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1. Still, China had changed dramatically in the decade since most of them had left. The nation now offered more personal freedoms and economic opportunities than ever before. And it desperately needed elite managers like them. (Lesson 2) 然而,在他们大多数人离开的后十年中中国已经发生了翻天覆地的变化。和从前相比,人民 现在享有更多国家赋予的个人自由以及经济机遇。中国急需他们这样的精英管理者。 2. The increase in life expectancy they’ve seen could slow down or turn around. (Lesson 3) 他们所见证过的对生活的期望的增长可能会减缓或是往相反的方向发展 3. Players can move their armies once each day, and the game software calculates the result of clashes with an algorithm that gives a slight edge to defenders. (Lesson 6) 在这个游戏中, 玩家可以每天调动一次他们的军队, 每次战争的结果则由游戏软件用一种给 防御者带来微弱优势的算法记录下。 4. Of course, that’ s not the impression you get from the $500-million-a-year college-admission industry, with its magazine rankings, test prep courses, and guide-books. (Lesson 7) 当然, 那并不是你通过其杂志排名,考前辅导班以及考试指南对这个年产值五亿美元的高 校入学产业所产生的印象, 5. The same traits that made the students desirable candidates for admission to Yale—ambition, intelligence, wit—carried over to the workplace, where they are duly ( and comparably ) rewarded, even through they had turned down an elite education . (Lesson 7) 那些将学生塑造成为耶鲁配受青睐的候选人的共同优点,例如;志向,智慧,才思,继续为 其工作所用,这使他们相对与旁人得到更多的奖励,即使他们已不再接受精英教育 6. If the economy teeters into recession this year, it will be because the hardy American consumer—who accounts for 70 percent of economic activity—has finally hit the wall. (Lesson 8) 如果今年经济摇摇晃晃进入衰退, 那则是因为占美国经济活动百分之七十的消费者的支付能 力已达到极限。 7. If there is anyone out there who still doubts that America is a place where all things are possible, who still wonders if the dream of out founders is alive in our time, who still questions the power of our democracy, tonight is your answer. (Lesson 9)

如果有任何人质疑美国是否是一个一切既然有可能的国家, 仍旧在琢磨我们国家的先驱的梦 想是否还存活在我们的时代,还有那些仍旧质疑民主的力量的人,今夜你们将找到答案 8. Terrorism in not an enemy but a technique of warfare-political intimidation through the killing of unarmed noncombatants.(Lesson 13) 恐怖主义并不是我们的敌人, 而是通过手无寸铁的平民的屠杀而达到其利用战争达到政治威 胁的手段 9. The culture of fear is like a genie that has been let out of its bottle. It acquires a life of its own and can become demoralizing. (Lesson 13) 恐怖文化就像是从瓶子里释放出来的魔鬼, 有其自身的存活基础, 并使社会氛围变的士气低 落 10. So, five years on, who can be said to have won the war? Certainly not Iraqi civilians, at least 90,000 of whom have died violently since 2003, at the most conservative estimate. (Lesson 14) 那么, 在这过去的五年里, 又有谁才能算称得上是赢家呢?当然, 不会是这些伊拉克平民们。 据最保守的统计,他们致至少有 9 万人已死于暴力 11. That means we have a steak in working together to solve common problems, rather than trying to browbeat or intimidate the other into action.. And it means we should seize on opportunities to learn from one another. (Lesson 18) 这意味着我们在能否共同合作解决共同事务上有着重要利害关系, 这也意味着我们应充分利 用一切机会向对方学习。 12. Monarchy in this century has worked with socialist governments as effectively as with those whose politics one might choose to think were more sympathetic to the institution. (Lesson 19) 在这个世纪, 君主制与社会党政府的合作如同与那些倾向选择对此制度给予同情的政党的合 作一般有效 13. Monarchy’s legitimacy flows from its history and traditions and from the fact that it cannot be overwhelmed by any short-lived cult of personality. It commands too much respect. (Lesson 21) 君主制的合理性源于其历史, 传统以及无法被任何短期性个性崇拜所掩饰的现实。 它统领着 社会的各个方面

