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高中英语必修4 summary 学校内部精心整理

Unit3 Summary 1______ Victor Hugo once said, “Laughter is the sun 2______ drives winter from the human face” and up to now nobody 3____________ able to do this better than Charlie Chaplin. 4_

__________ Charlie's own life was easy!He was born in a poor family in 1889. Unfortunately his father died, 5_______ the family even worse off. By his teens, Charlie 6______________ one of the most popular child 7_______ in England. He could mime and act the fool 8_______ ordinary everyday tasks. As time went by, he began making films. He grew more and more popular 9_____ his charming character, the little tramp, became 10________ throughout the world. This character was a social failure but was loved 11_____ his optimism and determination 12____________ all difficulties. No one was ever bored 13_________ him---his subtle acting made everything 14__________. For example, in one of his most famous films, The Gold Rush, he tries 15________ the leather shoe with great enjoyment. The acting is so 16___________ that it makes you believe that it is one of the best 17_______ he has ever tasted! He is loved and remembered as a great actor 18_____ could inspire people with great confidence. Cool sentences 1. 他可以让人沮丧时开怀,让他们感受到生活的美好。

___________________________________________________________ 2. 小查理一会说话就开始学习声乐,一会走路就开始学习跳舞,这 是十分令人感到惊奇的。 ___________________________________________________________ 3. 这种训练在当时的演艺之家司空见惯,特别是对收入不定的家庭。 ___________________________________________________________ 4. 他拄着一根拐杖,步履僵硬。 ___________________________________________________________ 5. 那么这个流浪汉是如何使原本悲惨的情况变得引人发笑呢? ___________________________________________________________ 6. 他们遭遇大风雪,只好躲在一个小棚子里,还没有食物。 ___________________________________________________________ 7. 查理先把鞋带挑出来当意大利面吃了。 ___________________________________________________________ Keys: 1.As 2.that/which 3.has been 8.doing 4.Not that 9.as 5.leaving 10.known 14.entertaining 18.who/that

6.had become 11.for 15.eating


12.to overcome 16.convincing

13.watching 17.meals

1. He made people laugh at a time when they felt depressed, so they could feel more content with their lives. 2. You may find it astonishing that Charlie was taught to sing as soon as

he could speak and dance as soon as he could walk. 3. Such training was common in acting families at this time, especially when the family income was often uncertain. 4. He walked around stiffly carrying a walking stick. 5. How did the little tramp make a sad situation entertaining? 6. Instead they are hiding in a small hut on the edge of a mountain during a snowstorm with nothing to eat. 7. Charlie first picks out the laces and eats them as if they were spaghetti. Unit4 Summary Yesterday, another student and I, 1____________ our university's student 2__________ to meet this year's international students. The first person 3____________ was Tony from Colombia, closely followed by Julia from Britain. Tony 4________ Julia, touched her shoulder and kissed her on the cheek! She stepped back 5________ surprised and put up her hands, as if in 6_________. Then Akira from Japan came in 7________, with George from Canada. 8____ they were introduced, George reached his hand out to the Japanese student. Just at that moment, 9__________, Akira bowed so his nose touched George's 10_________ hand. Not all cultures greet each other the same way, 11_____ are they comfortable in the same way with touching or distance12 ________

people. English people, for example, do not usually stand very 13_______ to others or touch strangers as soon as they meet. However, people from places 14______ Spain, Italy or South American countries approach others closely and are more 15________ to touch them. These actions are not good or bad, 16______ are simply ways in which cultures have developed. In general, though, 17________ international customs can certainly help 18_______ difficulties in today's world of cultural crossroads! Cool sentences: 1. 等了半个小时后,我看见几个年轻人进了等候区,好奇地四周张 望。 ___________________________________________________________ 2. 站着观察了他们一分钟后,我便走过去跟他们打招呼。 ___________________________________________________________ 3. 我们昨天见面,我进行自我介绍时,他靠我很近。 ___________________________________________________________ 4. 当来自法国的达琳匆忙走进门的时候,她认出了托尼微笑的面孔。 ___________________________________________________________ 5. 用口头语言交流的同时, 人们还使用不出声的语言:身体间的距离、 动作或姿态等,来表达情感。 ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________

Keys: 1.representing 2.association 3.to arrive 4.approach 5.appearing 6.defence 7.smiling 12.between 18.avoid 1. After half an hour of waiting for their flight to arrive, I saw several young people enter the waiting area looking around curiously4. 2. I stood for a minute watching them and then went to greet them. 3. When we met yesterday, he moved very close to me as I introduced myself. 4. When Darlene from France came dashing7 through the door, she recognized Tony’s smiling face. 5. In the same way that people communicate with spoken language, they also express their feelings using unspoken "language" through physical distance, actions or posture10. Unit5 Summary There are 1______ kinds of theme parks, with a different park for almost 2________: food, culture, science, cartoons, movies or history. 3 ______ in several parts of the world, Disneyland will bring you into a 4______ world and make your dreams come true, whether traveling through space, 5________ a pirate ship or meeting your favorite fairy tale 13.close 8.As 14.like 9.however 15.likely 10.moving 11.nor 16.but 17.studying

or Disney cartoon character. Of course Disneyland also has many 6______ rides, from giant swinging ships to 7________ free-fall drops. If you want to have fun and more than fun, come to Disneyland! Dollywood, one of the most 8_______ theme parks in the world, shows and 9________ America's traditional southeastern culture. Famous country music groups 10________ there all year in indoor and outdoor theatres. People 11________ from all over America to

see carpenters and other craftsmen make wood, glass and iron objects in the 12______________ way. Come to Dollywood to have fun 13__________ all about America's historical southeastern culture! If you want to 14__________ the ancient days and great deeds of English knights and princes then England's Camelot Park is the 15______ for you. Every area of the park is 16________ after life in the days of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. To _______ a world of fantasy about ancient England, come to Camelot Park! Cool sentences 1. 有一些主题公园因为有最大或者最长的过山车而闻名,有些则展 示了文化中那些著名的声音和视觉景象。 ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ 2. 乘一乘美国东南部依然运转的唯一的一辆蒸汽火车。 ___________________________________________________________

3. 如果你想观看剑术或马上格斗,格斗区是一个值得去的好地方。 ___________________________________________________________ 4. 在这里你可以了解到古英格兰人是如何打理他们的农场以及照看 他们的动物的。 ___________________________________________________________ 5. 有所有这么多引人入胜的东西,难怪哪里有迪斯尼乐园,哪里的 旅 游业就会兴旺。 ___________________________________________________________ Keys: 1. various 2. everything 3. Found 4. magic 5. visiting 6. exciting 7. terrifying 8.unique 9. celebrates 10. perform 11. come 12.

old-fashioned 13. learning 14. experience 15. place 16. modelled 17. enter1. 1. Some parks are famous for having the biggest or longest roller coasters, others for showing the famous sights and sounds of a culture. 2. Take a ride on the only steam- engine train still working in the southeast USA. 3. If you want to see fighting with swords or on horseback, then the jousting area is a good place to visit. 4. Then visit the farm area, and learn how people in ancient England ran their farms and took care of their animals.

5. With all these attractions, no wonder tourism is increasing wherever there is a Disneyland.

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