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高二英语 人教版 完型阅读周周练Test 8

Test 8
Parents and grandparents are understandably proud of the quick minds and impressive talents of their little ones.__1__ let me tell you about another quality,perhaps __2__ more important. I received a __3__ from a grandmother who told me about her granddaughter,Skylar.__4__ Skylar learned of Disneyland from TV,she saved her coins in a piggy bank __5__ visiting there someday.Her parents __6__ her with a trip when she was four,and didn’t even __7__ her to use her own money! When Skylar returned,it was Christmas time.She decided to buy __8__ with her savings.But she also learned about a local __9__ shelter called “The Road House”.She __10__ asked her mother what “homeless”meant and why those children __11__ coats and warm clothes. Then her mother took her to buy presents.Instead of buying for herself or her family, however,she __12__ to purchase a warm coat for a little girl in the __13__.She also wanted to buy a doll,but when she __14__ she didn’t have enough money,she left the doll behind. When Skylar got home,she __15__ one from her own muchloved dolls and put it into the box with the other item she bought that day.On Christmas Eve she and her family drove to the shelter where Skylar presented her __16__ to a grateful little girl.She was so __17__ with joy at truly helping __18__ else that her family has decided to make the journey to the homeless shelter an annual __19__. Perhaps it’s __20__ to have a beautiful mind,but an even greater gift is to have a beautiful heart.It is that quality,above all else,that makes beautiful people. 1.A.And B.So C.But D.Therefore 2.A.even B.little C.never D.yet 3.A.view B.message C.word D.letter 4.A.Now that B.Ever since C.Even though D.In case 5.A.in the hope of B.in preparation for C.in favor of D.in exchange for 6.A.disappointed B.annoyed C.surprised D.interested 7.A.require B.hope C.allow D.force 8.A.dolls B.clothes C.toys D.presents 9.A.homeless B.poor C.disaster D.orphan 10.A.seriously B.repeatedly C.patiently D.hurriedly 11.A.liked B.wore C.needed D.rejected 12.A.pretended B.promised C.hated D.decided 13.A.hospital B.shelter C.street D.nursery 14.A.discovered B.noticed C.recognized D.judged

15.A.found C.held 16.A.Christmas box C.favorite doll 17.A.covered C.filled 18.A.nobody C.anyone 19.A.custom C.pattern 20.A.good C.proper

B.gained D.chose B.piggy bank D.warm clothes B.flooded D.concerned B.everyone D.someone B.habit D.tradition B.vital D.uneasy

What will people die of 100 years from now?If you think that is a simple question, have you not been paying attention to the revolution that is taking place in biotechnology(生物技术).With the help of new medicine, human body will last a very long time.Death will come mainly from the accidents, murder and war.Today’s leading killers, such as heart disease, cancer, aging itself, and will become distant memories. In discussion of technological changes,the Internet gets most of the attention these days.But the change in medicine can be the real technological event of our times.How long can humans live?Human brains were known to decide the final death.Cells are the basic units of all living things,and until recently,scientists were sure that the life of cells could not go much beyond 120 years because the basic materials of cells,such as those of brain cells,would not last forever.But the upper limits will be broken by new medicine.Sometime between 2050 and 2100, medicine will have advanced to the point at which every 10 years or so,people will be able to take medicine to repair their organs.The medicine,made up of the basic building materials of life,will build new brain cells,heart cells,and so on—in much the same way our bodies make new skin cells to take the place of old ones. It is exciting to imagine that the advance in technology may be changing the most basic condition of human existence,but many technical problems still must be cleared up on the way to this wonderful future. 1.According to the passage,human death is now mainly caused by ________. A.diseases and aging B.accidents and war C.accidents and aging D.heart disease and war 2.In the author’s opinion,today’s most important advance in technology lies in ________. A.medicine B.the Internet C.brain cells D.human organs 3.Humans may live longer in the future because ________. A.heart disease will be far away from us B.human brains can decide the final death C.the basic materials of cells will last forever D.human organs can be repaired by new medicine 4.We can learn from the passage that ________. A.human life will not last more than 120 years in the future B.humans have to take medicine to build new skin cells now C.much needs to be done before humans can have a longer life D.we have already solved the technical problems in building new cells 5.What is the best title of the passage?