14. “That meeting with my mother began to complete the jigsaw puzzle,” he wrote. “ It was the piece I needed to make myself feel whole as an individual and move onwards. (Lesson 22) (她说: “和母亲的相遇是我的人生拼图变得完整,正是这块我所需要的拼图,填补了 我的人生,是我继续向前。) ” 15. The state of the economy and the state of the planet have inspired people to consider what they buy and how they spend in ways not seen since the “Small in Beautiful” and ecology movement of the 1970s. (Lesson 24) 自从“小既美”的观点的产生和 20 世纪 70 年代生态运动的开始,人们已受经济状况和地球 现状的启发,开始考虑他们所购买的东西以及用他们尚未触及的方式消费 16. He is one of the most respected voices in financial America, embodying Midwest virtues of probity, modesty and common sense, so his recent warning that America was in recession stirred panic. (Lesson 29) 他是美国金融界业内最受尊敬的人物之一, 他具有美国中西部正直, 谦虚, 通晓常识的美德。 因此,最近他对于美国正处于经济衰落期的论断激起了恐慌。 17. His strategy was to search for “cigar butt” companies, no longer of interest to the market and thus undervalued, but which still had “a few puffs” left in them. (Lesson 29) 他的策略是寻找那些因市场已对其失去兴趣从而身价降低但依旧能从中赚上一笔的烟蒂公 司。

Lesson 2 1. Oprah Winfrey 奥普拉 温弗里 2. Silicon Valley 硅谷 3. CEO (chief operating officer) 运营主管 4. GE Capital 通用电气公司投资部门 5. Academy Award 奥斯卡金像奖 6. Intel Capital 英特尔公司的投资部门 7. The Class of’99 grads 指 1999 届毕业生 8. he U.S. contingent—here the U.S. graduates from Harvard Business School Lesson7 1. alumni connections 校友联谊网 2. Ivy Leaguers 常春藤联盟 3. Big State U 重点州立大学 4. the College Entrance Examination Board 大学入学考试委员会 5.

6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13.

Sullivan & Cromwell McKinsey & Company 麦肯锡公司 Goldman Sachs 高盛公司 SAT (the Scholastic Assessment Test) 学业能力评估测验 Andrew w. Mellon 梅隆基金会 the inner city 平民区 The Winner-Take-All Society 《胜者通吃的社会》或《赢着全得的社会》 Lehman Brothers a global investment bank, founded in 1850. It went bankrupt at the beginning of the 2008 financial crisis 14. Merrill Lynch a leading global financial management and advisory company 15. Wells Fargo Wells, Fargo & Co. , a global banking and advisory company, founded in 1852 Lesson 8 1. exit poll 选举后的民意调查 2. Macy’ s 梅西百货 3. the ball dropped this year in Times Square 纽约时报广场水晶球降落仪式 4. a Goldilocks economy 金发女孩经济 5. a Goldilocks economy 金发女孩经济 6. same-store sales 同店销售 SSS 7. Merrill Lynch 美林公司 8. Morgan Stanley 摩根士丹利 9. Goldman Sachs 高盛集团 10. speed-bump 横在道路中间的驼峰式交通减速埂 指经济发展速度放缓的问题或障碍 11. tech bubble 高科技或网络泡沫 12. subprime mortgage 次级抵押贷款 13. Mafia 黑手党 14. the entertainment writers’ strike 美国编剧罢工 15. The Writers Guide of American 美国编剧协会 16. tax breaks 赋税减免 17. 18. stimulus packages 刺激经济一揽子方案 19. State of the Union address 国情咨文 20. the Federal Reserve; the Federal Reserve Board 美国联邦储备委员会 21. American Express Gold Card 美国运通金卡 22. Citigroup 花期(银行)集团 23. US Treasury securities 美国财政部证券 24. Tiffany 蒂凡尼 Lesson 13 1. Three-Word-Mantra 三字经 2. Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski a geostrategist(地缘政治战略家) 3. Nazi anti-Semitic campaigns 纳粹反犹太主义运动

