadly.
as well+动词原形 还 是……好(无可奈何),不妨…… I might as well take the umbrella with me. It’s not very far, so we may/might as well go on foot. ? had better+动词原形 最好……(积极心态)
? may/might

may ①(表情态) 可以 ? might May I come in? 我可以进来吗? ② (表猜测) 或许 He may come to your side. 他或许会回到你身边。 can ①(表情态) 能,能够 ? could Can I have your name? 我能知道你的名字吗? ② (表猜测) 可能 It can’t be like this! 不可能是这样!

? must

①(表情态) 必须 I must say that you are a villain. ② (表猜测)非常、很有可能 You must be late if you don’t get up now. 后接完成式,用来谈论已发生的情况。

can, may, must +动词原形, 表示对现 在、未来的推测
? ? ?

She must be a model. She may be a model. She can't be a model.

(must 一定, 很可能) (may 有可能) (can't 不可能)

may,must,can+ have done,表示对过去的 推测 ? She must/may/can have been a model. ? I must/may/can’t have watched TV.

情态变弱? 谦卑
Might I borrow your car? May I ask you a question? Could you give me a cup of tea? Can you shut up? Must you leave? 你干嘛非要走?

表 情 态

情态变强? 强迫

He might forget about it. He may be back in ten minutes.

She looks happy. She could pass the exam. I can be very happy if I get that job.
You must be joking!

表 猜 测


must表推测只能用于肯定句。如果要表示否 定时,应用can’t。疑问句中,应用can。 It must be true. 那一定是真的。 比较。 Can it be true? 那可能是真的吗? It can’t be true. 那不可能是真的。

) sell well 畅销 ? sell badly 滞销 ? eg. The tickets for the play sold well/ badly. ? 这部戏的票(不)卖座。 ? sell for + 价格 以…价格出售 ? sell at + 价格 以…价格卖出 ? eg. The antique vase will sell for 5000 dollars at least. ? 这件古花瓶至少要卖5000美元。 ? eg. Cabbage is selling at a high price this year. 今年洋白菜的价格很高。

seller 售货人 ←→ buyer 买方 ? sale n. ? for sale 待售 ? a house for sale 待售的房子 ? not for sale 非卖品 ? on sale 出售,上市;廉价,特价 (Am.) ? eg. They sell eggs on sale that day. ? 那天鸡蛋特价销售。 ? salesman 推销员

In crowded places like airports and railway stations, you___ take care of your luggage. ? A. can B. may C. must D. will ? When I was young, I was told that I ______ play with matches. ? A. wouldn’t B. needn’t ? C. mustn’t D. daren’t ? Liza ___ well not want to go on the trip -She hates traveling. ? A. will B. can C. must D. may


You ______ be hungry already — you had lunch only two hours ago! A. wouldn’t B. can’t C. mustn’t D. needn’t ? I have told you the truth, _____ I keep repeating it? A. Must B. Can C. May D. Will ? —She looks very happy. She ______ have passed the exam. —I guess so. It’s not difficult after all. ? A. should B. could C. must D.might

She ______ have left school, for her bike is still here. ? A. can’t B. wouldn’t ? C. shouldn’t D. needn’t ? -I can’t find my purse anywhere. -You ____ have lost it while shopping. ? A. may B. can C. should D. would

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