A.Biotechnology B.The Human Body Will Last a Very Long Time C.New Medicine D.The Advance in Technology

1. Ever since Skylar learned of Disneyland from TV, saved her coins in a piggy bank she in the hope of visiting there someday.(完形填空第二段) 自从 Skylar 从电视上知道了迪斯尼乐园以后,她就开始攒钱,希望将来有一天能去那 儿游玩。 (1)After graduation from university,he went to Beijing in the hope of looking for a better job. 自从大学毕业后,他去了北京,希望找一份较好的工作。 (2)She wandered around the street in the hope of finding her lost gold necklace. 她在街上到处逛,希望找到她那丢失的金项链。 2.With the help of new medicine,the human body will last a very long time.(阅读理解 第一段) 在新药物的帮助下,人类的身体将能维持很长时间。 (1)With the help of my English teacher,I have made great progress in English. 在英语老师的帮助下,我的英语有了极大进步。 (2)Without your help,I would not have finished my task on time. 如果没有你的帮助,我就不会按时完成任务了。 3. Sometime between 2050 and 2100, medicine will have advanced to the point at which every 10 years or so,people will be able to take medicine to repair their organs.(阅读理解第 二段) 在 2050~2100 年内某个时间,药物的作用将达到这样的程度:大约每十年,人们将可 能用吃药来修补他们的器官。 sometime 某时;sometimes 有时 (1)I’d love to visit Norway sometime. 我想有朝一日能游览挪威。 (2)My dad cooks dinner sometimes,but usually my mum does it. 有时我爸爸做晚饭,但通常是妈妈做。

Test 8
Ⅰ.1.C [but 表示转折;父母和祖父母通常会因为他们的孩子有敏锐的头脑和令人敬佩 的才能感到自豪,但是(but)作者要告诉你另一种才能。] 2.A [even 修饰 more important;作者在下文提到的是另外一种更重要的品质。] 3.D [由后面的 who told me 可知,是“我”收到一封信(letter)。] 4.B [ever since 自从……以来。] 5.A [自从她从电视上知道了迪斯尼乐园以后,她就开始攒钱,希望(in the hope of) 将来有一天能去那儿游玩。] 6.C [父母带她去玩这个消息让她感觉到意外。surprise sb.with sth.某事使某人感到 意外。] 7.A [而且父母不要求(require)她花自己的钱。] 8.D [她打算用积攒起来的钱买礼物(presents)。Christmas time 是信息词。] 9.A [由下文提示可知,The Road House 是当地的一个无家可归的人(homeless)的收 容所。] 10.B [她反复地(repeatedly)问 homeless 是什么意思。] 11.C [这些无家可归的孩子需要(needed)衣服。] 12.D [decided to purchase 说明小姑娘决定买大衣送给收容所的一位小姑娘。]

13.B [在了解了无家可归是什么意思之后,她就决定给收容所(shelter)的一个小女孩 买件衣服。] 14.A [discovered 发现,指小姑娘发现自己钱不够了。] 15. [她还想买一个玩具娃娃, D 却发现钱不够, 所以就从她自己的娃娃中挑选了(chose) 一个。] 16.A [由上文的“put it into the box with the other item she bought that day”可知,她把所 有的礼物都放在一个盒子里。] 17.C [be filled with 充满……。] 18.D [她很高兴自己能真正地帮助别人(someone else)。] 19.D [父母决定把去收容所作为每年的一个传统(tradition)。] 20.A [拥有敏锐的头脑固然很好(good),但更重要的是有一颗善良的心。这是本文的 主旨。] Ⅱ.1.A [细节理解题。由文章第一段最后一句话可知现在人类死亡的主要原因是心脏 病、癌症和衰老。] 2.A [细节理解题。由文章第二段第二句“But the change in medicine can be the real technological event of our times.”可知作者认为,当今技术最重要的发展是在医药方面。] 3.D [推理判断题。根据第一段最后一句话可知:导致死亡的主要原因不只是有心脏 病,还有癌症和人自身的衰老等,故可排除 A 项 ;第二段第四句话告诉我们脑细胞决定我 们 的 死 亡 早 已 为 人 所 知 , 所 以 B 项 不 对 ; 由 第 二 段 最 后 一 句 话 的 关 键 信 息 词 “The medicine,...,will build new brain cells,heart cells,and so on...”可排除 C 项;由第二段 倒数第二句中“Sometime between 2050 and 2100,...people will be able to take medicine to repair their organs.”可确定答案为 D。] 4.C [推理判断题。结合全文,从最后一段可找到答案。] 5.B [主旨大意题。全文主要介绍了科技发展——尤其是医药方面的发展给人类带来 的巨大突破。 人类也许会活得很长但文章最后一段告诉人们要想实现这个目标仍有很长的路 要走。]

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