4. al-Qaeda 基地 5. the Sears Tower 西斯尔大厦

6. Apple and Pork Festival 7. Report Suspicious Activity 报告可疑行为 8. Islamophobia 对伊斯兰教或穆斯林非理性的恐惧和厌恶 9. the Holocaust 纳粹对犹太人的大屠杀 10. the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) 11. the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) 美以公共事务委员会 12. Capitol 13. the new axis of evil 邪恶轴心 14. Islamo-facism 集权主义 Lesson 19 1. Harold Brooks-Baker an American living in London, publishing director of Burke’s Peerage (伯克贵族名册) 2. home secretary 内政大臣 lord of the admiralty 海军大臣 Conservative chancellor of the exchequer 财政大臣 Allied 同盟国的 3. parliamentary democracy 议会制民主 4. constitutional monarch 立宪君主 5. Union Jack 英国国旗 6. constitutional monarchy 君主立宪制 7. Oliver Cromwell 克伦威尔 8. system of monarchical 君主政体 9. the commonwealth 英联邦 10. Bosnia and Herzegovina 波斯尼亚和黑赛哥维纳 11. the treasury 国库 12. Windsor Castle 温莎城堡 Lesson 24 1. 2. Yawns 年青、富裕,但是生活节俭的一代人 Gen X’ ers and Y’s skepticism 怀疑论 3. 4. UNESCO 联合国教科文组织 the hippie movement 嬉皮士运动 beats existentialism 垮掉的一代的存在主义哲学 X 一代和 Y 一代 nihilism 虚无主义 cynicism 犬儒主义

5. 6.

The Gap 嘉普 Associate Press(AP)美联社

Lesson 29 1. F scott Fitzerald 菲茨杰拉德 2. Holiday Inn 假日酒店 3. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation 比尔与梅琳达 盖茨基金会 4. Gillette 吉列 American Express 美国运通 Blue Chip Stock 蓝筹股 5. Wrigley’s chewing gum 箭牌口香糖 6. Berkshire Hathaway 伯克希尔-哈撒韦公司 7. Enron 安然

Unit2 boozy: adj. intoxicated; addicted to drink 酩酊的,嗜酒的 Cape Cod: a peninsula of SE Massachusetts, extending 65miles E and N into the Atlantic(位于美国马萨诸塞州南部的)科徳角 camaraderie: n. friendliness between people who like each other or work together as part of a group 同志之爱,友情 converge: v. to come together from different directions; meet edge: n. keenness, as of desire or enjoyment; zest exhilarate: v. to make lively or glad gabfest: n. an informal gathering or session for the exchange of news, opinions, and gossip 非正式的聚会 gravitate: v. to feel attracted to sth or sb hangout: n. a place where people gather informally to talk, drink, and eat lucrative: adj. (esp. of a business, job or activity) producing a lot of money; making a large profit; profitable

perspective: n. 角度;观点,看法 prim: adj. formal prophetic: adj. accurately describing or predicting what will happen in the future segment: n. division or section Snoopy: n. a TV cartoon character: Snoopy chain (key chain 史努比钥匙链) snorkel: v. to swim using a snorkel 戴呼吸管潜泳 version: n. a copy of sth that has been changed slightly wrestle: v. to try very hard to deal with (sth ) which is difficult, such as trying to solve a problem or make a decision

Unit 7 affluent: adj. having a lot of money, wealthy access: n. the right to enter a place alumni: n. (AmE ) former students of a school, college or university 校友 anecdotal: adj. consisting of short stories based on sb’s personal experience assume: v. to think that sth is true although there is no proof for it attributable: ad. That can be attributed 可归因的, 可归属的 attribute: v. to consider as a quality of calculate: v. to find out by working with numbers complement: v. to complete conclusive: adj. convincing; certainly true; ending doubt confer: v. to give or grant correlation: n. connection between two thing, esp. when one may be the cause of the other counterpart: n. a person or a thing that has the same job or purpose as another in a different place criteria: n. (pl. of criterion) standard of judgment definitive: adj. final; decisive and without the need for, or possibility of, change or addition diploma: n. document showing that a student has successfully completed his high

school, college, or university education disproportionate: adj. too much or too little in relation to sth else distinct: adj. easily seen or understood document: v. to prove sth by supplying recorded information duly: adv. In the proper or expected way elite: n. a group of people regarded as superior to others within the large group 出类 拔萃的人,精英 ensure: v. to make sure; guarantee equivalent: adj. equal in value, amount, meaning evaluate: v. to decide the amount or value of extracurricular: adj. outside the regular course of academic work or studies findings: n. what has been learnt as the result of studies, work etc. gilt-edged: adj. 镀金的,烫金的 heck: n. (slang, euphem.) hell intriguing: adj. strange, unexpected but interesting longitudinal: adj. 纵观的 mediocre: adj. neither very good nor very bad methodology: n. set of methods and principles that are used when studying a particular subject or doing a particular kind of work murky: adj. ambiguous, confusing 晦涩难懂的, 含糊不清的 neurotic: adj. of abnormal sensitivity; obsessed 神经过敏的,神经质的 payoff: n. good result of a particular series of actions percentile: n. 百分位,百分数 predictable: adj. that can be predicated, known before it happens prep: abbrev. preparatory presumably: adv. According to what people think as true recruit: v. to enlist persons as new members; to hire release: v. to publish; issue resume: n. brief written account of one’s past history (e.g. education and employment ) used when applying for a job or a school

rigorous: adj. stern, strict selective: adj. having the power to select, characterized by selection senior: n. (AmE ) a student in his last year of high school or university shift: n. change skewed: adj. twisted or turned to one side 倾斜的 slacker: n. a lazy person, person who avoids his proper share of work specialize: v. to be a specialist; give special or particular attention to spurn: v. to reject or refuse contemptuously statistic: n. collection of numbers which represent facts or measurements statistical: adj. steroid: n. 类固醇 surpass: v. to be even better or greater than trait: n. distinguishing quality or characteristics unobserved: adj. not noticed yardstick: n. standard of comparison

Unit 8 arbiter: n. one chosen or appointed to judge or decide a disputed issue 仲裁人,公断人 attorney: n. a lawyer Austin: n. the capital city of the State of Texas in USA 奥斯丁(美国德克萨斯州首府) byproduct: n. a secondary or incidental produce; the result of another action, often unforeseen or unintended CNN: abbrev. Cable News Network (美国)有线新闻电视网 contentious: adj. causing, involving, or characterized by argument or controversy; quarrelsome 引起争论的,爱争论的 contraction: n. a decrease in economic and industrial activity ( opposed to “expansion”) 收缩; 紧 缩 contractor: n. a person, business , or firm that agrees to furnish materials or perform services at a specified price, esp. for construction work 合同承保人,承包商

crumble: v. to give way; collapse 失败;崩溃 dank: adj. disagreeably damp or humid 潮湿的,阴湿寒冷的 default: n. failure to perform a task or fulfill an obligation, esp. failure to meet a financial obligation 拖欠;违约 deflation: n. a persistent decrease in the level of consumer prices or a persistent increases in the purchasing power of money because of a reduction in available currency and credit 通货紧缩 doom: v. to cause to suffer sth unavoidable and terrible, such as death or destruction dour: adj. severe; stern; forbidding 严厉的,冷酷的 fret: v. to feel or express worry, annoyance, discontent, or the like; vex 焦虑;烦恼 gaping: adj. showing a huge gap; deep and wide open GDP: abbrev. gross domestic product 国内生产总值 gritty: adj. showing resolution and fortitude 坚定的,坚毅的 hardy: adj. capable of enduring fatigue, hardship, exposure, etc; strong 能吃苦耐劳的;强壮的 home-remodeling: n. giving new shape or form to a home 房屋装修 implosion: n. violent compression; a bursting inward (opposed to “explosion”) 猛烈压缩;向心 压挤 jolt: v. to make suddenly active or effective; to disturb 激起,唤起;震惊 nail: v. to hit New Hampshire: n. a state in the ne us, known for its beautiful lakes and mountains and for its many old buildings (美国)新罕布什尔州 notch: v. to achieve; score 得到,得分 pivot: v. to turn on or as if on a pivot (在枢轴上)转动 precipitate: v. to hasten 使??加速 primary: n. a preliminary election in which the registered voters of a political party nominate candidates for office 初选,预选 proactive: adj. acting in advance to deal with an expected difficulty 主动的,抢先的,先发制人 的 progrowth: adj. supporting growth, or encouraging growth 支持增长的,鼓励增长的 proxy: n. an agent or a substitute 代理人,代替者 pullback: n. the act or process of pulling back 撤回,拉回

real estate: n. property consisting of houses and land receipt: n. (pl. ~s) income redux: adj. brought back; returned; resurgent 返回的;复兴的 remodel: v. to reconstruct; to make over retailer: n. the annual income; return from investments, property, etc. 总收入;收益 shutter: v. to close (a store or business operations) for the day or permanently slash: v. to reduce greatly slump: v. to fall or decline suddenly, as in activity, price, or business 暴跌,跌落 n. a decrease, decline, or deterioration sour: v. to become unpleasant or strained; worsen; deteriorate special: n. an advertised reduced price in a shop, restaurant etc suck: v. to be very bad, disagreeable, or disgusting teeter: v. to walk or move unsteadily or unsurely; totter 摇摆地或不稳定地行走或移动;蹒跚 tipping: adj. inclining; overturned 倾斜的;倾翻的 underlay: v. to provide with a base or support 垫起;提供基础或支持 unrelenting: adj. merciless 严峻的;无情的 upbeat: adj. optimistic whisperer: n. a person who often lets out secret news write-off: n. (the act of) cancelling from accounts as a loss 注销;作为亏损从账目上购销 unrelentingly adv.

Unit 13 animus: n. a feeling of hatred or ill will; hostility 仇视;敌意 apocalyptic: adj. foreboding imminent disaster; terrible 预示大动乱或大灾变的; 预示世界末日 恐怖景象的 authentic: adj. representing facts accurately or reliably; trustworthy authenticity n. blueprint: n. a detailed programme of action brainwashing: n. a systematic attempt to instill a particular set of beliefs into sb 洗脑 calculate: v. to figure out in one’s head; intend pr arrange for a particular purpose channel: v. to direct

comparable: adj. approximately equivalent; similar craft: v. to make as if by using skill and dexterity 精心制作 demagogic: adj. of or like a political speaker or leader who plays upon the passions of the people to win their support for himself or his party 蛊惑人心的 demagogically adv. demoralize: v. to weaken the morale of; discourage dilute: v. to weaken egregious: adj. conspicuously or shockingly bad; flagrant 惊人的,利害的 egregiously adv. elevate: v. to raise gradually elevation n.

emulate: v. to rival; strive to do as well as or better than; imitate closely 努力赶上或超过; 仿效, 模仿 engage: v. to participate expedient: adj. characterized by concern with what is opportune rather than what is right or just; specifically governed by self-interest, rather than by concern with what is moral 谋取本身利益 的;出于私利考虑的;权宜之计的 exploit: v. to take unfair advantage of for financial or other gain extirpate: v. to destroy completely 灭绝;根除 fanatic: n. sb who is excessively and often uncritically enthusiastic 狂热者 fanatical adj.狂热的 harass: v. to annoy or worry persistently 骚扰,扰乱;烦乱 harassment n.

hysteria: n. unmanageable emotional excess, esp. fits of laughing or weeping implement: v. to carry out; accomplish, esp. to give practical effort to

implementation n. imprecise: adj. not precise, inexact, vague incarcerate: v. to confine (as if) in a prison 监禁;囿于 instinctive: adj. of, being, or prompted by instinct; arising spontaneously and being independent of judgment 本能的;天性的;直觉的 instinctively adv.

intimidate: v. to frighten, esp. to compel or deter (as if) by threats 恫吓;威胁 intimidation n.

lurking adj. latent; lying hidden waiting for attack 潜在的,隐藏的 mantra: n. a sacred word or sound used as an invocation or incantation (e.g. in Hinduism or Buddhism) (印度教和大乘佛教中的)祷文;咒符 menace: v. to threaten or show intent to harm menacing adj.

mentality: n. mental power or capacity; a person’s habitual way of thinking; character 智能; 心态 mobilize: v. to put into movement or circulation moderate: n. one who holds moderate views or who belongs to a group favoring a moderate course or progeamme (e.g. in politics or religion) 持温和观点者; (政党中的)稳定派;温和派 momentum: n. force or speed of movement; impetus, as of a physical object or course or events 动力,势头 monger: v. to sell; hawk 贩卖;兜售 muted: adj. being mute; subdued (批评等)温和的; (争吵等)已趋和缓的 non-combatant: n. a civilian in wartime (战争时期的)平民 obscure: v. to conceal (as if) by covering paranoia: n. a tendency towards excessive or irrational suspiciousness and distrustfulness of others 妄想狂倾向;偏执 paranoid: adj. 有妄想狂倾向的;偏执狂的;多疑的 pernicious: adj. highly injurious or destructive; deadly 有害的,恶劣的;恶性的,致命的 perpetrate: v. to commit, perform (sth bad) 作恶;行凶 perpetrator n. pervasive: adj. spreading throughout and into every part plunge: v. to force (sth or sb) into a new set of circumstance 使突然陷入或遭受 postulate: v. to assume or claim to be existent or true 假定或认定??存在 proliferate v. to increase in number or quantity suddenly and quickly; multiply protract: v. to prolong in time or space protracted adj. psyche: n. the mind or soul; that which makes up the self 心灵,精神,自我 reminiscent: adj. recalling particulars and ideas believed to have been known in a previous existence; thinking about past experiences 令人联想的;起提醒作用的 render: v. to reproduce or represent by artistic or verbal means; depict 表现,描绘 resentment: n. a feeling of bitterness or persistent hurt and indignation at sth regarded as an insult, injury, or injustice (愤恨;怨恨)

respondent: n. a person who replies to a poll (民意测验等的)调查对象; (调查表、问题表 的)答卷人 scenario: n. a possible event or situation 可能发生的事;可能出现的局面 self-fulfilling: adj. happening as a result of having been asserted or assumed beforehand (预言 等)本身会实现的 self-inflicted: adj. imposed by oneself 加于自身的 siege: n. a military blockade of a city or fortified place to compel it to surrender solitary: adj. being, living, or gong alone or without companions solidarity: n. unity (e.g. of a group or class) that produces or is based on community of interests, objectives, and standards spawn: v. to bring into existence, esp. in large numbers; generate (引起,酿成;使大量产生) standing: n. position, status, or condition in relation to a society, group, or profession, esp. good reputation 地位;级别;名声 status: n. a position stereotype: n. sb or sth that conforms to a fixed or general pattern; esp. a standardized, usu. Oversimplified, mental picture or attitude that is held in common by members of a group 陈规; 老 套;刻板模式 stimulate: v. to excite to growth or to (greater) activity; animate susceptible: adj. easily moved or emotionally affected; impressionable, responsive terminate: v. to bring to an end; close turban: n. a headdress worn esp. by Muslims and Sikhs and made of a long cloth wound either round a cap or directly round the head (穆斯林和锡克教徒用的)包头巾 unleash: v. to free (as if) from a leash; loose from restraint or control 发泄;发动;发出 victimize: v. to cause to be a person made to suffer 使牺牲;使受害;使受骗 victimization n. villain: n. a scoundrel. Rascal

Unit 19 antics: n. strange or unusual behavior, esp. with odd, amusing, or foolish movements of the body assimilate: v. to take as one’s own; understand or use properly

broadsheet: n. 大幅纸张(单或双面印刷品) dissolve: v. to cause (an association, group, etc.) to end or break up distinction: n .excellence effectively: adv. impressively figurehead: n. sb who is the head or chief in name only focus: n. a central point of attention, activity, etc. helm: n. the tiller(舵柄)which guides a ship: at the helm 掌舵 Her Majesty’s: 女王陛下的(军队或信件,如皇家空军、陆军等) jettison: v. to get rid of by throwing out; abolish laudable: adj. (esp. of behavior, actions, etc.) deserving praise monarchy: n. government or rule by a king or queen; a state ruled by a king or queen 君主制; 君 主国 overtly: adv. Publicly reigning: adj. being a ruler, esp. a king or queen; ruling retention: n. the state or action of keeping possession of or holding in place stance: n. standpoint standing: n. continuance; time during which sth has kept on: a disease of long standing 痼疾 usurp: v. to seize for oneself (power or position), esp. unlawfully waive: v. to give up willingly ( a right, a rule, etc.)

Unit 24 acronym: n. a word made up from the first letters of the name of sth such as an organization 首字 母缩略词 affordable: adj. that can be afforded; able to spend, give, do etc, without serious loss or damage allot: v. to decide officially to give sth to sb or use sth for a particular purpose 分配;拨出 Ariz.: abbrev. Arizona, a state in the SW of the US, north of Mexico, known for containing a large area of desert 亚利桑那州 attic: n. the room in a building just below the roof 阁楼 Bangalore: n. a city of south-central India. It is a major industrial center and transportation hub in

India. 班加罗尔(印度) Berkeley: n. a city on the eastern side of the San Francisco Bay area in California 伯克利(美国 西部加利福尼亚州) binge: n. infml a short period when you do too much of sth, esp. drinking alcohol [非正式](短期 的)狂欢作乐;大吃大喝 Briton: n. fml someone from Britain [正式] 英国人 bulk: n. the main or largest part of sth (某物的)主要部分;大半 bulletin board: n. notice board; a board on a wall which notices may be fixed to 布告牌 carbon footprint: n. a measure of the amount of carbon dioxide produced by a person, organization, or location at a given time. It describes the environmental impact of carbon emissions. 二氧化碳排放量(的测量单位) casino: n. a place where people try to win money by playing card games or roulette 赌场 chump change: n. slang a small amount of money 一小笔钱 council: n. a group of people appointed or elected to make laws, rules, or decisions, or to give advice 委员会 cycle: n. a number of related events happening in a regularly repeated order 循环,周而复始 demographic: adj. of a related to the study of human populations and the ways in which they change 人口学的,人口统计学的 disposable income: n. the amount of money you have left to spend after you have paid your taxes, bills etc 可支配收入;税后收入 donate: v. to give sth, esp. money, to a person or an organization in order to help them 捐赠,捐 献 dot-com: n. a company that does all or most of its business on the Internet 网络公司 estate: n. all of someone’s property and money, esp. everything that is left after they die 个人全 部财产(尤指遗产) frugal: adj. careful to only buy what is necessary 节俭的 frugality n.

garage sale: n. a sale of used household belongs, typically held outdoors or in a garage at the home of the seller (在住宅车库里进行的)旧物出售 grapple (with) : v. to try hard to deal with (a difficult problem); to search mentally, with uncertainty and difficulty 尽力解决(难题等) ;费力思考

guilt trip: n. a feeling of guilt about sth (对某事的)负疚感 hybrid: adj. consisting of or coming from a mixture of two or more other things; of mixed origin (两种或两种以上东西)混合的 hybrid car: n. an automobile with more than one power source, such as an electric motor with battery and fuel cells for energy storage 混合动力车 launch: v. 1. to start sth, esp. an official, public, or military activity that has been carefully planned 发动,发起 2. to make a new product, book etc available for the first time 把(新产

品、新书等)投放市场,推出 mansion: n. a large house, usu. Belonging to a wealthy person multiple: adj. including many different parts, types etc 多样的,多重的 Nev.: abbrev. Nevada, a state in the western US, between California and Utah 内华达州(美国) offset: v. to make up for; to balance 补偿,抵消 ostentation: n. unnecessary show of wealth, knowledge etc (财富、知识等的)卖弄,炫耀 pet: a. of sth (usu. a theory, project, subject, etc) that you have particularly strong feelings about or particularly like or support 宠爱的;最喜欢的,最珍视的 pool: n. a quantity or number of money, things, people etc that are collected together to be used or shared by several people or organization 合伙使用的钱(或物资、人力等) recycling: n. the activity of reusing things that have already been used 回收利用 San Francisco: a city and port in California, US, known for being a very beautiful city, built on hills next to a bay on the Pacific Ocean 旧金山 (又译圣佛朗西斯科, 美国加利福尼亚州港市) Seattle: n. a city and port in Washington State, in the northwest of the US 西雅图 (美国西部华盛 顿州港市) sociologist: n. a social scientist who studies the institutions and development of human society 社 会学家 sprout: v. to grow, appear, or develop 生长;发芽;发展 startup: n. a small business or company that has recently been started by someone 新兴公司 subset: n. a set that is part of a larger set 分支, (一)小部分 techie: n. a person who knows a lot about computers and electronic equipment tread (on) : v. to put one’s foot when walking; to step 踩,踏 upshot: n. the result in the end; outcome 结果,结局

way: adv. far 远远地,大大地

Unit 29 bad apple: n. a discontented, troublemaking, or dishonest person bestow: v. to give 给予;授予 blue-chip: an industrial share that is expensive and in which people have confidence 蓝筹股 bond: n. an official paper promising to pay a sum of money to the person who holds it, esp. one by which a government or company borrows money from the public with the promise of paying it back with interest at a fixed time 债券,证券 butt: n. the last unsmoked end (of a cigar) 烟蒂 cabaret: n. a performance of popular music and dancing while guests in a restaurant have a meal, usu. at night 餐馆夜间的歌舞表演 charity: n. 1. (money or help given because of) kindness and generosity towards people who are poor, sick, in difficulties etc 慈爱;救济金;捐助 2. an organization that helps people who are poor, sick, in difficulties etc 慈善团体或机构 charitable adj. 仁慈的;慈善的 conglomerate: n. a large corporation formed by merging several different firms 通过合并若干企 ( 业而组建的)大公司,企业集团 crookedness: n. dishonesty 不诚实;狡诈 dabble: n. working at or studying sth without serious intentions 涉足,浅尝 denounce: v. to express strong disapproval of, esp. publicly; to condemn (公开)指责;谴责 donation: n. sth which someone gives to a charity or other organization that they wish to support 捐赠物;捐款 dubious: adj. causing doubt; of uncertain value or meaning or possibly dishonest 引起怀疑的; 含 糊不清的 extravagance: n. excessive spending; sth extravagant 奢侈行为;奢侈品 greenback: n. a US banknote 美钞 guru: n. a talk, esp. a long one, which gives advice on how to behave (长篇)说教 instalment: n. a single payment of a set which, in time, sill complete full payment of a debt (分

期付款中)每一期摊付的款项 jest: n. the act of speaking without serious intention; joke 说笑话,开玩笑 Latvian: n. 拉脱维亚人( Latvia is a country in NE Europe on the Baltic Sea, between Estonia and Lithuania, which used to be a part of the former Soviet Union 拉脱维亚濒临波罗的海,位 于爱沙尼亚和立陶宛之间,原属前苏联) mentor: n. a person who gives advice to another over a period of time, esp. to help them in their working life 辅导员,导师 the Missouri River: a long river in the US, flowing from the Rocky Mountains to join the Mississippi at St Louis 密苏里河(源自落基山脉,在圣路易斯汇入密西西比河) Nebraska: a state in central US newfangled: adj. (of ideas or things) modern or fashionable in a way that many people dislike or refuse to accept (指观念或事物)新潮的,新花样的 Omaha: the largest city in the state of Nebraska of US. outright: adj. complete and clear; without any doubt 彻底的;毫无疑问的 philanthropy: n. a feeling of kindness and love for all people, esp. as shown in an active way by giving help or money to people who are poor or in trouble; benevolence 慈善(事业) ,仁慈 plummet: v. to fall steeply or suddenly 垂直落下,骤然跌落 prescience: n. the ability to foresee sth 预见力,先见之明 probity: n. the quality of being honest and trustworthy; integrity 正直;诚实 proclaim: v. to make (sth) known officially or publicly; to announce 正式宣布,声明 profile: n. a brief biography of sb or description of sth in a newspaper article, broadcast programme, etc (报刊文章、广播节目等中的)人物或事物之简介,概况,传播 puff: n. the action of taking the smoke from a cigarette into your lungs recession: n. a period of reduced trade and business activity 经济衰退期 relegate: v. to dismiss sb or sth to a lower or less important rank, task or state 使降级、降职或降 低地位 sage: n. someone, esp. an old man or historical person, well known for their wisdom and long experience 贤哲;智者 stake: n. 1. ranking (esp. in a horse race) 名次 2. a share in business, that gives one an interest in whether it whether it succeeds or fails 股份

stinginess: n. meanness 小气,吝啬 stroke: n. an occasion when a blood tube in the brain suddenly trusts or is blocked, which damages the brain and can cause loss of the ability to move some part of the body 中风 subscription: n. an arrangement to pay regularly for sth 订购,订阅 supplement: v. to add to; to provide an additional amount to 增补,补充 sync: n. synchronization; agreement 同步;一致 thrill: v. to cause to feel a sudden very strong feeling of excitement, joy, or sometimes fear, that seems to flow round the body like a wave unorthodox: adj. different from usual or ordinary beliefs, methods etc; not conventional or traditional 非正统的;非常规的 wry: adj. ( esp. of an expression on the face) showing a mixture of amusement and displeasure, dislike, or disbelief 苦笑的,嘲讽的 zillionaire: n. a person having an immense, incalculable amount of wealth 亿万富翁,大富翁

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